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ProjectCode ProjectTitle Description Assembled Price Kit Price EP055 METAL DETECTOR - ALL METAL TYPE METAL DETECTOR

- ALL METAL TYPE- Detection of weapons such as knives and guns, especially at airports, geophysical prospecting, archaeology and treasure hunting 2000 0 EL011 AUTOMATIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROLLER CUM ENERGY SAVER It counts the number of persons entered in a hall and accordingly control the electrical device. Thus it is helpful for energy saving in room. 3500 2000 EL050 OPTICAL FIBRE/LASER BASED APPLIANCE SWITCHING SYSTEM A Multiple or single device control circuit can be operated with this circuit. 3000 0

EL058 3 PHASE APPLIANCE PROTECTOR User lines connected to power supply lines can be disconnected there from by a connect/disconnect switch. An isolation rectifier circuit connected across the each phase wit operational relays. Output of the rectifier circuit controlled by a timer and through that timer operates the switch. The timer restores the connection in failure of any one or two phases. 4000 0 EL058 BLUETOOTH BLUE TOOTH OPERATED DEVICE CONTROLLER This remotely operated device controller will work with mobile blue tooth network. 6500 0 8951-01 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED METRO TRAIN PROTOTYPE The project shows resemblance as you are traveling in metro train. It will display three station at LCD and a stepper motor to rotate clock or anti-clock wise. 2500 1500

8951-02 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED VOTING MACHINE The voting system for four candidates with memory backup to restore the results to be viewed with password. 3000 1500 8951-03 MICROCONTROLLER 89C51 BASED TEXT EDITOR WITH MOVING DISPLAY The project comprises 30 keys to edit any message in English.One can restore the message in memory IC. The 16 characters at a time can be view in running mode. 3500 1800 8951-04 MICROCONTROLLER 89C51 BASED FULL FUNCTION STEPPER MOTOR CONTROLLER The project will operate the stepper motor in almost all modes viz. clock, anticlock, speed and frequency control with time duration for both directions. 2200 1200 8951-08 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED CALL MONITORING SYSTEM An economical room monitoring system for eight channels and with buzzer indication and seven segment display provides feed back to the caller. 1500 800

8951-09 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED INDUSTRIAL FAULT MONITORING SYSTEM It will check the faults like over temperature, water level, power failure & over voltage. at the monitor. One can link this with RF data encoders/decoder for wireless link[optional] 4000 0 8951-10 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED AUTOMATIC STEET LIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM CUM ENERGY SAVER The circuit will automatically switch off the street lights when there is no vehicle on road or while moving and control the day/night funtion as well. 3500 0 8951-11 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED SAFETY GUARD FOR BLIND This embedded safety guard system with voice processor to play the prerecorded message in case of any obstacle is detected by the blind person. It's a kind of Intelligent blind stick. 4000 0 8951-12 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED FASTEST FINGER FIRST Useful for Quiz games, dumb charades. It display the player no. along with the beep for seven players. 1500 800

8951-13 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED TEMPERATURE METER CUM CONTROLLER It will display the room temperature on LCD and one can set the desired value to indicate the alarm or control at a desired teperature. It uses an ADC to interface with LM-35 sensor. 3500 2000 8951-14 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED INFRARED REMOTE CONTROLLED SWITCH BOARD 4 APPLIANCES):One can operate (on/off) four electrical devices with TV remote syncronised with circuit independently. 4000 0 8951-15 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED RANK DISPLAY SYSTEM FOR RACE & QUIZ COMPETITION WITH LCD It can resolve the time difference(may be few milliseconds) and indicate the correct ranking between the individuals denoted A to H 2500 1800 8951-16 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED AUTO GEAR SHIFTING SYSTEM The circuit shows the demo of auto shifting of gears using stepper motor with the change in speed of vehicle. One can change the speed of DC motor as actual vehicle running wheel. 6500 0

