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Suggestion box

Name of Suggestion box: Sudhar ko lagi Sujhab. Introduction: Suggestion box is the means to collect the thoughts, ideas and improvement suggestion of individual working in a Factory. Employees suggestion can have a determinant impact on workplace effectiveness, enhance production. It can foster the innovativeness, employee involvement in decision making, sense of ownership in employees. An employee suggestion box should be properly planned and well executed for its best use. Objectives: a. b. c. d. e. To make the employee feels valued and empowered to bring continuous improvement. To create effective workplace. To foster team work. To promote greater sense of involvement, participation and ownership. To improve industrial relation through employee participation.

Suggestion box Committee. Suggestion box committee consists of 5 members from the entire department. Chairman will be selected from the committee as per the consent of all the members. Tenure of the committee shall be of 2 years. Coordinator shall be designated from HR department to manage the suggestion box. Duties of committee Suggestion box committee may fulfill the following duties. a. The committee meets at least once in a month. b. Make the necessary promotion to encourage a people to give their suggestion. c. The committee may select the previous month suggestion which would be of such significant benefit to the factory an award from suggestion deposited in the suggestion box. d. The committee may present any suggestion to the any other factory official or department for review and comment. e. Committee must ensure that there is a prompt, honest and useful reply of the suggestions. f. Inform an individual about the importance of their suggestion for organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

g. Convey the information to the suggestor why a particular suggestion was or was not implemented. h. Committee should work towards creating a standard that makes the process as fair and balance as possible. Duties of coordinator Coordinator shall be responsible for the following duties. a. To collect the suggestion, make record, assign the number to the suggestion, b. To organize a meeting of the committee. c. Forward the suggestion for the evaluation to the concern factory official or the department. d. Follow-up to produce a timely evaluation and decision. e. Present the recent status of the further development of suggestion evaluation in the meeting. f. Provide the feedback to the suggester about the implementation status of the suggestion. g. Generate a report of suggestion program about its effectiveness, participation of employees and implementation status of suggestion. h. Act as per the decision made in the meeting.

Suggestion box Advisory committee a. General manager b. HOD of the entire department.

Eligibility of suggestor: All the employees of factory and OSPs employees, other than listed below, are eligible for offering suggestion. a. In charge, officer, Assistant manager and above.

Criteria Suggestor can offer the suggestion in respect to the following matters. a. Improving in environmental and working condition such as removing of hazardous things for health, possibilities of accidents supply of safe drinking condition etc. b. Increase in production, higher productivity, cost reduction, quality improvement etc. c. Reduction of waste. d. Improvements in methods, machines, tools and equipment etc e. Improved employee motivation and positive moral. f. Improvement in quality of work life. g. Improvement in safety situation. h. Housekeeping and maintenance. i. Any suggestion beneficial to company. j. Not accepted suggestion a. b. c. d. Suggestion beyond the control of management such as governmental policy. Suggestion contravenes the organizational rules and regulation. Personnel complain about sub-ordinate and peers. Duplication of previous ideas.

Submission Procedure a. Suggestion should be in written in a prescribe form and format. b. Individuals those who offer the suggestion, they should drop their suggestion in a suggestion boxes located in the various location of organization. c. Suggestion can be offered individually or by a team. d. Suggestor has anonymity to mention their name and identity. e. Suggestor should be as specific as possible and describe the problem or the situation clearly. f. So far as possible suggestor should give an ideas for improvement along with the problems, complains or the situation. Receipt and Review: When suggestion received, HR department should perform the following steps a. Review the suggestion weather that voids the suggestion rules. b. Identify weather the idea duplicates the previous suggestion. c. Assign the suggestion number and acknowledge receipt.

d. Make the record of suggestion. e. Conduct a preliminary review to determine who should evaluate the suggestion. Evaluation Suggestion It is heart of the suggestion any suggestion program. Coordinator may follow the following steps. a. Coordinator collects the suggestions from the suggestion box and makes necessary record. b. Refer to the concerned factory official or department for further development.

Closure After the evaluation completed and final decision reached forms the concerned factory official or the department, coordinator performs the following steps: a. Receive the final decision from the factory official or concerned department and make the record of the evaluation and decision. b. Provide the feedback to the suggester about the implementation status of the suggestion. c. Report the employee(s) of the final decision on the suggestion. d. Publicize the best idea, suggester in the newsletter. Awards Award must be for the superior accomplishment or the personnel effort that contributes to the efficiency, productivity, quality, cost reduction, waste reduction, safety, etc. of the factory. Management shall decide and manage the awards to the best ideas.