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Your Green Chemistry Company

We are getting the best out of biogenic raw materials for you.


GLACONCHEMIE is the right partner for you ... if you need high-quality glycerine that meets the highest requirements and is obtained in an ecologically sustainable way from biogenic raw materials; if you want to use potassium sulphate, methanol or fatty acids as basic and raw materials in your value chain; if you need a exible, demand-oriented logistics concept or an individual special solution for meeting your demands for raw materials; if you want to focus on the production of biodiesel and not have to worry about properly disposing of by-products of the production process.

Success is not a matter of luck

GLACONCHEMIE is an independent medium-sized company with a distinctive competence in the processing of by-products of the biodiesel production into first-class, high-purity basic and raw materials for your applications, for example in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, the paint and varnish industry, as well as in the cosmetics and food industries. The core competence of GLACONCHEMIE lies in the production of high-quality pharmaceutical and technical glycerine on the basis of ecologically sustainable raw materials, predominantly the crop rape. We deliver our glycerine to you according to your demands - in different concentrations, year round, just-in-time delivery on a multi-ton scale across national boundaries. GLACONCHEMIEs know-how of Green Chemistry helps to use valuable raw materials more efciently, to reduce costs and to lower the impact on humans, nature and the environment.

Walter Kanzler, managing partner of GLACONCHEMIE GmbH

We are getting the best out of biogenic raw material

Renewable energy: fuel from the eld! Biodiesel is an energy source comparable to diesel fuel. Contrary to conventional diesel fuel, however, biodiesel is not obtained from crude oil, a limited resource which is simply too valuable for burning. Biodiesel is produced from biogenic and therefore renewable raw materials, such as vegetable oil. The most important raw-material supplier is the eld crop rape (rape diesel). Since the utilized raw materials are renewable, biodiesel is counted as one of the renewable energy sources. From a chemical point of view, biodiesel is a rapeseed methyl ester (RME). RMEs are formed by transesterication of fats and oils (triglycerides) with methanol. During the acid or alkaline catalyzed reaction, the trivalent alcohol glycerine is exchanged with methanol, in order to enhance the owability of the fuel and to prevent freezing in very low, sub-zero temperatures. Aside from RME, another by-product of the reaction is the so-called substandard glycerine, which sediments as residue because of its higher specic density. Substandard glycerine is a compound of glycerine, water, catalyst, excess methanol and free fatty acids.

GLACONCHEMIE meets the strict requirements of the European Pharmacopeia (VII), of the United States Pharmacopeia and of the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC), as well as the strict NON GMO standards of the European Union regarding genetically modied organisms (GMO). GLACONCHEMIE is using the HACCP concept. Its proper implementation and observance is constantly checked according to certication DIN EN ISO 9001.

We fulll the requirements of Green Chemistry GLACONCHEMIEs glycerine production is based on the refined technology of Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik GmbH, GLACONCHEMIEs main shareholder. Our raw materials include the substandard glycerine which accumulates during the biodiesel production. By using chemicals only sparingly and employing only purely physical separation methods we separate the raw material into its chemical components, hence we produce not just high-purity glycerine of pharmaceutical quality (GLYCAMED) but also marketable fatty acids and methanol as well as salts for the fertilizer industry.







Acidication and Phase separations


c d

Neutralisation and Filtering


Rectication of Glycerine

Methanol Free fatty acids Potassium sulphate
Glycerine 99,5% technical grade Glycerine 99,7% pharma quality

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Research & Development as a preliminary stage to success In order to maximize your added value, GLACONCHEMIE engages in Research and Development (R&D). It is our aim to unlock the full potential of biogenic glycerine and to create glycerine specialties for your application, which enables you to enhance your prospects on the market and to substitute valuable raw materials on the basis of limited resources such as crude oil. We apply our innovation and performance in order to assist you to the best of our knowledge and judgment and to optimize your added value.

Product portfolio
In Merseburg, GLACONCHEMIE produces, among other things, glycerine exclusively from raw materials of vegetable origin. In the companys factory with state-of-the-art technology, the by-products from the biodiesel production are rened and processed into high-quality basic and raw materials. Beside methanol, potassium sulphate and fatty acids, this especially includes the socalled pharma glycerines. Fatty acids and Methanol Vegetable oils are esters of the trivalent alcohol glycerine and of three, often variable fatty acids. By catalytically replacing glycerine with methanol (transesterication), biodiesel can be produced. The glycerine methanol mixture accumulating as a by-product is taken out of the process and rened by GLACONCHEMIE. Not only glycerine is obtained in this process, the utilized excess methanol and the released fatty cids are effectively separated and synthesized. GLACONCHEMIE recycles and renes the by-products methanol and fatty acids and returns them ecologically and economically worthwhile back into, for example, the biodiesel production: The fatty acids are esteried to biodiesel or used as secondary fuel in block heating and power plants. The rened methanol is again used for substituting glycerine in the biodiesel production.

Glycamed und Glycatec

Quality assurance, always on the safe side Trust is good, control is better: All of the raw materials we use and the nal products approved for distribution have been tested for their awless quality by our experts in the analysis laboratory. The analysis is carried out during the production, using the latest analytical instruments and methods, such headspace gas chromatography (HS-GC) or spectral photometry. Our chemists, chemical engineers and laboratory assistants accompany the production year-round in a multiple shift system, so that continuous quality monitoring of raw materials and products can be guaranteed. Regular professional development, continuing training and courses deepen our professionals expertise and encourage an interdepartmental exchange of experiences.

