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Annotated Bibliography

Primary Sources:

Transcript: Obamas Remarks on NSA Controversy." Washington Wire RSS. N.p., 7 June !"#. $n our S%ou&' (overnment Survei&&ance )e A&&o*e' pa+e, since *e ,uote' -resi'ent )arack .ussein Obama over %is opinions on t%e NSA controversy, as *e&& as s%o*in+ %is support, t%us a very use/u& ,uote in s%o* t%e perspective o/ t%ose in /avour o/ t%e pro+ramme.

0e%ta Seema. 1ebruary "2, "Sen. 3ianne 1einstein 3e/en's NSA an' Nee' /or $nte&&i+ence (at%erin+." Los Angeles Times. 4os An+e&es Times, "2 1eb. !"5. $n our S%ou&' (overnment Survei&&ance )e A&&o*e' pa+e, *e ,uote' Sen. 3ianne 1einstein 'ue to t%e /act t%at s%e +ave an e&o,uent e6p&anation on *%y (overnment Survei&&ance s%ou&' be a&&o*e', t%us, *e use' a ,uote /rom t%e artic&e to e6p&ain t%is position.

3ono%ue, 4aura 7. "NSA Survei&&ance 0ay )e 4e+a& 8 but $ts 9nconstitutiona&.: Washington Post. T%e ;as%in+ton -ost, June !"#.

$n t%e S%ou&' (overnment Survei&&ance )e A&&o*e' pa+e, *e ,uote' (eor+eto*n 9niversity pro/essor 4aura 7. 3ono%ue in %er e6p&anation o/ %o* t%e NSA Survei&&ance acts may be sanctione' by secret courts, but are sti&& unconstitutiona&. T%us, +iven %er cre'entia&s an' *e&& +iven e6p&anation, *e c%ose to ,uote %er.

Toobin, Je//rey. "<'*ar' Sno*'en $s No .ero." The New Yorker. T%e Ne* =orker, "! June !"#. On t%e $s ;%ist&eb&o*in+ .arm/u& pa+e, *e /oun' t%at Je//rey Toobin uti&i>e' a stron+ ar+ument a+ainst *%ist&eb&o*in+: t%at it vio&ates 'isc&osure contracts t%at a&& emp&oyees make. T%us, in uti&i>in+ t%e ar+ument, *e ,uote' Je//rey Toobin.











0cCart%yism."Theguardian.com. (uar'ian Ne*s an' 0e'ia, !A Au+. !"#. As Jo%n 7iriakou is %imse&/ bein+ c%ar+e' /or actin+ a *%ist&eb&o*er in severa& cases, %e brou+%t interestin+ points about %o* t%e &oose 'e/inition o/ *%ist&eb&o*in+ is %ypocritica&, as certain peop&es in t%e upper ec%&ons o/ t%e 9S (overnment %a' ina'vertent&y brou+%t out c&assi/ie' in/ormation. As t%is is a uni,ue vanta+e point, *e c%ose to use t%is in our $s ;%ist&eb&o*in+ .arm/u& pa+e.

T%e Ne* =ork Observer." The New York Observer Peter

ing On Wh! Wikileaks

Should "e #eclared A Terrorist Organi$ation%ideo &omments . T%e Ne* =ork Observer, 2 Nov. !"" As Senator -eter 7in+ *is%e' to cate+ori>e ;iki4eaks as a terrorist or+ani>ation, severa& stron+ ar+uments *ere +iven on %o* *%ist&eb&o*in+ %arme' nationa& security, as *e&& as en'an+erin+ t%e &ives o/ Americans. T%us, *e ,uote' t%is opinion in our $s ;%ist&eb&o*in+ .arm/u& -a+e.