8951-18 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED SPEED LIMITER ROBOT VEHICLE A Robotic car that auto control its speed limit as set by commanding controller and makes its auto breaking when speed accelates due to rise in speed of motor. 8000 0 8951-17 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED AUTO SPEED LIMITER/GOVERNER WITH AUTO BREAKING The project is to read the rpm of a automobile and according to that it limits the speed as Speed Governor. One can change the speed with variable control. The output is connected to a chopper circuit to drive motor. 7500 0 8951-19 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED LINE FOLLOWER ROBOT - LFR A robotic car that follows the black line at the floor area. The sensing circuit based on Infrared transmission. 2800 1500 8951-20 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED OVER CURRENT RELAY The circuit senses the over current and limit the relay. 4500 0

8951-21 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED 'YES MASTER' ROBOT This intersting ROBOT will obey the signals from his Master and follows him always. It will follow the footsteps of Master. 3500 1800 8951-22 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED DATA DRIVEN DISPLAY It shows how you can use the controller to drive an LCD module and in turn use it as a handheld device to set the parameters of the control unit through RS-232 serial link. It comprises two units Control unit and a LCD module unit. Any wired or wir 8500 0 8951-23 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED TELEREMOTE SWITCH The project can is to remotely control four electrical devices using a landline or mobile to be connected with the circuit. It can be modified with voice acnowledgement using voice processor 4000 0

8951-24 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED TRIPPING SEQUENCE CODE INDICATOR The electrical utility project that indicates the MCB tripped on the first if short circuit arises and the sequence for total eight areas at LCD display. 3800 2600 8951-26 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED RFID ATTENDENCE MONITOR The project will show the names of person on LCD who has pressed the RFID key through Encoder circuit. DATA decoder circuit will allows 16 persons to display their names on LCD using microcontroller. Projcet included single RF tranmitter reciever cir 7500 0 8951-27 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED LED LIGHT CHASER With the help of this one can display 5 different effects for running lights with using 24 relays or theristor switching. One can change the speed also. 4200 0

8951-28 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED SMS DEVICE SWITCHING This circuit will control four electrical devices by sending SMS from any mobile. The hardware consist of GSM modem with sim card to detect SMS. 9500 0 8951-29 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED MOVING MESSAGE DISPLAY The character display segments (Matrix)8X8x8 will show set of messages selected from four keys in moving effect like Happy New year, Happy Birthday, Welcome to Electronics Dept. Moving Display can be changed by simply pressing the key. 4800 0 8951-30 MICROCONTROLLER 89C51 BASED MOBILE RINGER It will create ringtones as we hear in mobile phones. 1800 1000 8951-31 MICROCONTROLLER 89C51 BASED DC MOTOR SPEED DIRECTION CONTROL WITH LCD MONITORING The project will run a DC motor with options to change its speed & direction with the facility to view all functions on LCD display unit. The output is connected to a chopper circuit to drive motor. 3800 0

8951-32 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED INDUCTION MOTOR (ac) DRIVER The project will run an Induction motor to change its speed with the facility to view all functions on LCD display unit. The output is connected to a Traic driver circuit to drive motor. 4800 0 8951-33 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED HIGHWAY SPEED LIMITER The project is to read the speed of automobile and according to the specified limit, it sends the RF signal to control the speed automatically. One can set any speed out of four. 6000 0 8951-34 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED PHASE ANGLE CONTROL USING SCR This is a power switching circuit using SCR that controls the output signal by switching it 'on' or 'off', thereby controlling the power to the load. 4800 2500 8951-35 MICROCONTROLLER 89C51 BASED OBSTRACLE SENSING CAR This will turn the vehicle every time in left and then right direction. It works as zig zag car. 3500 2500

2051-16 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED VERSATILE TIMER FOR SPORTS, CONFERENCE, KITCHEN OR TEL. BOOTH Its quite useful timer for many applications.It can be used as sports timer, kitchen timer or conference timer Or Stop watch. 2500 1800 2051-17 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED ALARM CLOCK The unit display the time in Hr. Min. and one can set the alarm also for a desired time at Seven segment display. 2000 1200 2051-18 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED CAPACITANCE METER The project will check the value of unknown capacitor at seven segment display. 2800 1800 2051-19 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED AUTO FISH FOOD FEEDER FOR AQARIUM One can set a time to feed fishes using a mechanical arrangement to feed once a day. 2800 2000 8951-36 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED WIRELESS RF ELECTRICAL DEVICE CONTROLLER The project using RF 433 Transmitter/ receiver modules to send data through wireless signals. One can program time operation of four devices connected with the receiver circuit. The LCD display is provided to program the timer operation of project. 6500 3500

