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Owners Manual

Table of Contents Purification principle ..3 Installation pictures4-5 General.6 BioZone technology6 Warranty....6 Installation7 Operation..7 Maintenance instructions..7 Troubleshooting..8 Disposal/recycling..8 Specifications..8

BioZones technology



Avoid touching the glass on the lamp. Rather, hold the lamp by its white plastic tips.

BioZone PowerZone 1 and 2

In order to make the best use of your device, read and store this manual carefully. You may also need it in the future. The compact BioZone PowerZone device is a highly effective purification and sanitary appliance which, when used properly, has a lasting effect, even after only a short period of treatment. The PowerZone removes impurities from the air and surfaces, including: bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms yeasts, mould spores, and other organic growths unpleasant odours and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) BioZone products are designed to be user-friendly with a high degree of functionality, ease of operation and simple installation the primary considerations. User feedback is important for the continuous development of our products. We value your opinion and would greatly appreciate your feedback at email address: powerzone@biozonescientific.com. For more information, visit our home page at www.biozonescientific.com and find BioZone solutions for applications such as garbage rooms, public restrooms, power cleaning, ice-machines etc. Contact information for importers and suppliers

BioZone technology
As air enters the BioZone unit, it is channelled into the air purification chamber. In the chamber, the air is purified by germicidal ultraviolet light. In addition, the UV light reacts with the gaseous contents of the air to producing purifying plasma, which is led out of the purification chamber. The plasma contains reactive oxygen species such as hydroxyl radicals and ozone, which destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, mould, algae, and other harmful micro-organisms as well as unpleasant odours.

Please see the attached warranty card, if included, or contact your local distributor. The provisions of this warranty are in lieu of any other written warranty, whether expressed or implied, written or oral, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The manufacturer's maximum liability shall not exceed the actual purchase price paid by you for the product. In no event shall the manufacturer be liable for special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages. This warranty does not cover a defect that resulted from improper or unreasonable use or maintenance, accident, improper packing, or unauthorised tampering, alteration or modification as determined solely by us. This warranty is void if the label bearing the serial number has been removed or defaced.

PowerZone is designed for powerful decontamination in uninhabited spaces. After the decontamination work sufficient time should be waited and the space should be ventilated before entering the space. This precaution will allow the excess ozone to decompose and ensures the safe use of PowerZone unit. When placing the PowerZone the following instructions should be taken into account: Do not place the unit on a metal surface. Place the unit so that the airflow into or out of the device will not be blocked. Place the unit close to an incoming air vent or fan for maximum air circulation. Place the unit close to area with maximum contaminants.

Changing or cleaning the lamp (See illustration 2, page 5)

Disconnect the power supply to the device. Ensure that the lamp has cooled down. Remove the screws (3) from the plastic grid at the end of the device with the power cord and remove the grid (A). Open the retaining screw for the UV-lamp's base-plate (B). Disconnect the socket from the lamp and carefully pull the base-plate out of the device. Extract the lamp from its retaining clips (C). ATTENTION! When handling the lamp, avoid touching the glass element with exposed fingers. A. Cleaning the lamp: Clean the lamp with a soft cloth and a cleaning agent appropriate for glass. Reinsert the lamp. B. Changing the lamp: Insert a new lamp (see technical specifications in this manual for correct lamp type). Use only a new BioZone Scientific International lamp (using other lamps will void the warranty). Carefully push the base-plate back into the device and connect the socket to the lamp. Tighten the retaining screw for the UV-lamp's base-plate. Replace the plastic grid. When you have changed the lamp, dispose of the old lamp in accordance with local regulations pertaining to hazardous waste disposal. UV-lamps contain small traces of mercury.

Maintenance instructions
Maintenance of the BioZone unit is easy. The only serviceable / changeable part is the UV lamp. If the device is located in a dusty or smoke-filled area, it is recommended that the lamp and plastic grid be cleaned every three months. This will significantly lengthen the life of the lamp. The lamp must be changed once a year in order to ensure maximum functionality and efficiency. .

In the event that the below-mentioned instructions do not solve the problem, contact your supplier. 1. The fan works, but the lamp is not on Check that the lamp is properly inserted into its socket. The unit is equipped with a mechanism to prevent overheating. This mechanism may have been activated. Unplug the device at the power source and wait 30 minutes. Thereafter, plug it in again. The lamp may be defective. Replace the lamp with a new one. 2. The lamp and the fan do not function Check that the device is plugged into the power supply Check that the power outlet functions properly Check that the power cord is undamaged 3. The airflow is weak Check to see if the grid is clogged with dust or debris Check for blockages to the incoming or outgoing air flow Check that the fan functions properly

Packaging Packing materials can be recycled. In the interest of environmental protection, dispose of them properly. The unit and UV-lamp If your BioZone Air Purifier needs to be disposed of, do so in accordance with the instructions pertaining to standard electrical equipment. UVlamps contain small traces of mercury. Old, defective or broken lamps must be disposed of in accordance with laws related to the disposal of hazardous wastes. Specifications Size 620x220x200 Weight < 8 kg power cord 2m Ratings 100-230VAC, 50-60Hz, 0.55-0.25 A Operation temperature +4 - +40 C Humidity 0-90% RH non-consending Lamp self life 3 Years Lamp life 1 Year Model Specific Data Lampcode - new Lampcode - old PowerZone 1 10-11100 13-314 PowerZone 2 2 x 10-11100 2 x 13-314

Manufacturing material: Aluminium, ASA Design: BioZone Scientific International Inc., Linnoitustie 4B, 02600 Espoo, Finland