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Prospectus 2010

Welcome to Greater London Tutors

Choosing the right tutor for yourself and your family is an important decision. You need to be sure that this is someone you can trust. You need to be sure that this person has the right academic qualifications and teaching ability as well as the relevant experience to help you or your children to achieve the best results.
Greater London Tutors has been providing private tutors to families in London and the South East for over 30 years. We have a team of the most highly qualified tutors available within the M25 to provide individual or group tuition in your home or school at short notice. At Greater London Tutors, we want to help you make as informed a decision as possible about what is right for your child. We make sure we understand what it is that you want to achieve with a tutor. We discuss your specific goals with you in as much detail as possible so as to provide you with the best tutor for your child. It is very important to us that you and your children get along well with every tutor we introduce to you so we consult with you at every stage of the process to ensure everything is to your satisfaction. We pride ourselves on the quality of our tutors and the effectiveness of our allocating the best tutor for your family, whatever the subject, whatever the level.

Our Students
We treat every student as an individual with particular requirements, be they primary level children seeking tuition or astrophysics postgraduates wanting dissertation advice. Most of the tuition we provide is for mainstay UK curriculum subjects, but there are a great number of people looking for specialist subject tuition. What all of our students have in common is the expectation of excellent service from Greater London Tutors and that is what we strive every day to deliver.

While most of our students are private families who want the benefit of a tutor to supplement the education their children are receiving at school, Greater London Tutors is proud to be the selected agency by many independent and state schools as well as Local Education Authorities and LookedAfter Children around London. Many schools use our services to help children who have slipped behind to catch up, or to stretch the most talented of their pupils. Our social services clients rely on our experience and the understanding nature of our tutors to help children in their care who are in difficult situations.

We have particular experience in helping children who do not have a sufficiently high level of English to enter school and those pupils who cannot attend school regularly. Our tutors are trained to understand the complex environments that surround these children and develop courses to help them on their way.

Greater London Tutors | 2010 Prospectus

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Our Tutors
Our tutors are selected initially on academic qualification and relevant experience according to their CVs. We interview all our tutors personally so that we recruit only those with a natural ability for, and love of, teaching. Academic expertise is not a sufficient criterion for selection as a Greater London tutor.
Our tutor training programme keeps our tutors up to date with all the latest teaching techniques and aims to outline the best practices in tutoring. However, within this stringent training structure, all our tutors are encouraged to teach in their own unique way and to tailor their lessons to the specific requirements of the individual student. We select tutors who are not only experts in their subject but who are also experienced in teaching the subject and level you require. We train our tutors to adopt a teaching style which balances a gentleness of approach with a business-like efficiency, allowing for rapid progress to be made with a minimum of stress. We want our students to look forward to seeing their tutors and we have complete confidence in our ability to allocate you the perfect tutor for your familys requirements.
All of our tutors have a Criminal Records Bureau Enhanced Disclosure (carried out in the last two years).

For Parents
As a parent you have made the important decision to hire a private tutor to help your children achieve their academic goals.
Over the three decades of working with families in London and the South East we have developed a quick and easy process for booking a tutor. Outlined below is a suggestion of what might work for you. We understand that exceptional circumstances occur, in which case the best thing to do is to talk to us and we will do our best to help in any way we can.

How it works
1. You call us 2. We take down your details and
as much information as you can give us

7. Your tutor contacts you to discuss

your requirements and arrange a lesson

8. Your tutor prepares the rst lesson

and comes to your home to teach

3. We receive the 45 membership fee 4. We allocate the right tutor or tutors

for your family

9. At the end of each lesson the tutor

provides you a timesheet to sign and you pay your tutor directly in cash

10. We contact you to receive feedback

on the rst lesson and regularly throughout the course

5. We contact the tutors to conrm


6. Your selected tutor is given your

contact details and briefed as to your requirements

Greater London Tutors | 2010 Prospectus

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Tutoring Advice and Frequently Asked Questions

We have pulled together some information from our tutoring experience so that you can make the most of our services. Take Breaks

Breaks should always be worked into any period of extended study. Pupils learn faster and better in short periods so allowing 5 minute breaks has a beneficial effect on study. The duration and frequency of breaks should depend on the age and ability of the pupil; an A-level student may be able to concentrate effectively for an hour, but children studying for their 11+ exams may benefit from a five minute relaxation period every half hour.

