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november 2009

marci a l. fudge
on civic service, jobs,
healthcare, and more
thi o ne ni a ng
bringing minority business
owners together
miesha wilson + jeane holley + jay-z concert + party pics
urban culture, community, & business
in Northeast Ohio

canvas november 2009

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07 editors note
24 party pictures
26 event calendar
30 the list+

08 angel perryman
- love & relationships
09 jeane holley
- tips for young professionals

14 listen up: britni elise

15 thione niang
- youth, business, & progress

18 marcia l. fudge
- fighting for all of us

22 miesha wilson
- cleveland’s queen of fit




Editor’s Note
W hy is the Queen the most power-
ful piece on a chessboard? What
makes Batman such an effective superhero?
Why do we go to Wal-Mart?

The answer is...options.

How many options do you have? By options,

I mean anything that presents you with add-
ed opportunities to live a better life and take
care of those around you.

Why speak only one language? Why only

have one degree? Why have only one source
of income? Why be able to only do one
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on
your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Batman has a myriad of weapons and gad-
him, and he shall direct your paths.” gets to select from his utility belt when de-
feating villanious foes throughout Gotham
-Proverbs 3:5-6 City. What’s in your utility belt? How many
moves can you make?

Don’t settle. Make a move. The move’s on


This issue would not be possible without

most importantly my Creator, Mom and
Dad, the Canvas Magazine staff, and our un-
believeable advertisers.

See you in December!

Jay Bobo

PROFILE | love&relationships

Three things that you notice in a

man? Eyes, arms, and feet.

What are some turnoffs? What

are some turn-ons? My turnoffs
would be foul language and poor hygiene.
Turn-ons are simply good hygiene and a
angelperryman man that loves family.
account executive
Whats the best way for a guy to
introduce himself in public? Just
Bio: say hi!
Mother of two, loves to
cook, travel, and spend What’s the worst experience
time outdoors
you have had with the opposite
Status: sex? Being forced to listen to a rant of
Single how terrible life is and how it’s all doom
and gloom.
Downtown What’s your idea of a perfect
first date? Take me skydiving, I’d love
you forever.


young professionals | PROFILE

singleton & partners (multicultural marketing firm)

Age: Describe your typical work day? It can consist of a wide spectrum
28 of things from pitching story ideas to gain exposure for our clients, , writing
stories to be placed in various publications, and keeping our clients updated
Title: with status reports on the progress of their projects and events. I also do
Marketing research, meet with clients and partners, as well as set-up and facilitate
Communications meetings with organizations allowing our clients to present their company.
Why is your job important? Our world has become a very diverse
Location: place to live and it is imperative that companies recognize and keep up.
Shaker That’s where I come in; I keep the community informed about the projects,
Heights events and initiatives that are being executed by our clients.

School: What are the advantages and disadvantages of your profes-

University sion? My day changes from day to day, and I am not stuck behind a desk. A
of Akron disadvantage is trying to keep up, if you are not knowledgeable about what
is current and the trends in our world today you will get left behind!
BA, Mass Media What advice do you have for people seeking a similar career
Communication path? It is essential to keep up with the times, always be open-minded and
willing to learn. Remember no idea is too big or unattainable! Network
every chance that you get, because you never know who is sitting right
next to you!

What is the salary range for your position? $42,500-$57,000

What’s your favorite quote? “He who is not courageous enough to

take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” -Muhammad Ali

Free Birthday Parties
(complimentary invitations & bottle of champagne)

Contact 216-870-1376 for more information

5120 Warrensville Rd
Maple Heights, OH


Welcome to some serious bar-b-que. Since
1958, my family has been dedicated to
serving the most scrumptious Southern
cookin’ made from scratch.

My dad, Eddie Beckham, was born in

Georgia and my mom was from
Alabama. It’s those soulful flavors that
make B&M Bar-B-Que so memorable. It’s
all here in my lip-smackin’ sauce, tender
meats and signature side that‘ll
make you glad you’re alive.

Thanks for checking us out. We’ll do ev-

erything we can to make your day better.

