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90 million chocolate bunnies are produced each year in the United States for Easter!

Cool! by Michael Morpurgu Stay Where You Are And Then Leave by John Boyne. Stay Where You Are And Then Leave is a historical fiction book set in World War I. A young boy named Alfie Summerfield has his 5th birthday the day that World War I begun. His father joins the army straight away and leaves for training in a military centre. His father stopped sending letters after a few years and Alfie becomes suspicious. After a while he discovers a terrible secret. His father is in a military hospital suffering from shell shock. Alfie decides to break him out but can he succeed? Read the book to find out. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to ages 9 Up. Cool! is a book written in the perspective of young boy, Robbie, while in a coma after being hit by a car. Robbie takes his beloved dog, 'Lucky', out for a walk but doesn't realize the gate to his house is open so he hasn't put the lead on. Next thing we know, Lucky is racing across the road right in front of a car. Robbie rushes after him to save him and...... Robbie is stuck in a coma and nothing can wake him up. His classmates, the man that hit him, not even his favourite footballer,

the famous Zola of Chelsea, is able to wake him up. Then one day, against hospital rules, the impossible happens. Lucky, who Robbie believes is dead, is smuggled up to the ward by Robbie's Dad. Will the shock of hearing Lucky alive and well bring Robbie out of his coma? Or is it too late? I liked this book and would recommend it to children who can read series like Horrid Henry and Rainbow Magic books and are looking for something slightly more challenging.

Happy by Pharel Williams This song's been topping the charts for some time now... and for good reason! You just have to 'clap along' to it's catchy lyrics, cool rhythm and fun tune. Let it Go by Idina Menzel Idina's latest hit is a slow but powerful song. Her lyrics are accompanied by a beautiful melody played on the piano. Sirens by Cher Lloyd The British star's latest single from her sophomore album Sorry I'm Late, definitely shows off her unique voice and amazing vocals.

The Lego Movie, Directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller TThe Lego movie stars many great actor voice-overs including those of Will Ferrell and Morgan Freeman in which Emmet, on ordinary every day construction worker, stumbles upon the one brick that will stop the evil Lord Business. He instantly becomes the one person in Bricksburg that can save everyone from the Kragle. If you want to find out more about the film and you are a big Lego fan and also a fan of comedy, I would strongly recommend you to see it. Oh, and look out for a major twist!

For a Movie themed party you could print out pictures of your favourite actors and actresses and write the details of the party on the back of them. I had a movie party a few years back and I found little clapper-boards prints (the little black and white boards that they say action with before clapping the sides together) on the Internet that I printed out to write on the back of them. Try to have some movie scene type decorations. Maybe a blue carpet, some cameras, a directors chair, all set up in front of a set of your choice. You could have a white board with some lines from your favourite movie. It really depends on what type of decorations you can get/make. The first thing that came to mind when I thought of games for a movie was if everyone split into groups and got a few minutes to create a giant movie. The judges could be the adults at the party.You could also play movie charades which is where you have to act out the title of a movie/actor/actress and the other people have to guess who/what it is. Food for a Movie themed party probably wouldn't differ that much from the food you would have at any other party except the cakes and things. You would still have sausages, pizzas, chicken nuggets, chips and whatever else you eat at parties. The cake or cupcakes would maybe be decorated like movie tapes or even like the giant HOLLYWOOD sign on the hill entering Hollywood.

You will need (For a basic design): A Needle, 2 Colours of thread, Gift wrap ribbon, Scissors, Vest/T-shirt (preferably white), Lots of imagination!! (This is a very simple design, so a imagination would really help. like adding buttons or ribbons. Let imagination run wild!) Step 1. Cut the right amount of one colour of thread (make sure it is neither too big nor too small). Thread this through the eye of the needle. Also, put a few knots at the end of your thread so that it doesnt move during the sewing process.

pinch of Maybe your

Step 2. Start sewing with long fluid stitches, a long stitch on the side of the t-shirt that you can see; on the other side, do as small a stitch as you can. The effect of this, is one line, that seems to have no breaks in it. Step 3. Repeat these steps below the last stitches, but with your other colour. Step 4. Next, tie the ribbon around the T-Shirt in a bow and vila! A beautiful, simple, hand-made t-shirt! Be prepared for admiring

by Roisin Clarke

Originally, Easter is believed to have been a Pagan festival celebrated by the Saxons in honor of Eastre (later changed to Easter), their goddess of spring. Later, it became a Christian celebration and holiday which marks the end of Lent and the resurrection of Christ. It is not on any certain day but it will usually occur between late March to late April. Easter customs can vary between different countries. In Eastern European countries, for example, it is typical to paint or decorate eggs where as in modern day Western Europe and America, children eat chocolate eggs delivered by the Easter Bunny. Both eggs and rabbits are a symbol of spring, which is one of the reasons they've become part of Easter traditions. Although, in some countries it is an Easter Chicken or Bell who brings treats instead. By Ryan Curley

How to make a

Pop-Up Easter Card

e of orang 1 sheet card of white 1 sheet card scissors glue d yellow n a k c a l b pencils
-Fold each sheet in half and cut a 6 cm slit in the middle of the folded white sheet. -Fold in both edges of the slit and make creases so that a 'beak' pops out when you open and close the card. -Draw a chick's body around the beak shape and add black eyes, feet and wings. -Avoiding the beak part, glue the back of the white card to the orange paper and don't forget to write 'Happy Easter' on the front of the card!

