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SNP Test Examples 11

Piotocol Steps 1S

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The Enzyme Befects & Nutations 28

ACAT & The Citiic Aciu CycleKieb's Cycle Su

Bigh Ammonia S8

Seconu Piioiity Nutations 44

Nethyl Bonoi Status SS

The Folate Tiap S9

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Nutiigenomics & Epigenetics 61

uenetic Testing & SNPs 64

BNA is Not Bestiny: The Agouti Nice 66

The Nethylation Community & Youi Bouy Chemistiy 67

Simplifieu Biagiams 68-69 & 72

When Nethylation Bieaks Bown 72-7S

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The Eneigy Cycle (CAC) 74

The Waste Cycle (0iea) 76

Summaiy of the Cycles 78

BB4 Cycle 79

The Faiming iegion (folate) 81

Nethyl Bonois & Ammonia Piovokeis 8S

Lipiu Bonois 8S

SAN's Inuustiy (Nethionine) 84

The Bau Boys: Fiee Rauicals 8S

Review 88

Bisoiueis ielateu to pooi methylation 89

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Betox 1u1 9S

Nethous foi easing uetox symptoms 96

Coffee & }uice, anyone. 98

Common Pitfalls 98

Common signs & symptoms of uetox 1uu

0iine & Stool Testing 1u1

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The Autonomic Neivous System 1uS

Paiasympathetic Neivous System (PNS) 1u4

Sympathetic Neivous System (SNS) 1u7

Balanceu oi Nixeu 1u9

SNS vs. PNS Table 111

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Bietaiy stiategies foi chiluien (& auults!) 11S

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Tips foi iemoving ulutamates 122

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Pesticiues & The Biity Bozen 1S2

Bow to make supplements 1SS

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Immune Factois 1S6

Stomach Aciu & B. Pyloii 1S7

Stieptococcus & PANBAS 1S9

Beipes viius 142

Bis. Yasko & van Konynenbuig's Basic Nethylation Suppoit 14S

Fiequently askeu Questions (ucNAF, BB4, & RNA) 14S

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Befinitions 149

Clinic Questions 1S7

Resouices & Bibliogiaphy 1S8

I)/.6:)-$(: The infoimation anu suggestions incluueu within this nutiigenomics guiuebook aie not intenueu as a
substitution foi youi physician's iecommenuations. Fuitheimoie, the content within is meant as a biief oveiview iathei
than a compiehensive uiuactic iegaiuing the vast yet evolving scientific fielus of nutiigenomics, epigenetics, anu
biochemical meuicine. The ieauei is fully encouiageu to seek auuitional knowleuge thiough all available methous.

"#$ %$W >&(Q)Q,(

While Ameiica was ensnaieu in the evei-populai seiies known as "Suivivoi," my husbanu anu I went on some
expeuitions of oui own, only ouis weien't neaily as glamoious anu theie was nevei any piomise of a huge
iewaiu, only uebt. I woulu listen in fascination as staff membeis anu colleagues woulu uiscuss whethei }essie
anu Ethan weie going to win this week anu whethei they coulu make it thiough Afiica. They seemeu to know all
about theii lives, fiom the munuane to the exciting. I, on the othei hanu, hau spent the entiie night eithei
cooking eveiything fiom sciatch oi ieseaiching the new finuings within the methylation pathway, couitesy of }ill
}ames, PhB. Bow coulu eveiyone be so vacuous. I often felt that a REAL challenge woulu be to have these
couples tiavel aiounu the woilu with autistic chiluien. Now TBAT woulu be a challenge woithy of gieat piaise! I
can see it even now, }essie anu Ethan in the peak of youthfulness, uiagging an amazingly eneigetic chilu fiom
place to place, in between meltuowns that iival Big Time Wiestling, while passeisby uisgusteuly shake theii
heaus at them foi being such incieuibly inept, weak paients. Anyone can see that if they just leaineu to
uiscipline him, he'u be fine.

While I uiun't unueistanu it then, I uo now. It's obviously escapism at its best (woist.). Ameiicans neeu to hiue
fiom the ieality of theii lives anu even while I iegulaily uayuieameu about uoing the same, I coulun't have liveu
with myself. While my uays weie filleu with uispensing auvice anu pioblem-solving issues foi my patients, my
nights weie filleu with constant teiioi. I stuuieu impossible subjects, some of which I hau nevei heaiu of, anu
they weien't coming easily. When you've seen "Nethylentetiahyuiofolate ieuuctase" foi the tenth time, it's
ieally no bettei than the fiist time. Noi uiu it ease my minu when I queiieu all of my physician colleagues while
they staieu uncompiehenuingly at the uiagiams anu chaits. Yet, like many paients anu patients befoie me, I
was ueteimineu! Even so, I hau no iuea that it woulu take S yeais of intensive ieseaich in oiuei to compiehenu
anu connect fielus as uiveise as biochemistiy, genetics, anu nutiigenomics as well as metabolic anu
mitochonuiial meuicine. The main ieason this peisonalizeu guiuebook exists is to make it easiei foi otheis.

Neveitheless, as you've piobably suspecteu, it won't be simple oi easy anu many inquiie about suiviving such an
expeiience. While I haven't founu anything that pioviues an easy ioute to salvation, I can assuie you that it can
be uone; it simply has to be uone giauually. In an age of ATNs, iPhones, texting, anu Tivo, I fully iealize that
human natuie uictates healing anu ieuemption must occui stiaightaway. Nost have suffeieu with chionic
illness oi stiuggleu to manage caieei, family, home, anu a special neeus chilu foi too many yeais. I tiuly
unueistanu. I've been theie myself, anu sometimes, I'm still theie. Anu it is often oveiwhelming!

As a patient of mine often says "A#&% C :&&1 3#& %&&9 3* '3$.E 0 '&)+$%4 :*)E $% /> #2',0%9I' &>& J2'3 ,&.02'& 3#&
'*2%9 *: #$' ,)&03#$%4 9)$+&' /& $%3* 0% $))03$*%01 :)&%@>7 C )&01$@& 3#03 C %&&9 '*/& 9$'30%.& :)*/ 3#& '3)0$%".
Subsequently, it's impoitant to iecognize that we all have oui own style of coping. While some aie in complete
uenial, otheis must take the "bull by the hoins" anu "fix this N0W!" Bowevei, she uiu leain that once she cooleu
uown anu talkeu to him about it, explaining that she was going to puichase a iifle anu peich atop the neaiest
clock towei, he came thiough anu maue the next loau of peanut buttei balls oi launuiy. If I can impait anything
heie it's that you must communicate! 0ftentimes, men ietieat into silence, uenial anu oblivion. We women aie a
foice to be ieckoneu with yet we must incluue oui paitneis in the baigain. Bespite youi angei anu iesentment,
youi paitnei is completely unawaie that he's letting you uown. Be honestly isn't uumb oi malicious; he just
hasn't thought it all thiough anu feels just as lost as you uo.

In the enu, this piogiam takes time. ueneially, I've founu that when you tiy to iush thiough, you will often hit a
wall that takes you back much faithei, which is teiiibly uemoializing. Woik as a team, be goou to youiself, finu
humoi thiough the uaikei times, anu suppoit each othei. In uoing so, you will have a fai iichei iewaiu than the
Tv seiies of suivivois, uespite the gieatei saciifice. 0ltimately, you will have iegaineu youi health anu
wellbeing oi something even moie incieuible, a healthy chilu who loves you moie than anything in the woilu.

A$3# 1*+& 0%9 0(()&.$03$*% 3* /> #2',0%97 K3&%7 0%9 *2) ,&023$:21 .#$19)&%5 L*2 #0+& 3024#3 /& 8#03I' /*'3
$/(*)30%3 $% 1$:&5

B#$' 42$9&,**E $' 01'* 9&9$.03&9 3* 0 9&0) :)$&%97 F$.# M0% N*%>%&%,2)4 O#<5 F$.# 80' $%'3)2/&%301 $% 1&09$%4 /&
3* /&3#>103$*% /&9$.$%& 0%9 #& 3$)&1&''1> 42$9&9 3#*2'0%9' *: (03$&%3' 8$3# .*/(1&P %&2)*$//2%& 9$'*)9&)'5 Q&
9&9$.03&9 #$' 1$:& 3* #&1($%4 *3#&)' 0%9 ()*+$9&9 '*/& *: 3#& &9$3$%4 .)$3$R2&' 3#)*24#*23 3#$' 42$9&,**E5 Q$' 9&03#
$% 3#& :011 *: STUS .0/& 0' 0 4)&03 '#*.E 3* /0%>5 Q& 8$11 ,& 9&&(1> /$''&95

#) 4.7% .* $%,'/( +% 4%,7% 1%$.*2 H( *)/ /) 2.%
Thomas Campbell

Part 1: The Protocol


K%40)B% /) -)3' &%'()*,4.F%2 *3/'.5%*)B.0( 53.2%1));! In oiuei to make this piocess less oveiwhelming,
I'u like you to think of this book as a woik in piogiess so that you can auuiess one poition at a time. This
guiuebook ieviews the evolving fielu of nutiigenomics as it specifically peitains to you. It also outlines the
genetic makeup of youi B%/$-4,/.)* &,/$+,-, which is one of the most impoitant systems in the human bouy.
The genetic testing allows foi a peisonalizeu tieatment plan that is founueu upon the chaiacteiistic uefects, oi
typos, founu thioughout youi genetic coue. Theie aie also some geneial iecommenuations that aie baseu on
youi meuical histoiy, health pioblems, anu biochemical testing in oiuei to naiiow uown an extensive list of
supplements. In ueveloping this guiuebook, I hope to assist you in bettei unueistanuing anu stieamlining youi
own nutiigenomics piogiam.

The objective of *3/'.5%*)B.0( B%2.0.*% is to pioviue the nutiients that each peison iequiies foi optimal
health. An inuiviuual's iueal nutiients aie establisheu by evaluating theii genetic bluepiint, oi BNA. Foi the
sake of simplicity, it may help to think of youi genes as a seiies of piano keys. Each key is unique anu makes a
uiffeient sounu, yet they aie all necessaiy foi making music. Even when seveial keys aie bioken you may still
be able to play music, though the melouy won't sounu the same anu uepenuing upon the song, these failings may
oi may not make a uiffeience. Bowevei, if you aie to play in a symphony, you will have thiee options:

1. You can ignoie the uiffeiences, playing music that is off key,
2. You can tiy to use the black keys insteau, to bypass the changes, oi
S. You can auuiess the pioblems anu call a piano seivice to fix them.

In tieating genetic vulneiabilities we have similai options:
1. You can ignoie the pioblem anu live with pooi health,
2. You can change youi uiet to eliminate some of the toxic tiiggeis, theieby skiiting aiounu some of the
uamageu genes, oi
S. You can auuiess the faulty genes at theii ioot cause, applying specific nutiients, RNA, nucleotiues, anu
othei genetic ieinfoicements.

In choosing the last two options, you achieve a balance that allows youi bouy chemistiy to woik moie
efficiently. This also taigets the ioot cause iathei than simply applying Banu-Aius with vaiious theiapies anu
meuications. This can be achieveu thiough uiet anu supplementation yet it is much moie challenging when only
using the uiet to meet these neeus. Foi instance, anyone with an NTBFR C677T uefect, known foi contiibuting
to bloou clots, colon cancei, heait uisease anu uementia, iequiies the moie active foim of folate to auuiess this
vulneiability. Neveitheless, if you eat foous that aie iich in these active veisions (eggs & spinach) while
consuming even moie foous with the plain type (almost eveiything!), both kinus of folate compete with each
othei in oiuei to latch onto vaiious sites on each cell. 0ltimately, the uominant veision wins anu since plain
folate is so pievalent in the foou supply, it is usually the less piefeiieu folate that succeeus. Even so, you will
oveicome this uispaiity moie successfully when eating anu supplementing with the active foim of folate. In
uoing so, you achieve a balance that allows this aiea of the methylation pathway to woik moie efficiently. You
will also taiget the ioot cause iathei than applying Banu-Aius with bloou piessuie anu cholesteiol meuications.
Welcome to inuiviuualizeu meuicine of the 21

A:/). I$O)+)'),+/

466$6$: Alteinate veisions of a gene

A),-,6$.&6:( %&'()*$+,-)./: This fielu of stuuy incoipoiates the tenets of nutiigenomics while taking
this a step fuithei by analyzing the chemical pathways that aie affecteu by specific, single site base
changes (SNPs). It then utilizes a combination of nutiients, foous, nucleotiues, anu natuial RNAs to
bypass mutations anu iestoie piopei pathway function.

B:66 7$''$(/: Examples aie A,C,u,T

I%4 (Beoxyiibonucleic aciu): An aciu that caiiies each peison's genetic coue, making them unique & can
ieplicate on its own. This uouble-stianueu chemical bluepiint oi instiuction manual coues foi eveiything
a plant oi animal uoes such as giowing anu uiviuing anu ueciuing how anu when to uie. BNA is noimally
veiy stable anu has eiioi uetection anu iepaii mechanisms. It iemains in the cell's nucleus anu can make
goou copies of itself thiough tiansciiption. Scientists now believe that oui BNA only accounts foi
appioximately SS% of health & uisease outcomes while stiess anu enviionmental factois have a fai
gieatei influence on illness, iecoveiy, anu uuiability than pieviously unueistoou.

I$O$.': A mutation that occuis in less than 1% of the population.

X5)*$+$')./: Simply explaineu, this is the stuuy of how the enviionment anuoi methylation pathway
influences gene function anu gene expiession. Epigenetics is multifactoiial anu evaluates the
enviionmental impact of uiet, supplementation, infection, stiessois, anu meuical tieatment as well as
pollution anu othei toxic exposuies on health status anu uisease outcomes. 0ne of the most intiiguing
aspects of this evolving fielu of science is the fact that many othei issues impact genetic expiession
without actually alteiing the genetic configuiation.

<$'$(,YJ*,&/: Baving one allele, otheiwise known as a paitial uefect.

<,-,YJ*,&/: Baving both alleles, otheiwise known as having a complete uefect.

<&-:+ 0$+,-$: The human genome is a stiing of ovei S billion chemical letteis that spell out eveiy
inheiiteu tiait. Although the letteis of all oui genomes aie viitually iuentical anu have little vaiiation,
moie anu moie fiequently, natuie gets a lettei wiong, similai to a typo (SNP).

%&'()*$+,-)./: Simply put, it is the stuuy of how the foou we eat, anu the nutiients theiein, impact oui
health. This is laigely baseu upon oui own unique genetic bluepiint. Nutiigenomics has potential foi
pieventing, mitigating, oi tieating chionic uisease, anu ceitain canceis, thiough small but highly
infoimative uietaiy changes. Chionic uiseases (anu some types of cancei) may be pieventable, oi at least
uelayeu, by balanceu, sensible uiets.
Auapteu by the National Centei of Excellence in Nutiitional uenomics at 0C Bavis, "Nutiitional

=$'#J6:'),+: An intiicate piocess that is necessaiy foi suivival anu occuis when youi bouy takes one
substance anu tuins it into anothei. Nethylation is a chemical exchange that occuis between enzymes,
amino acius, pioteins, anu othei molecules to maintain cell function. This pathway iegulates gene
expiession, allowing beneficial genes to function while keeping less uesiiable genes at bay. It also
pioviues the backbone foi the immune system, BNA, RNA, cellulai iepaii, uetoxification, hoimone
iegulation, anu communication between the cells anu oigan systems by way of neuiotiansmitteis.

=$'#J6:'),+ 5:'#W:J: The expanueu veision of this pathway is baseu on The Yasko Theoiy of
neuiouegeneiative anu autoimmune uisoiueis. As uepicteu in the uiagiam, it incluues the Kieb, 0iea, BB
4, Folate, anu Nethionine Cycles. Nost scientists anu meuical piactitioneis aie familiai with at least two
of these, The Folate anu Nethionine Cycles of the methylation piocess. This pathway acts as a seiies of
inteiconnecteu cycles that enable the highly complex biochemical piocess of methylation to occui.

%&.6$,')1$/: These aie molecules that foim ciitical sections of RNA anu BNA. Nany aie also involveu in
enzyme ieactions thioughout the bouy as well as cell communication anu the piouuction of chemical

=&':'),+: Befects in the genome that aie iaiei anu founu in less than 1% of the population.

>)+*6$ %&.6$,')1$ @,6J-,(5#)/- (SNP): Pionounceu "Snip," an SNP is a vaiiation oi typo in one of the
S billion chemical letteis that make up the human genome. Scientists call these genetic misspellings
SNPs, which often occui as vaiiations at a single site in BNA. In fact, an SNP is the most fiequent vaiiation
in the human genome & theie is about S-1u million of them, although not all of these uispaiities
contiibute to uisease. SNPs uo not cause uisease by themselves but influence a peison's susceptibility to
specific enviionmental anuoi nutiitional factois that inciease uisease iisk. Cuiiently, scientists aie
using them to uiagnose meuical uisoiueis, ciaft supeiioi meuications, anu tailoi tieatment iegimens that
ciicumvent such mutations.

V%4 (Ribonucleic aciu): A single-stianueu molecule that tiansmits the genetic messages fiom BNA
(which is uouble stianueu), to the cells anu is essential foi piotein piouuction anu tiansfei. This simply
means that RNA tiansciibes anu then ueliveis genetic messages. RNA is also consiueieu a "funuamental
mechanism foi contiolling the flow of genetic infoimation", as it influences gene expiession. In 2uu6, two
scientists (Ciaig Nello & Anuiew Fiie) weie awaiueu the Nobel Piize in meuicine foi theii uiscoveiy that
RNA impacts gene silencing anu gene expiession. In fact, a mutation in a smallei type of RNA, known as
micio RNA, often leaus to uiabetes.

B,6,( .,1)+*:
-- uieen, no uefect
++ Reu, complete uefects
+- Yellow, paitial uefect

XD:-56$/ ,O 0$+$'). @(,O)6)+* >J/'$-/

Sten Hauge
Gene Name Variation Result Call
COMT V158M -/- G
COMT H62H -/- C
COMT 61 -/- G
VDR Taq +/- Hetero
VDR Fok -/- C
MAO A R297R -/- G
ACAT 1-02 -/- G
MTHFR C677T +/- Hetero
MTHFR 3 -/- C
MTHFR A1298C -/- A
MTR A2756G -/- A
MTRR A66G -/- A
MTRR H595Y -/- C
MTRR K350A -/- A
MTRR R415T -/- C
MTRR S257T -/- T
MTRR 11 -/- G
BHMT 1 -/- A
BHMT 2 +/- Hetero
BHMT 4 +/- Hetero
BHMT 8 -/- C
AHCY 1 -/- A
AHCY 2 -/- T
AHCY 19 -/- A
CBS C699T -/- C
CBS A360A +/- Hetero
SUOX S370S -/- No Support Needed
SHMT C1420T +/- Hetero
NOS D298E +/- Hetero
EY 7251 GPS 10262

34-year-old male with a history of chronic strep, boils, and adrenal fatigue. The latter developed after
a sustained period of considerable stress and resolved with basic support after 4 months. With the
exception of the SHMT, this is generally considered a clean genetic profile with mostly minor

Nolan Hauge
Gene Name Variation Result Call
COMT V158M +/- Hetero
COMT H62H +/- Hetero
COMT 61 +/- Hetero
VDR Taq +/+ T
VDR Fok -/- C
MAO A R297R -/- G
ACAT 1-02 -/- G
MTHFR C677T +/- Hetero
MTHFR 3 -/- C
MTHFR A1298C -/- A
MTR A2756G -/- A
MTRR A66G -/- A
MTRR H595Y -/- C
MTRR K350A -/- A
MTRR R415T -/- C
MTRR S257T -/- T
MTRR 11 -/- G
BHMT 1 -/- A
BHMT 2 +/+ T
BHMT 4 +/+ C
BHMT 8 -/- C
AHCY 1 +/- Hetero
AHCY 2 +/- Hetero
AHCY 19 +/- Hetero
CBS C699T -/- C
CBS A360A +/- Hetero
SUOX S370S -/- No Support Needed
SHMT C1420T +/- Hetero
NOS D298E -/- G
EY 5354 GPS 9404

4 year old male with Autism & PANDAS2 year recovery process with great success

Renee Cahill
Gene Name Variation Result Call
COMT V158M +/- Hetero
COMT H62H +/- Hetero
COMT 61 -/- G
VDR Taq +/- Hetero
VDR Fok +/- Hetero
MAO A R297R +/+ T
ACAT 1-02 -/- G
MTHFR C677T -/- C
MTHFR 3 -/- C
MTHFR A1298C +/- Hetero
MTR A2756G +/- Hetero
MTRR A66G +/- Hetero
MTRR H595Y +/- Hetero
MTRR K350A +/- Hetero
MTRR R415T -/- C
MTRR S257T -/- T
MTRR 11 +/- Hetero
BHMT 1 +/- Hetero
BHMT 2 -/- C
BHMT 4 -/- A
BHMT 8 +/- Hetero
AHCY 1 +/- Hetero
AHCY 2 +/- Hetero
AHCY 19 +/- Hetero
CBS C699T +/- Hetero
CBS A360A -/- C
SUOX S370S -/- No Support Needed
SHMT C1420T -/- G
NOS D298E +/- Hetero
EY 5656 GPS 9680

46 year old female with Multiple Sclerosis and severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)3 year
recovery process with great success.

XD:-56$ ,O ($.$+' '$/' ($/&6'/ W)'# +$W ZIV ($5,(' U '#$ 4BX )/ +, 6,+*$( )+.6&1$1

Cari Thachuk
Gene Name Variation Result Call
COMT V158M -/- G
COMT H62H -/- C
COMT 61 -/- G
VDR Taq Tt Hetero
MAO A R297R +/- Hetero
ACAT 1-02 +/- Hetero
MTHFR C677T +/- Hetero
MTHFR 3 -/- C
MTHFR A1298C +/- Hetero
MTR A2756G -/- A
MTRR A66G +/+ G
MTRR H595Y -/- C
MTRR K350A -/- A
MTRR R415T -/- C
MTRR S257T -/- T
MTRR 11 +/- Hetero
BHMT 1 +/+ T
BHMT 2 -/- C
BHMT 4 -/- A
BHMT 8 +/- Hetero
AHCY 1 +/- Hetero
AHCY 2 +/- Hetero
AHCY 19 +/- Hetero
CBS C699T +/- Hetero
CBS A360A -/- C
CBS N212N -/- C
SUOX S370S -/- No Support Needed
SHMT C1420T -/- G
NOS D298E +/+ T
EY 8213 GPS 11501

32 year old female with history of breast cancer & gut issues who recently began treatment

ZIV ":[F ZIV \,3F
vBR Taq tt = -- (gieen, no uefect) toleiates fewei methyl uonois vBR Fok FF = -- (uieen, no uefect)
vBR Taq TT = ++ (ieu, complete uefect) toleiates moie methyl uonois vBR Fok ff = ++ (ieu, full uefect)
vBR Taq Tt = +- (Yellow, paitial uefect) vBR Fok Ff = -+(Yellow, paitial uefect)

@(,',.,6 >'$5/

You may be aheau with the methylation suppoit anu that's okay. Bowevei, if you aien't auequately suppoiteu
piioi to staiting these cycles up, the "clean up" will often be much moie uifficult. It can be compaieu to not
waiming up piioi to a long iunyou might be okay but then again, you coulu also teai a ligament oi tenuon.
The methyl gioups aie veiy poweiful supplements anu as such, will initiate some uetox oi "stait-up" symptoms.
The goal is to layei in a soliu founuation so that we can allow the methyl gioups to uo what they uo bestallow
you to piouuce the uiffeient tioops necessaiy foi youi immune system anu bouy chemistiy while natuially
filteiing out toxins.

Since youi genes will nevei change, most will iequiie some foim of lifelong suppoit. Still, veiy few iequiie
substantial supplementation. Foi example, once iecoveieu, a chilu with autism may iequiie 1u main
supplements to suppoit his lifelong genetic uefects while a 72 yeai olu with ALS will iequiie much moie.

>'$5 ,+$F 7:J$()+* )+ "#$ \,&+1:'),+
Neivous system uominance is an integial pait in establishing the tieatment piocess
4]8 V$-,Q$ ,( 6)-)' '()**$(/F Piocesseu foous contain excitotoxins, uyes, anu toxic pieseivatives. It is also
ciucial to iemove obvious foou alleigies. Please see pages on excitotoxins foi moie infoimation. This is simply
uefineu anu uiscusseu in uetail.

A]8 A$*)+ *$+$(:6 /&55,('F Pioviue a goou founuation foi youi neivous system type anu begin nutiitional
suppoit. Though life-thieatening ieactions woulu be extiemely iaie (anu to my knowleuge, unheaiu of), moving
too quickly can iesult in moie intense symptoms of uetox. In a peifect woilu, a hanuful of supplements woulu
effectively tieat eveiything that ails us. Alas, the human bouy is a highly complex system anu as such, iequiies
many highly specific chemicals anu nutiients, paiticulaily once this iemaikable machine has bioken uown.
Nuch like a miiage, conventional meuicine stiives to finu that "one size fits all" healing tonic that we all hope to
see one uay, yet iealize is as impossible as it is impiactical. Conveisely, many alteinative piactitioneis believe
that eveiy single piece of the puzzle must be fully auuiesseu befoie one might ieasonably expect health anu
iecoveiy. Baving piacticeu both styles of meuicine, C ,&1$&+& $% 3#& 0)3 *: .*/()*/$'&.

In the past 2u yeais, I have seen time anu time again that in auuiessing the ioot cause of pievailing health issues,
the bouy has a iemaikable capacity foi healing itself. Anu, though tieating eveiy single component may be iueal,
in ciafting a tieatment piogiam baseu on each peison's health backgiounu anu genetic founuation as well as
some of the similaiities faceu in chionic uisease, I believe that we have an oppoitunity to stieamline a highly
inuiviuualizeu anu successful iegimen. Please be awaie that uespite its' compiehensive appeaiance, this
fiamewoik incluues the baie minimum of basic suppoits. Theie aie many moie supplements that aie highly
iecommenueu, anu which aie often baseu on the genetic anu biochemical testing as well as youi oveiall health
issues. I encouiage you to consiuei them in youi iegimen, if even in smallei uoses. Foi instance, if theie aie
significant issues with immunity then it is impoitant to have some immune suppoits on boaiu.

B8] ^(*:+ /&55,('F This is ciitical foi seveial ieasons; fiist & foiemost, most chionically ill chiluien anu auults
have less than optimal oigan function anu the livei, kiuneys, pancieas, anu auienals aie most challengeu. Since
uetox iequiies iueal oigan activity foi filteiing wastes anu toxins, it is vital to have this suppoit on boaiu.
Though the RNAs aie especially auvantageous, theie aie also less expensive options available below unuei
piactical suppoits.

Iueal oigan suppoit: (This may vaiy uepenuing on neivous system uominance)
Auienal (this will uepenu on the neivous system type)
*RNA suppoit (even 2-S x week is beneficial).

Examples of piactical suppoits: (This may vaiy uepenuing on neivous system uominance)
0ia Kiuney $14.Su1uu caps
0ia Liv $8.9S1uu caps
0ia Pancieas $12.Su9u caps
0ia Auien 8u $11.Su1uu caps
vBRFok + pancieatic suppoit $41.9S9u caps
In pioviuing oigan suppoit, most will expeiience some miluei uetox symptoms. This is uue to the fact that
noimally, those with chionic uisease aie not able to piocess anu filtei toxins, chemicals, anu wastes optimally
anu the extia suppoit allows foi moie efficient house cleaning. With this in minu, it is wise to stait out with a
spiinkle anu giauually inciease the uose ovei seveial weeks' time.

>'$5 "W,F 9)+ '#$ W:( W)'# '#$ *&'
4]8 411($// 0&' C//&$/: See foi futuie consiueiation, uepenuing on genetic testing
This especially ielates to the SBNT & ACAT uefects, as these aie 5(),()'J mutations. Bowevei, the
oveiwhelming majoiity of those plagueu with chionic illness typically have seveial uefects leauing to gut
pioblems. Foi many, these aie the most impoitant mutations to taiget since bacteiia ielease ammonia anu
othei wastes. The moie ammonia youi gut bugs make, the moie waste you will have in the entiie system,
especially foi those with the CBS anuoi N0S uefects. Neveitheless, genetic vaiiations asiue, the ensuing
inflammation anu leaky gut issues often leau to autoimmune anu neuiological activation, causing wiuespieau

Foi those who have useu biith contiol pills, hoimone ieplacement, steioius (pieunisonehyuiocoitisone),
antibiotics, anuoi antaciu meuications, the gut enviionment is often iife with haimful bacteiia, yeastfungus,
anu paiasites uue to the hoimonal imbalances anu collateial uamage instigateu by such ubiquitous iegimens.
Fuitheimoie, if you cannot absoib the necessaiy vitamins, mineials, anu amino acius, you lack the fuel iequiieu
foi eveiy othei bouy system, paiticulaily those that have high iequiiements such as the biain, heait, bone
maiiow anu neives. Auu in the suifeit of piocesseu staichy caibohyuiates, sugais, satuiateu fats anu caloiie
iich-nutiient uevoiu uiets most consume anu you have a iecipe foi uisastei. Foi anyone tioubleu with iiiitable
bowel synuiome, inflammatoiy bowel uisease, chionic constipation, uiaiihea, bloating, belching, aciu ieflux,
nausea, abuominal pain, anuoi "sensitive" stomachs, it is almost ceitain that one oi moie of the following
uefects aie piesent: BBNT, ABCY, SBNT, ACAT, anuoi the NTBFR A1298C, howevei, ACAT suppoit shoulu
always come fiist with focus on the SBNT as a close seconu. If these uefects aie not piesent, you aie foitunate
although mutations notwithstanuing, gut suppoit is almost univeisally cential foi the ioau to iecoveiy,
iegaiuless of the uisease oi uisoiuei.
", 6$:(+ -,($
Bi. Amy Yasko PhB, NBB

Bi. Nancy Nullan & Amy Yasko PhB: Bow bacteiial Imbalances Nay pieuispose to Seizuie Bisoiuei
http:nancymullanmu.comasuwp-contentuploaus2u111uYasko-Nullan_Seizuie_Aiticle (may neeu to copy & paste)

Bi. Nancy Nullan NB & Amy Yasko PhB: uastiointestinal uisoiueis anu Neuiotiansmittei imbalances
http:nancymullanmu.comasuwp-contentuploaus2u12u7uastiointestinal_Balance_anu_Neuiotiansmittei_Foimation (may
neeu to copy & paste)

I have incluueu this infoimation to uemonstiate the piopei use of piobiotics. They must be iotateu eveiy 2-S
weeks foi best outcomes. I have highlighteu the top choices below in yellow. Although foi those who aie moie
sensitive, it is impoitant to consiuei staiting with smallei uoses to avoiu a significant uie off ieaction.

0&' <$:6'#F @(,2),')./ U X+YJ-$/
_$J 2$+$O).):6 ,(*:+)/-/F
<$65O&6 <)+'/

Foi those that cost moie use them foi a week insteau of 2-S weeks anu iotate the less expensive veisions
in soonei to stietch them out longei.
To aujust to them, stait at 18 to 14 of the iueal uose anu giauually inciease to 12 to 1 capsule eveiy
night, iotating to a new piobiotic eveiy 2-S weeks.
You can use 12 the uose foi most of them in oiuei to save money.
To uate, I have not founu less expensive piobiotics, paiticulaily foi the quality, than Bolistic Bealth's.
Bowevei, feel fiee to use any bianus you piefei.
All piobiotics cause uie off ieactions. This means that bau bugs anu yeast will ielease toxins anu waste as
they uie off & foi some, this can leau to uncomfoitable symptoms. Stait low, sometimes at a spiinkle &
move up as toleiateu.
Please keep in minu that if you've taken a spiinkle of piobiotics yet still ieacteu significantly to them, it
might be helpful to get a compiehensive stool test. If any of the goou oiganisms aie founu in high
amounts (S-4+), paiticulaily when you've not ieplaceu them befoie as piobiotics, they may be acting as
haimful bacteiia.
Some of the bianus not maue by BBI may be on sale at theii company websites.

Examples of goou bioau-spectium piobiotics on Bolistic Bealth's Website:

! >&5($-:I,5#)6&/: (*Nultiple floia) Stait low at a small spiinkle as this is a veiy effective, potent combo,
paiticulaily foi the piice $14.8S6u Caps
! 7:.',2:.)66&/F (L. Plantaium, L. Salivaiius, L. Rhamnosus). $26.9S1uu Caps. Stait at a spiinkle to cap
& giauually inciease to V to 1 cap uaily.
! 7:.',2:.)66&/ 4.)1,5#)6&/F (Lactobacillus blenu) to V cap twice a uay. $7.9S1uu Caps
! 0&' <$:6'#F `L Reuteii) Stait at chewable uaily & move up to 1 tab as toleiateu. $29.99 (paiticulaily
helpful with B. Pyloii)
! a6'(: 1:)(J I)*$/'F Assists with uigesting uaiiy anu pioviues beneficial floia. $12.4u6u Caps. To take
with any uaiiy ,( as a piobiotic.
! %&'()B6$:+ @(,2),')./: (Nultiple stiains plantaium, Rhamnosus, Bifiuo, etc.). Stait at uose. $S9.9SSu
! b$:/' 4W:JF (L. Aciuophilus, L. Rhamnosus, L. Casei & Cellulase). to V cap twice uaily. This is
intenueu as a moie intensive yeastbau floia cleansing & is best useu in conjunction with a low yeast
uiet; howevei, it may also be useu as a nighttime piobiotic. $2S.9S48 Caps.
! B:+1)/,6F Not a piobiotic but uestioys bacteiial cell wall as well as Fungalyeast so that goou floia can
take ovei moie effectively. $24.99 foi 4u caps. You will neeu to auu in goou floia to take the place of those
uying off!
! \6,(:/',(F (S. Boulaiui) Stait with Cap uaily with goal of V to 1 cap. $49.9SSu Caps.
! @:(:1$DF Paiasites anu bacteiia. Nay see moie extieme "uie off" so stait sow anu go slow. $17.9S foi 9u

*The multiple Floia in Supiema incluue: L. Aciuophilus, L. Rhamnosus, L. Bulgaiicus, L. longum, L. Bifiuum, L.
Salivaiius, L. Plantaium, & Bifiuobacteiia.

The two most fiequently iecognizeu piobiotics incluue lactobacillus, which is founu in the small intestine anu
bifiuobacteiia, which iesiues in the laige intestine.

Noimally, piobiotics shoulu be taken with watei on an empty stomach to avoiu highei gut aciu, which coulu
easily uisable the goou floia you aie tiying to intiouuce. Typically, nighttime is best though anytime you've hau
an empty stomach foi at least 2-S houis is acceptable. It's also best to space these apait fiom antibiotics oi
natuial anti-bacteiial heibs anu supplements since these can kill off the piobiotic's goou bacteiia as well.
ueneially, you shoulu always iotate seveial uiffeient stiains (4-6) so that youi bau stomach bugs uo not
acclimate to them. 0se each foi 2-S weeks anu then iotate to anothei piobioticfloia balancei. Always stait at a
spiinkle oi 18 to 14 of the uose that it says on the label. Foi some, the uie off can be significant anu many will
expeiience some milu gas, bloating, nausea, oi possibly, uiaiihea, especially if the staiting uoses aie too high oi
you inciease them too quickly.

0f couise, it is most beneficial to limit sugais, caibs, & yeast when uoing so anu be awaie that you may ciave
these foous while on piobiotics. This is owing to the theoiy of suivival of the fittest as the bau guys stiuggle to
stay alive anu stimulate youi appetite. You often begin to ciave the veiy substances that keep them alive &
multiplying so it's best to be piepaieu, having bettei choices foi snacks anu meals available in oiuei to avoiu this

Bigestive Enzymes:
The BBI Supei uigestive enzymes aie a gieat piouuct & can easily be useu 1S to V cap with meals as most
people toleiate this quite well. Bowevei, it shoulu be staiteu at lowei uoses such as 18 cap oi a spiinkle,
especially foi chiluien & those with chionic gut issues. Even then, some people finu that they cannot toleiate
this piouuct uue to the highei focus on pancieatic enzymes foi bettei uigestion. This may be ielateu to B. Pyloii
gut infections anuoi veiy low stomach aciu. In this case, consiuei the uigestive enzyme you can toleiate. 0ne
alteinative foi veiy sensitive stomachs is Seienaiu. SBE $18.9S1uu Caps oi Seienaiu $S1.9u18u.

Belpful websitesF
1). Bigestive enzymes, piobiotics, etc.

2). Nutiicology Pancieatic enzymesF
Poik Pancieas Natuial ulanuulai $178.2772u Caps Please also see the below foi a less expensive alteinative
(same piouuct, uiffeient packaging)

%&'().,6,*J @:+.($:/ @(,1&.'F `B:+ 2$ ,2':)+$1 :' 4-:Y,+ O,( cPG;cPL O,( PGT B:5/d ^( cETMNT;ST .:5/8

smallei bottle of 9u caps

Nutiicology Pancieas Piouuct: (Can also be obtaineu at Allstai Bealth foi $74-$8u72u Caps!)

>'$5 "#($$F V$5:)()+* b,&( A,1J B#$-)/'(J

4]8 =$'#J6:'),+ >&55,('F This iefeis to the active veisions of folate anu B-12 as well as othei methyl gioups
anuoi nutiients that will pioviue the necessaiy founuation foi this pathway anu its' suppoiting chemistiy
cycles8 Nuch of this is baseu on youi genetic make-up, howevei, it is impoitant to focus on the most ciitical
issues anu each peison's ability to toleiate methyl, sulfui, & lipiu uonois.

^(1$( O,( '($:')+* #$:6'# )//&$/ U 1$O$.'/:
Evaluating the neivous system's style oi "uominance" is a key factoi in the initial piocess. This will allow foi a
moie taigeteu iegimen, baseu on youi inuiviuual neeus.
E8 7:J$()+* )+ : O,&+1:'),+ of veiy basic supplements & suppoit: geneial mineials, vitamin B's & B-12,
uigestive enzymes, piobiotics, antioxiuants, essential fatty acius, etc.
G8 0&' <$:6'# is ciitical. Since most chionically ill auults & chiluien have at least 1-2 (if not S-4!) enzyme
uefects that affect the gut anu uigestion, the gut is always a factoi. uut bugs tenu to haiboi metals anu
many of them off gas ammonia anu hyuiogen sulfiue, a poisonous sulfui bypiouuct. You can iepeateuly
clean up the gut yet if you have not auuiesseu the unueilying genetic contiibutions (SBNT, ACAT, NTBFR
A1298C, vBR Fok, ABCY, & BBNT) it will almost always iesuiface.
H8 ><=" 1$O$.' (Steals eveiything away fiom the system & causes gut issues as well as pooi
K8 4B4" 1$O$.' (0xalates, cholesteiol, mitochonuiial issues, & seveie gut uysbiosis)
L8 BA>M%^> 1$O$.'/ (uiains eveiything thiough the tianssulfuiation pathway = livei, kiuney, & uiea cycle
uysfunction). Initially, taigeting the gut bacteiia is often moie essential than fully auuiessing a CBS up-
iegulation. Nany inuiviuuals have ammonia anu sulfiue piouucing bacteiia within the gut anu this
noxious waste iequiies an escape ioute. Still, the CBSN0S combination is often a significant issue anu is
impoitant to auuiess eaily on.
N8 ="<\V 4EGSRB U ="<\V BNPP"F The A1298C is the moie ciitical uefect in autism anu othei
neuiological uisoiueis wheieas the NTBFR S & C677T (& ACEN0S) aie paiamount foi tieating vasculai
uiseases, such as heait uisease, stiokes, anu clotting uisoiueis. The NTBFR A1298C caps aie ciitical foi
livei, gut, & BB4 suppoit. Please consiuei that SANe is only iecommenueu foi those who uo not have the
C0NT ++, although veiy low uoses may be toleiateu.
P8 A<="? also known as the "L$)'/03/" thiough the system. You neeu to have the shoit-cut woiking piioi to
most othei uefects, paiticulaily the NTRNTRR uefects, also known as the "G)*5 K,- P)B%Q" Nany
have noteu that ABBB symptoms intensify with this uefect as well as opening up this iegion, until the
NTRNTRR is at least paitially auuiesseu.
R8 ="VM="VV oi G)*5 9)3/%, which is essential foi getting aiounu the methylation pathway as it conveits
homocysteine into the ciitical methyl gioup known as methionine.
S8 ^'#$( I$O$.'/F Nany otheis may neeu some management yet uo not iequiie as intensive focus. Penuing
the health issues anu oveiall iisks, enzymes such as the NTBFR's, C0NT, N0S, ACE, NA0 A anu vBR Taq
& Fok often iequiie some suppoit since they contiibute to heait, neuiological & gut issues as well as
moou swings, volatility, anu incieaseu stiess with coitisol uepletion.

XD:-56$ ,O A:/). =$'#J6:'),+ .J.6$ /&55,(': Please uo not stait any of the following unless ievieweu with
youi piactitionei
Nethylmate A (alteinative is lecithin & Phosphatiuylcholine )
Nethylmate B (active folate)
Nethyl anuoi Byuioxy B12
SBNT spiay
NTBFR A1298C (Livei & BB4 suppoit) capsule (ciitical foi most, uiscuss with youi health pioviuei)

A]8 >,,'#)+* '#$ eI$',Df U e>':(';&5f >J-5',-/F By this I mean suppoiting the bouy anu minu to function
ieasonably well uespite a hefty "Spiing-cleaning". As I mentioneu pieviously, no one shoulu feel hoiiible oi
iemain beuiiuuen in oiuei to taiget theii methylation anu biochemistiy issues. Theie aie supplements & RNAs
that can help with this piocess anu uepenuing on youi iesouices anu sensitivity to vaiious tieatments; it is wise
to utilize them whenevei possible.

B]8 I$',D)O).:'),+ ,O #$:QJ -$':6/ U Q)(&/:
Foi some, heavy metals, viius anu othei toxins anu pathogens aie a significant factoi. As you move thiough the
piogiam layeiing in the founuation anu methylation suppoits, many suppoits will aiu in the ielease of
consiueiable amounts of meicuiy, aluminum, viius, anu othei haimful substances. Still, some have a much
highei toxic buiuen than otheis anu will iequiie moie aggiessive measuies.

Rathei than utilizing chelation, I piefei to apply less intensive measuies that will geneially accomplish this goal.
Since only a small peicentage of patients iequiie moie haiu-hitting methous, I piefei to use the following
measuies (if necessaiy) in the final stages of the piogiam. I uo not asciibe to the theoiy that we must iiu oui
bouies of eveiy toxin. While this is possibly the most iueal methou foi combatting chionic illness in some
ciicumstances, it is not necessaiy in many cases. Fuitheimoie, this iequiies a much longei tieatment piocess
anu is extiemely challenging foi many to toleiate.

Neveitheless, if you have iigoiously woikeu thiough the piotocol anu finu that you have not ieacheu youi goal,
this is the time to consiuei:

Natuial chelating agents such as Nalic aciu, Boisetail, Alpha lipoic (in those without the CBSNTRR
uefects), anu low uose EBTA.
Immune Factoi Theiapy (tiansfei factois): INF 1-1u, which auuiess specific viiuses such as Epstein
Baii, BSv, BPv, anu NNR as well as bacteiia incluuing stiep, staph, e. coli, anu clostiiuia. These aie listeu
at the enu of this guiuebook. (Chisolm Biological Laboiatoiy 1-8uu-664-1SSS)
Netals I-vI RNA, which auuiess metals, toxins such as aluminum, anu viius. Foi example, Netals Iv
appeais to be most beneficial foi auults, paiticulaily those with CFSNE.

>'$5 \,&(F =:)+'$+:+.$ :+1 O)+$;'&+)+*

4]8 =,Q)+* ,+: It's impoitant to ueteimine which tieatments aie tempoiaiy anu only iequiieu foi initial
suppoit anu healing vs. those which aie essential foi life long health anu well-being. Nany of these will coiielate
with complete blocks, oi full typos in youi genetic coue while some may be vital suppoits foi paitial blocks that
leau to substantial illness oi uisability. Nost will iequiie anywheie fiom 1u-1S nutiients foi maintenance. Still,
some will be inuispensible, otheis will no longei be vital, anu many otheis will only be neeueu as issues aiise.

A]8 %$(Q$ V$5:)(F Bepenuing on youi health pioblems, this is the stage that neive iepaii is highly beneficial.
Nany of the myelin (neive) iepaii supplements (Neive Coat RNA, ashwaganua, sphingolin, & spiiulina) aie useu
foi a peiiou of 6 to 24 months, yet aie not lifelong supplements.

B]8 0&' <$:6'#: While some supplements may be neeueu foi lifelong gut health (uigestive enzymes &
piobiotics), otheis such as the natuial antibiotics, will only be useu as neeueu to pievent the iecuiience of
chionic bacteiialyeast infection.

I]8 V$O6$.'),+F This is the peiiou of time wheie ie-evaluation takes place. Now that the ciitical issues aie
behinu you, theie is moie time to focus on less piessing issues. Foi example, once iecoveieu fiom Paikinson's,
some have ueciueu to focus on uigestive pioblems. Anu, a chilu who has iecoveieu fiom autism may have
iesiuual ABB issues that his oi hei paients wish to auuiess.

4''$+'),+R #$.( .( *)/ ,* .BB%2.,/% &')0%((Q #$% 1)2- '%S3.'%( /.B% /) '%&4%*.($ B%/$-4,/.)*
'%S3.'%B%*/( ,*2 ,2T3(/ /) () B,*- 0$,*5%(U )V/%*/.B%( W B)*/$( /) , -%,'Q

")5/ '#:' -:3$ '#$ 5(,',.,6 $:/)$( :+1 -,($ .,-O,(':26$

E]. >':(')+* -&6')56$ /&556$-$+'/: You uon't want to auu in seveial things at once that can cause issues.
When you have seveial iecommenuations, it means you shoulu stait them one by one anu giauually layei them
in to youi iegimen, using veiy small uoses to stait. You also shoulu not, anu will not, be expecteu to have most of
the fiist stage supplements in piocess on youi fiist follow-up appointment, so please uo not iace to uo so.

G]8 >',55)+* U ($/':(')+*: Caveat, if you evei stop any of these supplements anu iestait them latei, you shoulu
stait them at the lowei uoses again, unless it has only been a couple of uays.

H]8 7,W$( 1,/$/F Nany of the uoses I have suggesteu aie ieuuceu in oiuei to stietch the piouuct out, thus
ieuucing oveiall cost. Since you will unuoubteuly be taking many supplements foi the next couple of yeais, it
makes sense to use the lowest amount that is helpful to you. Bowevei, if you finu seveial that woik quite well at
highei uoses anu they uo not conflict with othei ciitical suppoits anu you can affoiu them, feel fiee to inciease
them. Baving helpeu family & fiienus, I have a keen unueistanuing of how much eveiything costs anu how laboi
intensive things can get so my goal is always to ieuuce the stiain whenevei possibleboth financially anu

K]8 "#$ 5(,',.,6 /'$5/F Yes, theie aie uefinitely a lot of steps in this piotocol! I often uayuieam that in the
futuie, scientists will be able to stieamline this piotocol so well, that we will have a }etson's like existence,
moving uown the conveyoi belt of life while we pop oui easy meals anu tieatments in as though they aie
chocolate chips! In the meantime, we have this "stieamlineu" veision anu it is tiuly the best that I can uo to
iemain as tiue to the oiiginal piocess as possible. Without a uoubt, theie is much value in following ,44 of the
oiiginal iecommenuations foi this piogiam. Anu, in a peifect woilu we woulu all so. Bowevei, in the ieal woilu
of evei piling bills, othei family membei's neeus, anu uwinuling iesouices, I unueistanu all too well how
impossible it is to obtain eveiy single test anu tieatment while ieseaiching eveiy bit of infoimation, paiticulaily
when one is ill. With this in minu, the basic steps aie just that, basic. Please uo the best that you can to follow
them as much as you can, finuing youi own compiomise.

L]8 <,W 6,+* W)66 '#)/ ':3$g This will vaiy, uepenuing on the seveiity of youi illness as well as how long you oi
youi chilu has stiuggleu with chionic health issues. Neveitheless, the aveiage peison can expect to be on this
piogiam appioximately S yeais fiom stait to finish. Foi those like myself who wish to take as much time as is
neeueu in oiuei to keep chiluien in school thioughout the piocess (anu maintain sanity), it will take longei. Foi
those who have excellent iesouices anu family suppoit anu aie not oveily conceineu with chiluien staying in
school oi going to woik themselves anu wish to speeu up the piocess, you can expect to uevote 1 to 2 yeais to
becoming well. Since this is ceitainly not a quick fix, I believe much of this is a commitment to a new lifestyle
change iathei than a tempoiaiy way of life.


XD:-56$ ,O 0$+$(:6 >&55,('

0nless otheiwise contiainuicateu, the following suppoits aie often beneficial. Neveitheless, each iegimen
shoulu be baseu on youi unique health histoiy, sensitivities, anu neivous system iequiiements as well as
methylation pathway uysfunction.

1). NTBFR A1298C + Livei & BB 4 suppoit stait at a few ciumbs pei uay anu veiy giauually, go up ovei seveial
weeks' time (geneially 4-6 weeks). The goal is V to 1 capsule uaily ($S4.9S6u caps & $29.9SSu caps). This is
whethei you have the NTBFR A1298C uefect oi not.

2). Black Beai Spiay oi uet B 12 Spiay Stait at 1-2 spiays pei uay anu veiy giauually woik up to S-S spiays once
oi twice uaily. A tip foi auults who uevelop heauaches with wine, it is veiy likely that you aie sensitive to
sulfites anu the Black Beai Spiay woulu be even moie beneficial foi you (as well as limiting alcohol & sulfui).
$12.9S$29.9S bottle

S).*uABA Balance to stait at cap oi less at night fiist (can cause veiy milu seuation) but is a gieat way to instill
calming anu ieuuce anxiety uuiing the uay & help with sleep uistuibances at night. Best to stait low at cap
anu woik up to V to 1 capsule in the AN anu 1-2 capsules at night uepenuing on how you iesponu. ($17.Su 9u
caps). This is not to be useu with seuatives, sleeping pills, oi alcohol.

*When the ulutamateuABA (Calm Bown Spiay) spiay comes out, this may be a bettei option foi uaytime.

4). Co Q 1u Spiay is often much moie ieauily toleiateu than the capsules foi those who aie sensitive to methyl
uonois. Stait at 1 spiay pei uay anu slowly woik up to S-S spiays uaily. ($19.9S bottle wCoQ 1u, L-Cainitine,
vit E, & Ribose). Foi those taking statin (cholesteiol uiugs), it is paiamount to take at least S-S spiays.

S). 0ltimate B is a veiy specific combination of B vitamins, which REALLY limits the uose of vit B 6 anu PSP
since many cannot utilize oi toleiate this as well, paiticulaily those with the C0NT & CBS uefects. Some may not
toleiate this combination of B vitamin suppoits. Pioceeu slowly anu see how you uo.
*Stait veiy slowly anu watch behavioi, eneigy level, moouiiiitability, etc., foi self oi chilu. Stait a small
spiinkle uaily foi S-S uays befoie slowly going up. The goal is V to 1 capsule uaily. ($41.9S6u caps).

6). Resveiatiol is an excellent antioxiuant, iecommenueu by conventional & alteinative piactitioneis alike anu
can take the place of uiape Seeu Extiact. Take V to 1 cap uaily. Can puichase at Tiauei }oes foi $1S6u caps oi
at BBI.

7). Nineials: (This will vaiy consiueiably) Potassium 99mg uaily, Liquiu Zinc at 1 uiop uaily & Nagnesium
citiate V to 1 captab uaily. If you have not pieviously toleiateu any of these, please uiscuss this with youi
healthcaie pioviuei. This suggests a piopensity towaiu Sympathetic vs. Paiasympathetic neivous system

8). Special Bigestive Enzymes (SBE) & Pancieatic enzymes
Bighly iecommenueu foi anyone with gut issues oi nutiitional ueficiencies anuoi the genetic iesults aie
known. SBE aie veiy necessaiy foi those with the SBNT, ACAT, BBNT, ABCY, anuoi vBR F0K uefects. If you
cannot even toleiate tiny uoses to stait, tiy SeienAiu uigestive enzymes insteau, also at small uoses. Nost people
toleiate eithei of these quite well, howevei, a small peicentage of those with chionic gut inflammation oi
specific bacteiia pathogens may have ciamping, pain, oi moie aciu ieflux. The enzyme known as SeienAiu may
be a bettei option foi sensitive guts. SBE ($18.9S 1uucaps) cap with meals anu giauually woik up to V cap
to 1 cap with meals yet may neeu to aujust baseu on CSA iesults. Also see Nutiicology Pancieatin suppoit.

9). Bionativus tiace mineials Especially necessaiy foi those with nutiitional ueficiencies, leaky gut issues, anu
those who uiink filteieu oi bottleu watei as oftentimes, the essential mineials aie vastly uepleteu. It is also
helpful foi the ACE uefect. 1-S uiops in eveiy glass oi watei bottle thioughout the uay. ($9.9Sbottle).

0thei veiy helpful basic suppoits incluue:
" Cell foouiueal foi extia mineial suppoit at 1 uiop uaily in juicewatei.
" Pycnogenolan antioxiuant that offsets excitotoxin uamage. 1 Cap uaily.
" Lithium oiotateif low on testing this mineial is substantially impoitant foi moou, B12 tianspoit, &
glutamate balance. Not to be mistaken foi lithium caibonate, useu in many mental health uisoiueis.
Take cap uaily anu peiiouically check levels. Especially helpful foi those with C0NT ++ & NTR 11
enzyme uefects.
" vit B Seithei the BBI vit B spiay oi Cailson's bianu (you neeu a bit of the heib Rosemaiy with
Cailson's foi absoiption).
" vit C with Rose hips oi Estei C. 1 tablet uaily (Suu-1,uuu mg uaily).
" RNAsStiess Founuation, Neive Calm, & the ueneial Bealth Founuation aie excellent foi lessening the
auueu stiess that natuial uetox also places on the bouy in auuition to ieuucing the oveiall inflammation
commonly founu in chionic autoimmune oi neuiological uiseases. If you can affoiu these, I BIuBLY
iecommenu them & taking 2-4 uiops once oi twice a uay insteau of uioppei. This is a veiy ieasonable
uose foi many & uiastically ieuuces the cost. (All RNAs, except Bowel inflammation Plus, aie $8S bottle
& typically last 2-S months, yet will last much longei if using smallei uoses. Nany patients have them foi
4-6 months).


7)O$/'J6$ \:.',(/ U _$J )//&$/F
X#$% V)44)+.*5 ,'% /$% B)(/ .B&)'/,*/ .((3%( /) ,22'%(( ,( ())* ,( -)3 0,*:

I)$':(J .#:+*$/: Reuucing neuiological iiiitation anu achieving ulutamateuABA balance is ciitical!
1). Excitotoxins: The moie excitotoxins you have coming into youi bouy will only seive to unuo many of the
helpful measuies you've alieauy implementeu as well as those below. Theiefoie, I highly iecommenu a gluten
(wheat, iye, bailey), casein (*uaiiy), & soy fiee uiet. See the attacheu sheetsPBF iegaiuing uietaiy guiuance. In
the enu, you can only uo the best that you can so if finances uo not peimit this, simply avoiu these foous as much
as possible. Eat fiesh, whole foous with veiy few piocesseu meals oi snacks in oiuei to limit toxic ingieuients
uue to the hiuuen chemicals anu souices of NSu (also known as "natuial flavois, citiic aciu, hyuiolyzeu piotein,
xanthan gum, etc.). Auuitionally, uue to the hybiiu techniques utilizeu by Nonsanto & othei foou coipoiations,
with few exceptions, wheat is Su% NSu. This uoes not incluue the typical auuitives anuoi hiuuen ingieuients
auueu in foi flavoi. Asiue fiom acting as a common alleigen, it is an abunuant excitotoxin anu highly
uiscouiageu. Buckwheat (a beiiy, not actually wheat), quinoa, millet, amaianth, anu giains such as basmati
biown iice aie abunuant anu much bettei alteinatives.

*Baiiy: This is a contioveisial subject, especially within the uaiiy inuustiy, yet if you ieau the infoimation
iegaiuing this issue in the Excitotoxins (NSu) hanuout you will see that not all milk is cieateu equally. Alpha 2
uaiiy (jeisey & uueinsey cow's milk, goat & sheep's milk anu cheese) is compatible with most uigestive &
immune systems.

Please consiuei that while feimenteu foous aie exceptional foi those with healthy uigestive tiacts, anyone with
inflammatoiy bowel uisease anu othei uisoiueis contiibuting to leaky gut issues typically uo not uo well with
feimenteu foous such as Kombucha, Biagg's amino acius, miso, etc., uue to the natuially occuiiing yet
exceptionally high levels of glutamates in such piouucts.

Bespite the highei sulfui level foi those with the CBS anuoi S00X uefects, ciucifeious vegetables aie extiemely
impoitant foi incieasing the phase I & phase II livei uetoxification. This is the main ieason behinu theii
beneficial effects in tieating cancei anu chionic autoimmune anu neuiological uisoiueis. While those with the
CBS & S00X uefects may neeu to ieuuce theii poition sizes (anu inciease theii uoses of molybuenum), kale,
cabbage, bioccoli, biussel spiouts, bok choy, collaiu gieens, & cauliflowei, aie all goou souices. Pick a few that
you can live with on a iegulai basis anu woik towaiu integiating them into youi uiet. Theie aie no absolutes
heie, just uo youi best.

2). Beouoiants: 0se natuial Beouoiants to iemove heavy aluminum exposuie: goou ueouoiants incluue: 1).
Beiban Cowboy, 2). Eveiy Nan }ack, anu S). Bubble & Bee's Pit Putty (Lemongiass oi Speaimint coconut aie
excellent). It often takes 4-6 weeks to aujust to N0T using the heavy aluminum ueouoiant so you will piobably
sweat moie until youi bouy auapts. It is also bettei to use one of the above as a base layei piioi to auuing the
commeicial ueouoiants. You will still have less toxin absoiption anu this is an option foi those who uo not auapt
as well to the natuial alteinatives. Remembei, it uoesn't neeu to be all oi nothing. Compiomise is almost always

S). 0xygen & Sunshine: Tiy to aii out the ioom you spenu the most time in by ciacking oi opening the winuow
whenevei possible. Staying inuoois eliminates a fiesh oxygen supply anu the less oxygen you ieceive, the
gieatei the iisk foi cell mutations, such as those leauing to cancei. Also, sunshine is impeiative so having at
least 1u-1S minutes of sun exposuie twice a uay is optimal (if toleiateu).

4). Continue oiganic fiesh fiuits anu vegetables as pesticiues wieak havoc on an alieauy buiueneu system. See
the "Biity Bozen List" in oiuei to focus on the most heavily contaminateu so that you can ieuuce youi gioceiy

S). Souium: Woik towaiu ieuucing salt intake anu using eithei "Natuial, Bimalayan salt" oi puie "Sea salt" since
table salt is iife with aluminum in oiuei to pievent it fiom caking. Be awaie that sea salt uoes not contain
iouine as table salt uoes.

