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Manual Gravity Feed Slicer The Edge / EG612 Series

Exclusive features at a non-exclusive price

Full featured, medium-duty, manual 300mm slicer suitable for kitchens and deli operations.
Standard safety features previously found only on premium priced product.

Gauge plate interlock: Must be closed to remove carriage for cleaning and cannot be opened when carriage is removed. Carriage interlock: Will not remove if gauge plate indicator is not closed. Permanently mounted ring guard protects knife during operation and cleaning. Optional carriage guard.

Performance and durability


Contoured carbon steel, 300 mm knife: thin edge design to improve yield. 1/3 h.p. permanently lubricated ball bearing motor. Poly V-Belt drive system: ~ Design extends belt life while producing optimal slicing results. ~ Quieter operation. ~ Economy in service and repair with reduced parts and service time.

Designed for easy cleaning and reduced maintenance


Single action "Borazon" sharpener hones in just 5 seconds and is removable and submersible for easy cleaning.

Sanitary, anodized aluminum, one-piece base is easy to clean. All surfaces are smooth and durable, presenting no holes or crevices where food can hide.

Anodized aluminum carriage and knife cover are corrosion and impact resistant and easily removable for maximum sanitation and minimum cleanup.

Cleaning leg props machine for easy cleaning underneath slicer. Single carriage slide rod with reservoir wick provides continuous lubrication of carriage rod for smoother operation and longer life.

Operator convenience

Adjustable gauge plate with ribbed surface for smooth feeding. Adjust to cut any thickness up to 15.8mm. Large comfortable grip carriage handle is easy to use. Rear mounted meat grip is anodized aluminum and swings out of the way when not in use.

Technical Data
The EDGE / EG612 Motor Blade material Blade diameter (mm) Drive Knife speed Carriage capacity (mm) Carriage travel Electrical specifications Power cord Dimensions: W x D x H Weight: Net/Shipping 1/3 h.p. Carbon steel 298mm, nominal 300mm Poly V-belt 370 r.p.m. Width 184mm, Diameter 197mm 248mm, manual travel 100-120/50-60/1, 200-220/50-60/1 3 wire power supply, 1830mm cord 533 x 572 x 470mm 28.6/37.6Kg

As Continued product improvement is a policy of Hobart, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Details and dimensions

E - Electrical Connection, Approx 25mm above counter top

Model 2712 automatic slicer

Model A200 planetary mixer

The EG612 series manual slicer is part of the full range of warewash, food machine, cooking and refrigeration products available from Hobart and ITW Food Equipment Group, Market Leaders in commercial food equipment and service worldwide.

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