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Steve & Shawn ALLEN

296 N. Oakland #8


Pasadena, CA 91101

Shawn. Victoria, and Steve

February, 1990
Dear Friends,

"As long as there are millions ofpeople in the world without the Word of God or knowledge ofJesus Christ it will he impossible for me to devote time and energy to those who have both."

This is what I bring back from Africa. A strong mo

tivation to prepare for the task that is ahead-

giving the Word of God and knowledge of Jesus

Christ to those who do not have it.

Four coconut collectors in Benin.

If I could summarize my trip into one word it would be RETURN. My heart burns like a blazing fire as I think of the millions of people who are perishing each day without the message of Jesus Christ. There is only one option-return and give it to

I wish it were possible for me to come to each one of

you and share the things I have experienced in per son. Since I can't do this, I will try my best to ex
press them in this letter. Realize it won't be the

Steve and translator Justin Sylvestre enjoying a coconut milk break!

I chose the book of John to read each day while in Africa and God opened its pages to me with every
new reading. John 14:13,14 stands out in my

I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son of God may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my
name and I will do it."

Isn't that a great promise? Jesus Christ will do anjdhing for us if we only ask. But how do Chris tians ask? Simple, through prayer. If there is one conviction on my heart, it is to pray. Pray. PRAY!

An African mechanic?
Christian Missionary Fellowship Prayer Newsletter

My first seven nights in Afi*ica, I cried every night... burdened by what was there, over whelmed by what was ahead. God gave me the grace to endureHe answered your prayers for me. I can't stress enough our need for your prayers. Please keep praying.

One of the hardest feelings I dealt with was the absence of Shawn. It was the longest we'd been apart since we met three years ago in Auburn. No letters, no phone calls, just thoughts of being reunited once again. At one point I was over five days' travel from
home. That was the hardest... knowing if I needed to return it would take at least five days without any travel complications.

But what is the next step in our preparing to return to AfHca? The month of March will be spent in Georgia and Tennessee, showing slides and sharing experiences. We will then
return to California and move to Pasadena. This will enable us to utilize the well of re

sources available in the School of World Missions. September 1,1990, we will return to
one year later.

Gftorgifl f.n fflkft rarfi of the financial needs of our going, and then we will leave for France

We have a long road ahead of us with many potential obstacles-pray fervently that they
will be knocked down before we even get to them.

We love you all dearly: our supporters, our friends, our family. You are all our family,
and we thank God for blessing us with you.
In His Service,

Steve, Shawn, and Tori Allen




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Steve 81 Shawn
296 N. Oakland #8


Pasadena, CA 91101

Shawn & Steve Clark & Tori

July 1990 "Happiness is belonging, not belongings."

You might say, "Oh, no, not another missionary letter about simple lifestyle" . .. and you would be right. This is not another missionary letter about simple Hfestyle but rather about belonging and friendships.

In May, we completed a class at Fuller on language learning and bonding. Our eyes were

opened to the reality of what Jesus did^when He came to this earth. He bonded. For His first
30 years on this earth He lived with man, worked with man, and bonded with man. His last three years. He ministered to man.

In this class we were required to learn a language from people. We chose Lithuanian be cause of Shawn's heritage, found a community of about four hundred Lithuanian-speaking people, and started to learn their language. Tori did much better than we did, but then again sometimes her English is Greek to us. Our time with the people was a memorable one
to say the least, and we now have the confidence needed to learn French then Fon.

As Shawn and I begin to prepare for our return to the South, we are having to put every thing we wish to bring back into six rather small boxes. We have no trouble getting rid of things and consolidating our stuff, but we are having trouble with the reality of sa3rmg,

It was very easy for us to say goodbye to the South when we left a year ago, because we knew we would return soon. As we leave California, we reaHze we might never return.

Recently, we said goodbye to some very close friends who are headed for Singapore. Tori said goodbye to Pauline and Silas who are headed for Hong Kong. In the next few months, we will say goodbye to families going to Kenya, Nigeria, Chile, Pakistan, Tahiti, China, Cam
bodia, Baltimore, and, of course, our many fHends who are staying right here in Cahfornia doing what God has called them to do.

We really feel a sense of belonging to these people. They are brothers and sisters in Christ, very dear friends whom we will miss. Shawn and I never thought we would have trouble leaving California, and we're not. We are having trouble leaving these close friends that we might not see again here on this earth. However, knowing we will see them again in
Heaven makes sa5dng, "See you soon," so much easier.
Christian Missionary Fellowship Prayer Newsletter

A \


Tori and her international playmates (Nigerian, Vietnamese, and French).

Take me to Africa, Nnoweke!


Our nest is full now.

The last weekend of June, Tori and I did a little bonding. We took a three-mile hike up four
teen hundred feet, spent the night, then returned the next morning. She hiked about 30 yards and rode on my shoulders the rest of the way. Tori almost slid down the mountain at one point, but just like her~dad, God has assigned her extra guardian angels. She is going to needfhem. It was great fun; a very neat experience for both of us. Shawn stayed home with Clark, so the two
of them had a little time alone.

Clark, our newest and LAST addition is also bonding very well to his new family. Tori keeps him cr3ring, Shawn keeps him fed, and I just sit and let him stare at me. Unfortunately, he got his father's good looks. Poor guy will be running from the girls while his sister is chasing the boys. I guess Shawn and I have our work cut out for us.
: *>

God continues to show us how BIG and GRACIOUS He really is, and we are so thankful for the

way He stands beside us in our many times of need. We ask for your prayers in the areas of family adjustment, brother/sister adjustment, and for
basic stress relief.

Thank you for always being there for us, and we will continue to be in touch.
Moving forward with the Lamb,

Steve, Shawn, Tori, and Clark Allen



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