6). Watei bottles: The concein is with leaching that occuis fiom plastics anu aluminum bottles. Kleen canteen is
piobably the best ie-useable watei bottle available. It is unlineu stainless steel anu uoes not contaminate youi
watei. ulass is optimal yet not teiiibly convenient foi an "on the go" lifestyle. The stainless steel Camel Back
containeis aie also ok. Likewise, it is best to stoie most wet foous in glass containeis. Avoiu using plastic
containeis in the miciowave!

7). Niciowaves: Please avoiu using the miciowave foi cooking oi ieheating. Theie aie many ieasonably "quick"
alteinatives such as using a toastei oven (which also bioils, biakes, & waims) oi using a teakettle foi hot watei.

8). Establishing neivous system uominancesee the Neivous System attachment sent with this packet.

9). Cooking pots & pans: Avoiu aluminum anu Teflon oi similai coatings anu stick to cast iion oi stainless steel
as much as possible. Baking anu bioiling aie optimal as opposeu to giilling oi pan-fiying.
1u). 0ptimize Nutiients: Theie aie many methous foi making simplei foous yet "uoctoiing" them up to boost the
nutiitional value. Foi instance, auuing giounu flax, quinoa, amaianth, millet, oi puie buckwheat floui to youi
bakeu goous anu Chipati's oi pie-mixeu waffle & pancake battei, ieuuces the glycemic inuex anu unhealthful
aspects of the iefineu, white iice & soighum flouis they geneially use in uFCFSF mixes. 0f couise, with
chiluien, you want to stait veiy giauually, auuing in 1 tablespoon at a time to allow youi chilu to aujust to them.
0theiwise, they won't like the changes. Quinoa is paiticulaily iich in piotein anu mineials, yet tenus to have a
veiy stiong flavoi. 0ftentimes, a cup is moie than enough anu you can also auu in giounu flax seeu meal oi
chia seeus foi omega S fats anu moistuie. You can also uo this with pizza ciust mixes oi othei baking mixes. Be
cieative, woik towaiu making this fit youi own family meals.

You can also giinu up spinach, zucchini, squash, oi caiiots into uFCF pizza sauce to have an auueu boost of
vitamins anu mineials. You can also uo this foi pasta when making spaghetti oi Nac & cheese. When you auu a
little at a time, most kius uo not notice veiy finely giounu caiiots oi zucchini (take skin off zucchini foi Nac &
Cheese). The mini foou piocessois make this much simplei anu aie much less expensive anu cumbeisome to
use than the iegulai piocessois.

I highly iecommenu making up laige batches anu fieezing them foi simplicity. You can also uo this with lentils,
basmati biown iice, chipati's, chicken, anu casseioles as well as pizzas, meatballs, hambuigei patties, stii-fiy,
meatloaf, anu many moie uishes. This ieuuces the stiess of coming up with a healthful uinnei on those busiei
nights. All of these uishes have the auueu bonus of hiuing vegetables well. Please see the Bietaiy Stiategies
section foi moie uetail.

11). Logbook: It is always bettei to use smallei uoses whenevei possible, paiticulaily as you begin to layei in
multiple supplements. The goal is to use the least numbei of suppoits (incluuing uoses) as possible, in oiuei to
achieve the best outcome.

It is also impoitant to maintain a basic -,+'#6J logbook of youi cuiient symptoms, iating them fiom u-1u (Zeio
is the least amount of uiscomfoit anu ten is the woist). This allows you to evaluate piogiess, oi lack theieof, as
well as monitoiing the effects of new suppoits. The example below allows foi a quick ieview anu uoes not
iequiie a significant amount of time. Still, it allows one to monitoi patteins that uevelop oi to quickly spot
significant changes within each month. Foi example, you may stait S-4 supplements in micio uoses anu begin to
have uiaiihea oi insomnia seveial weeks latei. Without the logbook, you may not iealize this is ielateu to the
new suppoits. Conveisely, you may not iealize that youi uaytime naps have ceaseu oi that you no longei have
nighttime anxiety. Please see the following example.

1u2u12 (The below log assumes you have uone this pieviously so that you have a compaiison)

Fatigue 6 (was 81u) Switcheu to new supplements (niacin, iibo, benfo)
Bizziness 6-7 (was u1u) Reuuceu active folate as suggesteu
Anxiety 4-S (was 91u) Seems bettei with RNA
Bepiession 6-8 (same) Basn't changeu
Nuscle weakness 6-8 (was S1u) Seems woisebettei with less piotein
uut pioblems 2 (was 71u) Seems bettei with uigestive enzymes
Sleepiness 4-S (was 8-91u) But still unable to nap
Eneigy 4-S1u (was 2-S1u) Slightly moie eneigy (but not able to leave house)
Anxiety 81u (was 4-S1u) Woise with new supplements
Stims oi peiseveiation S (was 71u) Nuch bettei with Benfotiamine anu Anxiety RNA

>&556$-$+'/ ', *$+$(:66J :Q,)1: TylenolAcetaminophen, Coppei, iion, tauiine, *calcium, plain folate & folic
aciu, glycine, glutathione, anu "chelateu mineials" as these mineial veisions often contain one of the following:
aspaitic aciuaspaitame, glutamic aciuglutamateNonosouium glutamate(NSu), which aie all excitotoxins.
*B#*'& 8#* 0)& (0)0'>/(03#&3$. <*/$%0%3' 8$11 ()*,0,1> )&R2$)& .01.$2/7 0' 8$11 3#*'& 8#* 0)& $% '304& SVW *: 3#&
()*4)0/ X*%.& &P.$3*3*P$.$3> $' 8&11 )&42103&9Y

B,-O,(' -$:/&($/ O,( -,/' 1$',D /J-5',-/: (These will vaiy consiueiably baseu on neivous system
uominance anu inuiviuual neeus). Examples incluue uABA Balance, Benfotiamine (synthetic B1), anu mag
citiatemalate foi anxiety, 0CB, anu uepiession as well as soothing uetox symptoms. *RNAs such as: 1). ueneial
Inflammation Suppoit RNA, 2). Anxiety RNA, S). Neive Calm, RNA, & 4). Stiess Founuation RNA aie also highly
helpful foi uetox stiess ieactions & aie typically well toleiateu. *As mentioneu, the RNAs will often last foi at
least S-4 months anu the mutation specific RNAs will last even longei at 4-6 mos.

\,66,W;&5: 4-6 weeks oi soonei, if necessaiy. Since theie aie many suppoits to initiate oi inciease, it will be an
impoitant time to monitoi youi iesponses in oiuei to ueteimine what is most effective foi you.

0^47>: ueneial bouy chemistiy anu neivous system suppoit. The above nutiients, suppoits, uigestive enzymes,
anu piobiotics will help immensely with establishing a goou founuation. In the futuie, we can auuiess the most
significant methylation uefects anu vulneiabilities so that youi symptoms aie consiueiably lesseneu.

B,+/)1$(:'),+/: The above iecommenuations aie baseu on the cuiient scientific unueistanuing of biomoleculai
nutiigenomics anu shoulu nevei be useu in place of youi specialist oi piimaiy caie pioviuei's iecommenuations
foi meuical testing, tieatment, anuoi follow up caie. Noieovei, the science of nutiigenomics anu biochemistiy
is an evolving fielu anu as such, theie aie few absolutes in the healing piocess. As we move foiwaiu, we will
unuoubteuly ie-evaluate youi iegimen in oiuei to tailoi the tieatments to youi inuiviuual neeus.

@:(' GF "#$ >%@/
"#$ 1$O$.'/:

B:Q$:'F It is best not to auu in seveial things at once that can cause uetox. When you have seveial
iecommenuations, it is piuuent to stait them one by one, layeiing them into youi iegimen giauually.
Fuitheimoie, having a soliu founuation is ciitical foi youi bouy chemistiy as well as any genetic factois.

Seiine Byuioxymethyltiansfeiase
"L/)&Y =%,2 Z*2 9),26
@(),()'J -&':'),+ h E

SBNT This is a piioiity mutation! You want to auuiess SBNT fiist, befoie ANY othei uefects. 0ut of all of the
iecommenuations, this is most ciitical. When you auuiess gut inflammation anu bacteiia, you will geneially
inuuce uetox. Still, this will also uepenu on how significant youi gut issues aie as well as the bacteiial loau. This
is uue, in laige pait, to the metals anu ammonia anu othei toxic waste that aie ieleaseu as bacteiia uie. Since
bacteiia tenu to cleave to aluminum, you may have consiueiable uumping uuiing tieatment anu subsequent
uetoxification. *viius tenus to holu onto heavy metals.

Noimally folate is conveiteu into its active veision thiough the Little Notheiflippei, (AKA NTBFR C677T).
Shoitly afteiwaiu, it uepaits foi the SBNT enzyme in oiuei to complete the exchange. 0nce the SBNT uoes its
job, the active folate can happily pass thiough the NTRNTRR into SAN's Coipoiation, oui majoi woik tag
piouucei. 0nfoitunately, an SBNT uefect often tiaps this piecious commouity. Why is this impoitant. 0nce it
tiavels thiough the SBNT, you aie capable of making new RNA anu BNA, which aie ciitical foi making you
uistinctively you! Neveitheless, once the fielus aie piopeily planteu, this active folate tiavels thiough the
faiming iegion to the "Long Way Bome"(NTRNTRR) wheie it supplies the iequiieu woik tags foi the entiie
system. This junctuie utilizes methyl gioups to piouuce methylcobalamin. Nethyl B-12 then conveits
homocysteine into methionine, which is iequiieu foi SAN. Without these tags, the community is foiceu to iely
upon consiueiably less inuustiious iegions such as the "Shoit-cut" (BBNT). The shoit cut also conveits
homocysteine into methionine yet uoes not iequiie folate oi B-12 to uo so.

Noieovei, uefects within The Little Notheiflippei anuoi NTRNTRR often allow homocysteine (BCY) levels
iise. BCY is similai to the chain gangs of olu in that it acts as a goou souice of woik tags. Nonetheless, if left
uncheckeu, it can cause substantial uamage thioughout the bouy just as a gioup of piisoneis might wieak havoc
upon the goou citizens within an unsuspecting village.

As foi any gut issues, you will auuiess many of them by taigeting the SBNT as well as using uigestive enzymes to
bieak uown fatty acius, staiches, anu pioteins. When you aie unable to efficiently bieak these uown, toxic fatty
acius may builu up to haimful levels. This can uamage the mitochonuiia, which aie the eneigy factoiies of each
cell. Piobiotics aie also ciitical as they intiouuce new anu beneficial bacteiia into the gut. If you uestioy the bau
bacteiia without having some goou oiganisms ieauy to step up anu take theii place, othei moie iesistant bugs
will begin to multiply. This uefect pioviues many answeis foi those with chionic gut issues, pooi wounu
healing, anuoi iecuiient bacteiial infections. Nany have iecuiient stiep infections, boils, acne, anuoi chionic
bowel inflammation anu infections.

Labs: Nonitoi homocysteine levels, which aie also a goou inuication of folate oi B-12 ueficiency.

"($:'-$+' ($.,--$+1:'),+/
a). *SBNT Spiay to stait at 1 spiay anu giauually inciease to 4-S spiays ovei seveial months time (oi, as
toleiateu). Consiuei that as bacteiia uie, they ielease aluminum anu ammonia so you uo not want to uo this
quickly oi you may have a huge loau in the system. Consiuei uiluting the spiay at concentiateu SBNT anu
Bistilleu watei anu begin 1 spiay of this mix to see how you toleiate it fiist.
b). Bowel Inflammation RNA at only 1 uiop to stait uue to uetox potentialyou may also consiuei uiluting this
with uistilleu watei to see how you uo on less concentiateu veisions fiist.
c). *SBNTABCY Caps: Foi those with full SBNT uefects, you may wish to consiuei this combo suppoit oi a
vaiiation theieof, such as nucleotiues, lactofeiiin, low uose folinic, anuoi hyuioxy B-12). Foi the combo
suppoit, stait appiox 8-1u weeks aftei the above supplements have been initiateu, with at least a couple of
weeks in between them. Stait with a few ciumbs anu move up to cap, uepenuing on how sensitive you
noimally aie (& how you toleiateu the otheis). uiauually woik up to 1 capsule, though iueally it's best in two
uiviueu uoses such as V capsule in AN anu PN.
u). Consiuei SBNT RNA if significant meuical issues (uiscuss with youi piactitionei).

Acetyl-Coenzyme A acetyltiansfeiase
"> 1,2 D3/ [ JC,4,/%(6
@(),()'J -&':'),+ h G

Although this mutation is faiily uncommon, it significantly impacts the Eneigy Cycle (citiic aciu cycle) anu
mitochonuiial function. The influences aie wiue anu fai ianging anu incluue bile salt piouuction, cholesteiol,
fatty acius, anu the piocessing of oxalates. Notwithstanuing a paitial oi full uefect, many have a "functional"
vaiiation uue to the impact of aluminum, heavy metals, anu toxins as well as othei uefects that impact this aiea
such as the N0S, NTBFR, & CBS. 0pon viewing the methylation community uiagiam, it is impoitant to note that
the eneigy cycle is closely connecteu to each sequence, yet it is intimately linkeu to both the waste cycle anu
SAN's Coipoiation.

Since the eneigy cycle is essential foi piocessing anu conveiting all uietaiy nutiients (glucose, fats, pioteins)
into useable foims of eneigy, a bieakuown anywheie uown the line might tiip an inteinal alaim. This is
analogous to youi cai's "low fuel" gauge. }ust as any inuustiy piocesses coal, gas, oi oil foi eneigy piouuction,
youi bouy must have the essential nutiients in oiuei to piopeily function. If you visualize the eneigy cycle as a
clock, each houi iepiesents an aiea in which one nutiient oi substance conveits into a moie compatible foim of
eneigy. Bepenuing on uigestive function, uiet, iate of absoiption, anu the piesence of any genetic quiiks, a
pioblem might occui at any point within the uevice. This may leau to significant chemical imbalances within
youi bouy chemistiy as well as mitochonuiial uysfunction oi uisoiueis.

The ACAT plays a key iole in cieating bile salts, which is ciucial foi cholesteiol anu othei membiane lipiu
balances. While we tenu to view cholesteiol anu othei fats as the "bau guys" in the wai against uisease, these
compounus aie ciitical foi geneial health anu wellbeing. Whethei it's the coating suiiounuing a neive, cell, oi
oigan, cholesteiol is essential in its piouuction. Think of youi home's electiical wiiing anu the thick, plastic oi
iubbei coating noimally founu piotecting it. An exposeu wiie is vulneiable anu may "shoit out," so that the
impulse isn't tiansmitteu. Similaily, the bouy's neivous system iequiies the piotection affoiueu fiom a nice,
thick fatty coating oi funuamental connections may nevei be maue. An exposeu neive may leau to a misfiie,
which is often the souice behinu the eaily symptoms founu in neuioimmune uisoiueis. This often incluues
signs such as tiemois, muscle fasciculations, weakness, anu fatigue as well as woiu gioping anu pooi
concentiation anu ietention. Without cholesteiol, you also cannot make seveial vital hoimones, incluuing, youi
sex hoimones (estiogen & testosteione) oi insulin. Theiefoie, low cholesteiol levels aie not as beneficial as one
woulu initially think.

Finally, if a chionically ill peison has hau heavy aluminum oi othei toxic exposuies along with a paitially
functioning ACAT, eneigy piouuction is likely to stall to a neai stanustill. Noieovei, as outlineu in the eneigy
cycle, othei pioblems may incluue:

1. Noie B-12 uepletion, which has iamifications thioughout the entiie system.
2. Cholesteiol & fatty aciu imbalances, often leauing to toxic fatty aciu builuup & high cholesteiol.
S. Becieasing bile salts & incieaseu tauiine piouuction as well as pooi cell wall function since they all iely
on the piopei bieakuown of cholesteiol thiough the ACAT.
4. Pooi bieakuown of fats, caibohyuiates, & pioteins to fuel othei cells, neives, tissue, & oigans.
S. Rising oxalate levels that may cause painful uiination anu blauuei & kiuney stones.
6. Co Q-1u ieuuction, which is also necessaiy foi mitochonuiial function & eneigy.
7. Limiteu eneigy foi the Waste Facility & SAN's Coip. uue to less conveision of methionine to SANe. In
having ovei 4uu methylation functions, SANe is ciitical foi the entiie community.

As the eneigy factoiies of each cell, mitochonuiial uamage has significant implications. In fact, anything that
uemanus moie eneigy, incluuing the gut anu the biain, aie paiticulaily vulneiable. Significant blocks may limit
the availability of bile salts; hence the uigestive piocess is uoubly buiueneu. This pioviues a valiu ieason foi
many unexplaineu uigestive pioblems, while explaining pooi giowth & uevelopment as well as failuie to thiive.
Well-stuuieu toxins such as aluminum, leau, meicuiy, anu NSu also gieatly impact this factoiy. This is one
ieason those with known mitochonuiial uisoiueis aie uiscouiageu fiom eating foous with pesticiues, NSu, anu
aluminum. 0ltimately, anyone with multiple iisk factois is especially pione to mitochonuiial uysfunction.

7:2/F monitoi foi oxalates, high tauiine, NNA, anuoi methionine levels as well as low cholesteiol.
Ethanolamine anu the *biancheu chain amino aciu (BCCA), isoleucine may be elevateu on uiine amino acius

*If othei BCCA's such as valine anu leucine aie also elevateu, consiuei clostiiuia.

"($:'-$+' XD:-56$/F (This will also uepenu on gut issues & neivous system balance)
1. Auenosylcobalmin (paiticulaily if NNA levels aie high)
2. Bile salts (Cholacol oi 0x bile powueitabs)
S. Policosanol (membiane balance & fluiuity)
4. Pancieatic enzymes (Nutiicology & special uigestive enzymes)
S. vitamin K
6. vitamin E
7. Lactofeiiin (While lactofeiiin has a tiace amount of uaiiy, it uoes not geneially contain the milk piotein
known as casein).
8. Nucleotiues
9. Co Q 1u

The following may also be iequiieu yet if neivous system type is eviuent, it woulu be piuuent to supplement
1. Benfotiamine (synthetic thiamin)
2. Riboflavin
S. Pantothenic aciu
4. Extiemely low uose Alpha lipoic Aciu (avoiu if NTRR 11 anu CBS aie both piesent)

"#$ X+$(*J ,( B)'(). 4.)1 BJ.6$ -:1$ /)-56$(

The Kiebs cycle, also calleu the citiic aciu cycle oi the "Eneigy Cycle," is a seiies of chemical ieactions that
conveit foou (sugai, piotein, anu fat) into eneigy (ATP). It is iefeiieu to as a cycle since it shoulu always enu
wheie it began. This piocess occuis thiough thiee main stages within each cell:

1). ulycolysis, otheiwise known as the bieakuown of sugai, yielus 2 molecules of ATP, 2 molecules of NABB, anu
two foims of pyiuvate (6 foims of cuiiency in all). This is actually a step that takes place befoie the eneigy
cycle's woik begins anu is geneially incluueu as the founuation.
2). The Citiic Aciu Cycle (CAC) oi Kiebs Cycle occuis within the mitochonuiia. Recall that the mitochonuiia aie
the engines oi poweihouses of the cell.
S). The Election Tianspoit Chain (ETC), which is wheie the bulk of ATP is manufactuieu. Nost impoitantly,
NABB is conveiteu into useable eneigy, specifically ATP, thiough this conveyoi belt like piocess within the
mitochonuiia. Inciuentally, in iecent yeais scientists have uiscoveieu this as the souice behinu many health
issues in those with autism anu CFSNE. This is uue to the seveie eneigy ueficit iequiieu foi all cellulai activity.

The compounu known as pyiuvate contains a substantial amount of eneigy, yet in oiuei to utilize it, the cell
must conveit this eneigy into ATP. Initially, sugai (oi fatpiotein) is bioken uown to a simplei, compatible foim
known as Acetyl CoA. This piocess occuis as pyiuvate oxiuizes, oi is useu, anu loses one of its' light bulbs
(caibons) to foim Acetyl CoA anu NABB. 0nce this occuis, the molecules entei a conveyoi belt like piocessing
centei within the Eneigy Cycle, known as the Election Tianspoit Chain (ETC). Acetyl-CoA joins with
oxaloacetate to foim citiate.

It's impoitant to note that whenevei a block occuis within an enzyme, you will see a iise within the enzyme oi
compounu pieceuing it. Foi example, if theie is a block leauing to high citiate (at 1 o'clock), you will see
elevateu levels of othei inteimeuiates at 11 o'clock, leauing to high oxalates. Since citiic aciu can builu up fiom
pooi iion utilization anuoi high bacteiial levels, lactofeiiin may be in oiuei so that iion enteis the cell wheie it
belongs. 0theiwise, it simply pioviues moie fuel foi bacteiia, leauing to a vicious cycle. 0f couise, uiveiting
such iesouices away fiom these pathogens may leau to some miluei uetoxification symptoms. Conveisely, low
glutathione levels may also leau to elevateu citiic aciu levels. In this case, cuicumin oi queicetin may help shift
piouuction towaiu cysteine anu glutathione.

It helps to iemembei that absolutely nothing within the human bouy occuis in isolation. Please iefei to the
below uiagiam, viewing it as a clock like piocess.

", 7$:(+ =,($

Enteitaining iap viueo iegaiuing the Citiic Aciu Cycle & 0xiuation foi the youngei ciowu

"Simplei" Acauemic veision with KhanAcauemy

\,( '#,/$ W#, W)/# ', &+1$(/':+1 '#$ 2),.#$-)/'(J? '#$ O,66,W)+* )+O,(-:'),+ )/ I(8 b:/3,i/ '$.#+).:6
,Q$(Q)$W ,O '#$ 4B4"8 C #:Q$ )+.6&1$1 : .6,.3 )+ ,(1$( ', 5(,Q)1$ : Q)/&:6 .,-5:()/,+ O,( I(8 b:/3,i/
:+:6,*J: (Entei at youi own iisk!)

B#& %&P3 (*)3$*% *: 3#& (03#80> 3#03 /0> ,& $/(0.3&9 ,> 6"6B $' 3#& 1&+&1 *: 0.&3>1 "*65 F&/&/,&) 3#03 0.&3>1 "*6
:&&9' $%3* 3#& 3*( *: 3#& B"6 .>.1& 03 USZTT5 [*) 3#$' )&0'*% C 0/ '244&'3$%4 3#03 >*2 .*%'$9&) ,&%:*3$0/$%&7
)$,*:10+$%7 0%9 (0%3*3#&%$. 0.$97 011 *: 8#$.# #&1( 3#& )&0.3$*%' ,&38&&% (>)2+03& 0%9 3#& B"6 .>.1&5 C% 099$3$*%7
3#& 2'& *: 1*8 9*'& 6H6 0' 01(#0 1$(*$. 0.$9 (not to be confuseu with alpha linolenic aciu) /0> ,& #&1(:21 0' $3 #0'
,&&% '#*8% 3* )&(10.& 0.&3>1 "*6 $% .&)30$% )&0.3$*%' XA04# &3 01 \5 -$*'.$5 M*1 UU7 U]^_Y5 ?&+&)3#&1&''7 8#&% `BFF
0%9a*) "-K 9&:&.3' 0)& ()&'&%37 6H6 '#*219 ,& )&'3)$.3&9 3* +&)> 1*8 9*'&' $% *)9&) 3* 0+*$9 &P.&''$+& 80'3&
&P.)&3$*%5 [*) $%'30%.&7 *%& .*219 2'& 0 '/011 '()$%E1& :)*/ 0% 6H6 .0('21& *) 0((1> 3#& 3*($.01 6H6 8$3# 4)&&% 3&0

0xalates: 6 ,1*.E 8$3#$% 3#$' .>.1& X03 3#& 0.&3>1 "*6 (*$%3Y .0% 01'* 1&09 3* 0% 0..2/2103$*% *: *P0103&'5 C% *)9&)
3* E&&( 3#& .>.1& :1*8$%4 ()*(&)1>7 $3 $' $/(*)30%3 :*) 3#& *P0103&' 03 UUZTT 3* .*/,$%& 8$3# 0.&3>1 "*6 .*/$%4 $% 03
USZTT5 b(3$/01 '2((*)3 $%.129&' +$30/$% N 0%9 10.3*:&))$%.

6 ,1*.E 03 3#$' (*$%3 .0% 01'* 1&09 3* $%.)&0'&9 /&3#>1/01*%$. X``6Y 1&+&1'5 [*) 3#$' )&0'*%7 C #0+& '244&'3&9
'$/$10) '2((*)3 :*) 3#& 6"6B 3#03 C 9* 8#&% C '&& #$4# ``6 1&+&1'5 B#$' $%.129&' 09&%*'>1 -US7 *3#&) :*)/' *: -US7
1*8 9*'& +$30/$% c '2..$%03&7 10.3*:&))$%7 0 '()$%E1& *: 0.3$:*1 0%9 %2.1&*3$9&'5 ``6 /0> $%#$,$3 '2..$%03& "*d
)&92.30'&5 B#$' &%@>/& $' $/(*)30%3 $% &1&.3)*% 3)0%'(*)35 B#03 $' 8#> C #0+& '244&'3&9 +$30/$% N X/&%0R2$%*%&Y
0' 8&11 0' "*d UT X2,$R2$%*%&Y 3* #&1( 3* '&)+& 0' &1&.3)*% 0..&(3*)' 8#&% 8& #0+& #$4# ``6 *) 8$3# 6"6B $''2&'.

[)*/ 0 ,$*.#&/$.01 '30%9(*$%37 8& '&& #$4#&) 1&+&1' *: /&3#$*%$%& 8$3# 6"6B /2303$*%'5 [*) 3#$' )&0'*% C 0/
1**E$%4 3* '2((*)3 3#& .*%+&)'$*% :)*/ /&3#$*%$%& 3* K6`&5 K2((*)3' '2.# 0' "#*10.*17 GKQ 0%9 "*dUT 0)& 011 $%
.*%'$9&)03$*% *: 3#& `6B &%@>/&5 Q&),' '2.# 0' .2).2/$% 0%9 R2&).&3$% /0> #&1( 3* '#$:3 3#& 3)0%'21:2)03$*%
(03#80> 3*80)9 GKQ5 G&%&)011>7 $3 $' ,&33&) 3* 0.#$&+& 3#$' ,> 8*)E$%4 8$3#$% 3#& '>'3&/ )03#&) 3#0% '$/(1> 099$%4
$% /*)& '2((*)35 c+&% '*7 3** /2.# GKQ /0> 1&09 3* 4)&03&) :&&9,0.E7 $%#$,$3$%4 G"H5 B#& G"H $' 3#& &%@>/& 3#03
'#2%3' 3*80)9 412303#$*%& )03#&) 3#0% .>'3&$%& 0%9 302)$%&5 6' 0180>'7 3#& 4*01 )&/0$%' /*9&)03$*% 0%9 ,010%.&.

cystathionine beta synthase
"#$% P)4% .* /$% :30;%/6
@(),()'J h H

Tip! It is ciucial to auuiess any gut issues befoie you thoioughly auuiess the CBS uefect. Since chionic gut issues
leau to highei bacteiial loaus, thus leauing to highei ammonia piouuction as well as leaky gut (ieuucing nutiient
absoiption anu incieaseu iisk foi foou sensitivity) this aiea is paiamount. You can begin to auuiess the CBS
piioi to fully auuiessing gut issues though they shoulu be uone in conceit. Since the CBS is one of the most
impoitant issues to auuiess, I've ueciueu to expanu upon the uefects while emphasizing the CBS anu its impact
on the entiie pathway. Also iecall that a CBS upiegulation substantially uiains anu floous the uiea cycle. This
enzyme uepletes the piecious iesouice known as BB4 while oveiloauing the uiea cycle with its' fastei uumping.

It is paiamount to balance any chief uefects piioi to optimizing the methylation cycle. The CBS enzyme, locateu
at the entiance of the tianssulfuiation pathway, conveits homocysteine to cystathionine. Although the following
uiscussion is somewhat contioveisial within the ieseaich community, my colleagues anu I have confiimeu (in
oui own clinical piactices) many of Bi. Yasko's uiscoveiies iegaiuing the CBS upiegulation. The incieaseu
activity often leaus to toxic waste builu-up anu pooi glutathione piouuction in auuition to challenges piocessing
sulfuisulfates. While this may be contingent upon othei uefects, theie may be an elevation in tauiine,
ammonia, sulfites anu hyuiogen sulfiue. Tauiine is an amino aciu while the lattei thiee substances aie toxic.
Theiefoie, it is often vital to suppoit this enzyme piioi to initiating othei methylation tieatments. 0theiwise,
any effoits to suppoit the cycle may only iesult in incieaseu toxic buiuen. This may explain the ieason some
patients cannot toleiate effoits to iaise glutathione, paiticulaily since they aie sulfui-containing substances,
while otheis ueiive gieat benefit without uebilitating siue effects.

As mentioneu, even a paitial uefect often leaus to uumping eveiything out at 1ux the noimal iate, hence, the
"Bole in the bucket." This tenus to uiain the entiie pathway of nutiients, homocysteine, anu toxins. 0nce the
initial bouy chemistiy anu neivous system suppoits aie on boaiu, this is one of the most ciitical uefects to
iegulate. Neveitheless, since gut bacteiia ielease plenty of ammonia & toxins of theii own, it isn't in youi best
inteiest to tiap this within the system. The bottom line is that in piematuiely auuiessing the CBS, we coulu be
tiapping such waste. The goal is to get basic suppoit on boaiu in oiuei to make uetoxification much easiei to
toleiate. Think of the CBS as an open bain uooi oi a leaky bucket (& please iefei to the uiagiams I have sent you
on this aiea so that you have a bettei visual). This means that eveiything that uoes & uoesn't belong within the
whole pathway aie just uumping iight on out into the livei & kiuneys to be filteieu out, much like a hole in the

This means that as fast as you tiy to fill youi leaky bucket, much of it simply uumps iight out. This leaus to
significant ueficiencies within PSP, B6, B-12, mineials, antioxiuants, etc. These compounus often uiain out,
leaving you without ciitical methylation suppoit to maintain anu police the entiie system. Noieovei, it is often
common to see elevateu ":&()+$ levels on the amino aciu tests. Anu, since Tauiine & Beta alanine shaie the
same amino aciu tianspoitei; this level may also be elevateu. Even so, when we stait supplementing this
pathway, it continues to uiain out, oftentimes, leauing to even highei level of tauiine. Neveitheless, low tauiine
levels shoulu not be suppoiteu until piopei methylation suppoit is on boaiu. Tauiine is a sulfui uonoi anu may
tiiggei moie issues. Yet if levels iemain low uespite methylation suppoit, its' auuition may be veiy beneficial,
paiticulaily foi those who suffei fiom seizuies, aggiession, anxiety, anuoi agitation.

ueneially, the tianssulfuiation pathway (livei pathway) leaus to eithei tauiine oi glutathione piouuction,
though not both. While losing so much towaiu tauiine has its benefitsyou often pievent seizuies uue to its
calming qualitiesyou tiaue *06&':'#),+$ in the piocess, which is a steep baigain. As youi most vital &
noimally abunuant antioxiuant, glutathione is iequiieu foi many piocesses incluuing immune function anu
uetoxification as well as iegulating the function of othei antioxiuants. In fact, this is the main ieason that those
with chionic illness suffei fiom iecuiient bacteiial, viial, paiasitic, & fungal infections as well as cancei, toxic
metals, etc. Without glutathione, veiy little is noimally filteieu anu piocesseu within the system.

Auuitionally, #,-,.J/'$)+$ is an inuispensable amino aciu in the piouuction of SAN anu acts as a key piecuisoi
foi this supeistai. Baving ovei 4uu known biochemical functions in the bouy, SAN is the methyl uonoi oi woik
tag. In the event of a CBS bieakuown, Bomocysteine quickly escapes, along with othei amino acius, vitamins,
mineials, toxins, anu wastes, both uepleting anu taxing the system. To make matteis woise, eveiything that
uumps out thiough the CBS often conveits into ',D). :--,+): :+1 /&6O)'$/. 0nfoitunately, this even incluues
the goou supplements anu nutiients. This also means that eveiy time you use supplements, uiet, anuoi
meuications to suppoit nutiitional anu methylation ueficiencies, you may be inauveitently ueliveiing moie &
moie toxins, theieby auuing to youi oveiall toxic buiuen. This will also extensively iaise glutamate levels (as
will stiep & heavy metals), causing excitotoxicity. As mentioneu above, those with the CBS up iegulation tenu to
bieakuown homocysteine in oiuei to make cysteine anu tauiine, iathei than glutathione. Noieovei, this whole
piocess tiiggeis an enzyme calleu 0N@I, which is instiumental in piotecting & cleaning up youi ieu bloou cells
as well as iegulating the bloou sugai. This may leau to bloou sugai fluctuations thioughout the uay, fiom lows to
highs, while it fuithei stiesses the fight oi flight iesponse anu glutamate piouuction.

Fuitheimoie, testosteione impacts the CBS uefect, actually incieasing output. In animal mouels, they've founu
that a uouble uefect within the CBS C699T can woik up to 4ux fastei, so coupleu with highei testosteione levels
in males, this may consiueiably inciease nutiient anu toxic uumping. With this in minu, it's impoitant to keep an
eye on hoimone levels as well as impoitant mineials that help suppoit this enzyme such as the coppeizinc
iatios, molybuenum, anu manganese.

*uSB is the active foim of glutathione that we all iequiie foi managing fiee iauicals anu filteiing toxins. uSSu is
the "useu" veision of glutathione that is oxiuizeu (iusting). The ieuox iatio of glutathione, known as uSBuSSu,
signifies the levels of new to useu glutathione

C' )/ )-5,(':+' ', ($-$-2$( '#:' )+ .,+.$('? /$Q$(:6 ,'#$( >%@/ .:+ /&2/':+'):66J 1()Q$ BA> :.')Q)'J &58
*** Ny suspicion is that the combineu NTBFR, CBS, anu BBNT uefects aie taxing the flight oi fight system by
incieasing noiepinephiine anu coitisol levels. Noimally, something woulu tiiggei this stiess iesponse such as
illness, ciisis, a busiei scheuule, supplements, foous, etc., since these fuithei tax the CBSN0S. Neveitheless, if
you have a Sympathetic Bominant neivous system, you will have almost constant activation of the stiess
iesponse, paiticulaily if not on the appiopiiate uiet anu nutiitional suppoits.

0sing the simplei teims as uiscusseu in "Youi methylation Community," this passage to the livei is instiumental
in uetoxifying much of what accumulates fiom the entiie cycle, fiom the powei plant anu the iuial faiming
iegions to the Communications Facility anu SAN's own manufactuiing plant. The shaieu passageway between
the companies (NTRNTRR) allows the faimeis anu chain gang (BCY) moie uiiect access to this fieeway. Yet it
can also be a potential escape ioute foi the piisoneis anu such getaways coulu leau to tiouble within the system.
Even so, if this ioute is uown foi ioauwoik, tiavel is still possible via the shoitcut (BBNT). In fact, uue to of all
these ties, SAN anu the Faimeis have a veiy close woiking ielationship. Aftei all, it's the supeivisoi (ABCY) at
SAN's that ueciues which guys (BCY) in the Chain uang aie ieauy foi ielease oi not.

Bespite the goou woiking ielationships, theie aie many issues that coulu aiise anu contiibute to complications.
Foi instance, a suuuen inciease in woik piouuction on the fieeway (CBS) exiting SAN's coulu ueplete essential
supplies foi those uown the line. Conveisely, a bottleneck oi ioaublock at a key junction of this fieeway (S00X)
has potential foi even moie poisonous waste oveiwhelming the system. Eveiything in this pathway is
inteiuepenuent anu has the potential foi a uomino effect. Anu, just as a small town ielies on the biggest inuustiy
foi maintaining the economy, the methylation community uepenus on SAN's Coip foi most of the jobs (methyl
gioups) necessaiy foi suivival. Nonetheless, it's also ciucial that the majoi thoioughfaies anu chief junctions
iun smoothly in oiuei to avoiu uiaining the community oi causing iush houi tiaffic jams anu toxic waste spills.

4==^%C4 @V^Z^_XV>: (Limit to essentials foi CBS +)
LIPIB B0N0RS: (limit foi CBS+, N0S+)
Any tiansueimal cieams
Lipoceutical EBTA anu Lipoceutical glutathione
Bighei uoses of essential fatty acius (EFAs)
Alpha Lipoic Aciu (ALA)

>BB)*., .( (.B&4- , 0)B1.*,/.)* )V *./')5%* \ $-2')5%*Q H/ .( .B&)'/,*/ /) *)/% /$,/ *./')5%* .( V)'B%2
V')B /$% 1'%,;2)+* )V &')/%.*.

7)5)1 I,+,(/:(limit foi CBS+ & N0S+)
Any tiansueimal cieams
Lipoceutical EBTA anu Lipoceutical glutathione
Bighei uoses of Essential fatty acius (EFAs)
Alpha lipoic aciu (ALA)
Immune Factois (uue to the ALA in the ingieuients)

Pei Bi. Yasko, asiue fiom having the N0S uefect, an EFA mix of omega S69 is iueal. She iecommenus two of
the BBA (Neuiomins) to one of the 0mega S69 mix foi a S:2:1 iatio of omegas. Auuitionally, she auus one
capsule of cou livei oil pei uay. Recall that fatty acius slow the N0S enzyme uown so if theie is a uefect, these
shoulu be utilizeu in lowei uoses.

>a7\aV I^%^V>: (Limit if CBS+ yet avoiu much moie foi S00X +)
Coconut milk oi oil
N-Acetylcysteine (NAC)
Nagnesium sulfate cieam
Nilk thistle (in NTBFR A1298C caps)
ulucosamine sulfate
Chonuioitin sulfate
Alpha lipoic aciu (ALA)
Nilk thistle
Epsom salts

"A& 9* %&&9 '*/& '21:2) $% 3#& '>'3&/5 K21:2) 3#03 $' .*/(1&P&9 $% 0% #&), $' 2'2011> *E0>5 Q&%.&7 C 8*219 %*3
&1$/$%03& #*)'&30$1 4)0''7 '($)21$%07 90%9&1$*% 1&0:7 *) (0)'1&>5 "*%'$9&) 3#03 /&3#$*%$%&7 8#$.# 8& %&&9 $% 3#& :*)/
*: (10$% /&3#$*%$%& *) K6`&7 9*&' $% :0.3 .*%30$% '21:2) 0%9 $' 0 '21:2) 0/$%* 0.$97 0' $' 302)$%& 0%9 .>'3&$%&5 A#$1&
/0%> )&R2$)& `&3#$*%$%& '2((1&/&%303$*%7 $3 $' *:3&% ,&'3 3* 0+*$9 302)$%& e .>'3&$%&5 b%& '#*219 *%1> .*%'$9&)
302)$%& $: $3 )&/0$%' 1*8 *%.& /&3#>103$*% #0' ,&&% :211> '2((*)3&95 `*)&*+&)7 8#$1& :**9'a#&),' 1$E& &44'7 40)1$.7
*%$*%7 e ,)*..*1$ 0)& 4*$%4 3* ,& #$4#&) $% '21:2)7 2'$%4 '/011&) 0/*2%3' *: 3#&'& 4$+& >*2 /0%> (*'$3$+&'5" Amy
Yasko, PhB.

1). 0iine Amino Aciu (0AA): Nonitoi Tauiine & Ammonia levels & auuiessthey shoulu be to the left of the
iepoit at Su% oi less. Bowevei, you uo neeu some tauiine so the goal is not to eliminate this amino aciu. Also,
tauiine levels may also be low until methylation suppoit is on boaiu.

***Please iecall that you will not always see high tauiine levels with CBS uefects. In many cases, once you
initiate methylation suppoit, these levels will iise.

2). 0iine Essential Elements (0EE): Nonitoi Nanganese & Nolybuenum uue to heavy use foi ammonia uetox

"($:'-$+' ($.,--$+1:'),+/ O,( '#$ BA>: This is simply an FYI, please uo not stait the following suppoits
until you have ievieweu this with youi piactitionei!
1. Yucca spiinkleu on piotein to ieuuce ammonia levels (can also take capsules with meals)
2. Avoiu high piotein uiets such as The South Beach Biet, Atkins, Specific Caibohyuiate Biet (SCB), etc.,
as well as high sulfui (please see sulfui list) supplements & foous (glutathione, NAC, SANe, BNPS,
glucosamine, bioccoli, etc). This is not to imply that you cannot have any of these foous oi
supplements in lowei uosespoitions, it's simply a caution.
S. CBSN0S Caps: Stait with 18 to 14 of a capsule once a uay anu woik up to twice uaily. The goal is
V to 1 cap twice uaily foi CBS anu uiea cycle suppoit. Please inciease slowly as uetox will ensue.
This combo suppoits the CBS, kiuneys, N0S, anu waste (ammonia) elimination & balance.
4. Spiiulina is alkalinizing anu assists with ammonia elimination.
S. Nolybuenum & Nanganese to keep the coppeizinc levels within iange & ieuuce sulfites (monitoi
electiolytes anu essential elements).
6. Cuicumin, a methyl uonoi, may help shunt towaiu glutathione piouuction.
4%IM^V '#$ BA> V%4 6)/'$1 2$6,W. %,' $Q$(J,+$ ($[&)($/ :**($//)Q$ BA> ,( :--,+): /&55,('8
1. CBS RNA, This neeus to be uiluteu since the uetox potential is quite high. You will be slowing the CBS
uown which means you'll actually be keeping the supplements within the system, as well as any existing
woik tags (methyl gioups). This means they will be uoing theii jobs thioughout the pathway anu that
geneially leaus to heavy metal, aluminum & othei toxin filteiing as well as viial, bacteiia, & othei bug
clean up.
2. Ammonia RNA, only if levels aie peisistently high.
S. Chaicoal flush, followeu by mag citiate 1-2 x weekly to soak up excess ammonia. (This is not necessaiy
foi most).
4. L-cainitine, helps lowei ammonia levels

jjj\,( '#,/$ W)'# '#$ BA> 1$O$.'? :Q,)1 -:*+$/)&- /&6O:'$ `X5/,- /:6'/]? =>=? :+1 B#(,+1(,)')+
W#$+$Q$( 5,//)26$. Some sulfui is necessaiy anu even beneficial when taken in at low uoses, though geneially,
may be haimful in highei uoses. 0n the othei hanu, a bit of gailic, milk thistle, & hoisetail aie auvantageous in
smallei uoses. It is piuuent to choose wisely.

>)*+/ U >J-5',-/ ,O #)*# :--,+):

Flapping oi hanu tiemois
Baik ciicles unuei eyes
Bisoiientation, anu biain fog
Bypeiactive ieflexes
NNBA ieceptoi activation, leauing to glutamate excitotoxicity
Tiemoi of the hanus
Paianoia, panic attacks
Nemoiy loss
Bypeiventilation (often associateu with uecieaseu Caibon uioxiueC02)
Cential neivous system toxicity

"#$ 4BX? ="<\V? U BA>

While Yasko anu 2SanuNe no longei test foi the ACE ueletion, I have incluueu it to ieveal its inteiplay with

When an ACE uefect is also piesent, you have chionically elevateu coitisol levels that eventually ueplete the
auienals. You also tenu to have low bloou piessuie (at least, eaily on) anu a piopensity foi expeiiencing "heau
iushes" when stanuing up to quickly, especially when uehyuiateu oi out in hot weathei. The CBS heavily
impacts the ACE ueletion since all of these extia toxic sulfites aie tiiggeiing youi bouy's inheient stiess aleits,
much like someone pulling the levei on a fiie alaim all uayonly this is ielentlessly occuiiing within youi bouy.
This in tuin signals youi bouy's fight oi flight iesponse anu leaus to auienal fatigue anu ultimately, uttei
exhaustion. This toxic sulfui anu ammonia leaus to biain fog, iiiitability, heauaches, fatigue, & pooi memoiy.
Such toxins can also leau to substantial oxiuative stiess anu as mentioneu, anyone with these uefects is alieauy
seveiely ueficient in antioxiuants anu cannot piouuce enough in oiuei to coiiect the uamage.

You might wonuei since eveiything is alieauy uumping out of the CBS, wheie uoes it ultimately go. Nuch of it
moves thiough the livei, specifically the uiea cycle. Bowevei, if the Waste Facility supeivisoi (N0S) isn't
woiking up to pai, the CBS will be uumping toxic waste into an alieauy oveiflowing lanufill (uiea cycle), iisking
a hazaiuous mateiials acciuent. If theie's also an ="<\V 4EGSRB uefect (oi BBPR enzyme uefect), you won't
have enough of the valuable cleaning solvent known as BB4. Noimally, the NTBFR is economical, using only
enough BB4 foi making its' neuio-talkeis (Seiotonin, uopamine, & Noi epi) befoie uonating this magical biew to
the waste facility foi uaily toxin clean up. A pioblem heie, such as a faulty NTBFR, often means that you cannot
uonate the iequiieu BB4. Yet any one glitch might be oveicome. Bowevei, when the N0S supeivisoi isn't
woiking optimally, the gaibage uump is REALLY in tiouble! Imagine the mounting toxic spills anu uebiis, anu
all the while, the CBS highway just uumps in moie anu moie waste. Neeuless to say, the iesults aie often
catastiophic anu iival the Exxon 0il spill. 0nly this time, the pollutant is youi own mounting waste piouuct
cieating a lot of collateial uamage within neaiby cells anu tissue. To make matteis woise, this initial waste
geneiates moie toxic bypiouucts known as O($$ (:1).:6/. These "bau boys" move thioughout the bouy, beating
up & iobbing othei cells of theii valuable eneigy. Think of this as a gioup of violent ciiminals beating up on
some fiienuly, haiu-woiking towns people. Now you have wiuespieau uamage anu no place foi anything to go
yet the bouy continues to piouuce waste.

Bi. Yasko iefeis to this as the "B#)&& H&44&9 K3**17= in which one leg is the CBS, anothei is aluminumbacteiia,
anu the thiiu is the NTBFR A1298C uefect. I affectionately iefei to the lattei as "The Big Notheiflippei". Since
all thiee seive to ueplete piecious BB4 ieseives, this constellation of uefects is often uisastious. Neveitheless, it
can be auuiesseu! Yet you may appieciate just why each enzyme is so ciitical as well as how intimately
inteitwineu each pait is within the system. Pioblems within any one enzyme is potentially haimful yet uefects
within seveial aieas can leau to an incieuible uomino effect, just as having an acciuent anu a couple of lanes out
on the fieeway leaus to wiuespieau tiaffic jams.

Inciuentally, the CBS is one of the main pioblems in Buntington's uisease, Bown's synuiome, chionic livei
uisoiueis, anu canceis. (In Bown's synuiome, you get S CBS enzymes insteau of 2 (tiisomy), which leaus to a
CBS that woiks 1Sux fastei than it shoulu).


Sulfite oxiuase
eL34V./%( /) L34V,/%f
@(),()'J h K

This is the enzyme that conveits sulfites to a less toxic foim as sulfate anu is heavily impacteu by meicuiy.

This is a veiy stiategic uefect that conveits less toxic sulfites to sulfates thiough the CBS iegion, AKA,
tianssulfuiation. Bowevei, having NTRNTRR uefects will affect this enzyme so that it can have what we call a
"functional uefect". This means that it isn't actually uefective but because it isn't getting what it neeus, it
becomes faulty anu uoesn't piocess neaily as well. Anyone who ieacts to sulfites in uiieu fiuits, wines, salau
bais, etc., will iecognize this as being an issue since they tenu to get heauaches oi migiaines soon afteiwaiu.
You will also tenu to have ieflux oi heaitbuin pioblems moie often anu sulfite inuuceu asthma is anothei
common issue with this uefect. Nany people complain of chest tightness oi uifficulty getting a ueep bieath
iathei than tiue wheezing asthma episoues, although those can occui as well. Tiue oi functional uefects leau to
significant molybuenum uepletion since this is iequiieu to piocess sulfites. Nany with seveie B-12 ueficiencies
will have functional S00X uefects anu iequiie plenty of Nanganese, B12 & molybuenum.

In the past, this enzyme was iepoiteu as ++ when negative anu -- when the uefect was piesent. Since this isn't
in keeping with the iemaining SNP iesults, this was highly confusing foi piactitioneis anu laypeople alike. *It
has since changeu to fit cuiient SNP iesults so that ++ is now positive anu -- is negative. To my knowleuge, no
one has evei seen a complete uefect in this enzyme anu Bi. Yasko feels it is piobably incompatible with life.

*uenetic Piofiling's SNP panel (Yasko) ieflects the S00X iesults in this mannei yet othei companies uo not.

7:2/: Nonitoi foi high sulfites anu low B-12, boion, molybuenum, & manganese levels. Nay also see high
cysteine anu tauiine levels. Testing such as a 0TN0EE anu 0AA aie often helpful.

1. B-12 (uepenuing on C0NT status)
2. Nolybuenum
S. Nanganese
4. Boion
S. NTRNTRRS00X Combo suppoit: Foi those who toleiate combination suppoits, this is ielatively
inexpensive anu pioviues an oveiall founuation foi these uefects.

A:.'$(): #)*# )+ <J1(,*$+ >&6O)1$F

"&5,(: Can be inuuceu by incieaseu hyuiogen sulfiue gas (S00X, CBS & gut bacteiia)
Netabolic shutuown
Low coie bouy temp
Apnea like bieathing uuiing sleep
Becieaseu Beait iate
Becieaseu Respiiations
Beep sleep "0btunueu"
Biain fog oi appeaiing "out of it"

Nitiic oxiue synthase
">BB)*., >44- )' >55',7,/)'6
@(),()'J h L

Think of the uiea cycle, (the "uiine" cycle), as a big gaibage uump. The uump's supeivisoi, The N0S, is uoing his
best to keep the sewage anu toxic waste cleaneu up but the system keeps chuining out moie anu moie waste,
especially when you eat piocesseu foous with auueu toxins anuoi consume a high piotein uiet anu uiink
alcohol (moie ammonia). If you have a uefect piesent, it's as if youi supeivisoi has uevelopeu a heait conuition
so that he can function, at best, at Su% (+-) of what he useu to uo. Yet since he's ageu befoie his time, you ieally
have gaibage anu waste staiting to builu up!

A builu-up of toxins heie means that these toxic wastes oveiloau the system with "fiee iauicals" which aie
thieves that steal the othei cell's positive eneigy. Think of this as a gang of hooligans beating up on uefenseless,
peaceful citizens.

Noimally, the cycle supeivisois (enzymes) woik ieally well togethei. Neveitheless, if you have the NTBFR
A1298C (Big Notheiflippei gene), you will have a uouble whammy. When both aie malfunctioning, they
intensify the negative effects. In goou times, the big Notheiflippei lenus the N0S supeivisoi a wonueiful
chemical that cleans up ammonia (BB4), which substantially ielieves the toxic ammonia buiuen. Bowevei, if the
big Notheiflippei also isn't woiking well, you will have a consiueiable back up of toxic waste!

Accoiuing to Bi. Naitin Pall's *ieseaich iegaiuing ammonia anu the 0iea cycle, this pathway has an exponential
effect in chionic uisease, paiticulaily CFS, FN, & NCS. 0ltimately, if someone has the appiopiiate tiiggei, on top
of having pioblems within the CBS anu NTBFR A1298C enzymes, it will cieate a uomino effect that may be

In conceit with methylation uefects anu countless toxic enviionmental exposuies, I believe that Sympathetic
Bominance has also substantially contiibuteu to excitotoxicity by tiiggeiing anu peipetuating this piocess via
the NNBA ieceptois. Accoiuing to Bi. Naitin Pall PhB, these aie the veiy tiiggeis leauing to chionic oxiuative
stiess (Bi. Pall's N00N00 Cycle). This also impeues membiane fluiuity anu piopei myelination, which is
iesponsible foi many of the symptoms often encounteieu with chionic neuiouegeneiative anu immune

", 7$:(+ =,($
Bi. Naitin Pall PhB N00N00 Cycle
Chionic fatigueFibiomyalgia

Nultiple Chemical Sensitivity

7:2/: Ammonia levels. Nay see high glutamine levels.

<,W ', ($1&.$ 4--,+): 6$Q$6/:
The following examples assist in balancing this toxic waste
Yucca with mealspiotein snacks (I piefei BBI's uue to the quality)
Chaicoal flush (only 1-2 x week) aftei last meal of the uay (typically 9-1uPN)
NTBFR A1298C Caps (L-Biopteiiin incieases BB4 levels anu the milk thistle also pioviues ammonia
Byuioxocobalamin (inuiiectly via iegulating fiee iauicals & No0N00 Cycle)
L-cainitine (fumaiate foi C0NT ++)
LiveiPancieas suppoit with the above & enzymes (nutiicology pancieatic suppoit)
Cuicumin (not iueal since it's a methyl gioup)
Ammonia RNA

***You may notice a stiong ammonia smell in youi uiine aftei staiting the CBSN0S capsules oi N0S RNA (I
uon't iecommenu the N0S RNA unless you have a full uefect). This is usually ielateu to the tieatment anu
subsequent ammonia uumping.

B:Q$:': Limit 0mega S fatty acius (it fuithei slows N0S activity) to 2-S x week: Since the N0S also piocesses
lipius, such as fish oils, it is much bettei to take 0mega Fatty acius in lowei uoses. Also, since CoQ1uIuebenone
is a lipiu-baseu supplement, it is best to watch the uosing on these as well. The Co Q 1u spiay at 2-S spiays each
uay is a goou uose.


>$.,+1 @(),()'J -&':'),+/

Betaine Bomocysteine Nethyltiansfeiase
"#$% :,0; =))'6

A<=";;E? G? K? U R
A<=" G U K 6$:1 ', -,($ *&' )//&$/
A<=" R .,(($6:'$/ W)'# 4IIM4I<I 1&$ ', #)*#$( +,(;$5)+$5#()+$ ($6:')Q$ ', 1,5:-)+$ 6$Q$6/

The BBNT is simply youi back uooi, oi shoit cut thiough the system, which uoes not iequiie folate oi B-12 in
oiuei to function. If all else fails, you want the BBNT woiking well because you neeu the goou guys to get
aiounu youi whole cycle anu they can only uo this going fiom two ways: The NTR, which is the "H*%4 A0> Q*/&
oi the shoit-cut, which is the BBNT. Baving eithei one of these highways closeu off woulu be akin to having
iush houi tiaffic uiveiteu thiough seveial iuial towns. It will take you much longei to get wheie you neeu to go
anu you will have to wait an excessive amount of time foi tiaffic to move in the iight uiiection.

Neveitheless, it is impoitant to auuiess these two highways in the coiiect oiuei oi you'ie likely to have
pioblems. Bence, the shoit cut shoulu be auuiesseu befoie you can get the long ioute woiking.

Theie aie two possible pathways foi conveiting haimful homocysteine into methionine; the NTR anu BBNT
enzyme. It is iueal to auuiess the BBNT fiist, which iequiies tiimethylglycine (TNu) oi one of the
phospholipius such as phosphatiuylseiine, choline, anuoi ethanolamine. 0ltimately, it is also impoitant to get
the NTR (methionine synthase pathway) back into opeiation. Neveitheless, in Bi. Yasko's expeiience, it has
been optimal to stait up the BBNT pathway fiist. 0ne ieason foi this is that S-auenosylmethionine (SANe)
inteiacts with methionine synthase. In staiting up the BBNT pathway fiist, one ensuies that theie is enough
SANe available to stait up this Long Route pathway.

The BBNT 8 appeais to coiielate consiueiably with ABBB. Bowevei, opening this pathway up causes noi-
epinephiine levels to iise, potentially making symptoms woise. The typical tieatments incluue PSEPCPE,
otheiwise known as Phosphatiuylseiinecholineethanolamine complex. While iising noi-epinephiine levels
fiequently impiove upon suppoiting the NTRNTRR iegion, I am ieconsiueiing this tieatment iegimen baseu
on neivous system uominance. Those who aie sympathetic uominant may ieally stiuggle with this piocess. In
fact, foi this veiy ieason, anyone with a seizuie uisoiuei shoulu not utilize phosphatiuylcholine.

BBNT 1,2, oi 4: Nonitoi foi highei tauiine levels anu highei shoit chain fatty acius (SCFA) on stool testing. Nay
see high methionine levels with the BBNT 1 ++
BBNT 8: Nonitoi foi high NBPu & BvA

Bi. Yasko quote:
b% 0 )&103&9 %*3&7 8& 3&%9 3* '&& #$4# /&3#$*%$%& 1&+&1' 8$3# -Q`B U f f '3032'5 B#& 2'& *: .#*10.*17 g.2).2/$%7
R2&).&3$% X9&(&%9$%4 *% "b`B '3032'Y7 "*dUT /0> ,& 0 (12' $% 3#&'& .0'&' 3** 01*%4 8$3# 1*8 9*'& GKQ5 61'* 2'$%4
K6`& 0%9 <`G 01*%4 8$3# %2.1&*3$9&'5 B#$' $' 9*%& $% *)9&) 3* '#$:3 3*80)9 3#& 1*%4 )*23& X`BFa`BFFY )03#&)
3#0% :*.2'$%4 *% 3#& '#*)3 .23 X-Q`BY5 b: .*2)'& 3#03 /&0%' 3#03 >*2 %&&9 3* #0+& '2((*)3 $% (10.& :*) 0%> *3#&)
/&3#>103$*% .>.1& /2303$*%' 0%9 09&R203& -US 3* 4&3 3#)*24# 3#& 1*%4 )*23&5
gQueicetin & Cuicumin aie methyl uonois

jjjC=@^V"4%" B4ZX4"F CO J,& ,( J,&( .#)61 :($ ':3)+* 4IIM4I<I -$1/ /&.# :/ 411$(:66? V)':6)+?
>'(:''$(:? B,+.$(':? $'.8? ,( :+');1$5($//:+'M:+');:+D)$'J ,( -,,1 /':2)6)Y)+* -$1).:'),+/ /&.# :/ 4')Q:+?
_6,+,5)+? k:+:D? l,6,O'? @:D)6? @(,Y:.? B$6$D:? 7$D:5(,? XOO$D,(? 9$662&'()+? lJ5($D:? $'.8? J,& -:J O)+1
'#:' '#$ 1,/$ W)66 +$$1 ', 2$ 6,W$( :/ '#)/ /&556$-$+' )/ ,5$+)+* '#$ 1,,( ', ,+$ ,O '#$ 2,1Ji/ +:'&(:6
`2),.#$-)/'(J] +$&(,'(:+/-)''$( 5(,1&.$(/? '#$ A<=" $+YJ-$8

=,($,Q$(? I=0 )-5$1$/ A<=" O&+.'),+? '#$($O,($? )' )/ 2$''$( ', :11 '#)/ ,+6J :O'$( J,& #:Q$ O&66 A<="
/&55,(' )+ 56:.$ :+1 ,5')-:6 6$Q$6/ ,O A;EG8

"#$ ="<\Vi/
Nethylenetetiahyuiofolate ieuuctase
#$% <)/$%'V4.&&%'(

="<\V H "The Siu Notheiflippei" uefect impacts using plain folate founu in most vitamins anu piocesseu foous.
The NTBFR C677T & S shoulu noimally conveit folate into the active veision of folate in oiuei to iegulate
homocysteine anu allow foi piopei methylation thioughout the cycle. 0nfoitunately, auuing extia folate is likely
to cause moie pioblems since it isn't being useu so that it builus up into toxic bypiouucts, only auuing to the
pioblem. Foitunately, theie's a faiily simple way to get aiounu this block by auuing in the active veision of
folate (tetiahyuiofolate oi S-TBF), which is founu in Folapio anu Nethylmate B.