C&inton, .i&&ary R. "9.S. 3epartment o/ State." Remarks to the Press on Release o' Pur(ortedl! &on'idential #ocuments b! Wikileaks . 9nite' States 3epartment o/ State, 2 Nov. !"!. As .i&&ary C&inton *as at t%e /ore/ront o/ t%e ;iki4eaks scan'a&, s%e +ave severa& stron+ reasons *%y t%e support o/ *%isteb&o*in+ in t%e +overnment actua&&y %as t%e potentia& o/ %armin+ nationa& security. T%us, in !"!, s%e +ave a pub&ic press

re&ease about t%e reasons *%y suc% events can %ave severe e//ects on nationa& security. T%us, *e ,uote' 0rs. C&inton in our $s ;%ist&eb&o*in+ .arm/u& pa+e.

Su&&ivan, 0ar+aret. "T%e 3an+er o/ Suppressin+ t%e 4eaks." The New York Times. T%e Ne* =ork Times, !2 0ar. !"#. $n t%e artic&e, Ne* =ork Times e'itor 0ar+aret Su&&ivan ,uote' T%e (uar'ian reporter 3ec&an ;a&s%. As %e *rote various artic&es pertainin+ to *%ist&eb&o*in+, %e *as seen as an aut%ority /or *%y *%ist&eb&o*in+ is o/ inte+ra& importance /or t%e ne*s. T%us, *e ,uote' 0r. ;a&s% on our pa+e $s ;%ist&eb&o*in+ .arm/u&.

"$n 3e/ence o/ ;iki4eaks." The )conomist. T%e <conomist Ne*spaper, 2 Nov. !"!. As T%e <conomist %as &on+ been pro@4ibertarian, it *ou&' %ave ar+ue' in /avor o/ ;iki4eaks, as bot% or+ani>ations be&ieve in t%e ri+%t to in/ormation an' t%e /ree'om o/ speec%. T%us, *it% t%eir stron+ ar+ument in /avor o/ ;iki4eaks, *e uti&i>e' it in our $s ;%ist&eb&o*in+ .arm/u& -a+e.

Ri++s, 0ike, an' )arack .. Obama. "Rea' Obama?s <ntire Speec% 3e/en'in+ NSA Spyin+."Reason.com. Reason, 7 June !"#. ;eb. 2 Nov. !"#. Reason is a ne*s *ebsite t%at is /un'e' by t%e &ibertarian Reason 1oun'ation. 3ue to t%e /act t%at a transcript o/ a speec% by -resi'ent Obama in /avour o/ t%e NSA *as unab&e to be /oun', $ uti&i>e' t%e *ebsite 'ue to its access to a transcript o/ t%e speec%, as *e&& as provi'in+ commentary on *%y (overnment Survei&&ance is unet%ica&.

3ou+&as, ;i&&iam O. "T%e )&ack Si&ence o/ 1ear." The New York Times *aga$ine "# Jan. "2B : n. pa+. -rint. 7A ;ritten by /ormer Supreme Court Justice ;i&&iam O. 3ou+&as in "2B , t%e artic&e aime' to ,uestion t%e &e+a&ity an' nee' /or pur+in+ American society o/ &e/tist opposition as *as state' by Senator Joe 0cCart%y. T%e artic&e %e&ps e6p&ain %o*, no matter t%e circumstances, t%e 9nite' States +overnment s%ou&' respect t%e 1irst Amen'ment in or'er to a&&o* /or *%o&esome 'ebate over po&icy.

Jacoby, Je//. "Overb&o*n 1ears about t%e -atriot Act." "oston.com. T%e )oston (&obe, # 0ay !!5. ;eb. !A Apr. !"5. ;ritten by Conservative Je// Jacoby, t%e artic&e %e&ps 'escribe opinions in /avour o/ t%e 9SA -ATR$OT Act: t%at t%e 9SA -ATR$OT Act *as 'esi+ne' to p&u+ &oop%o&es t%at %a' a&&o*e' perpetrators o/ various terrorist attacks to occur. A&so, t%e artic&e %e&pe' e6p&ain %o* various &ibertarian notions are, at times, at o''s *it% nationa& security.

