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ABSTRACT Todays technological development needs the imp ovement o! comm"nication s#ill$ The technoc ats sho"ld %e a%le to e&p ess thei innovative ideas to compete in the competitive 'o% ma #et$ At this conte&t( English lang"age teaching has a ma'o o de to ma#e the st"dents e&cel in thei comm"nicative s#ill$ This pape spea#ing s#ill$ It ela%o ates the impo tance o! !o" %asic s#ills and ho) each one is inte lin#ed and in )hat )ay the !o" s#ills pave )ay to imp ove the comm"nication s#ill$ *"t most o! the st"dents a e ! om Tamil medi"m + they a e a! aid o! spea#ing in English tho"gh coaching is given to them$ So they need co"nseling to come o"t o! thei !ea + spea#$ The pape gives the analysis o! the es"lts o%tained ! om the st"dents along )ith the innovative steps + co"nseling !ollo)ed to ma#e the st"dents attain !l"ency in spea#ing s#ill$ This pape concl"des )ith the s"ggestions to inco po ate innovative methods in the class ooms to teach the !o" %asic s#ills + enhance !l"ency among st"dents$ Keywords: A)a eness( Employment( Imp ovement( Con!idence( , actice e&plains the va io"s innovative steps ta#en in an enginee ing college )ith II yea enginee ing college st"dents to imp ove thei ole to play in

Introduction: Today the e is vast development in the !ield o! Science and Technology$ Enginee ing Ed"cation is at the pea# and tho"sands o! g ad"ates and passing

o"t eve y yea $ -e a e p od"cing enginee ing g ad"ates %"t a e )e eally p od"cing enginee s is a g eat ."estion ma #/ It is so in all the othe deg ees )hich the st"dents attain$ It may %e any deg ee !o that matte 0*$Sc$( 1$A( *$A etc$(2$ They a e only g ad"ates( %"t they a e not a%le to e&p ess any o! thei ideas$ Since I am )o #ing in an enginee ing college I )ant to p esent a data o! my II yea enginee ing st"dents$ 1y pape gives a detail analysis o! the st"dents imp ovement in the spea#ing s#ills d"e to contin"o"s p actice along )ith co"nseling d" ing eg"la ho" s in o" College$ About the sample: 34 st"dents ! om II yea 1echanical Enginee ing )as ta#en !o e&pe imental analysis$ They )e e as#ed to select topics o! thei o)n inte est$ The st"dents )e e given 35 )ee#s )hich had 5 pe iod o! 64 min"tes d" ation$ Strategies adopted: In the !i st )ee# d" ing the 3st ho" the st"dents )e e given a)a eness a%o"t the impo tance o! 7 %asic s#ills and ho) it is impo tant !o thei ca ee development to attain good employment$ In the 5nd ho" they )e e as#ed to ) ite 34 sentences o! thei o)n on any topic they li#ed( %"t nea ly 36 o! them )e e not a%le to ) ite mo e than 6 sentences$ The sentences )hat they ) ote had many g ammatical mista#es$ A!te having got an idea a%o"t thei g ammatical #no)ledge in the 5nd and 8 d )ee# they )e e ta"ght %asic g amma $ The st"dents )e e ta"ght ,a ts o! Speech( Tenses( Conco d( Active and ,assive( Simple( Compo"nd + Comple& sentences$ D" ing the 6th )ee# they )e e given a test on g amma !o t)o pe iods$ They sho)ed 96: imp ovement in thei g ammatical #no)ledge$ D" ing the ;th )ee# the st"dents )e e given simple topics and they )e e as#ed to spea# on that topic$ They spo#e )ith con!idence )hich made me !eel that I have achieved some e&tent in my goal$ < om 9th )ee# to 33th )ee# va io"s topics on ecent developments )he e given to them and they )e e as#ed to p epa e on that and s"%mit it$ The g ammatical

mista#es )e e co ected$ They )e e as#ed to %y hea t it )ith "nde standing$ The speech )as !o only 8 min"tes$ It )as chec#ed %y ma#ing them ead it the p evio"s )ee# itsel!$ On the 35th )ee# they )e e given some tips to imp ove thei spea#ing s#ill )hich motivated them$ -hile the st"dents spo#e on it( it )as noticed that the e )as a steady inc ease in the time they spo#e$ The detailed analysis o! the st"dents speech is given %elo)$ Students Performance: Roll no 5?>549 5?>54= 5?>54> 5?>534 5?>533 5?>535 5?>538 5?>537 5?>536 5?>53; 9th )ee# Time in sec 84 54 58 56 5; 85 56 59 85 86 =th )ee# Time in sec 85 36 5= 84 86 74 84 84 8= 75 >th )ee# Time in sec 7; 7= 85 7= 87 75 8= 87 74 7= 34th )ee# Time in sec 64 66 74 65 8= 76 64 7= 65 ;4 33th )ee# Time in sec ;5 ;= ;6 ;4 65 6> ;3 ;5 ;3 ;6

The analysis sho)s that the e is ve y lo)( %"t steady inc ease in time( %"t only !e) seconds )hich sho)s that spea#ing s#ills can %e imp oved %y eg"la + constant p actice$

Conclusion: The a%ove es"lts sho)s clea ly the !acts 0a2 St"dents sho"ld %e motivated to spea#$ 0%2 St"dents sho"ld #no) the %asic concepts o! g amma $ 0c2 They sho"ld %e co ected !o thei mista#es them + the e$ 0d2 They sho"ld %e given time in the eg"la st eam to e&p ess thei ideas )itho"t !ea $

Bibliography: 3$ <a me (1$L03>932$ Co"nseling Se vices !o ad"lts in highe ed"cation$ 1et"chen @ The sca ec o) , ess Inc$ 5$ * oo#!ield(S$D03>=;2$Unde standing and !acilitating ad"lt lea ning San <ancisco @AosseyB*ass ,"%lishe s 8$ Cohen(A$03>>72$ Assessing lang"age a%ility in the class oom 05nd ed2$ *oston@ Ceinle + Ceinle$

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