Glycamed Glycerine content 99,7 % 86,5 % Water content < 0,3 % < 13,5 % Colour < 10 APHA < 10 APHA Density 1,263 g/cm2 1,230 g/cm2

GLACONCHEMIE is marketing pharmaceutical glycerine under the trade name Glycamed with a concentration of 99.7 %. As one of few suppliers in Germany, we also produce glycerine with a concentration of 86.5 %, which is commonly required in various applications, especially in the cosmetics industry. Glycamed serves as a basic material for the production of crmes, salves and toothpaste and is also employed in the food industry (E 422) and for pharmaceutical products. At the location Merseburg, GLACONCHEMIE produces technical glycerine under the name of Glycatec. The chemical and the automobile industry use Glycatec among other things as a starting component in the production of synthetic materials (alkyd resins), the production of polyurethane foams and as anti-freezing agent in motor cooling.

Potassium sulphate The synthesis of glycerine from the byproducts of the biodiesel production happens through catalyzing with the aid of sulphuric acid and potassium hydroxide. During this process potassium sulphate develops, which can be removed from the process and without further renement or purication can be used in agriculture: as straight fertilizer or as component in mixed and complete fertilizers, required by chloridesensitive plants such as potatoes and certain fruits and vegetables. Potassium sulphate is also used for synthesizing alum and as an important basic material in the glass, colorant and chemical industry.


GLACONCHEMIE obtains biogenic glycerine and glycerine derivatives for the pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetics, food and chemical industries from sustainable raw materials. Our know-how of Green Chemistry helps us to use valuable raw materials more efciently, reduce costs and lower the impact on humans, nature and the environment. This is accomplished by the usage of renewable, biogenic raw materials and the employment of an extremely carefully controlled process with a minimized input of chemicals which results in the complete utilization of all raw material components. Therefore, we produce not just high-purity glycerine of pharmaceutical quality (GLYCAMED) but also marketable fatty acids and methanol as well as salts for the fertilizer industry. According to the latest international standards we control and certify the quality of our products, and engage in research and development to maximize our added value. GLACONCHEMIE Your Green Chemistry Company.

Comprehensive service from one

Logistics concepts tailored to t your needs Our support pays off. In times of a global market system with the pressure of competition constantly rising, even beyond national borders, reacting quickly and flexibly to the demands of the market and the customers naturally without lowering the quality of the products at the same time is essential for the survival of a business. GLACONCHEMIE reliably supports you in achieving top performance, even in rapidly changing markets. smaller units. You can fully focus on your core business, we manage the rest. Surplus values by combined competence Choosing GLACONCHEMIE means choosing a strong partner that possesses all relevant competences in production, plant and process technology. The Partner of GLACONCHEMIE: In close co-operation we develop for you and with you logistics and service concepts that exactly t your expec- tations. We supply rst-class, high- quality raw materials for you, so that you can offer your customers the best. We assist you in reducing storage costs by delivering just in time product quantities tailored exactly to your demand. We deliver in road tankers, exi tanks, IBC or drums just as you wish. We label, palletize and commission goods for you and transport solid or liquid substances, by road, rail or sea. You lower your expenses and raise your added value at the same time. And if you need help handling permits and clearing formalities we are there for you!

Partners of biodiesel producers The production of biodiesel is anything but a trivial matter. This is especially due to the substandard glycerine which is generated as a by-product and can only be recycled in costly specialized units. GLACONCHEMIE takes on this task for you. We will take over the glycerine mixture generated in your biodiesel production at a fair, marketable price at a date set by you. You do not have to worry about transport and logistics this part is also part of our service. This is how GLACONCHEMIE establishes the best conditions for operating even

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Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik (Process Technology) offers high-quality services and solutions for exhaust gas combustion and patented desulphurization units, as well as application- and system-specic knowhow for the production of secondary chemical products based on biogenic glycerines. If you as a manufacturing company wish to expand your product portfolio and utilize raw materials with maximum efciency, we will support you with combined strengths. As your competent partner from the start we provide you with a comprehensive service that includes planning, construction and operation of suitable processing plants.

GLACONCHEMIE Since the year 2000, the company has been located in Merseburg, in one of the most traditional and innovative industrial locations in Germany. The close geographical proximity to the chemical parks Leuna and Schkopau, as well as the excellent infrastructure, guarantee short ways to customers, partners and suppliers. The high-performance research environment with multiple practically oriented colleges, universities and private research institutes warrants a fast knowledge transfer between science and economy. At the same time, our company can prot from the large number of excellently trained and highly motivated specialized staff in the region. The advantageous location provides ideal conditions for a long-termoriented commitment and sustainable expansion of our company in the region. So far we have invested approximately 16 Million Euro in the location in the industrial and business park Merseburg-Sd. Further expansion is already at the planning stage. As a medium-size business, deeply rooted in the region, we meet our responsibility for the successful economic development of central Germany. This responsibility includes training young people in our company to be chemists, laboratory assistants, and business people, whom we provide with professional and personal opportunities in the region. By now, GLACONCHEMIE employs approximately 50 employees. Their excellent qualications and the trade-specic practical experience gained over the years by our chemists and laboratory technicians, our engineers, plant specialists and business people provide the basis for our accounted competence in terms of the procurement of raw materials, the plant management and the distribution.

GLACONCHEMIE GmbH Beunaer Strae 4 D-06217 Merseburg Fon: +49 (0) 3461 24 48 0 Fax.: +49 (0) 3461 24 48 99 E-mail: info@glaconchemie .de www.glaconchemie.de

Sustainability is the end.

Green chemistry is the means.