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PART I Choose the correct answer a , b , c , d a. men

or e b. d. research
c. women
Text 1 d. research, men and women
IT”S OFFICIAL – Women’s skin ages faster e. c. both men and women
than men’s
Doctors at Jerusalem University have found 5. Which of this statement is true according to the
that even below the age of 40, woman have 40 text ?
% wrinkle than men. Among people over 60 a. men are more wrinkled than women in the
years old, woman are 75 % more wrinkled than age of 60 years.
men. b. men are the same wrinkled as the women in
Research also shows that both men and over 60 years old.
women who smoke are more wrinkle than those c. women are more wrinkled than men below
who do not smoke. Also women who are heavy the age of 60 years.
smokers risk developing coarse, gray skin. d. men are more wrinkled than women in the
The researchers are trying to identify the same age.
hormones responsible for keeping the skin e. woman are more wrinkled than men in over
smooth and youthful. 60 years old.

1. Doctors at Jerusalem University Concluded Text 2

that……….. 6. Jim : Let me help you with that
a. women look older easily than men Mrs. Lies.
b. women look younger than men Mrs. Lies : Well, Thank you, Jim. Why don’t
c. men get older easily than women you get the hoe and loosen the soil
d. women who like smoking have smooth skin in that flower bed for me ?
e. men have 75 % possibility to become Where did the conversation most probably take
wrinkled place ?
a. In a boat
2. The researchers are trying to find out…. b. In the garden
a. the process of wrinkled c. e. In a flower shop
b. how to keep the skin smooth and youthful d. In a market
c. the process of becoming old e. In a hospital
d. how to keep women younger than men
e. the heavy smokers have low risk to become Text 3
wrinkled. 7. Rien : How do you like your new job, Bill ?
Bill : Fine, this week I have been reading the
3. Which of the words below has similar meaning financial reports and studying the books.
to “ wrinkle “ ? Next week I will probably start to handle
a. dark spot skin some of the accounts.
b. d. small fold or line in the skin what does Bill do for a living ?
c. dry and stiff skin a. He is a librarian.
d. skin allergic to something b. He is a novelist.
e. c. dark and dirty skin c. He is a Professor.
d. He is an accountant.
4. . ……… are more wrinkled than those who do e. He is a reporter.
not smoke. The word “ those “ refers to…...
Text 4 reaches the ground. The average annual
Outstanding opportunity with local real precipitation over the whole of the United State
corporation. Requires strong background in real is thirty – six inches. It should be understood
estate, financing, closing. Some legal training however, that a foot of snow is not equal to a
helpful. Prefer candidat with M.A. and two or foot of precipitation. A general formula for
more years of successful real estate computing the precipitation of snow fall is that
experience. thirty – eight inches of snow is equal to one
Broker’s license required. Salary range $ inch of precipitation. In New York State, for
16,000 - $ 23,000 commensurate with example, seventy – six inches of snow in one
education and experience. Begin immediately. year would be recorded as only two inches of
Interviews will be conducted Tuesday and precipitation. Forty inches of rain would be
Thursday, June 10 and recorded as forty inches of precipitation. The
12. call for an appointment 243-1153, or send a total annual precipitation would be recorded as
letter of application and resume to : forty – two inches.
Personnel Department
Executive Real Estate Corporation 12. The term precipitation includes
500 Capital Aveneue a. only rainfall
Lawrence, Kansas 67884 b. rain, hail, and snow
c. rain, snow, and humidity
8. Which of the following is NOT a requirement for d. only snow fall
the job advertised ? e. hail, snow, and humidity
a. An M.A
b. At least two years experience 13. What is the average annual rainfall in inches in
c. A broker’s license the United State ?
d. Strong background in financing a. Thirty – six inches
e. Extensive legal training b. Forty – two inches
c. seventy – six inches
9. The salary range indicates that d. Forty inches
a. Every applicants would earn $ 23,000 e. thirty – eight inches
b. Everyone earn a beginning salary of $
16,000 14. If a state has 152 inches of snow in a year, by
c. Candidates with an M.A would earn $ how much does this increase the annual
23,000 precipitation ?
d. Some applicants would earn less than $ a. by two feet
16,000 b. by four inches
e. The salary depens upon the amount of c. by four feet
education and work experience that the d. by two inches
applicants has. e. by 152 inches

10. What should an interested candidat submit with 15. Another word which is often used in place of
his or her application ? precipitation is
a. A request for employment a. snow
b. A. phone book b. rainfall
c. A personal letter c. rain – snow
d. A current address and telephone number d. humidity
e. A signed contract e. wetness

