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Marco from Negazione was interviewed in November, in Los Angeles by Al. Al: So what part of Italy is Negazione from?

Marco: We're from Torino, that's in the Northern part of Italy, close to France. I don't know if we will be living there we are for much longer because planning to move to Amsterdam . It's hard for us to be in a band, and to survive in Italy, especially in Torino. Each time we come back from a tour we have to set up our situation with jobs again, and it's kinda hard. Amsterdam is the only place we've been to while touring all over Europe that we really like, we have a lot of good friends there . So we think it could be a good situation for us .

Marco: Yeah, I hope we don't have so many problems when we get here! And that's only one point. AI : What is going on with the European scene right now? Marco: It 's changing a lot in the last years . Two years ago there was a really strong scene in Italy, and that was because there were a lot of places to play, and good exchange between other scenes . It got worse because of police and lack of new people involvement. But at the same time there was a really strong scene in Holland, there has always been a really good scene there, but in the last couple of years there was this new place Emma, which was a big squat . A lot of bands got to play there and it developed a good scene.


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then the band is like God on stage. I like a lot of American bands, and I still like them, even though I didn't get to know the people . On the other hand COC are on of my favorite bands and I met them and they were great guys so now it is something even better . I met a lot of other bands I didn't know about who I like, Attitude Adjustment from San Francisco for example. AI : Well does Negazione have that makes you special . How about lyrics. .. Marco : Well we've all written the lyrics since the be'innin . - we all want to

LTALY I AI : How much have you been touring? Marco: In the last two years, most of that time was spent touring all over Europe, except for England and Scandinavia where we will go in the new year . We have been to all the European scenes, and not just the hardcore scene more in general . It's very interesting the communications you can have with people! Al : When you got to say Germany, how do you communicate with them, do you speak German? Marco : No, all those people speak english, especially in Northern Europe most people speak english, so we had to learn english . We just learned on tour! I think it is very important to talk with the people, and if we're going to play somewhere, sometimes it's more important what's happening before and after the show than on stage . Because on stage you don't have that possibility to talk directly with the people - and these things you can do before and after the show . Everybody in Negazione likes to do that, and not consider the band and the audience as seperate. Al : When Raw Power were here some of them had a problem with not speaking english . It's kind of a balance that somewhere there will be a good scene so people and bands traveling can help that other scene to have a good time, or to be a good scene . The big thing about the scene in Europe is the desire for communication between the people. And there is a big big interest in the American scene . I hope it's not too much because hardcore can have this nice beautiful side of just thinking about looks - I like a lot of bands from the US as well but they don't have to take that attitude of looking at the bands like they're God. AI : Now that you've been here in America have you changed your attitude towards American bands? Marco: Not that I've changed my attitude, it's always been a matter of only judging a band after I've got to know them directly . That's my real way - I can agree with the lyrics or not but when I don't know the people it's harder. Here I find that there is much more separation between band and audience. AI : You've probably seen a lot bigger shows . .. Marco : Yeah I mean some of the bigger shows were just like normal rock and roll shows . It's like the audience and urid as e into put our energies and o band, so we all write lyrics . And we are starting to sing in english now . We don' t have a particular message but the band to us is the best expression of our feelings and ideas, and we want this communication . I mean even if I am not in a band I would want to travel alot and to know a lot more and to see a lot more than I can see in my town. But a band is 10 times better you get to see a lot of places and meet a lot of people . You can learn so much and you have something to give to them. I think it is a good exchange. We don't pretend to just go into a place and play our music and people come and pay money and that's all . We learn a lot and make friends all over . I hope this happends in the US too. Al : Now that your LP is out, do you see any direction changes for your music? Marco : As always there is no particular direction that we decide, it's just what we feel . A lot of people have different ideas about our band, but I can't see any kind of label on our music - I don't want that either - hardcore punk, speedmetal . . . It ' s up to everyone to listen to the record and like it or not. Musically I don't know what will be

------------------next, but for sure it will be the same kind of attitude . You can play fast, you can play slow stuff, metal, funk, reggae but the attitude is the attitude of hardcore. Al : Can you see a new attitude in Europe with the new popularity of metal bands? Marco : It's something that is coming up strong . I personally like a lot of metal stuff - but that's just the music. I like some of them, but for the rest the worst thing is that most of the metal bands have a really shit attitude. Really bad way of acting, really bad beliefs, and they don't have the independant spirit of what was punk since the beginning . So I am afraid that some people are taking everything from metal ; the complete attitude, music and words and shit and evil and all this stuff . But it's also the opposite, we can take some of the music and keep our attitude . Because most of the time heavy metal is just a music and there is nothing more than that . It seems that here the big thing is looking for a major record label, or not a major label but a little big so called independant label. The people think they can reach more people and make more money, but they get ripped off every time . Sometimes `it's sad because after all these years of punk, of ideas and attitudes there are people going in that direction. --~---' Nr0/~OCJY ./Y' Al : Yeah, it's too bad when hardcore bands have the rock or metal atitude, even down to the point where they will only play one big show in LA and ignore the clubs or smaller shows . .. Marco : When we get here I know in the big towns we will have to play big shows, but at the same time we want to play the smaller shows. When you are touring you need a big show for exposure and money, but it is important to get communication too. I don't want to come to LA and just play at Fenders. If someone told me they wouldn't go to Fenders to see us because it is too expensive, I would not blame them if I lived in LA I don't think I would go to Fenders that much . I was there twice and I saw more than 1000 people there and I felt like having nothing to do with the most part of them. Like "What am I doing here?" except for the music of the bands . I'm not into going to shows to fight or to get drunk, and I don't go to look tough - that's shit . And there were hundreds of people acting that way . Normally the attitude of people is better when it is a small place, theres more control over what happends and a good atnosphere. One thing that surprised me was the big skinheads fashion or trend, it seems to be a big thing here in the rlo~t Or~-AY-1r states. I saw too many . I have nothing against people with bald heads and Bombers and Dr . Martins, but I have t a lot against people who are nationalistic, fascist and racist . It seems to me that there are a lot of skins into that here . Over here you seem to have these fashions like speed metal, skinheads, punks, straight edge and I don't know what else but in Europe its not better or worse but we don't put so much fashion into punk . And we have more political things, that I think is probably because of the tradition of the countries and of the history . The people are involved in the scene for more and for a longer time . Here people seem to be involved for a couple of years and then they give up, and there are new people but in EuroPe there are not so many new people, but the people who do get involved it is a deeper thing and they are comitted for years and years. A small minority of people here are doing everything ; fanzines, labels, bands, everything you know . I met all these people everywhere that are involved in the scene and that was great, but I went to the shows and it was a different aspect of the scene and most of the time I did not enjoy myself much .





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