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Dr. Ir. Winaarto, M.Sc.

Contoh WPS : Pengelasan Austenitik Stainless Steel tipe 304
Weld Procedure Number 30 P1 TIG 01 Issue A
Qualifying Welding Procedure (WPAR) WP T17/A
Manufacturer: National Fabs Ltd
25 Lane End
Location: Workshop
Welding Process: Manual TIG
Joint Type: Single Sided Butt Weld
Method Of Preparation
and Cleaning:
Machine and Degrease
Parent Metal
Grade 304L Stainless
Parent Metal Thickness 3 to 8mm Wall
Pipe Outside Diameter 25 to 100mm
Welding Position: All Positions
Welding Progression: Upwards
Joint Design Welding Sequences
Run Process
Size Of
Filler Metal
Type Of
Wire Feed
Heat Input
2 And Subs
70 - 90
80 - 140
Welding Consumables:-
Type, Designation Trade Name:
Any Special Baking or Drying:
Gas Flux:
Gas Flow Rate - Shield:
- Backing:
Tungsten Electrode Type/ Size:
Details of Back Gouging/Backing:
Preheat Temperature:
Interpass temperature:
Post Weld Heat Treatment
Time, temperature, method:
Heating and Cooling Rates*:
BS 2901 Part 2 : 308S92
Argon 99.99% Purity
8 - 12 LPM
2% Thoriated 2.4mm Dia
Gas Backing
5C Min
200C Max
Not Required
Production Sequence
1. Clean weld and 25mm borders to
bright metal using approved
2. Position items to be welded
ensuring good fit up and apply
3. Tack weld parts together using
TIG, tacks to at least 5mm min
4. Deposit root run using 1.2mm
dia. wire.
5. Inspect root run internally
6. Complete weld using 1.6mm dia
wire using stringer beads as
7. 100% Visual inspection of
completed weld
Revision History
Date Issue Changes Authorization
26/11/2000 A First Issue Jack Straw Jack Straw
Dr. Ir. Winaarto, M.Sc.
Contoh WPS : Pengelasan Duplex Stainless Steel tipe UNS S31803
Dr. Ir. Winaarto, M.Sc.
Dr. Ir. Winaarto, M.Sc.
Dr. Ir. Winaarto, M.Sc.
ASME Definitions, Consumables, Welding Positions
ASME has adopted their own designation for welding processes, which are very
different from the ISO definitions adopted by EN24063.
Designation Description
OFW Oxyfuel Gas Welding
SMAW Shielded Metal Arc Welding (MMA)
SAW Submerged Arc Welding
GMAW Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG/MAG)
FCAW Flux Cored Wire
GTAW Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG)
PAW Plasma Arc Welding
Straight polarity = Electrode -ve
Reverse polarity = Electrode +ve
ASME F Numbers
General Description
1 Heavy rutile coated iron powder electrodes :- A5.1 : E7024
2 Most Rutile consumables such as :- A5.1 : E6013
3 Cellulosic electrodes such as :- A5.1 : E6011
4 Basic coated electrodes such as : A5.1 : E7016 and E7018
5 High alloy austenitic stainless steel and duplex :- A5.4 : E316L-16
6 Any steel solid or cored wire (with flux or metal)
2X Aluminium and its alloys
3X Copper and its alloys
4X Nickel alloys
5X Titanium
6X Zirconium
7X Hard Facing Overlay
Note:- X represents any number 0 to 9
Dr. Ir. Winaarto, M.Sc.
ASME A Numbers
These refer to the chemical analysis of the deposited weld and not the parent
material. They only apply to welding procedures in steel materials.
A1 Plain unalloyed carbon manganese steels.
A2 to A4 Low alloy steels containing Moly and Chrome Moly
A8 Austenitic stainless steels such as type 316.