0c7ay, Jo%n. "-atriot Act?s Too&s No 3i//erent t%an T%ose 9se' to 1i+%t Crime." O(inion. T%e Seatt&e Times, "# June !!B. ;eb. 2 Apr. !"#. ;ritten by /ormer 9nite' States Attorney Jo%n 0c7ay, t%e artic&e e6p&ains %o* t%e 9SA -ATR$OT Act is simi&ar to various &a*s a&rea'y passe' by Con+ress to /i+%t crime, but &ack *%en attempte' to be use' a+ainst terrorism. T%e artic&e %e&ps e6p&ain t%e stance t%at t%e 9SA -ATR$OT Act is &e+a& an' et%ica& by attemptin+ to prevent terrorist p&ots /rom succee'in+, a stance t%at *as %ar' to /in' on t%e internet.

N<; =OR7 T$0<S CO. v. 9N$T<3 STAT<S, 5!# 9.S. 7"# C"27"D. Supreme Court. #! June "27". -rint. T%e &an'mark case t%at %e&pe' &ea' to mo'ern press protection &a*s an' t%e 1ree'om o/ $n/ormation Act, t%e case papers %e&pe' in e6p&ainin+ t%e %istory o/ t%e 'ebate over t%e Ri+%t to $n/ormation versus Nationa& Security, as *e&& as %e&pin+ to e6p&ain t%e section on t%e -enta+on -apers.

O*en, -au&, an' Tom 0cCart%y. "$nte&&i+ence O//icia&s 3e/en' Survei&&ance Tactics in Con+ressiona& .earin+ @ 4ive." Theguardian.com. (uar'ian Ne*s an' 0e'ia, 2 Oct. !"#. ;eb. 2 Nov. !"#. Containin+ transcripts an' commentary o/ t%e Con+ressiona& %earin+ over t%e 9nite' States (&oba& Survei&&ance -ro+ramme, t%e artic&e %e&ps 'escribe t%e varie' vie*points over +overnment survei&&ance, as *e&& as e6p&ainin+ t%e %istory o/ t%e 'ebate in t%e 9nite' States *%i&e ant%o&o+i>in+ t%e various vie*points o/ &e+a& sc%o&ars, po&iticians, an' Eourna&ists.

Sensenbrenner, Jim. "T%is Abuse o/ t%e -atriot Act 0ust <n'." Theguardian.com. (uar'ian Ne*s an' 0e'ia, !2 June !"#. ;eb. 2 Nov. !"#. Representative Jim Sensenbrenner CR@;$D, a member o/ t%e Committee on t%e Ju'iciary, e6p&ains t%e artic&e %o* t%e 9SA -ATR$OT Act %as been abuse' at times, as *e&& as provi'in+ a &e+a& back+roun' about t%e 9SA -ATR$OT Act, *%ic% %as been use' in t%e 9SA -ATR$OT Act section. W!den on Patriot Act in +ntelligence &ommittee ,earing C !""D Ctestimony o/ (en. James R. C&apperD. $n t%e testimony by (en. James R. C&apper, 3irector o/ Nationa& $nte&&i+ence, %e 'escribes various e6amp&es o/ %o* t%e 9SA -ATR$OT Act is uti&i>e' to %e&p prevent terrorist attacks, an' %o* it %as not been abuse' t%anks to various sa/e+uar's &ike 1$SA courts. $n or'er to s%o* t%is vie*point, $ a''e' t%is testimony as an interactive vi'eo in t%e 9SA -ATR$OT Act section.

1ein+o&', Russ. F1ein+o&' Guestions 3epartment o/ Justice O//icia&s on -ATR$OT Act:, # Sept. !!2 Senator Russ 1ein+o&' C3@;$D ,uestione' t%e Assistant Attorney (enera& at t%e Senate Ju'iciary Committee in !!2 over *%et%er t%e 9SA -ATR$OT Act s%ou&' be reaut%ori>e'. $n t%e %earin+, Sen. 1ein+o&' provi'es various reasons over *%y t%e 9SA -ATR$OT Act %as 'one more %arm t%an +oo', an' %as been uti&i>e' as an interactive vi'eo in t%e 9SA -ATR$OT Act section.