Ensure a Suitable Environment

Tuition should be conducted in a quiet room with minimal distractions. As far as possible the room should be isolated from house hold noises such as television and young children, allowing for uninterrupted study.


For private tuition to work most effectively, good communication between the pupil, his or her parents (where appropriate), the tutor and ideally the school teacher is very helpful. Given the bespoke nature of private tuition, feedback from the pupils school work and teachers will help the tutor to focus on those areas which will make the most immediate difference to the pupils improvement. A childs school teacher can often provide an invaluable guide to areas in need of attention. Likewise, encouraging the pupil to talk about the areas they find difficult, then focusing on those issues allows the tutor to boost the pupils confidence by removing the areas of doubt in his or her mind. Please contact us at any point through the process to let us know any new information.

Sign the timesheet

For your security and to ensure you are billed fairly by the tutor, make sure you sign the tutors timesheet after each lesson. Please ensure the tutor has filled in the correct lesson duration on each timesheet. Tutors are provided with timesheets and are required to bring one to each lesson and provide it to you at the end. If your tutor does not provide a timesheet for you to sign please let the agency know by phone or e-mail.

Find out and give us as much information as you can The more information you can provide us with while we are finding your tutor, the better we will be able to match a tutor to your requirements. For example if the pupil is studying GCSE or A Level we can match a tutor with the most experience in the particular exam board, and where possible specific topic/modules, to ensure you get the best possible match.

How much tutoring should I have?
This depends on a variety of factors including the age of the child, their level at the beginning of the course, how much work a student is prepared to put in outside the tutoring hours, and their goals for the tuition. The more detailed knowledge of the pupil and their personal circumstances, the easier it is for our office staff to provide advice. The flexible nature of private tuition and our tutors means that one can start with one hour per week and adjust the quantity as required. Typically a student will have one hour per week throughout the school year, increasing the amount during the Easter break and run-up to exams. If you would like to have a professional assessment of your child, please contact us to make an appointment with our consultant.

Will the tutor set homework?

Private tuition can be effective with or without the setting of homework. We recommend that any homework set should be agreed between the tutor, pupil and parent. The objective of homework is to reinforce the lesson and help the pupil move forward. We would discourage a level of homework that would over-burden the student.

Will there be an assessment or test?

Our tutors are trained to assess the level of the pupil in the first lesson. This could take an informal tone, such as a discussion with the pupil and parents, or a more formal test. Sometimes it is a good idea to take the first lesson to run through the syllabus so the tutor can assess the areas of weakness and decide on the most time-effective way to move forward. p. 06

Greater London Tutors | 2010 Prospectus

Our Educational Philosophy

The rst thing a Greater London tutor will do is to make sure that his or her pupil has the condence to achieve their academic goals. The dedicated attention of a tutor can show a student that even the most daunting of academic hurdles are surmountable, enabling the correct mindset for high academic achievement.
Tutoring is designed to be undertaken at a pace which is comfortable and productive for the student. We train our tutors to build a students knowledge stepby-step as part of a building-block process. Your tutor will assess, in collaboration with you and your child, exactly which areas need attention and establish the best course of action to achieve the best results. Our pupils react very well to being treated as adults by our tutors when establishing a plan for the tutoring. It is not our tutors job simply to provide the answers but rather to encourage pupils to achieve the satisfaction of getting it right themselves. This helps commit method as well as the answer to memory. Our tutors are familiar with the examination systems and draw on their experiences to guide pupils to the best technique for the exams and for their revision. The bespoke service we provide stimulates the interest and ability necessary for a pupil to succeed in, and enjoy, a subject. In order for us to nd you the best tutor available for you and your family, we have a membership fee of 45, which entitles you to request as many tutors as you like for you and your family for the period of one academic year starting in September. The membership renewal fee for each academic year is 25.