ASME Welding Positions
Note the welding progression, (vertically upwards or downwards), must always be
stated and it is an essential variable for both procedures and performance
Welding Positions For Groove welds:-
Welding Position Test Position ISO and EN
Flat 1G PA
Horizontal 2G PC
Vertical Upwards Progression 3G PF
Vertical Downwards Progression 3G PG
Overhead 4G PE
Pipe Fixed Horizontal 5G PF
Pipe Fixed @ 45 degrees Upwards 6G HL045
Pipe Fixed @ 45 degrees Downwards 6G JL045
Welding Positions For Fillet welds:-
Welding Position Test Position ISO and EN
Flat (Weld flat joint at 45 degrees) 1F PA
Horizontal 2F PB
Horizontal Rotated 2FR PB
Vertical Upwards Progression 3F PF
Vertical Downwards Progression 3F PG
Overhead 4F PD
Pipe Fixed Horizontal 5F PF
Dr. Ir. Winaarto, M.Sc.
Welding Positions QW431.1 and QW461.2
Basically there are three inclinations involved.
Flat, which includes from 0 to 15 degrees inclination
15 - 80 degrees inclination
Vertical, 80 - 90 degrees
For each of these inclinations the weld can be rotated from the flat position to
Horizontal to overhead.
Dr. Ir. Winaarto, M.Sc.
Dr. Ir. Winaarto, M.Sc.
ASME P Material Numbers
This is a general guide ASME P numbers and their equivalent EN288 groupings. Groups
referred to in the Base Metal column are ASME sub groups. EN288 material groups are
included for comparison only.
P No. EN288 Base Metal
1 1
Carbon Manganese Steels, 4 Sub Groups
Group 1 up to approx 65 ksi
Group 2 Approx 70ksi
Group 3 Approx 80ksi
Group 4 ?
2 - Not Used
3 4 3 Sub Groups:- Typically half moly and half chrome half moly
4 5 2 Sub Groups:- Typically one and a quarter chrome half moly
5A 5 Typically two and a quarter chrome one moly
5B 5
2 Sub Groups:- Typically five chrome half moly and nine chrome one
5C 6 5 Sub Groups:- Chrome moly vanadium
6 8 6 Sub Groups:- Martensitic Stainless Steels Typically Grade 410
7 8 Ferritic Stainless Steels Typically Grade 409
8 9
Austenitic Stainless Steels, 4 Sub groups
Group1 Typically Grades 304, 316, 347
Group 2 Typically Grades 309, 310
Group 3 High manganese grades
Group 4 Typically 254 SMO type steels
9A, B, C 7 Typically two to four percent Nickel Steels
10A,B,C,F,G ? Mixed bag of low alloy steels, 10G 36 Nickel Steel
10 H 10 Duplex and Super Duplex Grades 31803, 32750
10J ? Typically 26 Chrome one moly
11A Group 1 7 9 Nickel Steels
11 A Groups 2
to 5
? Mixed bag of high strength low alloy steels.
11B ? 10 Sub Groups:- Mixed bag of high strength low alloy steels.
12 to 20 - Not Used
21 21 Pure Aluminium
22 22a Aluminium Magnesium Grade 5000
23 23 Aluminium Magnesium Silicone Grade 6000
24 - Not Used
25 22b Aluminium Magnesium Manganese Typically 5083, 5086
26 to 30 Not used
31 Pure Copper
Dr. Ir. Winaarto, M.Sc.
32 Brass
33 Copper Silicone
34 Copper Nickel
35 Copper Aluminium
36 to 40 Not Used
41 Pure Nickel
42 Nickel Copper:- Monel 500
43 Nickel Chrome Ferrite:- Inconel
44 Nickel Moly:- Hastelloy C22, C276
45 Nickel Chrome :- Incoloy 800, 825
46 Nickel Chrome Silicone
47 Nickel Chrome Tungstone
47 to 50 Not Used
51, 52, 53 Titanium Alloys
61, 62 Zirconium Alloys
Dr. Ir. Winaarto, M.Sc.
EN288 Example
Dr. Ir. Winaarto, M.Sc.
Dr. Ir. Winaarto, M.Sc.
Dr. Ir. Winaarto, M.Sc.