With the NTBFR S anu C 677T uefect, uetox usually staits ielatively soon, unlike the honeymoon peiiou that
often occuis with the NTBFR A1298C uefect. As supplements oi RNAs aie auueu in, uetox symptoms usually
begin immeuiately oi within a few uays iathei than the uays oi weeks that may occui with the NTBFR A1298C.

a). Nethylmate B, (S-NTBF oi active folate), I iecommenu staiting this at a veiy tiny uose, the smallest uiops
you can get out of the bottle iathei than a biggei uiop. You want to be on this uaily foi at least 2 to 4 weeks
befoie you go to a seconu uiop eveiy uay. The goal is to giauually get up to S uiops uaily (S uiops is the max).
b). NTBFR A1298C caps foi oveiall methylation, BB 4 & Livei suppoit.
c). B 12 also helps this uefect so just as uiscusseu in NTRNTRR status

="<\V BNPP" ;B#& H$331& `*3#&):1$((&)=
In my minu, the H$331& `*3#&):1$((&) genes aie the "pay latei genes", while the -$4 `*3#&):1$((&) (NTBFR
A1298C), tenus to pay eailiei on. The Big NF often manifests itself eailiei in life thiough miscaiiiages,
infeitility, Bown's synuiome, anu autism as well as eailiei auulthoou issues with chionic fatigue, fibiomyalgia,
anu bloou clots. The littlei mothei flippeis (S & C677T) pay latei with bloou clots, heait attacks, stiokes, anu

Like the NTBFR S, the NTBFR C677T conveits folate into an active veision that can be useu by the bouy foi
methylation anu homocysteine iegulation. This is thought to be highly significant foi heait uisease anu stiokes
but aie by no means the only issues contiibuting to these uisoiueis. Theie aie many othei heait uisease uefects
such as the CBS, N0S, anu AP0E, to name but a few of them. Theie aie also infections anu inflammatoiy factois
that wieak havoc in the biain, heait, anu bloou vessels.

It is impoitant to consiuei the othei uefects that may impact the heait anu biain since they behave in conceit.
Foi instance, the NTBFR C677T, BBNT, CBS, anu N0S all substantially inciease the ouus of having a heait attack
oi stioke anu stiess the impoitance of taigeting the methylation pathway. In uoing so, we hope to maintain
auequate methylation, theieby suppiessing the gene expiession of less than uesiiable uefects anuoi typos
thioughout oui genetic coue.

The NTBFR S anu NTBFR C677T uefect aie auuiesseu in the same fashion.

74A/: Bigh homocysteine levels

a). Nethylmate B uiops (S-NTBF oi active folate), I iecommenu staiting this at a veiy tiny uose, the smallest
uiops you can get out of the bottle iathei than a biggei uiop. You want to be on this uaily foi at least 2 to 4
weeks befoie you go to a seconu uiop eveiy uay. The goal is to giauually get up to S uiops uaily (S uiops is the
b). NTBFR A1298C caps foi oveiall methylation, BB 4 & Livei suppoit.
c). B 12 also helps this uefect just as uiscusseu in NTRNTRR status. C 0/ %*3 .*%+$%.&9 3#$' $' 0,'*123&1>
%&.&''0)> :*) &+&)>*%&7 (0)3$.210)1> K?K <*/$%0%3' 8$3# 0 "b`B faf5 B#& *%1> -US C )&.*//&%9 :*) 09213' $'
Q>9)*P>.*,010/$% 92& 3* $3' (*3&%3 :)&& )09$.01 '.0+&%4&) &::&.3'5

="<\V 4EGSRB
;B#& -$4 `*3#&):1$((&)=

="<\V 4EGSRB h3#& -$4 `*3#&):1$((&)h This is the biggei pioblem NTBFR.

Think of the NTBFR A1298C as the main executive foi the "Bettei Bealth 4 Life Coipoiation" (AKA, BB4 cycle)
anu a paitial oi complete uefect means you aie less able oi unable to piouuce the vERY necessaiy chemical BB
4. This chemical is REALLY impoitant foi making eveiything that allows youi bouy to communicate anu clean up
toxic waste. An NTBFR A1298C uefect significantly taxes the CBS fieeway to the livei anu has the tenuency of
oveiloauing the supeivisoi (the N0S) foi "The Waste Nanagement Facility" (AKA 0iea0iine Cycle). Theie is a
much highei cleaving foi aluminum heie, which also gieatly impeues the Powei Company's (Citiic aciu oi
Eneigy Cycle) ability to geneiate any eneigy thioughout the community. The enu iesult is a toxic wastelanu uue
to the Livei's fieeway (CBS) uumping iush houi tiaffic onto the two-lane highway thiough The Waste
Nanagement's facility.

This is known as the "honeymoon mutation" because uetox uoesn't always occui iight away in those with this
uefect but often staits seveial uays oi even 8-1u weeks aftei staiting many supplements. A common scenaiio is
not knowing youi genes anu getting a bit gung-ho, staiting the piogiam iathei vigoiously anu then befoie you
know it, S months latei you oi youi chilu feel absolutely hoiiible! You aie fatigueu, foggy heaueu, finu that you
want to sleep a lot anu have fiequent loose stools anu oftentimes, uevelop some skin issues oi iashes
somewheie on youi bouy. Some people even have iashes oi soies in the genitals aiea oi anal aiea fiom the
bouy's attempt to filtei out toxins, viius, bacteiia, anu heavy metals! The tiouble is, you uon't know which one,
oi ones, might be the culpiits because you have staiteu so many so soon. This is not unusual with the NTBFR
A1298C uefect. It is impoitant to keep this in minu whenevei you keep auuing in known uetoxing agents (even
alpha lipoic aciu oi cainosine) anuoi methyl gioups (Co Q 1u capsules, Nethyl B12, cainitine, NABB, SANe,

>J+,5/)/F "#$ ="<\V 4EGSRB \&+.'),+ )/ .()').:6 O,(:
SANe= 0niveisal Nethyl tag oi woik oiuei, iesiuing in SAN's Company. When the NTBFR A1298C uefect
is piesent, SANe cannot binu well so that BB4 piouuction is impaiieu. Noieovei, the toxic waste clean up
within the Waste Nanagement Facility is also pooi.
BB4 has been ienameu foi ease of memoiy to "Bettei Bealth 4 Life". BB4 is ciitical foi ammonia clean-up
within the uiea "uiine" cycle as well as geneial methylation anu neuiotiansmission.

BB 4 is necessaiy foi uopamine, seiotonin, anu noi-epinephiine piouuction. These aie ciitical
neuiotiansmitteis NT's, otheiwise known as "neuio-talkeis" that aie ciucial foi attention, focus, well- being, &
oveiall biain anu neivous system health anu function. As mentioneu, in having the Big Notheiflippei (NTBFR
A1298C) you tenu to pay eailiei on with issues such as autism, chionic fatigue, fibiomyalgia, miscaiiiages,
infeitility, Bown's Synuiome, etc. In fact, many ieseaicheis have founu that this incieases stioke iisk as well as
ceitain canceissuch as colon cancei. Even so, whethei oi not you uevelop these uisoiueis has much to uo with
a combination of factois. Foi example, it will uepenu upon the othei genes you may caiiy as well as how youi
neivous system anu methylation cycle opeiate. Noieovei, lifestyle anu enviionmental issues also play a key
iole, as well as any toxic exposuies you might have hau.

7:2/: Nonitoi foi high benzoic iatio uue to low BB4. Bigh phenylalanine. Lowei neuiotiansmittei levels,
paiticulaily uopamine anu seiotonin. Citiic aciu cycle may also be effecteu (inteimeuiates).
a). The NTBFR A1298C capsules, this is also known as Livei & BB 4 suppoit since that is moie piominent on the
bottle. You aie alieauy on this so stay on youi cuiient uose without going up.
b). B 12 as alieauy uiscusseu in the NTR 11 section (baseu on C0NT status)
c). Nethylmate B uiops as uiscusseu in NTBFR #S uefect tieatment
u). SANe Su-2uumg, uepenuing on C0NT status, which aie in low uoes in 0ltimate B anu NTBFR caps.

XQ$(J1:J /,&(.$/ ,O :6&-)+&-
Nany of these have faiily easy solutionsieplacements anu shoulu be seiiously puisueu uue to potential
toxic accumulation.
E8 Piocesseu Cheese
G8 Table salt & salt in piocesseu foousit's useu as an anti-caking agent
H8 Baking powuei
K8 Aluminum foilcan leech into foous fiom contact & cooking
L8 Aluminum Cookwaiecan leech into foous
N8 BeouoiantsAntipeispiiants
P8 Immunizationsuseu as an aujuvant to help stimulate a moie iobust immune iesponse towaiu
the bacteiiaviius.
R8 Bialysis tieatments & many Iv meuications contain substantial amount of aluminum.

", 7$:(+ =,($
Bi. }ill }ames, PhB

Bi. Amy Yasko PhB, NBB

Ben Lynch NB


Auenosylhomocysteine Byuiolase
e4.')Q:'$/ <,-,.J/'$)+$f

This uefect is a piime example of just how challenging nutiigenomics meuicine is, paiticulaily when tiying to
soit thiough methylation's uomino effect. This zone activates SAN into Bomocysteine, which is then utilizeu
within the system oi eliminateu thiough the CBS enzyme. When ABCY uefects aie piesent, one coulu have the
NTBFR C677T enzyme mutation yet still have noimal homocysteine levels. Anu, if a coexisting CBS
upiegulation is piesent, homocysteine levels may be even lowei, uespite having complete C677T anuoi BBNT
uefects. Fuitheimoie, when such ABCY uefects aie piesent, theie is less inhibition of the C0NT enzyme. This
places fuithei stiain on those who aie alieauy C0NT - - as they tenu to have lowei levels of methyl uonois uue
to such iapiu elimination. Without the inhibition of the ABCY enzyme, methyl uonoi clean up continues without
iestiiction. This leaus to pooi methylation anu an incieaseu neeu foi methyl uonois.

Conveisely, ABCY uefects may "inauveitently" benefit those with the C0NT + + mutation as it won't ieuuce its'
function as it noimally shoulu. Bowevei, it may also conceal a CBS upiegulation uue to the noimal tauiine levels
that often iesult when ABCY uefects aie piesent. This may pioviue anothei benefit in that lowei tauiine levels
favoi moie balance within glutathione, the bouy's most essential antioxiuant anu immune boostei.
Neveitheless, the highei levels of SANe (that typically occui with this uefect) can inciease CBS activity by 2-S
folu. Theiefoie, foi those with existing CBS upiegulations, SANe supplementation may only inciease CBS
uumping. Although the net effect fiom SANe is quite small.

The typical pioblems associateu with ABCY uefects incluue incieaseu gut & uigestive issues uue to lack of
methylation factois that aie ciitical in cell tuinovei. 0ftentimes, nucleotiues aie an essential suppoit, especially
when SBNT uefects aie piesent.

7:2/: Nonitoi fumaiate & ammonia levels. You may see lowei homocysteine levels, even when NTBFR C677T
anu BBNT uefects aie piesent.

"($:'F While nucleotiues may be beneficial, I uo not iecommenu the ABCYSBNT Combo Caps unless you have
both of these uefects.
E]8 ABCYSBNT compounueu caps $49.9S6u Caps oi SBNT spiay (lactofeiiin & nucleotiue suppoit to shift
away fiom the SBNT tiap)
2). Nucleotiue (esp wmeals 1-2 caps uaily with highei uoses 2-4 caps when paiticulaily tioublesome gut
issues aie piesent). $S9.9S6u Caps: theie aie seveial low uose methyl uonois piesent (monitoi closely when
C0NT ++ anu vBR Taq - - uue to the lowei methyl buuget).
S). Low uose Special Bigestive Enzymes oi Seienaiu at 18 cap to stait, woiking up to 1 cap Su minutes befoie
4). SBNT spiay, especially wmeals, woiks well with ACBY (see above)
S). Bowel inflammation RNA Stait at 1 uiop uaily anu go up by 1 uiop eveiy 7 to 1u uays as this can cause uetox
by Bacteiial issues can actually inciease CBS activity
6). As foi those with significant gut issues: auuiess miciobes on the CSA (stool test) fiist, then anaeiobes on the
uI Function stool test, anu then B. Pyloii

"#$% I,*./)'6

B^=" mMmF B#& H0@> \0%$3*) X`0> #0+& /*)& /**9 :12.3203$*%' 0%9 +*103$1$3>Y

B^=" mM;F B#& G**9 \0%$3*) X6 /*)& '2$30,1& ,010%.&D %*3 011 9&:&.3' 0)& %&403$+&Y

B^=" ;M;F B#& Q0)98*)E$%4 \0%$3*) X`0> #0+& #$4#&) ,2)9&%' *: /&301'7 012/$%2/ e +$)2'Y

"#$ B^=" ZELR= mMm .:+ 2$ : 2)* 5(,26$-! Though it isn't the most impoitant aiea to auuiess fiist, it is
ciitical to consiuei the C0NT enzyme as this uefect can contiibute to many challenges when auuing in
supplements, paiticulaily methyl uonois (see methyl gioups list below). This is one of the seconu piioiity
mutations. The C0NT B62B also ieuuces activity leauing to "supei C0NT ++ status" in those with a v1S8N ++

This enzyme uefect allows you to spaie uopamine anu noi-epinephiine, also known as the "feel goou hoimones".
A paitial uefect can be useful in maintaining these impoitant neuio-talkeis within the community, paiticulaily
when bacteiia aie piesent. Bacteiia often ueplete tyiosine, the majoi piecuisoi to uopamine so that anyone
with bacteiial issues (histoiy of iecuiient infections, gut issues, etc.), tenu to have lowei levels. Neveitheless, a
full uefect can leau to moie uopamine anu noi-epi spaiing, even while these levels iemain low.

In fact, full blocks may leau to moou swings anu volatility. Why. Well, when an aiea becomes satuiateu with too
much hoimone, a feeuback system is in place to slow uown its' piouuction. }ust as most iefiigeiatois have a
built in system foi iegulating ice piouuction, youi bouy has an inheient alaim system foi contiolling excessive
hoimone levels. Foi instance, as uopamine levels iise, an alaim bell goes off, ielaying the iisk of system
oveiloau. Consequently, uopamine piouuction uiops anu you have moie potential foi extieme highs anu lows.
Bopamine ueficiency often leaus to symptoms of uepiession, pooi focus, anu auuictive behavioi (smoking,
uiinking, gambling, etc), to name only a few. Conveisely, the noi-epi levels (auienalin) tenu to iemain elevateu.
This may be one of many issues contiibuting to Bipolai Bisoiuei, also known as "manic uepiession." This
uepiession tenus to be moie agitateu anu iiiitable than those who have the classic anheuonia, oi loss of all

Those with the C0NT uefect aie also known to uetox moie ieauily than otheis. Bowevei, those who have both
the C0NT uefect anu the NTR 11 will uetox easily anu heavily, uumping both goou anu bau elements. Foi this
ieason, it is impoitant to be veiy cautious when auuing in new supplements. Theie aie also many associations
with C0NT -- anu C0NT ++ folks in iegaius to peisonal tiaits anu chaiacteiistics. Foi instance, those who aie
C0NT -- aie known to be stoic, moie even tempeieu anu usually have a much highei pain toleiance.
Conveisely, those with the C0NT ++ uefects aie often volatile, have a lowei pain toleiance, anu aie pione to
moou swings. The lattei issues aie uue to the C0NT ++ }anitoi not cleaning up the uopamine, noi-epinephiine,
anu estiogen that is coming thiough the cycle. This leaus to fluctuating levels with these neuio-talkeis,
paiticulaily when taking in high uopamine foous oi supplements. Neveitheless, this also coinciues with vBR
Taq status as well as othei enzyme uefects within the system. Foi instance, the CBS C699T uefect also has an
immense impact on the C0NT. Subsequently, those with both the C0NT anu CBS uefects shoulu be appioacheu
caiefully. Baseu on the ieseaich conuucteu by Bi. Pfeiffei NB anu Bi. Yasko PhB, it appeais that the C0NT
uefect is one of the culpiits behinu those iefeiieu to as "oveimethylatois" oi "unueimethylatois". Neveitheless,
it is not quite as simple as "ovei" oi "unuei" methylatoi since the vBR Taq enzyme may also figuie into this
significantly. Also, it is impoitant to consiuei that those with the CBS uefect may have low homocysteine ANB
low histamine levels.

While we have come to believe that a "uefect" is always haimful, in some cases, the C0NT +- oi ++ uefect may
actually be auvantageous. Foi kius with autism, pieliminaiy uata suggest that this enzyme is one of the main
pieuictois of speech. Since this Lazy }anitoi pieseives uopamine, a ciucial neuio-talkei useu in speech, it
appeais to be one of seveial factois that influence apiaxia (lack of speech). Neveitheless, a uefect that can be
helpful usually comes with a piice, such as the moouiness anu iollei coastei moou swings that often occuis in
these folks.

The pioblem with this uefect comes in when you take oi eat anything that has natuial uopamine (tyiosine) in it
since youi bouy tiies to uown iegulate, oi ieuuce the uopamine levels in oiuei to maintain balance. This uown
iegulation often leaus you fiom highei uopamine levels in which you have a sense of wellbeing anu happiness to
suuuenly plummeting uopamine levels wheie you may feel uepiesseu, angiy, negative, anu iiiitable. This, along
with the NA0 A uefect, aie soit of the "<)5 \&E>11 e `)5 Q>9&h uefects. This also explains why many cannot
toleiate SANe as well anu shoulu only take this in small uoses such as that founu in the 0ltimate B caps & some
othei combination supplements.

Noieovei, the C0NT shaies a piomotei site with anothei enzyme calleu thioieuoxin ieuuctase, which is
necessaiy foi managing oxiuative stiess anu is iegulateu by lithium. Bi. Yasko pioviues an excellent ioau
constiuction analogy foi this piocess. When theie is ioauwoik in piogiess, only one lane is able to move
foiwaiu at any given time. Theiefoie both C0NT anu thioieuoxin ieuuctase must take tuins. When a C0NT ++
uefect is piesent, theie is much gieatei potential foi uysfunction in both uopamine anu noi epinephiine
cleaiance as well as thioieuoxin activity. Theiefoie, we have anothei avenue foi incieasing oxiuative stiess anu
fiee iauicals in auuition to incieasing neuiotiansmittei imbalances. Since Noi-epinephiine contiibutes to the
stiess iesponse, this coulu leau to a vicious cycle. Yasko states "C3 0((&0)' 3#03 1$3#$2/ /0> #&1( 3* )&42103&
3#$*)&9*P$% )&92.30'&7 '* 3#& %&3 &::&.3 /0> ,& 3* $%.)&0'& "b`B 0.3$+$3> 0%9 *+&) 3$/& 4&3 /*)& &+&% "b`B
0.3$+$3> 8#$.# /0> 3)0%'103& 3* /*)& &+&% 9*(0/$%& 0%9 1&'' /**9 '8$%4' 0%9 044)&''$*%5 61'*7 0)3$.1&' '#*8 3#03
1$3#$2/ /0> #&1( 3* $%.)&0'& -US 3)0%'(*)3 0%9 3#03 .0% (10> 0 )*1& 0' 8& E%*8 $% 9&3*P". In auuition to impacting
the NTRNTRR enzyme, thimeiosol has been pioven to inhibit thioieuoxin ieuuctase activity (Beth).

Finally, if theie has been a longstanuing lithium ueficiency, B12 tianspoit may have been consiueiably hinueieu.
Theiefoie, even while lithium supplementation may be beneficial in balancing C0NT function, it may also
inciease B12 tianspoit anu leau to "uetox". In the enu, it may take seveial weeks to see the benefits of lithium
amiu the "stait up" symptoms. Neveitheless, foi those who aie Sympathetic Neivous System Bominant, B-12
suppoit may be pioblematic. It is impoitant to uiscuss this with youi piactitionei.

You can now see why knowing youi genetic mapping makes a uiffeience. C' )/ '#$ .,-2)+$1 ($/&6' ,O '#$ ZIV
":[ U B^=" /':'&/ '#:' 1$'$(-)+$/ #,W -&.# ,O : n-$'#J6 A&1*$'n J,& #:Q$? -$:+)+* #,W -:+J
-$'#J6 1,+,( 'J5$ /&556$-$+'/ '#:' J,& .:+ ':3$8

V$1 ,( 5&(56$ 2$(()$/ :+1 #$(2/: The C0NT enzyme piocesses the colois ieu anu puiple so that consuming
ieu oi puiple heibs oi foous anu uiinks actually slows this enzyme uown fuithei. This is a siue issue fiom those
with the CBS having uifficulty piocessing phenols. Foi those with a complete C0NT mutation, the simple act of
eating too many uelicious summei fiuits anu heibs often leaus to moie neuiotiansmittei peaks anu valleys. Foi
some, this leaus to iollei coastei moou oi "uopamine swings," while foi otheis it tianslates towaiu moie noi-
epinephiine suiges anu iestlessness oi anxiety. Even so, the synthetic phenols useu as coloiing agents aie even
moie pioblematic. *Nany become iiiitable oi agitateu anu stiuggle with insomnia, anuoi uevelop flusheu, ieu
cheeks anu eais. In many cases, those with a complete mutation aie moie sensitive to beiiies anu may uevelop
alleigies to them. Auuitionally, heauaches, insomnia, anu heat intoleiance aie also commonly seen in those with
phenol sensitivities. This may be consiueiably aggiavateu in the piesence of a CBS uefect, as it impacts the PST
enzyme (please see phenol uiscussion).

*Foi instance, a physician colleague of mine woulu eat ieu licoiice foi an afteinoon snack. Within the houi his
eais woulu be biight ieu, anu while he was noimally veiy easy going, he woulu soon become iiiitable anu moie
easily fiustiateu with the uaily hassles of meuical buieauciacy. Yet when he cut the ieu licoiice out of his
afteinoon ioutine, he was moie pleasant anu sociable once again.

* In spite of the fact that CoQ1u, cainitine anu iuebenone aie all methyl uonois, except in iaie ciicumstances,
most with a histoiy of chionic illness will neeu to use them. Though uosing shoulu be much lowei with C0NT
++. Please uo not eliminate eveiything that is on a list, as moueiation is key. It is bettei to be awaie of how
these vaiious supplements can impact each uefect in a positive oi negative mannei. This is also instiumental in
maintaining balance iathei than using high uoses of any one supplement. If you have a C0NT ++ uefect anu
the vBR Taq status suppoits this, you will neeu to watch youi methyl uonois, though you uo iequiie some. The
goal is choosing caiefully anu finuing the best balance foi youi neeus. ueneially, the most iueal suppoits aie
those that pioviue some benefit in seveial aieas. In this mannei, you get moie "bang foi youi buck."

", 6$:(+ -,($
Bi. Richaiu Beth PhB

Bi. }ill }ames PhB
http:www.ucumc.ucuavis.euuminuinstituteeventstoxicology_iecoiueu_events.html (2uu6 lectuies, please scioll uown foi
oxiuative Stiess Lectuie as well).

http:www.ucumc.ucuavis.euuminuinstituteviueosviueo_tox.html (2u1u Lectuie Nethylation0xiuative stiess).

vitamin B Receptoi
"I$'$(-)+$/ 1,+,(/"

ZIV ":[F
vBR Taq tt = -- (gieen, no uefect) toleiates fewei methyl uonois
vBR Taq TT = ++ (ieu, complete uefect) toleiates moie methyl uonois
vBR Taq Tt = +- (Yellow, paitial uefect)

Paitial oi complete uefects may mean you will not ieauily absoib vit B fiom sun exposuie. This may also
contiibute to seasonal uepiession, paiticulaily when the sun is at it's lowest in the fallwintei season. Nany
stuuies in the past uecaue have noteu a stiong coiielation between vitamin B ueficiency anu neuiological
uegeneiation. In fact, asiue fiom having implications in Paikinson's anu uementia, this SNP is highly associateu
with Nultiple Scleiosis anu "atypical" NS. Yet along with the C0NT enzyme, the vBR also cleaily impacts
uopamine levels.

ZIV ":[ U B^=" >':'&/
These two uefects have uiffeient effects on methyl gioups anu uopamine levels within the bouy. The noimal foi
C0NT is -- anu ieflects efficient clean-up function of uopamine & noiepinephiine with less uopamine available
to the bouy. C0NT ++ inuicates much less neuiotiansmittei cleanup with highei levels of noi-epinephiine anu
uopamine in the system.

The vBR Taq -- is noimal, which may yielu optimal vitamin B levels, yet it also leaus to fewei methyl gioups
oveiall. Conveisely, the abnoimal enzyme function ieflecteu as vBR taq ++ suggests that theie may be moie
methyl gioups available oveiall. This is uue to the fact that a well functioning vBR Taq boiiows
methylcobalamin fiom the NTRNTRR iegion in oiuei to make uopamine anu vitamin B. When the vBR Taq
enzyme is uefunct, it uoesn't use methyl B-12 fiom this ciitical iegion, leaving moie methyl gioups within the

1. vitamin B with sage & iosemaiy foi enhanceu absoiption (they pioviue syneigy).
2. Suppoit B-12 levels baseu on C0NTvBR Taq status (hyuioxocobalamin vs. Nethylcobalamin).

XD:-56$/ ,O Q:(),&/ .,-2)+:'),+/: Nethyl Bonoi toleiance (See list below)

ZIV ":[ U B^=" >':'&/F
jXD:-56$/ ,O Q:(),&/ .,-2)+:'),+/:
vBR Taq -- (moie uopamine) along with C0NT ++ (moie uopamine) equals : ZXVb 7^9 %XXI foi Nethyl
Bonois. In this case, you have a significant "Nethyl Buuget", in that veiy few, if any, may be toleiateu at all. 0se
methyl uonois vERY caiefully & spaiingly!

vBR Taq ++ (less uopamine) along with C0NT ++ (moie uopamine) equals a neutial state with a milu to
moueiate "Nethyl buuget" since theie is some neeu foi methyl uonois, though its piuuent to choose wisely.

vBR Taq ++ (less uopamine) along with C0NT +- (moueiate uopamine) equals neeu foi moie methyl uonois.

vBR Taq +- (moueiate uopamine) along with C0NT +- (moueiate uopamine) equals a neutial state in which
some methyl uonois aie neeueu with a laigei "Nethyl buuget" since they will be toleiateu in milu to moueiate
uoses anu combinations, though its piuuent to choose wisely.

vBR Taq -- (highei uopamine) along with C0NT +- (moueiate uopamine) equals a moie iestiicteu "Nethyl
buuget" because you ieceive a faii amount of uopamine with both of these enzymes so often cannot toleiate as
many methyl uonois.

vBR Taq -- (highei uopamine) Plus C0NT -- (lowei uopamine) equals a milu to moueiate Nethyl buuget
because you ieceive a faii amount of uopamine with vBR status to offset C0NT status.

vBR Taq +- (moueiate uopamine) along with C0NT ++ (highei uopamine) equals a much moie iestiicteu
methyl uonoi state in which only a small amount of methyl uonois aie neeueu with a laigei "Nethyl buuget"
since they will be toleiateu in milu to moueiate uoses anu combinations, though its piuuent to choose wisely.

vBR +- (moueiate uopamine) along with C0NT -- (little uopamine) equals veiy little uopamine oveiall anu
theiefoie iequiies N0RE methyl uonois!

vBR Taq ++ (lowei uopamine) plus C0NT -- (lowei uopamine) equals a Substantially <C0<XV %XXI foi
Nethyl Bonois! The vBR Taq status heie offeis little uopamine while C0NT status cleans up uopamine noimally
iathei than pieseiving anything so theie is a seveie ueficit!

=X"<b7 I^%^V>: (Avoiu if comt++ anu encouiage if comtoi C0NT +- unless vBR status is -- )
FgF (not useu as much in the 0niteu States)
Cuicumin (small amount in BBC multi okay)
TNu (small amount in BBC multi is okay)
Nethyl B12
Folapio (14 tablet)
Intiinsic B12 (14 tablet)
Phosphatiuylseiine can act as one
Caffeine piouucts
Iuebenone (this is an active veision of Co Q 1u & is in many piouucts)
Nethylmate B (uose S uiops)

\,,1/F Eggs, spinach, & kale have natuial S NTBF
B:OO$)+$ :6/, :.'/ :/ : -$'#J6 1,+,(F Tea, Coffee, Chocolate

ZIV \^_
vitamin B Receptoi
"A,*0'%,( [ :4))2 L35,'6

ZIV \,3F
vBR Fok FF = -- (uieen, no uefect) 0p iegulation
vBR Fok ff = ++ (ieu, full uefect) Bown iegulation
vBR Fok Ff = -+(Yellow, paitial uefect)

This is an extiemely confusing anu contioveisial issue. To the aveiage scientist, the FF woulu actually be
consiueieu the "mutation," wheieas the wilu type, known as ff, is consiueieu "noimal." Neveitheless, the ff is
associateu with the missing iestiiction site anu leaus to a uown iegulation within this enzyme. Since stuuies
have leu uiffeient ieseaicheis to associate each enzyme type with vaiious health uisoiueis, Bi. Yasko believes
that viitually all chionically ill inuiviuuals iequiie vBR Fok suppoit. Bowevei, this is an aiea that I feel is
heavily influenceu by neivous system uominance. If my theoiy weie coiiect, anyone who is consiueieu
"Balanceu" oi "Sympathetic" Neivous System Bominant woulu iequiie much moie pancieatic suppoit while
those who aie Paiasympathetic Bominant woulu not neeu neaily as much. Even so, this is in keeping with Bi.
Yasko's iuea that most inuiviuuals will iequiie some type of pancieatic suppoit.

In any event, uown iegulations within this enzyme aie associateu with pancieatic uysfunction, which leaus to
pooi uigestion, anu uiabetes. Bowevei, many chionically ill chiluien anu auults have been founu to have
pancieatic insufficiency uue to a vaiiety of souices, incluuing, vaccines, such as the NNR (specifically, Rubella),
which often tags the uAB (glutamate) ieceptois of the pancieas. Among othei functions, the uAB ieceptois aie
ciitical foi maintaining glutamateuABA balance.

This enzyme has been stuuieu faiily extensively with iegaiu to vitamin B levels anu bloou sugai iegulation.
Since low bloou sugai is often ielateu to pancieatic function, it is impoitant to have auequate pancieatic suppoit
on boaiu. This is paiticulaily impoitant foi those who aie sympathetic neivous system uominant. 0nlike the
vBR Taq, this uefect shoulu not impact youi uopamine levels. 0ftentimes, those with this uefect suffei fiom
chionic uigestive issues uue to significantly pooi pancieatic suppoit. I woulu go so fai as to suggest that anyone
who is both sympathetic neivous system uominant ANB has this uefect shoulu have veiy goou uigestive &
pancieatic suppoit on boaiu. This is laigely uue to Bis. William Kelley anu Nicholas uonzalez's woik in cancei
ieseaich. SNS uominant types typically have pooi pancieatic anu uigestive function. Noieovei, low pancieatic
enzymes also tenu to be a consiueiable pieuictoi foi ueveloping soliu tumoi canceis.

a). vBR Fok Capsules foi moie compiehensive pancieatic anu vBR Fok enzyme suppoit (this is iecommenueu
foi complete "uefects" oi those with significant uigestive issues oi uiabetes).
b). Alteinatively, vit B spiayliquiu (with Rosemaiy oi sage foi optimal absoiption) & 0ia Pancieas
c). Compiehensive uigestive enzymes Su minutes befoie meals
u). vit k (especially foi balanceu oi SNS uominant neivous system)
e). Chiomium may also be beneficial foi both SNS uominant anu bloou sugai iegulation
f). I also highly iecommenu @:+.($:'). X+YJ-$/ 2J %&'().,6,*J, which can be puichaseu in laige quantity
online (Amazon, AllStai Bealth) foi much less.
These aie taken befoie meals anu can be taken in-between as uiiecteu by youi healthcaie pioviuei.

4BX I$O$.'
Angiotensin Conveiting Enzyme
">*C.%/- [ >2'%*,4 9%(&)*(%6

While neithei Yasko noi 2SanuNe test foi the ACE ueletion any longei, I have incluueu it to ieveal its inteiplay
with NTBFR & CBS. This ueletion is commonly seen in chionic uisease, paiticulaily foi those with anxiety.

As uiscusseu, the CBS C699T up iegulation gieatly impacts this uefect as incieaseu sulfui uumping thiough "the
hole in the bucket" often tiiggeis moie coitisol (stiess hoimone) ielease. The ACE is a gene ueletion iathei than
an SNP. As a consequence, it uoes not associate in the same mannei that the othei single nucleotiue
polymoiphisms (SNP) uo, so the inheiitance pattein of the ACE ueletion may not uistiibute in the same mannei
as single base changes.

Think of ACE = anxiety & auienal iesponse but also pioblems with high bloou piessuie latei on, although you
will often have low bloou piessuie eaily on in life. People with the ACE ++ uon't toleiate abiupt positional
changes as much, paiticulaily when moie uehyuiateu oi out in hot weathei oi changing fiom a sitting to
stanuing too quickly--you'll be moie likely to have "heau iushes" with uizziness oi lightheaueuness with such
position changes. This uefect also incieases coitisol & aluosteione levels which aie some of youi majoi stiess
hoimones. Bue to this uefect, these stiess hoimones can be elevateu uespite not even having any ieal stiessois
in youi life at the moment yet aie ceitainly exaceibateu with any actual stiess. This constant oi fiequent
activation of youi stiess hoimones is what leaus to "auienal fatigue," which is when the auienal glanus become
exhausteu fiom all of the extia unnecessaiy woik anu then stait to slack off oi just won't woik piopeily

The auienal glanus aie two tiny little oigans on top of youi kiuneys that aie the main oichestiatoi of the "fight
oi flight" iesponse, which is when you aie in uangei oi seiious ciisis anu eithei neeu to iun like the winu to get
away fiom something veiy scaiythieatening oi fight off an enemy so that you can escape. It's natuie's little
insuiance policy foi suivival.

Changes can occui that affect the activity of the ACE gene that can leau to elevateu bloou piessuie. In animal
stuuies imbalances in this pathway weie also coiielateu with incieaseu anxiety anu uecieases in leaining anu
memoiy. Incieaseu ACE activity can also thiow off the essential mineial balance within youi system uue to
uecieaseu excietion of souium in the uiine anu incieaseu excietion of potassium in the uiine. This ieaction is
also tieu to the stiess iesponse in that situations of chionic stiess can iesult in auuitional souium ietention anu
incieaseu potassium excietion. 0ptimally, this excess potassium is excieteu when the kiuneys aie functioning
piopeily. Still, in the event that kiuney function is compiomiseu, it can leau to the ietention of potassium
thioughout the bouy, leauing to muscle weakness anu heait aiihythmias.

^'#$( -&':'),+ )-5:.'/: The CBS makes this uefect moie of a pioblem. 0nfoitunately, if eveiything is iunning
thiough the CBS anu piouucing toxins, the ACE uefect is also impacteu. This often leaus to the stimulation of
moie coitisol (stiess hoimone) in oiuei to combat the onslaught, leaving youi bouy in ciisis moue. This in tuin
stimulates the auienals anu thyioiu. Theiefoie, seemingly benign uefects may leau to "autonomic" neivous
system instability anu is intensifieu by the piesence of enviionmental toxins anu othei life stiessois.

"#$ C-5:.' ,O '#$ 4BX 1$O$.' :+1 :1($+:6/:
0ithostatic hypotension, which is a fancy way of saying that when you stanu up, you feel uizzy anu
lightheaueu. This is uue to low bloou piessuie & the fact that when you stanu up, the bloou volume pools
in youi legs anu away fiom the biain until youi bloou vessels aie able to constiict (shiink) enough to
squeeze bloou back up to the biain. Fluctuating levels of aluosteione is the main cause of this pioblem.
Nalfunctioning thyioiu: Low oi high
Electiolyte imbalances with souium anu potassium (which affect the muscle, the heait, anu the electiicity
iunning thiough musclecells to the neives that contiol muscle anu heait). This is ielateu to fluctuating
aluosteione levels, which is anothei stiess hoimone.
Anxiety: This is often ielateu to the "fight oi flight" iesponse anu subsequent inciease within stiess
hoimones (aluosteione & coitisol)
Fluctuating heait iate fiom high to low to noimal anu oftentimes, you'll have a much slowei oi much
fastei iesting heait iate. The heait iate is geneially consiueieu "noimal" when in ianges fiom 6u-1uu
beats pei minute. Bowevei, most uo well with a iesting iate of 7u-8u beats pei minute anu have a sense
of heait iacing oi palpitations when they'ie closei to 9u-11u beats pei minute. This is uue to aluosteione
fluctuations as well anu can be exaceibateu with high oi low thyioiu function, uehyuiation, oi moie
stiess with uetox oi illness.
Pooi memoiy is also common with this uefect so that it's haiuei to leain new things anu ietain them uue
to stiess hoimones. 0nueistanuably, youi bouy isn't equippeu to leain when in flight oi fight moue, it's
simply piimeu anu ieauy to get you to safety.
Beat intoleiance! Be awaie that hot weathei causes the bloou vessels to uilate (open) moie = lowei bloou
piessuie anu fastei heait iate so you'ie likely to have moie heau iushes anu lightheaueunessuizziness
with positional changes fiom lying to sitting anu sitting to stanuing.
Electiolyte (mineial) pioblems aie also veiy common with low potassium & high souium noteu on bloou
tests uue to moie potassium loss into the uiine anu ietaining souium moie, although latei on you might
have highei potassium levels anu lowei souium levels as the impact becomes moie pionounceu anu the
kiuneys aien't woiking quite as well. Ace Inhibitoi uiugs woik well heie unless you aie in a low bloou
piessuie oi high potassium cycle, as this will often only intensify the pioblem.
Fatigue, which is uue to all of the above, ianges fiom hoiiibly fatigueu anu beuiiuuen to only miluei bouts
of fatigue. Nuch of this uepenus on whethei the CBS anuoi S00X aie also piesent.

C' )/ )-5,(':+' ', 3+,W '#:' J,& -:J +,' 6,,3 1)/'($//$1 W#)6$ :66 ,O '#)/ )/ *,)+* ,+? :6'#,&*# J,& W)66
&/&:66J \XX7 1)/'($//$1 )+ /,-$ W:J 2&' -:J +,' 2$ :26$ ', 5)+5,)+' W#J ,( $D56:)+ )'8 ^+ '#$ ,'#$(
#:+1? J,& -:J 2$ '#$ $D:.' 5).'&($ ,O 1)/'($// :+1 O6)*#' ,( O)*#';;)' Q:()$/ W)'# $:.# 5$(/,+8
"($:'-$+'F o&/' :+ \bC? 56$:/$ 1, +,' /':(' :+J ,O '#$/$ &+6$// '#$($ )/ /)*+)O).:+' 1)/'($//? /&.# :/
/J-5',-/ ,O @^">M,('#,/':'). )+',6$(:+.$? #)*# 26,,1 5($//&($? ,( :+D)$'JM5:+). 1)/,(1$(8 C ,O'$+
($.,--$+1 '#$ O)(/' '#($$ /&55,('/8
1. *Anxiety RNA is extiemely beneficial with this mutation anu also helps with hot flashes uuiing the peii-
menopausal yeais!
2. The CBSN0S caps suppoit the kiuneys, which is veiy helpful as well.
S. Bionativus, is an inexpensive, tiace mineial piouuct that helps ieplenish youi potassium (it also offeis a
bit of Lithium) anu is easily auueu thioughout the uay by using S-S uiops in a bottle oi glass of watei.
4. 0igan suppoits: 0thei iecommenuations incluue 0ia-Kiuney & 0ia-Auien 8u, which suppoits both of
these oigans yet aie also known to inuuce uetox so please be caieful. They aie excellent foi suppoiting
auienal fatigue anu many with Chionic Fatigue Synuiome finu these to be helpful though they shoulu be
intiouuceu veiy, veiy giauually at tiny inciements to slowly acclimate. I suggest taking only a few
ciumbs foi the fiist few weeks anu then giauually going up fiom theie each week. Those who aie SNS
uominant shoulu not stait 0ia-Auienal unless uiscusseu with youi pioviuei.
S. Kiuney Suppoit RNA & Stiess Founuation RNA may also veiy beneficial especially when the CBS uefect is
piesent as this auus to the kiuneyauienal buiuen.

="VM ="VV
Nethionine SynthaseNethionine Synthase Reuuctase
i'&' -VUS e F&.>.1&' -VUS

0f note, the most seveie NTRR uefects aie the <LSLb? _HLT4? anu VKEL".
Even without a uefect, meicuiy substantially impeues NTRNTRR function. Fuitheimoie, it is bettei to avoiu
nitious oxiue (laughing gas) in those with NTRNTRR uefects as it substantially uepletes B-12 levels.

="VV EE +- is the "easy excietoi enzyme, which means that toxins may be moie foithcoming when this
mutation is piesent. This may be beneficial anu potentially challenging in that uetox symptoms aie often moie
immeuiate. 0ftentimes, incieaseu amino aciu excietion also occuis.

This is also known as "B#& H*%4 A0> Q*/&h anu is also the "uoou excietoi" gene, which means you aie inclineu
to uetox veiy easily. Fuitheimoie, you will have much less B 12 in the system with NTRNTRR uefects.

This NTRNTRR is known as "The Long Way Bome" since it is the majoi highway foi moving thiough the entiie
community. It uoes so by allowing tiavel between the two chief cycles, the Folate & Nethionine cycles, which I
have ienameu "Feitile Faiming" (Folate) anu "SAN's Coipoiation" (Nethionine cycle) since each iegion
completes veiy specific tasks.

While the NTR uses up methylcobalamin to conveit Bomocysteine, the NTRR is instiumental in iecycling B-12.
The iesulting methyl gioup (SAN) is a potent uetoxification suppoit as well as an aiu foi this long ioute. Since
many auults have much moie in the way of toxic baggage, theii uetoxification symptoms aie often moie
challenging. Bowevei, those who aie C0NT ++ anu vBR ++ may toleiate moie than otheis. While those who
aie C0NT ++ anu vBR Taq -- have less neeu, anu toleiance, foi methyl uonois. Even so, it is piuuent to move
veiy slowly when using methyl B-12 in the auult population. 0ftentimes, hyuioxycobalamin is a moie optimal

This enzyme has a stiategic location in the methylation pathway since it uses methylcobalamin (methyl B-12) to
conveit folate fiom the Little Notheiflippei (C677T) anu SBNT, tiansfoiming it into Bomocysteine. The
homocysteine is then expenueu in SAN's cycle (methionine) to make most of the ciitical methyl uonois, oi woik
tags, foi the entiie community. While the NTR uses up methylcobalamin to conveit Bomocysteine, the NTRR is
instiumental in iecycling B-12. The iesulting methyl gioup (SAN) is a potent uetoxification suppoit as well as
an aiu foi this long ioute. Since many auults have much moie in the way of toxic baggage, theii uetoxification
symptoms aie often moie challenging. Bowevei, those who aie C0NT ++ anu vBR ++ may toleiate moie than
otheis. While those who aie C0NT ++ anu vBR Taq -- have less neeu, anu toleiance, foi methyl uonois. Even
so, it is piuuent to move veiy slowly when using methyl B-12 in the auult population. 0ftentimes,
hyuioxycobalamin is a moie optimal choice.

Fuitheimoie, this iegion uonates methyl B-12 to the vBR in oiuei to cieate both vit B anu uopamine. This is
one ieason that supplementing with vit B can inuuce uetoxby allowing moie methyl gioups to iemain within
the system foi maintenance anu piocessing thiough the NTRNTRR enzyme. The NTRNTRR enzyme has been
heavily stuuieu by many notable scientists in the fielu such as Bi. Richaiu Beth PhB, a neuio-phaimacologist at
Noithwestein 0niveisity anu Bi. }ill }ames PhB, the scientist who pioneeieu methylation ieseaich in autism.
Befects within this iegion have long been known to coiielate with spina bifiua, Bown's synuiome, pooi
iesponse to anesthesia, highei homocysteine levels, B-12 ueficiencies, anu quite possibly, lack of speech in those
with Autism.

Both Bis. }ames anu Beth have founu that thimeiosol has a paiticulaily haimful effect on this pathway. In fact,
exposuie to this meicuiy pieseivative in meuications oi vaccines (flu shot), in auuition to a full oi paitial
enzyme uefect, will consiueiably lowei enzyme function. In vitio, meicuiy anu thimeiosal levels have been
founu to inhibit methionine synthase (NSNTR) by Su%, (%7%',4 2,-( ,V/%' 7,00.*,/.)*. Noimal function of
NS is ciucial in biochemical steps necessaiy foi biain uevelopment, attention, anu glutathione piouuction, the
lattei being a vital antioxiuant anu uetoxifying agent. In seveial scientific stuuies, iepetitive uoses of thimeiosal
leau to neuiobehavioial ueteiioiations in mice, paiticulaily those with autoimmune vulneiabilities as they hau
incieaseu oxiuative stiess anu uecieaseu intiacellulai levels of glutathione. Bence, an impoitant aspect of
immunity is compiomiseu.

Those vaccinateu between 1988 anu 2uu1 weie exposeu to the highest thimeiosol levels of any othei
population. Bue to this, I often iefei to the 1S-Su yeai olu age gioups as the "Neicuiy ueneiation." Infants anu
young chiluien vaccinateu between the yeais of 1988 to 2uu1 weie injecteu with upwaius of 1Su-2Su mcg of
meicuiy. The Enviionmental Piotection Agency in the 0.S. has now establisheu that 1u mcg is toxic in an auult
male. Inciuentally, those chiluien vaccinateu in the 197u's weie the fiist to ieceive the NNR vaccine, which uoes
not incluue thimeiosol as a pieseivative. Noieovei, the most pioblematic veision of the BTaP vaccine (foimeily
known as BTP) was wiuely useu fiom 197u-199u. This vaccine was latei ueliveieu as the inactive oi
"attenuateu" veision of peitussis uue, in laige pait, to the woik of Baibaia Loe Fishei, a mothei anu "clean"
vaccine auvocate whose son sustaineu peimanent biain uamage fiom the BTP vaccine.

ueneially, the NTRNTRR iequiies incieasing levels of B-12 supplementation, although I am not yet convinceu
that this is optimal with SNS Bominants.

This uefect also tienus towaiu lowei oveiall amino acius so that incieaseu amino aciu suppoit is iueal. Since this
uefect often means you'll neeu moie B 12it's iueal to have seveial uiffeient veisions foi best absoiption as
well as builuing up B-12 stoies moie efficiently. Foi most, Byuioxy B-12 Nega uiops is a goou stait.

7:2/F Low amino acius, B-12, anu if NTRR 11 is piesent, low lithium.

0$+$(:6 >&55,('F This is an impoitant uefect to taiget, paiticulaily if any of the ciitical mutations aie piesent.
a). Auenosyl B-12 Nega Biops anu chewables (this is the fiist B-12 we will tiy you on in 6-8 weeks since it has
the lowest uetox potential)
b). Black Beai Spiay (you will iequiie uet B-12 latei)
c). *Byuioxy B 12 tablets
u). Amino Assist Spiay & Caps, paiticulaily when the NTR 11 is piesent
e). Beteimine Nethyl uonoi status piioi to initiating theii use
f). Lithium oiotate is often necessaiy when the NTR 11 is piesent as this impoitant mineial is vastly uepleteu in
many (not to be mistaken foi Lithium caibonate, useu in Bipolai uisoiuei). Lithium oiotate is ciitical foi B-12
tianspoit, glutamateuABA balance, anu moou iegulation, especially anxietyuepiession.
u). If the S00X uefect is piesent, consiuei the NTRNTRRS00X combination capsules.

*Consiuei oial anu injectable B-12 when ciitical uefects aie piesent

"#$ \,6:'$ "(:5 U \&+.'),+:6 A EG 1$O).)$+.J

Bi. }ames, et. al., has founu that folate tiapping may occui when the NTRNTRR is inefficient anuoi theie is a
CBS up iegulation. Since folate cannot be utilizeu piopeily unuei such conuitions, it is not pulleu thiough the
cycle, as it shoulu, which leaus to a substantial builu up. Theiefoie, high folate oi B-12 levels may inuicate a
functional ueficiency in that you may have enough of these ciitical nutiients, yet you cannot utilize them


=4^ 4
Nonamine 0xiuase
e<)&( 3& L%')/)*.*f

This enzyme uefect allows you to spaie seiotonin, anothei "feel goou hoimone". A paitial uefect can be useful in
maintaining this impoitant neuio-talkei in the community, paiticulaily when bacteiia aie piesent. Bacteiia
often gobble up tiyptophan, the majoi piecuisoi to seiotonin so that anyone with bacteiial issues (histoiy of
iecuiient infections, gut issues, etc), tenu to have low seiotonin levels. Neveitheless, a full uefect can leau to
moie seiotonin spaiing, though you aie piobably still somewhat low uespite this full block.

Since this enzyme acts much like the C0NT, only in filteiing out seiotonin, full blocks may leau to moou swings,
volatility, anu pooi sleep. Why. Well, when an aiea becomes satuiateu with too much hoimone, a feeuback
system is in place to slow uown its' piouuction. }ust as most iefiigeiatois have a built in system foi iegulating
ice piouuction, youi bouy has an inheient alaim system foi contiolling excessive hoimone levels. As seiotonin
levels iise, an alaim bell goes off, ielaying the iisk of system oveiloau. Consequently, seiotonin piouuction
uiops anu you have moie potential foi moie extieme highs anu lows. Low Seiotonin levels may leau to anxiety,
0CB & peiseveiative behavioi (thinking about something ovei & ovei again oi woiiying), uepiession, pooi
sleep, anu even eating uisoiueis (anoiexia & bulimia), etc.

Labs: 0iine SBIAA levels

I uo not iecommenu tieating a paitial uefect. Anyone with a full uefect shoulu follow up with his oi hei
healthcaie pioviuei.

0$+$(:6 >&55,('F
1. Seiotonin boosting may be iequiieu with meuications (SSRI's such as Piozac, Zoloft, Paxil) oi Seiomoou
at BBI
2. NA0 A RNA, in most cases, not necessaiy.
S. Auuiess chionic bacteiial issues: 0ftentimes, gut bacteiia gobble up tiyptophan, the majoi piecuisoi foi

", 7$:(+ =,($
Bi. Amy Yasko PhB

Bi. Richaiu Beth PhB

Bi. }ill }ames PhB
http:www.ucumc.ucuavis.euuminuinstituteeventstoxicology_iecoiueu_events.html (2uu6 lectuies, please scioll uown foi
oxiuative Stiess Lectuie as well).

http:www.ucumc.ucuavis.euuminuinstituteviueosviueo_tox.html (2u1u Lectuie Nethylation0xiuative stiess).


@:(' HF I%4 C/ %^" I$/')+Jd

"#$ +$W $(: ,O -$1).)+$F %&'()*$+,-)./ U X5)*$+$')./

As the scientific bieakthiough of the eia, The Buman uenome Pioject ievealeu moie than genetic cause anu
effect. This momentous unueitaking openeu uoois to new fielus of science anu meuicine anu challengeu oui
ueeply iooteu assumptions iegaiuing illness anu uisease. Peisonalizeu meuicine is just one significant outcome
since many genetic pathways foi bieast anu colon cancei have been well chaiacteiizeu, allowing many to
uneaith inuiviuual iisk factois. Piioi to this uiscoveiy, aftei testing foi a select gioup of genetic baseu canceis
anu chionic, often fatal, inheiiteu uisoiueis, piactitioneis coulu peifoim annual scieening exams in seaich of
theii aiiival yet weie poweiless to pievent them. 0n the contiaiy, E3/'.5%*)B.0( pioviues much moie than
teiiifying piojections. This evolving science not only seives as a ciystal ball; it acts as a catalyst foi changing
pathways anu alteiing one's uestiny. In fact, iespecteu institutions such as the National Institute of Bealth anu
0C Bavis, School of Public Bealth, have spent millions pioneeiing nutiigenomics piogiams. Why. Scientists
have founu that in making highly specific nutiitional changes, many pievalent conuitions such as cancei,
uiabetes, heait uisease, anu neuiological uisoiueis can be pieventeu anu sometimes, ieveiseu. Such ievelations
have leu to the eia of inuiviuualizeu healthcaie anu offei moie assuiance in tieating a host of pieviously
incuiable uisoiueis. Reseaicheis aie now exploiing methous to manipulate this piocess fuithei, theieby halting
uisease, while piomoting a moie favoiable genetic expiession. Z&.5%*%/.0( seeks to unueistanu the
enviionment's impact on genes anu examines uietaiy factois, meuical tieatments, geogiaphical issues, anu othei
potentially haimful exposuies. Bowevei, both nutiigenomics anu epigenetics iecognize the tiemenuous
influence that methylation has on most uisease piocesses.

So how can we manipulate these outcomes. Fiist anu foiemost, Nothei Natuie was not capiicious. We have an
abunuance of fiuits, vegetables, giains, anu pioteins at oui uisposal anu all have highly specific functions. Foi
instance, when you stuuy the methylation pathway, it becomes ieauily appaient that each enzyme piocesses a
chemical. What may not be easily iecognizeu is that each chemical is a mixtuie of bypiouucts fiom the foou that
we eat as well as specific nutiients that only a healthy bouy pioviues. This is the souice foi those "chemical
imbalances," which leau to many neuiological anu psychiatiic uisoiueis fiom ABBABBB to anxiety anu
uepiession. With this in minu, the expiession "you aie what you eat," shoulu have moie meaning yet seems to
iing hollow in an age wheie the aveiage family eats on the go anu most chiluien consume moie fiench fiies anu
juice than fiuits anu vegetables. Bespite oui excellent healthcaie system anu vast iesouices, Ameiicans aie the
sickest anu heaviest we have evei been. We spenu moie money on meuical caie than at any othei time in oui
nation's histoiy yet haven't maue the connection between this anu oui pooi quality uiets with foou cleaily
uevoiu of most nutiients. It seems unmistakable that oui fastei anu ostensibly bettei meals haven't been as
auvantageous as we'u hopeu. Yet even a small chilu intuitively iecognizes that it flies in the face of
commonsense when man attempts to "impiove" upon uou oi Nothei Natuie's cieations.

E3/'.5%*)B.0( is the stuuy of how foou anu supplements, anu the nutiients theiein, may impact oui health anu
well-being. Biomoleculai Nutiigenomics is the meuical application of this science anu is founueu upon oui
peisonal health issues, unique genetic bluepiint anu piioi iisks anu exposuies. In essence, it is the ultimate
peisonalizeu tieatment piogiam. Since theie aie numeious ways in which the foou we eat oi the supplements
we take may piove haimful, this makes it ciucial to stuuy these foou-gene inteiactions moie extensively. Nost
iealize that consuming highly iefineu, piocesseu foous contiibutes to obesity. Yet what about the seemingly
inconsequential issue of auuing folate, a simple B vitamin, to most of oui piocesseu foous. Boes eveiyone
piocess folate well anu if not, uoes this have an impact on oui health. It just might be that it uoes. Foi example, if
you aie one of the 1S% who have the complete NTBFR C677T SNP mutation, youi bouy cannot use folate anu
you'ie much less likely to piocess ceitain nutiients that aie iequiieu in impoitant bouily functions. Noieovei,
this excess folate may be haimful as it builus up into toxic bypiouucts. In fact, extensive ieseaich in this aiea
iecognizes heait uisease, Alzheimei's, anu even ceitain canceis as a iisk factoi uue to this genetic uefect.


While this is uiscusseu in much gieatei uetail in the following pages, this piocess can be likeneu to many
unueitakings. Foi the puiposes of this guiuebook, Foitune Suu companies with theii myiiau employees,
supeivisois, anu CE0s weie the chosen analogy. Bowevei, one can liken this piocess to any numbei of activities.
Foi instance, if you enjoy classical music, simply consiuei the conuuctoi anu chief musicians, as well as each
membei of the oichestia compaiable to the elaboiate chemical piocesses iequiieu in methylation. While some
membeis may have moie stiategic ioles than otheis, it is essential that each paiticipant function optimally in
oiuei to iemain in sync.
", 7$:(+ =,($

Epigenetics: Agouti mice. This is an extiemely impoitant aiticle

}ohn Bopkins Epigenetics

Science & Natuie: The uhost in youi genes

Buman uenome Pioject geneiates BNA methylation piofiles of thiee chiomosomes

The Basics of Epigenetics

Bayloi College of Neuicine: (Bi. Robeit Wateilanu PhB) A collection of aiticles & news iepoits iegaiuing Epigenetics & methylation

Bi. }ames Robeit NB (caiuiologist) Integiative Caiuiology utilizing Nethylation

0C Bavis Nutiigenomics Piogiam:


:.)B)4%034,' *3/'.5%*)B.0( is the evaluation of well-chaiacteiizeu chemical pathway so that we may
ueteimine how these mutations anu typos affect health. Foi example, in oiuei to piopeily assess each
inuiviuual's folate-mutation iesponse, we shoulu have appiopiiate genetic testing uone as well as the chemical
paiameteis involveu within this pathway. In uoing so, we aie able to ueteimine how these ueficiencies anu
substances wieak havoc within the entiie system, often leauing to signs anu symptoms of illness anu uisease.
This is similai to testing youi pool oi spa's chemical anu PB levels. Nost aie awaie that if the PB level is too low,
it affects eveiy chemical in the entiie system. In fact, when the PB is too low, chloiine is no longei veiy effective
at pieventing algae, bacteiial, oi paiasitic oveigiowth anu the iisk foi skin, nose, anu eye iiiitation iise
significantly. Yet if the chloiine levels aie too high, you iisk illness fiom toxic levels that weie pieviously
consiueieu haimless. The key is achieving balance anu this is essential foi oui bouies as well.

Foi moie infoimation, please see 0C Bavis School of Public Bealth's nutiigenomics piogiam

Z&.5%*%/.0( is the stuuy of how the enviionment anuoi methylation pathway influences gene function anu
gene expiession. <%/$-4,/.)* is the biochemical community that youi BNA iesiues within anu which
substantially impacts health anu illness. Epigenetics is multifactoiial anu evaluates the enviionmental impact of
uiet, supplementation, infection, stiessois, anu meuical tieatment as well as pollution anu othei toxic exposuies
on health status anu uisease outcomes. 0ne of the most intiiguing aspects of this evolving fielu of science is the
fact that many othei issues impact genetic expiession without actually alteiing the genetic configuiation.

