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o r g
The Episcopal Church of the Nativity 22405 North Miller Road, Scottsdale, Arizona 85054 480.307.9216
Holy Week at Nativity
Dont miss the solemn observance of Christs last week on Earth.
Palm Sunday, April 13: All three services include the remembrance of Jesus triumphal entry into
Jerusalem, Eucharist, music, and the dramatic reading of the Passion. The 11:30 service takes place at
Sonoran Hills Park, 7625 E. Williams, after our 10:45 a.m. Palm Sunday picnic see p. 10 for details.
Maundy Thursday, April 17, 7:00 p.m. Maundy Thursday Worship remembers Jesus Last Supper with his
disciples, including his institution of the Eucharist and optional washing of feet. The service ends in silence
as Maundy Thursday fades into Jesus arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane.
Good Friday, April 18:
Noon Contemplative Service
5:30 and 6:00 p.m. Experiential Stations of the Cross for all ages, led by our children and youth.
7:00 p.m. The choir highlights a beautiful and solemn journey to the cross, with poetry, music, and
Easter at Nativity: April 20, 2014!
Nativity offers two joyful, and very different, worship experiences on Easter.
7:30 a.m. Easter Vigil Sunrise Service: Enjoy the
most beautiful service of the year as Easter comes to
Nativity. Children and youth help read and act out
the Old Testament lessons; we enter the sanctuary
through the waters of the Red Sea, joyfully singing;
we experience the moment when Easter comes to
Nativity! Adult and childrens choirs sing, and we
share Eucharist, the sacrament of the resurrection.
9:00 a.m. Easter Breakfast and Childrens Easter
Experience: Enjoy a lovely Easter breakfast as
children discover the mystery of Easter! Children also
enjoy an Easter Egg hunt!
10:00 a.m. Easter Festival Service: The adult choir
and guest musicians highlight this glorious Easter
experience! We celebrate Christs resurrection with
Eucharist, the sacrament of the resurrection, Bible
readings, sermon, music and prayers.
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Nativity Schedule
Take a moment to wish a
Happy Birthday To:
Nativity Staff
The. Rev. Susan B. Snook
The Rev. Dr.Wayne V. Whitney
Pastoral Associate
Dr. Ilona Kubiaczyk-Adler
Director of Music Ministry
IlonaKubiaczyk-Adler @TheNativity.net
Shelley Byrnes
Director of Christian Formation
Susan Weidhaas
Mina Rafferty
Parish Administrator
Nativitys Vestry
Senior Warden: David Bolger
480-945-3810 David@DJBolger.com
Junior Warden: Mark Miller
480-368-5530 msmiller@value.net
Treasurer Kara Erickson
480 518- 2683 theazericksons@hotmail.com
Tricia Beaird 480-699-7893 pbeaird@cox.net
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Cotty Peabody 480-588-8328 Epeabody@earthlink.net
Lani Sambach 602-793-2808 wasjrra@cox.net
8:00 a.m. Rite I Eucharist
9:30 a.m. Rite II Traditional Eucharist
with Childrens Chapel
10:45 a.m. Hospitality and Christian
Education for all ages
11:30 a.m. Jazz/Gospel Eucharist
5:00 p.m. Youth Group, Grades 6-9
6:00 p.m. Youth Group, Grades 10-12
Easter Sunday
7:30 a.m. Easter Vigil Service
9:00 a.m. Easter Breakfast &
Childrens Easter Egg Hunt
10:00 a.m. Easter Festival Service
Patti Worthington 4/1
Elizabeth Barrett 4/2
Elizabeth Stuckey 4/3
Abby Call 4/4
Sydney Daus 4/6
Bill Deihl 4/9
Ryan Bright 4/11
Patricia Beaird 4/13
Skyler Chew 4/15
Colleen Whichello 4/15
Jim Blum 4/22
Kali Higgins 4/22
Susan Snook 4/24
Barbara Woodall 4/26
Jim Davis 4/28
Art Graf 4/28
Barbara Worthington 4/30
22405 N. Miller Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
The most solemn,
transcendent, and
joyous observances of
the Christian year come
during Holy Week and
Easter. The great
mystery of Christs life,
death, and resurrection,
the reason we are Christians,
the triumph of God over the
powers of sin and death, are
remembered and celebrated
this most important week.
