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(A Powerful Predictive Tool)

G.K. Goel B.Sc., B.E. Maharishi Parasara, Sage Satyacharya and Acharya Varaha Mihira have unanimously indicated that the following conce ts and rinci les rovide the !asic foundation and structural strength for "udgment and redictive ur ose of a nativity# $. Vargottama %. E&altation of the lanets. '. Planets in their Mool()ri*ona and own signs. +. Placement of the Planet ,s- in Kendra ,angular- houses. .. Strong lacement of the dis ositors. /. Strong and aus icious influence on Vesi house i.e. %nd house from the Sun. )his is in fact applicable, for 2nd houses from any sensitive points or Yoga-Karta planets which plays pivotal role in the furtherance of Yoga. The Concept of Var otta!a lead" the li"t and i" a ver# i!portant and powerful tool in predictive A"trolo #$ This Concept can only be applied and adopted if method of judgment of the nativity is based on divisional charts. )he redictive astrology is !ased on three main illars, namely, $. Planets %. Signs '. 0ouses Maharishi Parasara has recisely e& lained this conce t to his disci le Maitraye in cha ter ', slo*as +, . and / of BP0S# 1)hose, celestial !odies are called the lanets ,Grahas- that move through the 2a*shatras ,or asterisms- along the 3odiac ,Bhacha*ra-. )he 3odiac com rises of %4 asterisms from Aswin to 5evati and also devided in $% e6ual arts *nown as signs ,5ashis- from Aries to Pisces. The Zodiac sign which contains the rising (ascending) point at the time of Birth is called Lagna (ascendant). Based on the ascendant and the lanets "oining and se arating from each other, the native7s good and !ad fortune is deducted8. Parasara has given the concept of Bhavas (houses) along with 12 signs in the a ove narration. This is called the compartmental s!stem of houses. "n this# s!stem the whole sign in which the degree of ascendant falls is considered the first house and su se$uent sign as 2nd house and so on. The longitude of the ascending point ecomes Page 1 of 3

the most sensitive points of the ascendant i.e.1st house# and the sensitive points of other house will e %& apart. The sensitive point of 1&th house will fall in 1&th sign from ascending sign and will have the same longitude as that of the ascending point in Lagna. %n thi" "#"te! M$C$ i" not con"idered a" the Mid&point or cu"p of '(th hou"e$ M$C$ i" however iven pri!e&i!portance due to it and i" widel# u"ed for !an# other i!portant purpo"e"$ )he a!ove mentioned 0indu ,Vedic- Method, advocated !y Sage Parasara, seems to !e more rational and worthy of !eing followed in all astrological calculations articularly in the casting of a nativity. )his method has universal a lica!ility. 9n this system either the longitudinal duration or mid( oint : cus al degree of houses does not get distorted at higher latitudes. Parasara continued to narrate the descri tion of the lanets, signs, various Kinds of ascendants, u (Grahas and im ortance of ;ee tamsa of $. on either side of sensitive( oint of ascendant and other houses etc. ,;ee tamsa means an effective 3one of $. on either side of the sensitive( oint of ascendant ,or sensitive oints of other houses-. After listening to the a!ove narration, Maitreya en6uired from Sage Parasara#

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)hese Slo*as are of great the significance and lay down the !asis of Parasari Astrology# %n thi" "chea!e) the nativit# ("i n chart) al"o act" a" one of the *hava chart$ The other '+ ,ind" of *hava Var a" (divi"ional chart") are for different purpo"e" and these can !e o!tained !y dividing signs ,5ashis- into com onents and then arranging these com onents in a s ecified harmonic order. )he division of any Varga chart that contains ascending degree will act first Bhava of that varga. Each Varga chart will have $% Bhavas ,with the e&ce tion in 0ora(Varga chartThe each hou"e of a var a will -e identified -# a .odiac "i n and will -e called the a-ode of the "i n lord$ BP0S gives clear instruction for construction of each Varga. 9n this manner each sign is divided in $.< une6ual arts ,the arc =of largest art is '<7 and smallest is $7+<8- and each art will have s ecific characteristics, which could !e ascertained !y constructing se arate divisional charts. ,)his also laid down the foundation of 2adi Astrology-.


Sage Parasara has narrated $/ varga charts which are given !elow. Each varga chart has a s ecific ortfolio, ur ose and signification# '$ 3&') 4(5) Main 0i n (-irth) chart$ )his is the !asic chart. Each sign is synonym to a Bhava ,house-. )his chart indicates hysical !ody and its related activities. )he other divisional charts are su!(divisions of this chart. 6$ 3&6) '+) 2ora chart )his chart deals with sustenance, mannerism, and attri!utes of the native. Parasara says this chart deals with Sam atti. )he word Sam atti does not mean only material wealth !ut all means of sustenance including mannerism, nature and attitude towards life as a whole. 4$ 3&4) '(5) 3re"h,anna )his chart deals with >o(!orn and sources of ha iness on account of inner osture of ersonality ,Swaroo a-. 7$ 3&7) 85 4(9) Chathurtha!"a : Tur#eea!"a )his chart indicates fortune, fi&ed assets !oth in the form of ro erty and worldly attachments. ;ue to this reason, this chart is also called )uryeeamsa as saints do not have worldly attachments. +$ 3&8) 75 '89 ;<$+8 : 0apta!"a )his chart indicates rogeny and cosmic creative a!ility to maintain cosmic order. )hus, this chart is indicative of God gifted creative imagination or destructive illusion. =$ 3&> & 456(9 Nava!"a : 3har!a!"a

