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Childrens Depression Inventory (CDI)

Author: Maria Kovacs, PhD

Purpose: Administer to: Reading/Educational Level: Administration time: Scoring Options: To measure depressive symptoms in young persons Individuals 7 to 17 years 3rd grade Long: 15 minutes (27 items); Short: 5 minutes (10 items) Parent: 10 minutes (17 items); Teacher: 12 items (10 minutes) Hand scorable / Bureau Service/Computer based

The CDI evaluates the presence and severity of specific depressive symptoms in children so that a targeted treatment plan can be developed. The long version of the CDI provides scores for all the symptom scales measured by the CDI and this version is recommended for initial evaluations. Parent (CDI:P) and Teacher (CDI:T): versions give multiple dimensions to the assessment process. Parents view the childs behaviour at home in family situations, while teachers rate the childs behaviour in academic and social situations at school. The parent and teacher versions each have the following two scales - Emotional Problems and Functional Problems. CDI Short Form: A 10-item CDI Short Form was empirically developed to provide a quick and easily measured assessment of a childs or adolescents depressive symptoms. The CDI Short Form may be administered when a quick screening measure is required and when limited time with the child or adolescent is available. The CDI and the CDI Short Form will generally give comparable results. needed, the full CDI can be used. Areas of Application The inventory can be used for clinical and research purposes. Schools Child guidance clinics Child psychiatric and medical paediatric settings Other clinical or non-clinical settings Because the CDI assesses various areas of functioning, it facilitates the multifaceted evaluation of the child or adolescent. It is useful in: When factor scores are desired, when a more complete description of the childs depressive symptoms is required, or when extensive clinical information is

Report Options Profile Reports: present scores graphically and numerically to summarize the results of each self-report, parent, and teacher administration. A list of responses is also included. Comparison Reports: compare up to four self-report, parent, or teacher administrations for the same client to measure progress. They are free with the purchase of CDI V.5 Profile Reports. Language English Related Tests Beck Youth Inventories: To evaluate childrens and adolescents emotional and social impairment .