8951-37 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED SMS DEVICE CONTROLLER The project will control four electrical devices from the remote end (another mobile) by sending SMS to the GSM modem with a SIM card control unit. One can activate or de-activate any of four devices. 9000 0 8951-38 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED MESSAGE DISPLAY SYSTEM A text message can be displayed at receiver end at an LCD or LED display unit connected to a GSM modem with SIM card connected to it. One can make any SMS and you receive display. 12000 0 8951-39 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED AUTO GATE OPENING TRAIN This Stepper motor based ROBO train will stops at different stations of India and open/ close gates automatically. It will display the names of stations at LCD with current and coming stations information. 4800 0

8951-40 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED SECURED DATA TRANSMISSION USING ZIGBEE RF LINK This is latest of all technology project with DSP integration. The transmitting mode is connected to a computer keyboard as test editor at LCD screen and that message can be transmitted to a short distance using ZIGBEE RF modules works on handshaking 12000 0 2051-01 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED FREQUENCY COUNTER USING LCD The project will check the unknown frequency input upto 200KHz. and display at LCD. 2200 1200 2051-02A MICROCONTROLLER 89C2051 BASED TRAFFIC LIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM This circuit will control the traffic lights with fixed time interval as seen on the city roads. 1500 800 2051-03 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED IR WIRELESS FREQUENCY COUNTER The project will check the unknown frequency input upto 200KHz. coming from an IR source and display at LCD. 3600 0

2051-04 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED LINE FOLLOWER ROBOT (LFR) A Robotic car that follows the black line at the floor area based on Infra Red sensors using transmitters and receivers. 3500 1800 2051-05 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED STEPPER MOTOR CONTROLLER WITH VARIABLE SPEED AND DIRECTION It controls a stepper motor for direction and speed functions. 1500 0 2051-06 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED ROBOTIC ARM The three-stepper motorbased key controlled robotic arm can grip, lift and rotate the specified object using 3axis movement. 6500 0 2051-07 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED COUNT DOWN TIMER The project performs the countdown operation for upto -99 minutes with two seven segments display showing actual time left to activate or de-activate the connected relay. It can be used as sports timer, kitchen timer or conference timer. 3200 1800

2051-08 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED FOUR DIGIT CODE LOCK WITH LCD DISPLAY One can lock the desired device with the help of this project. It will open with a selected four-digit code. 2500 1500 2051-09 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED AUTOMATIC IRRIGATION CUM PUMPIING SYSTEM It will switch on the motor pump for IRRIGATION for a time duration whenever the soil is dryed to a certain extent. 3500 1800 2051-10 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED AUTOMATIC DOOR OPENING SYSTEM USING INFRARED SENSORS It will operate the motor of the Door when it find someone standing in front of it for few seconds and it ignores the person casually walking from its front. 4200 2800 2051-11 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED AUTOMATIC STAIRS LIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM It senses the person entered the stairs to switch on the light and automatically switch off after few seconds. 3000 0 2051-13 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED ULTRASONIC DISTANCE METER This will check and display the distance between device and object/wall etc. at LCD. You may call this as ULTRASONIC RADAR. 4500 2800

2051-14 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED TEMPERATURE INDICATOR The temperature of room can be diplayed at LCD using a sensitive device DS 1621. 2500 1800 2051-15 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED HEART BEAT MONITOR (PULSE RATE) It will check the pulse rate of the patient using IR sensors connected to Finger. Display at seven segment LEDs. 4800 3500 2051-12 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED SPEED MONITORING SYSTEM FOR MOTOR TACHOMETER The project reads the motor speed on any ac/dc motor at four seven segment displays using IR technique. The project also comprises a dc motor speed controller circuit to change the speed of motor with a variable control. The output is connected to a 3800 2500 2051-20 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED BRAINWAVE FOR TENSION RELIEF The timer based flashing light with frequency control can be useful for person to get rid of tension at night while on bed time. 2800 0

