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MAP Conings: Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit Holistically Receiving Healings from Physicians on the Inner Planes

Backgro nd: Your body is a remarkable instrument of God: it is the temple of the spirit. Your body allows you to have various experiences on many planes of existence: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. To support this multi-dimensional variety of experience, your body exists at many different levels and therefore is apt to require healin in any or all of these places. !oal: The oal of !"# $onin s is to accelerate your personal transformation by specifically tar eted healin s on your inner bodies. !"# can heal problems with your inner bodies that effect you physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. This process is powerful %problems et and stay fixed&. 't is also quick %you can move throu h healin s in hours that would take days, weeks, months, or years to heal by conventional means&. (ealin s received throu h !"# $onin s effect you physically because as your inner bodies are healed %)as above)&, your outer body %which is intricately connected to your inner bodies& is also effected %)so below)&. Preparation: *+ ,ein comfortable is the key. You can lie down %recommended& or sit up. 'f you opt to sit up, you must be supported and feel fully relaxed and comfortable. -+ ,e where you can be alone: quiet and undisturbed for the whole session. You will need to allow at least ./ minutes for each !"# $onin session. 0+ You should communicate any discomfort you may feel to the Team. You can talk or think: either will be received by the Team. (owever, it is best if you think about what is botherin you, rather than speakin it. The more still and quiet you can be, the better %many people et !"# $onin s done while sleepin &. .+ ,e open to the !"# Team1s instructions. 'f you are instructed to do so by the !"# Team, you may et up, move, take a drink of water, or visit the bathroom. 2therwise, do not move unless absolutely necessary. 3+ 4nless you are told to o to sleep, focus on feelin the ener etic chan es in your body bein made by the !"# Team. These can manifest as: Visions %you may see ima es related to the work bein performed& Vocalizations %you may hear music or words bein sun or spoken& Sensations %you may feel tin les, aches, or chills wherever the Team is currently workin on your body.&

Ho" to #o $his %&ercise: Reg lar MAP Coning: %if you are be innin do the *st Time !"# $onin & *+ 2pen the healin session by sayin "I would like to open a MAP Coning." Then "I would like to be connected to... (each of the entities listed below)". $onnect to one entity at a time. 5ait to feel each entity connect into your inner bodies and be in to work on you before you

proceed to the next entity. 'f you do not feel any sensations, then 6ust wait 3-*/ seconds before proceedin . Overlighting Deva of Healing Pan from within the Coning Process Pan from within the Calibration in! Process "o#r $hite %rotherhood &edical 'ssistance (eam "o#r Higher Self (who g#ides the &'P Session) 'n) angels who ro#tinel) *rotect and g#ide )o# 'n) other servants of the #niverse )o# feel g#ided to call -+ 7ocus your attention on the session and your entities. Give feedback on how the last session went: specify what was healed and what was not healed. 0+ 7or this session, describe as fully as you can how you are feelin - physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally %both consciously and unconsciously&. .+ ,rin up the specific problem or personal intention that you want to work on in the session. ,e sure to state it in positive terms %ie. You say positively "+ wo#ld li!e more energ)" instead of sayin ne atively "+ have no energ)"&. 3+ Give feedback to the !"# Team on how the session is oin while it is in pro ress. 't is best to ive your feedback before closin the session. 8+ $lose the conin by thankin each entity you opened the session with. 9ay "Thanks to __. I would like to close the coning and detach from ___." Your heartfelt thanks and ratitude is what makes your !"# sessions successful. 'st $ime MAP Coning: *+ "sk to be scanned so that the overall nature of your problem can be assessed. -+ "sk to be assi ned to a !"# Team - the name of the Team will come to you. 0+ $all in your (i her 9elf to ask for advice about the !"# $onin : as in how many are needed, what topics should be covered, and in what order.