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)his chart is most im ortant in redictive Astrology. 9f main sign chart ,;($- is considered as !ody, then this chart will !e synonym to heart ( the !asic rime(mover. )his chart indicates s ouse, artners and s*ills of the native. 8$ 3&'( & 45 & 3a"a!"a (0war a!"a) Parasara says that this chart indicates 1Mahat Phalam8 ,the result which indicates the standing and status of the native in society on account of the interaction of fate and action-. ;$ 3&'6 & 654(9 : 3wada"a!"a ("ur#a!"a)$ (Parents >$ 3&'= & '5+694(< : 0hoda"a!"a (?ala!"a) &Vehicles, ?u&uries, 0a iness, 9nner strength of the character. '($ 3&6( & '54(9 : Vi!"a!"a ( S iritualism, worshi of diety, leaning towards a articular sect. ''$ 3&67 & '5'+9 : (0iddha!"a) & Chaturvi!a!"a ( Education, ?earning, success in com etition. '6$ 3&68&'5=97(< : *ha!"a : Na,"hatra!"a : 0aptavi"a!"a Strength and wea*ness indicated !y lanets. '4$ 3&4( & '5& Tri!"a!"a 9n this chart degrees are lum ed to(gether in a grou and each sign is divided in five such grou s. )his chart indicates evils, inclination of natural traits !ased on )rigunas @ Swatic, 5a"as and )amas. ;(% and ;('< charts are com limentary to each other and act at different lanes in the life. '7$ 3&7( : 7+9 : Chatvari!"a!"a (7(th part of a "i n) & ?haveda!"a (0waveda!"a) &Matrilineal legacy. '+$ 3&7+&7(9 : A,a"hveda!"a ( Patrilineal legacy '=$ 3&=(&4(9 : 0ha"t#a!"a Past Karma @ rinanu!andh, re ayment of deeds of the ast lives. ;($ and ;(/< are com lementary to each other. ;($ chart indicate when and ;(/< tells why, events ha en in the life of the native. Each of the $/ divisional charts consists of $% houses, assigned to a 3odiacal sign, which is in turn owned !y a lanet. ,;(% ,0ora chart- and ;('< ,)rimsamsa chart- are e&ce tion to the rule. An account of this reason, the conce t of Vargottama is not studied in this article w.r.t. 0ora and )rimsamsa charts at this stage-.

!mportance of "argottama #oncept

9n cha ter $+ ,Ashraya Adhyay-, in ?aghu Bata*a, Varaha Mihira has mentioned )wo slo*as ,Verses- on 5a"ayoga, which are very significant. 9 am re roducing !oth the slo*as for the !enefit of the SavantsC

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Sloka 5

<A per"on i" -orn with ,in l# "tatu" (or in the fa!il# of ,in ") even if one e@alted planet i" a"pected -# 0A2RA3BA (friendl#) planet(")$ The commentator Bhattotpala says even planets having temporal friendship with aspecting planet will be enough to generate Raja-Yoga. If the planets are more in number and are strongly placed then a Raja-Yoga of a higher order will be generated.!The natural friendly planets to "oon "ars "ercury and #aturn are termed as suhradya planets. $ Refer %aghu &ata'a C(.)#%)*+, <%f three "tron planet" are placed in ?endra (an ular) hou"e") the RaCa&Bo a will -e enerated$ The commentator says if there are more than three .lanets in angular houses the /uality of Raja-Yoga will be proportionately enhanced.Sloka 6

"n this slo'a# the following principles are enunciated( 1. "f )oon or Lagna *ashi is +argottama and aspected ! four or more planets# the native ecomes 'ing if he is orn in 'ingl! famil!. (, viousl! if aspecting planets are friendl! to the aspected Planet or sign and if these are strongl! disposed# the powerful *a-a./oga is ound to e generated).

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2. The native will attain or inherit the 'ingl! status in the directional period of most powerful planet forming the *a-a./oga. %. The +argottama )oon or Lagna help the native to attain the 'ingl! status if the! receive the aspect of other planet (s). 7$ /o icall#) whenever an# Var otta!a planet (other than Moon or /a an point) will -e a"pected -# other planet(")) au"piciou" re"ult" will al"o accrue accordin to the "i nification of planet or 3ivi"ional Chart$ .. 9t may !e worth nothing that the e&alted lanet gives good results when as ected !y friendly lanet ,s-. )his is not the recondition for Vargottama lanet that they should !e as ected !y a friendly lanet ,s-. Thi" !ean" if a Var otta!a planet i" a"pected -# an# planet(")) the au"piciou" re"ult" will accrue$

Dhat i" the concept of Var otta!aE

As mentioned earlier in this article, the three !asic constitutes which stimulate events in a nativity are ,$- 0ouses ,Bhavas- ,%- Signs ,5ashis- ,'- Planets. )he native o!tains the results through houses, !ut with the active assistance of signs and lanets. )he results of any lanetary configuration or yogas are felt !y the native through the Bhavas ,houses- only. %n the a-ove conte@t) the concept of Var otta!a !a# -e under"tood a" underF& $. The planet is called +argottama# when placed in same 0odiacal sign in an! two +argas. 1owever# if planets ecome +argottama either in 2ign34avamsa charts or in 2ign35resh'anna charts# the! ecome comparativel! more auspicious and capa le to confer *a-a./oga provided other conditions prevail (such as aspect of other planets). 2. "f Lagna Bhava of two +argas o tains the same sign# this is called +arga +argottama# as all houses in oth +argas will fall in same signs.