2051-22 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED INDUCTANCE METER It is to measure inductance value based on the technique of time of charging an inductor. It can measure values ranging from 1mH to 5H. 2600 1800 2051-23 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED VEHICLE SPEEDOMETER CUM ODOMETER The project comprises a dc motor speed controller circuit with reed sensor. It is being detected by this and display the same at LCD in form of speed Km./Hr. and also display the distance covered by the vehicle. 3800 2200 2051-24 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED PREPAID POWER METER This coin based prepaid electric load control circuit allow to draw power when you insert the coin in vending circuit. Useful device for paying guest, mobile charge table etc. 2400 1500

2051-25 MICROCONTROLLER BASED AT-89C2051 BASED SOLAR CHARGER It control the charge for battery connected to solar cell with Voltage meter, Deep discharge protection and over charge protection. Display at LCD. It includes battery and solar panel. 5800 3200 2051-26 MICROCONTROLLER 89C2051 BASED WIRELESS PULSIMETER It checks the pulse rate of patient from 10-15 meters away using RF link. Doctor can detect from a comfortable distance to connect the circuit with PC or any other devices, if required. 6000 0 2051-27 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED FLOW METER FOR LIQUID The project reads the flow rate of water or any other liquid flowing through the sensing area using IR (infrared) technique. The project also comprises a motor speed controller circuit to change the flow rate of pump with variable control. 5500 0

2051-28 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED TEMPERATURE MONITORING DEVICE WITH POINT DIVISION SCALE. This industrial temperature deviation reader will display the point scale division of temperature in centrigrade and fehrenhite options. 2800 1800 2051-30 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C2051 BASED INFRARED REMOTE HOME APPLIANCES CONTROL: The project can be used as home automation device controller using TV remote (provided in project) to control four electical devices. This can be extended for four more appliances with additional circuit. 4000 0 2051-31 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C4051 BASED PULSE COUNTER USING PC This serial port interfaced project will count the input pulses at PC as well as on LCD connected to it. The software in C running in turbo'c' compiler will count the input pulses in four digit. 5500 0 8952-01 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C52 BASED TEMPERATURE INDICATOR It will read the real time temperature and display the same at LCD. DS SERIES realtime temperature sensorwillbe used for this. 2000 0

8952-02 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C52 BASED BIDIRECTIONAL VISITOR COUNTER AS ENTRY/EXIT INDICATOR It will check the entry and exit of persons using IR as sensing device and display the total at seven segment display for max. 999 persons. 2800 1500 8952-03 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C52 BASED AUTOMATIC ENERGY SAVER CUM ROOM LIGHT CONTROLLER It check the entry of persons and accordingly switch on or off the electrical devices like fan or lights in a hall with capacity of 999 persons and operate 4 devices. 3500 2500 8952-04 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C52 BASED SMART CARD FOR AUTO PARKING The amount Rs.10/- every time will be debited out of prepaid deposited amount from smart card reader circuit whenever the person enter at parking lot. 4800 0

8952-05 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C52 BASED PERPAID ENERGY METER The project will count down the reading on the seven segment display in Rs as Amount Balance . The dummy two digit counter will act as Electric Meter count for units consumed. It will automatically cut off the load if no balance. 5400 0 8952-06 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C52 BASED AUTO SPEED DETECTOR The two IR sensors will sense the vehicle speed and it will be displayed at seven segment unit in max. three digit 3500 0 8952-07 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C52 BASED INFRARED TRACKING ROBOT The robot car with two stepper motors follow the master transmission area (IR) and follow the same. 4500 3200 8952-08 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C52 BASED DC MOTOR SPEED CONTROLLER The DC motor can controlled in nine different speeds with a seven segment display to show the level. The output is connected to a chopper circuit to drive motor. 2800 1800