Obama, )arack .. F-resi'ent Obamas Statement on <'*ar' Sno*'en:, " 3ec. !"# $n t%e statement /o&&o*in+ t%e 'isc&osures o/ t%e NSA (&oba& Survei&&ance -ro+rammes, -resi'ent )arack Obama states t%at a&t%ou+% *%ist&eb&o*ers may attempt to 'o suc% acts in or'er to %e&p prevent misuse, suc% actions invariab&y &ea' to more %arm t%an +oo', by p&acin+ a nation in ba' &i+%t, as *e&& as potentia&&y incitin+ t%at breakin+ t%e ru&e o/ &a* is correct. T%us, in or'er to 'escribe t%is pertinent vie*point, $ a''e' it into t%e proEect as an interactive vi'eo c&ip.

A&e6an'er, 7eit% ).H Senator 4eary, -atrick C3@ITD. FNSA 3irector A&e6an'er?s Statement to Con+ress:, Oct, !"#

$n t%e Senate Ju'iciary Committee %earin+ on NSA Survei&&ance -ro+rammes, (enera& 7eit% ). A&e6an'er, 3irector o/ t%e NSA, 'escribes %o* NSA Survei&&ance -ro+rammes met t%e re,uire' &e+a& re,uirements, an' *ere overseen by 1$SA courts over *%et%er t%ey /o&&o*e' set &a*s or not. A&so, in t%e %earin+, Senator -atrick 4eary C3@ITD e6p&ains %o* t%e 1$SA courts, bein+ secret courts, %ave &et out inconc&usive,

an' at times /a&se, statements over NSA Survei&&ance -ro+rammes. As t%e %earin+ provi'es various key issues about t%e NSA Survei&&ance -ro+rammes, $ a''e' it into to proEect as an interactive vi'eo.

Secondary Sources:
"<6c&usive: Obama Or'ers Curbs on NSA Spyin+ on 9.N. .ea',uarters." )-clusive. Obama Orders &urbs on NSA S(!ing on /.N. ,ead0uarters . T%omson Reuters, 2 Oct. !"#. ;eb. 2 Nov. !"#. -rovi'in+ severa& key %istorica& points about t%e NSA (&oba& Survei&&ance -ro+ramme, t%e artic&e %e&pe' in t%e *ritin+ o/ t%e ar+uments /or an' a+ainst +overnment survei&&ance. T%e artic&e a&so containe' severa& key ,uotes o/ -resi'ent Obama t%at *ere uti&i>e' in t%e section.

(reen*a&', (&enn, an' <*en 0acAski&&. "NSA -rism -ro+ram Taps in to 9ser 3ata o/ App&e, (oo+&e an' Ot%ers." The 1uardian. (uar'ian Ne*s an' 0e'ia, !7 June !"#. ;eb. 2 Nov. !"#. -rovi'in+ severa& important points about NSA (&oba& Survei&&ance, a&on+ *it% an in 'ept% ana&ysis on *%et%er *%ist&eb&o*in+ s%ou&' be a&&o*e', t%e artic&e %e&pe' in provi'in+ severa& ar+uments t%at *ere a''e' to t%e ;%ist&eb&o*in+ an' (overnment Survei&&ance section.

Cunnin+%am, 3avi'. There2s Something ,a((ening ,ere. The New Le't3 the lan3 and 4"+ &ounterintelligence. )erke&ey: 9niversity o/ Ca&i/ornia, !!5. -rint. $n There5s Something ,a((ening ,ere, 3avi' Cunnin+%am ant%o&o+i>es over "!,!!! 'ec&assi/ie' 1)$ 'ocuments avai&ab&e t%rou+% t%e 1ree'om o/ $n/ormation Act. T%e various 'ocuments in t%e book %e&pe' e6p&ain J. <'+ar .oovers uti&i>ation o/ 1)$ resources in or'er to monitor various protests 'urin+ t%e "2A!s, /rom Anti@;ar 'emonstrations to t%e Civi& Ri+%ts movement. T%e book %e&pe' e6p&ain t%e "2A!s section o/ <ar&y 3e/initions o/ Ri+%t to $n/ormation.

