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First Semester 2013-2014 (July 2013-November 2013) Instructions for Registration and Fee Payment

Please follow the instructions given below carefully for completing the Registration Process.

1. The courses printed on your Registration Card are assigned on the basis of
permissibility of academic regulations. You are NOT supposed to add or modify this list.

2. It shall be the responsibility of the individual student to download the

course handouts from BITS WILP Learning Management System (LMS) portal named "TAXILA" at http://taxila.bits-pilani.ac.in/ after July 13, 2013 as per the registered set of courses, procure the prescribed text books, be regular in maintaining the self study schedule as given in the course handouts, attend the online/on demand lectures as per details that would be put up inhttp://taxila.bits-pilani.ac.in and take the prescribed components of evaluation as per schedule given in the respective course handouts.

3. In case of any specific registration problems kindly get in touch with

Registration Cell at registration@wilp.bits-pilani.ac.in to Mr. Arvind Runthala with your Idno and Name.

4. The semester fees for the students with ID NOs starting with 2012 is 32700,
2010/2011 is Rs. 30,000/-, for 2009 is Rs. 25,000/-, for 2008 is Rs. 20,000/-, for 2007/2006 is Rs. 17500/-, for 2005 is Rs. 15000/-, for 2002/2003/2004 is Rs. 12000/- and for 1998/1999/2000/2001 it is Rs.10000/-. Fees must be paid through a Credit Card OR Net Banking OR Demand Draft OR ICICI Bank Challan.

5. Students should ensure that the Payee Name in the Demand Draft (or Pay Order)
should be only written as "BITS, Pilani". The payee name should not include the name and location of the Bank.

6. For the examination centre at Dubai, in addition to the semester fees, for each
semester there will be an examination centre fees of 1000 UAE Dirhams or equivalent per semester out of which 500 UAE Dirhams is to be paid at the time of appearing in Mid-semester examinations at Dubai Centre for that semester and the remaining 500 UAE Dirhams is to be paid at the time of appearing in comprehensive examinations at Dubai centre for that semester.

7. You must sign the registration card in the place marked Student's Sign and
send along with demand draft / copy of ICICI bank challan by Speed Post/Registered letter to Dean WILPD, BITS, Pilani - 333031 (Rajasthan) India by 13 July 2013. You will be registered only after the receipt of the signed registration card along with semester fees demand draft / copy of ICICI bank challan and upload scan copy of duly signed registration card with details of

Netbanking Transaction id &Transaction date / Credit Card payment Transaction id & Transaction date by July 13, 2013 (need not to send by post, if paid online through net banking / credit card). The duly filled and signed registration card (Hard copy / Soft Copy) along with the fees does not reach us by July 13, 2013, you will forfeit your registration and you will not be allowed to appear in any examination this semester.

8. If you do not intend to register this semester, you should not send the
registration card and enter the reason on BITS WILP LMS "Taxila" website. However, if you have already downloaded your registration card and you still want to seek semester registration DROP permission, please email with your name and IDNO to registration@wilp.bits-pilani.ac.in

9. Print one copy of the registration card, duly complete it, and send the same
to Dean, WILPD, BITS, Pilani - 333031 (Rajasthan) India by online upload or post.Keep one photocopy of the same for your record. At the time of printing your registration card, if you find any incomplete or incorrect information against your data in the printed card, then please send an email to Mr. Ashok Saini aksaini@pilani.bits-pilani.ac.in with your Name, ID Number and the problem faced.

10. You will be able to download your Hall-Ticket for First Semester 2013-14 from our
website www.taxila.bits-pilani.ac.in after August 20, 2013. Kindly note that no separate copy of the HallTicket will be sent by post.

11. The spelling of your name in our records is as it appears in the Registration
Card. In case there is any spelling mistake in your name as printed on the registration card, attach proof such as your latest degree/diploma certificate copy, marriage certificate or govt. gazette notification for making the correction in your name spelling. 12. In case of change of employing organization or Mentor, it is mandatory for the student to submit to Dean, WILPD, change of company/mentor proforma available through the Important Information link in BITS WILP LMS "Taxila" website at www.taxila.bits-pilani.ac.in, failing which the student's name will be struck off from the rolls of the Institute. If it is found that student has changed job/mentor without informing the institute, then his/her registration in the current semester is likely to be cancelled and he/she may be asked to discontinue from the programme. 13. If student changes employment from industry work to university/college teaching, in addition to the employer change proforma, strong support letter from the ViceChancellor / Registrar of the university concerned will have to be submitted. Support letter from college principal / other officers etc will not be sufficient.

14. If a student becomes unemployed during the semester, it is mandatory for him/her
to inform Dean, WILPD and seek permission to withdraw from the semester in which he/she has registered. 15. Students registering in Dissertation/Project Work must send the hardcopy

outline of the proposed work latest by July 20, 2013.

16. If the student is found to have given any false information regarding his/her
employment and other such details in the registration card, then he/she is likely to face serious disciplinary action.