4$ 0i!ilarl#) if a planet i" in "a!e hou"e (*hava) in the two Var a") it al"o enhance" the au"piciou" re"ult" of the"e two Var a" accordin to "pecific portfolio" of the concerned Var a") and the"e planet" are called *hava Var otta!a$ )he first two classification of Vargottama are commonly discussed in Bata* Granth7s and su!se6uent astrological literature. But the third version of 0argottama which is even more powerful and e/ually important does not get the attention it deserves.

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This ma! have happened mainl! on account of the reason ecause a group of astrologers# in last 16&& !ears# started suggesting num er of wa!s for the construction of houses. These methods are at variance with the method suggested ! )aharishi Parasara# sage 2at!achar!a and 7char!a +araha )ihira. The method advocated by .arasara is already e1plained in this article$ % have !ade thi" "tud# -a"ed on "o!e "pecific funda!ental principle") nor!" and rule"$ The"e rule" are -a"ed on the dictu!" of Vedic A"trolo # and are ela-orated -elowF $. Signs and houses are inse ara!le from each other. 9n all varga ,divisionalcharts, each house will !e owned !y a lanet. )he rising ,ascending oint- falling in the sign will !ecome the ascendant of the res ective varga chart. 2. )he study is made !ased on Chitra Pa,"ha A#ana!"a. )his Ayanamsa value could !e o!tained !y deducting a!out ./8 from the value of ?ahiri Ayanamsa for the years $D.< to %<.< A;. )he astronomical definition of >hitra Pa*sha Ayanamsa is given !elow# GDhen !ean H true tropical lon itude of "tar Chitra (0pica '= : Vir in") i" reduced -# ';(5) the re!ainder will -e the !ean H true value of Chitra Pa,"ha A#ana!"a of the date$ G '. )rue longitudes of 5ahu : Ketu are ado ted in this study. +. )he resence of other aus icious yogas will enhance the good results and vice( versa. $. )he rinci le of Ar ala and Apcha#a will lay im ortant role in redicting the events .e.g a malefic Vargottama lanet in 'rd house will enhance the significance of concerned varga chart,e.g. if such lanet in !hava vargottama in ; $ and ;(%+, this lanet will enhance educational ros ects. %. Vargottama malefic lanets in 'rd and /th houses show !eneficial results. 9f lanet is !enefic and laced in these houses, the good results may not occur easily. &. )he Vimshottari ;asa is ado ted in this study. )he events occur in ma"or, su! or su!(su! eriods of Vargottama lanets. =. Ehenever a lanet is in sign vargottama, it enhances aus icious results connected with its own signification as well as the significance of concerned varga chart. 9f vargottama lanet is as ected !y other lanet,s-, it may hel to generate 5ag(Foga. D. Similarly, if Ascendant of two Vargas fall in same sign and as ected !y lanets in !oth vargas, it hel s the native to enhance the status of the native with the hel of signification and ortfolio of two concerned Vargas, e.g. a house Vargottama lanet in ;(D and ;(+ charts, may indicate ac6uisition of ro erty and fortune with the hel of s ouse or in(laws family.

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'($ Dhen a planet i" in 2ou"e Var otta!a) it help" to acIuire the -enefit re"ult" accordin to "i nification of the Var a"$ e$ $ %f a planet i" in *hava Var otta!a in 3&'H3&>) it !a# help in !arria e) in ca"e of 3&'H3&'( chart& ri"e in profe""ional "tatu") in 3&67 "ucce"" in education and "o on$ 11. )his study is made !ased on Vimshottari dasa system, therefore, the lanetary as ects are considered as er dictums of ?aghu(Parasari. All the nine lanets will as ect seventh house. Mars, Bu iter and Saturn have s ecial as ects. Mars as ects +th and =th houses also, Bu iter .th and Dth houses and Saturn 'rd and $<th houses, in addition to their seventh house as ect. $%. As er the dictum of ?aghu(Bata*a, 5a"a(Fogas are e&amined vis(G(vis Vargottama lanets and signs. )he 5a"a(Foga will !ecome o erative if other lanet,s- as ect the Vargottama lanets and:or signs. 9f, the as ecting lanets are in some *ind of sam!andha ,mutual relation(shi -, the 5a"a(Foga will !e stronger, aus icious and lasting. )he Sam!andha of three *inds are considered in this study ,a- mutual as ect ,!- e&change of signs ,c- con"unction of lanets in one sign.

%llu"trative E@a!ple" E&($ Male# %4.<$.$D./, %'#<< hrs ,$S)- 44E$', %=2'D )ime 3one .#'< hrs. 2a*shatra# Pushyami + charan

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Balance Saturn eriod % yrs ' Months $< days

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1. %. '.

