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Some guidance taken from this thread contributed by good hearted lyners, this will be a good guide for the guys sitting for MUET in OCT
Anyway, more pointers for Speaking component. 1. Task 1 is to be presented to the examiner - so greet the examiner, maintain eye contact with him. dont just read from ur notes 2. Task 2 - One person starts the discussion by greeting the examiner n fellow candidates - proceed to state own opinion (not neccesary to stick to ur choice in Task 1) - give one point only (not ALL, otherwise u will have nothing to contribute later) - then either ask for opinion or let someone continue U r discouraged from waiting to be prompted by others for ur opinion. This is a speaking test - a test of ur ability to speak. No contents = no marks Of coz, even if u have flawless english but weak contents, u will be penalised. 3. Effective body language is very important here. Maintain eye contact with all candidates. Nod or smile in approval. Dont rock ur chair. Dont play with ur pencil or ur hair. Dont just stare at ur notes or write all the time. 4. Use a variety of language structures. If Candidate A has used 'in my opinion, u can use ' i think', 'i feel' etc. To disagree, u can say 'i'm sorry i beg to differ', i'm sorry i have to disagree with Candidate ?. If u see that a particular candidate is dominating the discussion, u can say 'i;m sorry, may i interrupt for a moment?' or 'may i say something here?'. Dont ARGUE, dont use rude words like 'WHy CANNOT?' or 'NOOOO, i dont think so.' 5. At the end of the 10 mins, u r to come to a consensus. Only ONE choice. Worst comes to worst, combine 2 very relevent ones. If u have ur own fixed group members, this is easier to achieve coz u must have had a lot of practices in order to come to a natural conclusion. Do not at the last minute, just simply say 'ok, i agree.' Very fake... 6. FInally, another person ends the discussion. Eg: Based on our discussion, we have come to a conclusion that...or Thank you for a fruitful discussion. I can safely conclude that...DO this only if everyone in the group has agreed with only one answer. By huey80

How can I improve my essays??

Writing is marked upon Task Fulfilment (30marks) & Language (30marks). So in order to have points to write, u need to be well read. At least, u shud read the newspapers daily. Extra credit will be given to international examples. Then, employ a correct essay outline which basically looks like this : Introduction - General statements / The hook - to grab readers' attention (various ways to write an attention-getter) Thesis statement (your reply to the Q - main idea of the whole essay) A typical ugly SPM way of writing intros will be like 'I agree with the statement ....bla bla bla' as the 1st sentence already.

Body Paragraph - Topic sentence (main idea for that particular paragraph) Supporting details (explanation, elaboration, examples, studies/researches) For 350 words, 4 body paragraphs shud suffice. COnclusion - common method is restating ur thesis suggestions/recommendations/predictions (can pose questions too) If u follow this format correctly plus reasonably relevent/accurate points, u shud not be below Band 3. If u have reasonably good command of the language, u can go up to Band 4 or 5.