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SIKKIM MANIPAL UNIVERSITY - DDE Bachelor of Business Administration BBA Project Guidelines for Sixth Semester of BBA Course

e Curriculum (BBA604 for BBA general/ BBR604 for BBA Retail Operations) Objectives of the BBA Project Work:
The objectives of the BBA project work are: To enable students to develop further the skills and knowledge gained in the course by applying them to analyse a specific business problem or issue, via a substantial piece of independent work carried out over an extended period. To enable students to be proficient in the design of a research project, application of appropriate research methods, collection, and analysis of data and presentation of results. To expose the students to the working of a business organization.

Guidelines for the Project Work:

These guidelines will provide the information for developing a project dissertation. The project work is a very important part of BBA course curriculum. It is a four credit course and carries 200 marks. The following guidelines may be adopted for BBA projects: 1. The project can be undertaken under any topic related to management studies like: Human Resource Information Technology Finance Marketing Retailing 2. The project work must be original. 3. Either it must be a live project done at an organisation or it can be an industry related project. 4. The project title should be specific and focus towards the objectives of the project 5. The project must be taken up under a guide at the Study Centre/ Program Centre/ Learning Centre. 6. The project must be completed and submitted at the Study Centre/ Program Centre/ Learning Centre. 7. Project Evaluation will be done by an examiner approved by the University. 8. Students to contact Learning centre for more details.

Structure of Final Project:

The project report should comprise of approximately 60 pages and should be a hard bound report. The background of the cover page should preferably be light blue and letters in black. Text pages should be printed on one side and good quality white A4 size paper should be used for typing. 1.5 Line spacing should be used for typing the general text. The general text shall be typed in the font style Times New Roman, font size 12 and font size 14 for Headings. All text pages should be numbered at the bottom centre of the pages. Page Specifications: I. Left Margin: 2 II. Right Margin: 1 III. Top Margin: 1 IV. Bottom Margin: 1 Table and Figure Number: Table and Figure numbers are to be written at the bottom of the Table/Figure as given below: Table 1: Number of Employees in Organisation XYZ Figure 1: Exhibiting settlement of transactions at ABC Limited The student declaration certificate must be duly signed by the student (Refer Annexure II).

Format of the Project Report:

The final project report should consist of the following components: Cover page Title page Student Declaration Certificate by the Guide Company Certificate (if any) Acknowledgement Table of contents List of Tables List of Figures List of Symbols (if any) List of Abbreviations (if any) Executive Summary Chapter I: Introduction - Industry Information - Organisational Information Chapter II: Project design and study - Introduction to the study - Statement of the problem

- Objectives of the study - Methodology Data collection Sampling design Statistical techniques used - Limitations of the study Chapter III: Data Analysis and Interpretation Chapter IV: Findings Chapter V: Suggestions and Conclusion Bibliography Annexures

Description of the Project Report Format:

Cover page and Title page The format of the Cover page and Title page is attached as Annexure- I Student Declaration The format of Student Declaration is attached as Annexure- II Guides Certificate The format of Guides Certificate is attached as Annexure- III Table of contents/ List of Tables/ Figures/ Symbols/ Abbreviations: The Format of contents and List of Tables/ Figures/ Symbols/ Abbreviations is attached as Annexure- IV Acknowledgement: Acknowledgment is the regard given to the people who have helped the student in completing the project. Executive Summary Should be a one-page summary of the project report. It should consist of the statement of the problem, main findings and recommendations for further use. Industry and Organisational Information (Chapter I): i) Industry information (size, characteristics, market share and outlook) ii) Company information (history, milestones, vision and mission statement, product profile, competitors, share market position, achievements, SWOT analysis, future prospects etc.).