Saturn is in Bhava Vargottama in ;($, ;(D and ;(%+ charts and is as ected !y several lanets. Saturn !eing a natural malefic is giving strong and aus icious Argala to their res ective ascendants from 'rd house. )he a!ove com!ination will enhance the educational carrier and the marriage ros ects. )he cancer ascendant is Vargottama in ;(D and ;(4 charts. )his indicates the marriage should !e roductive and the native will have inherent creative ca a!ility. Page 10 of 39

Educational >arrier $. Mercury:Saturn Period @ %4./.$D4% to 4.'.$D4. )he native was successful in a tough com etitive e&amination and admitted in civil engineering course in 9.9.). %. Ketu:Saturn eriod @ '<.$.$D=< to D.'.$D=$ )he native again "oined the restigious course in financial Management in 9.9.). '. Venus:Saturn eriod @ ..$.$DD. to /.'.$DD= )he native "oined courses in Astrology. +. Sun:Saturn eriod @ $<.$.%<<. to %'.$%.%<<. )he native "oined law course of ;elhi Hniversity through com etitive e&amination Marriage 9n 2avamsa chart, Bhava Vargottama Saturn is as ected !y e&alted Venus and also Bu iter. )he Saturn is the lord of 4th house in ;(D chart and its dis ositor Mercury is again hammed !y Venus and Bu iter. )he native was married in March $D=. in Venus:Venus:Mercury eriod ,..$$.$D=+ to %/.+.$D=.-. Venus and Mercury are the art of yoga formed in ;($ and ;( D charts. )he s ouse is very learned and holds high osition in a Medical 9nstitute. Progeny ;(D and ;(4 are in 5ashi Vargottama and >ancer sign is rising !oth in ;(D and ;(4 charts. )he native was !lessed with a son in Venus:Mars dasa ,/.'.$D== to /...$D=D- on %/.$<.$D==. )he ascendant of ;(4 is hammed !y Mars and Venus. Vargottam ascending sign !oth in ;(D ad ;(4 indicate the attachment among the s ouse and rogeny. Mars is also sign Vargottama in ;($ and ;(D chart and laced in fifth house in ;(D chart. Mars and owns fifth house in ;(4 chart.

E&am le % Male# %..D.$D=<, $<..%.+< AM, 44E$%, %=2'/ )3# ..'< hrs. 2a*shatra# 5evati $ charan Balance ;asa at Birth# Mercury $+ yrs < months $Ddays Ketu dasa ends on $'($<(%<<$

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Mercury eriod was in o eration u to the age of $+ years. Mercury is At!a,ar,a and is laced in the ascendant of ;(D chart. Mercury is also sign Vargottama in ;(D and ;(4 charts and in its sign of e&altation. )his is an aus icious lacement, articularly when Mercury is as ected and associated with other lanets )his hel s the native to im rove his s*ills with the assistance of his own inherent creativity. )he lacement of Mercury in third house of ;(4 chart is not very hel ful !eing a !enefic in 'rd house. Ma"or eriod of Ketu @ $+($<($D++ to $'($<(%<<$.


Ketu is in house Vargottama in ;($ and ;(%+ and roviding aus icious Argala from 'rd house on the ascendants of !oth charts. Ketu is as ected !y lagna lord Mars and Venus:5ahu in ;($ chart. Ketu is con"oined with Venus, Mars and 5ahu and also as ected !y Bu iter in ;(%+ >hart. Ketu7s ma"or eriod was ruling from the age of $+ to %$ years. Ketu rovided the native with good educational !ac*ground which hel ed him to get good "o! in res ected rivate enter rise. Marriage of the Sister )he sign Scor io is rising !oth in ;($ and ;(' charts. )he Sun and Saturn are sign and house Vargottama in these charts and as ected !y several lanets ,Mercury and Moon in ;($ charts and Ketu, Venus and 5ahu in ;(' charts-. Mercury is e&alted in ;($ chart and Venus is e&alted in ;(' chart. Venus is Kar*a of sister and strengthening the Foga !y its as ect on sun in ;(' chart. 0is sister was married in Venus:Sun eriod ,o erating from $D(%(%<<. to $D(%(%<</with the active hel and assistance of the native. E&am le ' and + 0us!and and wife )he cou le was married on %4.$$.%<<.. )he hus!and was running 5ahu ma"or eriod. 5ahu is laced in =th house in 2avamsa chart !ut is Bhava and sign Vargottama. )he wife was running Ketu dasa. Ketu is laced in /th house, !ut in sign Vargottama. 0us!and# %/.=.$D4D, $/.+' PM 44E$', %=2'D )3 ..'< hrs. 2a*shatra# 0asta ' >haran. Moon( ma"or eriod !alance at Birth % yrs 4 m $. days.

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)he >a ricorn sign is rising and Vargottama in !oth ;($ and ;(D charts. )his indicates strong attachment among the cou le.

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5ahu and Ketu are in house and sign Vargottama and laced in %:=th house a&is. 5ahu is with =th lord SH2, Foga(Kar*a Venus and Ascendant lord Saturn. )he native was married on %4.$$.%<<. in 5ahu:Moon:Venus directional eriod though 5ahu is laced in =th house in ;(D cart. Besides 5ahu which is Vargottama, Moon is the lord of Seventh house and con"unct with ;ara Kar*a SH2 and Venus in ;(D chart.

Eife# $.$<.$D4%, $.#+. PM, 44E$', %=2'D )3. ..'< hrs. 2a*shatra# Pushyami $ charan Balance eriod of Saturn at Birth @$/ yrs $m %/days.