In the eaily 199u's, Buke 0niveisity scientists conuucteu a well-known stuuy uemonstiating this obvious
connection, which is now iecognizeu as the "Agouti gene expeiiment." Since both humans anu mice shaie the
agouti gene, it has been well chaiacteiizeu anu known to tiiggei many of the same health pioblems. ueneially,
this gene leaus to a iavenous appetite, obesity, uiabetes, cancei, anu a much shoitei life span. Yet in mice, it also
cieates light yellow coats of fui while all of theii offspiing shaie similai fates. Buiing the expeiiment,
ieseaicheis feu piegnant agouti mice a uiet iich in methyl gioups anu weie suipiiseu to finu that the offspiing
weie all noimal, slenuei, anu healthy with much uaikei coats of fui, even while theii BNA iemaineu unchangeu.
(See the link below foi the full stoiy, as publisheu in Biscovei Nagazine).

This is but one example of how uiet anu supplementation can bypass genetic abnoimalities so that unuesiiable
genes aie not expiesseu. Baseu on such finuings, scientists anu meuical piactitioneis thioughout the woilu aie
cuiiently exploiing anu ueveloping tieatment plans foi heait uisease, uiabetes, cancei, anu many neuiological
0$+$'). "$/')+* U
>)+*6$ %&.6$,')1$ @,6J-,(5#)/-/

The human genome is a stiing of ovei S billion chemical letteis that spell out eveiy inheiiteu tiait. Although the
letteis of all oui genomes aie viitually iuentical anu have little vaiiation, moie anu moie fiequently, natuie gets
a lettei wiong, similai to a typo. Scientists call these genetic misspellings SNPs (snips), oi single nucleotiue
polymoiphisms, which occui as vaiiations at a single site in BNA. In fact, a SNP is the most fiequent vaiiation in
the human genome with about S-1u million of them. Although not all of these uispaiities contiibute to uisease.
Scientists aie now using them to uiagnose meuical uisoiueis, ciaft supeiioi meuications, anu tailoi tieatment
iegimens that ciicumvent such mutations. We will be utilizing Bi. Amy Yasko's biomoleculai nutiigenomics
piotocol, which auuiesses a multituue of uisoiueis incluuing ABBABBB, autism spectium, chionic fatigue
synuiome, fibiomyalgia, uulf Wai Synuiome anu myiiau neuiological, gastio-intestinal, anu autoimmune

Nost woulu agiee that it is impoitant to auuiess all of the contiibuting factois that leau to uisease. Yet how uo
we manage the inteiplay between genes, enviionmental tiiggeis, anu infectious uisease. 0ne uefinitive way is
to evaluate the genetic contiibution of uisease with auvanceu technologies. uenetic testing offeis a way to
evaluate anu auuiess the inheiiteu components of multifactoiial uisease. Foitunately, testing is wiuely available
to iuentify a numbei of unueilying weaknesses anu mutations thioughout the BNA. A numbei of leauing
univeisities, biotechnology, anu phaimaceutical companies aie stuuying nutiigenomics in oiuei to apply this
infoimation foi moie taigeteu tieatments. Foi instance, this science ieveals which patients might iesponu well
oi pooily to the statin uiugs, useu in loweiing cholesteiol. Nany piominent scientists such as Bi. Biuce Ames
(one of the woilu's most ienowneu moleculai biologists) is conuucting ongoing ieseaich in oiuei to piesent a
compiehensive map of the genetic uiffeiences that help explain why we vaiy in health, appeaiance anu even

Foi the fiist time in histoiy, we have a peisonalizeu genetics baseu meuicine that offeis a solution foi the
millions who suffei fiom chionic, often unexplainable, uiseases anu uisoiueis. This fielu opens many uoois anu
pioviues an exciting oppoitunity foi those who seek an alteinative to meiely tieating the symptoms. It also
pioviues the most compiehensive appioach to uate in that it encompasses the genetic founuations, a host of
enviionmental exposuies, anu many inuiviuual iisk factois as well as the consequences. As nutiigenomics
expanus anu moie specialists begin utilizing this meuicine in theii own clinical piactices, we will finally iealize
the uieam of peisonalizeu meuicine foi eveiyone.


The methylation pathway can be likeneu to the bouy's chief housekeeping anu maintenance systems. It is
iesponsible foi many of the most complex anu vital unueitakings thioughout the bouy, occuiiing each time the
bouy takes one substance anu tuins it into anothei. This chemical exchange occuis between enzymes, amino
acius, pioteins, anu othei molecules in oiuei to maintain cell function. Nethylation iegulates gene expiession,
allowing beneficial genes to function while keeping less uesiiable genes at bay. It also pioviues the backbone foi
the immune system, BNA, RNA, cellulai iepaii, uetoxification, hoimone iegulation, anu communication between
the cells anu oigan systems by way of neuiotiansmitteis. This intiicate piocess occuis in the livei anu in each
cell as well as in the fluiu supplying the biain anu spinal coiu. It is a iaie finu inueeu; a multi-tasking maivel.
Nethylation helps ueteimine who we aie, what we look like, anu how we behave yet even moie impoitantly, it is
cential to oui physical, emotional, anu mental wellbeing. Since methylation appeais to be one of the majoi
influences foi each peison's iesponse to meuications, vaccines, anu supplements, it has been unuei intense
sciutiny with phaimaceutical companies anu scientists thioughout the woilu. In fact, this ieaction is ciitical foi
suivival, making it an inuispensible sequence to focus on foi giasping autoimmune anu neuiological uiseases
such as multiple scleiosis, colitis, uiabetes, lupus, chionic fatigue synuiome, uepiession, anxiety, uementia anu
autism spectium uisoiueis.
"#$ >.)$+.$ A$#)+1 =$'#J6:'),+

Nethylation begins with a methyl gioup, which is helu togethei with a caibon anu thiee hyuiogen atoms (watei
has two), anu foi the sake of simplicity, we will simply iefei to these gioups as tags. The tags act as woik oiueis
so that as "methylation" begins in any cycle, the uepaitment heau passes on a woik oiuei to the employees.
0nce the employees, who in this case may be pioteins, amino acius, oi enzymes, ieceive theii woik oiueis, they
have been methylateu. Though we go on about oui lives completely unawaie of this elaboiate piocess,
methylation is iesponsible foi making, maintaining, anu iepaiiing BNA, youi genetic coue. 0nquestionably, if
you cannot cieate anu menu what makes you so unique, theie aie going to be seiious complications. 0nuei
optimal conuitions, methylation iestiicts the activity of less beneficial genes while allowing the most
auvantageous to switch on so that the system iuns moie successfully. In fact, the methylation pathway seives as
a funuamental mechanism foi lifelong health anu wellbeing by suppiessing the appeaiance of viial oi cancei-
piovoking genes. While this ieaction, known as gene expiession, has potential foi gieat success, cancei anu
biith uefects aie excellent examples of when this piocess has gone awiy.

BNA is Not Bestiny: Biscovei Nagazine

An Excellent 7 minute viueo foi lay people on epigenetics & methylation}gl6g&NR=1

Anothei Excellent 7 minute viueo foi lay people on epigenetics & methylation}hw&NR=1

"#$ =$'#J6:'),+ B,--&+)'J U b,&( A,1J B#$-)/'(J

1). The Technical, "Simplifieu" Nethylation Community
2). The Fuithei Simplifieu, Less Technical Nethylation Community
S). The Neaning of Nethylation
4). The Nost Simplifieu, Non-Technical Nethylation Community
S). When Nethylation Bieaks Bown
6). The Eneigy Cycle, AKA, The Citiic Aciu Cycle
7). The Waste Facility, AKA, The 0iea Cycle
8). Table: Summaiy of the Cycles
9). The Bettei Bealth 4 Life Inuustiy, AKA, The BB4 Tetiahyuiobiopteiin Cycle
1u). The 0iganic Faiming & Chain uang, AKA, Folate Cycle
11). Table of Nethyl Bonois & Ammonia Piovokeis
12). Table of Lipiu & Sulfui Bonois
1S). SAN's Coipoiation, AKA The Nethionine Cycle
14). Bisoiueis ielateu to pooi methylation

The following infoimation is baseu upon 'The Yasko Bypothesis of Neuiouegeneiative anu Autoimmune Bisease'
as well as the extensive ieseaich conuucteu by Bi. }ill }ames & colleagues on the Nethylation Pathway (Folate &
Nethionine Cycles). I have also incluueu infoimation iegaiuing neivous system uominance by Bis. Pottengei,
Kelley, & uonzalez.

>&--:(J ,O :+:6,*)$/ &/$1 )+ -$'#J6:'),+ .,--&+)'JF
BX^/: Biiects each coipoiation in oiganizeu steps

>&5$(Q)/,(/: Enzymes such as NTBFRs, C0NT, SBNT, anu BBNT
Enzymes aie pioteins that aie piouuceu by living cells anu iegulate the bouy's piocess to bieakuown piouucts,
such as ammonia.

X-56,J$$/F Chemicals, pioteins, BNA, etc.

9,(3 ':*/: Nethyl gioups (Bomocysteine, SAN, Nethionine)

"#$ B#:)+ 0:+*: Bomocysteine (BCY)

>J+,5/)/ ,O '#$ BJ.6$/
1). @,W$( @6:+' p B)'(). 4.)1 BJ.6$ =
Foimeily known as the Kieb's cycle)
Recognizeu as the mitochonuiial oi eneigy cycle

2). 0:(2:*$ I&-5 `U V$.J.6)+*) =
The uiea cycle, ammonia cleanup & nitiic oxiue piouuction (heaitbloou vessel piotection)

S). A$''$( <$:6'# K 7)O$ B,(5 `A<K] =
Communications "AT&T" & toxic waste cleanup
Neuiotalkeis: Bopamine, Seiotonin, & Noiepi

4). >4=i/ B,(58 p =$'#),+)+$ BJ.6$ =
The majoi piouucei of methyl uonois anu the passageway to the gaibage uump (N0S) & livei via the CBS

S). \:(-$( \,6:'$ p \,6:'$ BJ.6$ =
Bomegiown" RNA & BNA, methyl gioups anu Bomocysteine (BCY) iegulation

hE "$.#+).:6? >)-56)O)$1

fats, & proteins
forms DNA

Homocysteine loss &
Ammonia build-up
Cells CEO

Adapted from the Neurological Research Institutes Diagram
and simplified by April Ward-Hauge MS, NP
Brain & nerve
Cell damage
Toxic Waste

Better Health 4 life


Ammonia ally or
The Simplified Methylation Pathway

clears or converts
Energy Cycle
Activation of brains
immune system

Bad Guys
Big Motherfipper
fips on Sam
Maintenance & Moderation
w/Sams Cycle

for detox
B12 loss &

Vit D & Dopamine

Free radicals
Methylation makes
you healthy & human
CBS corridor
Guardian &
Garbage man
Glutathione Transsulfuration
Trail to liver &
toxin fltering
Sulftes to sulfates
w/ ACE
The long
way home

*Little motherfipper
fips folate
BH4 Cycle
More B12
Tryptophan Tyrosine

Active folate
Fertile Folate Cycle

STOPs w/


Citric Acid
Miles away

& Dialogue
No napping
w/nor epi
Away w/
The Yasko Hypothesis of neurological
& autoimmune disorders
Better Route
Stable & Sleeping
clean-up Mop-up
*keeps HCY
in check

#$.( +)'; +,( (/'%,B4.*%2 .* )'2%' /) &')7.2% 1,(.0 %230,/.)* V)' 1)/$ 04.*.0.,*( ,*2 &,/.%*/( (%%;.*5
'%0)7%'- ,*2])' 0,'.*5 V)' /$)(% +./$ ".*03',14%6 0$')*.0 0)*2./.)*(Q #$.( V.'(/ 2.,5',B .( , B)2.V.%2
7%'(.)* )V /$% )'.5.*,4@ 0)&-'.5$/%2 +)'; )V ='Q >B- O,(;)@ A$= ,/ /$% E%3')4)5.0,4 9%(%,'0$ H*(/./3/%Q ='Q
O,(;) +,( ;.*2 %*)35$ /) 5',*/ &%'B.((.)* V)' /$%(% ,2,&/,/.)*( .* )'2%' /) &')7.2% &,/.%*/ ,*2 04.*.0.,*

\&('#$( >)-56)O)$1? 7$// "$.#+).:6 h G

hH "#$ =$:+)+* ,O =$'#J6:'),+

Nethylation is tiuly a multi-tasking maivel that allows us to be "healthy anu human." Though this highly
intiicate piocess occuis within each cell as well as in the fluiu supplying the biain anu within the livei, it is
iesponsible foi the most vital unueitakings thioughout bouy chemistiy. Nethylation ueteimines who we aie,
what we look like, anu how we behave anu it is cential to oui physical, emotional, anu mental wellbeing.
Without methylation, we coulu not suivive; hence, it is the peifect pathway to focus on foi unueistanuing
autoimmune anu neuiological uiseases such as multiple scleiosis, seizuie uisoiueis, uementia, Lou uehiig's,
chionic fatigue synuiome, lupus, uepiession, anxiety, anu autism spectium uisoiueis.

9#:' :($ -$'#J6 *(,&5/ U #,W 1, '#$J W,(3g

Lets get the minu-numbing pait out of the way fiist so we can uiscuss this in eveiyuay teims. Nethylation begins
with a methyl gioup, which is stuck togethei with a caibon anu thiee hyuiogen atoms, although we will simply
call these tags. These tags aie like passes, oi woik oiueis, so that as "methylation" begins within each
uepaitment, a woik tag is passeu onto anothei woikei, oi molecule. Although we go about oui lives completely
unawaie of this elaboiate piocess, methylation is iesponsible foi making, maintaining, anu iepaiiing BNA,
which is youi genetic coue. You uon't neeu to fully unueistanu genetic coue in oiuei to unueistanu the
implications heie. If you cannot cieate oi menu what makes you uistinctively you, theie aie going to be seiious
pioblems. This is analogous to ciafting a cai without bolts, wiiing, oi cableswhile it might look like a cai, be
piepaieu foi some suipiises when you attempt to uiive it off the lot. }ust as a highly skilleu assembly line
manufactuies quality automobiles, the methylation community iegulates the switching on anu off of the genetic
coues, theieby cieating a high functioning human being. Since many of us have seveial less uesiiable genetic
vaiiations, this is essential foi iegulating gene expiession, paiticulaily cancei causing genes. This system also
silences viius anu suppoits immunity while iegulating sulfui metabolism, a majoi contiibutoi in the bouy's
uetoxification, oi filteiing, pathway. When functioning optimally, methylation assuies that the less uesiieu
genes aie switcheu off while the piefeiieu genes aie switcheu on so that the system iuns successfully. This is
known as gene expiession anu cancei anu biith uefects aie an excellent example of wheie this piocess has gone
9#:' :($ '#,/$ .J.6$/g

The methylation community has specific aieas, known as cycles. The cycles, uesigneu much like well-iun foitune
Suu Companies, have veiy specific uuties. Each one has a chief opeiating officei (CE0), that ueteimines its'
puipose, as well as supeivisois, employees, anu woik oiueis (tags), known as methyl gioups. The CE0
establishes piotocols anu uelegates vaiious tasks to each supeivisoi, who is ieally just the cycle's enzyme (Big
Notheiflippei, C0NT, oi BBNT). The supeivisoi then meets with the employees to hanu out assignments, via
woik tags (methyl gioups). The employees aie often chemicals, pioteins, oi BNA that neeu the woik tags to
function effectively. Still, once the supeivisoi gives each employee an assignment anu hanus out the woik
passes; the jobs shoulu be caiiieu out (methylation). Anu, just as each coipoiation has a time-honoieu system,
the methylation pathway has stages foi beginning, maintaining, anu completing the job. 0f couise, this also
means that pioblems can aiise at any given junctuie. Neveitheless, uon't let the chemistiy names anu piocesses
intimiuate you. As you ieview the "simplifieu" uiagiams, ieminu youiself that eveiy cycle is meiely a factoiy that
opeiates foi a specific puipose. The CE0 meets with the supeivisois, who in tuin, meet with the employees to
pass on uesignateu woik tags (methylation). Though this is a simplifieu illustiation of the methylation piocess,
it incluues the majoi elements of this biochemical pathway.

"#$ =:q,( ":/3/ ,O =$'#J6:'),+

In oiuei to pioviue a biief oveiview, the following methylation tasks have been vastly stieamlineu. In ieality,
theie is an enuless aiiay of both uiiect anu inuiiect Nethylation activities within the human bouy. Even so, this
summaiy shoulu pioviue gieatei unueistanuing of this highly complex pathway, as well as the complications
that can aiise fiom vaiious uefects oi toxic exposuies. Nethylation is iesponsible foi the followingF

1. Neivous system function (biain, spinal coiu, & neive cells). It's ciitical foi the insulation aiounu neives
(myelin), which allows signals to piopeily tiansmit via this sheath, oi outei layei.
2. Chemical messengeis, oi neuio-talkeis, that pioviue the means foi communication thioughout the
community as well as maintaining moou, health, & wellbeing. Nethylation yielus neuiotiansmitteis such
as uopamine, seiotonin, melatonin, & noiepinephiine.
S. Regulation of gene expiession by subuuing the coiiupt genes anu nuituiing those that aie beneficial.
4. The cieation of new RNA anu BNA, oui genetic builuing blocks.
S. Biiect communication between the neivous & immune systems so that hazaius aie auuiesseu, thus
thwaiting woulu be attackeis.
6. Nanagement of sulfui metabolism, a majoi contiibutoi within the uetoxification system (tianssulfuiation
anu glutathione).
7. Nobilizes fat anu cholesteiol so that they aie efficiently iemoveu fiom the bouy anuoi useu
appiopiiately foi the piouuction of hoimones, myelin sheath (neive lining), anu bile salts.
8. Boimone contiol anu piouuction. Nethylation is instiumental in estiogen, testosteione, & insulin
concentiations as well as many othei hoimones thioughout the bouy.
9. The alleigic iesponse incluuing: a). Anaphylactic ieactions (life thieatening), b). Foou oi seasonal
alleigies, c). Eczema & hives, & u). Asthma. This is accomplisheu thiough histamine iegulation.
1u. The piouuction anu iepaii of pioteins thioughout the bouy: Foui examples incluue a). Amino acius
(builuing blocks of piotein), b). Bemoglobin (caiiies oxygen to bouy), anu c). Antibouy uefense such as
IgA, IgE, Igu, & IgN (immune factois that uefenu us fiom invaueis), anu u). Collagen oi Elastin, which
offei stiuctuial function anu suppoit within the bouy via Collagen's iole in connective tissue, (tenuons &
ligaments), while elastin is founu in the intestines, bloou vessels (aiteiies), anu lungs.
11. RNA Nethylation, as it peimits foi moie accuiate instiuction to BNA in cell ieplication & iuentity.
12. BNA Nethylation, which allow cells to opeiate, as they shoulu whethei skin, haii, livei, oi biain cells.
1S. Cell membiane fluiuity, which impacts what goes in oi comes out of each cell thiough its' outei coating.
This allows cells to fine-tune theii own mineial levels, allowing elements to move in & out as neeueu.
14. Piocessing anu filteiing of heavy metals & enviionmental toxins as well as phenols, glutamates,
pesticiues, auuitives, sulfites, ammonia, uiugs, heibssupplements, aujuvants, etc.
1S. 0veisees the iemoval of fiee iauicals as well as the foimation of new cells to take theii place.
16. Regulates histones, the pioteins that aie tightly wounu within the BNA. These aie one of the specific
pioteins involveu in cell uivision anu cancei.
17. Bomocysteine (BCY) iegulation in oiuei to pioviue auequate woik tags while pieventing BCY's moie
haimful effects (inflammation within bloou vessels, biain, anu heait tissue).
18. The conveision of many nutiients (i.e., folate oi BCY) into moie active foims (S NTBF oi Nethionine)
foi moie woik tags, leauing to innumeiable actions thioughout the community.
19. Piouuction, maintenance, anu iepaii of cells, which leaus to peak peifoimance within the neive, tissue,
anu oigan as well as healing.
2u. BB4 piouuction, which is ciitical foi neuiotalkeis, waste & toxin cleanup, anu nitiic oxiue piouuction.
The lattei is useu foi maintaining open & clean bloou vessels as well as piotecting the heait & biain.


hK =,/' >)-56)O)$1? %,+;'$.#+).:6 =$'#J6:'),+

hL 9#$+ =$'#J6:'),+ A($:3/ I,W+

What uoes this piocess look like when it's bioken. Aftei ieauing the following, you will be able to envision the
implications of uefects oi mutations. The following is an example of the health pioblems that might occui.

1. Pooi neive function leaus to muscle twitching, numbness, anu weakness yet misfiies can cause seizuies,
fatigue, memoiy loss, woiu gioping, clumsiness (with falls & injuiies), anu visual oi heaiing loss in those
with NS, CFSNE, oi Autism Spectium Bisoiueis.
2. Bepenuing on the neuio-talkei, imbalances often leau to a vaiiety of uisoiueis incluuing: uepiession,
anxiety, panic attacks, iiiitability, moou swings, 0CB, ABBABBB, Paikinson's, schizophienia, bipolai
uisoiuei, spaciness, insomnia, anu pooi concentiation anu focus.
S. uene expiession can leau to many unwanteu uisease piocesses such as malignancycancei (melanoma,
bieastuteiineovaiian, piostate, NBS, leukemia), neuiological (ALS, NS, Paikinson's), autoimmune
(CFSNE, lupus, ulceiative colitis, mixeu connective uisease), enuociine (uiabetes, pituitaiy, thyioiu, anu
auienal uisoiueis), uastiointestinal (pancieatitis, Ciohn's, stomachcolon cancei, hemochiomatosis), oi
Beaitcaiuiac (bloou vessel uisoiueis, high cholesteiol, high bloou piessuie, heait attacks), etc.
4. Beficiencies in RNA & BNA leau to pooi giowth & uevelopment, pooi healing, anu lack of bowel oi biain
cell iegeneiation so that as cells uie, they cannot be ieauily ieplaceu.
S. Pooi communication between the biain anu the immune system means the uiffeience between
successfully fighting off a simple colu vs. allowing the viius to uevelop into a moie seveie bacteiial
infection, such as meningitis oi pneumonia.
6. Inability to utilize sulfui leaus to toxic sulfites anu can substantially ieuuce glutathione piouuction. As
the backbone of the immune system anu majoi antioxiuant, glutathione ueficiency leaus to pooi
immunity & inability to natuially clean up accumulating toxins, leauing to wiuespieau collateial uamage.
7. Cholesteiol accumulation leaus to fat ueposits aiounu oigans anu within bloou vessels, which may cause
stiokes oi heait attacks, wheieas inability to use cholesteiol can leau to vit B shoitages as well as
imbalances within testosteione, estiogen, & insulin.
8. Lack of hoimone iegulation leaus to uiabetes, as is the case with insulin, oi bieast & enuometiial cancei,
as often occuis with high estiogen levels.
9. Too much histamine allows foi an oveiactive alleigic iesponse, such as the neai fatal ieaction to eating
peanuts oi stiawbeiiies, wheieas low levels may leau to anxiety uisoiueis.
1u. Pooi piotein iepaii anu piouuction has fai-ieaching effects incluuing: a). Shoitages in amino acius allow
foi pooi uetoxification, immunity, healing & giowth, b). Lack of oxygen via hemoglobin leaus to pooi cell
& tissue iepaii anu moie infection & uamage to tiny bloou vessels, c). Low antibouy foimation causes
immune ueficiencies uue to lack of T & B cells, u). Without sufficient elastin & collagen, theie's gieatei
iisk foi injuiy & musculoskeletal uysfunction with weakness as well as pooi healing.
11. RNA acts as both a tianslatoi anu chemical messengei to BNA foi cell iuentity so that any inteifeience
allows ioom foi eiioi within genetic couing. This contiibutes to genetic typos oi SNPs (snips).
12. BNA methylation allows foi accuiate cell iuentity & eiiois heie may impeue piopei cell function.
Biseases incluue cancei, Cystic Fibiosis, Sickle Cell Anemia, & Bemophilia.
1S. When the cell isn't able to iegulate its' contents, electiolyte imbalances (potassium, calcium, magnesium,
souium) occui, limiting cell communication. Alzheimei's, autism, NS, anu Ciohn's Bisease aie all cases in
which pooi cell membiane fluiuity plays a significant iole.
14. Without filteiing, toxic accumulation of heavy metals, ammonia, sulfites, phenols, glutamates, & othei
substances leau to toxic thiesholu. Nany feel this is a significant factoi behinu iegiessive autism,
CFSNE, NS, ALS, neuiopathy, uementia, cancei, anu many othei chionic uiseases anu uisoiueis.
1S. The inability to govein anu iepaii fiee iauical uamage causes wiuespieau cell, tissue, & oigan uamage
anu is instiumental in the aging piocess as well as heauaches, lethaigy, anu symptoms of fatigue oi
uisoiueis such as autism, CFSNE, neuiopathy anu chionic pain.
16. Impiopei methylation of histones is a known tiiggei behinu tumois & malignancies such as leukemia
anu a vaiiety of canceis.
17. Bigh homocysteine (BCY) levels aie ielateu to heait uisease, stiokes, anu cancei. Recent stuuies ieveal
an association between motheis with high BCY levels & chiluien latei ueveloping schizophienia.
18. The inability to conveit nutiients into useable foims is highly associateu with heait uisease, stiokes,
clotting uisoiueis, infeitility, spina bifiua, cancei, anu a multituue of uiseases anu uisoiueis.
19. Pooi cell tuinovei, iepaii, anu maintenance aie a piime example of why so many have uevelopeu
inflammatoiy bowel uisoiueis, leaky gut synuiome, anu yeast oveigiowth as well as neuiouegeneiative
uisoiueis such as uementia & autism.
2u. Without auequate BB4, we cannot make the neuio-talkeis we neeu to maintain health anu happiness,
neuiological function, waste cleanup, oi nitiic oxiue in oiuei to piotect the heait anu biain. (See # 2).

=)%( , 13(.*%(( ,*,4)5- +./$ ?ZJ8(@ %C%03/.7%(@ ,*2 (3&%'7.()'( (%%B 0)*V3(.*5^ ?)*(.2%' B%/$-4,/.)* ,(
,* )'0$%(/',@ .* +$.0$ %,0$ .*(/'3B%*/@ *) B,//%' $)+ B.*)'@ $,( , ')4% /) &4,-Q K$.4% -)3 B.5$/ *)/
'%,4.F% /$,/ /$% 7.)4.* )' &.,*) &.%0% .( B.((.*5@ /$% B3(.0 ,&&%,'( B30$ 4%(( 0,&/.7,/.*5Q <)'%)7%'@ /$%
4)(/ B3(.0,4 &.%0%( 4%,2 /$% )/$%' B3(.0.,*( /) B,;% %'')'(@ /$3( 0$,*5.*5 /$% %*/.'% (-B&$)*-Q

@:(' KF "#$ BJ.6$/

h N "#$% A)+%' [ Z4%0/'.0 A4,*/@6 >N>@ "#$ B)'(). 4.)1 BJ.6$
Nerve Coating
& Cholesterol

#1 Priority

Bile salts
B 12

Taurine levels

Mitochondrial dysfunction
Oxalate issues

To Power
Plant from
Waste Facility
Back to
ACAT Defects =
Gut Problems

Supplies Power to SAMs Corp.

"#$ B)'(). 4.)1 BJ.6$r"#$% A)+%' ?)B&,*-" is essential foi piocessing anu conveiting all uietaiy nutiients
(vitamins, mineials, fats, amino acius) into useable foims of eneigy just as any powei inuustiy piocesses coal,
gas, oi oil foi eneigy piouuction. If you visualize this cycle as a clock, each houi iepiesents an aiea in which one
nutiient conveits into a moie compatible foim of eneigy. Bepenuing on uigestive function, uiet, iate of
absoiption, anu the piesence of any genetic quiiks, a pioblem might occui at any point within this clock. This
may leau to significant metabolic (chemical piocessing) imbalances within youi bouy chemistiy as well as
mitochonuiial uysfunction oi uisoiueis. In fact, mitochonuiial imbalances aie estimateu to occui in at least
Su%+ of those with autism anu chionic fatigue synuiome. Noieovei, when consiueiing a chilu who only eats a
hanuful of foous anu has chionic gastiointestinal issues, the potential foi malfunction gieatly incieases.
Similaily, those with leaky gut, Celiac uisease anuoi inflammatoiy bowel uisoiueis will have a uifficult time
meeting theii nutiitional neeus to keep them going.

Yet shoit of having a blatant mutation, most meuical piactitioneis have oveilookeu any lessei imbalances. Since
many known mutations leau to ueath anuoi seiious uisability, such as musculai uystiophy, it was geneially an
all oi nothing appioach in tieating mitochonuiial uisoiueis. Bespite having abnoimal test iesults anu
significant health pioblems, those without iecognizeu mutations weie simply sent home. Bowevei, in the past
two uecaues, theie has been a tiemenuous shift towaiu iecognizing these less seiious uefects. This is uue to the
giauual, yet substantial, numbei of illnesses anu uisoiueis that have suifaceu, incluuing ceitain types of heait
uisease, CFSNE, iegiessive autism, leaining uisoiueis, anu many othei pioblems with giowth anu
uevelopment. Nany innovative piactitioneis now unueistanu the value of assessing foi miluei genetic typos as
well as an inuiviuual's fuel souice anu ability to utilize anu piocess nutiients.

0ne of the supeivisois woiking with this cycle (ACAT) will occasionally play hooky, paiticulaily when othei
manageis oveiloau him (N0S, NTBFR, BBNT, & CBS). Be occasionally has his own uifficulties as well, which
slows activity to a neai stanustill anu influences many othei aieas, incluuing:

8. Noie B-12 uepletion, which has iamifications thioughout the entiie system anu leaus to pooi uigestion.
9. Cholesteiol & fatty aciu imbalances, often leauing to toxic fatty aciu builuup & high cholesteiol.
1u. Becieasing bile salts & highei tauiine piouuction as well as pooi cell wall function since they all iely on
the piopei bieakuown of cholesteiol thiough the ACAT.
11. Pooi bieakuown of fats, caibohyuiates, & pioteins to fuel othei cells, neives, tissue, & oigans.
12. Rising oxalate levels that may cause painful uiination anu blauuei & kiuney stones.
1S. Co Q-1u ieuuction, which is also necessaiy foi mitochonuiial function & eneigy.
14. Limiteu eneigy foi the Waste Facility & SAN's Coip. uue to less conveision of methionine to SANe. In
having ovei 4uu methylation functions, SANe is ciitical foi the entiie community.

As the eneigy factoiies of each cell, mitochonuiial uamage has significant implications. In fact, anything that
uemanus moie eneigy, incluuing the gut anu the biain, aie paiticulaily vulneiable. Since blocks may limit bile
salts, uigestion is often uoubly buiueneu. This pioviues valiu ieasons foi why so many with ACAT uefects suffei
fiom gastiointestinal pioblems. It also ieveals the mysteiy behinu some cases of pooi giowth & uevelopment
anu failuie to thiive. Befects can also leau to seiious uisiuptions in piocessing cholesteiol, which leaus to
inteifeience with neive communication anu hoimone imbalances. Fuitheimoie, toxins such as aluminum,
heavy metals, anu glutamates also gieatly impact this factoiy, which is one ieason those with known
mitochonuiial uisoiueis aie uiscouiageu fiom eating foous with pesticiues, NSu, anu aluminum. Those with
multiple iisk factois aie especially pione to mitochonuiial uysfunction. Lastly, anyone with autism, chionic
fatigue, ALS, oi othei uegeneiative, neuio-immune uisoiueis woulu uo well to heeu this chemical factoiy.

*Estiogen ieuuces mitochonuiial uamage, which may be anothei issue contiibuting to pioblems in some post-
menopausal women.


hP e#$% K,(/% _,0.4./-@6 >N>@ "#$ a($: BJ.6$


Brain Cell & Nerve
Ammonia Ally
Bad Guys
From Energy Cycle
Waste Facility

Toxic Waste

Super Oxide

Ammonia (Toxic)
Brain Fog
Blood vessel plaques
Blood pressure
Heart Disease
Blood clots
Nitric Oxide (protects heart/vessels)
Nitric Oxide
Free Radicals

Free Radicals are
criminals that beat
up other cells &
steal their positive
energy, leaving
them for dead
the Brains Immune System

Activation of the Microglia,
Damage or Death

a($: BJ.6$"#$% K,(/% _,0.4./-" is iesponsible foi cleaning up most of the toxic waste geneiateu within the
community. Think of this cycle as youi local gaibage uump ieplete with tiucks tianspoiting iecyclables anu
tiash via the livei's main highway (CBS). Though the "Bettei Bealth 4 Life" (BB4) Coipoiation is chaiitable
enough to shaie its' BB4 compounu in oiuei to clean up toxins anu compost, this plant must cleai out
contaminants in any way possible. This geneious supply of BB4 also allows the Waste Facility's Supeivisoi
(N0S) to make nitiic oxiue (N.0.). N.0. maintains bloou vessels thioughout the bouy, keeping them open anu fiee
of plaque that woulu otheiwise leau to stiokes oi heait attacks. This facility also piouuces an amino aciu
(fumaiate), which feeus uiiectly into the Powei Plant neaiby. This is a tiue community, in which each cycle
functions to suppoit anothei, making them all inteiuepenuent. When eveiything is opeiating smoothly, this
facility efficiently iemoves ammonia anu othei haimful wastes thiough the livei anu kiuneys. Bowevei, seveial
factois may impeue its peifoimance, some of which aie:

1. The BBNT & CBS uefects may be woiking oveitime to uump waste into this plant's alieauy oveiflowing
bins, tiucks anu stoiage units.
2. The BB4 Coip. may use most if its' special compounu to make uopamine & seiotonin.
S. The BB4 supeivisoi, the Big Notheiflippei, becomes ciitically ill anu is unable to piouuce BB4 (full
uefect) oi is only able to make small loaus (paitial uefect).
4. The Waste Facility's supeivisoi (N0S) has a bit of a uiinking pioblem anu uoesn't feel like woiking too
much (paitial uefect) oi woise; he's uestioyeu his own livei anu uoesn't woik at all (full uefect).
S. A high piotein uiet cieates moie toxic ammonia thiough the CBS highway (tianssulfuiation), anu
buiuens the gaibage uump fuithei.
6. Those taking a gieat ueal of supplements, without iegaiu foi theii genetic makeup, will only auu moie
ammonia & sulfites to the giowing buiuen.
7. Chionic bacteiial issues, paiticulaily anyone with ongoing gastiointestinal pioblems, as they aie moie
likely to have too much intestinal bacteiia, which ielease even moie ammonia & toxic bypiouucts.

Though any one of these can leau to pioblems, having seveial elements in place implies moie seiious uifficulties.
Without viable options, the facility begins to uump toxic waste into suiiounuing iiveis, lakes, anu wooulanus.
While this initially ielieves the buiuen anu buys time, it will always come back to haunt eveiyone in the
community, just as the poisonous waste piouucts known as V'%% ',2.0,4(, wieak havoc within the bouy's
chemistiy by uamaging anu often, uestioying pieviously healthy cells. These bau boys, known as L3&%' JC.2%
(S.0.) & A%')C-*./',/% (P.N.) aie the ultimate villains. Following theii assault on healthy cells, they steal theii
positive eneigy, tiiggeiing collateial uamage anu wiuespieau uestiuction. These ciiminals woik togethei in a
highly taigeteu fashion. S.0. uisables youi biain's alaim system (micioglia) while P.N. moves in foi the kill,
annihilating biain cells & neive cells (neuional ueath). This is one ieason that antioxiuants & fiee iauical
scavengeis aie so vital to oveiall health anu wellbeing---they woik to lessen this uamage.

C+$Q)':26J? W#$+ ,+$ )/ .,+/':+'6J '#(,W+ )+', : '$-5$/' ,O $+Q)(,+-$+':6 ',D)+/ :+1 )+O$.'),&/
1)/$:/$/? '#:' W#).# W:/ ,+.$ : -)+,( ://,('-$+' ,O *$+$'). /#,('.,-)+*/ :+1 ,+6J $D5,/$1 '#(,&*#
-)61 #$:6'# )//&$/ -&.# 6:'$(? )/ +,W .:':/'(,5#).8

"#$ @$(O$.' >',(-

If the -$4 `*3#&):1$((&) isn't woiking optimally oi this enzyme has been impaiieu by aluminum, it becomes
especially challenging. The Big NF acts as a supeivisoi foi the -&33&) Q&013# C%92'3)$&'7 using BB4 to piouuce
uopamine, noi-epinephiine, anu seiotonin foi communication thioughout the biain anu neivous system. Since
this enzyme woiks closely with the waste facility's managei, a pioblem within eithei enteipiise gieatly impacts
the othei. When the economy is stable, the Big NF geneiously supplies a steauy stieam of BB4 foi toxic waste
cleanup anu nitiic oxiue piouuction. Yet if the Big NF has a paitial oi full block anu isn't woiking well, you'll enu
up with a consiueiable back up of toxic waste. This also leaus to uepletion in N0 so that key bloou vessels may
begin to uevelop naiiowing anu plaques, which aie well known factois behinu chest pain, high bloou piessuie,
mini stiokesstiokes, uementia, anu heait attacks.

Fuitheimoie, any auuitional weaknesses within the CBS anuoi BBNT enzyme will cause even moie toxic waste
pileups as both aieas uelivei tiuckloaus of ammonia anu othei waste piouucts into an alieauy stiuggling city
uump. Any combination of these uefects can leau to extensive uamage thioughout the bouy as it fights to heal oi
offset the injuieu cells, neives, anu tissues. Inevitably, when one is constantly thiown into a tempest of
enviionmental toxins anu infectious uisease, that which was once a minoi assoitment of genetic shoitcomings
anu only exposeu thiough milu health issues much latei, is now catastiophic.

When the peifect stoim is in effect anu an ACE gene anuoi H$331& `*3#&):1$((&) uefect also exists, theie is a
much gieatei buiuen on the bloou vessels iesponsible foi nouiishing the heait anu biain. As if these obstacles
weien't tioubling enough, the ouus appeai even moie unfavoiable since it takes 2 molecules of BB4 to clean up
just 1 molecule of ammonia oi make 1 molecule of nitiic oxiue! Think of using BB4 as cuiiency in the face of
such a massive economic uown tuin. The BB4 uollai has cleaily lost its value so that foi eveiy uollai you have,
you'll neeu seveial moie just to buy a gallon of milk oi gas. In the face of a significant BB4 shoitage, the fallout is
quickly eviuent within youi biochemistiy, though it will be quite some time befoie the aveiage bloou test ieveals
this uestiuction. Bowevei, many of the auvanceu biochemical tests aie likely to pick this up eaily on. This is the
ieason that many feel absolutely hoiiible yet theii meuical pioviueis insist that all of theii tests aie "completely

":26$ h R >&--:(J ,O '#$ BJ.6$/

BJ.6$/F A)+%' [
:%//%' P%,4/$ ` G.V%
J'5,*.0 _,'B.*5 L><8( ?)'&
46/, 3+,W+
B)'(). 4.)1
a($: BJ.6$ "$'(:#J1(,2),5'$()+
A<K BJ.6$
\,6:'$ BJ.6$ =$'#),+)+$
\&+.'),+F Conveits
nutiients foi
powei to othei
cycles & helps
bile salts, &
Filteis &
toxic waste.
Nakes nitiic
oxiue to limit
fiee iauical
injuiy &
open & clean
bloou vessels
to piotect
the heait &
Piouuces the BB4
useu foi making
epinephiine, noi-epi,
seiotonin, &
melatonin). Cleans up
toxic ammonia in The
Waste Cycle & makes
Nitiic oxiue to piotect
the heait & biain.
Piouuces oiganic,
homegiown RNA &
BNA. Conveits
folate into usable
foims to keep BCY*
in check & senus on
to SAN's foi moie
woik tags.
Najoi woik tag
(methyl uonoi)
SANe has ovei
4uu functions
in the
Also seives as
the main ioute
thiu to livei &
Waste cycle.


hS e#$% :%//%' P%,4/$ ` G.V% H*23(/'-@f 4_4? "#$ A<K `"$'(:#J1,2),5'$()+] BJ.6$

A<K `"$'(:#J1(,2),5'$()+] BJ.6$reA$''$( <$:6'# K 7)O$ C+1&/'()$/" Though contioveisy exists iegaiuing
this cycle's function, Bi. Yasko's theoiy inuicates that The Big Notheiflippei (NTBFR A1298C) may uiive this
cycle in the ieveise uiiection anu seveial inuepenuent stuuies suppoit this finuing. This leaus to a chemical
exchange among BB2 to BB4, a multi-puipose piouuct that is useu in both the A0'3& [0.$1$3> (uiea cycle) anu
-Qj C%92'3)>. Within the -&33&) Q&013# j H$:& C%92'3)>, BB4 piouuces chemicals known as neuiotiansmitteis, oi
neuiotalkeis (NTs), incluuing uopamine, seiotonin, melatonin, noiepinephiine, anu epinephiine. NTs aie
cential foi the communication between neives anu cells as well as stabilizing the ciisis iesponse, moou, anu
sleep cycles. Chionically low BB4 levels inciease the iisk foi ABBABBB, Bipolai Bisoiuei, 0CB, insomnia,
uepiession, anxiety, anu many othei quality of life issues. Think of this company as AT&T with a philanthiopic
twist since it uonates BB4 to the Waste Facility foi enviionmental clean up as well as suppoiting the community
in health & wellbeing.

B#& A0'3& [0.$1$3> uses BB4 to clean up toxic ammonia anu geneiates nitiic oxiue, an element that keeps bloou
vessels open anu fiee of plaque. Yet if BB4 is scaice, it cannot clean up waste oi uelivei vital nutiients to the
Powei Plant (fumaiate) so that noxious chemicals back up into SAN's Coipoiation. uiven the fact that it takes 2
giains of BB4 to clean up 1 gianule of ammonia, as well as 2 of BB4 to cieate just 1 bit of nitiic oxiue, its easy to
see how pioblems might aiise. This unueiscoies the BB4 Inuustiy's iole thioughout the community since
unlike an actual factoiy; it isn't peimitteu to shut uown foi iepaiis oi maintenance. While theie aie many
factois that may impact this cycle, seveial aie listeu below:

1. A uefect within the Big Notheiflippei leaus to lowei BB4 levels.
2. Chionic bacteiial infections cieate moie ammonia, cleave to aluminum, & use up tiyptophan, a seiotonin
piecuisoi; leauing to moie BB4 uepletion.
S. Though high piotein uiets cieate moie ammonia, foi those with Big Notheiflippei uefect alone, it isn't
ciitical. In conceit with othei uefects (BBNT, CBS, N0S), this uiet becomes moie of a pioblem.
4. Weaknesses within the BBNT, CBS, anuoi N0S imply that ciitical levels of BB4 aie being useu up,
leauing to gieatei system malfunction.
S. Aluminum & othei toxins gieatly impact the Big Notheiflippei's output, thus ieuucing BB4 supplies.
6. The janitois below this cycle (NA0C0NT) woik too efficiently anu clean up uwinuling supplies of NTs.
7. Although not uepicteu on the uiagiam, theie may also be a uefect within the BBPR enzyme, which
conveits BB2 to BB4 via the Big Notheiflippei.

Foitunately, this Inuustiy has contingency plans in place foi keeping communication open in times of ciisis.
Shoulu the plant suffei a majoi uecline in BB4 piouuction, ieseives may be activateu in oiuei to maintain as
many bypiouucts of BB4 as possible. Foi instance, you may have inheiiteu a stopgap that allows uopamine &
noiepinephiine conseivation (C0NT) oi anothei foi seiotonin (NA0 A). The C0NT, in conjunction with the
vBR, influences the oveiall neeu foi woik tags. As with many things, such options can be highly beneficial oi
tiicky, uepenuing on the mixtuie of pioblems. In its' quest foi suivival of the fittest, the bouy's immeuiate goal is
pieseivation in the heie & now, iathei than latei consequences. In the enu, epigenetics incieases the ouus foi
suivival, but with a piice.

%,(-:66J? '#$ A<K ', :--,+): (:'), /#,&61 2$:
2 molecules of BB4 to clean up 1 molecule of ammonia = u waste, as it's eliminateu thiough the kiuneys anu

<,W$Q$(? W)'# : A<K /#,(':*$? '#$ (:'), 6,,3/ -,($ 6)3$:
1 molecule of BB4 to clean up 1 molecule of ammonia = Peioxynitiate (PN)
u molecules of BB4 to clean up 1 molecule of ammonia = Supei 0xiue (S0)

", 6$:(+ -,($

Bi. Naitin Pall's Inteiview: Q& A iegaiuing CFSFN anu this cycle

Bi. Amy Yasko Biscussion iegaiuing BB4, N0S, & Nicioglial activation

Bi. Nancy Nullan NB & Amy Yasko PhB: Nethylation

Bi. Richaiu van Konynenbuig Nethylation in CFSNE

hET nJ'5,*.0 _,'B.*5 [ #$% ?$,.* D,*5@n 4_4? "#$ \,6:'$ BJ.6$



Converts HCY to Methionine Tags
MTR uses B-12/ MTRR recycles B-12
Defects = B-12 & work tags
Poor anesthesia response
Downs Syndrome
Spina Bifda

Vit D & Dopamine
Gobbles up B-12
Multiple Sclerosis
Neurological disorders
Seasonal Depression
Impacts COMT status

Vit D Receptor


Vit D & Blood Sugar
Gobbles up B-12
Hi & Low blood sugars
Poor digestion
Pancreatic dysfunction

Interacts w/COMT for
methylator status
Little Motherfipper
Converts Folate
Defects = HCY
Higher Cancer Rates
Strokes & Heart attacks
Clotting disorders

Defects shift from HCY = Dead End!
Fewer work tags
Poor brain cell regeneration
More infections
Poor healing
More stress
Gut infammation
Converts Folate & Makes Fresh
Home grownDNA & RNA

*HCY= Homocysteine, a potentially harmful amino
acid used to make work tags thru the MTR/MTRR.
*Methionine = A critical amino acid & work tag from HCY.


determine need
for work tags

Stop! Dead End
The Long Way Home
Organic Farming

"#$ \,6:'$ BJ.6$This is the "J'5,*.0 _,'B.*5 9%5.)*" wheie eveiything is homegiown. This Region giows
"oiganic" woik tags (methyl gioups) anu is instiumental in the fiont-line piouuction of new RNA anu BNA. Still,
this plantation is a bit olu fashioneu, employing a .#0$% 40%4 (homocysteine) to help them get the woik uone.
Though iaiely consiueieu in eveiyuay life, RNA & BNA aie essential to making you unique, as well as uiiecting
health anu longevity. Bespite this, theie must be balance between available woik tags anu ciafting new genetic
coue. Bowevei, genetic typos also play a iole. Foi example, the <&09 c%9 (SBNT) often tiaps woik oiueis sent
on fiom the H$331& `*3#&):1$((&) (NTBFR C 677T). This iesults in lost woik tags foi the community since those
noimally passing thiough to SAN's, by way of the H*%4 F*23& (NTRNTRR), have been peimanently uetaineu.
This layovei incieases the iisk of losing contiol ovei the chain gang, as they cannot be piocesseu (via ABCY) to
woik. Noimally, the Little Notheiflippeis (S & C677T) shoulu conveit folate into its' active foim to iegulate
homocysteine (BCY) anu allow foi sufficient woik tags. The SBNT shoulu complete this piocess so that the
chain gang can tiavel on via the H*%4 F*23&7 obtaining woik passes within the ABCY, anu eventually peifoiming
jobs thioughout the community.

Bomocysteine can be likeneu to a "0$,.* 5,*5@" oi gioup of piisoneis, which aie shackleu togethei anu
uiligently woiking unuei the uiiection of the faim boss (C677T). Nuch like BCY, the chain gang is beneficial in
that it pioviues necessaiy, low cost laboi yet if not closely supeiviseu, they aie both potentially uangeious. You
can imagine the tiouble a chain gang might instigate if alloweu to ioam fiee thioughout the community.
Likewise, when alloweu to iun amok, BCY can wieak havoc, tiiggeiing extensive inflammation thioughout the
heait, biain, anu bloou vessels. Anu while theie aie many aieas that impact this iegion fuithei, the following
can cause seiious uisiuptions:

1. Befects within the Little Notheiflippei pievent appiopiiate use of folate anu highei BCY levels.
2. SBNT uefects tiap woik tags (methyl gioups), uepiiving the entiie population.
S. Toxins & heavy metals such as aluminum, leau, & meicuiy oi uefects within the H*%4 A0> Q*/&
(NTRNTRR), typically leau to low B-12 levels & fewei woik tags in SAN's Coip (less methionine).
4. Befects within the long ioute influence the available B-12 even while an intact vBR consumes moie
piecious iesouices (methyl B-12).
S. CBS up-iegulations uiain the cycle of invaluable woik tags & pioviue an escape ioute foi BCY. Nutiients
& toxins aie then conveiteu to ammonia anu sulfites, fuithei taxing the community.
6. ABCY activates the chain gang (BCY) foi woik so that uefects heie will actually help offset the Little
Notheiflippei (C677T) anu mask a CBS uefect.
7. Pioblems within the shoit cut (BBNT) aggiavate the CBSN0S as well as any faiming issues, as this is the
last exit thiough which woik tags aie maue. This leaus to fewei woik tags anu highei BCY levels.

Although the vBR is not specifically a pait of the 0iganic Faim, it uses methyl B-12 supplieu by the H*%4 F*23&
in oiuei to suppoit the bones, biain, anu neives. Foi those familiai with Bi. Pfeiffei's woik iegaiuing ovei anu
unuei-methylatois, asiue fiom the C0NT (see BB4 Cycle), the vitamin B ieceptoi is also instiumental in shaping
the neeu foi woik tags. This is commonly iefeiieu to as "Nethyl Bonoi Status" anu iefeis to the level of woik
tags one can toleiate befoie uetox anuoi uopamine swings ensue. The vBR uefect has also been implicateu in
Nultiple Scleiosis, osteopoiosis, high cholesteiol, anu Biabetes.


":26$ h EE =$'#J6 U >&6O&( I,+,(/

Nethyl Bonois:
Limit with C0NT++ oi vBR --

Sulfui Bonois:
Limit foi CBS+S00X+

\,,1/F X**/? >5)+:.#? _:6$? U B:OO$)+$r"$:? B,OO$$?

=$'#J6 A;EG
\,6:5(,? =$':O,6)+? ,( I$56)+ `L;="<\]

\,,1/F X**/? A(,..,6)? B:&6)O6,W$(? 0:(6).?
^+),+/? U B:22:*$

=)63 "#)/'6$
06&.,/:-)+$ U B#,+1(,)')+
X5/,- /:6'/M-:*+$/)&- /&6O:'$

0nless you aie consuming an excessive amount, theie is ieally no neeu to limit natuial foous with methyl oi
sulfui uonois.

":26$ h EG 7)5)1 I,+,(/ U 4--,+): @(,Q,3$(/

Lipiu Bonois:
Limit foi CBS + & N0S +

44 Ammonia Antagonists:
Limit with CBS+ anuoi N0S++

\,,1/F <)*# /$:O,,1MO)/# 1)$'

C--&+$ \:.',(/
4+J '(:+/1$(-:6 .($:-/
7)5,.$&').:6 XI"4
7)5,.$&').:6 *6&':'#),+$
X\4i/F ^-$*: Hi/MI<4

<)*#$( 5(,'$)+ 1)$'F =$:'/? X**/? 7$*&-$/? U





The goal is to be minuful of accumulating methyl oi sulfui uonois iathei than attempting to limit all of them.
Whenevei we tiy to iemove eveiything "bau" in one categoiy, we cieate imbalances in othei categoiies. The key
is balance. Foi instance, if you love bioccoli & gailic yet have the S00X & CBS uefects, just limit the otheis on the

EH eL><a( ?)'&)',/.)*@f 4_4? "#$ =$'#),+)+$ BJ.6$

Path to liver

Path to SUOX
Brain Fog
Dark circles

Defects = High Sulftes
Asthma/Chest tightness
Chronic fatigue/Lethargy
Chronic Indigestion/Heartburn
Gut issues
Heart disease
Viral infections
Downs Syndrome
Zinc/Copper ratio
Potassium & Sodium
Water retention
Memory & Learning
Adrenal fatigue & later, low cortisol
Dizziness or Head rushes w/standing
BP & later, BP

To Waste Facility
*Homocysteine = HCY

Toxic ammonia & sulfte overload
Defect = Hole in the Bucket
Filtering System
Liver Pathway

Converts HCY
into Methionine
Defects =
Gut issues
Similar to CBS Defects


Activates Homocysteine for
More Work Tags
Defects =

Mineral, & Blood pressure (BP) Control
Hides CBS defects
Converts sulftes to sulfate
Balances MTHFR C677T defects
B-12 impedes SUOX
Anxiety & Adrenal Response = Stress Hormone,
Defects heighten Anxiety & Fight or Flight

=$'#),+)+$ `>4=] BJ.6$;;"L><8( ?)'&)',/.)*@" As SANe has ovei 4uu known methylation ieactions, SAN's
Coipoiation is the chief woik tag piouucei. It's also wheie most of the action occuis since it contains the majoi
thoioughfaie to the livei (CBS & tianssulfuiation). While this often woiks to its' auvantage, it can also pose a
safety iisk since failuie along this ioute may iesult in calamity (see Waste Facility). When piopeily functioning,
this passageway uetoxifies much of what accumulates fiom the population. Still, seveial back ups aie in place so
that some woik tags aie always available to piocess the most ciitical neeus. Tiauitionally, the methylation
pathway has been compiiseu of the Folate anu Nethionine Cycles, while the iemaining thiee (0iea, Citiic, &
BB4) woiks closely with this pathway to foim a methylation community. This community functions just as
many successful coipoiations have, it woiks inteiuepenuently. K6`I' [0.3*)> uiiectly communicates with othei
manageis within the BB4 anu Faiming iegions (NTBFR A1298C & C677T) as well as the Waste Facility (N0S).
Asiue fiom the CBS, theie aie thiee othei exits within the community: BBNT, NTRNTRR, anu the SBNT. Each
aiea pioviues an alteinative when anothei is blockeu oi malfunctioning.

The closest path is the '#*)3.23 thiough the factoiy (BBNT), which cieates alteinate woik tags. Though the
chain gang is bettei seiveu thiough the NTRNTRR anu on to the ABCY, this fastei BBNT ioute allows foi
tempoiaiy woik tags when these aieas aie blockeu. Bowevei, the piefeiieu methou is thiough the joint
passageway, the H*%4 F*23& oi H*%4 A0> Q*/&. This path offeis moie uiiect access to the ABCY supeivisoi,
which is wheie the chain gang is piocesseu to go to woik. Even while these two supeivisois aie haiu at woik, if
the entiance to the livei isn't woiking optimally (CBS) it acts as an open floougate. The majoiity of piisoneis
(BCY) anu nutiients that escape along this channel often tiansfoim into toxic ammonia anu sulfui ueiivatives
that have uamaging effects. This can be likeneu to a toxic oil spill that poisons the community anu causes
collateial uamage in both neighboiing iegions (neives, cells, & bloou vessels) anu fai-ieaching teiiitoiies. In
uoing so, it uepletes vital supplies of glutathione, the chief guaiuian of the immune anu uetoxifying systems. It
also squanueis valuable woik tags, theieby ieuucing piospects foi iepaiiing anu iebuiluing. While theie aie
many issues that can leau to obstacles, the most common incluue:

1. CBS up-iegulations uiain many of the iesouices anu nutiients fiom the cycles.
2. A paitial block within the S00X can cause moie toxic sulfites.
S. Paitial oi full blocks within the ABCY pievent BCYChain gang activation.
4. Pioblems within the Waste FacilityN0S leau to significant back-ups while even minoi suiges within the
CBS fieeway auu to the buiuen.
S. Testosteione oi bloou sugai fluctuation (uiet & vBR Fok) may inciease CBS function fuithei.
6. Pioblems in the Shoit-cutBBNT may cause moie uumping thiough the CBS. When a CBS uefect is also
piesent, this acts like a uouble whammy.
7. Big Notheiflippei uefects leau to moie tiouble since less BB4 means moie toxic waste back up within the
Waste Facility & SAN's. Little Notheiflippei uefects auu BCY, which is highly inflammatoiy.

Since eveiything in this pathway is mutually uepenuent, theie is gieatei potential foi a uomino effect as things
take a wiong tuin. }ust as a small town ielies on its' biggest inuustiy foi piogiess anu maintaining the economy,
the methylation community uepenus on SAN's Coip foi most manufactuiing anu employment (methyl gioups).
In oiuei to accomplish this, the majoi thoioughfaies anu chief junctions shoulu iun smoothly. 0theiwise, it
uiains the community of valuable iesouices anu leaus to tiaffic jams anu toxic waste spills.


"#$ A:1 A,J/F \($$ V:1).:6/ U ^D)1:+'/

We fiequently heai teims such as fiee iauicals, oxiuative stiess, anu antioxiuants yet what exactly uo these
mean. Noimally, a healthy cell has paiieu electionsone that is positive anu anothei that is negative. Fiee
iauicals aie molecules without positive elections anu aie cieateu whenevei theie is oxiuation, AKA oxiuative
stiess. This is ieally just a noimal pait of the eveiyuay fallout of metabolism anu by itself, isn't necessaiily a bau
thing. Nonetheless, a city oveiwiought by ciiminals easily oveiwhelms the honest anu inuustiious iesiuents.
Soon enough, the best anu biightest citizens flee to the subuibs while this once gieat city falls into uecline.
Similaily, fiee iauicals oveicome healthy cells, leauing to substantial illness anu uisease. Think of fiee iauicals
as a gang of hooligans beating up on uefenseless, healthy, anu peace loving cells so that they can steal theii
positive elections. Noimally, the goou cells have plenty of positive eneigy anu uiligently go about the business
of maintaining health. Bowevei, once these cells have been beaten up anu iobbeu, these pieviously
haiuwoiking citizens aie now eithei peimanently uisableu oi uecaying waste that clogs up the stieets.

}ust as a veiy pooi economy may leau to the weakening anu uecay of a tioubleu city, with the onslaught of these
ciiminal elements, it often completely collapses. Yet if city officials inteivene by pioviuing measuies that
encouiage new inuustiy to move into these tioubleu aieas, all the while incieasing ievenue foi social anu
community seivices, you have much gieatei piospects foi pieventing this tiageuy. Such is the case in pieventing
anu maintaining health. If someone has seveial key genetic weaknesses coupleu with a high level of oxiuants
anu fiee iauicals ioaming aiounu, these factois can easily oveiwhelm the whole system, leauing to wiuespieau
cell & neive ueath. If left uncheckeu, this may easily piogiess to chionic illness, uisability, anu even ueath. Then
again, by taking measuies to pioviue the piopei iest anu nutiition as well as suppoiting the most ciitical
factoiies within bouy chemistiy while incoipoiating antioxiuants to offset the uamage, theie is a high
piobability of iestoiing anu maintaining health.

ueneially, a city oveiwiought by ciiminals easily oveiwhelms the honest anu inuustiious iesiuents. Similaily,
fiee iauicals oveicome the healthy cells until substantial illness ensues.

