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God’s Hand of Blessing Forms Our Identity

by Pastor Thomas Schaller
June 10, 2009

2 Chron. 34. As we think of young people, we think of God's love for

them. How many times in the Bible young people, in their hearts listen
and through life they find in their faith, as they walk by faith, they
grow. In this chapter, there was a young King, Josiah, vs 1. He was 8
years old when he began to reign. During his reign, Daniel was born.
Daniel was a young person. The study I did was, these young people
were gifted and good looking. King Nebachadnezzar wanted 70
talented kids between 14 and 17. They were very skillful in language
and good looking. The king didn't want anyone around him that wasn't
good looking. He wanted the smart kids to teach and train.

Before Daniel was taken to captivity to Persia, he was in Israel, maybe

7 to 12 years old. In this chapter, this is the context of Daniel's young

vs 14 - Hilkiah found the book of the law...He said, I've found the book
of the law in the house of the Lord. Its a marvel, that the Bible could
be lost, the scrolls, the book of Moses, was ignored in the house of
God. It was overlooked.

vs 16 - Shaphan carried word to the king...and said...they have

gathered together the money into the house of the Lord...Shapan said,
Hilkiah the priest gave me a book. When the king heard the words of
the law, he tore his clothes...and...go and inquire of the Lord for me
and those left in Israel and Judah...Great is the wrath of the Lord bec.
our fathers ahve not kept the word of the Lord written in this book.

When they found the book, they were convicted. Revival broke out.
This was a revival that happened during this kings reign. Daniel was a
little boy.

I think of our children being exposed today to something important in

teh hearts of people. In the BOC, we see people from all over the
world. We say, we have found the book in Girkistan...in the border of
China. We read it. Its very personal. Then, it becomes public. It
remains very personal as you live in a midst of the crowd of the world,
we live above it, in a secret place with God speaking to our hearts.
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This happened to Daniel.

When Daniel went to Persia, Dan. 1; The way of life is above. The
private personal words of God, spoken to our hearts, gives us an
identity. This boy in chap. 1, what could he do in a foreign country
with a very powerful king, Nebachadnezzar.

Chap. 1:8 - Daniel purposed in his heart not to defile himself with the
portion of the kings meat. Where did he learn that? In the book. It was
lost in the hosue of the Lord.

Prin: That's like a church that has a big black Bible on a pedistal
covered in dust. But, we have found the book...and we read it. REvival
comes from the word. The HS speaks to our hearts. There is
something moving in our hearts in faith. WE have problems, but we
have faith...We are not perfect, but have faith.

Daniel (God is my judge), he had a friend, Hananiah, another Hebrew

(Yahweh is gracious); Mishael and Azariah (Yahweh is my helper).

Daniel - became Belshazzar, a hethan god. To change his identity. He

was a jew in revival. He was ripped away from mom and dad, as a
good looking talented guy, in the midst of revival, and given a heathen
name. But, your name is not necessarily your identity...We consider
what we have here. When we find the Word of God. When we find the
Bible, it opens up to us. We have a life not from Nebachadnezzar. You
may call me the keeper of the treasury of Baal, but I know who I am,
Daniel would say. God is my judge.

Neba called Hananiah, Shadrak, the moon God. Mishael was called
Mishak, the goddess of shak...He had a cunning strategy. He tried to
get them to forget their godly heritage.

We put high regard upon our kids. We teach them the way they should
go. The world is eager to slap a label on them...

vs 8, Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with
the gourmet meals of the king nor the wine he drank...

My identity. I read this story the oppos. of Moses. When Moses was in
Egypt as a boy, he went right into pharoh's house and learned the way
of the Egyptians. Then, at 40, he said, No! I'm a jew, not an Egyptian.
I think of diff. stages in our lives, this happens. This is the work of
grace. WE live one way, and then say, I want God.
We learned this way, but now we believe another way. WE have
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decided in our heart. Daniel did this as a young man.

in vs 17 - these 4 children, God gave them know. and skill...in

wisdom...and Daniel und. visions and dreams.

vs 19 - the king communed with them. Not one was like Daniel. You
don't know what God will do, when you honor God. Thank God for our
teachers. In our school and church, we are one. The vision of our
church is the same for our school. Our kids are growing up in an
atmosphere of wisdom...our kids get education with absolutes as their
foundation. THey benefit from it...there is an advantage...often its
detected and seen and recognized. This is the highest form of
education, rooted in Spiritual revival.

One thing the devil hides, is the book. He doesn't want us to know it.
Back in Isreal, as a boy, was he 14? He was taken away. He made the
decision, and God gave him wisdom and und'g more than anyone in all

vs 19,20 - these 4 boys were 10 times better than all the magicians
and astrologers of the king. The world meas's intelligence, but who can
meas. wisdom? Who can meas. what God has given to us? Who can
meas...we put it in its right place.

You can't build your life around your kids, education, or self. You must
build you life on words from God. How do we know what will happen?
That Gods' hand will be on a young person?

How about in Matthew...the disciples were hindering the children from

coming. What were they coming for? They were coming to Jesus.
Jesus put them in his lap and blessed them. The blessing of God. I
know, often in our families, we want our kids to have a right
perspective. Many get an education but their life doesn't go very far.
Education can't bring your life to an end, as God's hand does. We
teach young people...that we also say, No! That's what Daniel did.

Nope! I can't eat this food. I heard back home, we can't eat this food.
I'm not going to do it. Yea...but the king. You could become great. I'm
not here to be great. I'm here to honor God.

Don't you see the strategy? If you honor the king, you could be great
in the world...I'm not part of anything that dishonors God and the
scripture. I can't manage my life. Who can manage our own footsteps?
not to mention the destiny of our kids. Bring then in the way of God.
Teach them to say no and yes to God.
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Lets bring a missionary into our house. There is no greater education.

Tell us about India...China...tell us about faith, prayer, and the Bible.
WE are in a church where we have these amazing stories close to us
bec. of people that honor the Word. We come back bringing our
sheaves with us.

Missions is the best kept secret in the world. You will see the hand of
God. Let the little ones come to me. I will instruct them in the way
they should go. That's what we are doing here. That's our mission as a
church. Near by and far away...let us care for them, teach them, when
they fail, forgive them...Christ will never fail. When we find that love,
and they find it,

Lastly, Joseph was with his brothers. He wanted to show himself to

them. Jesus showed himself to the jews, or young people. He put all
the Egyptians out.

Prin: We must get out all the Egyptians out of the room to see Christ.
WE can't live in sin and find JC in reality. You may say prayers, but do
you know him? Joseph then said, I am Joseph. They knew hiim.

What happens when a young person finds Him? THey grow and learn.
In this book of Daniel, you see him rising to the crisis and stepping
back. God was with him.
Its a beautiful story tonight. Parents, we are in a battle. Lets see God
with His word of God revival affect young peope. Generation after
Gen...we'll see the goodness of God.

Then, we will see young people and say, is your name Daniel or
Belshazzar? A rose by any other name is still a rose. I'm Daniel. Call
me whatever. I've got something in me. God is with me. When I honor
God, then you will find out God is with me. Amen!