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Jun- Patrick Salalila February 27, 2014 6th Period Research Acrostic Project G Gifted: Having exceptional talent

t or natural ability George Washington Carver was born with the ability to farm. He was extremely gifted with plants and other botanical topics. He loved it so much that he became a farmer to sustain himself when he didnt get into college due to racism. He was so good at growing things that the neighbors called him the plant doctor (Ellen Bailey 11). C Creative: Relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work His experimentations were honored as having one of the most useful outcomes in modern history. He was the one who originally invented peanut butter, one of the most revered fillings for sandwiches and pastries. He also came up with 118 inventions from sweet potatoes, including flour, vinegar, molasses, rubber, ink, a synthetic rubber, and postage stamp glue (7). It shows you to never underestimate the mind of a farmer. A Artistic: Having or revealing natural skill As a child, he has a passion for drawing. He was so into art that it was his first career path in college, but he was sorely disappointed because he wasnt accepted, due to him being black. He was so disappointed that he took up homesteading in Kansas where he indulged his love for

nature sketching. He also collected interesting materials and set up a plant conservatory (Ellen Bailey 11). R Resolute: Admiringly purposeful, determined, and unwavering He was extremely hardy even though he has concerning health conditions. He was willing to travel Kansas to view the sceneries to hone his sketching skills. When he was rejected for the fine arts program in college, he decided to take up homesteading where he sketched the surrounding properties of his farm. He quit within in a few years. His friends then convinced him to go to another college. His teacher, fearing that a black man would be unable to make a living as an artist, urged him to attend the State Agricultural College (now Iowa State University) in Ames, Iowa, where her father was a science professor. (Ellen Bailey 11). He decided that even though that art is his passion, he decided that agriculture will probably help even more people than art. V- Vaulting: Overreaching George decided to gain more education due to his ambition of being an artist. He decided to move to Kansas, over the objections of the Carvers, who feared for his health (Ellen Bailey 11). He supported himself by laundering other peoples laundries. He was accepted into college, but was then rejected when the college staff saw that he was black. When he switched to agriculture, it was extremely hard for him to give up the ambition of being an artist. It was probably for the best, though because without him, the U.S. will probably in ruins due to the fact the soil was robbed from its nutrients due to over-farming. E Enlightened: Educated

Susan Carver tried to help George learn, but she was barely literate herself, and no school in town would accept black students (Ellen Bailey 11). The Carvers hired a private tutor but George actually managed to outstrip the tutor. He was then sent to school 8 miles away, and even then he managed exhaust all his teachers knowledge. This shows you that you dont have to be white to be smart. R- Rational: Realistic; of sound mind Cotton is one of the most important crops in the U.S., but planting them caused the cotton plants to absorb all the nutrients from the soil. Carver found Alabama's soils were particularly well-suited to growing peanuts and sweet potatoes, but when the state's farmers began cultivating these crops instead of cotton, they found little demand for them on the market. In response to this problem, Carver set about enlarging the commercial possibilities of the peanut and sweet potato through a long and ingenious program of laboratory research (7). He discovered many uses from peanuts such as cheese, cosmetics, linoleum, etc. leading him to be one of the most renowned scientists in Black history.