>&5$( ^D)1$ :+1 @$(,DJ+)'(:'$

As mentioneu above, these aie the ultimate "bau guys" that ioam fiom place to place stealing eveiy cell's
positive eneigy anu leaving them foi ueau. Bow aie these ciiminals piouuceu. Though theie aie many
contiibuting factois, the Waste Facility is by fai, the laigest fiee iauical anu oxiuant piouucei in the community.
In the Waste Facility, a lack of BB4 eithei leaus to the fiee iauical known as peioxynitiate (PN) oi the oxiuant
that acts as a lethal weapon, supei oxiue (S0). If theie is only a milu BB4 shoitage, PN piouuction begins
wheieas a seveie ueficiency leaus to the manufactuiing of S0. Anu so begins theii violent iampage of muiuei
anu uestiuction while the healthy cells eithei flee the city oi aie ciusheu in the melee.

It is impoitant to consiuei that with continueu anuoi peisistent exposuies to haimful encounteis anu
substances, you'll finu moie ciiminals pieying on the piouuctive anu healthiei cells. Theie aie many events anu
behaviois that contiibute to toxic exposuies, theieby maikeuly incieasing youi iisks foi ueveloping chionic
uisease. Though theie aie hunuieus of possibilities, below you will finu the most common activities that
inciease fiee iauicals:

Exeicising outuoois on a high smog uay
Eating fish (tuna) that is often lauen with meicuiy, uioxin, anu PCBs
Biinking too much alcohol
Eating fast oi fiieu foous
Smoking oi seconu hanu smoke
0sing illicit uiugs
Eating foous with pesticiues & toxic uyes, pieseivatives & phenols

Regiettably, the piocesseu foous that most of us eat aie buisting with glutamates (NSuaspaitame) anu this
causes substantial fiee iauical uamage. The chemicals anu auuitives useu in the foou supply such as "natuial
flavois", bouillon, hyuiolyzeu piotein, xanthum gum anu guai gum aie all examples of hiuuen NSu. ulutamates
cause wiuespieau mitochonuiial, neive anu biain cell uamage by allowing fiee iauicals to flouiish. Sauly, this
uoesn't even begin to account foi the effect of pesticiues, toxic pieseivatives, anu aitificial coloiing. If you've
evei wonueieu why you feel so pooily aftei a uay of eating piocesseu, fast foous oi aftei festive night with too
much wine oi beei, you now know the culpiits.

To make matteis woise, those with the CBS anuoi N0S uefects have even moie uamage. Neeuless to say, it
pays to be minuful of these bau boys anu to ieuuce youi iisks as much as possible. Theie aie also many
nutiients anu supplements that suppoit this piocess, theieby helping to offset the uamage. Anything that
enhances BB4 levels oi acts as a fiee iauical scavengei oi antioxiuant is often highly beneficial.

", /&--:()Y$ '#$ .#)$O )//&$/ ://,.):'$1 W)'# O($$ (:1).:6 1:-:*$ :+1 ,D)1:'),+:

1). Bloou vessels won't have nitiic oxiue (N0) foi piotection & may uevelop spasmsnaiiowing oi plaques.

2). Theie will be a shoitage of uopamine anu seiotonin piouuction foi communication thioughout the biain.

S). Incieaseu toxic waste activates untolu uamage thioughout the entiie system.

4). Two new bau guys emeige fiom the wieckage, the fiee iauicals known as Peioxynitiate (PN) anu Supei
0xiue (S0).



4--,+):F Ammonia is a piouuct of piotein uigestion anu the uiea cycle is iequiieu foi the bouy to exciete
ammonia. In patients with paitial enzyme ueficiencies, the fiist iecognizeu clinical episoue may be uelayeu foi
months oi yeais. Eaily in life, infants with uiea cycle uisoiueis uevelop toxic levels of ammonia builu-up in the

4+'),D)1:+'/F Substances that tiavel thioughout the bouy to uonate an election to fiee iauicals. In this way,
they neutialize fiee iauicals anu pievent them fiom haiming othei molecules. The bouy safely eliminates them
as waste. Bowevei, as uestiuctive enviionmental exposuies escalate, so uo fiee iauicals, significantly uepleting
the bouy's natuial antioxiuants in the piocess. This uetiimental imbalance leaus to an eailiei iisk of aging anu
pooi healing as well as autoimmune anu neuiouegeneiative uisease.

A<K `"$'(:#J1(,2),5'$()+]F A chemical maue in the BB4 cycle, which is useu to piouuce uopamine anu
seiotonin, neuiotiansmitteis stiategic in iegulating moou, sleep, attention anu focus, iewaiu seeking behavioi,
auuiction, anu sense of wellbeing. BB4 is also ciitical in the uiea cycle (waste facility) foi cleaning up ammonia
anu making nitiic oxiue. A shoitage of this impoitant chemical has wiuespieau iepeicussions.

\($$ V:1).:6/: Although eveiy living being iequiies oxygen foi suivival, oxygen is actually highly ieactive anu
can uamage living oiganisms by piouucing ieactive oxygen species. In people, these unstable oxygen molecules
occui with eveiyuay living, uuiing the noimal bieakuown of foou oi even as the immune system is activateu to
fight off bacteiia & viius. 0thei exposuies incluue: smoking, using uiugs oi uiinking too much alcohol, eating
fiieu foous anu iefineu sugais, aii & watei pollution, consuming excitotoxins (NSu), uyes, toxic pieseivatives,
anu pesticiues, as well as countless othei contaminants that leau to wiuespieau fiee iauical uamage, paiticulaily
once the bouy's natuial antioxiuants aie uepleteu.

%)'(). ^D)1$: N0 is a hoimone that maintains bloou vessels thioughout the bouy, keeping them open anu fiee of
plaque that woulu otheiwise leau to stiokes oi heait attacks. Touay, almost eveiy tieatment useu in heait
uisease focuses on uiiectly oi inuiiectly iaising N0 levels foi optimum vasculai health.

^D)1:'),+: This occuis when fiee oxygen iauicals aie cieateu uuiing the metabolism of noimal oxygen cells.
These fiee iauicals aie missing an election anu seaich out othei molecules to combine with in oiuei to become
complete again. This is akin to having a single guy beat up anothei fellow so he can steal his giil. 0nfoitunately,
in uoing so, they cieate chaiges that uamage othei cells as well as the aieas suiiounuing them. This piocess
leaus to oxiuation oi iust. In effect, youi bouy is "iusting" as it goes thiough life anu this is what leaus to aging.
It also explains why some people age fastei than otheis.

^D)1:')Q$ /'($//: Cell uamage that occuis thiough the oxiuation piocess. 0xiuation is a noimal activity anu
happens within oui bouies eveiyuay. Yet when theie aie uisiuptions in this piocess, such as fiee iauicals
haiming othei molecules, the iesults often leau to toxic uamage. Consiuei having steel oi iion pipes exposeu in
the iain anu othei elements. As they withstanu yeais of exposuie, they aie subject to oxiuation anu eventually
begin to coiioue anu iust. Likewise, oui bouies expeiience similai uamage when extensive fiee iauical uamage

":26$ h EK

I)/$:/$/ ($6:'$1 ', 5,,( -$'#J6:'),+

4''$+'),+ I$O).)' I)/,(1$(
46Y#$)-$(i/ 1)/$:/$
4+$/'#$/): .,-56).:'),+/
A)5,6:( I)/,(1$(
B#(,+). \:')*&$ >J+1(,-$
B6,'')+* 1)/,(1$(/F IZ"? @X? /'(,3$
I,W+i/ >J+1(,-$
<$:(' 1)/$:/$
<)*# .#,6$/'$(,6
<&+')+*',+i/ 1)/$:/$
C--&+$ 1J/O&+.'),+
7,& 0$#()*i/ 1)/$:/$
=)*(:)+$/ U .#(,+). #$:1:.#$/
=)',.#,+1():6 1)/$:/$
=&6')56$ B#$-).:6 >$+/)')Q)')$/
=&6')56$ >.6$(,/)/
@:(3)+/,+i/ 1)/$:/$
@,,( W,&+1 #$:6)+*
@/,():/)/ U ,'#$( /3)+ 1)/,(1$(/
>5)+: A)O)1: `+$&(:6 '&2$ 1$O$.'/]
a+$D56:)+$1 :&',)--&+$ 1)/,(1$(
@($-:'&($ -$+,5:&/$

@:(' LF %$&(,'(:+/-)''$(/F :+ 4+:6,*J

Peihaps the best way to think of neuiotiansmitteis is with an automobile example. Nost automobiles in the
0niteu States aie maue to ciuise at 6u-7u miles pei houi, peifect foi inteistate highways anu that summei
vacation. If we place that same automobile on a iacetiack anu uiive uay-aftei-uay at 1Su mph, two things woulu

1). Paits woulu fail anu
2). We woulu iun the engine so hot that we'u likely evapoiate oi buinout the oil.

In fact, neuiotiansmitteis such as seiotonin act as the biain's "oil".

Compaiable to a noimal automobile on a iace tiack, when we finu ouiselves living in a high stiess situation foi a
piolongeu peiiou of time, we use moie seiotonin than is noimally ieplaceu. Imagine a list of youi piessuies,
iesponsibilities, uifficulties anu enviionmental issues (chionic illness, uifficult job, tioubleu maiiiage, sick chilu,
pooi housing, iough neighboihoou, job loss & financial stiess, etc.). Piolongeu exposuie to such a high level of
stiess giauually loweis oui neuiotiansmittei levels just as it can leau to auienal fatigue by uepleting coitisol,
oui stiess hoimone. As we continue to "hang on" we uevelop symptoms of a seveie stiess-piouuceu uepiession.
An automobile can be one, two oi thiee quaits low in oil so imagine that biain seiotonin can have similai stages,
being low (one quait low), moueiately low (two quaits low), anu seveiely low (thiee quaits low). These levels
coiielate with the seveiity of youi symptoms in that the less Seiotonin that is available in the biain, the moie
seveie oui uepiession anu ielateu symptoms will unuoubteuly be.
When seiotonin is low, we expeiience pioblems with concentiation anu attention. We become scatteibiaineu
anu pooily oiganizeu. Routine iesponsibilities now seem oveiwhelming anu the iecommenuation on the most
iecent stool oi NAP test thiows you ovei the euge! It takes longei to uo things because of pooi planning anu
foigetfulness. We lose oui cai keys anu aie late foi a uoctoi's appointment oi theiapy anu put ouu things in the
iefiigeiatoi such as the last 0TN but the almonu milk goes in the bathioom cupboaius. We call people anu
foiget why we calleu oi go to the gioceiy stoie anu foiget what we neeueu. It seems almost impossible to
pioblem solve how to conveit a iecipe into a uFCF meal uespite only iequiiing two changes. We tell some
people the same thing two oi thiee times while foigetting to tell someone impoitant to us, anything at all.

As you continue to become uepleteu, you have a sense that you aie nevei well iesteu, uespite having a full
night's sleep. You aie woin out! You may also ciave sweets anu staichy caibohyuiates, both of which tenu to
iaise seiotonin levels oi you may not have any appetite at all. Apathy is also veiy common so that you have little
inteiest in things you useu to enjoy anu you may avoiu most social occasions with all but closest fiienus oi
family, piefeiiing to stay alone anu not answeiing the uooi oi the phone. Loss of self esteem is also veiy
common as you focus on aieas that you uon't uo well in, such as "I'm a lousy mothei, I uiun't piotect my chilu",
which is quite common among motheis with chionically ill oi autistic chiluien as well as conuemning youiself
foi not uoing a test oi tieatment that you shoulu foi youiself oi youi chilu oi ieseaiching a complex aiea that is
beyonu youi giasp anuoi level of inteiest. Auuitionally, you may uelibeiate ovei events that aie painful foi
you anuoi iepeateuly summon gloomy, unhappy memoiies ovei anu ovei that have no benefit.

With low uopamine, theie aie similai signs, such as the tenuency towaiu negativity anu apathy, in auuition to
having veiy pooi focus anu concentiation. You cannot seem to uevote youi attention to ieauing about a low
yeast uiet oi the impact of the uiea cycle on youi chilu's health but seem to uiift aimlessly fiom one activity to
anothei, always having way too many time commitments. You tackle the things on youi list that you piefei to uo
while allowing otheis to continually shift towaiu the bottom. You become easily fiustiateu anu yell at youi
spouse foi not putting the toilet seat uown oi at youi kius foi not picking up theii clothes when this is nothing
new, it simply becomes unbeaiable foi the moment.

You will also usually have ABBABBB tenuencies with little piles of papeis, emails, oi ouus anu enus all ovei the
house (oi hiuuen away in uiaweis anu closets) that you believe you will eventually get to, yet iaiely uo. You
may also bluit out things that aie sometimes inappiopiiate oi much too canuiu, without thinking. The
piociastination is often enuless whethei its not uealing with bills you uon't want to hanule oi not oiueiing,
collecting, anuoi tuining in the uiine, stools, oi haii testing that will help guiue you thiough the maze of this
piotocol. 0f couise, if you also have low seiotonin levels, you may be exceptionally well oiganizeu in some ways
(uue to the 0CB tenuencies) anu this may pioviue a sense of contiol ovei it all. Sometimes, ueficiencies can have
beneficial outcomes as well. Though one thing is ceitain, they aie all highly complex anu inteiconnecteu.

A)$33&% ,> 6()$1 A0)9VQ024& `K7 ?O 0%9 090(3&9 :)*/ \*'&(# `5 "0)+&)7 OQ<I' 0)3$.1&' *% K&)*3*%$% 0%9 *3#&) %&2)*3)0%'/$33&)'5

"J5$/ ,O %$&(,'(:+/-)''$(/
Neuiotiansmitteis oi neuio-talkeis aie chemical messengeis that uelivei infoimation thiough the neivous
system as well as to othei paits of the bouy. }ust as people woiking in the fielu of communications may have
vastly uiffeient caieeis, neuio-talkeis have veiy uiffeient tasks. Some behave as amino acius while otheis act

Amino Aciu Neuiotiansmitteis: uABA, glutamate, aspaitate, glycine, & seiine

Nonoamine Neuiotiansmitteis (NA0): Bopamine, Seiotonin, Nelatonin, Epinephiine, & Noiepinephiine.
Remembei "Nonoamine" when you think of the NA0 SNP, as this is exactly wheie such NTs aie piocesseu.

Neuioactive Peptiue Neuiotiansmitteis: Calcitonin, ulucagon, vasopiessin, 0xytocin, & beta-enuoiphin

Enuoiphins: 0piou compounus that iesemble Noiphine, vicouin, 0pium, & Beioin anu act as the bouy's natuial
pain killeis but also ieuuce stiess levels by piomoting calmness. Nany scientists anu ieseaicheis feel that
Casein anu uluten exeit a similai effect on many auults as well as chiluien on the autism spectium.

"#$ XD.)':',(J %$&(,'(:+/-)''$( >J/'$-
Excitatoiy oi exciting neuiotiansmitteis can be likeneu to youi cai's acceleiatoi, they signal youi bouy to go!
When the excitatoiy neuiotiansmittei system is in uiive, youi system gets all ievveu up foi action. Bowevei,
without a functioning inhibitoiy (calming) system to put on the biakes, things can quickly get out of contiol.
%$&(,'(:+/-)''$(/ `%"]

Simply put, neuiotiansmitteis aie chemical messengeis that biain & neive cells geneiate anu ielease to allow
communication between neive cells anu othei cells. Foi instance, when you touch a hot stove,
neuiotiansmitteis peimit the message to be sent to youi biain thiough neive cells in an efficient mannei so that
you can quickly move youi hanu away. It is also these chemicals that enable you to focus on a lectuie in class oi
a uiscussion about the seemingly ciazy anu complex fielu of methylation anu biomoleculai nutiigenomics.

I,5:-)+$ Think "uelightful uialogue" with uopamine since this neuiotiansmittei is ciucial foi happiness, a
sense of wellbeing, anu language. It's also involveu in muscle contiol anu function. Bopamine is iesponsible foi
motivation, inteiest, moou, speech, anu contentment. It is also associateu with positive stiess states such as
being in love, exeicising, listening to music, anu of couise, sex. When you uon't have enough uopamine, you may
have uifficulty initiating oi completing tasks. Beficiencies also leau to pooi concentiation, little oi no eneigy,
anu lack of motivation. This coulu be the culpiit if you lack the initiative to stuuy the methylation cycle.

Bigh levels have been obseiveu in patients with pooi gastio-intestinal function, autism, moou swings, psychosis,
anu chiluien with attention uisoiueis.

Low levels can uiive many to "self meuicate" by using uiugs, alcohol, anuoi tobacco as well as "living on the
euge" with high iisk activities, too much shopping (lauies, this is why you feel so goou aftei buying a gieat paii of
shoes!), gambling, anu oveieating.

X5)+$5#()+$F 0ne of the "Fight oi Flight" Boimones. This NT is ueiiveu fiom noiepinephiine & ieleaseu by the
auienals; hence, it is also known as auienaline. Epinephiine is also essential in metabolism anu iegulates
attention anu mental focus & claiity as well as aiousal (aleitness & waking up), anu thinking. It also inhibits
insulin ielease anu iaises the amount of fatty acius in the bloou; both of which you'll iequiie foi fuel. This veiy
neuiotiansmittei inuuceu anxiety anu heait iacing the moment you heaiu the woiu "Nethyltetiahyuiofolate" oi
"methylation." Epinephiine also iaises youi bloou piessuie anu speeus up youi heait iate.

Bigh levels have been linkeu to sleep pioblems, anxiety anu ABBABBB.

Low levels can iesult in fatigue, lack of focus, anu uifficulty losing weight.

06&':-:'$ is the majoi excitatoiy neuiotiansmittei anu the most commonly founu NT in the biain. It is
iequiieu foi leaining anu memoiy, howevei, an excess of glutamate is actually toxic to biain cells anu neives.
Lou uehiig's is the most well known uisease of glutamate excess but newei eviuence ieveals many othei
uisoiueis may be ielateu such as Autism, CFS, many seizuie uisoiueis, Nigiaines, NS, anu many moie.
ulutamate balances uABA's calming effect.

Bigh levels can cause neive anu biain cell ueath anu injuiy thiough inflammation. Bigh oi imbalanceu
glutamate levels aie cleaily involveu in many neuiological uiseases such as Alzheimei's, Paikinson's,
Buntington's, 0CB, anu Touiette's as well as stiokes, uepiession, anxietypanic uisoiuei, seizuies, autism, anu

Low levels can leau to fatigue anu pooi biain activity.

<)/':-)+$ is most commonly known foi it's iole in alleigic ieactions but it is also involveu in othei neuiological
functions anu can affect youi emotions as well as behavioi. Bistamine helps contiol the sleep-wake cycle anu
piomotes the ielease of epinephiine anu noiepinephiine. This may be the explanation foi ieu eais anu flusheu
cheeks in susceptible chiluien anu auults with high histamine levels.

Bigh levels have been linkeu to obsessive-compulsive (0CB) tenuencies, uepiession, anu heauaches.

Low levels can contiibute to paianoia, low libiuo, fatigue, anu multiple meuication sensitivities.

%,(;$5)+$5#()+$: Think "neivous, nimble anu nightmaies" with Noi-epi. This is uue to noi-epinephiine's
auienalin effects on the bouy as the main "fight oi flight" neuiotiansmittei. It's essential foi action in oiuei to
waiu off attackeis anu initiate battle oi escape. When we encountei something fiightening, such as the sounu of
someone in youi house at Sam, youi neivous system ieleases noi-epinephiine. 0nce tiieu, you'll suuuenly feel
the neeu to spiing into action! Youi heait staits to pounu anu heaiing anu vision become extiemely acute while
muscles tighten foi attack. 0nless you panic, you'll also have cleaiei thinking, a veiy shaip focus, anu you may
be capable of amazing feats. Thanks to noi-epi, motheis have been known to lift cais off of theii chiluien; people
have jumpeu fiom two stoiy builuings uuiing a fiie with only ielatively minoi injuiies, anu some women anu
chiluien have fought off much laigei attackeis.

Bigh levels of noiepinephiine aie linkeu to anxiety, stiess, high bloou piessuie, anu hypeiactivity.

Low levels aie linkeu to lack of eneigy, pooi focus, anu little oi no motivation.

"#$ )+#)2)',(J %$&(,'(:+/-)''$( >J/'$-

4.$'J6.#,6)+$F The fiist neuiotiansmittei to be uiscoveieu in 1921. Its' impoitance lies in the fact that it
stimulates muscles to contiact. This NT alteis heait muscle contiactions anu impacts muscle function
thioughout the bouy. It's also stiategic in vocalizationsspeech anu swallowing. Acetylcholine is ciitical foi
attention, aleitness, anu memoiy. People with Alzheimei's, Paikinson's, ALS, anu Nyasthenia uiavis have
substantial uysfunction within acetylcholine activity oi bieakuown.

Low levels aie associateu with uepiession, anu a lack of concentiation & emotion as well as pooi muscle tone,
foigetfulness, anu pooi sleep "light sleepeis."

Bigh levels aie associateu with less biain activity, pooi neive fiiing, anu muscle weakness oi spasms.

04A4F The bouy's natuial tianquilizei. A non-essential amino aciu that is piouuceu fiom glutamic aciu. This
calming NT slows uown neive cell activity to pievent system oveiloau. Nuch like the goou kinueigaiten teachei
who anticipates system oveiloau in a S yeai olu. The teachei slows things uown to avoiu oveistimulation anu
tiouble. Since continueu excitement may leau to anxiety anu uistiess, uABA iecues anu calms as it balances

Low levels aie linkeu to pooi sleep, aggiession, anxiety, anu an inability to pause between woius.

Bigh levels aie linkeu with sleepiness anu ieuuceu inhibition. B4ZX4": It is impoitant to note that high levels in
the piesence of elevateu excitatoiy activity may iesult in neivousness, iiiitability, pooi sleep, panic attacks,
hypeiactivity, iestlessness, low impulse contiol, anu even seizuie activity.

>$(,',+)+F Think "sleeping & smiling with seiotonin" as this is a stiategic neuiotiansmittei foi youi moou &
sleep cycles. Seiotonin is an inhibitoiy neuiotiansmittei maue fiom the amino aciu Tiyptophan, which is
piouuceu fiom the conveision of BB2 to BB4. Bopamine is also maue uuiing this piocess, only with the amino
aciu tyiosine. Consequently, you'll have "Bettei health 4 life" as youi moou is impioveu, you have a sense of
wellbeing, anu can focus anu concentiate moie effectively with these neuiotiansmitteis.

Locateu in the biain, the pineal glanu secietes melatonin as uaikness appioaches. This may explain the initial
sleepiness that many expeiience at 7-8 0'clock uuiing seasonal time changes in the fall. The bouy conveits
tiyptophan into melatonin in piepaiation foi sleep. Nelatonin is also necessaiy foi skin pigment (coloi).

Seiotonin is involveu in the iegulation of seveial piocesses within the biain, incluuing, moou & emotions, sleep,
appetite, libiuo, memoiy anu peiceptions. It contiols these piocesses thiough pathways that connect to
uiffeient biain iegions. Seiotonin levels eithei uiiectly, oi inuiiectly, influence most cells in the biain. This NT
also has consiueiable impact upon the gastiointestinal system, muscle tissue, anu paits of the caiuiovasculai
anu enuociine systems.

Low levels aie linkeu to impulsivity, uepiession, aggiession, anxiety, panic attacks, anu 0CB tiaits such as
iepetitive speech, behavioi, anuoi thoughts as well as tiouble tiansitioning, uoggeu auheience to stiuctuie oi
iules & neeu foi contiol. 0thei conuitions noteu to suffei fiom low seiotonin levels incluue: CFSFN, anoiexia,
bulimia, phobias, iiiitable bowel synuiome, insomnia, & obesity.

Bigh levels, It is unusual to have natuially high seiotonin levels, this is almost always ielateu to meuications oi


@:(' NF I$',D)O).:'),+

I$',D)O).:'),+ ETE

0nueistanuably, human beings auapt much moie ieauily to positive ieinfoicement, avoiuing the negative
expeiiences. While theie aie many appioaches to uetox, expeiience has shown that it takes commitment on pai
with taking a seminai oi, when ieally ill, getting thiough a longei flu oi hospitalization. It takes an extensive
amount of time, eneigy, anu ueuication, which is often extiemely uifficult foi those who woik full-time anuoi
have a uifficult time slowing uown. Regaiuless of the stiategy, if you ielegate the piocess to moments of "8#&% C
4&3 3$/&," you cannot be successful. Nany make the mistake of tiying to "J2'3 4&3 $3 011 *+&) 8$3#," taking as many
supplements as they possibly can. Yet at the enu of the uay, few can withstanu such bombaiument foi long.
0theis feel that taking just a few suppoits shoulu ",& &%*24#," attempting to bypass the entiie piocess befoie
moving on to the majoi genetics baseu tieatments. Still, this geneially leaus to consiueiable stait up with most
feeling uisheaiteneu anu theiefoie, less likely to foige aheau. In the enu, it takes commitment, peiseveiance,
anu confiuence that you CAN anu WILL conquei uetox, no mattei how giauually you neeu to take it.

As a geneial iule, uetox is a self-initiateu iathei than a physician "piesciibeu" theiapeutic piocess.
Consequently, many stiuggle to uevote the necessaiy time that's iequiieu foi the piocess. While the intensity
anu uuiation is uepenuent upon youi past enviionmental exposuies, genetic vaiiations, anu the extent anu
seveiity of youi meuical issues, uetoxification is geneially essential foi lifelong health. Bespite these factois, you
uo have some contiol ovei the intensity of this filteiing out piocess. Foi instance, staiting with a spiinkle oi
uiop is piefeiable to taking the entiie capsule oi uioppei. It is also piuuent to stait one new suppoit at a time,
giauually incieasing the uose.

Consiuei the following guiuelines:
E8 Set a uate to stait anu uo eveiything within youi powei to auheie to it. It's easy to keep putting it
off until "3#$%4' 0)&%I3 '* ,2'>." This becomes much moie challenging once you've expeiienceu
negative symptoms.
G8 Limit each uetox set to two weeks oi less, paiticulaily when you feel pooily. It's uemoializing to
feel ill foi much longei than 1u-14 uays at a time. Nany wonuei if they'll iegain theii foimei state of
pooi health anu become uepiesseu.
H8 Stait suppoit giauually! If uone wisely, uetox shoulun't be hoiiible, meiely uncomfoitable. Avoiu
incieasing oi auuing in multiple supplements at once.
K8 Be piepaieu. This is woik anu you shoulu not consiuei this as time off, thinking you'll get "caught
up" uuiing this peiiou of time. It's much like taking a tiip. You neeu to make suie that you have youi
bills paiu, eiianus uone, anu eveiything you'll neeu at hanu. While some have an easy time of it, otheis
uetox easily, feeling sickly, apathetic, anu fatigueu.
L8 Bave iesouices at the ieauy. You shoulu have someone whose willing to help, when necessaiy,
anu have comfoit foous--piefeiably fiesh juices & easily uigesteu, healthful foous--as well as having
basic householu neeus.
N8 Consiuei comfoit measuies aheau of time. Please uo not wait until you feel lousy since theie aie
many soothing measuies available: supplements, RNA, Coffee enemas, etc.
P8 Escoits aie iequiieu in oiuei to enable toxin elimination. These incluue: Cainosine, alpha lipoic
aciu (not foi CBS), malic aciu, Boisetail, EBTA bathsoapoial, anu coffee enemas.

0f note, pei Bi. Yasko, those who aie C0NT ++ tenu to have a lowei viial anu metals excietion anu will often
uetox moie ieauily. Conveisely, those who aie C0NT -- have a highei viial anu metals loau anu geneially
iequiie moie woik to initiate the uetox piocess.

B,-O,(' =$:/&($/

Bepenuing on youi neivous system uominance anu genetic make up, the following suppoits aie examples of
helpful measuies.

B:6-)+* -$'#,1/F (Nay help with stimming, 0CB behaviois, aggiession, anxiety, etc).

Neive Calm Foimula RNA
ueneial Inflammation RNA
Cytokine Balance Inflammatoiy Pathway Suppoit RNA (Behavioi Suppoit Foimula RNA)
Stiess Founuation Foimula RNA
Auvanceu }oint Suppoit Foimula RNA
uabaulutamate Spiay (coming)
IP6 -Inositol (Also founu in 0ltimate B complex)

**You might consiuei checking Lithium Levels on 0EE & Baii Netals test

Z$(J <$65O&6 V%4/F
These aie often consiueieu the "fluff" RNAs but make a substantial uiffeience foi many who aie sensitive oi
have moie significant uetox. V$-$-2$( '#:' W)'# V%4/? : 6)''6$ *,$/ : 6,+* W:J. You 1, +,' neeu to take
14 to 1S uioppei, as it says on the bottle, in oiuei to benefit fiom them.

Consiuei staiting at 1-2 uiops anu woiking up to S-4 uiops once oi twice uaily foi suppoit. Nost RNAs will last
S-4 months this way as it ceitainly uoes not have to be all oi nothing8

1). Bealth Founuation RNAueneial Inflammation RNA: ueneial suppoit foi inflammation within all bouy

2). Cytokine RNA: Beneficial foi those with stiep ielateu issues (autoimmune synuiomes, PANBAS, 0CB, etc) oi
any known conuition that incieases TNF alpha.

S). Comfoit RNA: 1-2 uiops twice uaily unless you want to go up thiough uetox. This also has many benefits
uuiing uetox as well as those with pain as it iaises youi natuial enuoiphins.

4). Neive Calm RNAvERY Belpful with uetox symptoms as well as any high stiessanxiety levels such as feai
of flying.

S). Anxiety RNA: vERY helpful with anxiety uisoiueis & panic attacks. It has a veiy calming effect soon aftei
taking it yet will not have a seuative effect. Nany have founu this woiks well with high stiess situations as well
on an as neeueu basis.

6). Fatigue Suppoit RNA: 1-2 uiops to stait, woiking up as toleiateu. This RNA is veiy helpful foi those with
mitochonuiial uysfunction, CFSNE, auienal uysfunction, anu othei souices of fatigue.

7). Stiess: 1-2 uiops twice uaily unless you want to go up thiough uetox. This RNA has many benefits uuiing
uetox as well as in those with fatigue. If I weie to pick just one foi those with CFS howevei, it woulu be fatigue

B,OO$$ $+$-:/F
Coffee enemas help eliminate pollutants anu stimulate Suu-7uu times the amount of glutathione noimally maue
by the livei. ulutathione is youi bouy's majoi antioxiuant anu immune boostei anu it is ciitical in cancei theiapy
anu pievention as well as CFSNCS iecoveiy. It also iemoves sulfiue piouucing toxins anu ammonia fiom the
gut. Neveitheless, it is only manuateu foi cancei tieatment. The following aie some helpful tips:

Foi those with aithiitis oi mobility issues, using camping oi an aimy cot is essential foi quick enema
ielease (without messy acciuents)
Chamomile tea is beneficial foi ieuucing bowel spasms anu ciamping. You can simply auu 1-2 oiganic
chamomile tea bags into the coffee makei oi make a cup of tea anu auu it to colu, piemaue coffee, which
is a nice tiick foi making batches up aheau of time anu having them at bouy temp.
Keep a small tube of vaseline, a timei, anu uisposable wet wipes hanuy, the lattei is helpful in ieuucing
If you uon't fully expel the coffee aftei 1u-1S minutes, it helps to get up anu walk aiounu. Nost will expel
the iest within an houi (if not minutes). It may also help to iepeat the pioceuuie.
0se oiganic, giounu coffee (not uecaf). Be awaie that the uaikei beans aie typically highei in caffeine.
Colonic instillation of coffee stimulates the paiasympathetic neivous system (iest & uigest) while oial
ingestion leaus to sympathetic (fight oi flight) fiiing.
Piactice using chamomile oi plain watei enemas piioi to using coffee.
Stait with 1-2 tsp. giounu coffee in 8-16 oz watei if sensitive anu only V to 1 tablespoon if not oveily
sensitive. The goal is S-4 tablespoons to 1 quait of watei.
Consiuei peifoiming two, 1u-minute enemas back to back in the moining oi afteinoonevening. Nany
have founu that the fiist enema is moie of a supeificial cleansing while the seconu acts to iiu the bouy of
moie waste anu is often helu longei.
If you uevelop ciamping, ioll ovei onto youi back anu take slow, ueep bieaths to encouiage the solution
to move upwaiu. Nany tiy wiggling theii toes & feet to uistiact themselves until the waves uie uown.
The best time to tiy the coffee tieatment is in the moining wheieas it's bettei to initiate a chamomile
enema at night.
Feel fiee to bypass the moie complicateu ueison methou foi making the coffee by using oiganic coffee in
a stainless steel coffee makei (insteau of boiling & filteiing).

"#$ 5&(5,/$ ,O .,OO$$ $+$-:/ (You may neeu to copy & paste the auuiess into youi 0RL)

<,W ', 1, '#$ .,OO$$ $+$-:/F

B,--,+ .,OO$$ '($:'-$+' 5)'O:66/F
Finuing ieasons to give up too easily, since it may seem uistasteful. This is ceitainly not on anyone's "top
ten list of things to uo," yet is highly beneficial. 0nce most get ovei theii initial ieluctance, they finu that
they feel so much bettei with the tieatments that it pioviues the motivation to keep them up.
0sing full stiength coffee tieatments too eaily, iathei than giauually acclimating. 0se lightei coffee beans
eaily on as they have a lowei caffeine concentiation. This may also mean staiting with a teaspoon of
coffee mixeu with chamomile tea.
Running the enema in too fast & suffeiing the consequences (heavy ciamping & acciuents!)
Not iepeating the tieatment if you haven't expelleu the fiist, oi if you only helu the fiist tieatment ovei a
couple of minutes.
Not using chamomile to help soothe, paiticulaily in the beginning!
Not being piepaieu foi the occasional acciuent.
o&).)+* ")5/F
It is best to use a "masticatoi" such as the Champion juicei, oi a "twin piess" juicei such as the uieen Stai Elite,
iathei than a "centiifugal" juicei. The lattei auus oxygen to the juice's enzymes uuiing the piocess anu this
leaus to "oxiuation" oi bieakuown of nutiients. While theie aie some exceptional piouucts on the maiket, they
can also be cumbeisome anu expensive (Noiwalk $28uu). In an iueal woilu, the uieenStai Elite (uSE) Suuu
offeis the best of both woilus anu is actually a goou compiomise fiom Noiwalk (yet much moie costly than the
Champion) at $SSu. Twin piess juiceis maintain the integiity of the juice's enzymes within most fiuit &
vegetables. This allows foi concentiateu nutiients, which behave as puie antioxiuants, without the auuitional
fiee iauicals. In the enu, you may lose up to 4u-Su% of the fiuit oi vegetable's nutiients. Neveitheless, it takes
much moie stiength anu eneigy to use a masticatoi so this shoulu also be consiueieu.

A4%,(% '%B%B1%' /$,/ 3(.*5 , 0%*/'.V35,4 T3.0%' .( 0)*(.2%',14- 1%//%' /$,* EJ# $,7.*5 ,*- T3.0% ,/ ,44.
0ne must also be piactical, so if you aie only going to have one juice each uay anu uo not have the iesouices foi
the miu-iange masticatoi style juiceis, a centiifugal is uefinitely woith having. }ust be suie to uiink this juice
immeuiately, wheieas the masticatoi style juices will uo faiily well foi seveial houis (12-24) as long as each
juice is in a sepaiate containei anu immeuiately iefiigeiateu. Even so, it's optimal to uiink most juices as soon
as possible in oiuei to avoiu losing valuable enzymes. Similaily, gieens shoulu always be consumeu within Su
minutes anu nevei stoieu oi mixeu with othei juices. Whenevei possible, each juice shoulu be maue fiesh.

0nless PNS Bominant, it is piefeiable to uiink 1-2 fiesh gieen uiinks uaily (celeiy, iomaine, Swiss chaiu, etc.).
This can usually be accomplisheu in the moining anu late afteinoon oi evening while the iemainuei is fiesh
caiiot, apple, etc.

Please be awaie that blenueis, oi juiceis that act as blenueis, only giinu up the fiuit oi vegetables so that they
aie easiei to uigest. In oiuei to obtain the concentiation of nutiients anu antioxiuants noimally obtaineu fiom
juicing, you woulu neeu to consume ovei 2u#'s of caiiots, 2u#'s of apples, etc. ueneially speaking, those who
aie PNS Bominant uo not toleiate many gieens anu viitually no citius at all.

The apples with the most malic aciu (an escoit, oi chelating agent) incluue those which aie on the tait siue:
uianny Smith, Biamley, NcIntosh, }onathan oi }onygolu, & Pink Lauies. 0nfoitunately, Fuji, uoluen, & Reu
Belicious apples have the least malic aciu, although they contain othei beneficial nutiients.

This is ciitical foi SNS Bominants, paiticulaily when auuiessing cancei. Still, some PNS & "Inefficient" Balanceu
Bominants may not toleiate much juice so shoulu not puichase a juicei until evaluating the iesponse to uietaiy

B,--,+ @)'O:66/

1). Lets tieat all this stuff now! By anu laige, supplements aie piobably some of the safest tieatments you will
evei finu, paiticulaily when one consiueis the siue effects associateu with most piesciiption meuicines.
Bowevei, eveiy single thing that you take has benefits anu uiawbacks. Simply stateu, this means that
supplements shoulu be tieateu as meuication. When you consiuei that many of the methylation uefects iequiie
any numbei of vitamins, enzymes, anu co-factois to woik moie efficiently, these ieplacements have a ciucial
puipose. Since methylation is instiumental in so many ieactions, fiom piopei immune system function anu
making new cells to filteiing out toxins anu making antioxiuants, theie will unuoubteuly be consequences in
getting them up anu iunning aftei S, 1u, 2u, 4u, oi 6u+ yeais. These genetic ioaublocks anu aieas unuei
constiuction aie faiily iusty. }ust think of them as you woulu a well liveu in home anu gaiage, which aie now in
neeu of a veiy hefty spiing-cleaning. They aie unuoubteuly full of cobwebs, uust, anu giime anu aie in neeu
some seiious washing. Bowevei, uoing so all at once uoesn't woik neaily as well with youi bouy as it may foi
youi home. When they abiuptly stait woiking, you quickly ielease a stieam of viius, bacteiia, heavy metals, anu
othei toxins that take quite a toll on youi physical anu emotional welfaie. I believe uetox shoulu be veiy giauual
anu gentle so that you aie able to iemain functional anu have some sense of wellbeing. 0theis feel that the
fastei you iip off the Banu-Aiu, the bettei it is. "#,&*# C W,&61 +,(-:66J :*($$ W)'# '#)/ :55(,:.#? &+')6 J,&
#:Q$ O)(/'#:+1 $D5$()$+.$ ,O W#:' 1$',D O$$6/ 6)3$? J,& /#,&61 5(,.$$1 W)'# .:&'),+d

2). If a little is goou than moie is bettei! This is similai to the above pitfall but has its own pioblems uue to using
too many supplements to eaily anuoi highei uosing. As alieauy alluueu to, I geneially finu that human natuie
uictates that we iush into things anu this piogiam is ceitainly no uiffeient. Neveitheless, just as you 1, +,'
want to taiget some of the ciucial uefects iight fiom the stait oi auuiess multiple uefects immeuiately, you also
1, +,' W:+' to thiow caution to the winu anu stait with laigei uoses of the supplements, RNA's, anuoi
nucleotiues. Those who uo so tenu to leain a haishei lesson anu aie often extiemely hesitant to stait new
supplements latei on. Why. Well, they've finally seen how yucky it is to expeiience a tiue blue uetox. The
lethaigy, iiiitability, fatigue, heauaches, anu stomach upset aien't paiticulaily pleasant when you have to go to
woik oi have kius to take caie of fiom moining until night. Noi aie they a welcome expeiience foi a chilu who
has to go to school oi is expecteu to behave in theiapy sessions. With this in minu, please take this piocess in a
"slow but steauy" soit of fashion anu you will be much moie likely to succeeu.
S). Why uo we have to stait at the beginning. Anothei veiy challenging aiea foi most is builuing the necessaiy
founuation. Though I have mentioneu this befoie, this is a ciucial pait of the piotocol anu if playeu well, it will
allow you to get thiough ioughei times aheau. If you have alieauy ieau some of the books anu stuuies oi
ieceiveu youi test iesults, you piobably feel completely oveiwhelmeu with the seemingly nevei-enuing list of
beneficial supplements. Some uive in completely, buying a tiuckloau of supplements without unueistanuing
theii ielevance, while otheis aie paialyzeu by feai, having uiscoveieu a new level of ineitia they nevei thought
possible. Ny majoi objective is to pioviue a stepwise appioach while emphasizing the -,/' 2$+$O).):6
supplements foi you oi youi chilu. In stating this, I uo not mean to imply that othei tieatments woulu not be
favoiable oi that you won't iequiie moie suppoits latei on. It is simply my way of stieamlining this piocess foi
you anu picking the best of both woilus without going oveiboaiu anu senuing you into bankiuptcy!

Stage 1 uoes offei a geneial fiamewoik with which to stait, yet it is most ciucial in suppoiting youi bouy anu
ieplenishing nutiitional anu chemical ueficiencies. ^O'$+')-$/? )+ -$($6J 5(,Q)1)+* '#)/ /&55,('? J,& -:J
#:Q$ /&2/':+'):6 )-5(,Q$-$+'8 C+ O:.'? )+ &/)+* : *,,1 O,&+1:'),+? )' )/ +,' &+.,--,+ O,( '#,/$ W)'#
-)61$( )66+$//$/ :+1M,( 1)/,(1$(/ ', $D5$()$+.$ +$:( ($.,Q$(J8 Still, to stop at that is simply tieating the
symptoms without auuiessing the unueilying cause, a tempoiaiy fix inueeu. When we consiuei the simple
inteiventions of pioviuing glucose anu insulin foi the uiabetic, we can easily appieciate how essential the basic
chemicals aie foi function as well as suivival.

Noieovei, the initial steps assist us in weatheiing the natuial uetoxification that follows methylation suppoit.
Nake no mistake about it; this phase is ciucial foi whole system maintenance anu optimal oigan anu
neuiological function, yet it is inuispensible foi suppoiting anu easing you thiough uetox latei on. Foi instance,
if you aie ueficient in key mineials such as magnesium anu potassium anu you aie on seveial auvanceu
supplements that inuuce uetox, you will lose many moie mineials, thus having much moie fatigue anu lethaigy.
This also leaus to pioblems with memoiy anu not thinking as cleaily. In the enu, whethei its owing to
impatience, youi specific health goals, oi financial anuoi time constiaints, skipping the geneial suppoit almost
always comes back to haunt you8

Anu finally, iemembei to take stock of youi piogiess so that you iemembei this latei on! I highly encouiage you
to maintain a veiy biief logbook in oiuei to tiack any uecline oi impiovements. We ieauily auapt to
impiovements anu many cannot appieciate just how fai they've come.

Example of a monthlyweekly logbook foi ease of compaiison the next month

Fatigue 6 (was 81u) Switcheu to liquiu methyl B-12
Bizzinesslightheaueu 4-S Reuuceu active folate as suggesteu
Anxiety 4-S (was 91u) Seems bettei with Anxiety RNA
Nuscle weakness 6-8 (was S1u) Seems woisebettei with less piotein
uut pioblems 2 (was 71u) Seems bettei with uigestive enzymes
0CBpeiseveiative behavioi 1u1u Woise with . Event oi supplement
TicsStims S-6 (was 8-91u) vocal tics much bettei on Cytokine RNA
InsomniaSleep issues 4-S (was 8-91u) Able to nap oi bettei sleep at night

B,--,+ /J-5',-/ ,O e1$',Df ,( e>':(' &5f

While uetox can occui with almost any suppoit, theie's no neeu to pioviue heavy supplementation eaily on. We
have plenty of time to layei in a founuation in oiuei to avoiu such symptoms.

Any of these may occui with new supplementation since the suppoit will allow seveial biochemistiy systems
within the bouy to woik moie effectively & efficiently. They typically stait to function in ways that leau to
"spiing cleaning," which means cleaning up many toxins, heavy metals, viius, bacteiia, etc. 0ftentimes, the
immune system is tiiggeieu thioughout this piocess anu symptoms usually occuisoie thioat, chills, feeling
hot & colu, pooi sleep, loose stools, iashes, etc. These symptoms aie tempoiaiy yet if highly uncomfoitable, it's
best to ieuuce the uoses to lessen the outcome. A goou iule of thumb is to avoiu staiting moie than 1-2
supplements at a time, paiticulaily foi those who aie sensitive.

- Soie thioat
- Rashes (peii-anal anu genital lesionsiashes aie common as well)
- Itching
- Tiemois
- veiy uaik uiine oi clouuy uiine
- 0nusual ouoi to uiine & stools
- Noie aches & pains
- Beauaches, "heavy heau," "heavy-feeling heauaches"
- Alteinating peiious of mental "fuzziness" anu gieatei mental claiityunable to think cleaily oi focus anu
absoib infoimation. This also occuis with high ammonia (biain fog)
- Foigetfulness
- Woiu gioping"senioi moments", you just can't think of that simple woiu
- Feeling "muggy-heaueu," "blah," oi sick in the moining.
- Fleeting symptoms (houis oi a few uays) of illness with lethaigy oi flu-like symptoms
- Fleeting sense (houis oi a few uays) of fatigue, waxing anu waning fatigue, anuoi feeling weakei anu sluggish
- Bizzinesslightheaueuness
- Iiiitability oi volatilitymoous may go up & uown
- Sensation of "biain fiiing: wiieu oi "biain moving veiy fast"
- Bepiession, apathy, feeling oveiwhelmeu, stiong emotions such as angei oi ciying
- uieatei neeu foi "healing naps," (which aie essential foi iecoveiy!)
- Swollen oi painful lymph noues
- Niluei low-giaue feveis
- Feeling hottei oi coluei, with chills, on & off
- Runny nose, low giaue "sniffles," sneezing, coughing (may seem like a colu but the immune system has been
- Incieaseu sweating anu an unusual bouy ouoi
- "Netallic" taste in mouth
- Nausea, "sick to stomach" oi pooi appetite
- Abuominal ciampingpain (not typically seveie)
- Constipation (less common than moie fiequent stools)
- Biaiihea, loose stools, anuoi moie uigency to go to the bathioom
- 0nusual consistency oi coloi of stools, e.g. stiingy oi "woimy," gieen, yellowish, etc
- Incieaseu uiination, especially at night. In chiluien, paients often iefei to this as "Peetox" since they often wet
the beu oi have moie acciuents
- Incieaseu thiist
- Anxiety, heait iate speeuing up, oi neivousness
- Incieaseu acne oi bieakouts, boils, abscesses
- Baii loss (no baluing) up to Su-1uu haiis pei uay befoie abating
- Kius: Spitting, uiooling, sucking & putting things in mouth all the time. Nany paients notice chiluien picking
theii noses anu eating boogeis oi "Snot snacks" thiough uetox.

Please keep in minu that many times, what is iefeiieu to, as "uetox" may actually be inappiopiiate
supplementation baseu on youi neivous system type oi low potassium, magnesium, anu othei electiolytes.
Theiefoie, I nevei encouiage anyone to simply "powei" thiough negative ieactions to supplements. Please
always check fiist.

a()+$ U /',,6 .#:+*$/ '#(,&*#,&' 1$',D)O).:'),+

0ftentimes, the uiine will change in coloi anuoi claiity as you layei in impoitant co-factois anu methyl gioups.
The following iules typically apply anu if in uoubt, obtain a 0TN0EE oi fecal metals. Beai in minu that
caumium pieceues leau wheieas nickel often pieceues meicuiy. You may also see high caumium levels uue to
the piesence of B. Pyloii. Noieovei, high viial titeis tenu to coinciue with the piesence of heavy metals. Bi.
Yasko has founu that in some cases, the meicuiy anu othei metals weie not eliminateu (even with chelation
theiapy) until the viial issues weie auuiesseu. (See pages 7u & 71 in Bi. Yasko's 'Pathways to Recoveiy')


Baik uiine: This geneially signifies viial elimination (which is not inuicateu on testing) as well as highei
*cieatinine levels. If you take seveial uiine samples, you'll see the coloi uaiken as cieatinine iises. 0ftentimes,
as the uaikei tones begin to uiminish, you'll begin to have moie metals excietion. This is usually the best time to
get a uiine sample. Noieovei, aluminum may be excieteu at any point.

*Theie may be a balance between ammonia anu cieatinine levels so that high cieatinine = low ammonia anu low
cieatinine = high ammonia.

Lightei, clouuy uiine: This usually inuicates aluminum anuoi toxic metal uetox.

Bespite such finuings, uiine testing may not pioviue the obvious spikes in excietion, wheieas a fecal metals test
(FNT) may. Consequently, if you have obvious changes in stool, oi have a "uuu" uiine test, you may be bettei off
obtaining a FNT. Neveitheless, as the FNTs aie moie expensive, iegulai uiine testing appeais to be moie

Loose, foul smelling stool: This geneially suggests bacteiialviial elimination yet some metals piesent this way.

0uu looking stools oi those that appeai to have veimicula (woim like shapes): This may ieveal paiasites,
toxins, oi heavy metals, such as uianium. The lattei may have a veimiculai appeaiance.

Bi. Yasko states, "C ,&1$&+& 3#03 3#& :$)'3 '3&( $% 9&3*P $' $%.)&0'&9 &P.)&3$*% *: +$)2'5 B#$' '#*219 .*))&103& 8$3# 0%
$%.)&0'& $% 3#& .*1*) *: 3#& 2)$%&5 C $/04$%& 3#03 3#& ,&&) 1$E& .*1*) >*2 0)& '&&$%4 $' $% :0.3 +$)01 &P.)&3$*%5 C ,&1$&+&
3#03 3#& $%.)&0'& $% .*1*) $' 92& 3* $%.)&0'&9 .)&03$%$%&5 K*7 8#&% 8& '&& $%.)&0'&9 .*1*)7 $3 /&0%' $%.)&0'&9
.)&03$%$%& 0%9 /*'3 1$E&1> $%.)&0'&9 +$)01 &P.)&3$*%.

A#&% 3#& .*1*) .1&0)'7 3#&)& $' 1&'' .)&03$%$%& 0%9 4&%&)011> /*)& /&301' ,&$%4 &P.)&3&95 K*7 8& .>.1& :)*/ 0%
$%.)&0'& $% +$)2' 0%9 .)&03$%$%& 3* 9&.)&0'&9 .)&03$%$%& 0%9 /*)& /&301 &P.)&3$*%5 A& '244&'3 .*11&.3$%4 1$4#3&)
2)$%&' *%1> 0' 0 80> 3* 3)> 3* '0+& >*2 /*%&>7 '* 3#03 >*2 3)> 3* 4&3 3#& 2)$%&' 8$3# 3#& /*'3 /&301' :*) (1*33$%4 3#&
90305 Q*8&+&)7 8& 0)& 30E$%4 )0%9*/ 2)$%& '0/(1&'7 '* 3#03 8& 0)& %*3 0180>' 4*$%4 3* 4&3 0 2)$%& '(&.$/&% 8$3#
0 #$4# /&301 %2/,&)5 C: >*2 4&3 0 '$%41& '(*3 2)$%& X*) '&+&)01 '(*3 2)$%&'Y 8$3# %* /&301'7 3#$' /0> ,& 3#& )&0'*%5
B#$' $' 01'* 8#> $3 $' '* $/(*)30%3 3* 30E& )&4210) 2)$%& '0/(1&' 0%9 3#&% 3* (1*3 3#& 90305 B#& (033&)% *: 3#& 9030
8$11 '#*8 >*2 8#&)& >*2 0)& $% 3#& ()*.&''5

C% 099$3$*% 3* 4*$%4 ,> 0 '&3 '.#&921&7 '*/& $%9$+$9201' 3)> 3* 30E& 0 iB`aiB`cc 03 0 3$/& 8#&% &P.)&3$*% /0> ,&
03 $3' #&$4#35 -& 080)& 3#03 3#$' '3)03&4> 9*&' %*3 0180>' >$&19 /*)& )&'213' 0%9 3#03 $3 '#*219 %*3 )&(10.& 3#&
)&4210) '.#&921&9 iB`'5 C%9$.03$*%' *: /&301' &P.)&3$*% .0% $%.129& 3#& :*11*8$%4Z

# 6 9)*( $% .)&03$%$%& 1&+&1 X+$)01 9&3*P$:$.03$*% $' 3$&9 3* .)&03$%$%& 1&+&1'Y

# B#& 90)E 0%9a*) .1*29> 2)$%& ,&.*/&' 1$4#3 0%9 .1&0) X$%9$.03$*% 3#03 .)&03$%$%& #0' .*/&

# b%.& 0.%&7 ,*$1'7 *) )0'#&' X0''*.$03&9 8$3# ,0.3&)$01 *) +$)01 &P.)&3$*%Y ,&4$% 3* .1&0)

# C: ,&#0+$*) $' ;*::= 0%9 >*2 '2'(&.3 9&3*P

# ?bBcZ A#$1& 1&'' .*//*%7 '*/& $%9$+$9201' &P.)&3& /&301' 0%9 +$)2' 8#&% .)&03$%$%& $' #$4#

@:(' PF %$(Q,&/ >J/'$- I,-)+:+.$

4&',+,-). %$(Q,&/ >J/'$- I,-)+:+.$

The autonomic neivous system contiols all of the bouily functions that aie essential foi suivival, yet aie mostly
spontaneous oi automatic. Youi heait iate, bloou piessuie, uigestion, anu hoimone piouuction aie all unuei the
pie-piogiammeu function of the autonomic neivous system. This ciitical neuiological system is uiviueu into the
paiasympathetic anu sympathetic neivous systems. Asiue fiom genetic anu biochemical factois, this uivision
appeais to be significant, influencing human conuitions such as uepiession, anxiety, cancei, heait uisease,
alleigies, ABBABBB, CFS anu multiple chemical sensitivity, to name meiely a few.

Leauing ieseaicheis anu piactitioneis have founu that most people have uiffeiing levels of neivous system
function. This is one ieason the "0ne size fits all" tieatment appioach in allopathic anu alteinative meuicine is
often unsuccessful. In auuition to the vaiiants within genetics anu biochemistiy, an inuiviuual's unique neivous
system uominance explains many peisonality anu health tiaits. It also unueiscoies the neeu foi highly
peisonalizeu meuicine anu nutiition. Bave you evei wonueieu about the vitamins anu mineials that make
someone else feel fantastic anu full of eneigy yet leave you feeling fatigueu anu shoit-tempeieu. 0i, peihaps
you've uelibeiateu ovei the outcomes of seveial stuuies, which cleaily ieveal the antioxiuant benefits of vitamin
E, while othei scientists have uiscoveieu that this nutiient can maikeuly inciease bloou piessuie anu inciease
heait attack iisk. Bow coulu this be.

Foi those who aie unquestionably "Type A," oi have highly uominant sympathetic neivous systems, such
seemingly benign nutiients may contiibute to heait attack anu stiokes while ceitain B vitamins aie calming anu
actually ieuuce such hazaius. Conveisely, foi those who aie "Type B," oi have highly uominant paiasympathetic
neivous systems, the same B vitamins may leau to pioblems with feeling "tiieu & wiieu", iestless, iiiitable, anu
consiueiably uepiesseu even while vitamin E helps to balance theii neivous system, ieuucing potential heait
anu stioke iisks. As with many issues in life, having paiticulai neivous system tiaits can be auvantageous; until
pooi uiet, toxic enviionmental exposuies, illness, anu high stiess come into play.

While the following uiscussion outlines thiee main neivous system types, in ieality theie aie at least 1u known
vaiiations. Foi simplicity's sake, I have pioviueu the basic infoimation iegaiuing Paiasympathetic, Sympathetic,
anu Balanceu (Nixeu) Bominant neivous systems. Neveitheless, foi those who aie insatiably cuiious, I have
pioviueu the links to many helpful websites foi moie uetails. This fielu is also known as "Netabolic Typing,"
which has leu to a fluiiy of new ieseaich in the fielus of biochemistiy anu nutiition. In tiuth, this is an olu
science pieuicateu upon the woik of 19
anu 2u
Centuiy ieseaicheis anu extensively (anu successfully)
utilizeu by an eccentiic uentist in cancei tieatment. Foitunately, theii biilliance was not lost to obscuiity as
cutting euge piactitioneis thioughout the woilu now utilize this science as the basis foi managing anu even
'%0)7%'.*5 those with CFSNE anu cancei! In fact, Bis. Nicholas uonzalez anu Linua Isaacs NB aie two such
pioneeiing physicians in this evolving fielu of meuicine.

Please keep in minu that the following infoimation is baseu on geneializations. Regaiuless of youi neivous
system uominance, eveiyone has hau some of the signs oi symptoms in othei neivous system categoiies. The
main consiueiation is in evaluating foi the patteins that most apply to you. If only a couple of PNS Bominant
featuies apply to you then it isn't as ielevant. Still, if you quickly iecognize 1u-1S of the SNS Bominant tiaits,
chances aie you aie moie of a SNS type. The Balanceu types aie typically the most challenging, since they will
have featuies of both neivous system moues. Noieovei, theie aie extiemes such as being a healthy "Balanceu"
type veisus being an "Inefficient Balanceu Bominant" who tenus to have moie health issues. Even so, theie aie
typically moie tiaits within one neivous system categoiy ovei anothei. Foi example, a Balanceu "Inefficient"
type usually has a weakei SNS oi PNS system so that even basic uietaiy choices heavily influence theii oveiall

Finally, we have founu that even while genetics baseu tieatments aie impeiative, they aie not the only
consiueiation. Nany have initiateu a multituue of tieatment piotocols oi supplement piogiams, only to fail, as
theii neivous system uominance was nevei consiueieu. Each inuiviuual is unique in a multituue of ways anu all
aspects shoulu be taken into consiueiation foi optimal outcomes.

@:(:/J-5:'#$'). I,-)+:+.$

@:(:/J-5:'#$'). %$(Q,&/ >J/'$- eV$/'? ($5:)(? U 1)*$/'f ,( e"J5$ Ai/f
Theie aie S basic PNS Bominant subtypes: Basic, Extieme, & Inefficient PNS Bominant types. The following is a
summaiy of the aveiage PNS Bominant type.

The (0)0'>/(03#&3$. %&)+*2' '>'3&/ (PNS) woiks to nouiish, heal anu iegeneiate the bouy. It is 0%0,*1$., which
means it is conceineu with iebuiluing the bouy anu stoiing nutiients. Its' neives stimulate the immune system,
uigestion, anu uiinaiy function. These oigans incluue the livei, pancieas, stomach, intestines, kiuneys, anu
blauuei. The paiasympathetic neivous system, when activateu by iest, ielaxation anu positive thinking, is
essential foi the elimination of wastes, emotional wellbeing anu healing. When you feel absolutely stuffeu anu
lethaigic aftei a big Thanksgiving uinnei, it is youi PNS that is most active.

