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Passive Fire Protection

Hydrocarbon Mandolite 990

Use with: Mesh Fixings Fabric Mesh Metal Mesh See Data Sheet H/F/R-1 See Data Sheet H/F/R-2 See Data Sheet H/F/R-3

Data Sheet H/F/C-4

Mandolite 990 is a spray or trowel applied, epoxy based intumescent compound which, when subjected to fire, expands to form an insulating barrier. barrire isolante. Mandolite 990 produces a monolithic coating able to withstand the thermal shocks experienced in high intensity hydrocarbon fuelled fires, particularly jet fires. Although the added applied weight to a structure is low, Mandolite 990 is very durable, with high impact and weather resistance. Mandolite 990 is used for application on offshore steel or concrete structures, storage vessels and supports, risers, ESDVs and pipework. It is also used on pre-assembled units prior to transportation to site as well as to structures fire proofed after site erection.
Oil and gas installation protected with Mandolite 990.

The offshore oil and gas industries will benefit from the use of Mandolite 990.

Properties and performance

Colour and finish Theoretical coverage Number of coats Volume of solids Tensile strength Tensile modulus Compressive strength Compressive modulus Flexural strength Impact strength Flexural modulus Lap shear strength
Marine blue, monolithic spray, roller or float finish. 5.1m per 22.7kg kit. One or more, as required. 100%. 12.7MPa to ASTM D638. 1.8Gpa to ASTM D638. 28.3MPa toASTM D695. 1.1Gpa to ASTM D695. 18.0Mpa to ASTM D790. 9.0J/m to ASTM D256. 2.5Gpa to ASTM D790. 9.9Mpa to ASTM D1002.

Properties and performance (cont)

Hardness (Shore D) Nominal density Thermal expansion Thermal conductivity Specific heat capacity Oxygen index Water vapour transmission Flash point Pot life Substrate service temperature Fire resistance

75. 1100kg/m. 16.8 x 10 cm/cmK to ASTM D696. 0.246W/mK to ASTM C177. 1.33J/g at 20c. 26.4% to ASTM D2832. 0.023g/h.m to ASTM E96-90 (B) Above 100C for separate and mixed components (closed cup). 40 minutes at 20C. 66C maximum. Structures protected with Mandolite 990 have undergone fire resistance tests in approved independent laboratories to recognised standards. The fire response of Passive Fire Protection materials (PFPs) is assessed in fire tests that are intended to represent the effects of real fires, either hydrocarbon pool or jet. In addition, PFP systems may be required to provide the following requirements: 1. protection against high momentum jet fires 2. resistance to blast/explosion overpressures. The ratings for PFP systems are based on furnace tests carried out to the requirements of: BS 467: Part 20: 1987 (Appendix D Hydrocarbon Curve) ISO/DIS 834 Proposal DEN/NPD Interim Standard. The Mandolite 990 System has been fully tested and has fire approval certification for structures and fire resisting divisions. Moreover, the system has demonstrated a favourable response to jet fires and resistance to blast.

Fire protection thickness

General considerations
The fire protection requirement is often detailed in the owners operators standard and/or project specification. Product thickness calculations can be provided by Cafco International.

Typical substrates Substrate preparation
Primed steel, galvanised/metalised steel, concrete structures, divisions and vessels. To ensure optimal durability and corrosion performance, surfaces to be coated must be properly prepared and primed with a suitable primer. Client company standards may form the outline specification. It is the responsibility of the application contractor to confirm compatibility and suitability of the primer system. Cafco International should be consulted for confirmation of compatibility and suitability.

Mesh retention

Fire tests conducted have been carried out with mesh reinforcement, to demonstrate the abiity of Mandolite 990 to stay in place under the most severe fire conditions. Mesh retention may be based on one of the following options: 1. Metal mesh 2. Fabric mesh. 2

Application of Mandolite 990 must be carried out by an applicator recognised by Cafco International and applied in accordance with the Application Manual available from Cafco International. Apply Mandolite 990 by a spraying machine approved by Cafco International.


Mandolite 990 can be applied in a wide range of ambient conditions. Minimum air and substrate temperatures is 8C. Substrate temperature should be at least 3C above dewpoint temperature.

General considerations
A topcoat is always specified for offshore facilities. For example, one coat acrylic polyurethane (50 microns) or epoxy and chlorinated rubber paint may also be used.

Packaging, storage, shelf life

Standard Mandolite 990 kit = 22.7kg comprising: Component A at 16.8kg Component B at 5.9kg.


Store in original unopened containers. Maximum temperature 25C. Minimum temperature 2C.

Shelf life

12 months maximum.


May harm aquatic organisms and their environment. Do not discharge into trains and watercourses..

Health and safety

Cafco Internationals activities are conducted with due regard to all statutory requirements with appropriate safeguards against exposing employees and the public to health and safety.
A full copy of Cafco Internationals Health, Safety and Environmental Policy document is available on request. See Safety Data Sheet (including COSHH Regulations) Code Reference Saf-39 and Saf-40. Cafco International operates a quality system in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001: 2000, and has received a full accreditation by BSI to these standards. Operating to these standards means that all activities, which have a bearing upon quality, are set out in written procedures. Systematic and thorough checks are made on all materials and their usage. Test equipment is subjected to regular checks and is referred back to national standards. The information given in this data sheet is based on actual tests and is believed to be typical of the product. No guarantee of results is implied however, since conditions of use are beyond our control.

Quality assurance

Further information

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