- In Haux, France, every year on Easter Monday, they make a MASSIVE omelette! It is really big! They use up to and more than 4500 eggs, and it can feed over 1000 people! I hope they all like omelettes! - In Norway, Easter Thrillers known as Paaskekrimmen are published. The Norwegians love their yearly crime novels! Sherl-egg Homes anyone! -In the Vatican and Rome, on Good Friday, the Pope commemorates the Via Crucis, Way of the Cross, in the Colosseum. On Easter Sunday, thousands of tourists and pilgrims alike congregate in St. Peters Square to await the Popes blessing. -For over 100 years the White House has held an Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn. The activity involves rolling a coloured hard-boiled egg with a large serving spoon. Even the president takes part! Now that you've seen so many different Easter traditions, I bet you wont be bored this Easter! by Mairead Butler

Have you ever heard of this tropical treat? Although native to West Africa, the Ackee is a pear shaped fruit which is especially popular in Jamaica. The bright-red skinned Ackee is the Jamaican national fruit and is used in traditional dishes. The fruit opens to reveal a cream coloured pulp topped with three glossy, black seeds. It is then cooked and canned and also made into wine. But be careful, the unripe or overripe fruit is toxic, as well as the seed and skin!

These delicious tropical fruits are native to Central America and northern South America but are now cultivated throughout the world. Guavas are 4 to 12 cm long, roundshaped fruit with green skin which varies in texture depending on the variety. They have a strong fragrance similar to that of lemon rind. The pulp, white to bubble gum pink, has a kiwilike texture and a sweet flavour described as a cross between apple, litchi and grapefruit. In a word...yum!

As soon I discovered this awesomelooking fruit I was curious to do some more research about it. The Tamarillo is an egg shaped South American fruit that is part of the tomato family. Its colour varies from yellow and orange to deep red or purple (the skin may also have some dark stripes). The flesh is firm and contains many seeds which are slightly bigger than those of a tomato. The fruit is mostly eaten raw - that is, uncooked, halved with the flesh scooped out - but is also made into juice, chutneys, curries and deserts. Depending on the variety, the Tamarillo can be sweet or sour and it's flavour is said to be a cross between passion fruit and tomato.

Don't these berries look like jelly sweets from Willy Wonka's garden? The 1 cm long, oval shaped Goumi is native to Korea, China and Japan. The orangey red fruit is deliciously juicy and has a sweet but very sour flavour similar to rhubarb. They are eaten fresh, dried, canned or made into beverages and are a favourite amongst children.

I just discovered this fruit a few weeks ago and its brilliant emerald colour instantly caught my eye. Originally from Central America, Chayotes are 10-20 cm long green fruits. They have a pear-like shape and wrinkled or sometimes spiny skin. The apparently bland-tasting flesh, ranging from green to white in colour, contains a single nutty flavoured seed and has texture described as a cross between a potato and cucumber. The fruit is rarely eaten raw and is mostly cooked with seasonings or with other vegetables. The root, stem and seed of the plant is also edible.


1. There are 443 named islands in Denmark, and only 17 of them are inhabited. 2. The flag of Denmark is the oldest state flag still used in the world; it was first used in 1219. 3. The official name of Denmark is the Kingdom of Denmark. 4. Denmark is ranked as the happiest place to live in the world based on the standards of health, welfare and education. 5. Aqua, the band who sing Barbie Girl are Danish! Tivoli Gardens by Mairead Who doesn't love a good amusement park? This famous park situated in Copenhagen Butler and built in 1843, is the second most popular seasonal theme park in the world. Its multiple rides include roller coasters, bumper cars, a ferris wheel, giant swings and more! The Blue Planet Love animals or the sea? Denmark's National Aquarium is the place for you! Divided into five main sections: The Amazon, The African Great Lakes, Evolution and Adaption, Cold Water and The Warm Ocean, the aquarium is home to over 20,000 animals including piranhas, crocodiles, sea lions and sharks. A unique experience! Legoland Billund Resort Since Lego was invented in Denmark, you can be sure that the oldest Legoland in the world is loads of fun! With millions of people visiting it every year, its roller coasters, water rides and several lego worlds are a lego fan's dream! by Maya Brennan

n ts : Ingredie 1 e gg r lain flou ga r 3 c u ps p r o wn s u b d e k c a 1 cup p innamon u tte r 2 tbs p c melted b s p u c 1 1 /4 nilla r 2 tsp va te d s u ga la u n a r g c a s te r /

1. Heat oven to 180'C. 2. Beat egg then add remaining ingredients (except the sugar) and mix well. 3. Press dough into an non-greased 13x9x2 inch pan. 4. Sprinkle sugar evenly over bars. 5. Bake for 15-20 minutes. 6. Cool slightly then cut into bars. 7. Remove from pan when completely cool and enjoy! !