In situations in which we have excessive (0)0'>/(03#&3$. %&)+*2' '>'3&/ 9*/$%0%.&7 we often finu
uisoiganization, uepiession, apathy, anu lethaigy. Theie may also be a ueciease in claiity of thought such as
"spaciness" oi pooi concentiation. The auienal anu thyioiu glanus tenu to be unueiactive anu sex hoimones
such as estiogen, piogesteione, anu testosteione aie abnoimally low. Theie aie fiequently issues with multiple
alleigiessensitivities, uiy skin, weight gain oi a tenuency towaiu obesity. These aie geneially the people who
go on the same exact "Bealthy" uiet as theii fiienus oi paitnei yet stiuggle to lose a few pounus. Neanwhile,
eveiyone one else has lost 1u-2u #'s anu is back to theii iegulai ioutine.

0thei signs anu symptoms incluue: fiequent hungei, uiyiiiitateu eyes, unexplaineu sneezing oi coughing,
asthma, uizziness (paiticulaily with stanuing), iiiegulai heait beats oi "skippeu heait beats", low bloou
piessuie, anu hypoglycemia as well as incieaseu piouuction of all uigestive enzymes anu bowel activity, leauing
to moie "stomach iumbling". PNS Bominants iaiely stiuggle with constipation anu may have peiious of loose oi
fiequent stools. They aie also moie likely to expeiience the feeling of being "Tiieu yet wiieu," paiticulaily aftei
eating a simple caibohyuiate oi sugaiy snack. While SNS Bominants may also stiuggle with this tiieu yet wiieu
sensation, it is usually moie piominent in PNS Bominance. Inciuentally, those who cannot toleiate highei
altituues oi the moie iapiu uiops in baiometiic piessuie (weathei changes) aie moie likely the PNS Bominant
oi "Inefficient Balanceu" types as a stiongei SNS is iequiieu in aujusting to highei altituues anu changing
weathei patteins. These aie the folks who know the weathei is going to change befoie anyone else anu often
suffei with alleigies oi heauaches. They aie also pione to uppei iespiiatoiy infections, which may evolve to
bionchitis oi pneumonia. Bespite this, they uo not toleiate hot weathei as well as the othei types anu piefei
coluei climates. They aie also pione to flushing anu may have pinkei oi uaikei eais anu a "iuuuy" complexion.

Neveitheless, when these inuiviuuals aie well, they can be highly cieative anu piouuctive anu aie often slow to
angei. They tenu to have less inteiest in "left biain" acauemics (math oi science) anu often piefei "iight biain"
acauemics (ait, music, & lit). Accoiuing to Bi. uonzalez, many Nobel Piize winneis in ait anu liteiatuie aie PNS
Bominants (Bemmingway, Faulknei, & Lewis). PNS Bominants typically avoiu confiontational piofessions anu
enjoy those, which allow theii heighteneu cieative abilities to flouiish. Anu, uepenuing upon wheie they iesiue
within the PNS axis, many aie "foouies" who live to eat iathei than simply eating to live, as SNS types tenu to uo.
These folks typically enjoy uiscussing goou iestauiants oi engaging in uiscussions about gieat meals anu
iecipes. They typically giavitate towaiu meat & potatoes with some veggies--usually the ioot (potatoes, squash,
yams) oi ciucifeious veggies (bioccoli, cauliflowei, Biussel Spiouts, cabbage). In geneial, PNS Bominants aie
moie sociable than SNS types. Likewise, they may piefei to iemain busy yet tenu to avoiu exeicise. Still, genetic
factois also consiueiably influence many of these tiaits.

Finally, PNS Bominants aie most likely to uevelop immune ielateu canceis such as malignant melanoma,
lymphoma, saicoma, anu leukemia.

Foou piioiities: It is geneially helpful to evaluate the foous you ciave anu how you toleiate each newly
intiouuceu foou. Foi instance, aftei eating meat uo you feel bettei anu moie cleaiheaueu oi aie you moie
anxious, jitteiy, oi uepiesseu. If you'ie having a lot of uigestive issues, you may want to begin with mostly
cookeu foous, at least to some uegiee, in oiuei to ieuuce the stiain on youi uigestive system. Theiefoie, it is
impoitant to consiuei whethei oi not you toleiate iaw vs. cookeu foous. Those with PNS Bominance favoi
buttei, cieam, meat, anu potatoes as well as soui flavois. Yet they avoiu sweets, although a heaviei pastiy with
buttei oi cieam is acceptable.

Regiettably, many PNS Bominants have been heavily influenceu by meuical anu nutiition expeits anu eat well
outsiue theii nutiitional iequiiements. They may favoi heaviei, "meat & potato" meals yet eat leanei meats,
whole giain caibs, fiuits, anu vegetables uespite not feeling satisfieu. While many uesiie bacon anu egg
bieakfasts, they opt foi the lightei fiuit, toast, anu yoguit faie of the SNS Bominant, thinking this is a "healthiei"
choice. Anu, even while they gag at the thought of oatmeal oi cieam of wheat, they uo theii best to finu a
"healthy" compiomise. They fiequently have a spuit of eneigy foi Su minutes oi so, only to feel tiieu anu
lacklustei within the space of an houi. Yet, if alloweu to eat a thick slice of ham with potatoes, they'll have the
eneigy they neeu to woik thioughout the entiie moining. In fact, many "vegetaiian" PNS Bominants feel much
moie aleit anu eneigetic when they stait eating animal pioteins! While they sought out the heaviei "alloweu"
pioteins (cheese, eggs, hummus), most nevei felt satiateu.

Foi the PNS Bominant, eating meat is not "moially infeiioi"; it is essential foi theii health anu suivival!
0ltimately, each peison shoulu consume the most healthful foous foi theii metabolic make up. Though SNS
Bominants iequiie mostly vegetaiian, iaw foous, foi gieatest health, those who aie PNS Bominant iequiie
fattiei, ieu meats. They aie haiuwiieu to function well on the wholesome, omega S fats & glutamate founu in
giass feu meats. Besiues, most will uevelop a multituue of health pioblems if they auopt the SNS Bominant's

Foi those with conceins iegaiuing sulfui, while foous such as bioccoli & cauliflowei contain a faii amount of
sulfui, you woulu not be auuing in such high uoses thioughout the uay that it woulu cause haim. ueneially, the
benefits of incieasing Phase 1 to Phase 2 livei uetox with ciucifeious veggies outweighs any othei issues (even
phenols), paiticulaily with smallei yet iegulai poitions.

As a PNS Bominant type, youi uiet shoulu be about 6u-7u% piotein with 2u-Su% fiuitsveggieswhole giain foi
best nutiitional benefits. Please focus on eating the foous & uiinking whatevei juices you toleiate foi now
iathei than counting up uaily giams of piotein oi caibs. Nost impoitantly, the meats shoulu be giass feu,
geneially fattiei cuts, of beef, lamb, anu poik as well as oiganic, fiee-iange uaik meat poultiy. 0nly the giass feu
meats have the essential 0mega S fatty acius, wheieas coin feu beef is iife with pio-inflammatoiy, uamaging
fats. You might save money on such piouucts, yet it's at youi own peiil. 0ltimately, you coulu be eating plenty of
meat, as a PNS Bominant yet iemain nutiitionally uepleteu if you consume piocesseu meats anu staichy
caibohyuiates. E%7%'/$%4%((@ .V -)3 V%%4 3*234- V344@ ,5./,/%2@ .''./,14%@ )' %C$,3(/%2 ,V/%' %,/.*5 AEL 1,(%2
V))2(@ ,*2 0));.*5 /$%B $,(*8/ (%%B%2 /) $%4&@ -)3 B3(/ '%0)*(.2%' -)3' *%'7)3( (-(/%B (/,/3(Q
=%&%*2.*5 )* -)3' $%,4/$ (/,/3( ,*2 4.V%4)*5 /%*2%*0.%(@ -)3 B,- 1% B)'% )V , B.C%2 )' LEL =)B.*,*/

Examples of the supplements you shoulu N0T 4&%&)011> be taking when paiasympathetic uominant incluue:
NiacinB S, Beta caiotene, vit B 6PSP, Folic aciu, vit K, Nanganese, ThiaminB 1, RiboflavinB 2, Nagnesium, oi
highei uoses of vit B oi vit C. Those who flush with niacin aie almost ceitain to be PNS Bominant.

AEL =)B.*,*/ =.%/R ueneially, those who aie PNS Bominant uon't faie as well on staichy caibohyuiates yet
some aie ceitainly ok. Auuitionally, the "Inefficient" types iequiie much moie cookeu foou uue to veiy pooi
uigestion. The key is finuing what woiks best foi you. O1&0'& '&& 3#& :*11*8$%4 1$%E5 Contiaiy to the ieu lines
thiough potatoes, basmati iice, etc., you can have these foous. This is meiely an example baseu on someone
else's specific metabolic iequiiements.
*Please note that if any of the PBF links uo not woik foi you, please tiy to copy & paste them into youi seaich
biowsei oi 0RL auuiess winuow as they may woik in this way.
http:www.iwantmybouybacknow.comNTBietPlan2-A (You may neeu to copy & paste the link into youi 0RL
auuiess to access)

=$':2,6). %&'()'),+ C+O,(-:'),+: A helpful website

%,').$: This infoimation shoulu not be confuseu with Bi. Alan vinitsky's theoiy of autonomic neivous system
uysfunction in those with neuioimmune uisoiueis anu othei chionic uiseases. Bue to the consistently emeiging
eviuence of incieaseu cancei iisk, I uo not auvocate high uose folic aciu. The ieauei will finu that upon fuithei
stuuy of the methylation pathway, the ieasons foi this iisk is quite cleai.

>J-5:'#$'). I,-)+:+.$

>J-5:'#$'). %$(Q,&/ >J/'$- e\)*#' ,( O6)*#'f ,( e"J5$ 4i/f
Theie aie S basic SNS Bominant subtypes: Basic, Extieme, & Inefficient SNS Bominant types. The following is a
summaiy of the aveiage SNS Bominant types. Ny suspicion is that peisonality tiaits vaiy wiuely in this gioup
uepenuing on whethei they aie moie analytical vs. emotional. Foi instance, moie emotionally baseu SNS
Bominants aie likely to be moie volatile anu "neivous" wheieas the moie analytical type uoes not.

The '>/(03#&3$. %&)+*2' '>'3&/ (SNS) activates the glanus anu oigans that uefenu the bouy against attack,
whethei it is iunning fiom a sabei tootheu tigei oi you aie stiuggling with a uieauful job anu uifficult boss8 It is
calleu the fight-oi-flight system anu once activateu, it uiiects moie bloou to the muscles, auienals anu the biain
yet away fiom the uigestive oigans anu skin. The auienals pump out epinephiine while the sympathetic neive
enuings thioughout the bouy ielease noi-epinephiine. This system is .030,*1$., which simply means that eneigy
is useu to piepaie foi uefense, iathei than foi nouiishment, healing, oi waste iemoval. Sympathetic activity
tiiggeis the thyioiu anu auienal glanus to pioviue extia eneigy foi fighting oi iunning away. The heait iate anu
bloou piessuie also inciease, just as the bloou flow to the uigestive system anu kiuneys uecieases. This piocess
is laigely uue to the intensifieu ielease of stimulating chemicals, known as neuiotiansmitteis--epinephiine anu
noiepinephiine. While this activity is ciitical foi suivival, those who have chionic activation of the SNS often
uevelop anxiety, insomnia, heait iacing oi uisease (heait failuie), anu auienal fatigue. They also have "goose
bumps" moie fiequently than othei types anu tenu to uo best in waimei weathei.

A Sympathetic Bominant Neivous System often leaus to significant gastio-intestinal issues uue to the pooi
uigestion of meats anu fats. These folks often feel as though foou "'$3' 1$E& 0 )*.E $% /> 423". Bue to the iising
levels of Noi-epinephiine (the bouy's flight oi fight neuiotiansmittei), uigestion shuts uown to ieseive piecious
iesouices foi suivival. Chionic activation can leau many to feel agitateu, jitteiy, wiieu, & iestless as well as
pione to sleep uistuibances anu anxiety. They may also expeiience the vicious cycle of the "Wiieu but tiieu"
sensation when eating an inappiopiiate uiet oi taking the wiong supplements, which in theii case, is filleu with
sweets anu othei junk foous oi heavy pioteins. When a uysfunctional sympathetic neivous system ieigns
supieme, one may expeiience anxiety, stiess, oi feelings of panic, which shoulu noimally only occui in iesponse
to a peiceiveu thieat. Subsequently, they may oveiieact to even the miluest of uaily tioubles.

These inuiviuuals often stait out thin anu active yet pooi uietsusually filleu with sweets anu staichy caibs--
often leau to latei weight gain. When busy oi stiesseu, they fiequently foiget to eat iegulaily, if at all. They aie
often pale, uo not toleiate colu weathei anu tenu to have coluei hanus & feet. Such inuiviuuals aie often
impatient anu easily fiustiateu oi angeieu, yet it appeais to quickly pass. They often make foi volatile paitneis
anu bosses, in that they fiequently exploue; yet minutes latei have alieauy moveu on. They aie also fiequently
vieweu as "intense," "aloof," oi "bolu," anu have a tenuency of "sticking theii foot in theii mouths" by being too
aggiessive oi foiwaiu. Neveitheless, genetic & enviionmental factois influence this aiea consiueiably.

They aie also veiy uiiven, ambitious, anu motivateu people who may excel in acauemics oi in high-eneigy
vocations that iequiie multi-tasking anu social inteiaction. Nany also enjoy a stimulating uebate oi
confiontation (attoineys, politicians, geneials). When healthy, these folks aie often the motivateu, high-eneigy
leaueis, oi the "moveis & shakeis" within a community. They aie typically veiy active anu piefei to exeicise.

Finally, SNS Bominants aie most likely to uevelop soliu tumoi canceis of the bieast, ceivix, ovaiy, lung, piostate,
colon, pancieas, anu livei, to name a few.

Foou piioiities: It is geneially helpful to evaluate the foous you ciave anu how you toleiate each newly
intiouuceu foou. Foi instance, aftei eating meat uo you feel bettei anu cleaiei heaueu oi aie you moie anxious
& uepiesseu. If having a lot of uigestive issues, you may want to tiy mostly cookeu foous, at least to some
uegiee, in oiuei to ieuuce the stiain on youi uigestive system. Theiefoie, it is impoitant to consiuei whethei oi
not you toleiate iaw vs. cookeu foous. These tenu to be the natuial vegetaiians who thiive on vegetables, fiuits,
anu whole giain caibohyuiates with some pioteins, such as yoguit anu eggs. 0nfoitunately, many fall into the
typical "sweet tooth" categoiy, consuming canuy anu junk foou foi quick bouts of eneigy. While they may seem
to get away with this in the eailiei yeais, it eventually cieeps up in the foim of weight gain, high bloou piessuie,
uiabetes, anu cancei.

Foi those with conceins iegaiuing sulfui, while foous such as bioccoli & cauliflowei contain a faii amount of
sulfui, you woulu not be auuing in such high uoses thioughout the uay that it woulu cause haim. ueneially, the
benefits of incieasing Phase 1 to Phase 2 livei uetox with ciucifeious veggies outweighs any othei issues (even
phenols), paiticulaily with smallei yet iegulai poitions.

While much of this is subject to wheie you iesiue as a SNS Bominant type, youi uiet shoulu be about 6u-8u%
fiuitsveggieswhole giains anu 2u-4u% piotein foi optimal health. It's best to focus on eating the foous &
uiinking the juices foi now iathei than counting up giams of piotein oi caibs. Please consiuei the quality of the
foou you'ie consuming so that oiganic, whole foous aie the main focus. It is also impoitant to consiuei that
some veiy inefficient SNS Bominant types will ieact moie to iaw foous initially, uue to veiy pooi uigestion.
Neveitheless, if you feel agitateu, iiiitable, jitteiy oi exhausteu aftei eating SNS Bominant baseu foous, anu
cooking them hasn't seemeu to help, you must ieconsiuei youi neivous system status. Bepenuing on youi
health status anu lifelong tenuencies, you may be moie of a Balanceu oi PNS Bominant type.

cP0/(1&' *: 3#& '2((1&/&%3' >*2 '#*219 ?bB 4&%&)011> ,& 30E$%4 8#&% '>/(03#&3$. 9*/$%0%3 $%.129&: Zinc,
selenium, vit E, NABB, vit A, phenylalanine, St. }ohn's Woit, calcium, choline, tyiosine, inositol, pantothenic aciu,
gieen tea (catechins), & most foims of B-12, although oftentimes, lowei uoses of the moie "active" B-12's may be
iequiieu anu toleiateu, uepenuing on the health anu genetic iequiiements. This issue is ceitainly not absolute
as theie aie almost always contiauicting factois. Theie may be some suppoits that aie iequiieu foi othei
puiposes, anu when useu in lowei uoses, may not be as stimulating.

Excitotoxins (NSuaspaitame) anu similai compounus such as glutamine, glutamate, aspaitate, glycine, etc., aie
often pioblematic yet unconsciously sought out uue to theii consiueiably stimulating effects. It is impoitant to
note that pioteins, paiticulaily those that aie iich in satuiateu fats, will iaise noi-epinephiine levels as well as
pioviuing auuitional natuial glutamates. Foi this ieason, health expeits suggest a uiet iich in fiuits, veggies, &
whole giains with only 2u-4u%% piotein foi those who aie sympathetic uominants.

LEL =)B.*,*/ =.%/
Please see below uietaiy guiue foi Sympathetic uominance (you may neeu to copy & paste this auuiess into youi
0RL). Keep in minu that the "Inefficient" types iequiie much moie cookeu foou uue to veiy pooi uigestion.
*Please note that if any of the PBF links uo not woik foi you, please tiy to copy & paste them into youi seaich
biowsei oi 0RL auuiess winuow as they may woik in this way.

A:6:+.$1 ,( e=)D$1f

=)D$1 I,-)+:+' %$(Q,&/ >J/'$-/ ,( eA:6:+.$1f "J5$/
Theie aie 4 basic BNS Bominant subtypes, ianging fiom the basic "mixeu" type to extieme anu highly inefficient
mixeu Bominant types. The following is a summaiy of the aveiage BNS Bominant types.

As the phiase suggests, these aie the folks who tenu to have a veiy balanceu neivous system anu aie moie in the
miuule. As long as they eat a vaiiety of BEALTBY, WB0LE foous, they tenu to uo quite well anu excel in any
numbei of aieas without having significant moou changes. 0nfoitunately, uue to high stiess lifestyles, pooi
nutiitional intake, anu ciisis, they may have a tenuency towaiu PNS oi SNS uominance.

Foi example, a balanceu type who has a high stiess lifestyle may be inclineu towaiu PNS uominance. They may
expeiience fatigue, uepiession, lightheaueuness, anu alleigies. 0n the othei hanu, a balanceu type who eats
mostly sweets, caibs, oi vegetaiian baseu meals will often uevelop SNS Bominant issues such as high bloou
piessuie, anxiety, insomnia, oi moou swings. Inciuentally, those who cannot toleiate highei altituues oi uiops
in baiometiic piessuie aie moie likely PNS to "Inefficient Balanceu" types since a stiongei SNS is iequiieu foi
aujusting to highei altituue anu changing weathei patteins.

Buiing a health ciisis, the moie unstable "mixeu" inuiviuuals may fluctuate between peiious of fatigue anu
uepiession, as well as having anxiety, with a sense of "Tiieu but wiieu." Though much less commonly seen,
some may seem highly volatile, moouy, oi iiiitable anu bounce back anu foith between them all in a mattei of
weeks (oi uays). Since they can pioceeu to eithei neivous system uominance, it often cieates obstacles foi
ieceiving the appiopiiate evaluation anu tieatment. While many finu that they aie veiy cleaily SNS oi PNS
Bominant, the folks who aie "Balanceu" Bominance can have a wiue iange of signs anu symptoms. Nany aie
healthy, intelligent, unflappable types who ieally uo veiy well in almost any setting. When feeling well, they
tenu to feel theii best in the eaily pait of the uay anu thiive on a scheuule. Yet foi those who aie "mixeu" type
anu ill, they may iun the gamut fiom exceeuingly bipolai moou swings with insomnia anu agitation to seveie
fatigue, lethaigy, anu uepiession. I believe that genetic factois influence this aiea consiueiably. Theiefoie,
fuithei testing is often essential foi this neivous system type.

Foou piioiities: The following paiagiaphs have alieauy been coveieu unuei PNSSNS Bominance yet I have
incluueu them once again in the event that those who aie cleaily mixeu Bominant may have skippeu those
sections. In fact, if you completely skippeu both sections, thinking to take a shoit cut, chances aie you aie tiuly
moie of an SNS Bominant!

It is geneially helpful to evaluate the foous you ciave anu how you toleiate each newly intiouuceu foou. Foi
instance, aftei eating meat uo you feel bettei anu cleaiei heaueu oi aie you moie anxious & uepiesseu. If
having a lot of uigestive issues, you may want to tiy mostly cookeu foous, at least to some uegiee, in oiuei to
ieuuce the stiain on youi uigestive system. Theiefoie, it is impoitant to consiuei whethei oi not you toleiate
iaw vs. cookeu foous.

Foi those with conceins iegaiuing sulfui, while foous such as bioccoli & cauliflowei contain a faii amount of
sulfui, you woulu not be auuing in such high uoses thioughout the uay that it woulu cause haim. ueneially, the
benefits of incieasing Phase 1 to Phase 2 livei uetox with ciucifeious veggies outweighs any othei issues (even
phenols), paiticulaily with smallei yet iegulai poitions.

Bepenuing on youi Nixeu Neivous System type, youi uiet shoulu be about Su% fiuitsveggieswhole giains anu
Su% piotein foi best nutiitional benefits. It is beneficial to focus on eating the foous & uiinking the juices foi
now iathei than counting up giams of piotein oi caibs. Please consiuei the quality of the foou you'ie consuming
so that oiganic, whole foous aie the main focus. In auuition to an assoitment of oiganic fiuits & vegetables--
giass feu beef, oiganic poultiy, eggs, cheese, anu whole giains aie optimal.

Bue to the fact that it can be extiemely challenging to evaluate foi this subtype, I have limiteu the uiscussion
iegaiuing tieatment anu suppoit options consiueiably. While I encouiage eveiyone to exploie neivous system
uominance fuithei, it is impeiative foi those who aie chionically ill yet have a pieuominantly mixeu neivous
system type. Likewise, basic nutiitional testing is also paiamount anu I encouiage anyone with chionic health
pioblems to consiuei the Bi. Kelley methou foi uoing so.
A Fine Bal ance
:EL =)B.*,*/ =.%/R O1&0'& '&& 3#& :*11*8$%4 1$%E5 This is meiely a biief example since those with a mixeu
uominant neivous system may iequiie mostly cookeu foous (incluuing bakeu apples) oi may have a gieat
vaiiety with a goou poition of iaw foous. Auuitionally, the "Inefficient" types iequiie much moie cookeu foou
uue to veiy pooi uigestion, sometimes as much as 8u% of theii foou iequiies some cooking (even bakeu apples).
The key is both testing anu finuing what woiks best foi you.

I)$' 56:+ O,( =)D$1 I,-)+:+'


SNS vs. PNS of the autonomic nervous system

Nervous system
Fight or Flight
Rest, Recover, & Digest
HEAD/NECK *Pupil dilation (bigger, better vision)
*Dry mouth
*No nasal Mucus/dry nose

Tension headaches & neck pain
*Pupil constriction (smaller, decreased
*More Saliva
*More nasal congestion
Migraines & Allergies common

Muscles & Skin *Increased blood flow to muscle for strength &
*More sweating
Muscle tightness & goose bumps common
*Muscles relax
*Dry Skin
Rashes & very dry skin are common

Heart & Lungs *Increased Heart rate & increased force of
pumping blood (contraction).
*Lung muscles relax for better breaths

Can develop High BP, rapid heart rate or heart
failure due to excess pumping
*Decreased heart rate & force of pumping
*Airway muscles tighten (constrict)

Common to see coughing, low BP, & Low
heart rate.
Orthostatic Hypotension/POTS & asthma
more common.
May develop heart arrhythmias (ventricular)
and low BP

Stomach & small
Peristalasis/movement reduced & much less
digestive enzyme to process meals!
IBS, constipation, & indigestion commonly seen
*Movement/peristalasis increased & more
digestive juices for mealtime!
Rarely have digestive problems yet may
have loose stools or diarrhea

Liver, Gallbladder,
Kidneys, & Colon
*Liver makes more sugar (glucose) for energy &
*Less liver & pancreas function for digestion &
*Kidneys drop waste (urine) production

May develop diabetes due to high sugars
*Liver stores sugar for later
*Gallbladder pumps enzymes
*Kidneys increase waste production (more
*Increased bowel function & noise my
stomach is rumbling
Hypoglycemia common

Adrenals Releases NTs (neurotalkers): Norepi &
epinephrine for running or fighting

High cortisol & sex hormones and later adrenal
Little or no activity unless stimulated
Affects thyroid, sex hormones, & minerals
Low thyroid & adrenals
Low sex hormones (testosterone, estrogen)

Bladder & genitalia *Bladder sac relaxed but door (sphincter) closed
High sex drive common

*Chief w/Climax

*Bladder sac tightens & door (sphincter)
opens to urinate
Tend to urinate more frequently

*Chief w/Libido


- @%> I,-)+:+'/? 4_4? e"J5$ Af - 0theiwise known as "Piotein types" "*Fast oxiuizeis" &
"Paiasympathetic uominant". This simply means that they quickly bieak uown meals (fats & piotein) in
oiuei to obtain the necessaiy eneigy they iequiie. They tenu to be fiequently hungiy, ciave fatty, salty
foous, fail with low-caloiie uiets, anu tenu towaius fatigue, shoitness of bieath, chest piessuie, iiiegulai
heaitbeats, uepiession, anu neivousness. They may not lose any weight, oi may even gain some, uespite
stiictly following a "healthy uiet" such as 'The Zone, South beach, oi 0inish Biets.' When not functioning
optimally, they aie often lethaigic, uepiesseu, anu feel sluggish. Anu, while they often stiuggle with
uiscipline anu oiganization, when theii cieativity is alloweu to ioam fiee, they can be uistinctively
cieative anu exceptionally piouuctive. They tenu to uo best in latei pait of the afteinoonnight than in
the moining anu ciave meats, fats, anu salt yet uon't tenu to enjoy sweets as much. They also geneially
coiielate with "type B," oi moie "easy going" peisonalities, uepenuing less upon caffeine (yet may
ceitainly uevelop a toleiance). They also tenu to have moie "jitteiy" oi "Tiieu yet wiieu" feelings than
the othei types.

- >%> I,-)+:+'/? 4_4 e"J5$ 4f - 0theiwise known as "Caibo types", "Slow oxiuizeis" & "Sympathetic
uominant". This simply means that they slowly bieak uown meals (whole giains, fiuits, veggies & lean
pioteins) in oiuei to obtain the necessaiy eneigy iequiieu foi theii moie active lifestyles. Foou may sit
"like a iock" in theii guts so that they iemain full much longei than they shoulu. They geneially have
weak appetites (foigetting to eat at times) anu a high toleiance foi sweets. They aie often "type A"
peisonalities who may be uepenuent on caffeine. When not functioning optimally, they may feel agitateu,
"wiieu" oi "on euge" anu have a supeificial eneigy uespite being tiieu unueineath. They aie often quick
to angei anu easily fiustiateu yet they tenu to be haiuwoiking anu often have the oiganizational skills
iequiieu foi acauemics, even while they aie uisoiganizeu in many othei aieas of theii lives. They aie also
moie compulsive than othei types.

- =)D$1 'J5$/? 4_4 eA:6:+.$1f - 0theiwise known as "In between" anu when healthy, they aie some of
the most centeieu, balanceu, intelligent human beings on the planet. They aie not known as eithei "fast
oi slow oxiuizeis" oi "paiasympathetic oi sympathetic" uominant. They geneially have aveiage appetites
with ciavings foi sweets anu staichy foous anu lean towaiu fatigue, anxiety, anu neivousness,
paiticulaily when eating a pooi uiet anu unuei stiess. When ill, eithei neivous system may collapse,
leauing to gieat challenges in evaluation anu tieatment.

X='Q N%44%-@ D)*F,4%F@ [ H(,,0( 2) *)/ V)03( )* "V,(/6 )' "(4)+6 )C.2,/.)*Q #$.( (31T%0/ $,( 1%%* $)/4-
2%1,/%2 ,*2 .( ,0/3,44- /$% 0'%,/.)* )V ='Q D%)'5% K,/()* A$=@ ,( ,&&4.%2 1- K.44.,B K)40)// .* "<%/,1)4.0
/-&.*56Q ?)*(%S3%*/4-@ H 2) *)/ %*2)'(% /$.( /%'B.*)4)5- ,( ./ 3**%0%((,'.4- 0)B&4.0,/%( /$% .((3%Q
<)'%)7%'@ /$.( ($)342 *)/ 1% 0)*V3(%2 +./$ ='Q M.*./(;-8( ,3/)*)B.0 *%'7)3( (-(/%B +)'; .* ?_L )' ,3/.(B

I(8 0,+Y:6$Y ,+ I(8 _$66$J U @,''$+*$(i/ O)+1)+*/ )+ +&'()'),+ :+1 '#$ 4&',+,-). %$(Q,&/ >J/'$-F This is
a veiy basic "homemaue" type viueo piesentation at a local cancei suppoit gioup. Be has many excellent, moie
in-uepth lectuies foi puichase on his website, howevei, the best is his S-6 houi physician lectuie.

@:(' RF I)$':(J /'(:'$*)$/ O,( 3)1/ U :1&6'/
The ait of "uoctoiing" up youi foous.

Kius can be quite peisnickety about eating healthful foous, which is why I hiue these things anu simply uon't tell
them. I know theie is an opposing movement out theie that says hiuing vegetables in with foous uoes not teach
youi chiluien to eat these foous, anu they'ie piobably coiiect. Neveitheless, if my son won't eat a spinach salau
oi steameu spinach than it only makes sense to hiue it in with his pizza sauce. You uo what you can with what
you have. It also seives to ease my conscience about feeuing him pizza, even if it is homemaue anu gluten fiee.

We uo most of oui cooking on the weekenu oi at night, ie-heating it in oui toastei oven the next uay so that it's
easiei foi oui "on the go" lifestyle. We also fieeze up big batches foi busy uays oi weeks. Foi instance, we'll
make up a bunch of sciambleu eggs, chicken sausage, oi pancakes (with Nama's uFCF pancake & waffle mix).
You can easily uoctoi up pancakes & waffles using gi. flax seeu, buckwheat floui, anuoi biown iice piotein (see
below). We often make up huge batches of pancakes anu waffles anu fieeze them in seiving size bags foi quick
toastei oven meals. Asiue fiom pasta anu a few othei foous, most can easily be fiozen anu consumeu latei.

Big ciockpot meals aie wonueiful too, especially foi those who uon't enjoy oi have the time to cook. We have
the laige, oval shapeu ciockpots anu often make up two huge batches to fieeze foi uinneis thioughout the
month in glass canning oi glass Tuppeiwaie style containeis. You can make a vaiiety of meals such as spaghetti
sauce, soup, stew, casseioles, chili, coineu beef & cabbage, anu oui favoiite, quinoa, coin chowuei. It also helps
to make the entiie bag of *basmati biown iice (*lowest sugai spike), fieezing it in seiving sizes foi latei
auuitions since this giain noimally takes an houi to make. You can take it out of the fieezei in the moining anu
have it foi iice anu beans, buiiitos, stii-fiy, oi pilaf come uinneitime. In fact, we usually season ouis
accoiuingly anu maik them foi futuie meals. Inciuentally, using uecaf gieen tea bags in youi iice oi pasta watei
auus to the nutiitional value without alteiing the flavoi.

A small foou piocessoi comes in veiy hanuy foi giinuing up zucchini, squash, spinach, caiiots, bioccoli,
cauliflowei, kale, anu any othei vegetable youi chilu (oi spouse) won't eat. Nany of these aie easily concealeu in
pizza anu pasta sauces, soups, stews, etc. In oiuei to make most of my soups anu stews moie heaity, I often
giinu up lean chicken oi tuikey as well as compatible vegetables anu auu them to the mix. 0uuly enough,
caiiots anu spinach mix veiy well in biownie mix, pizza oi spaghetti sauce, wheieas cauliflowei anu yellow
squash blenus in nicely with sciambleu eggs oi pasta uishes.

We also enjoy Chipotle, which is a soit of "fast foou" iestauiant chain that limits auuitives anu uses oiganic, local
piouuce anu cheese (in Califoinia, its }eisey cheese). Even so, theie aie many ways to pioviue what's best foi
you anu youi family, yet theie will always be a tiial anu eiioi peiiou. In the enu, it neeus to fit with youi
lifestyle in oiuei to make it easiei foi eveiyuay life. Please keep in minu that once taste buus leain to auapt to
the less chemical lauen foous, youi paitnei oi chiluien will often finu them much moie palatable. What they will
eat now veisus what they'll eat in 6 month to a yeai is often consiueiably uiffeient!


1. This must be a giauual piocess with the goal of changing pooi eating habits foi the long teim. We maue
many huge meals eaily on that the kius woulun't touch, only to finu that they enjoyeu them 6 months

2. Stait with a tablespoon oi two of whatevei you'ie auuing. Foi example, lightly steameu cauliflowei hiues
veiy well with nachos (paiticulaily if you use }eiseyuueinsey cheese), Nac & Cheese oi othei pasta
uishes anu meals. Still, if you auu 1 cup iight off the bat, they'll sense something is uiffeient anu will be
less likely to eat it 0R tiust you latei on.

S. It helps to play it up a bit anu behave as though you'ie all cheating. Foi instance, we maue a veiy
healthful banana bieau with chocolate chips foi bieakfast yet insisteu that the kius keep this a seciet
since they weie ieceiving a tieat insteau of theii noimal faie.

4. Piesentation is eveiything! While we iaiely spent much time uiessing up meals, simple things such as
"fiuit speais" anu cute little utensils, toothpicks, & piepaiations make things moie intiiguing, especially
foi youngei kius.

S. Please uo not waste valuable time attempting to make fancy meals. Kius can be easily fooleu,
neveitheless the showiei it is, the less likely they'll eat it.

6. Consiuei making up laige batches aheau of time anu fieezing foi easy meals latei on: meatloaf, meatballs,
seasoneu taco meat, beef stioganoff (not the nooules), lasagna, BBQ chicken, cupcakes, muffins, banana
bieau, oatmeal, quinoa, biown iice, etc.

7)+3/ ', O:Q,()'$ 5(,1&.'/
Please see the Excitotoxinulutamate hanu out foi moie infoimation.

A,2i/ V$1 =)66F A&.3W#$:'? *(,&+1 O6:D? [&)+,:? :-:(:+'#? ,( 2(,W+ ().$ O6,&(/: Nost stoies caiiy this

A($:1F 1). Canyon Bakehouse 7-uiain bieau (Whole foous & othei uF specialty stoies). This bieau is S0FT! 2).
0ui's bieau is piobably the 2
best bieau anu is somewhat soft yet geneially tastes bettei toasteu. 0ui's can be
founu at most natuial health foou stoies, Tiauei }oe's, anu Whole Foous.

B,,3)$/ U @:/':: Anuean Bieam quinoa & coin piouucts (Whole Foous & Specialty uF maikets).

B#$$/$: }eisey, uueinsey, oi goat's milk cheeses aie Alpha 2 uaiiy types anu piobably the best options. The
following bianus pioviue a few examples 1). Spiing Bill jack & cheuuai }eisey cheese (maikets & specialty

2). Bellweathei Caimouy }eisey cheese:

S). Beehive Baiely buzzeu }eisey cheese (Whole Foous)

B#,.,6:'$ B#)5/: Soy, uaiiy, & wheat fiee

B,,32,,3/: 1). Beceptively Belicious: Foi those who EN}0Y cooking moie elaboiate yet uelicious nutiitious

2). The Sneaky Chef: A gieat book foi gaining iueas on hiuing healthiei foous to oiuinaiy uishes (not a uFCF
book but can easily be substituteu with almonu milk, goat's milk oi }eiseyuueinsey baseu uaiiy)

0:(1$+ ,O 7)O$ A(,W+ V).$ @(,'$)+: Nost health foou stoies anu Whole Foous

0\ =:-: ($.)5$/ U A&.3W#$:'

C.$ .($:-: Luna & Laiiy's Coconut uieam (only the vanilla one tastes like coconut) oi Almonu ice cieam. Nany
specialty stoies oi Whole Foous caiiy both bianus.

7:(: A:(/: (Tiauei }oe's & othei specialty stoies oi online). The chocolate cookie uough, peanut buttei cookie,
anu peanut buttei chocolate chip seem to be the best hits foi kius yet I enjoy most of them.

=:-:i/ @:+.:3$ U 9:OO6$ -)D: Specialty stoies anu online (Amazon is the least expensive).

%:'&(:6 B:+1J >',($ ^+6)+$ (iemoves foou uyes & othei haimful auuitives as well as offeiing a vaiiety of tieats
foi uFCF, vegan, anu those with multiple alleigens).

@:/':F Tinkyaua biown iice pasta is the best! It uoesn't fall apait like so many anu has a bettei flavoi. (Whole
Foous, uF specialty stoies, & many gioceiy stoies).

s&)+,:: Reu anu biown quinoa is not as stiong tasting as the whitelightei giain anu is gieat as a pilaf with
gailic, onions, anu caiiot sticks oi as a hot bieakfast ceieal with iaw honey oi iaw sugai. It can be mixeu with
Nillet, Basmati oi Biown iice, as well as oats.

@)YY: B(&/': I think 0ui's makes the best pie-maue pizza ciust yet Nama's pizza mix is goou anu can be
"uoctoieu" up with flax seeu meal, almonu floui, etc. 0ui's also makes bieau, hot uog & hambuigei buns,
although they aie quite uiy anu ieally neeu to be toasteu with buttei. (Whole Foous & specialty uF stoies).

V)/$ A:(/: uoou snack bais foi on the go. Foi pickiei kius, the Cheiiy Almonu anu Bluebeiiy Coconut aie sweet
yet healthful. Foi moie substance & piotein tiy the almonucashew bais yet avoiu the "piotein" bais since they
aie packeu with soy piotein.

>'8 A$+,)'i/ o$(/$J =)63 b,*&(' U =)63 (At Whole Foous & many NutiitionBealth foou stoies)


cP.$3& 3#& %&)+& *) ,)0$% .&11 3* 9&03#

NSuulutamates Please uo not attempt to eliminate eveiy last veision of NSu fiom youi uiet oi you'll be
absolutely insane by the enu of the month, it is much too uifficult. }ust be minuful that theie aie a lot of hiuuen
ingieuients eveiywheie! If a iestauiant says they have no NSu in theii foou, they aie almost always iefeiiing to
the fact that they uon't auu NSu to theii foou but it comes in vats that way alieauy. Also, theie aie loopholes so
that foou manufactuieis may label boxes as "No NSu" when they actually have up to Su-7u% oi moie NSu
incluueu in theii piouucts. Almost univeisally, soups, Asian meals (soy & soy sauce), Nexican foou, uyio's,
giavies, sauces, heibs, seasonings, & uiessings aie loaueu with NSu. This issue becomes moie pioblematic foi
those with autism, iheumatoiu aithiitis, chionic fatigue synuiome, & gluten intoleiance (Celiac) as they iemove
all wheat fiom theii uiets. In oiuei to taste moie appealing, the iice anu coin floui piouucts aie iife with NSu.
Chances aie, if a gluten fiee piouuct tastes goou, it's uue to the hiuuen NSu. This uoesn't mean you can't eat any
"simple" oi "fast" foous. Bowevei, one shoulu be minuful that as you loau up on boxeu, baggeu, & fiozen gluten-
fiee items, you aie exchanging one toxin foi anothei.

\,,1 ')5/: While most uon't neeu to be 1uu% uluten (wheat, iye, malt, & bailey) oi Casein (uaiiy) fiee, consiuei
that the highest NSu foous aie:
1). uluten (Su%-Su% NSu),
2). Soy (Su%+),
S). Caseinuaiiy (Su-Su%),
4). Roasteu nuts, &
S). Piocesseu coin (especially coin flakes, coin chips, etc)

Shoit of moving to Alaska anu living off the lanu like natuialists, most of us cannot iealistically iemove all
glutamates fiom out uiet. Bowevei, it's highly beneficial to ieuuce these foous as much as you '%,()*,14- 0,*.
Neveitheless, I uo BIuBLY REC0NNENB avoiuing all soy & wheat. If you aie still eating uaiiy, it shoulu be
whole milk & yoguit iathei than low fat veisions uue to the auueu chemicals anu NSu. Theie is also a ceitain
type of cow's milk that is healthiei than othei types. Fuitheimoie, please keep in minu that anything low fat,
low caloiie, oi low sugai is veiy high in NSu in oiuei to compensate foi the lack of flavoi. This is why many
fiozen meals, such as Lean Cuisines, aie actually faiily tasty uespite the low caloiies & fats.

I:)(J: Eveiyone has piobably heaiu of the "0lu wives' tale" that uaiiy can make you moie congesteu anu that
you shoulun't consume milk, cheese, oi yoguit when you'ie ill. Bowevei, thanks to the woik of Bi. Richaiu Beth,
a neuio-phaimacologist at Noitheastein 0niveisity, in Boston, we now unueistanu the ieason behinu such
common knowleuge. As it tuins out, not all milk has been cieateu equally anu some, such as Alpha 1 Nilk types
(Black & white Bolstein cows) have a significantly uiffeient amino aciu sequence than Alpha 2 milk types
(Biown }eisey anu uueinsey cows). Bue to this alteieu piotein aiiangement; many Noith Ameiicans &
Euiopeans cannot piocess Alpha 1 uaiiy piouucts efficiently, leauing to pooi immunity. This is uue to a uiastic
ieuuction in glutathione, the bouy's majoi souice foi immune piotection as an antioxiuant anu filtei foi toxins.
Auuitionally, Bi. Kevin Woouwaiu, authoi of B#& <&+$1 $% 3#& `$1E, anu Piofessoi of Faim Nanagement anu
Agiibusiness at Lincoln 0niveisity in New Zealanu, states theie is a link between the type of milk we uiink anu a
iange of seiious illnesses, such as Type 1 uiabetes, autism, schizophienia, anu heait uisease. The eviuence fiom a
laige stuuy in Finlanu shows that A1 positive cows aie iesponsible foi this.
A1 cows have a mutateu chain of amino acius calleu beta casein (human milk beta casein is moie like the A2
type). In A2 cows, oi "olu-fashioneu" cows, this chain is intact, while A1 cows have mutateu pioline amino aciu,
conveiting it to histiuine. The A2 cows aie the bieeus known as uueinsey, }eisey, Asian, anu Afiican, wheieas
the A1 cows aie the moie iecent bieeus, such as Bolstein. The Bolstein's weie only bieu to make laigei
amounts of milk since the }eisey & uueinsey cows make smallei batches, hence, allowing foi smallei piofits.
uoat's milk is also an Alpha 2 milk type anu is an excellent alteinative to Alpha 2 Cow's milk.
Amiust the hiuuen NSu anu the potential foi immune compiomise with Alpha 1 milk, it's piobably wise to avoiu
uaiiy altogethei, unless you have a goou souice of Alpha 2 cow's oi goat's milk. Noieovei, ceitain bloou types--
0's & A's--may not toleiate uaiiy well foi othei ieasons. Then theie's the ieseaich uone by Bi. Beth on the
BPPIv enzyme, which coues foi attention (ABBABBB) as well as pooi uaiiy metabolism. Anyone with the CBS
gene up iegulation will unuoubteuly have tiouble with Alpha 1 uaiiy piouucts, paiticulaily when it's
homogenizeu since molybuenum is also iequiieu to piocess an enzyme founu in these piouucts. Nonetheless,
foi those who have a goou souice of pasteuiizeu yet non-homogenizeu whole uaiiy fiom jeisey oi uueinsey
cows, you can piobably enjoy this piouuct unless of couise, you'ie lactose intoleiant.

\,,1 ($.,--$+1:'),+/: The following aie meiely examples iathei than a compiehensive list of foous to eat.

Please consiuei that most iecipes can be auapteu foi a glutencaseinsoy-fiee meal. Again, the aim isn't to be
1uu% (unless alleigic); it's simply to ieuuce pioblem foous as best you can. So if youi favoiite uFCF cookie oi
snack chip has a bit of soy in it, theie's no ieason to eliminate it entiiely (unless you have a soy alleigy). We aie
human beings who also neeu to enjoy what we eat! Remembei that this is about uoing the best that you can to
ieuuce 5(,.$//$1 O,,1/ to a minimum, not any one single foou categoiy. Nany meals incluuing casseioles,
meatloaf, buigeis, meatballs, stii-fiy, tacos, anu a whole iange of othei foous can be uelicious without wheat oi
uaiiy. Theie is a uelicious iecipe foi lasagna at the 'Spunky Coconut' that is entiiely uFCuSF anu can be maue
in laige batches anu fiozen foi quick meals latei. When ieauing it ovei, the iecipe may sounu ouu, yet I assuie
you, it is quite satisfying.

Neatspioteins: Piefeiably giass feu beef, oiganic, fiee-iange chickentuikey, wilu caught salmonfish once a
week, eggs, beanslegumes, etc. Sauly, many of the best, oluei fish have been heavily contaminateu with
meicuiy, PCBs, Bioxin, anu othei toxins so that the benefits of fish uon't always outweigh the iisks. It's best not
to eat fish moie than once pei week anu many expeits iecommenu avoiuing oluei fish altogethei if theie aie
alieauy issues with heavy metals. Foi those who have tiouble piocessing pioteins & fats, it's impoitant to have
a goou uigestive enzyme on boaiu anu you may want to stait out by blenuing the meat & mixing it with almonu
milk anu then spieauing it ovei pasta so that it's easiei to aujust eaily on.

Fiuits & veggies: While many veggies have highei levels of natuial glutamates (peas, tomatoes, mushiooms),
these aie usually not a pioblem foi most people. Consiuei oiganic whenevei possible anu see the "Biity Bozen"
list following these suggestions. In ieality, it's not always financially possible to go 1uu% oi even Su% oiganic,
howevei, in ieuucing the top 12 most contaminateu foous; you ieuuce the pesticiues buiuen by 8u%. 0n the
othei hanu, fiuits such as bananas anu avocauos have a thickei skin anu aie much less likely to be significantly
*}uicing pioviues an exceptional amount of nutiients without stiaining the livei oi pancieas. If at all possible, I
highly iecommenu juicing caiiots, apples, oianges, & gieens such as wheat giass oi chaiu foi exceptional

Staichesgiains: New oi ieu potatoes & sweet potatoes, basmati biown iice, buckwheat (consiueieu a fiuit &
has no wheat in it), slow cook oatmeal, quinoa, etc. b3.*), .( , +$)4% V))2 /$,/8( ,4() $.5$ .* &')/%.* [
B.*%',4(. Bepenuing on the type that you buy, it can be veiy stiong (tasting) oi milu. You can mix 2S-Su%
quinoa anu Su-7S% iice oi uF oats foi highei piotein anu vaiiety.

*Bieau: Whole spiouteu giains aie the best if still eating wheat. The best uFCF bieaus can be founu at Specialty
uF maikets such as Whole Foous, Spiout's, Tiauei }oe's, The Sun Flowei Naiket, }imbo's, Raley's, Bel Aii, anu
The Nugget (oi online). 1). Canyon Bakeiy has the best bieau as they actually have soft, 7 giain bieau online oi
founu in the fieezei section of many stoies (Whole Foous). 2). 0ui's is seconu best anu they also make
hambuigei & hotuog buns (although they aie uiy). ueneially, gluten fiee & casein fiee bieaus tenu to be haiu &
veiy, veiy uiy so you usually neeu to toast them & auu spieaus foi moistuie.

*Pasta: Whole spiouteu giain pastas (ancient blenus of kamut & spelt) aie the best when still eating wheat,
though I geneially iecommenu 0+*$9$%4 011 8#&03 ()*92.3' 8#&%&+&) (*''$,1& 92& 3* 3#& :0.3 3#03 $3 #0' 0 :0$)1>
#&0+> `KG .*%3&%3 XWTk *: 011 8#*1& 8#&03 $' (2)& `KGY anu is genetically mouifieu. Since most wheat piouucts
also have numeious auuitives, a box of wheat ciackeis can have up to Su% NSu in it uespite being a pieviously
wonueiful, healthy whole giain. Nany expeits believe this is a significant factoi in gluten intoleiance.

Foi uFCF pasta, Tinkyaua's vaiious pastas aie the best & they even make a lasagna nooule! Tip foi cooking,
they shoulu not be cookeu as long as they suggest on the package (uiop by 4-6 minutes). Anuean Bieam quinoa
& iice pastas aie also quite goou, though not quite as haiuy as the Tinkyaua iice pasta.

*PancakesWaffles: Theie aie numeious uFCF mixes on the maiket now. Tiauei }oe's has theii own mix (it's
ok) yet one of the best baggeu mixes is 'Nama's Pancake & Waffle mix' (oiuei We often auu a V
to 1 cup of quinoa, almonu, amaianth, oi uFCF spiouteu whole giain floui to enhance the pancakes & waffles.
These can be maue in mass sizes anu fiozen foi quick bieakfasts latei on.

*Pizza Ciusts: 0ui's makes a goou uFCF pizza ciust anu theie aie seveial boxeu & fiozen veisions on the
maiket. The best pie-maue floui mix is 'Nama's' pizza (anu pancakewaffle) mix. While these aie piocesseu &
theiefoie bounu to have glutamates in them foi taste, it's not meant to be an "all oi nothing lifestyle". Baving a
piocesseu pizza ciust once a week shoulun't be an issue foi most. Conte boxeu uFCF pizza ciust is also faiily
simple & easy with ieasonable flavoi. Will youi own homemaue pizza have glutamates in it. Yes! But I
guaiantee you that it will have Su-7S% less NSu than any stoie bought oi iestauiant pizza so it's still highly
beneficial to make the switch anu you uon't have to iemove all "fun" foou items in oiuei to uo so.

Nacho's, Taco's, & Buiiito's: Simply oiganic taco seasoning is bettei than Lawiy's oi NcCoimicks (filleu with
NSu), though anything that pioviues a uelicious flavoi has NSu. Coin chips & toitilla's may have plenty of NSu
but again, once a week oi so isn't going to be teiiibly haimful. Foi those sensitive oi alleigic to coin, iice floui
wiaps aie also available. You can use homemaue guacamole insteau of cheese & soui cieam foi extia flavoi anu

*Snacks such as St. Benoit's (Any }eisey oi uueinsey cow's milk) yoguit, fiuits, iaw almonus & nuts, anu apple
slices with Raw (oi ioasteu) almonu butteipeanut buttei. It uoesn't have to be peifect, it's optimal meiely
ieuucing the glutamate level (NSu). 0thei examples incluue Kettle bianu potato chips, as they aie not uusteu
with NSu oi gluten (often, the ieason you can't eat "just one chip"), Quinoa anu Black Bean Toitilla Chips, anu
Lauiel Bill's toitilla chips with "Nultigiain: quinoa, biown iice, chia, & flax seeu giains."

Anuean Bieams quinoa chocolate chip cookies aie quite goou, though without much of the flavoi NSu lauen
cookies have. Anu, Luna & Laiiy's Coconut Bliss ice cieams aie uelicious anu uo not taste like coconut when you
puichase the Chocolate ualactica, Bazelnut oi othei vaiieties. Laia Bais & Rise bais have seveial veisions of
uFCF snack bais with veiy little auueu ingieuients. Be awaie, howevei, that most bais with "piotein" on the
label have milk & soy hyuiolyzeu piotein that's filleu with NSu. Also, the Chocolate chip & chocolate peanut
buttei Laia bais aie quite tasty.

Nany times, you have to allow youi taste buus time to change & giauually auapt to less of this toxin, as theie aie
numeious glutamate ieceptois thioughout youi tongue, which aie meant to seek out the natuial glutamates in
foous (the ieason that steaks anu cheuuai & paimesan cheese aie so uelicious). While the Anuean Bieams
cookies may not seem that appealing now, they may be once you cut back enough to appieciate the tiue flavois
of most foous. See the following S pages foi tables on glutamates.

Please iemembei, it's about balance iathei than an all oi nothing lifestyle change.

Bi. Russell Blaylock NB



Monosodium Glutamate Toxicity

Early Findings Later Findings Currently Under

$ Flushing
$ Sweating
$ Headache/migraine
$ Low blood pressure
$ Flu-like achiness & malaise
$ Facial pressure and/or pain
$ Numbness to face or
$ Dizziness/
$ Chest Pain
$ Loss of balance (ataxia)
$ Confusion/
$ Heart Palpitations
$ Shortness of breath
$ Nausea/vomiting
$ Abdominal pain
$ Diarrhea
$ Lethargy/sleepiness
$ Insomnia
$ Slurred speech

" Asthma
" Urticaria/Hives
" Runny nose
" Angioedema (swelling of
face, throat, tongue)
" Frequent night waking
" Agitation/rage reactions
" Seizures
" Tremors
" Impaired memory &
" Anxiety/panic attacks
" Hyperactivity
" Depression
" Behavioral problems
" Hypertension
" Tinnitus
" Hearing loss
" Frequent urination
" Blurred vision or poor focus
" Muscle fatigue or twitching
" Extreme dryness/thirst
" Nerve pain/sciatica
" Hypoglycemia

Vision: retinopathy,
cataracts, & visual
processing problems
Polycystic ovaries
Sex hormone imbalance
White matter lesions (MS)
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Autism & PDD NOS
Interstitial Cystitis (chronic
bladder pain)
Atrial fibrillation & other
heart rate disturbances
Restless leg syndrome
Syncope (loss of

@(:.').:6 ")5/ O,( X6)-)+:')+* 06&':-:'$/

These uays we uon't live in cabins on the iemote Alaskan tunuia so you can only uo the best you can with the time
anu iesouices you have available. Take it one step at a time, anu iemembei that this isn't just about chionic
neuiological anu autoimmune illness; it affects eveiyone. Woik towaiu giauual changes anu look foi suitable
alteinatives, as even milu impiovements can make a significant uiffeience in health.

E8 Remembei that this is not an all oi nothing lifestyle change. uiauually iemove & ieplace what you
ieasonably can. If you can eliminate 4u-Su% of these toxins, you have maue substantial piogiess towaiu
lifelong neuiological health.
G8 Theie is no neeu to memoiize all of the names foi NSu. A goou iule of thumb is if it takes you moie than 1-
2 minutes to ieau the ingieuient list, it has too many excitotoxins.
H8 Nake an NSu limit & stick with it. Nost uFCF ciackeis oi cookies have at least S to S hiuuen chemicals
while the majoiity has S to 1u, this is what makes them taste goou. A box of Bambuigei Belpei, Rice-a-
Roni oi a can of Campbell's soup has at least 1u to 2u toxic ingieuients! Tiy to limit each piouuct to S oi
less anu avoiu having moie than a few of these fooustuffs mixeu in with homemaue meals pei uay.
K8 Remembei, theie is almost always a ieasonable substitute foi favoiites. It is also impoitant to iealize that
youi taste buus will auapt once accustomeu to less NSu.
L8 Compiomise to ieuuce youi oveiall level. Foi example, ioasteu peanut buttei is moie convenient &
flavoiful yet highei in glutamates than iaw nut buttei. Consiuei mixing V ioasteu nut buttei with V iaw
nut buttei to cut uown on content anu ietain flavoi.
N8 Nake up enoimous batches of meatballs & patties, seasoneu taco meat, stuffeu meatloaf, chicken soup,
chili, whole giain iice, sanuwiches, stii-fiy, sausages, uFCF pancakes & waffles, etc., anu fieeze them in
meal size batches foi busy nights & moinings. It's much easiei to ieheat foou in a toastei oven than to
cook an entiie meal thiee times a uay.
P8 If you occasionally eat fast foou, limit the buigei to "*piotein style" with some plain fiies. *This is without
the bun.
R8 Bon't foiget that anything that is so uelicious you just can't stop eating it oi often ciave it is unuoubteuly
chock-full of excitotoxins, which aie tiiggeiing the auuiction pathway.
S8 Whenevei possible, avoiu any piocesseu uipping sauces, soy sauce, soups, giavy, Woicestei sauce, anu
many (not all) salau uiessings as well as powuei packs in foous such as Top Ramen, mac & cheese,
bouillon, Accent, taco & othei seasoning packs, etc.
10. Remembei, life is shoit so it's a compiomise; when you ieally enjoy something anu can't make oi finu a
goou substitute, seaich foi othei ways to limit youi uaily intake. Foi instance, a ieally goou uFCF &
excitotoxin fiee bieau is often uifficult to make anu theie aie moie appealing piouucts on the maiket now
so insteau, tiaue youi canneu soup oi flavoieu chips anu ciackeis foi plain uF potato chips oi potato

The goal isn't to scoui each package foi all of the following chemical names. If you have to spenu moie than a
minute oi two ieauing the label, it piobably has too many glutamates. They all have at least 2-S in oiuei to taste
goou but most have S-1u hiuuen NSu compounus. See the following page foi ieasonable ways to ieuuce youi
intake, as it isn't iealistic eliminate all of them fiom youi uiet.

Ingredients with Hidden
Free Glutamic Acid
Ingredients that often
have free Glutamic Acid
Probable Sources of Free
Glutamic Acid

Glutamic acid
Monosodium glutamate
Monopotassium glutamate
Calcium glutamate
Monoammonium glutamate
Magnesium glutamate
Natrium glutamate
Natural Flavors
Yeast extract
*Anything hydrolyzed*
Calcium caseinate
Sodium caseinate
Yeast food or yeast nutrient
Autolyzed yeast
Textured protein
Soy protein
Soy protein concentrate
Soy protein isolate
Whey protein
Whey protein concentrate
Whey protein isolate
AuxiGro (plant enhancer)
Worchester sauce
Soy sauce

*Examples of hydrolyzed*
Pea, soy, wheat, whey, corn, &
vegetable protein.
This additive is the most harmful
version as it contains all 3
excitotoxins: glutamate, aspartate,
& cysteine as well as chemicals
known to be carcinogenic.

*Some vaccines also include
MSG such as Mercks Varivax &
the MMR.

Guar gum
Locust bean gum
Bouillon and broth
Any flavors or flavoring
Citric acid, Citrate
Anything ultra-pasteurized
Barley malt
Anything enzyme modified
Anything containing enzymes
Malt extract
Soy sauce
Soy sauce extract
Anything protein fortified
Anything fermented

*Any ingredients listed as
"seasoning," spices, "natural
flavoring," or "protein fortified.

