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Middle Management Level- Investment Banker with key skills of

Financial Modeling, Valuation, Restructuring and Documentation for the CB, DR & PE deals

Key Functional Areas:

1. To prepare Financial Models
2. To do Financial Analysis
3. To do Valuation of the Companies
4. To restructure the deals
5. To make Information Memorandum & Offering Circular
6. To co-ordinate with the Legal & Financial Due Diligence Team
7. To prepare other documents required for the Issue

I. Current Job Profile: Working from 15-01-2008

Organization : Global Absolute Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai

Designation : Associate Vice President
It is a leading corporate finance arm of the Global Absolute Group with operations in the field of Research,
Brokerage, Fund Management & Realty. It is representative of Hythe Securities Ltd, a FSA regulated body.

Deals: Private equity placement of US$ 40 million in CDIT (Consumer Durable & IT) Retail Company

II. Current Job Profile: Working from 10-10-2005

Organization : Silverdale Services (India) Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai

Designation : Sr. Manager
It is one of the fastest growing corporate finance firms, has raised over US$ 750 million in the last 18
months. Silverdale is ranked amongst the top ten firms in the Bloomberg league tables for Indian convertible
bonds for the period January 2006 until June 2007

Deals: Successfully executed more than ten FCCB, GDR and PE deals for the companies in Steel, Energy,
Coke, Paper, Chemical Pharmaceutical and media sectors

Dubai, UAE Assignment: from 12-09-2007 to 07-11-2007

ƒ To find Investment Opportunities in MENA
ƒ To find Pre-IPO Investment Opportunities in MENA
ƒ To find Co-Investor in UAE & present proposal
ƒ To study the Islamic Finance & Structure Instruments
ƒ To apply for DFSA Registration/ Authorisation
III. Ex Job Profile-I: Finance & Marketing from 01-10-2004

Organization : Net Interactive Limited, Mumbai

Designation : Senior Manager (Domestic & International)

Job Description
A. Finance: -
1. To do feasibility study of the projects
2. To finance the projects of the Company
2. To liaise with the Banks
3. To raise Working Capital for the Company

B. Marketing: - Making Policies of

1. Pricing policy
2. Credit Policy
3. Promotions
4. Market Research
5. Sales Incentive Plan

IV. Ex-Job Profile-II: Marketing from 10-01-04 to 30-09-2004

Organization : Allied Resins & Chemicals Ltd, Kolkata.

Designation : Asst. Manager (Maharashtra & Gujarat)
Product : Specialty Chemicals- PF, UF, MUF
Job Description : Market Analysis, Planning and Organizing
of the product portfolio in Maharashtra & Gujarat market (India)
V. Management Qualification:
Degree : M.M.S. (Master of Management Studies From Mumbai University)
Specialization : Marketing (Major) Management
College : Bharati Vidhyapeeth’s Institute of Management Studies & Research,

Diploma : Certified International Investment Analyst

Institute : ICFAI, India (CIIA® Switzerland-National Level)

VI. Technical Qualification:

College : U.D.C.T., Amravati
Degree : Bachelor of Technology
Branch : Chemical Technology

VII. Personal summary:

Birth date : 01st Sep 1979

Nationality : Indian
Passport No. : E5561233
Marital status : Unmarried
Languages Known : English, Hindi & Marathi