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Properties Drift Loss Efficiencies Pressure drop

Technical Comparison of Drift Eliminators Spectra ( Blade Type) Drift loss of 0.003% of circulating water. Large blade height and aerodynamic design offers minimal pressure drop. Pressure drop values has been tested and optimized during the phase of development. Drift loss values has been tested by Environmental System Corporation, USA at Florida Power Corp., Anclote and Crystal River units & Great Plains Gassification Associates, USA. Environmental System Corporation, USA is an approved third party testing agency for drift loss testing by Cooling Tower Institute, USA Shape and dimensions of the profile is an outcome of R&D work carried out for 3 years. Thus drift loss and pressure drop values are optimized. Find attached documents submitted for Patent. Double wall construction with inner and outer wall profile shape forming aerodynamic profile of air movement between two profiles of drift eliminator packs 69.85mm is a optimum selected pitch for a particular profile shape Hook arrangement and profile design ensures removal of even small droplet. 8.3 kg / SqM

Similar Blade type

Drift loss values are never tested. Smaller blade height will have higher Pressure drop values. It is not tested. Performance of tower will be at stake especially in Natural draft. Drift loss test has never been carried out by agency approved by Cooling Tower Institute, USA. No other agency has tested the product for its performance.

Testing of Performance


Similar design with modification will lead to uncertain performance and pressure drop.


Double wall construction without aerodynamic shape

Pitch Salient feature Weight / SqM Air Flow Pattern

Randomly selected pitch of around 55mm Improper hook Minimum 5-8% less than Spectra

Profile shape randomly selected

Air flow pattern and elimination of water droplets is indicated above

Air flow pattern and elimination of water droplet is unknown

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