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Anger outburst Self - harm threats Loneliness Low mood Dec.

happiness Extremes of emotions in a relationship() since 25 yrs The symptoms are of insidious onset, Gradually progressive, The pt was apparently normal 25 yrs ago. The patient used to be unhappy most of the time with decreased happiness ..she used to cry a lot whenever she was alone The pt got married at the age of 18 and moved to Kenya to be with her husband.they lived with her mother in law who was very strict with her and used to bad mouth about her to her husband.who used to scold her without listening to her side of things.her husband also used to travel a lot as prt of his job and she used to be alone with her mother in law most of the time mom in law used to be jealous of her sons i.e the patients husbands love.. to the extent that she used to sleep with the husband and wife at times She also used to feel lonelythat she is all alone with no one there to support her or care for her She used to quarrel with her husband frequently

Around this time she also started having anger outburst...for no apparent reason she used to get angry at her husband for small reasons and throw things aroundshe also used to beat her children when she was angryshe usually gets angry to husband usually when he says something she does not like

Following this her husband took her to a psychiatrist for her anger outburst / low mood / and crying spells and she was treated(no details available) She is also very sensitive to criticism very loving to a person till she feels that the other person is harsh with her.. or has told something bad about her...or if it is said to her that what she is doing is not right

Around the year 2003 she got a call from a lady saying that she was the wife of pts husband and the pt was shocked.. following this she confronted her husband but he denied it.. Later he told her the truth and convinced her with documents that he had divorced the lady.. And she believed him.. Around 10 yrs later the same lady called again and she got suspicious she also noticed that he spend a lot of time reading and sending messages also she got a letter addressed to her husband saying with love your wife Since then her trust in her husband has gone

Also once she tried to strangulate herself with her hands after quarreling with the husband .. in presence of him ...she also used to threaten them of self harm with knife whenever she was in the grip of anger after quarreling with her husband (almost all the time)

And whenever he shows love to her she feels that it is the other person he is thinking of..whatever he does she feels that he is doing thinking of the 2d wife She used to feel that she has decreased happiness due to husbands insensitivity, and lack of attention / care to her feelings , often preferring his relatives complaints over hers and not paying much attention to her worries all I need is love but all my life I have been denied it..i expected love from my husband I dont ask for wealth .. even that thing I have to share.. She also feels that her son is following her husbands footsteps as he has divorced his first wife with whom he has a 2yr old kid to marry another girl with whom he fell in love with And around 6 months back she was admitted in a hospital for severe drug eruptions and was found to be due to flupenthixole..

Now she feels lonely and unhappy with her lifemost of the time And feels that her husband must take a firm decision one way or the other.. leave the patient or leave the 2d wife