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TEM Introduction

The existence of the fourfold system of Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Information Systems in an NGO is important for ena ling it to render effective services to the focus groups! "hile the planning system provides a clear direction for various pro#ects, the monitoring system ensures the NGO$s adherence to the programmes it has planned! The evaluation system periodically revie%s the %hole process in the context of the changes ta&ing place in the socio'political and economic environment! The information system is a thread that runs through all the three systems #ust descri ed! The development of these systems %ill thus facilitate the effective functioning of any organi(ation!
Goal To develop internal systems of Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Information systems in NGO$s %ith vie% to increase their overall effectiveness! Objectives To )onceptuali(e the terms Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Information systems! To discuss in detail the various models of planning and assist in choosing a model of planning suita le for development organi(ations! To help evolve an appropriate monitoring system for NGOs!

To facilitate an understanding of the principles and methods used in evaluation and ac*uaint NGOs %ith the design, tools and techni*ues of evaluation! To ma&e participants reali(e the importance and use of management information systems and help them devise an appropriate system for their o%n organi(ation! "ontent )oncepts of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation systems in organi(ations! +rea analysis, pro lem tree, inter'relationship et%een cause and manifestation! ,ogical frame %or&, evolving indicators for monitoring, developing assumptions and hypotheses for the pro#ect! Identifying means of verifications for output, outcome and impact! )oncepts of pro#ect, impact and organisational evaluations! Methodologies, issues and principles in social development evaluations! -ole of evaluators in participatory evaluations. the ethics and value frames involved in carrying out evaluations! Information re*uirement of a pro#ect! Types of information / 0tili(ation Information, diagnostic information, impact information and implementation information! Management information systems %ithin organi(ations!

Met#odolo$% The training %ill use participatory methods li&e small group discussions, %or&shops, case studies and demonstrations! These methods %ill e used depending on the content dealt %ith in each session! The participants %ill prepare a pro#ect matrix using the inputs received during the training and %ill e assisted in gaining s&ills in pro#ect planning! They %ill also e assisted in designing a monitoring system and an MIS during the training programme!

Steps for logical frame "or& 1,2"3 ANAL! I a3 +rea analysis of Pro#ect proposed %ith the community, 3 Identify the ma#or issues of community PRO&LEM TREE a3 2ind out the root causes and symptoms of the issues 3 4ecide %hich root cause your organi(ation %anted to ta&e it c3 "or& out the strategies for the pro#ect
a3 "or& out %hat are the short term and long'term for the proposed pro#ect, goal is nothing ut %hat you %ant to achieve after the pro#ect complete

&'E"TIVE O #ectives should co related %ith the goal a3 "hile formulating the o #ectives you see that it should e SM+-T (eci)ic Measurable Attainable*ac#ievable Goal Realistic Ti+e )ra+e

&'E"TIVE O #ectives should co related %ith the goal a3 "hile formulating the o #ectives you see that it should e SM+-T (eci)ic Measurable Attainable*ac#ievable Goal Realistic Ti+e )ra+e


Descri(tion Over all Objective (eci)ic Objectives Activities )or /irst !ear 01 21 Activities )or econd !ear 01



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Assu+(tions or Ris. /actors

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21 Activities )or T#ird !ear 01 21 Out Put

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Expenses 5!6uman -esources 0nit No! Of 0nits 0nit -ate Total )ost

Su total 6uman -esources 7!Travel 5! 7! Su Total Travel 8!,ocal Office9+ction )ost 5! 7! Su total ,ocal office9+ction cost 5! 7! :!E*uipment and supplies 5! 7!

8! Su Total E*uipment ; supplies <!Programme )ost 5! 7 8 :! Su Total Programme )ost Total Grant -e*uested for 2irst =ear

Project Pro(osal )or 444444444411 In 4411 District

5! Project Pro)ile5 Title of the Pro#ect Pro#ect Participants ,ocation of the Pro#ect 4uration of the Pro#ect Pro#ect +pplicant and 2ull +ddress ; Tel ; Email -egistration No 2)-+ No >?g, 57+ Pan No @an& 4etails No! Of Aillages 1Mar& in the map3 +mount -e*uestedB 2irst =ear Second =ear

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