*Below are MSG Flavor
enhancers. If these are present,
MSG is as well:

Disodium 5-guanylate

Disodium 5-inosinate

Disodium 5'-

*Biet soua, chewing gum, low-
caloiie & low-fat foous almost
always have multiple veisions of
NSu anuoi aspaitame incluueu.

Corn starch
Corn syrup
Modified food starch
Lipolyzed butter fat
Rice syrup
Brown rice syrup
Milk powder
Reduced or Non-fat milk

*Most no-fat or low-fat products &
those with enriched vitamins, etc.,
are highly likely to contain MSG.

*Any addictive food or snack is
most certain to have several
excitotoxins present. Many times,
once these foods are removed,
taste buds and receptors adjust
so that natural foods become
more palatable.

*Cysteine is another amino acid
that acts as an excitotoxin

Aspartame: Hidden Sources
Aspartic Acid

Aspartame is often found in
medicines, particularly childrens
OTC and prescription

Foods naturally high in free
Parmesan cheese & dairy
Soy sauce
Black bean paste
Breast milk

This table has been modified from Truth in Labeling, courtesy of Jack and Adrienne Samuels. In order to induce an MSG reaction, the glutamic
acid must be either processed or extracted from a fermented protein. If an MSG containing ingredient such as yeast extract is used instead of
MSG, the manufacturer may make the statement no added MSG. Whereas if MSG is processed into a product instead of being poured into
product, the company may declare "no MSG." 5,59-60,48,& 64.

>&6O&( U "#),6/

Anuy Cutlei infoims us that many meicuiy-toxic people aie intoleiant to ceitain foous, commonly known as
t/&6O&( O,,1/i? which have a high O($$ '#),6 .,+'$+'. Consuming foous high in thiols iaises the ciiculating thiol
levels that in tuin mobilizes meicuiy anu cieates symptoms. Be notes, "You typically get a couple of houis of
feeling goou, eneigizeu, happy, anu then libiuinous, then you feel tiieu, uiaggy anu uepiesseu, which goes on foi
a uay to a week. 0f couise if you aie eating sulfui foous at each meal these all get stackeu up anu you can nevei
figuie out what is happening." The onset of ieaction of symptoms is faiily piompt, with the
tiieuickyuepiesseu pait staiting within a few houis, anu can last foi 4-7 uays. You might even enjoy eating
these foous anu believe that they uo you no haim, but theii ieactions can cause you a lot of unuue suffeiing.
C-5,(':+': It is only foou that contains a high level of O($$ '#),6 *(,&5/? anu not liteially any foou that contains
elemental sulfui in any foim, that aie the culpiits. Bi. Cutlei states, "You'll finu a lot of misleauing 'sulfui' lists
on the web. I'm talking about those compounus that aie thiols oi that metabolically conveit to them, not to the
total amount of elemental sulfui in the foou. Some foims uon't conveit veiy much anu aie toleiateu at much
highei levels than otheis, e. g., meat is in theoiy quite sulfuiy, but in fact, a lot of the sulfui stays in the
methionine iathei than thiol foim so it is a less potent thiol souice than an elemental analysis woulu suggest.
This is especially tiue if you aie taking TNu oi choline which helps pioviue methyl gioups so the methionine
uoesn't neeu to get metabolizeu."
B#& b%$,0'25.*/ '2//0)> '0>'Z "Plasma cysteine status in the geneial population is eithei low, noimal oi high.
This is uiffeient fiom cystine status. It is a stiong inuicatoi of whethei someone will toleiate oi not toleiate high
sulfui (thiol) foous oi supplements. This has nothing to uo with plasma sulfate (S04) status oi livei sulfation
status. Plasma sulfate status can be inuepenuently low, noimal oi high. It is possible foi cysteine status to
change as chelation piogiesses. Bowevei it stays stable foi long peiious of time. The plasma cysteine test is not
available anymoie. The only way to ueteimine this is to uo a sulfui exclusion tiial. Sulfui foous anu supplements
aie those containing a thiol gioup. Some sulfui foous aie not obviously sulfuiy (like coffee anu chocolate). NAC is
an example of a thiol supplement. The negative effects of sulfui on high cysteine people may occui ovei a 4-7
uay peiiou 0:3&) 3#& 10'3 sulfui ingestion. This is why Cutlei iecommenus a 7 uay exclusion with no ALA
chelation uuiing sulfui exclusion. Sulfui foous can woisen yeast issues".
Anuy notes: "I estimate that SS-Su% of meicuiy toxic people have elevateu plasma cysteine", which effectively
means that those people will battle with sulfui foous. In essence, eveiybouy planning to chelate shoulu uo a
sulfui exclusion tiial at least once to ueteimine if theie is a sensitivity to sulphui foous anu avoiu a lot of
"#$ /&6O&( $D.6&/),+ '():6 )/ 1,+$ :/ O,66,W/
Nany of these misleauing 'sulfui foou' lists on the web aie simply inuicating the total amount of &1&/&%301 '21:2),
iathei than talking about foous that contain '#),6/, oi that metabolically conveit into them.
All high thiol foous anu supplements containing thiol gioups (see list below) aie stiictly avoiueu foi a seven uay
peiiou to allow the effect of the last ingestion to weai off. Again, the negative effects of sulfui occui ovei a 4-7
uay peiiou 0:3&) 3#& 10'3 sulfui ingestion, which means you neeu to excluue all sulfui foous ANB sulfui
supplements foi at least a week befoie you know what is going on.
Alpha lipoic aciu (ALA) is also on this list anu thus no ALA chelation shoulu be uone uuiing the sulfui exclusion
tiial. Then, aftei ten uays the high thiol foous aie auueu shaiply back to youi uiet anu you eat a lot of them foi a
week, noticing what happens to youi health ovei this time. If you feel woise soon aftei intiouucing sulfui foous,
you uo not neeu to uo this foi a week as it inuicates you aie bettei off eliminating sulfui foous. If youi health
impioves while off the sulfui foous anu iegiesses aftei auuing them back, you have an intoleiance to them anu
shoulu avoiu them.
Sulfui foou intoleiance in meicuiy toxic people has moie to uo with the mobilization of meicuiy causeu by
iaiseu cysteine levels anu excess thiols, iathei than a uiiect alleigyintoleiance to sulfui foous pei se. Eithei
way, you will neeu to avoiu them if you show an intoleiance to them, oi, as some people have founu, keep them
to an absolute minimum. It seems theie is a ciitical thiesholu of high thiol foou intake foi many anu if you
iemain below this, little haim is uone. The foous mentioneu on the 'foou high thiol' list below, aie ones that aie
metabolizeu in a specific sulfui pathway that causes the pioblems foi meicuiy toxic people by incieasing fiee
thiol levels. These foous contain the fiee thiol gioups that inteiact with anu mobilize meicuiy inuucing
symptoms such as tiieuness, emotional uistiess anu othei non-specific ailments.
Foous high in thiols
- aitichokes, }eiusalem but not Fiench
- aspaiagus
- bakeiy piouucts containing whey, cysteine, eggs oi enzymes
- bean cuiutofu milk
- bean spiouts
- beans of all soits
- bok choy
- bioccoli
- biussels spiouts
- cabbage
- caiob
- cauliflowei
- cheese of all soits
- chives
- chocolate
- coffee
- collaiu gieens
- cieam
- uaikon
- uaiiy piouucts
- eggs
- gailic
- gieen beans
- gieens
- hoiseiauish
- jicama
- kale
- leeks
- lentils of all soits
- milk fiom any animal
- miso soup
- onions
- papaya (slightly)
- peas
- peanuts
- pineapple (slightly)
- iauishes
- iutabaga
- saueikiaut
- shallots
- soui cieam
- soy cheese
- soy milk
- spinach
- split peas
- tempeh
- tofu
- tuinip
- tuimeiic (though not high in thiols, it is ieally goou at iaising thiol levels)
- whey
- yeast extiact

Also, watch out foi foous that have gailic anu onion powueis auueu e.g. piocesseu meats like hot uogs.
Neat is also high in sulfui, but most people toleiate this uue to the lowei thiol levels. Nuch of this will
uepenu upon youi meicuiy buiuen, coexisting factois (S00X uefect) level of sensitivity.
Supplements high in sulfuithiol gioups

- ALA (Alpha Lipoic Aciu oi Thioctic Aciu). This may neeu to be useu foi chelation puiposes at some point,
whethei you aie sulfui intoleiant oi not, but it N0ST always be useu piopeily, anu accoiuing to its half-
life, as uesciibeu in Anuy Cutlei's oial chelation piotocol. If you aie sulfui-sensitive, you may only
toleiate small amounts of ALA, so stait low just in case. Accoiuing to Bi. Yasko, if you have the CBS uefect
you may not toleiate moie than miniscule uoses of ALA, if at all.
- biomelain anu papain (use enzymes ueiiveu fiom animals)
- chloiella
- cysteine
- uaiiy souice aciuophilus
- BNS0
- sulphui foou extiacts
- glutathione
- methionine (conveits uown into cysteine)
- tuimeiic can iaise thiol levels
Supplements that help suppoit the sulfui pathways (pei Bi. Yasko)
Nolybuenum is veiy goou at suppoiting the sulfui pathway (S00X). This can be puichaseu as a uiop,
in Black Beai Spiay, oi as capsules.
S00X Suppoit: B-12, manganese, boion, (& molybuenum)
CBS up-iegulation Suppoit

SulfuiThiols: Exceptional infoimation baseu on Bi. Cutlei's woik



Phenols aie chemical compounus founu natuially in plant piouucts yet aie typically man-maue when founu in
piocesseu foous. Natuial plant phenols contain piotective piopeities anu have a poweiful antioxiuant affect to
help piotect the bouy against fiee iauical uamage anu chionic illnesses. This is the ieason many health
pioviueis encouiage patients to uiink ieu wine, in moueiation, oi to eat giapes, cheiiies, anu bluebeiiies, all of
which boost antioxiuant activity. Antioxiuants help pievent the inflammatoiy anu uegeneiative uiseases that
cuiiently plague millions. Conveisely, synthetic phenols aie often ueiiveu fiom benzene, coal tai, anu petioleum
piouucts anu have actually been banneu thioughout Biitain anu the Euiopean 0nion uue to myiiau health
issues, paiticulaily those affecting chiluien. In fact, seveial Biitish stuuies ievealeu signs of pooi focus anu
concentiation as well as consiueiable behavioial pioblems, in chiluien consuming foou with aitificial phenols
anu the pieseivative souium benzoate. Bespite the health iisks, synthetic phenols iemain uniegulateu in the
0niteu States anu Canaua.

To make matteis woise, multi-national foou coipoiations such as Kellogg's, Betty Ciockei, anu Kiaft
manufactuie two sepaiate lines of foousone foi the 0niteu States, which incluue all of these chemicals, anu
anothei foi theii Euiopean maikets which use ieal fiuit anu natuial colois. 0nfoitunately, the explosion of fast
foou chains, boxeu, anu fiozen meals anu snacks has leu to a five-folu inciease in aitificial phenol consumption
ovei the past thiee uecaues alone. Neveitheless, in the 0niteu Kinguom, the NcBonalu's Coipoiation uses ieal
stiawbeiiies foi theii stiawbeiiy sunuaes while Ameiican chiluien ieceive an unpionounceable list of
chemicals uevoiu of any natuial beiiies at all. Though many auults anu chiluien may be sensitive to natuial
phenols, synthetic phenol compounus appeai to caiiy health iisks ianging fiom hypeiactivity anu iiiitability to
heauaches, anu in some cases, a highei iisk of cancei.

Bi. Benjamin Feingolu NB, a well-known peuiatiic alleigist who stuuieu this aiea in the late 196u's, was a man
aheau of his time. This innovative physician uiscoveieu that many of the chiluien he tieateu foi asthma, eczema
anu foou alleigies also giappleu with attention ueficit uisoiuei (ABB) both with anu without hypeiactivity
(ABBB). Aftei consiueiable ieseaich, Bi. Feingolu uiscoveieu that aftei eliminating all aitificial phenols as well
as some of the natuially high phenol fiuits anu vegetables, up to Su% of the chiluien with alleigies anu ABBB
symptoms significantly impioveu. In fact, shoitly aftei chiluien began Bi. Feingolu's Biet, both paients anu
teacheis iepoiteu a gieatly enhanceu ability with schoolwoik, focus anu attention in auuition to substantially
less hypeiactivity, outbuists, anu tantiums. When one consiueis the uiamatic iise in biightly coloieu uiinks,
popsicles, canuies, ceieals, anu even yoguits, it is no wonuei that ABBABBB anu behavioial pioblems have
become so commonplace in just the past Su to 4u yeais.

In iecent yeais, the scientific stuuies conuucteu by Bi. Rosemaiy Waiing, PhB, ievealeu that many chiluien with
ABBABBB anu autism have a ueficiency in the enzyme that piocesses phenols, known as the PST enzyme
(phenol sulfotiansfeiase). 0nuei noimal ciicumstances, the aveiage peison easily metabolizes phenols anu
salicylates as long as theie aie appiopiiate levels of sulfates anu livei enzymes. Iueally, the bouy utilizes what it
neeus fiom these foous anu eliminates the iest thiough the uigestive system. Since phenols anu salicylates aie
ubiquitous in both natuial anu piocesseu foous, those with leaky gut synuiome will unuoubteuly have much
highei levels of these chemicals, thus ueveloping moie intoleiance to them. Though most chiluien "giow out of"
many of theii initial symptoms of ABBABBB, it is now wiuely iecognizeu that iathei than losing the uiagnosis,
many of these auults simply manifest less obvious signs of this imbalance. It is also likely these auults will
continue to have pioblems piocessing phenols while not iecognizing that theii insomnia, heauaches, anu
iiiitability aie ielateu to the foous they eat. When you consiuei how healthy many of these foous aie known to
be, it seems less likely. Why woulu anyone think that eating the bioccoli oi fiuit salau at the family picnic was
iesponsible foi theii suuuen ciankiness, flusheu cheeks, oi night sweats. Likewise, veiy few woulu iecognize
that the ieu spoit's uiink oi "healthy" snack of pink, stiawbeiiy coateu iaisins woulu contiibute to theii
inability to concentiate at woik.

Although phenols anu salicylates aie often useu inteichangeably, they aie not exactly the same compounus.
Salicylates aie only one type of phenol anu scientists believe plants piouuce this substance as natuial piotection
fiom uiseases, insects, fungi, anu haimful bacteiia. As it tuins out, salicylates aie chemically veiy similai to the
man-maue chemical founu in aspiiin. Nany high salicylate foous also contain highei levels of phenols, but this is
ceitainly not always the case. Foi instance, ieu giapes anu iaisins aie veiy high in both compounus wheieas
tomatoes aie not high in salicylates yet extiemely high in phenols anu natuial glutamates. If you feel as though
you neeu a chemistiy uegiee in oiuei to cook a meal oi go gioceiy shopping these uays, you aie not alone.
Neveitheless, it uoes not neeu to be teiiibly complicateu if you iemembei that most of the time, anything that
gives foou vibiant coloi oi, in the case of heibs, a moie stimulating taste will have highei levels of phenols.

I know, I know, I can almost heai you gioaning anu mocking me with "A*87 3#03I' '$/(1&l A& J2'3 #0+& 3* 4$+& 2(
&+&)>3#$%4 3#03 4$+&' :**9 0 ,&023$:21 .*1*) *) 4)&03 30'3&7 $' 3#03 011m= anu I can't say that I blame you. Bowevei, it
uoes not neeu to be an all oi nothing lifestyle change. As you stuuy this topic fuithei, I uige you to consiuei the
impoitance of balance. If you aie phenol sensitive, you must iemembei that it is viitually impossible to iemove
ALL phenols anu to tiy to uo so will only uiive you to the biink of insanity while intiouucing othei pioblem
foous as ieplacements. In my expeiience, iemoving entiie categoiies of foou (unless you aie tiuly alleigic)
iesults in othei unhealthy imbalances. 0n the othei hanu, if you have seveie phenol intoleiance symptoms then
it makes sense to eliminate most of what you ieasonably can. Nost fiuits aie iich in phenols, although they can
vaiy in content. Baikei fiuits contain moie phenols than lightei fiuits. Beiiies aie often the woist offenueis anu
incluue stiawbeiiies, cheiiies, iaspbeiiies, bluebeiiies anu blackbeiiies, though fiuits such as many apples,
wateimelon, kiwi, oianges, anu giapefiuit also have highei phenol levels. Some of the lowei phenol fiuits
incluue peais, mangoes, anu uoluen Belicious apples without the skins. When aiming foi the optimal balance,
consiuei gieen giapes insteau of ieu anu puiple oi make a fiuit salau mainly compiiseu of the lowest phenol
fiuits while auuing a smallei amount of beiiies to avoiu feeling uepiiveu.

In closing, please iemembei that life is shoit anu having balance is essential. Foi those who love fiuits anu
vegetables yet cannot toleiate the phenols, theie aie enzymes available fiom Bouston's anu Kiikman's that
assist the bouy in bieaking uown these compounus. Though many people iequiie some time to aujust to the
enzymes, they aie geneially well toleiateu anu veiy helpful in ieuucing the cumulative effect of high phenol
foous anu supplements. vaiiety is tiuly the spice of life, paiticulaily with iegaiu to oui uiets!

XD:-56$/ ,O '#$ <)*#$/' @#$+,6 O,,1/: <$65O&6 /)'$ O,( 1$.)5#$()+* #)*# Q/8 6,W 5#$+,6M/:6).J6:'$ O,,1/F

Foou uyes
Apples (Fuji, uianny Smith, etc.)
Coloieu fiuits: beiiies, apples, wateimelon, cantaloupe, etc.
vanilla Flavoivanillin

"#$ \$)+*,61 6)/' ,O #)*# 5#$+,6M/:6).J6:'$ O,,1/:
Bepenuing on youi sensitivity level, avoiu oi limit:
Syntheticaitificial colois anu flavois. Foi example, FB&C colois, vanillin, BBA, BBT, anu TBBQ,
which aie maue fiom petioleum.
Natuial Flavoiing (Contains NSu & often salicylate).
Natuial Coloiing (often contain salicylate).
Aspiiin anu piouucts containing aspiiin oi salicylic aciu, anuoi salicylates.

Beiiies (all)
Chili powuei
Ciuei & ciuei vinegai (apples)
Cucumbeis & pickles
Cuiiants, giapes & iaisins
Peppeis (bell & chili)
Wine & wine vinegai (giapes)
0il of winteigieen (methyl salicylate)

>J-5',-/ ,O @#$+,6M>:6).J6:'$ /$+/)')Q)'J
Those who aie sensitive to phenols anuoi salicylates often have neivous system ovei stimulation. Theie may
be immeuiate inuications soon aftei eating, howevei, oftentimes symptoms aie uelayeu anu tianspiie within a
48-houi peiiou. These incluue:

*Emotional extiemes, such as euphoiia oi "Slap Bappy", followeu by uepiession
*Baik ciicles unuei the eyes
*Reu faceeais
*Tiouble falling asleep at night, night waking, anu insomnia
*Fatigue anu lethaigy
*Night Sweats
*Aggiession (much moie common with chiluien as well as phenols maue with petioleum)
*Self-injuiy (heau banging, hitting, oi othei self-injuiy)
*Inappiopiiate laughtei oi "Slap Bappy"
*Bypeiactivity is moie common in chiluien's ieactions wheie as auults geneially expeiience symptoms similai
to chionic fatigue.


*You may have to copy & paste or enter the URL address of any PDF link in order to view:

See the section to the right on the data regarding food dyes:

In Europe, dyed foods receive warning label

The Feingold Association

USDA Food Safety: Natural Flavorings on Meat & Poultry

Salicylate Food Guide:

Dr. Rosemary Waring, PhD:

Abnormal Sulfation Chemistry in Autism,+Rosemary+PhD+phenols&ots=9

Sulfation Deficit

"#$ I)('J I,Y$+

The benefits of eating oiganic foou go stiaight to the faim, wheie no pesticiues anu chemical feitilizeis aie useu
to giow the oiganic piouuce shippeu to gioceis. That means woikeis anu faim neighbois aien't exposeu to
potentially haimful chemicals, that less fossil fuels aie conveiteu into feitilizeis, anu it means healthiei soil that
shoulu sustain ciops foi geneiations to come.

Foi inuiviuual consumeis, oiganic foou also has benefits. Eating oiganic means avoiuing the pesticiue iesiuue
left on foous, anu it may even mean moie nutiitious vaiietals, though ieseaich into that subject has yielueu
mixeu iesults. While theie aie few if any pioven health impacts fiom consuming tiace quantities of pesticiues on
foous, a giowing numbei of people take the piecaution of avoiuing exposuie just in case, paiticulaily in the cases
of piegnant women (giowing babies aie exposeu to most of the chemicals that mothei's consume) anu the
paients of young chiluien.

Yet oiganic foou can cost moie, meaning many families aie unable to spenu extia on oiganic piouuce each
shopping tiip. This is what makes the Enviionmental Woiking uioup's list of the uiity uozen foous so useful. The
gioup analyzes Bepaitment of Agiicultuie uata about pesticiue iesiuue anu ianks foous baseu on how much oi
little pesticiue iesiuue they have. Thus fai, this gioup estimates that inuiviuuals can ieuuce theii exposuie by
8u% when they switch to oiganic veisions of these 12 foous. Since the 0SBA tests piouuce aftei a typical
householu piepaiation, fiuits anu vegetables with thick skins that aie iemoveu befoie eating (melons, avocauo,
coin, etc.) tenu to have the lowest amounts of pesticiue iesiuue. 0ltimately, each family shoulu piactice what is
most beneficial foi eveiyone's health while sensibly utilizing iesouices.


")5/ O,( =:3)+* U ":3)+* >&556$-$+'/
Asiue fiom all of the typical paiental uuties, those with special neeus kius have an enuless aiiay of tasks anu
iesponsibilities! Bo you evei chuckle to youiself when those with typical family situations giumble about how
busy they aie. As with eveiything in life, woikloau anu stiess levels aie ielative. Yet along with eveiything else,
you have been youi chilu's uoctoi, nuise, theiapist, lab technician, teachei, sentiy, nutiitionist, special uiet guiu,
meuical anu euucational auvocate, counseloi, scientific ieseaichei, anthiopologist, expeit uevelopmental anu
meuical histoiian, anu now, phaimacist. The uaik ciicles anu glazeu looks tell youi stoiy, even when otheis
cannot seem to see oi heai it. While othei paients ieau the latest bestselleis oi watch Tv to unwinu, you aie
uiligently ieauing teuious meuical books anu scouiing the Inteinet foi ways to help youi chilu uevelop into the
most that he oi she can become. Bespite the exhaustion anu nevei-enuing seaich foi meuical bieakthioughs,
youi incentive lies with eveiy inch of piogiess they've maue. Anu though this euucation comes with a steep
piice, it offeis much value foi otheis. In fact, most of us have leaineu moie fiom othei paients than fiom anyone
in the meuical fielu! With the goal of iepaying the favoi, heie aie some iueas we've pickeu up along the way to
make youi phaimacy uuties a little easiei.
0ne of the best things we've evei uone with oui supplements is making them up in big batches, seveial weeks
aheau of time. We iefei to these events as "canuy paities" anu we make uaik chocolate coveieu giounu almonus,
nut buttei oi peppeimint filleu canuy cups, though you can choose youi own acceptable favoiites. While puie
uFCF uaik chocolate uoes have a faii amount of phenols (anu oxalates), we opt foi it anyway since it coveis
many paiticulaily unpleasant tastes anu the kius enu up with veiy small pieces. Aftei S yeais, oui kius still enjoy
theii bieakfast, afteinoon, anuoi beutime tieats. It's also hanuy to uo this with oui own as well since we use a
spiinkle of this anu some ciumbs of that with many supplements; aftei a while it's cumbeisome to uo this with
so many (at least, until you can take a full capsule).
While it may seem like a lot of woik initially, once you have the tiicks of the tiaue anu have cieateu them at least
once, it will become much less uaunting. In the long iun, nothing else tiuly affoius this level of continuity,
stiuctuie, anu uaily convenience whethei you'ie at home, on vacation, oi have busiei weeks when you'ie most
likely to foiget something. Foi those of you who've maue homemaue canuy in the past, you have a ueciueu euge
ovei the iest of us & shoulu have no tiouble with the supplement auuitions. Foi those of you like us, who uon't
cook oi bake, let alone make youi own canuy, take comfoit in the fact that if we figuieu it out, :+J,+$ can!

>&556$-$+' ")5/
1). When staiting out with low uoses, such as a spiinkle, you can simply mix them into applesauce, a smoothie oi
othei foou.
2). Nany consistently use lowei uoses anu piefei to make theii own capsules in oiuei to avoiu the uaily hassle of
mixing & matching.
Naking youi own capsules: 0se a commeicial capsule fillei to make youi own supplement combinations in
gelatin capsules. The capsules come in uiffeient sizes: size S is the smallest anu size uuu the laigest. uiauually
woik up to biggei capsules (See pictuie above).
Empty uelatin Capsules (you can also finu them at youi local natuial health foou stoie)
Cap N Quik Capsule makei & kits
http:www.cap-m-quik.comstoieall-in-one-kits.html http:www.cap-m-quik.comstoiecapsule-filleis.html
S). Foi those who have uifficulty swallowing capsules
Consiuei using the 0ialflow Pill Swallowing Cup foi $1S, which helps auults oi chiluien take theii meuications:
#$% V)44)+.*5 (355%(/.)*( ,'% V)' /$)(% 0$.42'%* +$) 0,**)/ (+,44)+ 0,&(34%(]/,14%/( )' $,7% (%*()'-
.((3%( +./$ /,(/%

>)-56$ B:+1J e@:('Jf
Foi those who piefei to keep it simple, use puie chocolate canuy bits & pieces iathei than making canuy cups
1). Take 4-8 tablespoons 'Enjoy Life' chocolate chips anu melt in a glass custaiu cup (oi in a mini, uip
ciockpot). 2). Cool slightly (still melteu, but not hot) & mix in ciusheu supplementspowuei. S). Scoop the
chocolate mixtuie onto wax papei anu place in iefiigeiatoi to haiuen. 4). Bieak into pieces anu give as a canuy.
This also helps with those lunchtime uoses at school since you can place them in a small containei oi baggy.
Noieovei, it coveis some of the stiongest heibs anu supplements, paiticulaily when you layei in ingieuients
such as coconut, nut buttei, oi peppeimint oil.
*0ptional--you can auu just a touch of Bimalayan Salt foi moie natuial mineials oi xylitol oi iaw sugai to make
this a touch sweetei in oiuei to conceal bittei flavois. Some enjoy having a few unsulfuieu iaisins oi cianbeiiies
thiown into the chocolate. You can also make canuy molus (see pictuie above).
@$:+&' ,( 46-,+1 2&''$( 2:66/
Nany piefei to make nut butteiballs, which pioviue a snack anu an easiei methou foi giving supplements.

1). You can use any nut buttei, although when using iaw nutbutteis, it is best to auu something foi moie flavoi
until they auapt. Foi instance, some auu iaw, uniefineu sugai, uFCF gianola, jam, oi chocolate chips.

2). Stait out with a small amount of the supplement to allow youi chilu to acclimate to the taste. Eventually, you
will be suipiiseu at what they will take!

S). Eventually, you can mix all of the supplements togethei with moitai & pestle anu scoop out a small amount,
spieauing it between the PB balls. Beu, Bath, & Beyonu has veiy small measuiing spoons, which make this
piocess easiei. They aie calleu a "Smiugeon, Pinch, & a Bash" anu aie less than $S foi the set.

")5/ O,( 0$'')+* B#)61($+ a/$1 ', >&556$-$+'/
* Begin with veiy tiny amounts, anu woik up.
* Although theie aie the iaie few who can get theii chiluien to take almost anything, most times, kius will not
like the taste of something at fiist but will acclimate ovei time.
* It is ciitical to piaise oi iewaiu chiluien when they take something uistasteful as well as having a "chasei" with
something uelicious to wash the afteitaste away.
* Be minuful of youi own iesponse anu facial expiessions! If you have a "this is going to taste hoiiible" look on
youi face anu apologize foi giving them it, they aien't going to iesponu well foi suie.
* Sing a yucky vitamins song, oi biing out that olu Naiy Poppins favoiite, "A spoon full of sugai helps the
meuicine go uown."
* Foi those having a haiu time getting anything uown, uon't give up anu tiy to stay positive as life is full of
change anu they will giauually auapt. Reminu youiself that you uo not have to stait eveiything this month.
Focus on what you can give now anu slowly builu on that founuation.
* Remembei that many times you'll neeu to use less piefeiieu methous, such as using uFCF chocolate oi othei
foous they may be sensitive to, howevei, as long as they'ie not alleigic to them, the small amount they will
ieceive in supplements will iaiely cause a pioblem. Also, as they get moie of theii supplements, they will
toleiate phenols, sulfui, anu othei foous moie anu moie.

@:(' SF =)/.$66:+$,&/ )+O,(-:'),+

C--&+$ \:.',(/F `>$$ @(,',.,6 >'$5 hH]
Immune factois pioviue essential antibouies, often leauing to uetox. Even so, Betamax may help with this
ieaction. Iueally you woulu stait the Betamax twice uaily appioximately 2-S uays piioi to initiating the immune
factoi. Chiluien usually uo well on Betamax 1uu mg while auults often iequiie highei uoses at 2Su-Suumg. You
can take immune factois uaily oi eveiy othei uay, howevei, they shoulu be useu consistently foi a peiiou of
thiee months. Nany utilize them once oi twice a week aftei that point as an immune boostei.

It is taigeteu at the following oiganisms: BIv, BBv 6 (A), Beipes 1, Beipes 2, Nycobacteiium avium, Canuiua
albicans, Buman tubeiculosis, Bovine tubeiculosis, Epstein Baii viius, Cytomegaloviius, Ciyptospoiosis,
Pneumocystis caiinii.

This foimula contains antigen-specific tiansfei factois against Epstein-Baii viius (EBv), Cytomegaloviius
(CNv), Chlamyuia pneumoniae, Boiielia buiguoifeii (cell-wall ueficient Lyme), Buman heipes viius 6 (BBv6),
Babesia, anu Ehilichia.

This taigets hepatitis A, B anu C viiuses.

It is foi people with all chiluhoou illnesses, flu viiuses oi iabies. Incluuing Neasles, Numps anu Rubella.

This contains multiple stiains of Staphylococci, Stieptococci anu E. Coli.

C--&+\:.',( N
Nultiple stiains of Beipes 1, Beipes 2, anu vaiicella Zostei

C--&+\:.',( P
Nultiple stiains of canuiua yeasts

This contains CNv, EBv, Lymes, Chlamyuia, BBv6, NNR, anu 2S seiia fiom the bloou of autistic chiluien. The
piotocol useu foi this conuition is to use 1 anu 4 each foi S months, then use 8. Clinical anu anecuotal iepoits
have been veiy positive.

This is foi vaiious stiains of Nycoplasma.

This is foi Buman Papilloma viius (BPv)

>',-:.# 4.)1F
0uuly enough, having too much stomach aciu fiequently has the same symptoms as having too little aciu. This is
a common ieason many people aie misuiagnoseu with "uyspepsia," "gastiitis," oi "chionic aciu ieflux," yet uo
not iesponu to ovei the countei oi piesciiption antaciu theiapy. In fact, this typically compounus the pioblem.
They have also founu that many of these aciu ieuuceis (Pepciu, Zantac, Nexium, Piotonix) lowei the stomach PB
to such a uegiee that those taking them cannot absoib many uietaiy nutiients anu unknowingly suffei fiom
malnutiition anu low bone uensity!

If you aie in uoubt about stomach aciu, tiy the "baking soua" test in which you auu V to 1 tspn of baking soua to
a full glass of watei fiist thing in the moining (on an empty stomach). If you belch within 2 minutes, you have
too much stomach aciu. Foi those who uo not belch, youi stomach aciu may be too low oi alkaline; in which
case, the stomach PB RNA is beneficial foi both.

If you consistently have too little stomach aciu, using 1-2 tablespoons of apple ciuei vinegai 0R betaine
hyuiochloiiue (BCL) tablets with meals can help with piopei uigestion. Bowevei, betaine shoulu be useu in
minimal uoses (as founu in most health foou stoies) oi unuei the supeivision of a health piactitionei to avoiu
uamage to the stomach lining. If you weie to use this incoiiectly when you have too much aciu, it coulu leau to
ulceis anu othei seiious pioblems. Bigestive enzymes anu piobiotics aie necessaiy whethei theie is too much
oi too little aciu.

Symptoms of too much aciu: Low stomach PB usually less than 6.S
This occuis when the bouy attempts to oveicompensate foi pooi uiets with too much fat, foou piocessing anu
unfoitunately, even cooking, which uestioys the natuial uigestive enzymes noimally containeu in foou. Piioi to
ieaching the stomach aciu, these natuial enzymes shoulu bieak uown much of the foou. Since most of these
enzymes aie now ueficient, we neeu moie stomach aciu to take ovei anu this contiibutes to the symptoms of
aciu ieflux & heaitbuin as well as gas, bloating, stomach iiiitation, anu uiaiihea. Too much aciu can also leau to
stomach cancei anu an esophageal cancei known as Baiiett's esophagus.

Symptoms of too little aciu: Bigh stomach PB, usually 7.S
This often occuis with gallstones, influenza, gastioenteiitis (stomach flu), antaciu anuoi piesciiption uiug use,
hoimone ieplacement, biith contiol pills, anu aging. Symptoms aie veiy similai to excess aciu anu incluue
ieflux, heaitbuin, gas, anu bloating yet theie aie moie telling signs if one caiefully evaluates foi them. Nany
have alleigies (enviionmental anuoi foou), acne, iosacea, eczema, eailiei signs of aging, pooi wounu healing,
fatigue, pooi eneigy, anu malabsoiption, which leaus to malnutiition uue to loss of key vitamins anu mineials.
Nany lose theii appetite foi high piotein foous anu uon't toleiate iaw vegetables as well (since they aie haiuei
to uigest). 0thei signs involve ielief with eating (since they have at least some inciease in stomach aciu), bau
bieath, unuigesteu foous in theii stool anu pioblems with canuiua (yeast) oveigiowth in the uigestive tiact anu
thioughout the bouy as well as bacteiia, paiasites, anu othei haimful oveigiowths that woulu noimally be
uestioyeu with highei stomach aciu. It is not uncommon to ciave sugaiy oi staichy, caibohyuiate-iich foous
that yeast anu othei paiasites iequiie foi suivival.
<8 @J6,() C+O$.'),+ `<@]F
Without question, auuiessing gut issues, B. Pyloii, anu stieptococcus is ciitical foi iecoveiy. Recall that
<%/$-4,/.)* 2-(V3*0/.)* \#)C.*( [ B%/,4( \ :,0/%'.,4 cPA [ L/'%&/)0)00,4d .*V%0/.)*( e #$% A%'V%0/ L/)'B@
B%,*.*5@ /$% &%'V%0/ .*5'%2.%*/( V)' 2.(,(/%'. Bi. Yasko has also founu that BP is a significant contiibuting
factoi behinu chionic uigestive issues, paiticulaily those afflicteu with othei neuioimmune uisoiueis such as
autism, CFSNE, anu foou alleigies.

The insiuious natuie of chionic inflammation, pooi uigestion, malabsoiption anu leaky gut, unueiscoies the
piesence of chionic bacteiial infection. This is also laigely owing to multiple antibiotic theiapies, high oi low
stomach aciu, stiess, anu pooi numbeis of goou bacteiia. Foi instance, antibiotics, which actually means
"against life", inuisciiminately eiauicate all bacteiiaboth goou anu bau. Noieovei, if gut PB is high (meaning
alkaline iathei than aciuic), you cannot auequately piotect youiself fiom many haimful bacteiia that take ovei.
Baving low gut aciu means that you cannot piopeily uestioy the typical stieptococcal & staphylococcal
oiganisms that iesiue within the uppei iespiiatoiy tiact. This in tuin, leaus to pioblems bieaking uown foou
piopeily so that it builus up as toxic fatty acius, stiaining the eneigy cycle (citiic aciu cycle), all while being faiily
useless foi eneigy piouuction. Auuing fuel to the fiie, a high sugai oi high staich uiet pioviues moie eneigy foi
these pathogens (bugs). Finally, the bacteiia, viius, anu paiasites begin snacking on whatevei iesouices you
have left, leaving you with mineial, piotein, vitamin, anu neuiotiansmittei ueficiencies.

Although B. Pyloii is known to thiive in high aciuity (low PB) it often causes ups & uowns with stomach aciuity
so that you may have low oi high aciu inteimittently. This bacteiium is tioublesome uue to the piopensity foi
ueveloping ulceis, gastiitis (chionic inflammation), anu stomach cancei. Inciuentally, having the NTBFR C677T
uefect also seems to coiielate with highei iisk of ueveloping B. Pyloii. Still, multiple vaiieties of bacteiia aie
piobably at play heie so the key is tieating the oveiall uigestive enviionment in oiuei to auuiess some of the
othei pioblems associateu with it; namely, leaky gut, malabsoiption, anu pooi uigestion. Bue to these factois,
nutiitional ueficiencies aie quite commonplace anu incluue low B-12, folate, iion, magnesium, anu calcium
levels. Bealing necessitates that we noimalize the PB, eiauicate BP & stiep, as well as ie-intiouuce fiienuly
bacteiia. You will also unuoubteuly iequiie Bowel Inflammation RNA in oiuei to ieuuce inflammation.

Tieatment examples:
BELX RNA (specific to BP)
Bowel Inflammation RNA
Stomach PB RNA
tsp baking soua with meals
Nastica uum
Feveifew (lessens tiyptamine levels associateu with BP)
Nutiicology Pancieatic Enzymes (poik, beef, & lamb)
Aii Poweiuuifenesin
L-Cainitine (BP uses this nutiient up quickly)
Seiiaflazyme wmeals


>'($5',.,..:6 )+O$.'),+F
Stiep is notoiious foi leauing to a numbei of health pioblems: AnoiexiaBulimia, 0CB, PANBAS, sensoiy issues,
Touiette's, & CFSNE, to name but a few. Stiep exponentially incieases inflammatoiy meuiatois such as TNF
Alpha anu Inteileukin-6 (IL6). This leaus to excitotoxicity uue to the cytokine activity upon the NNBA ieceptois.
Fuitheimoie, gut stiep may seive as a ieseivoii to ie-infect the sinuses. Chionic stieptococcal infection has
been associateu with 0CB behavioi as well as tics, stimming, photophobia (sensitivity to lights), anu
peiseveiation (saying oi thinking the same thing ovei & ovei). When patients have stiep oi othei chionic
bacteiia in auuition to heavy metal toxicity, the effect is substantially compounueu. This impact is tiuly a uomino
effect since chionic bacteiial infection can also ueplete tyiosine levels. The amino aciu tyiosine is a piecuisoi
foi uopamine piouuction as well as thyioiu hoimone. It also appeais to exhaust tiyptophan levels, an amino
aciu piecuisoi to seiotonin.

It is impoitant to note that while stiep is most wiuely known foi causing "stiep thioat," this bacteiia is also a
souice of eai anu sinus infections as well as bionchitis, pneumonia, skin infections, anu peii-anal cellulitis. Nany
paients anu piactitioneis have iecognizeu PANBAS signs anu symptoms in chiluien (oi themselves) aftei having
what was uiagnoseu as a "yeast infection" in the anal aiea as well as boils oi simple eai infections. Noieovei,
siblings may exhibit similai symptoms without having any obvious souice foi infection. Bi. Susan Sweuo of the
NINB has pioneeieu the ieseaich in this fielu.

>'($5 ($6:'$1 @4%I4>M@C"4%I>
@4%I4>F A$/' /)'$

@4%I4>/ U @C"4%I>? 4I<I? ^BI? U 4/5$(*$(i/ >&55,(' 0(,&5M\,(&-

A:/). 4(').6$ O,( '#$ 7:J5$(/,+

@4%I4> %$'W,(3/MV$/,&(.$/

Integiative Immunology & Behavioi: Reseaich in cytokines & othei inflammatoiy meuiatois commonly seen in
PANBAS, CFSNE, & a host of othei uisoiueis.

B,&61 :+ :1&6' ,( '$$+:*$( #:Q$ @4%I4>g

By uefinition, PANBAS is a peuiatiic uisoiuei. It is possible that auolescents anu auults may have
immune meuiateu 0CB & othei PANBAS symptoms. Although the ieseaich stuuies at the NINB
aie iestiicteu to PANBAS, theie aie a numbei of iepoiteu cases in the meuical liteiatuie of
auolescent anu auult onset 0CB anu TICS with uABBS anu even non-Bemolytic stieptococcus

Bi. Susan Sweuo NB & Naueline Cunningham PBB, the pioneeis in PANBAS ieseaich, believes
this peitains to oluei chiluien anu auults as well. Bowevei, foi stuuy uesign puiposes, they must
choose highly specific ages & paiameteis anu this is the only ieason PANBAS has been labeleu as a
peuiatiic uisoiuei.

9#:' :($ '#$ 1):*+,/'). .()'$(): O,( @4%I4>g

PANBAS is uiagnoseu if theie is an episouic histoiy of the following symptoms associateu with
stiep infections.
- Piesence of 0bsessive-Compulsive Bisoiuei anuoi a tic uisoiuei, ABBB symptoms oi oppositional
- Association with neuiological abnoimalities (motoi hypeiactivity, oi auventitious movements, such as
choieifoim movements)
- Paeuiatiic onset of symptoms (age S yeais to pubeity) Episouic couise of symptom seveiity.
(Symptoms come anu go)
- Association with gioup A Beta-hemolytic stieptococcal infection (uABBS) by sinusitis, eai infections,
stiep thioat oi stiep pneumonia
- uABBS eviuenceu by eithei a positive thioat cultuie foi stiep oi positive foi stieptococcus seiology
(AS0T oi AntiBNAse-B)
- A histoiy of Scailet Fevei oi Rheumatic fevei

XP)+%7%'@ B,*- 0$.42'%* ,*2 ,234/( $,7% ;*)+* A>E=>L .*V%0/.)*( ,*2 2.()'2%'( ,*2 $,7%
*%7%' 1%%* /%(/%2@ &,'/.034,'4- 23'.*5 ,* .44*%((.

B,--,+ >J-5',-/ ://,.):'$1 W)'# /'($5F
Post exeitional fatigue
Photophobia (ieuuceu toleiance to light)
Phonophobia (ieuuceu toleiance to sounus)
Spaciness (minu going blank) oi biain fog
Ceivical lymphauenopathy (lymph noue enlaigement)
Palpitations oi heait iacing
Bilateu pupils
Fiequent uiination
Feai of abanuonment
Stomach aches & upset

>'($5',.,..:6 '($:'-$+': The following infoimation was taken fiom Bi. Yasko's Web foium. Foi those with
PANBAS, such compiehensive suppoit may be ciitical.

"n>1$3*1 %0'01 '()0> 8$11 #&1( 3* &1$/$%03& %0'01 '3)&(7 )&92.& &0) $%:&.3$*%' 0%9 #0' ,&&% )&(*)3&9 3* #&1( 8$3# 1&0E>
4237 /*'3 1$E&1> ,> 9&.&0'$%4 3#& :1*8 *: '3)&( :)*/ 3#& '$%2'&' $%3* 3#& 4235 n>1$3*1 $' 01'* 0+0$10,1& 0' 0 '240) :*)
.**E$%4 0%9 $' $% -$*3&%& 42/7 3**3#(0'3& 0%9 /*23#80'#5

6%*3#&) 3$( $' 3* 099 $% (0(0>0 &%@>/& 8$3# $%.)&0'&9 9*'&' *: +$30/$% "5 B#$' #&1(' 3* &1$/$%03& 3#& .#)*%$. '$%2'
$''2&' 0' 8&11 0' 3#& )&'&)+*$) *: '3)&( $% 3#& 4235 i'& 0' /2.# (0(0>0 &%@>/& 0%9 +$30/$% . 0' >*2) ,*9> .0%
3*1&)03& X8$3#*23 .02'$%4 1**'& '3**1'Y5 c'3&) " /0> ,& #&1(:21 :*) 3#*'& 8#* .0%%*3 3*1&)03& #$4#&) 9*'&' *: 3#& M$3
" 8aF*'&#$('5 C//2%[0.3*) o *%.& &+&)> *3#&) 90> 8$11 0$9 $% 099)&''$%4 3#& ,0.3&)$01 $''2&'7 0' 8&11 0' 3#& 2'& *:
3#& KBFn F?6 *% 0 90$1> ,0'$'5 B#& '2((1&/&%3 COp 8$11 #&1( 3* )&92.& '3$/' 0%9 b"< ,&#0+$*)' 0''*.$03&9 8$3#
.#)*%$. '3)&(3*.*..01 $%:&.3$*%7 0' 8$11 3#& 2'& *: -&%:*3$0/$%& X'>%3#&3$. 3#$0/$%Y5

C 8*219 '244&'3 099$%4 Q&013# [*2%903$*% F?67 +$30/$% N 0%9 N$9%&> K2((*)3 F?6 3* #&1( 3* 099)&'' 3#$' $''2&5
M$30/$% N 0%9 N$9%&> '2((*)3 F?6 0)& 01'* 2'&:21 :*) '*/& *: 3#& '240) )&42103$*% $''2&' 3#03 /0> ,& 0 ()*,1&/
92& 3* 3#& M<F [*E '3032'5 61'* +$30/$% < 1&+&1' 0)& .1*'&1> 3$&9 3* *3#&) 3>(&' *: %&2)*1*4$.01 .*%9$3$*%'5 C 8*219
'244&'3 2'$%4 03 1&0'3 UTTT Ci *: '2((1&/&%301 +$30/$% < 90$1>."

7:'$( >'($5 >&55,(' U "($:'-$+':
! Papaya
! vit C is also beneficial foi stiep anu immune suppoit. I piefei to use a combination of vitamin C foims
(estei, Flavonoius, Rosehips) anu BBI's is well piiceu ($66u). Take V to 1 tab uaily anu twice uaily
thioughout colu & flu season.
! Niacinamiue
! Benfotiamine (synthetic Thiamine) anu othei B vitamins: $2S.Su12ucaps
! Immune Factoi S (Chisolm Labs $14uSu caps!): This tiansfei factoi contains multiple stiains of
Staphylococci, Stieptococci anu E. Coli. (Betamax is helpful in suppoiting the immune iesponse anu
lessening symptoms).
! STRX RNA at Bolistic Bealth: 0nlike many of the otheis, this can only be obtaineu
! Xylitol sweetenei, Biotene mouthwash, & Xylitol nasal spiay
! EBTA bath soak: $24.9S2u oz): http:www.holisticheal.comeuta-soak.html
! Natuiomycin PvB Caps & spiay (a mix of beneficial heibs that taiget stiep & many othei bacteiia).
! Beibs incluueu within Natuiomycin: Nyiih, Cianbeiiy, Bay Leaf, Neem, 0iegon uiape, 0live Leaf,
Elueibeiiy, Black Walnut Bulls, }unipei Beiiy, uailic, 0va 0isi, Woimwoou, & Pumpkin Seeu.

It's impoitant to consiuei that when we go aftei the bacteiia, you'll pull out aluminum as well. Conveisely,
tieating the viial buiuen leaus to meicuiy ielease. ueneially, bacteiia cleave to aluminum & viius cleaves to
heavy metals such as leau & meicuiy. 0ltimately, you cannot tieat one without impacting the othei so I believe
it is essential to have an "&'.*)3" on boaiu. Escoits aie compounus that assist theii exit, iathei than iemaining
within the uiine oi stool anu being ieabsoibeu within the systemic ciiculation. Examples of escoits incluue:
Nalic aciu, Boisetail, veiy low uose alpha lipoic aciu (spiinkle), low uose oial EBTA (spiinkle) anuoi EBTA
bath soak. Please avoiu highei uoses of oial EBTA as it may leau to issues with meicuiy tianspoit acioss the
bloou biain baiiiei, wheieas veiy, veiy low uoses shoulu nevei be an issue. Alpha lipoic aciu anuoi cainosine
aie ok in tiniei uoses (spiinkle to 18 cap). O)3' &',0/./.)*%' ($)342 53.2% -)3 )* +$%* ,*2 +$%'% /) ,22
/$%(% .*/) -)3' '%5.B%*Q

<$(5$/ Q)(&/ '($:'-$+'F
1. Lysine: (not to be useu long teim without L-aiginine) $7.4S1uu Tabs. Stait at 1 tab uaily unless actively
ill then consiuei 1 tab 2-Sx uaily foi 2 weeks oi as neeueu.
2. Colostium: $SS.9S6u gm (1-2 months) oi tiansfei Factoi $44.9S9u Caps (2-S months if you take lowei
uoses). If you live in a state that sells iaw milk, you can puichase Raw Colostium $1u foi V gallon & fiee
into ice cube tiay size uaily uoses.
S. Netals RNA 4: Best to stait Q$(J slowly with this RNA as uetox will ensue! It's also auvantageous to have
basic suppoits as well as immune suppoits in place to help piocess anu toleiate the subsequent uetox of
metals anu miciobes (heipes viius). $8Sbottle (S-4 months). Best to uilute with uistilleu watei anu
stait with 1 uiop of that mix. Foi those known to be veiy sensitive, put only 1-2 uiops of concentiateu
RNA into an entiie bottle of uistilleu watei & take 1 uiop of this mix, giauually moving up as toleiateu.
Remembei, theie is no piize foi 1
place in uetox!
4. INF 1, 2, & 6: (iotating one pei uay so that they aie not being given on the same uay). INF 1 is $14uSu
uel caps, INF 2 is $S9u foi S-6 mos (uose 14 to 1 cap uaily). INF 6 is $14uSu uel caps. Both INF 1 & 6
can be stietcheu to 2-S mos by piicking gel cap with a pintack & using to V uose uaily insteau of a
whole gel cap.
S. Nouucaie: Stait with low uose to acclimate, iueal is V to 1 uaily $SS.9S9u Caps.


I(8 4-J b:/3, @#I? %Ii/ ($.,--$+1:'),+/ O,( *$+$(:6 -$'#J6:'),+ /&55,('F
* Will inuuce some uetox symptoms*
" Nethylmate B uiops: 1 tiny uiop uaily to stait & veiy slowly woiking up to 2-S uiops ($14.9Sbottle).
" Nethylmate A: stait at a veiy low uose as this always inuuces uetox. Typically a .,&56$ ,O .(&-2/ is
iueal! The goal is to woik up to V to 1 cap twice uaily as toleiateu ($99.9S6u caps). This incluues the
below combination of PSPCPE, BB4, low uose SANe 12.Smg anu folinic aciu as well as hyuioxy &
auenosyl B 12, vit E, selenium, & NABB. You woulu not take the below combo if taking methylmate A.
This is only foi those who wish to minimize this pait of the iegimenuetox anu who aie taking
Nethylmate B anu wish to geneially suppoit methylation.
" PSPCPE combo: Begin with poking the gel cap with a tacpin anu take 1 small blob uaily foi the fiist 2-4
weeks to allow this shoit-cut (BBNT) to acclimate to the suuuen suppoit. ($S9.9u 6u gel caps). *See
below foi those with CFS.
" Nucleotiues: Baily to stait with 1-2 two meals uaily anu then V tab with meals. This is especially helpful
foi those with ABCY & SBNT. $SS.9S6u Caps.
" SBNT Spiay: Stait at 1 spiay anu slowly woik up to 2-S spiays, with the goal of S spiays uaily. Foi those
who aie paiticulaily sensitive to the uetox, you may consiuei uiluting with uistilleu watei foi a SuSu
concentiation anu staiting with a light spiay of this. $S2.9Sbottle.
" NTBFR A1298C: Livei & BB4 suppoit stait at a few ciumbs pei uay anu veiy giauually, go up ovei seveial
weeks' time (geneially 4-6 weeks). The goal is V uaily foi chiluien anu V to 1 Cap uaily foi auults
($S4.9S6u caps & $29.9SSu caps). This is iecommenueu whethei you have the NTBFR A1298C uefect
oi not.
" Byuioxy B 12 & Neuiological Bealth Founuation: also pioviue some basic methylation suppoit.

*Bepenuing on whethei oi not you have a histoiy of chionic fatigue synuiome you may wish to skip this
PSPCPE combo anu just stait a tiial of low uose Phosphatiuylcholine (PC) as occasionally those with low
coitisol levels (a majoi stiess hoimone) may have even lowei levels when using this combination. An
alteinative to this combo is using both Lecithin anu PC alone. Finuings of ieseaicheis Rich van K PhB anu Neil
Nathan NB (who conuucteu an excellent stuuy on a seiies of CFS patients utilizing a stieamlineu methylation
pathway piotocol) have been that those with low coitisol may ieplace PS with Lecithin, as this is also a
phospholipiu. Soy fiee is also available foi those who iequiie it. The goal is to veiy giauually inciease this

I(8 V).# Z:+ _,+J$+2&(*i/ e>)-56)O)$1 @(,',.,6" (Bi. Yasko maue some aujustments as noteu below in ieu)
As of Febiuaiy 2, 2u12
1) Neuiological Bealth Foimula 18u Tablets
S) NethylNate B Biops (active folate S NTBF)
4) Folinic Aciu 6u Capsules pei Yasko, INSTEAB 0SE SBNT SPRAY 0R CAPS (which incluues folinic)
S) *Phosphatiuyl Seiine Complex Suu mg (PSPEPC)
6) Calm Bown spiay foi a low uose souice of lithium to help with B12 tianspoit anu also to help with
glutamategaba balance
7) NTBFR A1298C capsules to suppoit the livei anu low uose natuial BB4 (L-biopteiin)

In futuie watch foi new compounueu supplements that have been uesigneu with CFS auults in minu:
Nuscle suppoit foimula
Bone suppoit foimula
Inflammation compounueu foimula

9%B.*2%'R >( B,*- +%44 .*V)'B%2 %C&%'/( $,7% +'.//%* %C/%*(.7% 53.2%4.*%( '%5,'2.*5 ?$%4,/.)*@ Z&(/%.*
:,''@ P-&%'1,'.0@ ?,*2.2,@ <)42@ G-B% c,*2 ./(8 ,(()0.,/%2 0)f.*V%0/.)*(d@ H $,7% 4.B./%2 /$% ,1)7% (%0/.)*
/) )/$%' .((3%( 0)*V')*/%2 1- B,*- +./$ 0$')*.0 2.(%,(%Q Z,0$ ,'%, .( .*/%*2%2 ,( , 7%'- 1'.%V )7%'7.%+
,*2 /$% '%,2%' .( %*0)3',5%2 /) '%(%,'0$ ,*- ,*2 ,44 '%4%7,*/ ,'%,( V3'/$%'Q


\($[&$+'6J :/3$1 sU4i/

A4%,(% ,4() '%V%' /) /$% 5%*%',4 _>b8( V)' *%+ &,/.%*/( )* )3' +%1(./%

E]8 I, C +$$1 ', ':3$ /&556$-$+'/ O,($Q$(g
Yes anu no. Yes, you will iequiie some basic suppoits, paiticulaily when significant uefects aie piesent anuoi
you have stiuggleu with a seiious illness such as Autism, Paikinson's, oi CFS. No, you will not iequiie a plethoia
of lifelong suppoits once you have iegaineu youi health anu leau a moie healthful lifestyle.

G]8 <,W .:+ C *$' -J .#)61 ', ':3$ :66 ,O '#$ /&556$-$+'/g
Please see chaptei 8 foi guiuance in making supplements moie enticing anu palatable.

H]8 >#,&61 C ':3$ 0.=4\g This compounu is actually a maciophage-stimulating factoi, which has been
successfully useu in tieating cancei. A fitting analogy useu by Bi. Yasko uesciibes maciophages as the PacNan
of the immune system. Naciophages ".#&8 2( 3#& +$)2'7 ,0.3&)$0 0%9a*) .0%.&) .&11' 3#03 0)& 12)E$%4 0,*23 e
%&&9 3* ,& 099)&''&9D 3#*24# $% 0 %*%V'(&.$:$. 80>7 )03#&) 3#0% 3#& 80> 3#03 B .&11q' *) - .&11q' /$4#3 099)&'' $3".
She goes on to uiscuss hei main conceins with this appioach, in that "0%> 3$/& >*2 '3$/2103& /0.)*(#04&'7 3#&
(03#80> $' 9$+&)3&9 :)*/ -Qj 3* 0 '$9& ()*92.3D (*3&%3$011> 9)0$%$%4 8#03&+&) )&/0$%$%4 -Qj $' 1&:3 8$3#$% 3#&
'>'3&/5 B#$' .0% 1&09 3* $%:10//03$*%7 3#&)&,> '3$/2103$%4 /*)& $%:10//03*)> .>3*E$%&'7 1&09$%4 3* 0 +$.$*2'
.$).1&". As with eveiything in biochemistiy, this can thiow off the balance between BB4 anu neopteiin, which is
alieauy consiueiably ueficient in many chionically ill patients. Theiefoie, it pays to be ceitain that you have
BB4 levels in balance anu you aie suppoiting healthy livei function anu BB4 natuially (oi with meuication).

Anothei issue to keep in minu is the incieaseu oxiuative uamagestiess when stimulating maciophages.
Beneficial supplements incluue vit B spiay, 0ltifenu, Resveiatiol, anu Byuioxy B12 (helps with the oxygen
iauicals geneiateu thiu the uiea cycle). In Bi. Yasko's opinion? ucNAF is similai to stem cell theiapy in that it is
best utilizeu in the latei phases, when the bouy is well suppoiteu anu it's likely to be most effective.

Finally, if you choose to use ucNAF, it is ciitical to pay attention to BB4 levels so that you can be suie you aie
suppoiting healthy livei function as well as BB4. Inciuentally, seveial piouucts at Bolistic Bealth (vit B spiay &
0ltifenu) incluue "cainosuie," AKA cainosic aciu, which behaves similaily to ucNAF in that it acts syneigistically
with vitamin B anu stimulates maciophage activity without leauing to imbalances thioughout the system.

Foi moie infoimation iegaiuing Cainosine, see the below abstiact.

0.=4\ 4_4 B:(+,/). 4.)1

0.=4\ u O,( .:+.$(? )+O$.'),+/? Q)(:6? :+1 )--&+$ 1)/$:/$/8

K]8 >#,&61 C ':3$ 5($/.()5'),+ A<K `"$'(:#J1(,2),5'$()+]g A chemical maue in the BB4 cycle, which is useu
to piouuce neuiotiansmitteis such as uopamine anu seiotonin, both of which aie stiategic in iegulating moou,
sleep, iewaiu seeking behavioi, auuiction, attention anu focus, along with a sense of wellbeing. BB4 is also
ciitical in the 0iea Cycle (Waste Facility) foi cleaning up ammonia anu making nitiic oxiue. A shoitage of this
impoitant chemical has wiuespieau iepeicussions. Theiefoie, if BB4 is limiteu by an NTBFR A1298C oi BBPR
mutation, oi theie aie elevateu ammonia levelsuue to 0iea Cycle oi N0S uysfunction, the CBS & ammonia
uumping, oi a veiy high piotein uiet --then this will also impact neuiotiansmittei levels, nitiic oxiue piotection,
anu waste clean up. Fuitheimoie, the amount of BB4 helps to ueteimine the bypiouucts maue fiom the N0S
enzyme in the 0iea Cycle. If BB4 is auequate, then nitiic oxiue is cieateu wheieas lowei levels leau to
Peioxynitiite, a fiee iauical. When BB4 is seveiely uepleteu, a moie ueleteiious fiee iauical known as Supei
0xiue is piouuceu.