As is our tradition, on Easter
Nativity celebrates two
glorious Easter services. Our
early (7:30 a.m.) Easter
service is my favorite worship
service of the year! We begin
at sunrise, remembering the
few moments before the
women discovered that the tomb was empty. We
remember Gods acts in creation and in delivering
the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt. We walk
through the Red Sea ourselves, remembering that
Easter was Gods way of delivering us from slavery
to sin and death, and our baptism (our personal Red
Sea experience) is our way of joining in Jesus death
and resurrection and entering into eternal life. The
7:30 a.m. service is a baptismal service and a service
of participation for Nativitys children and youth,
and will include music of the adult and childrens
choirs, and of course, Eucharist. Between the two
services, we enjoy a light Easter breakfast and
children can discover the mystery of Easter with the
Childrens Easter Experience. Then at 10:00, we
celebrate a glorious Easter Festival Eucharist,
highlighting beautiful music of our adult choir and
guest musicians.
All of us love Easter services, but I
encourage you to make your Easter
much more meaningful by celebrating
Holy Week as well. Holy Week begins
with Palm Sunday on April 13, as we
begin our walk with Christ through the
events of the last tumultuous week of
his life. It is a week of highs and lows
from the triumphal entry into
Jerusalem as crowds shouted
Hosanna, to the horror of the cross
on Good Friday as crowds shouted
Crucify him. On Maundy Thursday,
we remember Jesus last bittersweet
meal with his disciples, as he washed their feet, told
them to remember him through the sacrament of
bread and wine, and commanded them to love one
another as he loved them. Deepen your
understanding of the mystery of Christs death and
resurrection by worshiping with us during Holy
Week. The experience of Holy Week will help you
feel the joy of Easter all the more deeply.
In Christ,
A not e f r om Pas t or Sus an
Page 3
Transforming lives with the love of God in Jesus Christ
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Page 4 Waynes World
If Lent is about breaking old habits and
trying out new ones, then Easter is
about stepping deeper into the mystery
of being a true disciple of Jesus. Lent is
the snapping noise of breaking things
that need to be disposed of and Easter is
the soothing balm of healing and
restoring to newness these sore spots of
our lives. Lent is about interrupting the
cycle of despair and hitting bottom while
Easter is about building and restoring to newness of life.
Our Lenten disciplines have been focused on getting us
recharged at this nadir of life by helping us start new habits
that nurture us. The final sessions of The Five Holy Habits
of Discipleship Wednesday Night series concludes this
path of descent on April 2 and 9.
With the wonder of Easter morning in our assured future
we go on a journey of triumph in the glow of new hope.
Easter Sunday inevitably is one of the most heavily
attended Sundays of the year which I am sure you are well
aware. Instead of just observing that this happens, let's
make its reality an expression of our new-found boldness
in Christ. Let's invite and invite and invite. Let this year's
Easter Day celebration be the day that everyone in our
lives knows how wonder-filled a Nativity Church Easter
can be. Bringing a friend to church on Easter can be the
start of a whole new reality for the people in our lives, as
well as our experience of ourselves as Christ's disciples.
Our getting past keeping the wonder to ourselves is exactly
the possibility that Jesus' resurrection makes available to
all. Remember there are 2 Easter Morning opportunities
on April 20 at 7:30 and at 10:00. Who are you inviting into
the mystery, the wonder and the glory?
Pax et Lux,
Dr. Wayne
Education for Ministry
The After EfM (Education for Ministry) group will meet on Wednesday, April 23rd, at 3:00 pm in the Music Room. For
our final meeting of the year, we will be discussing the book The Historical David: The Real Life of an Invented Hero
by Joel Baden. All graduates of EfM are cordially invited to attend, even if they haven't read the book. It promises to be
a great discussion. We look forward to seeing you there! For more information please contact Linda Ryan at
Church Next
Numerous online learning opportunities exist through nativitychurch.pathwright.com. As a Nativity member you have
free unlimited access to these classes in areas such as personal spirituality, bible study, theology, self-help, church
history, etc. But first you need to let Dr. Wayne you are interested. New classes are being made available all the time,
one of them, on the Book of Revelation, is taught by your own Dr. W. Just drop an email to Dr. Wayne at
waynewhitney@thenativity.net to get started.
Coming this April and May an opportunity to learn a lot more about the Jewish roots of our faith, Jewish and Christian
views of Gods action in the world, and the search for peace in the Holy Land.
Discussion of the Noah Movie: Wednesday, April 30, 7:00 p.m. at Nativity. Go and see the blockbuster movie Noah
on your own, then join us for a joint movie discussion, led by Pastor Susan, Rabbi Micah Caplan, and Dr. Wayne.