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)here are following interesting features in this nativity. Saturn is Atma Kar*a and occu ying 2avamsa ?agna. Ascendant sign of wife in ;($ chart is the rising sign in 2avamsa chart of hus!and. '5ahu and Ketu are 5ashi Vargottama and Venus is Bhava Vargottama. All these lanets are as ected !y Bu iter in ;($ chart. '( 5ahu is ;ara Kar*a and is con"unct with Bu iter in ;($ chart and Ketu is con"unct with Bu iter in ;(D chart. Bu iter is 4th lord in ;(D chart. .Bu iter is therefore very im ortant and strong yoga(*arta for the marriage in this nativity. %( )he marriage was negotiated in the eriod of Mercury:Saturn:Bu iter, Mercury and Saturn are Ascendant lords of ;(D and ;($ charts res ectively. )he Bu iter, !eing the Foga(Karta, has made all arrangements for marriage in this nativity. )he marriage was erformed on %4.$$.%<<. on commencement of Ketu:Ketu:Ketu eriod. The da"a of ?etu co!!enced on the da# of !arria e$ 4)his e&am le clearly esta!lishes the role of 5ashi and Bhava Vargottama Planets rovided they are as ected !y other lanets. ;) Thi" al"o e"ta-li"he" the validit# of adoptin true Chitra Pa,"ha A#ana!"a ( Ehen ever Venus is in ?eo, and sun and:or moon are in >ancer sign, this yoga does not hel marriage. But on account of strength of Vargottama lanets, the marriage did ta*e lace. Venus is house Vargottama in ;($ and ;(D charts. Besides, 4th lord Moon in ;($ chart is con"unct with u ( ada lord Mercury in ;(D chart. 1)( Placement of moon and Mars in 4th house of ;($ and ;(D charts res ectively, the hus!and is much younger in age com ared to the age of native. Page 18 of 39

E&am le . Male# %..$$.$D4', =#+/#%+ AM, 44E$', %=2'D )3(..%< hrs, 2a*shatra# Anuradha ' >haran Saturn ;asa !alance at Birth @ . yrs @ = m %D days. $. %. '. Ketu ;asa commenced on %'(=($DD/ Married on %D($(%<<$ in Ketu:Bu iter:Venus Period ,%/($(%<<$ to %'('(%<<$Se arated on commencement of Venus ;asa on %+(=(%<<'

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)his is an interesting nativity which de icts the role of Vargottama lacements# $- As fifth and seventh houses are occu ied !y retrograde malefics, the chances of marriage are !lea*. 2( Similarly, fifth house is occu ied !y retrograde Mars in Aswani 2a*shatra. )he Kar*a Bu iter is in de!ilitation and its dis ositor Saturn is retrograde and laced

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in 5ahu:Ketu a&is in 4th house. )hese are also not good indications either for rogeny. 0owever, the following features in this nativity are worth noticing. Ior Marriage $. Ketu and 5ahu are house Vargottama and associated with Venus, Saturn, Bu iter and Mars in ;($ and ;(D charts. 2. )he 4th lord Mercury though is in the sign of de!ilitation in ;(D chart, !ut in Bhava Vargottama. Mars is in 5ashi Vargottama. Mercury and Mars are in mutual as ect in ;($ chart. Mercury is as ected !y Sun and Mars are as ected !y Moon in ;(D chart. )he native was married on %D.$.%<<$ in Ketu:Bu iter:Venus eriod. Ketu is in Bhava Vargottama and in association with Bu iter and Venus which are ascendant lords of ;($and;(D charts res ectively. Besides other influences, Bhava Vargottama Ketu lays the *ey(role in arranging marriage.

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Ior Progeny $. %. '. '. $. Mars is in fifth house in ;($ and ;(4 and o!tains !oth 5ashi and Bhava Vargottama. Mars is as ected !y Mercury in ;($ chart and !y Bu iter in ;(4 chart. Venus is in house Vargottama in ;(D and ;(4 chart and as ected !y Bu iter in ;(4 chart. Ascendant of !oth ;($ and ;(4 charts are in Vargottama. )he native was !lessed with the child in Ketu:Mercury eriod. Vargottama Ketu is giving aus icious argala to .th house and Vargottama Mercury is as ecting .th house and its lord. 9n ;(4 chart, Ketu is laced in =th house and Mercury in 'rd house. Eith the result, the native should lose the custody of the child or child may not survive. 9n ;(D and ;(4 Venus is Bhava Vargottama and this indicates and this indicates the strong affinity mother and child.

Se aration As soon as, Venus dasa commenced after %+(=(%<<', !oth artners se arated from each other and wife returned to her arental home with the child. 9t may !e noted that no sooner Vargottama Ketu dasa was overC the marriage could not sustain on account of other evil Fogas and also resulted in the se aration from the rogeny. E&am le / )his is an e&am le, which roves the im ortance of >hitra Pa*sha Ayanamsa. )he longitude of Venus is '/8 in Pisces, whereas if we use ?ahiri Ayanmasa, the longitude of Venus will wor* out %DJ.D7+<8. 9n the later case the lacement of Venus will !e altered in all Vargas. Iemale# %=.+.$D=%, %'#$$ PM, 44E$', %=2'D )ime 3one ..'< hrs 2a*shatra# Punarvasu $ charan ;asa !alance at Birth# Bu iter $+ yrs ' Mon %% days.