Musical Canine Freestlye is a sport that started around 1989. There are several countries that compete at it such as: Canada, England, USA and the Netherlands. The first official Musical Canine international sports was kick started in British Colombia, Canada. This sport is basically a dance done by dog and owner. The owner performs to the music in an elaborate costume while the dog does a variety of tricks such as kneeling, rolling over, jumping etc. in conjunction with its owners own dance moves :)

The Hummingbird is one of the world's smallest bird. It feeds on flower nectar and insects. In order to hover they flap their wings 12 to 80 times per second. It is the only bird that can fly backwards!

The wonderful Scarlet Ibis lives in the Caribbean and South America. Its diet consists of shrimp and insects which it catches with its thin bill whilst searching in mud and under plants. This strange bird also spends time with other birds such as storks, spoonbills, egrets, ducks etc.

I personally saw twenty five videos on this sport and found it amazing how the dogs actually obeyed their owners. I really enjoyed watching this sport so you guys should definitely give it a try as well.

One of the most spectacular birds on the planet is the peacock. The male peacock has blue - green or just green plumage. The amazing plumage forms "eye" shapes on the peacocks tail....talk about having eyes behind your back! It is mostly vegetarian but does eat insects. The female is called a peafowl and the babies are called pea chicks.

In Ireland I worked Elizabeth Brennan works as a Set Decorator and Props Buyer for on a lot of TV shows set in England, like 'Foyle's War' and 'George Gently', which are set films and TV series. In this issue we got to ask her a few about 60 years ago - my favourite work is shows from the past, what we call 'period' questions about her job... work. Recently I've started working in Morocco a bit, on 'Homeland' last year, and now I'm on a brand new American show called 'Hieroglyph' set in Ancient Egypt. The most famous films I've worked on are probably 'Leap year' and 'Breakfast on Pluto'. My job title is either 'Set Decorator' or 'Props Buyer' on This is a shot of the 'secretarial different jobs - I work freelance for about 4 months at a time pool' from 'Foyle's War' for ITV. In on each project. Decorating sets means working with the I LOVE what I do. Anyone, with any job, who really 1947 there was a lot of typing to Production Designer, who's in charge of the whole look of a really loves it, is very lucky. I think my favourite part do! TV show or film, and decorating the scenes we're filming. When I'm Buyer, it of my job is working on period shows and doing all the means buying or renting all the furniture [we call 'dressing'] and ornaments etc [we call research to get the details just right. For example, 'smalls']. I also have to pay close attention to the schedule to make sure we get yesterday I learned that the Ancient Egyptians had everything on time, and to return it on time if we rented it..and of course, we have to ducks and geese but not chickens - important stick to a budget, so I have to keep an eye on that, so liking maths is handy! I often information for us to make the show feel real. have at least one assistant or trainee, and work with our prop team who look after all the goods that come in; so, managing people and planning is really the biggest part of my job. Waking before 6am! If we're in the office we start at 8am, but if we're shooting, sometimes we have to get there before the shooting crew to get the set finished at 6am, all hands on deck! We also don't finish work until 7pm or later every When I was in University I was involved in the Film Society and the Drama Society. We day, so it's hard to see any friends or family in the evening. put on plays and made some short films, and sometimes the director would ask me to decorate the sets. It was great fun, but at that time I didn't even think I could do something I loved so much and get paid for it! If you're organised, creative, and interested, try it out! It's hard work, long hours, and not what everyone expects, so getting a job as a trainee on a production is the only way to see if you'll really like it. If you do, it's very rewarding and interesting. After University I also studied Fine Art, because I was interested in having a creative job - I still didn't know I could decorate sets for a living! After a few years traveling and working in different jobs, I was still thinking about film work so I started making short This is a really hard question. I've favourites from childhood like 'Mary Poppins', I films, where I met lots of people in the film industry who eventually asked me to work appreciate classics like 'The Godfather', and then there are films that just make me feel on bigger projects with them. My job is one that there is no particular university course better every time I watch them.. too many to mention! I do also have a fondness for for, and really the time I spent experiencing the world, and learning as much as I could period films, so interested in the scenery as well as the action, such as the French 'Le about everything, is more important to my work than my degree. Hussard sur le Toit'.

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