Bring libations of your choice, and if you have a chance, bring a dessert to share. Join us for a lively discussion of
the biblical and cinematic story of Noahs Ark, and for serious questions of Gods involvement with a sinful world.
Book Discussion: Wednesday, May 7 and 14, 7:00 p.m., Location TBA. Together with Or Chadash members, we
will be discussing the fascinating book, At the Entrance to the Garden of Eden: A Jews Search for Hope with
Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land, by Yossi Klein Halevi. The author was born an American Jew and
emigrated to Israel. There, he found himself immersed in Jewish, Muslim, and Christian culture, and became
determined to learn more about each faith in order to work toward peace. This fascinating book helps us understand
the issues of modern-day Israel, as well as the commonalities and differences between the three Abrahamic faiths. A
great learning experience! You can buy the book and read it, or simply show up for the discussion without reading
the book. The discussion will be led by Rabbi Micah Caplan, Pastor Susan, and Dr. Wayne. Bring libations of your
choice, and a dessert to share.
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
And another professional performer praising our space and acoustics! Baritone
Christopher Hutton who sang his final doctoral recital in our church on Sunday, March 23rd,
could not stop expressing his amazement and satisfaction with our space. The concert was a
real treat, and attracted not only our parishioners but also followers of Christopher's talent
from the Valley. We are very new in the area, but thanks to all the musicians that come and
praise our venue I hope we will build up our name quickly.
You will have more opportunities to hear some wonderful music in April. On Saturday
April 12th at 4 p.m. our Nativity Choir supported by guest musicians will perform excerpts
from John Stainer's "Crucifixion" and John Henry Maunder's "Olivet to Calvary". Participate in Christ's journey
to the cross in a dramatic and powerful rendering: unforgettable mighty sound of the choir, enlarged especially
for this concert, with solos by our own Suzanne Rovani and baritone Sam Kreidenweis (a member of the renown
Phoenix Chorale), accompanied by a woodwind quartet and piano. This is the only time of the year when we are
able to perform and listen to the musical treasures
reserved only for Holy Week - you don't want to miss
that! You will get a full script to follow the story, and
experience the passion of Christ on an emotional
level. This music will leave a lasting impression on
you! Don't forget to bring all your music loving
friends. If you would like to help us promote this
event, feel free to grab more flyers and share them
with your friends.
Each 9:30 a.m. service in April will bring
special offerings from the Choir: on April 6th you will
hear G. Faure's "In Paradisum" from his Requiem; on
April 13th Maunder's "The March to Calvary", on
Maundy Thursday April 17th at 7 p.m. Mozart's "Ave
verum", on Good Friday April 18th at 7 p.m. a
collection of dramatic and meditative pieces
interspersed with the poetic Stations of the Cross
written by our talented parishioner Joyce Ditzler.
Finally on Easter morning, April 20th, you will have a
chance to hear our Childrens Choir combined with
Sunday School Childrens Choir singing a joyful
"Sing, Sing, Sing to the Lord". Our annual
favorite Handel's Messiah "Hallelujah" sing-along
will also take place. The Choir is preparing festive
musical offerings - among others "Canticle for Easter"
which quotes famous compositions by Mozart and
Haydn. Accompanied by a woodwind quartet, this
Easter should be unforgettable!
Ilona Kubiaczyk-Adler
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Page 6 Updat es and Oppor t uni t i es
Womens Retreat April 4 and 5, 2014
Women of Nativity are invited to join the women of
Good Shepherd, Cave Creek, for their womens Lent
Retreat. The group will come together for an overnight
retreat at Spirit of the Desert, Carefree, hosted by
Daughters of the King. A time apart for fellowship and
reection on our spiritual journey, we will learn how to
nourish our souls and feed our spirits. Good food,
refreshing location, a time away from the normal
schedule. This year our theme of Be Still My Soul will
bring presentations on prayer and simple meditation, and
being aware of our journey with God. We welcome you to join us. Retreat registration will begin on Friday
mid-afternoon, and we will end our time together mid-afternoon on Saturday. To register, please send a
check to Good Shepherd at the address below, to the attention of Jeanie Robertson, marking "Womens
Retreat" in the memo line and enclosing the following information:
Name: ____________________________________________________________________________
Phone: _________________________ Email: _____________________________________
3 meals, double occupancy $145 I would like to share with _____________________________
3 meals, single occupancy $165 3 meals, no occupancy $ 75
2 meals, Saturday Only $ 55 Lunch, Saturday Only $ 45
Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church, P.O. Box 110, Cave Creek, AZ 85327 480-488-3283
Nativitys 2nd Annual
April 26
Donations will be accepted every Sunday between service times.
Volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks: unpacking and sorting of
donations, and day of event selling. Youth can earn service hours for
prep work ahead of time or for working the day of the event. For more info and
volunteer sign up contact : Jen Goins email: azjen13@hotmail.com
Phone: 480-322-4298.
Ways YOU can help!
1. Bring in wire hangers ( like dry cleaning ) for us to hang up clothes
2. Racks we can borrow to display clothes? Would need at least April 24-26.
Or can anyone help make them?
3. Any Spanish speakers to help us post ads in Spanish papers?
4. People willing to put up bulletin if they live in nearby HOA neighborhoods
5. Also we are avoiding large, old TVs we have to move. They don't sell
6. Any extra people that would like to be part of rummage committee
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Page 7 More Updat es and Oppor t uni t i es
Diaper Drive A
Thanks to all the wonderful Nativity
members who participated in our diaper
drive - due to your generosity more than
three thousand bottoms have been
covered (or three bottoms covered a
thousand times).
Nativity's outreach day with Habitat is scheduled for Saturday April 12th. The project is
a renovation of an old home in Mesa for a single mother and her 4 children.
We need Volunteers to work on the interior (i.e.no roof work) alongside volunteers
from several other churches in the valley. It is a fun day and while the work is generally
not too hard and requires no technical skills, the reward is great!
Please plan to join us on the 12th. We can meet here at Nativity at 7:00AM or you can
travel directly to the job site in Mesa where work begins at 7:30. We are usually finished
by early afternoon. Lunch is provided!
Please be good enough to sign up on the sheet provided in the Parish Hall along with
your phone number.
Any questions? Please call Cotty and Andrea Peabody at 480-588-8328
Men's Pub Fellowship
After skipping the Lenten Season, the Men's Pub Fellowship will be back on Friday, April 25 after Easter Sunday. We will
gather at Tavern Americana at 5:00 p.m. Bring a friend! The more the merrier. For more information, please contact Wayne
Whitney at waynewhitney@thenativity.net.
Apiil 11
Nativity Women's uioup
This month the Nativity Women's uioup will meet on FRIBAY, Apiil 11, at 1u:uu am at the Chuich to make palm
ciosses foi Palm Sunuay. This is a loving task to peifoim uuiing Lent anu we will leave time to gathei foi lunch
afteiwaiu. Looking foiwaiu to seeing you then. If theie aie questions, please call Annie Blum at 48u.Su2.2uuS.
Easter Flower Dedications
The flower guild invites you and your family to honor loved ones in thanksgiving or to memorialize those we have
lost by providing flowers for our Easter Sunday worship service. These dedications will be included in our Easter
bulletins and will help to beautify our worship space. A donation of $20 per dedication is suggested. Please
provide the following information to Mina Rafferty via email at minarafferty@thenativity.net by April 11th.
In memory __________________________ In thanksgiving _______________________
Contribution amount ___________________ Given By ____________________________
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Nativity Scene Jr.
BySHELLEY BYRNES, Director of Christian Education Page 8
Hello Nativity Families!
# As you know from last month's newsletter, Julie Bogle, Director of Youth
Ministries, has left Nativity. I am so happy to let you know that Pastor Susan has
asked me to be Director of Christian Formation and take on the focus of the
Youth Ministry as well as Children and Families! As you can imagine, I thought
and prayed about this opportunity before I agreed and when I did agree it was
with the understanding that the position will not merely be a combination of the
two former positions but a totally new paradigm. My position of Director of
Christian Formation will be more of an administrative job and less hands on than either of the other positions were merely to
allow me to have time to sleep occasionally!
# My immediate priority with the Youth Group is to provide age appropriate, spiritually feeding activities and help the
youth as they transition to new leadership. I have been involved with the youth activities since Mission Trip last year and
know that our youth are amazing young individuals who are seeking a closer relationship with God as well as each other.
# We are so blessed to have a wonderful group of Children's Chapel and Sunday School leaders who take care of our
Elementary School aged children. The goal is to eventually have a couple teams of youth group leaders in the same way so
that the youth have as many role models as the children!
# Ultimately, this new position is going to be focused more on leader recruitment and development; continuing to build
relationships with the youth and our families; and planning for all the events and programs that we run
for our children and youth. In order for me to do all of this, I will be looking for more formalized help in
running these events and programs. If you have a gift and a call for Children's or Youth ministry please
contact me so that we can discern if and where you might t into this new paradigm.