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0igher Education in H.S.A. $. %. '. Venus is Bhava Vargottama in ;($ and ;(%+ charts and is as ected !y Mars and Saturn in ;($ and Moon, Mars, 5ahu and Ketu in ;(%+ charts. Venus is sign Vargottama and Moon is house Vargottama in ;(Dand ;(%+ charts and are as ecting each other in ;(%+ chart. ;($ and ;(' charts have several Vargottam lanets. Venus and Mercury are sign Vargottama and Sun and Bu iter are Bhava Vargottama. )hese lanets

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are associated with several other lanets. )he ascendants of ;(' and ;(%+ charts are Vargottama. She went for higher studies with the active assistance of her elder sister in the eriod of Saturn:Bu iter:Venus ,A erating from $D($(%<<. to %'(/(%<<.-. 9n ;(%+ chart Bu iter, Venus and Saturn are roviding aus icious arglas and Vargottama Venus is laced in fourth house in ;($ and ;(%+ charts. Bu iter is the $%th lord in ;(%+ chart and hel ing her in studies a!road. 0er elder sister is engaged and the marriage is fi&ed to !e erformed in Ie! %<</ in the eriod of Saturn:Venus:Mercury ,o erating from %'($%(%<<. to .( /(%<</-.

E&am le 4 9n this e&am le, )rue 5ahu has given e&cellent results. )rue 5ahu is Sign Vargottama in ;(D and ;($< and is also 0ouse Vargottama in ;(4, ;(D and ;($< charts. 9f we ado t Mean 5ahu, 9t will !e shifted to =th house in ;(D, and ;($< chart and will not !e vargottama with ;($ chart either !y house or sign lacement. Male# %+(4($D./, <%#<< AM, 4/E'$, D2'$ ).3. ..'< hrs. 2a*shatra# Sravana ' charan. Balance Moon ;asa at Birth ' yrs $<M$4 days.

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$. 2.

)he native "oined his first "o! in Ie!$D4= in 5ahu:Ketu eriod ,$$($%($D44 to %D($%($D4=-. Both 5ahu and Ketu are in sign Vargottama ;($ and ;($< charts. )he native was married on =(.($D== in the ;asa of Bu iter:Saturn:Ketu ,'(.( $D== to %/(/($D==-. )he Bu iter is Bhava Vargottama and con"oined with Moon and Mars in ;(D chart. Saturn is Foga(Kar*a and laced in 4th house. Saturn and Mars are e&changing signs in ;($ chart. Iurther, Saturn is his Bhava Vargottama in ;(D and ;($< charts. Ketu is in sign Vargottama in ;($ and ;(D charts and is roviding argala on ;(D ascendant from 'rd house. )he

native is from the state of Kerala and had a love marriage with a girl from the state of Bammu and Kashmir. Af course, they met each other at wor* lace.
)he role of )rue 5ahu and other Vargottama lanets was not only limted to arrange "o! !ut also marriage on account of Vargottama interconnections in varga charts. Venus is in sign Vargottama in ;($ and ;(4 charts. 5ahu :Ketu are house Vargottama in ;(D and ;(4 charts. 5ahu is con"unct with .th house lord Mars in ;(4 chart. 5ahu is roviding aus icious argala on .th house in ;($ chart. Bu iter is as ecting !oth Vargottama, Ketu and Venus in ;(4 chart. )he native is !lessed with two daughters in the ma"or eriod of Bu iter.


E&am le = Portrait of a native !ased on Vargottam Princi le# 9n this e&am le, most of the divisional charts are connected with each other with Vargottama lanets and some of the ascendants of Vargas are also Vargottam. 9 shall try to draw a !rief ortrait of the native !ased on this rinci le only. Male# 4.%.$D/+, $'../,PM-, =<E%$, %/2%D )3(..'. 0rs. 2a*shatra# Anuradha + charan Balance Saturn ;asa at Birth# ' yrs $< M ' days.

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)he ascendants of ;($, ;(', ;(+, ;(4 and ;($< are Vargottama and sign Gemini is rising.

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)he sign ?i!ra is rising in ;(D and ;(%+ charts.

