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Orange Communications SA


OCH: Engineering RAN; Engineering Managers; Change Management NW; Michal Piotrowski, Selmene Soughir, E E Ser!ices "eam A#$:
Changemgt%Nsa&alcatel'lucent%com , henri%chang&alcatel'lucent%com, remon(%kre)s&alcatel'lucent%com; R*an%Nau(e&alcatel'lucent%com, Christian%Wenger&alcatel'lucent%com Pauli%Maekelae&alcatel'lucent%com, michal%ko!acik&alcatel'lucent%com, noc%ch&alcatel'lucent%com, Oli!ier%+erne*&alcatel' lucent%com, ,erome%mesnier&alcatel'lucent%com, thomas%)raeutigam&alcatel'lucent%com

NSN: "hierr* S-eran(io, -etr%mach&nsn%com, i!ano%giacoma..i&nsn%com, San(ro Scolaro Originator: Approval: ERN n319 Date: Oscar Clo/incent 0arin 10 Co!erage ma2imisation 34%54% 533

"his ERN glo)alises to the whole network the -arameters teste( in the E"N 115: "he o),ecti!e o6 this ERN is to ma2imi.e the co!erage )* ma2imi.ing the usage o6 N7S license on the network where the current har(ware allows it% "his is (one )* taking the emitte( -ower )* the antenna as the -ower re6erence taking into account the measure( ca)le losses in the network%

8esign rules: ' ' "he Pilot -ower is set to 359 o6 ma2imum cell -ower to kee- a goo( tra(e'o66 )etween ca-acit* an( co!erage All the carriers within the same sector ha!e the same -ower

ERN 13: ; 10 Co!erage ma2imisation

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More in6ormation on the strateg*, the technical )ackgroun( 6or this -ro,ect an( the trial results can )e 6oun( in =3> an( = >%

RNC /8::45: ?<54< 533 RNC @H::45: 13<54< 533 RNC @H::43: 3A<5:< 533 RNC /8::43: 3:<5:< 533 RNC @H::4 : 3<5:< 533

C anges:
3G C!ANGES: "he ta)le )elow -ro!i(es the rules use( to generate the -arameters that will )e change( in the trial this ERN% "he (etaile( -arameter changes to )e im-lemente( are -ro!i(e( in the s-rea(sheets em)e((e( )elow Bone -er RNCC%
#ro$ ETN E"N115 %ara$eter Na$e Pt2CellMa2 Pt2Primar*CP7CH Pt2Ma2HS8PA Pt2HighHS8PAPwr Pt2"arget Pt2"argetHS8PA Pt2"argetPSMa2 Pt2"argetPSMin %ara$eter Ol& val'e MinB 5W;N7S Ma2 P"2 allowa)leC 11(+m Pt2CellMa2 Pt2Ma2HS8PA ' (+ Pt2CellMa2 ' 3% (+ Pt2"arget ' 5%D(+ Pt2"arget ' 5%D(+ Pt2Primar*CP7CH E 1(+F 1D(+m %ara$eter Ne( val'e N7S Ma2 P"2 allowa)le -er carrier 359 o6 P"2CellMa2 Pt2CellMa2 Pt2Ma2HS8PA ' (+ MinBPA Power<carrier ' 3% (+ ; Pt2CellMa2 ' 3(+C Pt2"arget ' 5%D(+ Pt2"arget ' 5%D(+ Pt2Primar*CP7CH E 1(+


RNC /8::45

RNC /8::43

RNC @H::45

RNC @H::43

RNC @H::4

T is ERN (ill nee& ne( po(er licenses to )e &o(nloa&e& into t e "*TS an& t e &e+inition o+ t e $a,i$'$ cell po(er in t e *TS )e+ore t e "CEL po(er para$eters can )e c ange& % Please re6er to the con6iguration s-rea(sheets a)o!e which s-eci6* the license an( cell -ower reGuirement 6or each cell co!ere( )* this ERN% "he -ower licenses 6or this ERN will )e (istri)ute( )* OCH% A#$ will ha!e to (e6ine the ma2imum cell -ower in the W+"S )e6ore the WCE# -arameters in this ERN can )e change(% 7n R$ 5 this -arameter (oes not nee( to )e change manuall* an*more B!ia the W+"S managerC )ut it can )e (one )* generating a CM -lan% OCH is !ali(ating this -rocess an( will this week an( will -ro!i(e in6o to A#$ )e6ore the ERN rollout%

"he -arameter changes o6 this ERN are inclu(e( in the u-(ate( !ersion o6 the RAN Parameter s-rea(sheet !4%A% "his can )e accesse( in Control or is a!aila)le u-on reGuest%

#a'lts an& &epen&encies:

Network )oun(aries will change% 10 0 neigh)our list might )ecome less accurate, 7SHO -er6ormance might (egra(e an( some neigh)our list o-timisation might )e reGuire( a6ter im-lementation% 8ue to the time 6oreseen 6or the im-lementation o6 the E"N, the usual Cer)erus -rocess will )e )*'-asse(% "he out-ut -ower o6 the no(e+ will )e change( (irectl* at the OSS% "he u-(ate o6 the -ower -arameter will trigger an u-(ate o6 the

ERN 13: ; 10 Co!erage ma2imisation



Site Con6igurator win(ow in N7M% 8es-ite all the checks -er6orme( to release this E"N, some Emergenc* N7S tickets coul( )e create( when the HA will run%

Doc'$ent - So+t(are =3> E"N115 $M"S Co!erage ma2imisation re-ort !5%3%--t = > Power management e!olution 3%5%-(6 Re+erence OCH Location I:JNetwork EngineeringJA#$ share( (ri!eJRAN engineeringJPro,ectsJRan0o I:JNetwork EngineeringJA#$ share( (ri!eJRAN


ERN 13: ; 10 Co!erage ma2imisation

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