We have compiled a list of websites which should answer many of your educational queries. Please check our website for a more detailed list. Examination Boards
AQA www.aqa.org.uk OCR www.ocr.org.uk EDEXCEL www.edexcel.com Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency www.qcda.gov.uk

BBC Education www.bbc.co.uk/schools/parents
BBC Education site. Very informative with the answers to many educational questions Many free resources to download and try

Ofsted http://www.ofsted.gov.uk
The official government schools inspectorate

Learning and Study Aids

GCSE.com www.gcse.com
GCSE support materials for sale

UCAS http://www.ucas.ac.uk
University application organisation. This should be your first stop for all queries relating to university entrance

Letts and Lonsdale www.lettsandlonsdale.com

High quality and effective revisionguides for all ages.

Times Education Supplement www.tes.co.uk

Professional Education Supplement. News, articles, teaching jobs

Under5s.co.uk www.under5s.co.uk
Learning support for the early years

Guardian Schools www.guardian.co.uk/education/ schools

Schools and education related section of the Guardian Newspaper website

Schools Guides
The Good Schools Guide www.goodschoolsguide.co.uk
This is the definitive guide to independent schools in England and Wales

Pease remember that while every effort has been made to check the quality of these sites the Greater London Tutorial Agency Limited cannot be held responsible for the information contained on them.

Greater London Tutors | 2010 Prospectus

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For Schools
Greater London Tutors works with many schools both in the state and private sector to provide private tutors and bespoke revision courses. We have provided tuition through the Making Good Progress, Gifted and Talented and Every Child Matters schemes. Revision Courses
Greater London Tutors runs revision courses in a range of subjects at 11+, GCSE and A-level. Over our many years of experience in helping students prepare for public exams, we have developed courses that have helped many students reach their potential. The courses are run from our centres around London, or within your school. Alternatively, we are able to develop bespoke tuition courses for your school to run on weekends or during the holidays to help your students gain the best possible results. There are also financial advantages for your school to be involved, such as bulk discounts for your students and room rental fees. To talk to one of our consultants about hosting Greater London Tutors revision courses at your school, or enrolling your students on one of our courses, please call 020 7727 5599 or send an e-mail to schools@greaterlondontutors.com

One-on-One Tuition
We provide tutors to help schools tackle a variety of issues such as: Boosting the performance of underachieving students Making sure that borderline C grade students hit the all-important grade Stretching gifted and talented students Accelerated learning programmes Trained staff for after-school and homework clubs Our tutors can be used to help pupils who are finding it hard to keep up at school. Many schools have found it invaluable to have a tutor providing a structured course to those who slip behind, to support their teachers and raise standards. To talk to one of our consultants about how we can help please call 020 7727 5599 or send an e-mail to schools@greaterlondontutors.com.

How it works
Our schools tutoring takes place on site at school so teachers and course supervisors can be closely involved in the process, ensuring educational continuity. Our tutors are very flexible and are able to teach at all times. Often schools prefer to have tutors attend for the hour after school ends, however we are able to fit the tutoring around your timetable at any time of the day.

Greater London Tutors also has experience providing educational and tuition-based After-school clubs Our tutors can supervise students during this time to ensure you meet your obligations and help to raise standards across the board. Our office support staff are trained to ensure that we provide tutors who fit perfectly into your school.

We make certain we have a complete understanding of the situations in which you require our services, work with you to remove scheduling conflicts, prepare the tutors fully and collect feedback as the course progresses.

Greater London Tutors | 2010 Prospectus

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For Government, Local Authorities and Social Services

Private Tuition with Greater London Tutors
Greater London Tutors has extensive experience providing tutors for local government, social services and Looked-After Children. Our tutors can help in a wide range of unorthodox educational situations and we have the experience and understanding to provide the information that carers, foster parents and account managers need to make the right decisions. Our experience over many years means that we are sympathetic and understanding to the unique personal and emotional circumstances which often surround these assignments and we feel that this enables us to select tutors who are able to make a big difference. The versatile nature of private tuition means we can help in a variety of circumstances such as: Pupils with little or no English Pupils who have been excluded from school Pupils who have been bullied at school Pupils who are between schools There are many other situations in which we have provided tutors to help and we have case studies on our website for your examination.