I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to working with all of you going forward to
build the programs that show our children and youth what Jesus' love looks like in the world!
Shelley Byrnes
Youth Camps - Grades 7-8 and 9- 12
June 1 - 7
June 8 - 14
Wilderness Introduction to Leadership Development-
Grades 9 - 12
June 1 - 7
June 8 - 14
June 22 - 28
June 29 - July 5
Children's Camp - Grades 3 - 6
June 22 - 28
June 29 - July 5
Little Kid's Camp - Grades K - 3 (two options):
Ankle Biter's Camp - Grades K- 2 with parent
June 22 - 28
Mini Camp - Grades K - 3
June 25 - 28
Register before March 31st for a $20 discount!
Chapel Rock for Kids!
Church camp is a wonderful experience
where children explore and deepen their
relationship with Christ and other
Christians. Kids make Life-long memories
and friendships at Chapel Rock! Consider
giving your child an amazing camp
experience in the cooler weather of Prescott
this summer! More detailed descriptions of
each camp, costs and online registration can be found at http://www.chapelrock.net/camps.htm!
The dates for camp are:
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Children and Family Ministry LENT Activities Page 9
The children are participating in Lenten practices along with the rest of the parish. The Pancake Supper and Mardi Gras
parade were a great success thanks to the men's group and youth group! The food was great and the children created
masks which they wore for a Mardi Gras Parade during which we sang "When the Saints go Marching In" while the
children handed out Mardi Gras beads to the adults! On Ash Wednesday we had a lovely children's service with an
interactive sermon, imposition of ashes and a simplified Eucharist and Lenten boxes were handed out. During Children's
Chapel, we have discussed how it's important for us to make a special effort to get closer to God during Lent. We talked
about how it brings us closer to God when we care for others. The children know that the money we collect in our boxes
will go to help someone who really needs it and that they will be the ones to choose where it goes at the end of Lent!
Parents can help with this process by giving children extra opportunities to raise the money they put in the boxes. Some
suggestions are:
* a portion of their regular allowance can go into the box instead of their pockets
* Children choose to give up something that parents usually pay for (i.e., a movie or a trip to McDonald's)
and put the money that would have been spent into the Lenten box.
* Children can do additional chores around the house or for neighbors to earn money to go in the box
* have a Lemonade stand
* Children can clean out their closets or toy boxes and have a garage sale.
The Children's Outreach Committee met last week and agreed to give the children the choice of where their Lenten box
money will be given and here are the three choices:
On the Sunday after Easter (April 27) the children will vote about how they want their lenten collections to be distributed.
If there are other members of the parish who would like to donate to our children's Lenten project, feel free to give your
donation to Shelley Byrnes or just drop a check in the plate noting "Children's Outreach" in the memo. Here are some of
the choices available through Episcopal Relief and Development:
For small-scale farmers whose land is too poor to accommodate livestock,
your gift can literally transform lives. Provide bees, apiary training and a
whole new source of income through the sale of honey and beeswax.
$25 one share of a flock
$135 one flock of chickens
A flock of chickens is far more than some hens, a rooster and a daily
supply of fresh eggs. Your gift will help train families and community
groups to raise poultry and sell surplus stock and eggs in the marketplace.
$12 One Mosquito net and training
$120 10 Nets and training
$300 Nets and training for 25 families
In some other countries there are certain types of
mosquitos that carry a terrible disease called malaria. We
are lucky that we don't have those kinds of mosquitos
here! But in those other countries if everyone had a
mosquito net that they put around their bed at night, it
would protect them from getting malaria! Your gift
provides for the distribution of nets and vital training in
how to effectively use them, how to recognize symptoms
of malaria and when to seek treatment.
$55 can purchase bees and a
hive for one person.
April 6 - Nancy Shumaker's Visit!
Nancy Shumaker is the Canon of Children's Ministries at the Diocese and she will be visiting us on April 6th! During our
regular Sunday School time, she will be showing a powerpoint presentation to all the children and their parents so they can
see what camp is like at Chapel Rock! We will be combining the two Sunday School Classes to see this presentation and
then we will be getting the children ready for their participation in our Easter Service. This will be a fun Sunday because
Nancy LOVES children and always has something fun to share with us! Please be sure to come and be a part of this
special Sunday!
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
April 18 - Good Friday Walk with Jesus 5:30 and 6:00 p.m.: The Youth and Children will be providing an interactive
walk with Jesus through Holy week. It will be run similarly to a Stations of the Cross experience where the congregation
will be walking to each station where an interactive activity will be presented. All five senses will be involved and the
activities will be appropriate for people of all ages. Additionally, each family will take home a "meditation box" of eggs
containing reminders of each station and a prayer for each egg. The final station will be held on Easter Sunday.
