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RATIONALE Language games are a meaningful way of learning the English language in a non-threatening and nurturing environment. Games are highly motivating since they are amusing and at the same time challenging. They create the motivation for learners of English to get involved and participate actively in the learning activities, bringing the real world context into the classroom and enhance pupils use of English in a flexible, communicative way.


AIM The aim of all language games is for students to use the language ! however, during game play, learners also use the target language to persuade and negotiate their way to desired results. This process involves the productive and receptive s"ills simultaneously thus encouraging powerful language learning.


OBJECTIVES #.$ The ob%ectives of Language Games are to enable participants to& #.$.$ promote communicative competence in the English language. #.$.' create a meaningful context for language use #.$.# integrate various linguistic s"ills. #.$.( thin" critically and creatively in English. #.$.) construct a cooperative learning environment. #.$.* foster participatory attitudes of the students.


TARGET GROUP This competition is open to +ear # and Level ' primary pupils from government-aided schools in ,alaysia. These students will be selected from the individual state teams that would have participated in the five competitions of the -ational English Language .arnival. /articipation includes& (.$ (.' a minimum of five pupils per state 0 must be multi-racial to promote integration $ teacher-in-charge per state who would also be a station %udge.

5.0 5.1

MODUS OPERANDI PREPARATION 1uggested steps to be ta"en. ).$.$ 2old meetings 0 set agenda ).$.' Establish 3rganising committee and 1ub committees 45efer to 6ppendix 67 ).$.# /repare suggested wor"sheets and facilitators guide as well as language game stations. ).$.( .ompetition E8uipment 9 ,aterial The games committee should have a chec"list of& ).$.*.$ ).$.*.' ).$.*.# Lap top , L.: pro%ector, tables and chairs, stationery, stop watch etc /rinted materials 0 wor"sheets, printed instructions for competitors 3ther relevant materials such as mar"er pens, manila cards, mah%ong paper etc.

).$.; 3ther important details to consider& ).$.;.$ ).$.;.' 5.2 <enue & /referably enough number of rooms for each station game <ideo recording 4for documentation7


).'.$ 5egistration ).'.' =riefing for facilitators > officials ).'.'.$ ).'.'.' ).'.'.# .ompetition 5ules and 5egulations ?acilitators Guide /rogramme, games e8uipment and materials

).'.( =riefing and orientation for participants ).'.(.$ ).'.(.' ).'.(.# @ntroduction of the Games .ommandant, officials and facilitators /rogramme, timetable, e8uipment and materials Log boo"

).'.) Evaluation of the Games Evaluation by officials and facilitators is necessary to see the impact of the games on the learning of English language. ?eedbac" is useful for future English .arnival organisers. 45efer to 6ppendix = for sample of evaluation form7 5.3 Com !"#"#o$ P%o&!'(%!

).#.$. Teams wait at their assigned station to begin the competition. ).#.'. Teams to compete and complete all re8uired stations. ).#.#. Teams must have a validation on their participatory cards. 5.4 POST COMPETITION ).#.$ General cleaning of the rooms and designated environment. ).#.' 5eturning of e8uipment and materials. ).#.# /ost mortem and recommendations. ).#.( 5eports ).#.(.$ 6ll 1ub-.ommittees ).#.(.' Evaluation > feedbac" > post mortem ).#.(.# .omments, suggestions and proposals for future )*m!+ &om !"#"#o$+

:ivision of .o-curriculum and 6rts ,inistry of Education, ,alaysia



A Committee

!$'#, A

No. $.

Ro-! 1tation .ommandant

F($&"#o$ - to oversee, manage and ensure all activities are carried out in accordance during the competition - to liaise with all sub committees - to liaise with all sub-committees to ensure that preparations are in order - to give progressive reports to main committee - to appoint facilitators for various activities - to arrange for grouping > duties of officials, facilitators and participants - to document and prepare reports on the competition - to prepare rules and regulations of the competition - to provide maps of the station route - to inform participants of competition re8uirements e.g. stationery etc. - to prepare and produce>print all and other printed materials - to cater for all food and refreshments for participants, facilitators and officials - to ensure all e8uipment is available and chec"ed before and during the camp - to ensure all e8uipment is returned in good condition



#. (. ).

/rogramme > /rinting ?ood > 5efreshment E8uipment

A EVALUATION FORM FOR LANGUAGE GAMES 4To be completed by officials7 D*"!. V!$(!. //////////////////////////.. //////////////////////////..

!$'#, B

/lease evaluate the Language Game based on the scale below. Tic" 4 7 in the column provided. ) Excellent No. A $. '. #. B $. '. #. (. ) C $ ' # ( ) D 4i7 4ii7 4iii7 4iv7 4v7 Comm!$"+ A'm#$#+"%*"#o$ 5egistration <enue 1ecurity > safety measures G*m! Comm*$'*$" @s he > she proficientA @s his > her briefing > instructions clearA @s he > she punctualA @s he > she helpfulA @s he > she a good leaderA F*&#-#"*"o%+ 6re they proficientA 6re they able to give clear instructionsA 6re they well preparedA 6re they helpfulA 6re they punctualA L*$)(*)! *&"#0#"#!+ 12o+" 3 +"*"! -#+" 'o4$ *&&o%'#$)-56 ( <ery good # Good ' 1atisfactory 5 $ /oor 4 3 2 1


Com !"#"#o$ R(-!+ *$' R!)(-*"#o$+

$. 1tate teams to register for the competition. '. Teams will receive a participation card which must be validified by each

station facilitator.
#. The teams will be assigned their first station. 6n example of this is as follows&

Teams 6B =B .B :B

1tations $, ', #, ( ', #, (, $ #, (, $, ' (, $, ', #

WHEN ALL TEAMS COMPLETE THE FOUR STATIONS, THEY WILL ASSEMBLE AT STATION 5 FOR THE FINAL COMPETITION *to represent the individual states (. 6t any one time, there will only be four teams participating. The other teams

will await their turn in 8uarantine rooms.

). Chen all teams complete the initial ( station games, all participants will

assemble for the )th station game which will be conducted simultaneously for all states.
*. 6ll station wor"sheets will be mar"ed and scores given. 1cores of each team

for each station game will be tabulated and an overall winner will be ascertained .
;. The %udges decision will be final.