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BLUEBACK Recreate the authors words.

Read the section of the story below. Some of the words have been left out. Work with a partner to choose one word to fit in each space. Towards the end of the novel Dora Jackson faces a terrifying storm that changes her perceptions of the sea.. When it came, the storm was like cyclone. It blew down her fences and took the roof off her freezer shed. The sea grew tormented. It buckled and swelled and bunted against the cliffs and headlands. Surf hammered the shore and chewed it away. The air was thick with foam and sand and spray. Wind gusts screamed till she covered her ears. The old house rattled and rocked like an old lugger at sea. Dora Jackson lay in bed until it was all over. Late in the morning she got up to see the ... She walked down to the shore to see a .. jumble of white stumps on the beach. As she .. close she saw they were whale bones, thousands and .. of them all along the bay. They stood like .. and broken teeth and tombstones where the storm had .. them. Dora Jackson stepped over and under and around ... It was like walking through a graveyard. These bones .. lain here under the sand of Longboat Bay for .. century or more. Shed walked over them for forty .. without knowing. It was a terrible feeling having history .. itself so suddenly. She sat all day with bones .. her, bones the Jacksons had left there in their .. days. It was whaling and sealing that brought the .. here in wooden ships last century. Blubber oil and .., seal fur and fish had paid for this land .. time. The Jacksons were all dead now, generations of.., women and children and only Abel and her were left. .. had come down to them. They had lived from the .. all this time. Dora saw what must be done. .. it was time to help the sea live. She .. protect the bay for all time.

Prepare a tourist brochure.

You have been employed by the developers to draft a brochure showing the facilities that the company wants to provide for tourists at Longboat Bay. Plan, draft and publish the brochure seeking feedback from class members at each stage.