0aturn Period : 8$6$=7 to '($'6$'>=8 Saturn is com!ust !ut sign Vargottama in ;($ and ;($% charts. )he Saturn is laced in =th house in ;($% chart. Venus and Mercury is also sign Vargottama in ;($ and ;($% charts and Saturn is hammed !y Mercury and Venus in !oth charts. Mars, the $<th ?ord, is as ecting Saturn in ;($% chart. )he father of the native changed his "o! from Government de artment to a rivate com any on $$.$$.$D/+ in Saturn:5ahu:Venus. Bu iter as ects the $<th house in ;($% charts and Venus re resents !ureaucracy in rivate sector. Mercur# : '(&'6&'>=8 to '(&'6&'>;7 ;($ and ;(' charts are Vargottama. Mercury, Venus and Saturn are !oth Bhava and sign Vargottama. )he native was !lessed with sister on /.$.$D/+ in Mercury:Mercury:Mercury eriod. Mercury is con"unct with 'rd lord SH2 and significator of Founger si!lings Mars in ;($ chart. Mercury is in sign Vargottama in ;($, ;(D, ;(' and ;($% charts. Mercury is ?agna lord in ;($ and lord of $%th house in ;($% chart. 9t is also as ecting ascendant of ;($% chart. )he native achieved good rogress in education. )he rogress of his father was satisfactory and mainly dealing in mar*eting !usiness on !ehalf of foreign com anies. ?etu : '(&'6&'>;7 to '(&'6&'>>' (A e 6( #r" to 68 #ear") Ketu is strongly laced in Seventh house in ;($ chart. Ketu is also house Vargottama ;(D, ;($<, ;($% and ;(%+ charts and associated with several lanets in;(%+ and ;($< charts. Bu iter is house Vargottama in ;(D and ;(%+ charts and as ecting Ketu in ;(D ;(+, ;($% and ;(%+ charts. )he as ect of Bu iter will enhance the aus icious results of Ketu w.r.t. all these charts. '$ ?etuH?etu ('(&'(&;7 to ;&+&'>;+) )he native com leted his graduation with science su!"ects ,;(%+-. 6$ ?etuHVenu" (;&+&'>;+ to ;&8&'>;=) Venus is in Bhava Vargottama in ;($ and ;(D charts and laced in $<th house. Venus is in si&th house in ;($< chart in con"unction with sign and Bhava Vargottama Moon. Venus is the lord of ascending sign of ;(%+. )he Moon is sign Vargottama in ;($, ;(D and ;($< charts. )he Moon is also Bhava and sign Vargottama at ;($ and ;($< charts. )he native "oined >.A. course and article(shi in re uted >.A. Iirm. 4$ ?etuHJupiter (68&''&'>;; to 4&''&'>;>) Both Ketu and Bu iter are in house Vargottama in ;(D and ;(%+, and Bu iter as ects Ketu in these Vargas. Ketu K Bu iter are strongly laced in 4th and $<th houses of ;($ chart.

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)he native successfully com leted his >.A. >ourse and "oined as Manager in the firm from which he had com leted his article shi . Bu iter is laced in the ascending sing of ;($< chart ,;($ and;($< charts are Vargottama7$ ?etuH0aturn (4&''&'>;> to '4&'6&'>>() )he native left "o! and decided to commence his own ractice as >.A. in artnershi with his friend. )he native also floated a software >om any during this eriod. ?etu repre"ent" co!puter"$ )his has ha ened !ecause Ketu is Bhava Vargottama in ;(D and ;($<. Saturn is sign and !hava Vargottama in ;($, and ;($< chart. )he Saturn is in e&altation sign in 2avamsa ?agna. Saturn is as ected !y Bu iter in ;($< chart. +$ ?etuHMercur# : ('4&'6&'>>( to '(&'6&'>>') )he native was married on %<.$.$DD$ in Ketu:Mercury:Mercury eriod ,$'($%( $DD< to %(%($DD$-. Ketu is laced in 4th house in ;($ chart. Mercury is ?agna ?ord and Vargottama in ;($ and ;(D chart. Mercury is with Bu iter and as ected !y Venus in ;(D chart. )he native was !lessed with the !irth of a son on %/.$<.$DD$ in ;asa eriod of Ketu:Mercury:Saturn ,$+($<($DD$ to $<($<($DD$-. Ketu is roviding 'rd house argala to fifth house in ;($ chart. Mercury is ascendant lord of ;(4 chart and roviding argala from %nd house. Saturn is with Bu iter and is in sign and 0ouse Vargottama in ;($ and ;(4 charts. MaCor Period of Venu" : ('($'6$'>>' to '($'6$6('') Venus is in Bhava Vargottama in ;($, ;(', ;(D and ;(+ charts. Venus is in sign Vargottama in ;($, ;(', ;(+ and ;($% charts. )here is a continuous growth in the signification connected with these Vargas. 9n ;($< chart, Venus is laced in Si&th house and is the ?ord of $%th house. )his is an yoga for doing !usiness. Sign and 0ouse Vargottama Moon is laced in si&th house in ;($ and ;($< charts. Moon is also sign Vargottama in ;(D chart. Moon is con"oined with 5ahu and Venus and as ected Sun, Ketu, Mars and Saturn. Venus is, thus, acting as Foga(Karta in ;($< chart. )he !usiness has !een e& anding during this eriod. E&am le D Swearing in ceremony of ;r. Man Mohan Singh Prime(Minister of 9ndia. ;ate# %%(<.(%<<+ At $4#'%#'< hrs ,9S)- )3(.#'< hrs 2a*shatra# Ardra ' charan 5ahu:Mercury eriod @ u to $'th May %<<.

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5ahu:Ketu eriod @ u to '$st May %<</ 5ahu:Venus eriod @ u to '$st May %<<D )erm of ?o* Sha!ha ends on %%(<.(%<<D )he efficacy of electional time for the swearing in ceremony will !e e&amined !ased on Vargottama rinci le.

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Salient features# 1. 2. '. +. $. Atma Kar*a Saturn, Amatya Kar*a Mars and ;ara Kar*a Moon are con"unct in Dth house and Bhava Vargottama in ;($ and ;(' charts. )his generates a 5a"a(Foga ar(e&cellent 5ahu is giving strong argala from 'rd house to ?agna( ada in A6uarius sign and !oth ?agna( ada and 5ahu are as ected !y Bu iter. 5ahu is laced in angular house and con"unct with Mercury( a )rine ?ord. )his is a owerful 5a"a(Foga which will give e&cellent results articularly in 5ahu ;asa. ,?aghu(Parasari Slo*a %$-. >on"unction of Saturn, Mars, Moon and Venus are also generating 5a"a(Foga ar(e&cellent ,?aghu Parasari @ cha ter on 5a"a(Foga-. Venus is =th ?ord and SH2 is $$th ?ord and Badha*a lanet. )hus the eriod of 5ahu:Venus:Sun ,'<.$$.%<</ to %+.<$.%<<4- may generate 5a"(Bhanga( Foga( loss of ower and osition ,?aghu Parasari ( Slo*a %%-.