20% off valid
December 5th
any dinner 12/05/09
This coupon is valid at any of the following BECKHAM’s B&M Locations: 852 Copley (Akron),
5594 Warrensville, 18909 South Miles, 3965 Lee Rd, 12626 Bellaire Ave, & Thistledown
Greg’s Specialties
Fried Okra .....Small 2.29 ......Large 3.79 Pigs Feet & Black Eyed Peas ................9.09
Chili Cheese Fries 3.29 ....................3.29 Spaghetti & Meat Sauce .....................10.99
Chili Bowl 3.59 .............................3.59 Chitterlings Only ..............................13.99
Oxtails & Rice 9.99 ....................9.99 Chitterlings Dinner ...........................15.99

Chicken Pit-Grilled
6 pc Wing Dinner ......................6.99
4 pc Chicken Dinner ...................8.99
4 Chicken & 2 Fish Dinner ...........11.99 4 Short or Long ..........................8.59
(Choice of catfish, perch or whiting) Rib Bone Dinner .........................8.79
4 pc Bucket ..............................4.95 Pulled Pork Shoulder Dinner ..........8.99
10 pc Bucket .............................9.99 4 Center Cut Rib Bone Dinner .........8.99
3 pc Wing & Fries ......................2.99 5 Beef Rib Bone Dinner
2 Wing, 2 Rib Bones & Fries Combo.5.99 .5. 2 Rib Bones, 2 Wings
Wings per piece ........................0.89 & Fries Combo ............................5.99
Pork Rib Bones per piece ...............1.85

8 oz. Rib Tips ..........................5.09
12 oz. Rib Tips ........................6.69
16 oz. Rib Tips .........................8.99 4 pc Fried Perch Dinner ..................9.59
DINNERS INCLUDE 2 SIDES 3 pc Whiting Dinner .....................9.59
Rib Tip Dinner ........................8.99 4 pc Catfish Dinner .......................9.59
16 oz. T-Bone Dinner ...............19.99 7 pc Jumbo Shrimp Dinner ............10.99
Pork Chop Dinner ....................10.99 6 pc Scampie Dinner ...................11.99
(Choice of pit-grilled or breaded) 2 Fish & 4 Shrimp Dinner .............11.99
(Choice of catfish, perch or whiting)
2 Fish & 4 Chicken Dinner .............11.99
(Choice of catfish, perch or whiting)
Fish per piece ..............................2.89

852 Copley Rd.

5591 Warrensville. 18909 South Miles 3965 Lee Rd. 12626 Bellaire Ave
Akron 44326 Maple Hts 44137 (Inside the Cleveland 44128 Cleveland 44135
330.252.0910 216.475.8726 Word Church) 216.751.2796 216.889.RIBS
Warrensville Hts 44128
Mon-Thurs Sun-Thurs 216.663.RIBS (7427) Sun-Thurs Sun-Wed
11am-Midnight 1030am-1am 216.475.3623 11am-1am 11am-10pm
Fri & Sat Fri & Sat Fri & Sat Thurs & Sat
11 10:30am-4am 11am-4am
11 11am-1am
PROFILE | listenup

BRITNI ELISE written by Andre Cisco II

A t just 19 years of age and with her

debut single, “Satisfied” gaining na-
tional airplay, Britni Elise has been sing-
ing since she can remember. She began
by emulating artist like Whitney Houston,
Tina Turner and Prince under the direc-
tion of her father.

By the age of 12, Britni Elise had put to-

gether her very own group for which she
wrote and produced eleven tracks on
their debut album. Eventually the group
disbanded but that did not stop Britni
from eventually deciding to pursue her
solo career.

Most recently Britni Elise was signed to

KLO Entertainment, a company founded
by former Cleveland Indian, Kenny Lof-
ton. “I am so happy to be signed to KLO
Entertainment! I ended up singing ‘Listen’
for everyone and Kenny fell in love with
my voice and decided to join the team!”

Since signing, Britni has performed along-

side Latoya Luckett, Mario and Lil’ Boosie
while looking forward to the 2010 re-
lease of her debut album which will be
produced by Harvey Mason Jr. Harvey has
worked on projects such as More Than a
words gabe crenshaw
Game and Dream Girls.

Although we are just beginning to see the

flower of this young talent start to blos-
som, Britni Elise is working hard to reap
the benefits of her long awaited dream.
Find out more about Britni Elise at CanvasCleveland.com


local entrepreneurs | PROFILE

written by Andre Cisco II

tn consulting, age: 31

T hione, one of 28 children, was born and raised in Senegal, West Africa. In 2002, he
came to Cleveland with $20, no family, and unable to speak English. In those nine
years since his arrival, Thione has been awarded the “Call & Post” Most Influential Per-
son for 2009, and has worked with County Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones, Mayor
Frank Jackson, Councilman Kevin Conwell and Obama for America.