11. This passage would most probably be found in Text 6

a. the classified section of a newspaper Baker : It seems to me that the question is not
b. a phone book wheter the metric system should be
c. a journal introduced in the United State, but
d. a college catalogue rather, how it should be introduced.
e. a dictionary Weny : I think that it should be done gradually
to give everyone enough time to adjust.
Text 5 Man : Yes.. Perhaps we could even have two
Precipitation, commonly referred to as system for a while. I mean, we could
rainfall, is a measure of the quantity of water in keep the English system and use metric
the form of either rain, hail, or snow which as an optional system.
Weny : That’s what they seem to be doing. c. He thought that adults should use both
When you go to the grocery store, look systems, but that children should be taught
at the labels on the cans and packages. only the metric system.
They are marked in both ounces and d. He thought that both systems should be
grams. taught to bottle adults children.
Tom : Right, I’ve notice that too. And the e. He thought that a gradual adoption would
weather reporters on radio and TV give be better for everyone.
the temperature readings in both
degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celcius 19. Which word best describes professor Baker’s
now. Attitude toward his students ?
Weny : Some road sign have the distances a. un friendly
marked in both miles and kilometers, b. speculative
especially on the interstate highways. c. uninterested
What do you think, Professors Baker ? d. patronizing
Baker : Well, I agree that a gradual adoption is e. cooperative
better for those of us who have already
been exposed to the English system of 20. Tom : “ I see your point ………”
measurement. But I would favor The underline word means ……….
teaching only metrics in the elementary a. Like
schools. b. Agree
Tom : I see your point. It might be confusing c. Understand
to introduce two system at the same d. Watch
time. e. Know

16. What is the topic under discussion ? Text 7

a. Whether to introduce the metric system in I was driving to work one morning last
the United State week when I noticed a sports car behind me.
b. Which system is better – the English system The driver wanted to overtake me but there
or the metric system was a lot of traffic coming in the opposite
c. How the metric system should be direction. The sport car pulled out several times
introduced in the United State. but could not pass me. We came to a short hill
d. How to convert measurements from the and I saw the sport car move across the road
English system to the metric system. behind me and start to pass. The driver tried to
e. How to compare measurement from the accelerate bur for
English system to the metric system. some reason his car would not go farter. His car
was would not go faster. His car was alongside
17. What changes in measurement in the United mine but could not pass. Then, while the sport
State have the student observed? car was still beside my car, I noticed a truck
a. Grocery stores use only metric for their coming over the top of the hill towards us. I
packaging thought about braking to let the car pass, but
b. Road sign have miles marked on them, but by now there were two or three slower cars
not kilometers. ahead of me, so slowing down night not help.
c. Now the weather on radio and TV is The sport car driver now had to overtake me
reported exclusively in metrics. and the other cars in front of me. It was
d. Both the English system and the metric impossible, the truck was approaching quickly.
system is being used on sign, packages, As it came towards us. The sport car swerved
and in the weather reports. towards me, forcing me to turn sharply, too. My
e. Only the English system is being used on car skidded of the road and collided with a wall.
signs, packages, and in weather reports. The sport
car also slid across the road and hit the wall a
few meters from me. We were not seriously
18. What was Professor Baker’s Opinion ? injured, but both our cars were quite badly
a. He thought that only metrics should be damaged.
b. He thought that only the English system 21. in what time of the day did the story happen ?
should be used. a. at noon
b. d. in the evening
c. in the morning
d. in the afternoon scream. Then at last he found hid voice,
e. last week shouted for help, and almost immediately
afterwards blacked out.
22. who wanted to overtake the writer’s car ? When he opened his eyes again, he was
a. the driver of other car lying in bed in his own home, with his father
b. d. the driver of the writer’s car bending anxiously over him. You should have
c. the driver of the truck known better than to do a silly thing like that
were the first comfortless words he heard after
d. the driver of car ahead the writer his narrow escape.
e. the driver of the sport car
26. The text is about……
23. the drivwr could not overtake the writer’s car a. Philip played skating in the icy lake.
because ……. b. How Philip practiced skating in the icy lake
a. the street was slippery c. Philip fell into the icy lake when skating
b. his car could not go faster there
c. a truck coming over the top of the hills d. How Philip got an accident when skating in
d. there was a lot of traffic coming in the the icy lake
opposite direction e. Philip got an accident when trying to race
e. the sport car moved across the road and his shadow.
start opposite direction
27. The mail idea of paragraph one is…….
24. What happened to the writer at the end of story a. The sun melts the ice in the icy lake
? b. The icy lake was dangerous for skating
a. he hit the wall c. Philip made some preparation for skating
b. d. the sport car hit him d. Philip was in danger when skating in the icy
c. he got accident lake
d. the sport car overtook him e. The situation of the lake where Philip was to
e. he injured badly skate
28. …. And almost immediately afterwards
25. which statement is not true according to the balcked out. ( Paragraph 2 ) The bold –
text ? typed words mean…..
a. the traffic was heavy a. he got into the dark water
b. only the writer’s car was badly damage b. d. it was dark under the water
c. the sport car slid across the road c. he put on dark clothes
d. none of the drivers was seriously injured d. he wasn’t able to see anything
e. the truck was coming over the top of the hill e. he didn’t know what was happening to him