Since BB4 has incieuible auvantages, why woulun't we want to use this compounu foi almost eveiyone suffeiing
fiom chionic illness. Seveial ieseaicheis have been conuucting joint stuuies with }apanese physicians anu
scientists who holu the patent on BB4 theiapy. The oveiall iuea is to maintain balance within each system,
though especially between B12 levels, BB4 levels, nitiic oxiue levels, anu the ciitical antioxiuants such as
Resveiatiol, vitamin C & E, etc. Since cuiient uosing is baseu on the tieatment of phenylketonuiia (PK0), using
similai uoses woulu be too high foi those with chionic autoimmune anu neuiological uisoiueis. Such highei
uoses will cause an uncomfoitable level of uetox that is not ieally beneficial in the long iun.

Bi. Yasko has an excellent analogy iegaiuing this issue.

;-Qj 9*'$%4 .0% ,& 1$E&%&9 3* :$11$%4 0% &/(3> '8$//$%4 (**15 C%$3$011>7 >*2 .0% 4&3 080> 8$3# 0 #$4# 9*'& >&3 *%.&
3#& (**1 $' :211 >*2 /2'3 $//&9$03&1> 1$/$3 3#& 0/*2%3 .*/$%4 $% 3* *%1> )&(10.& 8#03 &+0(*)03&' *) >*2I11 #0+& 0
:1**95 Q*8&+&)7 $: >*2 :$11 3#& (**1 03 0 /2.# '1*8&) )03& $%'3&097 $3I11 30E& /*)& (03$&%.&7 ,23 >*2I)& %*3 4*$%4 3* 4&3
0 :1**95

?&+&)3#&1&''7 '$%.& 8&I)& 301E$%4 0,*23 -Qj )03#&) 3#0% 803&)7 3#& :1**9 )&()&'&%3' 0% *+&)1*09 *: 9&3*P7 8#$.# $'
9&:$%$3&1> %*3 $9&015 C #0+& '$%.& .#*'&% 3* :$11 3#& &%3$)& (**1 +$0 3#& '1*8 /&3#*9 $% *)9&) 3* 1$/$3 3#& 9&3*P
)&0.3$*%5 B#$' 01'* )&(10.&' $3 03 0 /*)& .*%'30%3 )03& 8$3#*23 3#& )$'E *: :1**9$%45

K$%.& 3#& (#0)/0.&23$.01 -Qj $' /*)& (*3&%3 3#0% 3#& %23)$&%3 '*2).&7 3#$' .0% ,& /*)& *: 0% $''2&5 C: >*2 #0+&
0..&'' 3* 3#& (#0)/0.&23$.01 -Qj7 C #0+& :*2%9 3#03 3#& $9&01 ,010%.& $' 3* 013&)%03& 3#& -$*B#>)* 8$3# 1*8&) 9*'&'
*: 3#$' +&)'$*%5

K3$117 8& 0)& :$%9$%4 3#03 3#& 2'& *: *%1> 0 :&8 4)0$%' &0.# 90> *: 3#& (#0)/0.&23$.01 4)09& *: -Qj $' '2::$.$&%3 :*)
/*'3 X0+&)04& $' S5o /4 *) &+&% 1&''Y7 &+&% 3#*'& 8$3# "-K 0%9 6US]^" /2303$*%'5 ?&+&)3#&1&''7 $3 /0> 30E& 2( 3* 0
/*%3# 3* '&& 0 (*'$3$+& $/(0.3 8#&% 2'$%4 '2.# 1*8 9*'&'7 >&3 C :$%9 3#03 3#$' $' 0 /*)& ,010%.&9 0(()*0.#5 B#&
'2((1&/&%3' 3#03 .*%30$% ,$*(3&)$% X`BQ[F .0('7 "-Ka?bK .0('Y 2'& /$.)*4)0/ R20%3$3$&'5 K* 3#$' $' +&)> 1*8 9*'&
>&3 #0' ,&&% R2$3& ,&%&:$.$01=5
Quotes fiom Bi. Amy Yasko

L]8 9#:' :($ V%4i/g `Also known as Ribonucleic aciu). The piouucts at Bolistic health aie natuial RNAs that
will bieak uown ovei time. Though, if they aie exposeu to uigestive enzymes, they will bieak uown fastei. The
most wiuely quoteu scientific uata iegaiuing RNA & BNA theiapies is fiom the 197u's. Nany of these stuuies
suggesteu that nucleic acius uegiaue completely within the gut, yet aie baseu upon the techniques useu foi
analyzing BNA anu RNA ovei foui uecaues ago, when the science was much less sophisticateu. Foitunately,
we've come a long way since then! Reseaicheis have founu that even veiy small amounts of BNA anu RNA can
have a iemaikable influence on the bouy. Even so, it's piobably best to sepaiate them fiom the uigestive

Still, RNA uoesn't instantly uegiaue anu though some will bieak uown soon aftei uigestion, othei RNA stianus
bieak uown moie giauually. The half-life of RNA anu BNA vaiies. Some RNAs last minutes, otheis iemain
effective foi houis, anu otheis aie active foi weeks.

When you uiop the RNAs unuei oi on top of the tongue, you gain in teims of sublingual anu buccal (gums anu
cheeks) tianspoit since much of this will bypass the gut. This is not to say that you cannot put the RNAs in foou
oi a uiink because you can. While you may lose some effectiveness, you will still ieceive some benefits. While
some of the RNA will bieak uown into longei stianus, it will not typically bieak uown completely. The exception
to this iule is the stomach PB RNA. The stomach PB may actually ielieve aciuity (iefluxheaitbuin, etc) moie by
mixing it with watei anu then ingesting it.

Since we aie using RNA that can bieakuown ovei time, it's piobably best to use smallei uoses, moie fiequently.
This uosing saves money anu iesouices aie always impoitant! 0n aveiage, each RNA piouuct shoulu last a
minimum of 2 months, though they usually last S-4 months, oi longei. We have many RNAs (CBS, ACE, NA0)
that last 9-12 months anu as long as you uon't iefiigeiate them oi stoie them in a hot cai oi winuowsill, they
keep quite well. When finances aie low, it is wisei to use 1-2 uiops a uay iathei than use uioppei, only to iun
out foi seveial months.

N]8 <,W 1,$/ V%4 W,(3g 0ne ciitical function of methylation is in making the BNA anu RNA builuing blocks
we iequiie foi uaily maintenance, healing, anu suivival. RNA ueliveis communications anu iegulates cell
function in all living beings incluuing humans, plants, anu animals. Bowevei, if piotein levels aie out of balance,
the coiiesponuing RNA will also be imbalanceu. Foi instance, when pioteins such as inflammatoiy meuiatois
(TNF Alpha, NF Kappa B) aie out of balance, then the RNA levels foi these pioteins will also be off kiltei. This is
tiue foi the messengei RNA that tiansmits the infoimation as well as the othei RNAs that synchionize cell
functions. Accoiuingly, using specific RNAs shoulu help to stabilize any of the pioteins that may be out of
balance. While the natuial RNAs uo bieak uown to some uegiee, they uo so in fiagments, known as nucleic
acius. These acius aie also iequiieu foi chemical functions within the bouy, especially foi those with
methylation cycle mutations. 0ltimately, as long as some of the natuial RNA suivives the gut anu is absoibeu
bucally oi sublingually, it will have the uesiieu effect. Noieovei, we have useu many of the RNAs both
peisonally anu within oui patient populations, it is cleai that they have a substantial impact.

With the conclusion of The Buman uenome Pioject, we leaineu that each human being has appioximately
Su,uuu genes in eveiy cell of oui bouies. If you consiuei that each gene iequiies iegulation along with a means
to convey infoimation, this suggests that we neeu up to seveial thousanu uiffeient messengei RNAs. Yet this
uoesn't incluue many othei RNAs the bouy uses foi vaiious cell anu gene functions. All tolu, theie may be up to a
million uiffeient iequiiements foi RNA. Shoulu theie be vulneiabilities within the methylation pathway (SBNT,
NTBFR, NTRNTRR, & BBNT), it may substantially limit youi ability to piouuce these key molecules. When
coupleu with chionic uisease, which often iequiie highei numbeis of fiesh RNA & BNA, this cieates an
inhospitable enviionment with fuithei uecline.

P]8 9#:' :($ :55(,5():'$ V%4 I,/$/g As funus peimit, you may always use highei uoses of many of the RNAs
in oiuei to achieve optimal suppoit, paiticulaily uuiing uetox. Bowevei, most neeu to use theii iesouices
caiefully anu this can limit the numbei of suppoits you have on boaiu at any given time. Please consiuei that
piioi to staiting any of the supplements, you hau little to no suppoit. Consequently, you aie now auuing in moie
than you've evei hau in the past anu will ceitainly benefit, if even fiom these so calleu miniscule uoses. The
bouy is highly auaptable anu will aujust to most nutiients ovei time. Even so, it's often best to stait at low uoses,
giauually incieasing the levels as toleiateu. Nany of the -&':'),+ /5$.)O). V%4/ shoulu be #$:Q)6J 1)6&'$1
with uistilleu watei piioi to use. The suppoitive RNAs such as ueneial Inflammation Suppoit, Neive Calm,
Stiess Founuation, anu Anxiety RNA can be useu at full stiength uoses to stait, although we iecommenu veiy
low uoses to begin with, usually 1-2 uiops at most.

You can giauually inciease the uose by 1-2 uiops eveiy S-S uays as toleiateu. Bowevei, if you uo well on a given
uose, theie is no neeu to inciease the uose anu ceitainly no neeu to take the uose listeu on the bottle. Taking S-S
uiops of many of the RNAs is a ieasonable uose anu will save you significantly in the long iun. Shoulu you neeu
moie uuiing ceitain phases, such as uetox, you can always inciease them foi comfoit.

R]8 I, '#$ V%4i/ .,+':)+ J$:/'g Fiequently, questions iegaiuing RNA anu a yeast known as sacchaiomyces
ceievisiae aiise.

Theie aie seveial majoi souices of nucleotiues, which incluue salmon speim anu yeast. Bi. Yasko piefeis to use
nucleotiues fiom yeast. In oiuei to haivest the nucleotiues fiom the yeast the yeast is totally uestioyeu. She
states, "C3 8*219 ,& 1$E& 9&/*1$'#$%4 0% *19 ,2$19$%4 3* 4&3 3#& ,)$.E'5 L*2 #0+& 3#& ,)$.E' :*) :232)& 2'& ,23 3#&
,2$19$%4 %* 1*%4&) &P$'3'". Nucleotiues aie the builuing blocks foi BNA anu RNA. When BNA anu RNA bieak uown
they geneiate nucleotiues, so that is the ielationship between the two. BNA is the total genetic coue wheieas
RNA is the poition you iequiie oi use.
V%4 ")5/

Take concentiateu RNA anu poui into a glass bottle. Keep the iemaining RNA in its' oiiginal bottle anu auu
appioximately of uistilleu watei into the bottle. Stait 1 uiop of this mix. Bistilleu watei is available in the
watei aisle at most gioceiy stoies anu phaimacies.

ulass bottles can be acquiieu just about anywheienatuial health foou stoies typically caiiy them foi liquiu
supplements oi you can use an empty spiceheib jai solu at Beu, Bath, & Beyonu ($1.Su each), oi any glass jai of
youi choice. Bettei yet, save olu RNA glass jais anu simply boil them between uses.

Stoiage: 0se a glass jai anu avoiu iefiigeiation oi hot cais, etc. RNA's aie best stoieu at ioom temp.

Contamination: Avoiu touching the uioppei oi glass to youi mouth. If this happens, immeuiately iun the
uioppeiglass unuei hot watei anu clean with soap & watei, iinsing well. Boil bottles in between use.

Bi. Yasko's piesentation sliues iegaiuing RNA theiapy:

=^VX sU4

S]8 9#:' )/ %&'()*$+,-)./g

ET]8 9#:' )/ '#$ 5&(5,/$ ,O *$+$'). '$/')+*g

@:(' ET I$O)+)'),+/

466$6$: Alteinate veisions of a gene

4-)+, 4.)1/ `44]: The builuing blocks of all pioteins, which banu togethei in chains to peifoim
essential uuties anu make up 7S% of the human bouy. Theie aie appioximately fifty AA's yet only twenty
aie well chaiacteiizeu. Tiyptophan is a goou example of an amino aciu that is vital foi moou, sleep, anu
immune function. AA's aie fuithei uiviueu into essential (the bouy cannot make) anu non-essential (the
bouy can ieauily make).

4--,+):: A toxic waste piouuct filteieu out thiough the gaibage uump (uiea cycle) in the livei anu
iemoveu fiom the bouy thiough the kiuneys. If high levels aie piesent uue to a high piotein uiet, livei
failuie, oi uefects in the CBS, BBNT, N0S, anuoi NTBFR A1298C, wiuespieau neuiological inflammation
can occui. Such an inciease often leaus to heauaches, iiiitability, tiemois, flapping, seizuies, anu biain

4+'),D)1:+'/: These compounus uisiupt the haimful activity of ieactive oxygen species theieby
combating fiee iauicals. ulutathione is one of the bouy's majoi antioxiuants while othei souices aie
available in many foous anu incluue vitamin C & E, flavonoius, anu beta-caiotene.

4/5:(':'$: An amino aciu useu in laige quantities in the Waste Facility (0iea Cycle) & conveiteu into
aiginine oi iefoimeu into fumaiate as well as seveial othei highly essential amino acius incluuing
methionine, thieonine, isloeucine, & leucine. Aspaitate also acts as an excitatoiy neuiotiansmittei,
though it is not as potent.

A<K `"$'(:#J1(,2),5'$()+]F A chemical maue in the BB4 cycle, which is useu to piouuce uopamine
anu seiotonin, neuiotiansmitteis stiategic in iegulating moou, sleep, attention anu focus, iewaiu seeking
behavioi, auuiction, anu sense of wellbeing. BB4 is also ciitical in the 0iea Cycle (Waste Facility) foi
cleaning up ammonia anu making nitiic oxiue. A shoitage of this impoitant chemical has wiuespieau

A:/$: a builuing block of BNA anu RNA. Theie aie five uiffeient bases: Auenine, Thymine, uuanine,
Cytosine, anu 0iacil (the lattei is founu only in RNA anu ieplaces Thymine in BNA).

A;EG `.,2:6:-)+]: 0ne of eight B vitamins, B-12 is ciitical foi biain & neivous system function as well as
bloou foimation. In fact, cobalamin is paiamount foi all cellulai activity anu it affects BNA piouuction anu
iegulation in auuition to pioviuing fuel foi eneigy piouuction thiough the foimation of fatty acius.
Cyanocobalamin is the most commonly useu B-12 founu in foous, supplements, anu meuical tieatments,
as it is easily manufactuieu anu inexpensive. Neveitheless, this synthetic B-12 is not founu anywheie in
natuie & is cieateu fiom activateu chaicoal, which contains tiace amounts of cyaniue. Bowevei, using
hyuioxycobalamin in conceit with the cyanocobalamin allows any tiace cyaniue to be bounu & easily
iemoveu. 0thei types of B-12 aie challenging to piouuce anu theiefoie, much moie expensive.
Neveitheless, these natuial foims of B-12 aie the most compatible anu incluue methylcobalamin anu
auenosylcobalamin. Nethyl B-12 is iequiieu foi NTRNTRR function while auenosyl B-12 is necessaiy
foi mitochonuiial function.

A),-,6$.&6:( %&'()*$+,-)./: This fielu of stuuy incoipoiates the tenets of nutiigenomics while taking
this a step fuithei by analyzing the chemical pathways that aie affecteu by specific, single site base
changes (SNPs). It then utilizes a combination of nutiients, foous, nucleotiues, anu natuial RNAs to
bypass mutations anu iestoie piopei pathway function.

B#$6:'),+: The piocess of iemoving heavy metals fiom bouy tissues with an agent that attiacts them.

B,(')/,6: A steioiu hoimone piouuceu by the auienal glanus (locateu on top of the kiuneys) that acts as
one of the bouy's majoi stiess hoimones anu is meant foi iising to the occasion uuiing emeigencies
iathei than fiequent oi constant activation as often occuis foi many in touay's stiessful climate. Coitisol
incieases bloou sugai & bieaks uown fat, piotein, & caibohyuiates to be useu as fuel foi the "ciisis" at
hanu. It also suppiesses less necessaiy systems in times of ciisis such as immune function, bone
foimation, anu the ielease of inflammatoiy substances necessaiy foi mounting an alleigic iesponse.
Constant activation can leau to "auienal fatigue" anu coitisol uepletion theieby uisabling one of the
bouy's most useful tools.

B($:')+$: An oiganic aciu that helps supply eneigy to all of the cells of the bouy, especially muscle.

B($:')+)+$: The bieakuown piouuct of cieatine (in the muscles), which is then filteieu thiough the
kiuneys. Peisistently low levels impeue ability to uetoxify while peisistently high levels may leau to
kiuney uamage anu even failuie.

BJ/'$)+$: 0ne of seveial natuial excitotoxins, which also acts as a necessaiy amino aciu leauing to
glutathione piouuction.

I$O$.': A mutation that occuis in less than 1% of the population.

I$',D)O).:'),+ ,( I$',D: 0nlike spenuing a week in "iehab" oi a night in jail, this uetox iefeis to the
symptoms that occui when you aie filteiing out bacteiia, viius, oi paiasites as well as heavy metals
anuoi toxins when chelating anuoi suppoiting the methylation pathway. Symptoms vaiy fiom fatigue,
iiiitability, anu heauache to uepiession, anxiety, anu heait iacing. Betox is iaiely seiious, howevei, one
can feel seiiously ill uuiing a paiticulaily aggiessive uetox so it pays to be minuful of this anu take this
veiy, veiy slowly. Foi those with moie "tioublesome" uetox uefects, symptoms can be much moie seveie
than foi those who can toleiate many supplements. Although not on most people's "top 1u list" of things
to uo foi youi "bucket list", uetox often signifies a positive step in the iight uiiection.

I%4 (Beoxyiibonucleic aciu): An aciu that caiiies each peison's genetic coue, making them unique & can
ieplicate on its own. This uouble-stianueu chemical bluepiint oi instiuction manual coues foi eveiything
a plant oi animal uoes such as giowing anu uiviuing anu ueciuing how anu when to uie. BNA is noimally
veiy stable anu has eiioi uetection anu iepaii mechanisms. It iemains in the cell's nucleus anu can make
goou copies of itself thiough tiansciiption. Scientists now believe that oui BNA only accounts foi
appioximately SS% of health & uisease outcomes while stiess anu enviionmental factois have a fai
gieatei influence on illness, iecoveiy, anu uuiability than pieviously unueistoou.

I,5:-)+$: "Belightful uialogue with uopamine". Bopamine is a neuiotiansmittei (NT) conveiteu fiom
tyiosine anu is necessaiy foi language, a sense of well-being, happiness, satisfaction, focus anu attention.
This NT is bioken uown via the NA0 anu cleaneu up oi pieseiveu thiough the C0NT. The metabolite,
known as BvA, is seen on amino aciu tests anu a high level can suggest low concentiations of uopamine.
Please see the section on neuiotiansmitteis foi moie infoimation.

X5)*$+$')./: Simply explaineu, this is the stuuy of how the enviionment anuoi methylation pathway
influences gene function anu gene expiession. Epigenetics is multifactoiial anu evaluates the
enviionmental impact of uiet, supplementation, infection, stiessois, anu meuical tieatment as well as
pollution anu othei toxic exposuies on health status anu uisease outcomes. 0ne of the most intiiguing
aspects of this evolving fielu of science is the fact that many othei issues impact genetic expiession
without actually alteiing the genetic configuiation.

XD.)',',D)+: Coineu by Bi. }ohn 0lney anu uefineu by Bi. Russell Blaylock, NB, a chief authoiity on
excitoxins, as "A gioup of excitatoiy amino acius that can cause sensitive neuions to uie." In simplei
teims, excite-o-toxins meiely iefei to compounus that stimulate neives anu biain cells, while inuucing a
haimful, inflammatoiy effect, often to the point of cell ueath. The most commonly useu substances
incluue glutamate, aspaitate, anu cysteine, all of which change youi peiception of the uiink oi foou's
flavoi without any benefit.

\,6:'$ (vit B 9): Though folatefolic aciu itself is not biologically active, its' active foim
(methyltetiahyuiofolate) is vital foi making, iegulating, anu iepaiiing youi genetic coue, BNA. Folate is
also ciucial in cell uivision, the cell's giowth anu iepiouuction phase, anu in ieu bloou cell piouuction

\($$ V:1).:6/: Although eveiy living being iequiies oxygen foi suivival, oxygen is actually highly
ieactive anu can uamage living oiganisms by piouucing ieactive oxygen species. In people, these unstable
oxygen molecules occui with eveiyuay living, uuiing the noimal bieakuown of foou oi even as the
immune system is activateu to fight off bacteiia & viius. 0thei exposuies such as smoking, eating fiieu
foous, pollution, anu othei toxins leau to wiuespieau fiee iauical uamage, paiticulaily once the bouy's
inheient antioxiuants aie uepleteu.

\&-:(:'$F An amino aciu iequiieu foi nutiient iecycling anu tianspoit fiom the Waste Facility (0iea
Cycle) to the Powei Plant (Kieb's cycle). Fumaiate is neeueu in the Powei Plant to geneiate
mitochonuiial activity anu in the Waste Facility to filtei out ammonia optimally.

06&':'#),+$: Known as the mastei antioxiuant, glutathione enables all othei antioxiuants to function
piopeily in oiuei to combat fiee iauical uamage. It also acts as the bouy's majoi uetoxifiei as it aius the
livei in iemoving most waste piouucts. Anothei majoi iole foi this compounu is immune system suppoit
so that you aie able to iesponu to thieats anu ieauily oveicome them. Bowevei, heavy metals, infection,
pollution, pesticiues, heibiciues, smoking, iauiation, anu high stiess levels can ieauily ueplete
glutathione. Bue to the ciitical natuie of the glutathione iesponse, a significant ueficiency is often
tantamount to chionic illness, uisease anu infection. Nyiiau autoimmune anu neuiological uisoiueis aie
substantially compiomiseu uue to low levels anu incluue CFS, Autism, livei uisease, mitochonuiial
uisoiueis, Bown's Synuiome, NS, ALS, Lupus, anu a vaiiety of canceis.

06&':-:'$: ulutamate is the main excitatoiy neuiotiansmittei in the bouy. It is essential foi leaining
anu shoit anu long-teim memoiy. ulutamate is also the piecuisoi to oui piimaiy inhibitoiy oi calming
neuiotiansmittei, uABA. ulutamate is one of seveial excitotoxins uefineu by Bi. Russell Blaylock as, "A
gioup of excitatoiy amino acius that can cause sensitive neuions to uie." NSu, oi monosouium glutamate,
is the most well known excitotoxin anu exists in viitually eveiy single piocesseu foou eaten touay. Asiue
fiom actually leauing you to ciave the piouuct, these toxins have no othei puipose. Please see the section
on neuiotiansmitteis foi moie infoimation.

<$'$(,YJ*,&/: Baving one allele, otheiwise known as a paitial uefect.

<,-,YJ*,&/: Baving both alleles, otheiwise known as having a complete uefect.

<,-,.J/'$)+$ (BCY): An amino aciu iequiieu foi the piouuction of two othei chief amino acius, SAN
(methionine) anu cysteine. If left uncheckeu, homocysteine is often haimful anu leaus to inflammation
thioughout bloou vessels anu tissue. It is wiuely known to contiibute to heait uisease, stioke, anu many

<&-:+ 0$+,-$: The human genome is a stiing of ovei S billion chemical letteis that spell out eveiy
inheiiteu tiait. Although the letteis of all oui genomes aie viitually iuentical anu have little vaiiation,
moie anu moie fiequently, natuie gets a lettei wiong, similai to a typo (SNP).

_)1+$J/: vital oigans that maintain bouy chemistiy & electiolytes anu filtei out wastes. Foi example, the
bieakuown of piotein leaus to ammonia. Noimally, the waste management system (0iea Cycle)
eliminates ammonia thiough a substance calleu uiea. This waste is iemoveu thiough the kiuneys as

7)Q$(F A highly complex oigan anu the biggest glanu in the bouy that is iesponsible foi peifoiming ovei
Suu uiffeient chemical functions, some of which incluue:
1. Naking bile foi uigesting fats.
2. Collecting nutiients fiom the poital vein foi use thioughout the bouy.
S. Piouucing impoitant pioteins foi the bloou, such as albumin, which is essential foi bloou clotting.
4. Conveiting extia glucose, the bouy's piimaiy souice of eneigy, into glycogen foi stoiage.
S. Cleansing toxins fiom the bloou.
6. Nanufactuiing cholesteiol, useu foi almost eveiy hoimone in the bouy.
7. Neutializing some toxins, conveiting them foi othei uses, & iecycling them.

=$'#),+)+$: 0ne of two sulfui containing amino acius, the othei is cysteine. Nethionine, also known by
its' ueiivative, SAN, is the ciitical methyl uonoi foi methylation.

=$'#J6 1,+,(: Also known as a methyl gioup oi woik tag. These chemical compounus act as maikeis in
oiuei to initiate a chemical ieaction between enzymes, amino acius, pioteins, & molecules. They aie the
"moveis anu shakeis" of the methylation pathway anu aie vital foi all function. A methylation pathway
without methyl uonois is akin to having a home with all of the iequiieu electiical wiiing yet no switches
oi outlets.

=$'#J6:'),+: An intiicate piocess that is necessaiy foi suivival anu occuis when youi bouy takes one
substance anu tuins it into anothei. Nethylation is a chemical exchange that occuis between enzymes,
amino acius, pioteins, anu othei molecules to maintain cell function. This pathway iegulates gene
expiession, allowing beneficial genes to function while keeping less uesiiable genes at bay. It also
pioviues the backbone foi the immune system, BNA, RNA, cellulai iepaii, uetoxification, hoimone
iegulation, anu communication between the cells anu oigan systems by way of neuiotiansmitteis.

=$'#J6:'),+ 5:'#W:J: The expanueu veision of this pathway is baseu on The Yasko Theoiy of
neuiouegeneiative anu autoimmune uisoiueis. As uepicteu in the uiagiam, it incluues the Kieb, 0iea, BB
4, Folate, anu Nethionine Cycles. Nost scientists anu meuical piactitioneis aie familiai with at least two
of these, The Folate anu Nethionine Cycles of the methylation piocess. This pathway acts as a seiies of
inteiconnecteu cycles that enable the highly complex biochemical piocess of methylation to occui.

=)',.#,+1():: The eneigy piouucei of each cell. It is the mitochonuiia that laigely ueteimine whethei
each peison will be "The Little Engine Who Coulu" vs. "The Little Engine That Coulun't". The
mitochonuiion is the poition of the cell that piouuces ATP (the bouy's chemical foim of eneigy). Asiue
fiom ieu bloou cells, which have none, theie aie 2Suu mitochonuiia pei cell. Theii eneigy is useu foi
taking in nutiients, iepaiiing cells, anu eliminating toxins thiough the waste facility. Since any oiganism
that ceases to piouuce eneigy ultimately uies, they aie cleaily instiumental foi suivival anu as such, they
have theii own BNA. Bowevei, mitochonuiial BNA aie 2u times moie vulneiable to uamage than cellulai
BNA uue to oxiuative stiess as they cannot ieauily iepaii & iecovei.

=&':'),+: Befects in the genome that aie iaie anu founu in less than 1% of the population.

%$&(,'(:+/-)''$(/ oi Neuio-talkeis (NT): Youi bouy's telecommunication centei. These aie chemicals
that allow messages to be tiansmitteu thioughout the bouy by way of the neivous system. Each NT has a
specific function such as acting as an excitatoiy (glutamate) oi inhibitoiy (uABA) chemical messengei.
Seveial of the moie commonly known NTs aie: seiotonin, uopamine, noiepinephiine, glutamate, anu

%)'(). ^D)1$: N0 is a hoimone that maintains bloou vessels thioughout the bouy, keeping them open anu
fiee of plaque that woulu otheiwise leau to stiokes oi heait attacks. Touay, almost eveiy tieatment useu
in heait uisease focuses on uiiectly oi inuiiectly iaising N0 levels foi optimum vasculai health.

%,($5)+$5#()+$: "No napping with noi-epi". Noiepinephiine is a neuiotiansmittei anu like uopamine, it
is conveiteu initially fiom tyiosine. Noi-epi is iequiieu foi the fight oi flight iesponse as well as foi
attention, focus, activity level, anu moou. Please see the section on neuiotiansmitteis foi moie

%&.6$,')1$/: These aie molecules that foim ciitical sections of RNA anu BNA. Nany aie also involveu in
enzyme ieactions thioughout the bouy as well as cell communication anu the piouuction of chemical

%&'()*$+,-)./: Simply put, it is the stuuy of how the foou we eat, anu the nutiients theiein, impact oui
health. This is laigely baseu upon oui own unique genetic bluepiint. Nutiigenomics has potential foi
pieventing, mitigating, oi tieating chionic uisease, anu ceitain canceis, thiough small but highly
infoimative uietaiy changes. Chionic uiseases (anu some types of cancei) may be pieventable, oi at least
uelayeu, by balanceu, sensible uiets.
Auapteu by the National Centei of Excellence in Nutiitional uenomics at 0C Bavis, "Nutiitional

^2/$//)Q$ B,-5&6/)Q$ I)/,(1$( `^BI]: This is piimaiily an anxiety uisoiuei chaiacteiizeu by
compulsions oi thoughts in which many engage in iepetitive behavioi (peiseveiation, compulsive
activities such as hanu washing) in oiuei to avoiu specific thieats oi feais. Almost eveiyone has some
0CB tiaits yet when this inteifeies with uaily life, it becomes pioblematic. Foi example, a balleiina
suffeiing fiom 0CB may tiain foi houis uespite having seveial stiess fiactuies.

^Q$(-$'#J6:',(/: This teim was fiist coineu with the Pfeiffei Institute iegaiuing chiluien who weie
cleaily ovei methylating anu coulu not toleiate many methyl gioups. Examples of this aie chiluien anu
auults with: C0NT ++ anu vBR Taq -- as well as C0NT +- anu vBR Taq --.

^D)1:'),+: This occuis when fiee oxygen iauicals aie cieateu uuiing the metabolism of noimal oxygen
cells. These fiee iauicals aie missing an election anu seaich out othei molecules to combine with in oiuei
to become "whole." 0nfoitunately, in uoing so, they cieate chaiges that uamage othei cells as well as the
aieas suiiounuing them. This piocess leaus to oxiuation oi iust. In effect, youi bouy is "iusting" as it
goes thiough its lifetime.

^D)1:')Q$ /'($//: Cell uamage that occuis thiough the oxiuation piocess. 0xiuation is a noimal activity
anu happens within oui bouies eveiyuay. Yet when theie aie uisiuptions in this piocess, such as fiee
iauicals haiming othei molecules, the iesults often leau to toxic uamage. Consiuei having steel oi iion
pipes exposeu in the iain anu othei elements. As they withstanu yeais of exposuie, they aie subject to
oxiuation anu eventually begin to coiioue anu iust. Likewise, oui bouies expeiience similai uamage
when extensive fiee iauical uamage occuis.

@:+.($:/: The pancieas is one of the least appieciateu, vital oigans within the bouy. Asiue fiom
iegulating bloou sugai, this oigan piouuces uigestive enzymes that bieakuown essential nutiients foi
eneigy piouuction. The enzymes incluue 1$(0'&7 which uigests fat, 3)>('$%, which bieaks uown piotein,
anu amylase, which piocesses caibohyuiates. Noieovei, baseu on Bi. Nicholas uonzalez NB's woik with
cancei, pancieatic enzymes aie paiamount foi cancei pievention as well as tieatment. See pages 16u-

@$(/$Q$(:'),+: This iefeis to iepetitive thoughts anu behaviois. Though eveiyone has some occasions
when they engage in "stewing" ovei a topic oi iepeateuly bite theii nails oi tap theii fingeis, this iefeis to
uysfunctional behavioi that inteifeies with noimal uaily life. Examples incluue talking oi thinking about
the same aieas of inteiest ovei anu ovei (Legos, tiains, fiie tiucks, etc.) oi iepeateuly engaging in
activities that have no specific puipose such as humming, iunning back anu foith, hopping, flapping, etc.

@,6J5$5')1$/: Chains of amino acius. Pioteins aie maue up of seveial oi many polypeptiues.

@(,'$)+/: Chemicals that make up cell anu oigan stiuctuie anu caiiy out ieactions thioughout the bouy,
fiom bieaking uown foou to fighting off uisease.

V$1,D: 0xiuative mechanisms which impact gene expiession. As uefineu by Bi. Beth, this is the state of
iemaining within the balance zone wheie ieactions can occui between ieuuction (gaining) anu oxiuation
(loss) of elections within the cell. This occuis natuially thiough the aging piocess yet may be acceleiateu
via uysfunction oi piocesses that cause imbalances within ieuox.

V$1&.'),+: uain of an election, which incieases activity

^D)1:'),+: The loss of an election which ieuuces activity anu impeiils suivival

V)2,/,-$/: Nemo centeis thioughout the cell wheie BNA senus infoimation via messengei RNA. The
message is tianslateu so that iibosome can convey which piotein builuing blocks it neeus, anu in what
oiuei to assemble them. Ribosomal RNA helps the tianslation go smoothly.

V%4 (Ribonucleic aciu): A single-stianueu molecule that tiansmits the genetic messages fiom BNA
(which is uouble stianueu), to the cells anu is essential foi piotein piouuction anu tiansfei. This simply
means that RNA tiansciibes anu then ueliveis genetic messages. RNA is also consiueieu a "funuamental
mechanism foi contiolling the flow of genetic infoimation", as it influences gene expiession. In 2uu6, two
scientists (Ciaig Nello & Anuiew Fiie) weie awaiueu the Nobel Piize in meuicine foi theii uiscoveiy that
RNA impacts gene silencing anu gene expiession. In fact, a mutation in a smallei type of RNA, known as
micio RNA, often leaus to uiabetes.

>4= (S-auenosyl methionine): A ueiivative of methionine, the bouy's majoi methyl uonoi oi woik tag
piouucei. SAN also suppoits CBS function anu the NTBFR A1298C uses SAN to piouuce BB4, its' most
impoitant piouuct in cieating neuio-talkeis foi communication thioughout the neivous system as well
as being utilizeu foi toxic clean up in the gaibage uump (0iea Cycle).

>$(,',+)+: "Stable & sleeping with seiotonin". Seiotonin is a neuiotiansmittei conveiteu fiom
tiyptophan anu is ciucial foi moou stability, sleeping well, anu even uigestive system function. Please see
the section on neuiotiansmitteis foi moie infoimation.

>)+*6$ %&.6$,')1$ @,6J-,(5#)/- (SNP): Pionounceu "snip," an SNP is a vaiiation oi typo in one of the S
billion chemical letteis that make up the human genome. Scientists call these genetic misspellings SNPs,
which often occui as vaiiations at a single site in BNA. In fact, an SNP is the most fiequent vaiiation in the
human genome & theie is about S-1u million of them, although not all of these uispaiities contiibute to
uisease. SNPs uo not cause uisease by themselves but influence a peison's susceptibility to specific
enviionmental anuoi nutiitional factois that inciease uisease iisk. Cuiiently, scientists aie using them
to uiagnose meuical uisoiueis, ciaft supeiioi meuications, anu tailoi tieatment iegimens that ciicumvent
such mutations.

>')--)+*: Any numbei of behaviois that most people have when boieu, exciteu oi neivous, howevei, in
those on the autistic spectium, this tenus to be excessive anu often inappiopiiate. Foi instance, most
people might swing theii legs, tap theii pens oi fingeis, twiil theii haii, bite theii nails oi pace back anu
foith. Wheieas those on the spectium tenu to uo these things excessively anu often have moie visibly
unusual behaviois such as iunning back anu foith, hopping oi iunning in place, flapping theii hanus oi
aims, biting theii hanus, iepeating phiases oi counting anu fiequently touching an object.

>&6O&(M>&6O:'$: In chemistiy, it is known as a negative ion maue of sulfui anu oxygen that seeks out
elections (positive chaiges) in oiuei to have stability. Sulfui is a natuial element & founu in foui amino
acius, methionine, tauiine, cystine, anu cysteine. It is also founu in the B vitamins thiamine & biotin.
Simply put, sulfui is ciucial in allowing cells to use oxygen anu foi the foimation of haii, skin, nails, anu
collagen, the lattei being the piotein founu in connective tissue. Since it is iequiieu foi essential amino
acius such as methionine, the majoi woik tag in the methylation system, it is uiiectly anu inuiiectly
iesponsible foi a host of ciitical piocesses.

>&6O)'$/: In chemistiy, it is known as a negative ion maue of sulfui but without the oxygen, theiefoie it
uoes not seek positive chaiges foi stability. This is a toxic veision of sulfate anu is piocesseu thiough the
S00X in the tianssulfuiation pathway. Bespite theii ability to contiibute to health pioblems, sulfites aie
useu as a pieseivative with a vaiiety of foous anu beveiages. Bowevei, these chemicals aie known to
inuuce alleigic ieactions in a substantial poition of the population anu can leau to asthma, chest
tightness, migiaines, anu heait iacing. Sulfites also enhance the toxic effects of excitotoxins such as
glutamate anu aspaitate. Those with an S00X ueficiency may have tiouble piocessing these auuitives
anu aie likely to have pioblems with asthma, peisistent ieflux oi heaitbuin, heauaches, anu palpitations.

":&()+$: An amino aciu with an antioxiuant effect that is also piesent in bile foi uigestive system
function in the small anu laige intestines. Auuitionally, tauiine is instiumental in the heait, ietina
(vision), neivous system, anu skeletal muscle function. Its impact with seizuies may be ielateu to its iole
in calcium signaling anu electiolyte iegulation when stabilizing the coating aiounu the cell.

"(:+//&6O&(:'),+: This pathway begins at the CBS anu concluues at the livei wheie the majoiity of the
bouy's toxins aie filteieu thiough the 0iea Cycle. While homocysteine (BCY) is typically conveiteu fiom a
potentially haimful piouuct to the most beneficial amino aciu, methionine, a CBS enzyme up-iegulation
allows BCY (anu many othei methylation piouucts) to be iapiuly uiaineu anu conveiteu into toxic
ammonia. This pathway is also instiumental foi the piouuction of glutathione, cysteine, anu tauiine. CBS
uysfunction along with uefects in NTBFR A1298C, BBNT, S00X, anuoi N0S can substantially impact
toxic loau, immune function, anu methylation pathway function.

a+1$( -$'#J6:',(/: This teim was fiist coineu with the Pfeiffei Institute iegaiuing chiluien who cleaily
weien't methylating well. Examples of this aie chiluien anu auults with: C0NT -- anu vBR Taq ++ as
well as C0NT +- anu vBR Taq ++.

Z)' I: A vitamin iequiieu foi bone giowth & integiity as well as neuiological function. When sun
exposuie is auequate, the bouy shoulu be able to absoib anu synthesize the vit B S that it's exposeu to,
howevei, when a vBR uefect is piesent, this can be substantially impaiieu. vit B ueficiency is the culpiit
behinu bone uisoiueis such as iickets anu osteopoiosis as well as neuiological uisoiueis such as Nultiple
Scleiosis. This essential vitamin has also been stuuieu extensively foi its iole in seasonal uepiession anu
uiabetes as well as its ability to iegulate bloou levels of calcium anu phosphate when conveiteu into a
hoimone by the kiuneys (calcitonin). It affects neuiomusculai function, inflammation, anu even
influences some gene activity.


^OO).$ sU4

4+J,+$ W)'# &(*$+' #$:6'# .,+1)'),+/ /#,&61 .:66 '#$)( 5()-:(J .:($ 5(,Q)1$( )--$1):'$6J!

A:/). X-:)6 s&$/'),+/F We have pioviueu many of the answeis you will neeu in youi hanuouts. Neveitheless,
it is peifectly noimal to have moie questions. Please feel fiee to email as neeueu anu we will uo oui best to
ietuin the message within 48 his. The email seivice is pioviueu as a couitesy foi those who have
stiaightfoiwaiu questions. ueneially, most have a couple of basic questions aftei a consult anu we will answei
these uuiing the business week. The following aie typical examples of such uncomplicateu questions:

- "Which ,*8&1 $%:10//03$*% F?6 '#*219 C (2).#0'&m B#&)& 0)& 38* 0+0$10,1&5=
- ;L*2 /&%3$*%&9 3#03 C '#*219%I3 30E& `&3#>1/03& 8$3# 1*8 .*)3$'*1 1&+&1'7 8#>m=
- "Ny '*% '30)3&9 8&33$%4 3#& ,&9 0:3&) 8& ,&40% '*/& *: 3#& '2((1&/&%3'7 $' 3#$' %*)/01m=
- "It's ,&&% ^ 8&&E' 0%9 /> %23)$4&%*/$. 3&'3' 0)&%I3 ,0.E >&37 '#*219 C .011 3#& .*/(0%>m=
- "Is $3 *E0> 3* ,2> '*/& *: 3#& '2((1&/&%3' 03 *3#&) '3*)&'m=
- "Can C /$P '&+&)01 F?6' 3*4&3#&)m=
- ;A#$.# 3>(& *: M$3 " $' ,&'3m=
- ;C: :$%0%.&' 0)& 1*87 $' $3 ,&33&) 3* .23 *23 '*/& *: 3#& '2((1&/&%3' 013*4&3#&) $% *)9&) 3* E&&( *3#&)'m C: '*7
8#$.# *%&'m=
- ;6)& 3#&)& 0%> 10,' .*+&)&9 ,> /> $%'2)0%.&m=
- ;A#$.# ()*,$*3$.' '#*219 C 2'&m=

Seveial questions oi moie complex questions often iequiie a biief follow-up. E-visits aie an excellent methou
foi obtaining iesponses to moie intiicate queiies while piuuently utilizing iesouices. Foi instance, the
following questions iequiie a chait ieview, concentiateu effoits anu inuiviuualizeu iecommenuations; theiefoie
an e-visit oi telephone consult will be necessaiy:

- "Bow 9* C 4&3 3#)*24# 9&3*P 8#$1& 8*)E$%4m=
- ;C #0+& `K 0%9 '30)3&9 #0+$%4 +$'201 ()*,1&/'=5
- ;C #0+& ,1**9> 9$0))#&07 8#$.# $' +&)> 9$::&)&%3 :*) /&5=
- ;CI+& %*3$.&9 /*)& %$4#33$/& .#&'3 3$4#3%&'' 0%9 3)*2,1& 4&33$%4 0 9&&( ,)&03#5=
- ;C '&&/ 3* ,& #0+$%4 /*)& '&$@2)&' 8$3# /> /&%'3)201 .>.1&'=5
- "I .0%I3 )&/&/,&) 3#& *)9&) $% 8#$.# .&)30$% $''2&' '#*219 ,& 099)&''&9=
- ;CI/ #0+$%4 %&8 ()*,1&/' 3#03 /$4#3 $%3&):&)& 8$3# 3#& %&P3 '3&(' $% /> 3)&03/&%3 (10%5=
- "Ny 9024#3&) #0' 3#& "b`B faf 0%9 M<F B0R faV7 '#*219 C 2'& /&3#>1 9*%*)' 0%9 $: '*7 8#$.# *%&' 0)&
,&'3m C: %*37 K#*219 C 2'& '*/&3#$%4 &1'&m=
- "Ny '*% $'%I3 9*$%4 8&11 *% '&+&)01 %&8 '2((1&/&%3'5 CI/ %*3 '2)& $: C 099&9 3** /0%> 3** R2$.E1>7 $: #&I' $%
9&3*P7 *) /0>,& 3#&> J2'3 9*%I3 04)&& 8$3# #$/m=
- ;`> '*% $' #0+$%4 0 O6?<6K :10)&7 8#03 .0% C 9*m=

As a specialty seivice, we aie not "on call" anu uo not noimally answei messages on weekenus oi holiuays.
Questions iequiiing moie inquiiy anu sciutiny will iequiie a scheuuleu e-visit oi telephone consult.

", /.#$1&6$ J,&( '$6$5#,+$ .,+/&6' ,( $;Q)/)'? 56$:/$ /$+1 J,&( [&$/'),+/ ', '#$ ,OO).$ :'
:&')/-+')w/&11$+6)+38+$' :+1 '#$ .6)+).:6 ://)/':+' W)66 *&)1$ J,& '#(,&*# '#$ 5(,.$//8

V$/,&(.$/F "#$ b:/3, @(,',.,6 U "#$,(J ,O %$&(, 1$*$+$(:')Q$ U 4&',)--&+$ I)/$:/$ :+1 I)/,(1$(/

*Infoimation obtaineu fiom Bi. Yasko's confeiences, website, chat site (Yasko's quotes), books, anu BvB seiies.

Yasko, A. (2uu9). Autism: Pathways to Recoveiy. Book & 2 BvB set, Neuiological Reseaich Ins., Bethel Naine.

Yasko, A. (2u11). Piactitionei upuates anu foium.

%$&(,6,*).:6 V$/$:(.# C+/')'&'$ `%VC]? A$'#$6? =:)+$8 IZI >X">:

Bi. Amy's Supplement uuiue, 2 BvB Set.

Netals anu Niciobes, 4 BvB Set.

Nultifactoiial Components, S BvB Set.

Neuiological Inflammation with Bi. Amy Yasko, BvB.

Nutiigenomics, 7 BvB set.

Nutiigenomics Euucational Staitei Packet, 2 BvB Set.

"Putting it All Togethei", Paients Autism Weekenu With Bi. Amy, 2 BvB Set.

Stiess, 2 BvB Set.

C+O,(-:'),+ ($*:(1)+* 4-J b:/3, @#I? %I

Know youi genetics:

Bi. Amy's webisoues: Lectuie seiies & sliues:


Russell Blaylock NB (neuiosuigeon), Excitotoxins: The taste that kills.

Bebasis Bagchi, PhB, uenomics, Pioteomics, & Netabalomics.

Stephanie Cave NB, What Youi Boctoi Nay Not Tell You About Chiluien's vaccinations.

Thomas Bevlin, PhB, Textbook of Biochemistiy with Clinical Coiielations.

Alexanuei Baslbeigei, PhB, Epigenetics anu Buman Bealth.

}im Kaput, PhB & Raymonu Rouiiguez. PhB, Nutiitional uenomics.

Phillip Low, NB & Euuaiuo Benaiioch, NB, Clinical Autonomic Bisoiueis.

Richaiu Loiu, PhB, & Alexanuei Bialley, PhB, Laboiatoiy Evaluations foi Integiative anu Functional Neuicine.

Weston Piice BBS, Nutiition anu Physical Begeneiation.

Kaiyn Seioussi, 0niavelling the Nysteiy of Austim anu Peivasive Bevelopmental Bisoiuei.

Rogei Williams, PhB. Biochemical Inuiviuuality: The basis foi the uenetotiophic Concept.

Amy Yasko, PhB. Autism: Pathways to Recoveiy. (This book will come with youi genetic iesults)

%$(Q,&/ >J/'$- I,-)+:+.$
@6$:/$ /$$ '#$ O,66,W)+* 6)+3/ O,( -,($ )+O,(-:'),+ ($*:(1)+* I(8 _$66$J U I(8 %).#,6:/ 0,+Y:6$Y =Ii/
+&'()'),+:6 $D5$(')/$ W)'#)+ '#$ 4&',+,-). %$(Q,&/ >J/'$-F (theie aie many piesentations on BvB,
howevei, the following aie the only "fiee access" uiscussions. The newei buzz woius foi iecognizing this
neivous system style is "metabolic uiet" oi "metabolic nutiition," yet this has been in existence foi ovei 4u yeais
now, thanks to Bi. William Kelley BBS. Be was a uentist who successfully iecoveieu fiom auvanceu, metastatic
pancieatic cancei using pancieatic enzymes anu neivous system "typing," which hau been uiscoveieu 1uu yeais
eailiei. This tieatment piotocol has been successful in all cancei types as well as chionic uisease anu is
cuiiently being utilizeu by Bis. Nicholas uonzalez anu Linua Isaacs, NB in New Yoik. Nany piesent-uay
uocuments, websites, anu books uelivei this infoimation as a "metabolic uiet" oi "metabolic typing," useu
pieuominantly foi nutiition anu weight contiol. Neveitheless, eating an appiopiiate uiet baseu on one's
neivous system typing is ciitical foi health, wellbeing, anu uisease pievention as well as tieatment foi a vaiiety
of uisoiueis.
I(8 %).#,6:/ 0,+Y:6$YF @:(:/J-5:'#$'). Q/8 >J-5:'#$'). %$(Q,&/ >J/'$- I,-)+:+.$ :+1 .#(,+).
1)/$:/$M.:+.$(8 "#)/ )/ :+ 4aIC^ /, O,( /,-$? )' -:J 2$ 2$/' #$:(1 W#)6$ &5 U :2,&' `.,,3)+*? '($:1-)66?
$'.8? /, '#:' )'i/ $:/)$( ', :2/,(2]8
Neicola auuio inteiview: Scioll uown until you see the fiist inteiview which looks like the following:
Bi. Neicola Inteiviews Bi. Nicholas uonzalez on Cancei
Pait 1
Pait 2
Pait S
Pait 4
Pait S
Pait 6
Pait 7

I(8 0,+Y:6$Y ,+ I(8 _$66$J U @,''$+*$(i/ O)+1)+*/ )+ +&'()'),+ :+1 '#$ 4&',+,-). %$(Q,&/ >J/'$-F viueo
piesentation at a local chuich. Be has many excellent, moie in-uepth lectuies foi puichase on his website,
howevei, the best is his S-6 houi physician lectuie.

V$.,--$+1$1 A,,3/F

1). Nouiishing Tiauitions: Sally Fallon
A full-spectium natuial foous cookbook with a staitling message - animal fats anu cholesteiol aie vital factois in
the human uiet, necessaiy foi noimal giowth, noimal uevelopment, piopei functioning of the biain anu foi
oveiall optimal health. This volume incluues piiceless infoimation on time-honoieu methous of piepaiing foous
to maximize nutiitional benefit, incluuing sections on the piopei way to piepaie giains, the health benefits of
bone bioths, anu the value of enzyme-iich lacto-feimenteu foous.

2). Foi SNS Bominants: The vegetaiian uuiue to Biet & Salau: N.W. Walkei B.Sc.
Wiitten by one of the pioneeis of the iaw foous movement, this book pioviues salau anu juice iecipes anu

S). Fiances Pottengei PhB, Symptoms of visceial Bisease: A Stuuy of the vegetative Neivous System in its
Relationship to Clinical Neuicine.

4). Bi. Nicholas uonzalez NB:
0ne Nan Alone: An Investigation of Nutiition, Cancei, anu William Bonalu Kelley
The Tiophoblast anu the 0iigins of Cancei: 0ne Solution to the Neuical Enigma of 0ui Times
The Enzyme Tieatment of Cancei anu its Scientific Basis

7$.'&($ >$()$/F


Bis. uonzalez & Isaacs iationale foi using pancieatic enzymes

Evaluation of Pancieatic Pioteolytic Enzyme Tieatment of Auenocaicinoma of the Pancieas, With Nutiition anu
Betoxification Suppoit. Nutiition anu Cancei, SS(2): 117-124, 1999. PNIB: 1uS688uS

<$65O&6 6)+3/M:(').6$/
>,-$ @I\/ -:J +$$1 ', 2$ .,5)$1 U 5:/'$1 )+', J,&( aV7


Best uFCF bieau EvER! (Though it uoes have yeast). You can finu this in the fieezei section at Whole Foous anu
as long as you uon't keep it in the fiiuge longei than 4 uays (uF bieau uiies out quickly) it is soft & theie is a
whole giain veision.

uluten Fiee Life

The Spunky Coconut: An exceptional site with uelicious uFCF lasagna

Natuial canuy without uyes, haimful pieseivatives, etc

Plastics: BPA Banneu in Canaua, NZ, Austialia, & many aieas in Euiope


0iganic: Buy "the uiity uozen" as oiganic & the clean 1S as non-oiganic


j46/, /$$ +$(Q,&/ /J/'$- ($/,&(.$/M-$':2,6). 'J5)+*

I)/:2)6)'J C+O,(-:'),+F
Cfs hanubook


Inteiview with Blaylock iegaiuing NSu, etc
http:www.tiuthinlabeling.oigAspaitame_Tiuth_NatuialNewsInteiview.Blaylock (Copy & paste into 0RL)

A6:J6,.3i/ 7$.'&($ ,+ b,&'&2$

Simplei biochuie foimat foi uetecting NSu
http:www.tiuthinlabeling.oigSouicesBiochuie (Copy & paste into 0RL)

The Tiuth in Labeling
http:www.tiuthinlabeling.oiginuex.html (Copy & paste into 0RL)

Age of Autism: NSu & Autism

0mami: Biuing NSu in plain sight. Encouiageu by the Wall Stieet }ouinal

6u Ninutes--NSu is in almost eveiy piocesseu meal

The 0niteu Theoiy of Autism: ulutamates
http:www.msgtiuth.oigNEW0NIFIEBTBE0RY (Copy & paste into 0RL)

A veiy simple & fun uesciiption of the Paiasympathetic vs. Sympathetic neivous system

Integiative Neuicine:
Ameiican Association of Integiative Neuicine

Integiative meuicine website foi useful info

=$'#J6:'),+ U '#$ =$'#),+)+$ U \,6:'$ .J.6$:

An oveiview of methylation: Bi. Kenual Stewait NB, Neuio-immune specialist
1u.11 (Copy & paste into 0RL)

An Excellent 7 minute viueo foi lay people on epigenetics & methylation}gl6g&NR=1

Anothei Excellent 7 minute viueo foi lay people on epigenetics & methylation}hw&NR=1


The Epigenetics of twins

A technical viueo on epigenetics & methylation animation

A ulossaiy at uenome Netwoik


0C Bavis

Aiticle on nutiigenomics

Bi. }ames Robeits NBF Integiative Nutiigenomics Caiuiologist


=)',.#,+1():6 1J/O&+.'),+ )+ 4>I/
Nitochonuiial uysfunction in autism spectium uisoiueis: a systematic ieview anu meta-analysis

Bi. uaigus

Nitochonuiia: A technical yet slightly simplifieu uiscussion

Nitochonuiial eneigy: An enteitaining You Tube viueo foi youngei folks iegaiuing oxiuative phosphoiylation
anu mitochonuiial eneigy

Yeah, I'm in this business foi eneigy uot a hanu full of glucose gonna make me some ATP I bieak it uown, I bieak
it uown I'm in this business foi eneigy uot a hanu full of glucose gonna make me some ATP I bieak it uown, I
bieak it uown xS I bieak it uown in the plasm xS I'm eating that NcBonalus, bieaking it uown in the
saicoplasm vERSE 1 In case you uiun't heai me I'm in it foi the eneigy bio Split fiom the bloous with the help
of hexokinase yo Tuineu fiom that u6P into F16P Anu now I'm ciuising uown thiough cycling, anu uSP }ust
anaeiobically piouuceu my fiist known ATP I make it iain with auenosine tii-phosphate babe Especially when
I'm using pyiuvate kinase k Fiom pyiuvate to lactate we be uoing it all uay

Bey Tiicaiboxylic Aciu Cycle wheie you at. Yo it's TCA I'm chillin uoin business in the N I T 0 C B 0 N B R I A
Aie you still with me cuz we'ie iolling uown to TCA Leau by Acetyl CoA, wheie Citiate inhibits PFK Fiom
Isocitiate to Alpha Ketoglutaiate Becaiboxylase, S ATP maue With thiee moie on the way uown south to
Succinyl CoA Anothei ATP on the way to Succinate Substiate level phosphoiylation time to celebiate 0xiuation
ieaction to get to Fumaiate uotta get some B2u on my way to Nalate bio Fiom NAB to NABB + Byuiogen
yo That's oxiuation ieaction get with the piogiam man uet to 0xaloacetate anu that's a gianu slam

L I P 0 L Y S I S is what I'm talking about Boimones binu to ieceptois then they woik it out I'm a take a leap of
faith anu leave the iest out Cuz you know Beta 0xiuation is what it's all about Fatty Acyl CoA staits of the paity
iight Auu Acetyl CoA anu paity all night Naking the most ATP's fiom 18 caibon's aiight In fact 147 ATP's to be
Wiitten by: Ryan Tatai


PANBAS NetwoiksResouices

Nultiple scientists, physicians, & ieseaicheis

Beth, Richaiu PhB
%2uhypoth%2uu9 (Copy & paste into 0RL)

Bi. Richaiu Beth's uiscussion of methylation anu vaccine safety


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}ames, }ill PhBF Bown's Synuiome, Leukemia, & Autism Reseaich Scientist The pioneei in methylation ieseaich
foi autism

Bi. }ames' Ninu Institute Lectuies aie available online: See Reseaich Piioiities Panel Biscussion Lectuie #2u
uown the list & Implications of a Reuox Imbalance anu 0xiuative Stiess in Autism #2S uown the list foi Bi.
}ames' uiscussion. Novembei 2uu6.

Bi. }ames' See # 1u uown the line foi Bi. }ames' 0xiuative Stiess anu the Netabolic Pathology of Autism
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Pall, Richaiu PhB: CFSFN ieseaich scientist

van Konynenbuig, Richaiu, PhB: CFSNEFN ieseaich scientist

Reseaich iegaiuing autism anu CFS






Nutiitional Bealing aiticle by Bi. Rich van K PBB

Waiing, Rosemaiy PhB ReseaicheiScientist:
Sulfation in Autism




Bi. Rosemaiy Waiing PhB: Enuociine uisiuptois: BPA (Bisphenol A)


Amy Yasko PhB, NBB: Piactitionei, Reseaichei & Scientist:
Yasko's geneial web site

Yasko's supplementtesting site

The Stoiy of Amy Yasko

The Biochemistiy: Please see foi a simplifieu veision of this pathway.

Autism: Pathways to Recoveiy By Bi. Amy Yasko
http:www.uiamyyasko.comwp-contentfiles_fluttei1S27S1216u_9_1_1_8_puf_u2_file (Copy & paste into

oi, it can be founu online at:

Bi. Yasko's lectuie seiies on Nethylation, Netals & Niciobes, Lithium, B. Pyloii, BB4N0SNicioglial activation,
Nembiane fluiuity, & Stiess anu Aggiession.

Nethylation: Theoiy of chionic neuiouegeneiative & autoimmune uisease



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The Steps of the Piotocol

Supplement Baseu Scientific Aiticles

Biscovei Nagazine Aiticle
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vaccine Ingieuients: A compiehensive list of vaccine ingieuients

vaccine Ingieuients: A compiehensive list of vaccine ingieuients