-o*ers, Ric%ar' (i'. "roken. The Troubled (ast and /ncertain 4uture o' the 4"+ . Ne* =ork: 1ree, !!5. -rint. Ric%ar' -o*ers "roken. The Troubled Past and /ncertain 4uture o' the 4"+ is an interestin+ rea' on t%e 1)$ since its inception by J. <'+ar .oover in t%e "2#!s. $t provi'es an in 'ept% ana&ysis an' e6p&anation on 1)$ invo&vement in attemptin+ to uti&i>e survei&&ance to 'isrupt various 'emonstrations /rom t%e "2B!s to t%e "27!s, as *e&& as 'escribin+ t%e 1)$s various re/orms /o&&o*in+ ;ater+ate an' increase' pub&ic scrutiny o/ t%e a+ency.

(reenber+, An'y. This *achine ills Secrets. ,ow WikiLeakers3 &!(her(unks and ,acktivists Aim to 4ree the World2s +n'ormation. Ne* =ork: 3utton, !" . -rint. ;ritten by 1orbes Eourna&ist An'y (reenber+, This *achine ills Secrets +ives an in 'ept% e6p&anation on t%e Ri+%t to $n/ormation, /rom t%e -enta+on -apers o/ t%e "27!s, to t%e !"! 'ata &eak by Cp&. )ra'&ey Cno* C%e&seaD 0annin+, as *e&& as

e6p&ain t%e t*o si'es o/ t%e 'ebate over t%e ri+%t to in/ormation. $t is a must rea' in or'er to un'erstan' t%e %istory o/ t%e issue, as *e&& as provi'in+ in 'ept% intervie*s o/ various key peop&e in t%e issue.

Wikileaks. The Secret Li'e o' a Su(er(ower . )y Ric%ar' )i&ton. ))C, !" . 3I3. A 'ocumentary aire' on ))C in !" an' pro'uce' by esteeme' )ritis%

investi+ative Eourna&ist Ric%ar' )i&ton, Wikileaks. The Secret Li'e o' a Su(er(ower 'escribes t%e con/&ict bet*een t%e American va&ues o/ /ree speec% an' &iberty an' t%e re,uirement /or nationa& security. T%e /i&m intervie*s various key /i+ures &ike /ormer 'irector o/ t%e C$A 0ic%ae& .ay'en. T%e 'ocumentary provi'es severa& ar+uments t%at are pertinent in t%e 'ebate over t%e ri+%t to in/ormation.

1inan, C%ristop%er 0. National Securit! and 4ree S(eech. The #ebate since 6788. Ne* =ork: $3ebate, !"#. -rint. <'ite' by C%ristop%er 1inan, t%e presi'ent o/ t%e American )ookse&&ers 1oun'ation o/ 1ree <6pression, National Securit! and 4ree S(eech ant%o&o+i>es severa& *orks ar+uin+ various aspects on t%e Ri+%t to $n/ormation, as *e&& as provi'in+ severa& key commentary on current &a*s an' proce'ures on t%e topic. $t is a must rea' in or'er to un'erstan' mo'ern American issues over t%e Ri+%t to $n/ormation.

7a+an, 3ona&', Steven <. O>ment, an' 1rank 0. Turner. The Western ,eritage. Since 89::. 9pper Sa''&e River, NJ: -earson -rentice .a&&, !!7. -rint. On o/ t%e most aut%oritative books on ;estern .istory since t%e 0i''&e A+es, The Western ,eritage is re,uire' rea'in+ /or A- <uropean .istory, an' %as been uti&i>e' in researc%in+ t%e %istory o/ t%e Ri+%t to $n/ormation, *it% its in 'ept% ana&ysis on t%e *orks o/ Io&taire, 0i&ton, 0i&&s, an' ot%ers, a&on+ *it% its e6p&anations on t%e various opinions %e&' on t%e topic, it is a must rea' /or a person to un'erstan' t%e %istory o/ t%e Ri+%t to $n/ormation in t%e ;estern *or&'.