Why choose Greater London Tutors?

Experience Over 20 years working with carers around London for the benefit of Looked-After Children, children and those outside mainstream education means that we have a strong understanding of the issues involved. Quality of Tutors All of our tutors are interviewed, CRB checked and trained specifically for these situations. Many have been helping children in care for many years so are very sympathetic to issues involved. Feedback, outcome measurement and quality assurance Greater London Tutors monitors all courses of tuition with our tutors to ensure they are progressing in a satisfactory fashion. We keep in close contact with our tutors, with carers and parents and where appropriate we set out targets and milestones to ensure progress is being made.

These fees are correct at the time of going to press on 1st September 2010. We reserve the right to change these fees at anytime without advanced notice. Introduction and Finders Fees
For Families and Students 1st Year Membership Fee: Membership Renewal Fee: 24 -hour Tutor-Finders Fee supplement: For Schools and Institutions Finders Fee (per tutor): 45 25 30 30

Tuition Fees
Degree Level and Specialist Tuition (see below): All Other Levels (Primary, SAT, 11+, 13+, Scholarship, GCSE, A-Level, IB): 36/hour 34 /hour

Advance booking
15 hours: 480 (32 /hour) Over 100 hours: POA Payable before the rst lesson, subsequent hours billed in arrears at 34/hour Specialist Tuition
Music and musical instrument tuition Foreign Languages: English as a Foreign Language / Foreign Language Tuition (not for a public examination e.g. GCSE, A Level, 13+ Common Entrance)

Additional Students
For each additional student the client will be charged 10.00 on top of the initial hourly fee up to a maximum of 4 students. All prices quoted above are inclusive of any travel costs that the tutor may incur. The client will therefore be expected to pay the amount quoted above and no more unless otherwise agreed by Greater London Tutors. We reserve the right to alter any of the prices without warning.

Greater London Tutors | 2010 Prospectus

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Important Information

If you cancel a lesson with 24 or more hours notice then no payment should be made. If you cancel a lesson with less than 24 hours notice you must pay half the fee for the missed lesson, although there are certain exceptional circumstances that we ask the tutor to consider. If a tutor travels to you but the lesson doesnt take place then you should expect to pay for one hours tuition in full. Obviously, it is equally important that our tutors are also considerate when cancelling a lesson for any reason; tutors should always try to give 24 hours notice, at the very least. In case of such circumstances it is vital that the tutor is able to contact you. The membership fee is only refundable if we have been unable to find you a tutor. We cannot refund the fee if a tutor has already contacted you or you have found a tutor through another source.

Further Enquiries
If you would like to register with us or if you have any questions, we warmly invite you to call us. Our friendly staff will be delighted to hear from you. Our office hours are from 9 am until 9 pm Monday to Friday and from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays.

Our telephone number is 020 7727 5599 Our fax number is 020 7117 3772 If you wish to contact us by e-mail please do so and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. Our e-mail address is enquiries@greaterlondontutors.com. For any further information please visit our website at www.greaterlondontutors.com

Telephone 020 7727 5599 Fax 020 7117 3772
www.greaterlondontutors.com enquiries@greaterlondontutors.com 35 Baseline Studios, Whitchurch Road, London W11 4AT

Greater London Tutorial Agency Limited Registered in England: 5509855

Greater London Tutors | 2010 Prospectus

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Michael took a lot of trouble to help my daughter understand the subject better. He clearly knows his subject very well and also knows how to get on the same wavelength as young people. Father, NW1 Overall, you offer an excellent service, thank you. Mother, W4
Each of the tutors was brilliant and gave me great confidence that my son would do well lovely people. Mother, IG8


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