Project design and study (Chapter II) It should include a brief introduction of the study, the statement of the problem or the issue, the objectives of the study, the methodology being used (such as data collection methods, sampling design, statistical techniques) and the limitations of the study. Data Analysis and Interpretation (Chapter III) The data, after collection, has to be processed, analysed, and interpreted, in accordance with the outline laid down. Processing involves editing, classification and tabulation of data. Analysis includes computation of certain measures along with searching for patterns of relationship that exist among data-groups. This is done with the purpose of summarizing the collected data and organizing these in such a manner that they answer the research questions. After analysing the data, the next step is interpretation, which refers to the task of drawing the inferences from the collected facts. Thus, the Chapter III should mention about the data processing, data analysis and interpretation. Findings (Chapter IV) The findings from the data analysis and interpretation should be mentioned in this Chapter. The findings can be mentioned paragraph wise or point wise. However, it is recommended to state the findings point-wise. Suggestions and Conclusion (Chapter V) This Chapter should include the recommendations and suggestions based on the study conducted. A conclusion is mandatory. Bibliography This should include the list of books, journals, reports, etc., used, or consulted. The format of bibliography is as shown below: For Books: Authors or Editors Names, Title of the Book, Place of Publication, Publisher, Year of Publication, Page number Kothari, C.R., Quantitative Techniques, New Delhi, Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., 1978, p. 78-80 For Magazines/ Journals: Author, Article Title, Title of Periodical, Date of Publication, Page numbers of the article. Bronwyn Fryer, The Layoff, Harvard Business Review, March, 2009, p. 17-24. Internet: www.webindia.com accessed on (date) and (time).

Annexures Include the following details Sample Questionnaire Financial Statements Any other relevant documents

Suggested titles for BBA Project Work:

A Study of Working Capital Management A comparative study of dividend decisions in firms Ratio analysis of XYZ company A comparative study of capital budgeting techniques A study of cash management services in firms A study of organizational structure of an MNC A study of marketing strategies of XYZ organization. A comparative study of inventory techniques A study on customer preference towards modern retail stores Study of market segmentation in any sector A study on consumer behaviour towards FMCG products Comparative study of services of public and private sector bank Customer satisfaction in online shopping Comparative analysis of marketing strategies of two telecom companies A study of distribution channels of an organization Comparative Study of Insurance Plans of two different financial organisations Study on the customer preferences towards the product in a specific industry. Effectiveness of Internet marketing in consumer durables A study on Indian organised retail sector Advertising and Sales promotion techniques used by FMFG companies Effectiveness of promotional schemes in Retail stores A study on role and scope of eretailing in India. Global tracker system Error tracking system in word Document management system Text Encryption and Decryption Automatic mailing system Role of Software Agents as Collaborative Tools E-commerce. A Study of Job Satisfaction amongst Employees at XYZ organisation. A study on the various performance Appraisal system and its effectiveness A comparative analysis of recruitment and selection process of any two organizations A study on the Human resource Planning and its effectiveness with reference to any corporate organization Global e- marketing



Project Report Submitted in Partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of


Submitted by,


Reg No:_________________

Under the guidance of ______________________________




I .. bearing Reg. No. hereby declare that this project entitled

Has been prepared by me towards the partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree under the guidance of ___________________________. I also declare that this project report is my original work and has not been previously submitted for the award of any Degree, Diploma, Fellowship, or other similar titles.

Place: Date:

(Name of candidate) Reg. No.



Certified that OF this THE project is the report bonafide work titled of Reg.




No. who carried out the project work under my guidance.

FACULTY IN CHARGE <Academic designation>


Format for Table of contents/ List of Tables/ Figures/ Abbreviations/ Symbols Table of Contents Chapter No. Contents Page. No. I INTRODUCTION 1.1 Industry Information 1.2 Organizational Information II PROJECT DESIGN AND STUDY 2.1 Introduction to the study 2.2 Statement of the problem 2.3 Objectives of the study 2.4 Methodology 2.5 Limitations of the study III DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION IV FINDINGS V SUGGESTIONS AND CONCLUSION BILBLIOGRAPHY ANNEXURE List of Tables Title Page. No. Frequency table exhibiting the investors degree of risk aversion

Table. No 1 2

Fig. No 1 2

List of Figures Title Pie chart exhibiting mode of trading of investors

Page. No.

Sl. No 1 2

Abbreviated Name CRM

List of Abbreviations Full Name Customer Relationship Management

Sl. No 1 2


List of Symbols Nomenclature and Meaning Sigma (Summation)

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