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LEARNING PLAN NAME: Patrick Woolcock Area That Requires Development: Leadership and Communication skills.

DATE: April 1, 2014 Learning Goal # 1: I will improve communication skills to better facilitate Therapeutic nurse client relationship while interacting with clients within my long term care setting pregad placement. Learning Goal # 2: I will improve my proficiency in the Professional Standard of Leadership by increasing my comfort in addressing higher ranking nurses while advocating for clients during my tenure as a pre-graduate nurse.

Strategies and Resources to be Utilized: Goal # 1: I will establish and build upon my trust with the clients by ensuring I keep promises which have been agreed upon. I will build on mutual respect to share with clients by acknowledging the inherent dignity, worth and uniqueness of my clients (CNO, 2006). I will establish and enforce appropriate boundaries which encourage nurse client professional intimacy without crossing

Evaluation Criteria: Goal # 1: I will be able to facilitate a functional nurse client relationship based on trust and respect with ten of my clients after four weeks of interaction after entering the pregrad setting. Goal # 2:

Time Line: I will demonstrate the essential skills necessary for both goals no later than April 18, 2014 which will midterm evaluation.

the line as per the CNO practice standard (2006) which outlines the nurse duty to establish and maintain boundaries with client.

I will slowly build on advocating basic client needs to my preceptor and other staff such as their

Goal # 2: I will use varied range of communication and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain collegial relationships to improve comfort in speaking with colleagues (CNO, 2002). Incorporate and model the CNOs effective conflict-resolution skills to be able to appropriately overcome disagreements which may arise during advocating for clients. Facilitate the collaboration of clients and the health team to provide professional practice with respect to clients rights and wishes (CNO, 2002)

choice in meal choices and times to receive care while practicing in pregrad placement.

Students are to attach a Reference List as required for applicable resources listed.

References College of Nurses of Ontario (2002). Professional standards, revised 2002. Retrieved from http://www.cno.org/Global/docs/prac/41006_ProfStds.pdf College of Nurses of Ontario (2006). Therapeutic nurse-client relationship, revised 2006. Retrieved from http://www.cno.org/Global/docs/prac/41033_Therapeutic.pdf