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Bolded text <b>Text goes here</b> <strong>Text goes here</strong> Italicized text <i>Text goes here</i> <em>Text goes

goes here</em> Underlined text <u>Text goes here</u> Changing font color <font color=red>Text goes here</font> <font color=#0099ff>Text goes here</font> Changing font size <font size=12 x>Text goes here</font> <font size=l!rge>Text goes here</font> Adding links <! href=htt "//###$%&'goeshere$com t!rget=(bl!n)>'in) goes here</!> * target=_blank indic!tes th!t the lin) #ill o en in ! ne# bro#ser #indo#+ ,ou m!, remo-e it if ,ou.d li)e the lin) to o en in the s!me #indo# Adding images <img src=htt "//im!ge%&'goeshere$com/im!ge$/ g border=1 x #000 solid !lign=right /> * border=1px #000 solid #ill ut ! bl!c) border !round ,our im!ge gener!ted b, e!ch -isitor.s #eb bro#ser$ The first -!lue 01 x1 refers to the thic)ness+ the second -!lue 0#0001 refers to the color2 #hich c!n be re l!ced #ith !n, #eb3 b!sed color n!me or &45 hex code+ the third -!lue 0solid1 refers to the !ttern of the line2 #hich c!n be re l!ced #ith dotted or d!shed * align=right #ill m!ni ul!te the im!ge to !lign #ith the text in ! s ecified #!,+ ,ou m!, re l!ce right #ith left2 center2 or /ustif, Adding a horizontal divider between sections on your webpage <hr /> Adding a line break <br /> Making a nested bulleted list <ul> <li>6ection 7</li>

<ul> <li>6ection 7 8!rt 1</li> <li>6ection 7 8!rt 2</li> 9 <ul> 9 <li>6ection 7 8!rt 2$1</li> 9 <li>6ection 7 8!rt 2$2</li> 9 <li>6ection 7 8!rt 2$:</li> 9 </ul> * <li>6ection 7 8!rt :</li> * <li>6ection 7 8!rt ;</li> * </ul> <li>6ection 5</li> <li>6ection <</li> * <ul> * <li>6ection < 8!rt 1</li> * <li>6ection < 8!rt 2</li> * </ul> <li>6ection =</li> </ul>

* * *

Making a numbered list &e l!ce <ul> #ith <ol> !nd </ul> #ith </ol> in the code !bo-e >ou c!n !lso combine numbers !nd bullets #ithin the s!me nested list2 de ending on #hether ,ou choose to use <ul> </ul> or <ol> </ol> for e!ch list le-el Making paragraphs < >7 #hole !r!gr! h of text goes here?</ > >ou m!, modif, the form!tting of e!ch !r!gr! h b, inserting <66 into ,our @TA' code$ Bor ex!m le" * < st,le=font3size"1; x+color"green+font3#eight"bold+!lign=center+>This #hole !r!gr! h of text #ill be centered2 green !nd in 1; x$</ > >ou c!n !dd !s m!n, or !s fe# of the follo#ing <66 modules !s ,ou.d li)e to the <p style=> </p> t!g demonstr!ted !bo-e * font-size ##px! modifies the size of the text+ x c!n be re l!ced #ith t2 em2 C or !n, length unit 0cm2 in2 etc1$ Dn lieu of numbers2 ,ou c!n !lso #rite fontsize large! !nd re l!ce l!rge #ith xx3sm!ll2 x3sm!ll2 sm!ll2 medium 0def!ult for most bro#sers12 l!rge2 x3l!rge2 xx3l!rge2 l!rger2 sm!ller$ * font-fa"ily #rial! modifies the font t, e of the text+ c!n be re l!ced #ith the n!me of !n, font2 but if the user.s com uter does not h!-e the font do#nlo!ded2 then it #ill re-ert to the bro#ser.s def!ult$ Df the font n!me h!s s !ces in it2 e$g$2 Times Ee# &om!n2 it should be l!ced #ithin Fuot!tion m!r)s$ * $olor ######! or $olor red! ch!nges the color of the text$ Bor ! list of !cce t!ble #eb color n!mes2 clic) here$

* * *

font-%eight bold! determines #hether the text is bolded or norm!l+ bold c!n be re l!ced #ith norm!l$ font-style itali$! determines #hether the text is it!licized or not+ it!lic c!n be re l!ced #ith norm!l$ text-de$oration underline! !dds !n underline to the text+ underline c!n !lso be re l!ced #ith o&erline for ! line o-er the text2 line-through for ! line through the text2 !nd none! text-transfor" upper$ase! tr!nsforms the c!sing of the text+ u erc!se 0!ll c! s1 c!n be re l!ced #ith $apitalize 0first letter of e!ch #ord is c! it!lized12 lo%er$ase 0!ll lo#erc!se letters12 or none$ text-indent 'e"! #ill indent the first line of the !r!gr! h b, the s ecified !mount+ !n, unit !cce t!ble for font3size c!n be used for text3indent$