Recently, he started the Executive Round-

table which is a select group of local en-
trepreneurs and executives from minori- TN CONSULTING
ty-ran businesses and organizations. They Event Planning & Public Relations
meet to receive and share pertinent in-
formation on business opportunities and Start-up Year: 2006
organizational growth. “We also utilize
strong networking opportunities to con- Services: campaign management,
nect local and national businesses with leadership development, project manage-
international partners,” mentions Thione. ment, pr and marketing
Though, he has achieved much, it hasn’t all
been easy. “I work hard and refuse to let
“We aim to help global leading organi-
obstacles determine the life that I live.” zations make decisive improvements in
“I understood that disappointments are their performance by sparking break-
necessary experiences on the way to ul- through business ideas.”
timate success.”

It’s this type of undying spirit and work

ethic needed in Northeast Ohio. Thione Read the rest of our interview with Thione Niang at CanvasCleveland.com

were glad you’re here!

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coventry + beachwood place

marcia l. fudge
Between job losses, foreclosures, and health insurance, it’s a
difficult time for many Cleveland folks. But thankfully, there’s
someone fighting for us all, Marcia.
written by Andre Cisco II



ince filling the 11th District Seat of Talk about some of the transitions
Ohio vacated by the passing of her you had to make when switching
dear friend, Representative Stepha- titles from Mayor to Congress-
nie Tubbs-Jones, Congresswoman Marcia L. woman? Adapting to life in Congress was a
Fudge has been working twofold to ensure big transition. I now travel to D.C. weekly to
that the legacy of her close companion is vote and serve thirty times more constitu-
recognized through her own hard work and ents, who are extremely diverse and require
dedication. more tailored services.

We recently sat down with Congresswoman The Congressional decision making process
Fudge to discuss her role in changing Cleve- is entirely different. While serving as city
land for the better, the key issues on the executive, I made decisions quickly and effi-
upcoming November ballot and the future ciently. Congress is a much larger deliberat-
direction of our nation. ing body, so consensus building takes longer.

Tell us about yourself? I was born and What did it mean to you when you
raised in Northeast Ohio. In fact, I graduatedwere chosen to replace your close
from Shaker Heights High, earned a Busi- friend the late Stephanie Tubbs
ness Administration degree from Ohio State Jones as Representative for the
University and a law degree from Cleveland 11th District of Ohio? I was truly hon-
State University. ored when chosen to replace Stephanie be-
cause I know that she would have wanted
Professionally, I was privileged to work with me to do so. I want to ensure that her legacy
my friend Stephanie Tubbs Jones as chief ad- is rightfully recognized as one that positively
ministrator while she was Cuyahoga County impacted the District and its young people.
Prosecutor. When she was elected to Con-
gress I became her Chief of Staff.

After that experience, I served for 9 years as

“I ran for public office
Mayor of Warrensville Heights. to serve and fight for
Since November of 2008, I have served as a
my neighbors.”
Member of the United States House of Rep-
resentatives for the Eleventh Congressional What were some of your primary
District of Ohio. goals coming into your term last
November and how would you rate
What was your childhood like and your progress in achieving those
how did your upbringing allow you goals over your first year in office?
to arrive at this point right now? I focus on supporting legislation that stimu-
Throughout my childhood the adults in my lates job growth, reduces foreclosures, and
life, particularly my mother and aunt, em- improves health care. Significant progress
phasized the importance of civic engage- has been made during my eleven months in
ment and social responsibility. Growing up office.
watching them volunteer on campaigns, re-
inforced my belief that those actions were What is the toughest obstacle that
synonymous with being a good citizen. As a the City of Cleveland currently
result, my professional career has been cen- faces and what steps do we need
tered on service. I ran for public office to to take to overcome that obstacle?
serve and fight for my neighbors. Undoubtedly, poverty, the lack of jobs, and
rampant foreclosures are the largest obsta-


cles facing Cleveland at this time. Economic Americans being denied health insurance for
development and job training within expand- everything from being the victims of domes-
ing industries will overcome these hurdles. tic violence to diabetes.