Rehearsals for Good Friday Walk with Jesus: For all the children and youth involved in presenting this Good Friday
event, the rehearsal will be on Good Friday beginning at 2:00. Please be watching emails for your assigned part and be
ready to practice on April 18th! If there are transportation issues for children or youth for this rehearsal - please contact
Shelley at ShelleyByrnes@thenativity.net, and we will put some car pooling options
together! Be watching for emails for further details.
Help Needed: Please save empty egg cartons and bring one for your family to
collect your eggs at the Walk with Jesus service. Children may decorate the egg
cartons before they come on Good Friday if they like. I would like to have some
extra empty egg cartons for families who forget to bring one so If you have extras,
please bring them to the office before Good Friday! Thank you.
Easter Events!
Why Families Want to Come to the Sunrise Easter Service!
This Easter Vigil service is a beautiful liturgy into which we integrate the children
during the story telling portion of the lessons. The youngest children will be
dramatizing the creation and we'll actually be walking through the Red Sea as our
spiritual ancestors did. After we say the first "A" Word of the new season, the
children will bring flowers up to cover a cross while the choir sings the Alleluia
Chorus during the childrens Easter Experience after the 7:30 service. Youth will
present the final station from our Good Friday Walk with Jesus! The families will
receive their final egg for their egg meditation carton followed by an Easter Egg
Hunt for the younger children outside on our grounds. There will also be a brunch
going on between the two services. Don't miss this family focused celebration!
We will be having our annual Palm Sunday
Picnic in the park on April 13. We will meet at
the Sonoran Hills Park (7625 E. Williams
Drive) at 10:45 for a picnic lunch. The
main dish will be provided by the
youth group families as a fundraiser
for Mission Trip so thank offering
baskets will be available! If
everyone else will bring something
to share based on the rst letter
of your last name and the
chart below, then we will
have a well rounded picnic!
















ill b




Palm Sunday Picnic in the Park followed by 11:30 service
including the dramatic reading of Christs Passion.
Page 10 Children and Family Ministry LENT Activities
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Page 11
The youth group has two mission trip fundraisers happening in April!
Even if you are not going to mission trip, please support your fellow
youth group members by participating in these fundraisers.
Palm Sunday Picnic! On April 13th we will be providing the main dish
for this annual event so watch for emails from Shelley to discuss how
the families would like to handle this! Our thank offering baskets will
be out and the youth will be participating in the the 11:30 liturgy in the
The Rummage Sale Is scheduled for April 26! As a fundraiser, youth
families will be having a bake sale and selling water bottles at this event!
Please start baking now!!! Also, I will have sign up sheets so that you
may sign up for a shift to work the bake sale and plan to do your
shopping around that shift!
The Next Super Group Youth Group meeting will be held on April
27. Remember that Super Group meetings also include a Eucharist and
therefore run half an hour longer than regular youth group meetings.
This will also be a confirmation class Sunday so we will meet at 5:00,
have a meal together, split so that Confirmands meet with Lani and
Pastor Susan and the high school group will meet with Skyler and
Shelley. Then at 6:45 we come back together for worship and prayers in
the sanctuary! Please mark your calendars!
Movie Night with Nativity Youth Group!
Please mark your calendars to see the Movie Noah as
a youth group activity on April 6. I will be able to tell
you exactly which theater and which showing once
they are published. I will choose from Desert Ridge
18 and Harkins 101 and choose the showing that is
closest to our regular meeting time. Watch your emails
for final times and theater!
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
The Episcopal Church of the Nativity
Mailing Address:
22405 North Miller Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
Worship Sunday
8:00 & 9:30 & 11:30 a.m.
Easter Sunday
7:30 & 10:00 a.m.
Celebrate Easter and Holy Week with us!
Easter, April 20
7:30 a.m. Sunrise Family Service
9:00 a.m. Easter Breakfast and Childrens Easter Experience.
10:00 a.m. Easter Festival Eucharist
Holy Week
Palm Sunday, April 13:
8:00, 9:30 and 11:30
The 11:30 service takes place at Sonoran Hills Park, 7625 E. Williams,
after our 10:45 a.m. Palm Sunday picnic see p. 10 for details.
Maundy Thursday, April 17:
7:00 p.m.
Good Friday, April 18:
5:30 and 6:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m.