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OTHELLO - Quotes and stuff Themes

Bestiality An old black ram/ Is tupping your white ewe Iago Ii The beast with two backs Iago Ii summer flies That quicken even with blowing goats and monkeys ! "thello guinea!hen ! Iago on #esdemona $%change me for a goat ! "thello Hell, evil and damnation the devil will make a grandsire of you ! Iago Ii ! also racism my wits and all the tribe of hell ! Iago &hat delight shall she have to look upon the devil' The devil drunkenness ! (assio #ivinity of hell)/ &hen devils will the blackest sins put on / They do suggest at first with heavenly shows ! Iago IIiii fair devil ! "thello ! apparent parado%* I am your own forever ! Iago* +ossible allusion to damnation ! ironic* This look of thine will hurl my soul from heaven ! "thello' ,oast me in sulphur)/ &ash me in steep!down gulfs of liquid fire) ! "thello Racism -the thick lips ! ,oderigo Ii .ooty bosom ! /rabantio Iii far more fair than black ! Iiii ! black/white good/ evil antithesis* a will most rank/ 0oul disproportion thoughts unnatural* &ere they as prime as goats as hot as monkeys Attitudes to women & love the riches of the ship ! (assio ! ambiguous ! may simply be an attempt at a poetic e%pression but suggests attitude of treating women as commodities boarded a land carrack ! Iago Iii lord of all my duty #esdemona Iiii ! submissive guinea!hen ! Iago on #esdemona -I take this that you call love to be a sect or scion Iago to ,oderigo Iiii &hen she is sated with his body she will find the error of her choice Iago .he is sport for 1ove ! Iago turn her virtue into pitch !Iago They are all but stomachs and we all but food ! $milia my disports corrupt and taint my business ! ironic from "thello in Iiii* Also suggests assumption in 2enetian society that women and soldiery do not mi%* Irony & Deception .he has deceived her father and may thee ! /rabantio Iiii 3onest Iago I think the sun where he was born/ #rew all such humours from him # ! does not know "thellos true character ! ironic IIIiii ! dramatic device ! situation engineered where #* presses (assios case at e%act time when "thello suspicious* some eternal villain ! $milia Tis proper I obey him but not now ! $milia

!thello brave "thello 2aliant "thello descent from men of royal siege my perfect soul! nobility ! pride

&ere it my cue to fight I should have known it/ &ithout a prompter ! confidence deals effectively with situation ! perhaps hint at tendency to act on instinct let your sentence/ $ven fall upon my life 4y life upon her faith) Iiii ! thinks in terms of e%tremes If after very tempest come such calms / 4ay the winds blow till they have wakened death ! imagery of e%tremes death* I will deny thee nothing And when I love thee not / (haos is come again ominous ironic ! suggests "thello has contemplated being without #* Indicative of his passionate violent nature* Thinkst thou Id make a life of 5ealousy ! does not know his own character .hes gone I am abused and my relief/ 4ust be to loathe her ! IIIiii ! by playing upon "thellos insecurities Iago has almost convinced him without a shred of evidence* ! later says I am to blame 0arewell the plumed troops and the big wars/ That makes ambition virtue "thellos occupations gone ! "thello at his most composed in professional life ! has confidence in war because competent at it ! but suspicion of #*s infidelity now pre!occupies him* .ignificant that his military background appealed to #esdemona* 2illain 6ever pray more7 abandon all remorse7 "n horrors head horrors accumulate! does not trust Iago at first ! dangerous point in plot for Iago* (reates tension* "thello is convinced by Iago before he has seen any evidence ! 6ow do I see tis true* 3is language very violent ! Ill tear her all to pieces " blood blood blood +ersonification of emotions ! Arise black vengeance from thy hollow cell)/ 8ield up " love they crown and hearted throne/ To tyrannous hate) .uggests how these emotions are conflicting within "thello making him increasingly unstable* $%ternalisation* (an he be angry' ! Iago ! "thello has most self!control on battlefield where he feels confident* A natural and prompt alacrity/ I find in hardness A horned mans a monster and a beast ! "thello dehumanises himself* I would have him nine years a!killing* A fine woman a fair woman a sweet woman) Ivi ! synta% breaks down more frequent oaths refs to hell etc* &as this fair paper made to write 9whore: upon' Impudent strumpet I took you for that cunning whore of 2enice/ That married with "thello ! .peaking Iagos words* &hen I have plucked they rose / I cannot give it vital growth again ! reflective ! doubts I would not kill thy soul 3aving killed #esdemona breaks down again 0inal speech ! very beautiful recalls earlier language* Asks to be remembered for his military services ! what he was good at* (ompares his violence against enemy to final violence against himself* to die upon a kiss*

Ia"o .blood by the faith of man ! coarse crude language given to oaths and e%clamations &e have reason to cool our raging motions ;ses prose frequently when talking to ,oderigo vulgar character* twi%t my sheets/ 3es done my office ! fear of virility of black man7 idea that "thello has violated something that belongs to Iago* I do suspect the lusty 4oor/ 3ath leaped into my seat &ould they were clyster!pipers for your sake) ! crude coarse* 4ocks (assios courteous behaviour* As honest as I am ! mocks peoples mistaken opinions of him* Ill have our 4ichael (assio on the hip ! hunting imagery* 3e hath a daily beauty in his life/ That makes me ugly ,eputation is an idle and most false imposition to (assio then to "thello <ood name in man and woman dear my lord / Is the immediate 5ewel of their souls ! hypocrisy deceit* it is my natures plague/ To spy into abuses and oft my 5ealousy/ .hapes faults that are not ! uses honesty in process of deceiving "thello* I know our country disposition well ! plays on "thellos sense of being an outsider* Tantalises "thello with images of infidelity ! /ehold her topped laid his leg/ "ver my thigh and sighed and kissed did I today/ .ee (assio wipe his beard with* &ith her on her what you will ! Iago relies on "thellos vivid imagination &ould you would bear your fortune like a man) ! old theme* Iago becomes more open in his contempt as he becomes more certain of "thellos gullibility and his mental collapse* strangle her in her bed ! openly controls "thello* I bleed sir but not killed


let me find a charter in your voice/ T assist my simpleness ! Iiii ! modesty submissive to men but asserts her own idea without being aggressive or threatening* my fair warrior ! "thellos martial nature appeals to #* If I do vow a friendship Ill perform it/ To the last article ! loyalty but also na=ve* Thy solicitor shall rather die/ Than give thy cause away* ! ominous* Ist possible' ! wide eyed gullible 3eaven bless us) ! #* appeals to heaven while "* talks about hell and damnation* we must think men are not gods ! questions superiority of men only to 5ustify e%oneration of "thellos strange behaviour* &hat ignorant sin have I committed' +rotects "thello even as she dies ! still loyal* assio "thello is to <ive renewed fire to our e%tincted spirits/ And bring all (yprus comfort* #ivine #esdemona The riches of the ship ! sycophantic Tis my breeding/ That gives me this bold show of courtesy ! ambiguous behaviour ! audacious winding up Iago* ,eference to breeding ! conscious of being more refined than simple Iago* the lieutenant is to be saved before the ancient ! (assio asserts his superior status to Iago ! probably enrages latter* &hen drunk (assio reverts to prose* I think it no addition to have him see me womaned ! ashamed of /ianca female companionship unsuited to military man'