How do you feel about the prog- There will be no co-pay for preventive care,
ress that Cleveland has made in such as annual preventive care appointments,
the last four years? Which mayoral and physicals.
candidate would lead us in a posi-
tive direction for the future? Over Your annual medical expenses will be capped.
the past four years Cleveland has presented You will no longer worry about whether
a balanced budget and encouraged develop- you can afford that necessary medical pro-
ment. While more city renewal is needed, cedure.
Mayor Jackson laid a solid foundation for job
creation. Mayor Jackson has my support. How would you rate the progress
of our country as Obama nears the
What’s the most important is- conclusion of his first year in office?
sue regarding the healthcare re- President Obama has not yet served a year
form debate and how will Obama’s in office. He should be allowed to do so be-
healthcare plan affect Northeast fore we offer judgment on his record.
Ohioans if it is adopted by Con-
gress? The core issue is how to provide What do you hope will have trans-
affordable and comprehensive health insur- pired over this next year for the
ance for the 86,000 uninsured individuals in City of Cleveland and for the State
my Congressional district. America’s Afford- of Ohio? At this point next year, I hope
able Health Choices Act will provide afford- that all local, state and federal efforts have
able insurance for 97% of those individuals. culminated into making Cleveland a better
The plan will have amazing effects. place to do business and live. Also, I hope
2010 elections return those to office who
Finally, people will not be denied coverage will work together on progressive agendas
because of pre-existing conditions. Also, if to enhance Northeast Ohio.
you develop a new illness or condition, you
will not be dropped from your plan. Un- Read the rest of our interview with Marcia Fudge
fortunately, we have documented cases of at CanvasCleveland.com


“Home of the Chicken &
Steak Potato”

12503 Union Ave

(216) 752-5402
“We all, we got!”

Bring in this ad, receive $2 off any steak philly

Valid until November 30th, 2009

get fit
or else!
There’s a movement going on, Miesha Wilson & NuLife
Fitness have been quickly leading the charge to get Cleveland
healthy. Meet Cleveland’s Queen of Fit! by Andre Cisco II

he buzz in the streets surrounding Finally, I finish with teaching my evening
the success of the NuLife Personal classes, helping my husband with dinner and
Fitness program has become too big following up on emails/client concerns.
not to acknowledge.  With a rap sheet of nu-
merous success stories that have knocked What are three tips you have for
off over 40,000 pounds in only three years, those that have an interest in your
30 year old founder and personal fitness in- particular field/industry? Educa-
structor, Miesha, continues to stress to her tion, Education, and Education. Often times,
clients that accomplishments come in all people enter this business thinking it’s a
shapes and sizes. quick way to make money but quickly re-
alize it takes true PASSION for health, fit-
Tell us about yourself. Who are ness & saving lives! It is very important to
you? How do you pay the bills? I am be knowledgeable when going into this field
a 30 year old Fitness Entreprenuer (Fitness because others put trust in you by putting
Trainer & Business Owner). their health in your hands.
What’s it like to be an entrepre- Why should I work out at NuLife?
neur? Being an entrepreneur is like being Can’t I workout on my own? We pro-
able to breathe life into your dreams and vide a supportive & positive environment all
exhale your passion. while giving the best workouts in town! If
  everyone had the motivation to work out
How did you make the jump from on his or her own, Nulife wouldn’t be in high
having a job to working for your- demand. At Nulife, we do not compromise
self? When did you decide to quit accountability because that is what people
and not look back? The breaking point seek, someone to ensure they stay on track.
came when my clientele grew to about 100 If you compare personal training rates
clients, while working full-time and complet- (which we do offer) you’ll find our program
ing a Masters program. It was physically tax- garners comparable results at a fraction of
ing on my body and letting go of my passion the cost.   
and my education were never an option.  
How does NuLife give back to its
Then while having lunch with a close friend community? Every year we provide back-
of mine, he asked me when was I going to packs & school supplies to at-risk children
stop acting like “Linus”? He said this job is in the community. We donate makeovers in
like your security blanket  for you  just like conjunction with other business owners and
Linus’ blanket on Charlie Brown & you have sponsor a local Glenville community cheer-
to let it go. Shortly after, I put in my 2 weeks leading team.
What should we have asked you
Describe your typical workday at and why? You should have asked about my
NuLife? As a business owner I am never support system. My husband helps me stay
technically “off.” My day starts with teaching sane, grounded and happy. He likes to stay
a 6am class most days, rushing back home to behind the scenes but he plays a huge role in
see my daughter off to school and going back making these wheels turn on a daily basis.
to do a 9am class.Throughout the afternoon
I complete my administrative duties, get my What’s next for NuLife? We are now
personal workout in, answer emails, com- Proud Partners of the Cleveland Cavaliers
plete client consultations, conduct business and Lake Erie Monsters Local Favorites. We
meetings and attend to staffing needs.  are expanding to Atlanta in November and
we are bringing more results in 2010!

| event pictures

Hair Addict: The Fix

October 5, 2009 - Demetria Francis & De’Franco salons held a special hair show
featuring a number of local stylists and fashion lines at Headlines by De’Franco.
photos by jbobo - canvascleveland.com
7th Annual Minority Men’s Health Fair
September 24, 2009 - Dr. Charles Modlin & the Cleveland Clinic held their annual
health event at Cleveland Clinic (Glickman Tower). 25
| event pictures