Ee shall now e&amine this electional chart from the oint of view of Vargottama rinci le# ( $. Ascendants of ;($ and ;(%+ charts are Vargottama while !oth Bu iter and Moon are sign and house Vargottama in these charts. )his indicates that the Prime(Minister of 9ndia will act with lot of wisdom and !alance of mind. 5ahu, whose ma"or eriod is in o eration and is laced in $%th house in ;(%+ chart. )his indicates undue interference from other countries in day to day affairs of the country and the arties and communities re resented !y 5ahu and Ketu.

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%. 9n ;($< and ;($% charts, Mercury, 5ahu, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Bu iter and Ketu are Bhava Vargottama. )his shows government gets significant su ort from arent organiLation(the >ongress arty. '. 5ahu is in Bhava Vargottama in ;($, ;(', ;(+, ;(4 and ;(D charts. )his ma*es the 5ahu very aus icious. )he lacement of 5ahu in 4th house in these charts indicates that the government is running with the su ort of coalition artners. 7$ MERCARB Mercury is house Vargottama in ;($, ;(' charts and laced in 4th house in ;($ chart. Ehereas Mercury is also in Bhava Vargottama in ;($< and ;($% charts and laced in .th house. 9n the former case Mercury hel s the coalition olitics. 9n the later case, the colleagues in congress organiLation and government may have a good ra ort with him. Mr. Man Mohan Singh has ta*en the oath of the office on %/( <.(%<<+ in the directional eriod of 5ahu:Mercury with the active su ort of coalition artners and >ongress organiLation. +$ ?ETAF Ketu is Bhava Vargottama in ;($, ;(', ;(+, ;(D and ;(4 charts. Ketu is also in sign Vargottama in ;(D and ;($< charts. Again Ketu is in Bhava Vargottama in ;($<, ;($% and ;(%+ charts. )he glaring deficiency is that Ketu is not Vargottama in ;($ and ;($< charts. )his indicates that the government will not fall in 5ahu:Ketu ;asa eriod !ut will face lot of difficulties and ro!lems articularly from foreign elements. =$ VENA0F Venus is laced in 'rd house in ;($< chart and is in sign Vargottama in ;($ and ;($< charts. )he Benefic lanets in 'rd house are not a!le to !ring out the native from difficult situation ,)hough such natives ull through with the hel of their luc*-. )he directional eriod of 5ahu:Venus may see the end of government headed !y Mr. Singh. 9f his government falls in this eriod, then he may not get another chance to !ecome Prime(Minister. As his !irth data is not availa!le, the comments a!out his ersonal future cannot !e foreseen in realistic manner.

>onclusion ?aghu, Bata*a of Varaha Mihira sums(u !asic and im ortant conce t of redictive and natal astrology in !rief. )his Kari*a has similar im ortance as ?aghu(Parasari in handling Parasar7s Vimshottari ;asa System. ?aghu(Bata*a lays down the !asic conce t and foundation for o eration of 5a"a(Fogas. )hese three conce ts are given !elow in ascending order as rescri!ed !y varaha( Mihira#

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'"t concept of RaCa&Bo aF )he e&alted lanet should !e as ected !y tem oral friendly lanets.

9f the lanets are owerful and more than one in num!er, the owerful 5a"a (Foga will !e generated. 2. 6nd concept of RaCa&Bo aF At least, three owerful lanets may !e laced in Kendra ,angular houses-. 9f the lanets are more than ', the more owerful Foga will !e generated. )his conce t yield to more owerful yogas com ared to the first one. Parasara also says if owerful lanets are laced in mutual Kendra ,angular houses-, they act as mutual Kar*a and yield to Foga(Kar*a results. 3. 4rd concept of RaCa&Bo a# )his conce t not only gives owerful results !ut is more versatile and the 6uality of yogas generated are very diverse and of far reaching aus icious results. )he conce t of Vargottam is very owerful and uni6ue tool of redictive astrology. )his conce t thus esta!lishes a mutual interconnectivity in Varga charts and show romise for fulfillment in some s ecific areas of life which otherwise are not so a arent in the nativity. )he Vargottama osition removes many afflictions and is also a strong tool to fi& aus icious Mahurtas. 9 have a lied Vimshottari ;asa in my study to show the im ortance of Vargottama rinci les with the hel of several e&am les. )he results are encouraging. )he savant of Astrology may try to verify the efficacy and reach of this conce t with the hel of other ;asa system also. 9 shall feel earnestly ha y, if the savants may draw some !enefit from this study to access the owerful influence of the conce t off Vargottama in redictive Astrology. Reference $. %. '. +. .. /. ?aghu @ Parasari Brihat Parasara 0ora Shastra ?aghu(Bata*a of Varaha Mihira Brihat Bata*a of Varaha Mihira Varga char*a @ Edited !y Pt. San"ay 5ath 2avamsa in Astrology @ >.S. Patel.

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