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SEL12- ELE!"#$E S%S EM&1

SECTION 12: TELEPHONE SYSTEM 12.1 12.1.1 GENERAL Functional description The telephone scope of work covers the telephone installation. Generally a basic telephone infrastructure is to be installed consisting of incoming conduits for the local telephone utility, a main incoming distribution frame, interconnecting wiring, and intermediate distribution frames, punch blocks in each apartment, and local conduit and wiring systems for each apartment. 12.1.2 Cross references General Comply with the General requirements worksection. Related workse t!ons efer to the following worksections! Electrical General Requirements, Adhesives, Sealants, Fasteners, Fire Stopping, Power Cables, Cable Support & uct S!stems 12.1." #tandard General $asec% C#&% '( approved Cabling products! To T# ))* and &#%+,# ")*), &.#. 112-, &.#. "1./ for cable construction, &.#. ")*), 01& -2*, &.#. .*)2." and 1T' *)2.". 1nstallation! #&& 3$24 "e#art$ent General o% Post and Tele o$$&n! at!on o% '!etna$ TC+ 2*51"2! 144TC+ 2*51.2! 144Rad!o and 1***+,+EEC Tele o$$&n! at!on Ter$!nal E(&!#$ent "!re t!)e

0+ 2)4-)!1442, &1!144", &2!144", &"!144-, &.!144/ 6#afety7 0+ -))*151 608C 0mission esidential 0nvironment7

0+ -))*251 608C 1mmunity 1ndustrial 0nvironment7 0+ --)22 Class $ 608C 0mission 1T0 12.1.. 9esign #tructured cabling systems must have! (ife span of at least 1- years. esidential 0nvironment7

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:rovisions to support future growth Cabling system must be certified by! The original +etwork 9esigner6s7, 8anufacturer6s7, and%or authorised local distributor6s7 1nstaller6s7. 12.1.&uthorities (iaise with the authorities for approval of the installed system. 12.2 12.2.1 -.ALITY #amples #ubmit a sample board showing all cables, connectors, outlets etc to be used for this worksection. 12.2.2 #ubmissions Prod& t data #ubmit product data for all components ; e<uipment. #ubmit information showing compliance with the above standards. S/o# draw!n0s #ubmit shop drawings showing layouts of e<uipment racks. Test!n0 Met/od 1 E(&!#$ent #ubmit details on the testing method and e<uipment. 12.2 COMPONENTS :rovide 14= racks 610C 24/7 with 1:.2, the si>e is to accommodate all e<uip and provision for 2)? spare capacity. 12.".1 acks Mo&nt!n0 General! 8ount distribution frames in racks. 12.".2 9istribution frames Mo&nt!n0 General! 8ount distribution frames in racks. Re ords :rovide a records holder within each distribution frame. Ma!n "!str!3&t!on 4ra$e 5M"46+ Inter$ed!ate "!str!3&t!on 4ra$e 5I"46

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SEL12- ELE!"#$E S%S EM&'

&n industry standard main distribution frame is re<uired within the building to cross connect incoming lines from the local telephone company to the internal lines via the :&$@ switch. 12."." Cables ; outlets Ca3les &ll cables will be 'T: of a make and type approved for . #uch cables will comply with &.#. 112-, &.#. "1./ for cable construction, &.#. ")*), 01& -2*, &.#. .*)2." and be rated as scheduled. 'nderground telephone service underground telephone cable. O&tlet Re(&!re$ents "#P $utlets %#elecom & ata& cables shall be 1%)..)mm 2 Aelly filled

The 'T: Butlets for both telecom and data will be an . position modular connectors referred to as C11 connectors. &ll C11 connectors shall be . position%.conductor standard type and shall be capable of receiving conventional . pin plugs of 2. &DG solid wire. &ll C11 outlets shall be certified and meet Category - standards. C11connectors shall be from the same manufacturer. C11 plugs shall eEceed 1))) times, in

&ll male and female

The mating cycles of the C11 sockets to accordance with 10C2)"./ Class &. Ca3le se#arat!on

#eparate telecommunications cables not enclosed in conduits or ducts from low voltage services by at least 1-) mm. 12.7 EARTHING SYSTEM General :rovide a telecommunications reference conductor 6T C7, a communication earth system 6C0#7 or where the system is an eEtra5low voltage 60(F7 d.c. power supply system, d.c. earth return paths in accordance with &# ")1-, as appropriate. 12., 12.-.1 INSTALLATION #eperation of services The following separation of services shall be maintained throughout the installation. a7 #eparation of power and data cables at intersecting points shall not be less than "))mm, unless suitable shields%filters are approved.. b7 #eparation of power and data cable when laid in parallel shall not be less than 2))mm, unless suitable shields%filters are approved.

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SEL12- ELE!"#$E S%S EM&(

c7 &ll 08 sources shall be identified and suitable clearances defined for 'T: cable depending on individual 08 field strengths. &t least 1m when running almost co5 linear to common 08 sources 6e.g. fluorescent sources7. d7 &ll high magnetic sources shall be identified and suitable clearances defined for 'T: cabling depending on individual field strengths. This is important for future applications eEceeding 1)) 83>. e7 &ll 'T: cables, and applications, shall comply with FCC commercial regulations in respect to 08 radiations. &ny e<uipment of unusual sensitivity to 08 radiation should be identified and avoided so as to prevent interference from the cable plant to the e<uipment. #uch e<uipment, or areas, should they eEist, may re<uire suitable filtering and conditioning procedures so as to provide 08 isolation. 12.-.2 Fertical and hori>ontal common installation re<uirements &ll cabling shall be installed in cable trays, cavities 6columns, ducts, partitions7 and rises. 'nder no circumstances shall cables be installed in common trays or ducts with power cables, ha>ardous services, or other services which have eEtreme nominal conditions 6heat, electrical, magnetic, chemical, humidity or mechanical7. 12.-." Connectors &ll C11 outlets, patch leads, fly leads and patch panels shall be terminated using the 01& preferred se<uence as per &.#. ")*), T-2*&. 12.-.. Cabling methods Cabling within the telecom%data riser is to be tied to a vertical galvanised cable tray at the rear of the riser. 6+ote that the floor penetrations re<uire to be fire proofed as per the relevant section7. Cabling within ceiling voids is to be run within electrical trunking and or plastic conduit as necessary. 12.8 12.2.1 COMPLETION Commissioning Ca3l!n0 9ocumentary evidence shall be supplied for 6cable and e<uipment7 components showing performance compliance for all fre<uencies up to 1))83> for category or greater components. Time 9omain eflectometry tests for all cabling circuits from patch panels and 89Fs to wall outlets. Fre<uency 9omain tests for all cabling circuits from patch panels and 89Fs to wall outlets. The documentation shall show results for near end cross talk 6+0@T7 and return loss for appropriate fre<uency ranges. S9ste$ "o &$entat!on

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SEL12- ELE!"#$E S%S EM&)

:rior to commissioning and hand over of the system, all drawings and documentation of the system as installed shall be submitted. 12.2.2 8aintenance Re ords General! #ubmit log books for each distribution frame and patch panel with details of cable terminations and provisions for recording cable, line and Aumper information. (ocation! #ecure log books in each distribution frame records holder. 1dentification and labelling, and record documentation! To &#%+,# ")*-.1.