Text 8 Text 9
The sun was getting warm as Philip put on U2 start bono and The Edge showed up
his skates and prepared to go for a run. At the unannounced and played as a warm up act at a
edge of the lake the ice was still quite hard, charity concert in London.
and he did not seem to realize there was any The show delighted the 250 people who had
danger, but nearer the middle of the lake the attended the fundraiser on Friday night for
warm sun had already begun mencap, a charity that campaigns for equal
to melt the ice. rights for children and adults with learning
After making a few practice turns, Philip disabilities.
set out with long sweeping strides to cross the Don’t tell Larry ( Mullen ) and Adam
lake at its widest point. In order to make ( Clayton ) we’ve done this, ‘bono joked about
himself go faster, he tried to race his own his two other band mates from the small stage
shadow as it fell on the ice ahead of him. When at Union Chapel.
he was about half way across, crunch!- the Bono and The Edge – performing as a warm
weak ice suddenly broke beneath his weigh, up act for Biffy Clyro, a Scottish rock band –
and with a splash he fell through it. All the air played four of their songs : Stay, Desire, Angel
was sucked out of his lungs by the shock of the of Harlem and Wave of Sorrow, a track written
freezing water biting into his body so that for for their 1987 album Joshua tree.
twenty or thirty seconds afterwards he was not A member of the audience, Simon Dowling,
even able to 20, from Newcastle, said he was shocked when
the U2 stars suddenly appeared on stage. I’ve
used all the battery on my phone taking angry. “ You are a stupid bird! Why can’t you
pictures of them, ‘ he said – AP. say the word? Say Catano, or I will kill you!” but
the parrot would not say it. Then the man got
29. The text tell us about….. to so angry that the shouted over and over, “
a. U2 stars Bono and The Edge performed at say Catano, or I’ll kill you !” but the bird
Union Chapel. wouldn’t talk.
b. U2 stars Bono and The Edge turned up at a One day after trying for many hours to make
charity Concert the bird say Catano, the man got very angry.
c. U2 stars Bono and The Edge had a He picked up the bird and threw him into the
campaign for Mencap chicken house. “ you are more stupid than the
d. U2 stars Bono and The Edge played for the chickens. Soon I will eat them, and I will eat
fundraiser Mencap you, too.”
e. U2 stars Bono and The Edge entertained In the chicken house there are four old
250 fundraiser for Mencap chickens. They were for Sunday’s dinner. The
man put the parrot in the chicken house and
30. the concert was dedicated for….. left.
a. a Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro. The next day the man came back to the
b. people who have learning disabilities chicken house. He opened the door and s
c. the fundraiser on Friday night concert topped. He was very surprised at what he
d. a campaign for people who have learning saw. He saw three dead chicken on the floor.
disabilities. The parrot was screaming at the fourth
e. Bono’s mates Larry Mullen and Adam chicken, “ Say Catano, or I’ll kill you!”
33. What word couldn’t be said by the parrot ?
31. Which of the following statements is NOT a. except one
TRUE ? b. town
a. larry Mullen and Adam Clayton are member c. catano
of the Edge d. parrot
b. The audience was happy with the e. smart
c. the audience hadn’t known that Bono would 34. Which statement is true according to the text ?
perform. a. the parrot could say Catano
d. Bono and The Edge performance in a non – b. The man eat the parrot for dinner
profit concert c. Catano was the name at the parrot
e. The concert was to collect money for people d. At the last parrot could say Catano
with learning disabilities. e. The man never got angry at the parrot.

32. …. His other two band mates from….( par.3). 35. “ The Parrot was Screaming at the fourth
the word mates can be best replaced with…. chicken “
a. Folks what does the underlined word mean ?
b. teams a. smiling
c. Members b. shouting
d. Friends c. laughing
e. Partner d. crying
e. getting angry
36. This is the bank ……was robbed yesterday.
Text 10
a. who
The Story of the smart Parrot
b. which
A man in Puerto had a wonderful parrot.
c. whose
There wan no other parrot like him. He was
d. whom
very smart. This parrot would san any word –
e. when
except one. He would not say the name of the
town where he was born. The name of the town 37. A boy…………….sister is in my class was in the
was Catano. bank at that time.
The man tired to teach the parrot to say
a. who
Catano. But the bird would not say the word. At
b. which
first the man was very nice, but then he got
c. whose
d. whom
e. when
38. The man………………….robbed the bank had
two pistols.
a. who
b. which
c. whose
d. whom
e. when

39. Mr. Parker was very angry when ……..

neighbors had a night party. …….. talked and
turned on music loudly.
a. His, his
b. His, they
c. He, his
d. They, they
e. His, he
40. Maya and friends went camping. ………..were
free from school. …….. holiday would be fun
and exiting.
a. His, his
b. Our, we
c. He, his
d. They, they
e. we, our

1. When my father …….(come)
home last night, I ……….
(watch) tv in the living room.
2. Maia and Dany love ……….
Children very much. ………..
always give ………………….
3. Write 2 sentences of past
perfect tense!
a. …………………………………
b. …………………………………



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