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Leica Geosystems High-Definition Surveying (HDS) 3D Laser Scanning Solution

Joshua Vandiver
Southwest Regional Sales Manager

Leica Geosystems HDS

Leica Geosystems is located in Heerbrugg Switzerland

Leica Geosystems HDS

San Ramon, California, USA

Hardware product development Software product development Training Technical support


Example Leica products

Today: Leica ScanStation C10 Main features

NEW NEW Touch screen with color graphic display Radio antenna Removable carrying handle NEW NEW Rotating vertical mirror and camera Rotating horizontal turret

NEW Internal hard disk

External bubble Dual Axis Compensator


Internal battery

NEW ON/OFF button USB port NEW Power connector in non-rotating base Ethernet connector in non-rotating base Stylus NEW Laser plummet


Todays Leica HDS Family

Cyclone-SCAN ScanStation C10 Most versatile Fastest T o F Total station features Cyclone-REGISTER Cyclone-MODEL (export/import to CAD) Cyclone II-TOPO HDS6100 Ultra-fast Fastest phase Compact Wireless CloudWorx-ACAD CloudWorx MS (supports PDS) CloudWorx Intergraph SPR CloudWorx PDMS TruView/PUBLISHER

Maintenance, Training and Support Services


pcE (Point Cloud Engine) Technology

With the default Max Display of 3 million points in Cyclones Preferences, see the difference. This Point Cloud has 13 Million points. Cyclone 7.0 Cyclone 6.0.4

These firms either own Leica HDS Systems or request Leica HDS specific subcontractors to provide scanning services

What is High-Definition Surveying?


Point Cloud



A surveying method for collecting timely, accurate and complete geometric data of existing sites and structures.

Also an excellent design tool that saves money!

Video SCAN



Leica ScanStation C10 Use It in Your Proposals

A scan takes no time to complete
Take a scan of a proposed site and use a snapshot in your proposal Plot your set-ups Estimate the coverage and field time very precisely. The ScanStation C10 can be used for countless applications! Just imagine the possibilities!!!


Leica ScanStation C10 The Scanner for any Application

Civil & Infrastructure Topographic surveys Road and rail surveys Volume calculations Tunneling Monitoring



Leica ScanStation C10 The Scanner for any Application

Forensic Crash analysis Crime scene investigation Accident reconstruction



Leica ScanStation C10 The Scanner for any Application

Building & Heritage 3D models 2D drawings Facade and ground plans Asset management Full color visualization



Leica ScanStation C10 The Scanner for any Application

Industrial & Plant Accurate As-Built Intelligent 3D CAD Clash detection Retrofit and maintenance Design engineering


Leica ScanStation C10 The Scanner for any Application

Construction Construction monitoring As-Built drawings Build archive


All of these Sites Benefit from HDS

Complex geometry, surfaces Lots of detail, congested, tight fits Far away or difficult to access Hard to reach or delicate surfaces Unsafe for personnel


Types of Projects That Benefit From HDS

When: 1. Confidence in the data is important 2. Potential re-use of data 3. Multi-discipline use of info 4. Fast turnaround needed 5. Short windows to collect data 6. Fuzzy scope, expected scope changes


Case Study: Plant

Brewery Modification, PAC Ltd.
Scope 15,000 ft2, 1-3 stories As-built Design tanks, pumps, piping, centrifuge & equipment foundation

Workflow HDS3000, Cyclone, AutoPlant, Navisworks Create 3D model in selected areas Benefits >65% labor savings for as-built model Better design via HDS saved $300,000 in piping quote

Figures for as-built model, only (excludes design)

ScanStation (est.) Field time Field crew Office time Total labor 23 hrs 2 105 hrs HDS3000 (actual) 26 hrs 2 110 hrs Conventional (est.) 160 hrs 2 200 hrs 520 man-hrs

151 man-hrs 162 man-hrs


Case Study: Civil

Post-Katrina levee topographic survey, C. H. Fenstermaker Scope ~425 acres of area in New Orleans
6 mi. of levee + 400 on either side 3 side channels 1 pump station

Plan maps & levee profiles Detailed surface model in InRoads Workflows Leica ScanStation on control pts every 400 atop levee + 1 backsight per setup Virtual Surveyor for topo map Surface model: mesh in Cyclone & export 1 & 5 grids to InRoads






Pump Station in Levee Survey


Case Study: Civil

Post-Katrina levee topographic survey, C. H. Fenstermaker
Benefits >50% labor savings vs conventional >30% labor savings vs targets-only More complete data Avoided ~20 go-backs if done conventionally Used scans to QA & correct RTK data on manhole cover elevations
ScanStation (actual) Field time Field crew Office time Total labor

HDS3000 (est.) 20 days 3

Conventional (est.) 30-45 days 4 20 man-days

Based on 50-100 grid vs 1 & 5 grid for HDS

15 days 2

42 man-days 46 man-days

72 man-days 106 man-days 140-200 man-days

Case Study: Civil

NCDOT I-95 Road Survey, ARCADIS Scope 4,000 busy road with tall median; 2 lanes each direction & bridge DTM of roadway based on 25 sections PDF of bridge clearance 1 weeks from Notice to Proceed Workflow Leica ScanStation traverse from shoulders (backsight/foresight) Cyclone Benefits 75% labor savings Field time No lane closures Client valued clean data Field crew Met tight client deadline

ScanStation (actual) 16 hrs 2 8 hrs 40 man-hrs

HDS3000 (est.) 20 man-hrs 2 9 hrs 49 man-hrs

Conventional (est.) 40 hrs 3 40 hrs 160 man-hrs

Office time Total labor