“Jay-Z ‘Blueprint 3’ Concert”

October 22, 2009 - Jay-Z’s “Blueprint 3” Tour featuring N.E.R.D., Wale,
Memphis Bleek, and J.Cole at the CSU Wolstein Center.
photos by jbobo - canvascleveland.com
“McCafe Experience”
October 2, 2009 - McDonald’s presented a special evening event featuring a
performance by Britni Elise at Sunset Lounge.
calendar - november 2009
Would you like to add your event to our calendar?
Email us at info@canvascleveland.com

11/06 Eric Benet 11/07 “That’s My S#it!”
w/ Mint Condition & Ledisi w/ DJ KNyce & Varsity Squad
@ Palace Theatre, 7pm @ Touch Supper Club
Visit onsomevs.com for more info.
11/13 Boney James
@ Ohio Theatre, 8pm 11/12 Open Mic Night
w/ poet Kelli Danice (weekly)
11/21 Conya Doss @ Olive Twyst, 26159 Euclid Ave, 8-10pm
w/ DJ Krate Digga Call 216-269-1121 for more info.
@ Stage Door (University of Akron), 9pm
11/18 S.O.U.P. Lunch
11/28 Chimera Patrice w/ Basheer Jones
@ Kennedy’s Cabaret, 8pm @ Crowne Plaza Hotel
Visit thesoupnetwork.com for more info.
12/06 R.Kelly
@ Palace Theatre, 7pm 11/19-22 Tommy Davidson
@ Cleveland Improv, 8pm & 10:15pm
12/06 Raekwon Contact (216) 696-4677 for more info.
@ Peabody’s Concert Club, 6:30pm
11/27-29 Sheryl Underwood
@ Cleveland Improv, 8pm & 10:15pm
Contact (216) 696-4677 for more info.

11/13 12th MicroBrew Extravaganza
Proceeds benefit Free Medical Clinic of Greater
Cleveland, Tickets $55 ($35 tax deductible)
@ Massimo da Milano, 6:30pm
Visit thefreeclinic.org for tickets and more info

Free Flu & Pneumonia Shots

Courtesy of Cleveland Department of Public
Health. Call (216) 664-4621)

@ Zelma George Rec (11/19), 4pm

3165 MLK Blvd, 420-8800
@ J. Glen Smith Health, 12:30pm
11100 St. Clair Ave 420-8800
@Fairhill Senior Center (12/02), 10a
12200 Fairhill Rd, 421-1350


the list +
Would you like to add your business to the list? Contact us now to find out
how, email info@canvascleveland.com

1785 coventry rd EATS//
932-0700 sergio sarava
13225 shaker sq
next coventry 295-1200
1800 coventry rd
371-0777 el taino supreme clientele
3038 scranton 1649 lee rd
621-4888 932-4845
style lounge
1273 w. 9th st
664-1104 luckys cafe flawless
777 starkweather ave 7812 superior ave
622-7773 391-4166
1781 coventry rd
397-2923 xo primesteaks all-starz
500 w. saint clair 12619 larchmere blvd
621-5652 231-7827
athletes foot
2545 e. 55th st
361-2223 bluepointe grille major league
700 w. saint clair 3831 lee rd
875-7827 752-4247
4071 lee rd
751-5656 taste of jamaica supastarz
3936 mayfield rd 2541 e. 55th st
382-3936 361-1381
2671 w. 14th st
274-1220 mr. wonderfuls SALONS//
5354 lee rd. headlines
475-9233 5160 wilson mills rd
2110 s. taylor 440-605-0500
932-5326 bodega
1854 coventry bangs
932-3050 4149 mayfield rd
b&m barbeque
5501 warrensville ctr hair cafe
475-8720 3964 mayfield rd
1390 w. 9th st transformers
687-9494 4110 mayfield rd


madisons nulife fitness
4066 mayfield rd 3615 superior ave
381-4995 481-4446

winners fit challenge

770 e. 185 st 5225 northfield
383-9300 662-7830

20/20 martini urban active

2020 center st 131 market st
776-0202 440-892-4653

5120 warrensville ctr

thenail&toe manicures.pedicures.acrylics

boutik .retail.boutik-on-the-go

3964 mayfield, inside of hair cafe

contact: 216.323.5687

november 2009

miwantseshayou wito lson

change your life! repon .civmarci a fudge
ic service, jobs,
healthcare and more...
thione niang + britni elise + jay-z concert + party pictures