8952-09 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C52 BASED IGBT CONTROLLED DC MOTOR DRIVE The DC motor speed can be controlled and driven by IGBT in PWM mode from controller with nine different speed modes using up/down keys. The output is connected to a chopper circuit to drive motor. 3500 0 8952-10 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C52 AUTO SPEED CONTROLLED ROBOTIC VEHICLE It is capable to change the speed of robot car / vehicle / train when it sense another vehicle at the front. 6200 0 8952-11 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C52 BASED VARIABLE SPEED JACK or VEHICLE TROLLEY USING SINGLE MOTOR It is capable to change the speed of Jack or Vehicle trolley with up/dn keys. 4500 0 8952-12 MICROCONTROLLER AT89S52 BASED INDUSTRIAL TIMER The project is useful for industrial application as countdown timer for both Minutes and Seconds setting option. The seven segment display will show the remaining time left. 2600 1800

8952-13 MICROCONTROLLER AT89S52 BASED TALKING MACHINE It checks the different aspects of machine like temperature, humidity, power status etc. and controlled by microcontroller for a pre defined time and also indicate its status in form of read pre-recorded voice using voice processor. 4800 0 8952-14 MICROCONTROLLER AT89S52 BASED WIRELESS TIMER DEVICE CONTROL The device or machine can be RF or IR control with this system. 3800 0 8952-15 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C52 BASED CALORIE BURN METER PEDOMETER(JOGGING METER) The Project pedometer will take the inputs as individual weight and calculate the calorie loss OR burn in a specific time while jogging at the track. It is quite useful for health conscious people. 5800 0 8952-16 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C52 BASED SERIAL TRANSMISSION TO PC Serial transmission of data is made through serial link between the microcontroller and the PC using RS-232C. 3500 2400

8952-17 MICROCONTROLLER 89S52 BASED CALORIE INTAKE METER: This project will show the calories intake at a time with the help of a weighing scale and microcontroller with LCD display provided in the project. The 5 items viz. Samosa, Pizza, Fish, Cheese etc. can be taken to weigh and calculate the total calor 8500 4000 8952-18 MICROCONTROLLER 89S52 BASED FIRE FIGHTER ROBOT: This Fire fighter robot vehicle will automatically reach to the area when it get fire happening signals through RF link using a DATA encoder. The decoded signals interfaced with microcontroller to activate the ROBOt to reach the desired destination a 12000 0

8952-19 MICROCONTROLLER AT89S52 BASED FINGER PRINT SCANNER FOR ATTENDANCE: The project will check the real time attendance using actual finger print scanner and compare from the stored data base in memory chip placed on board. This will allow only the authorized persons to enter the premises. The mechanical door restrict th 12000 0 8952-20 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C52 BASED RFID ATTENDANCE MONITORING SYSTEM: This project will undertake the attendance using actual RFID card with reader interfaced with PC serial port. 9500 0 8952-22 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C52 BASED RFID TOLL TAX READER The amount Rs.10/- every time will be debited out of prepaid deposited amount from RF BASED smart card circuit whenever the person enter at the TOLL GATE lot and open the toll gate. 6500 0

8952-24 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C52 BASED RFID SECURITY SYSTEM: This actual RFID reader based security system will allow only the authorised persons to enter the premises. The LCD will display the ID no of RFID card to access the security. 7500 5500 8252-01 MICROCONTROLLER AT89S8252 BASED REAL TIME CLOCK (HR. MIN. SEC) The compact car clock with seven segment display showing hours, minutes and seconds. 2400 1500 8952-23 MICROCONTROLLER AT89C52 BASED MULTILEVEL CAR PARKING This is best of its class parking system that sense the incoming car using IR sensor and automatically carry the lift at vacant floor area. It also takes back to the ground floor exit parking if someone wants to go out of it. All cars reading will be 4500 3200

8252-02 MICROCONTROLLER AT89S8252 BASED DIGITAL THERMOMETER CUM CONTROLLER The real time thermometer with DS 1821 as temperature sensor show the output at seven segment display unit with a single relay to switch on/off the desired device to be controlled at specified temperature. 3200 2400 8252-03 MICROCONTROLLER AT89S8252 BASED WIRELESS MESSAGING VIA MOBILE/LANDLINE PHONE (SMS) The DTMF tones sensing circuit display the message at LCD as sent by other end by means of tone transmission. 5200 3800 8252-04 MICROCONTROLLER AT89S8252 BASED LCD GRAPHICS DISPLAY SYSTEM: Multi graphics modules can be used to display scenery or big fonts to write messages at 120x64 4500 0 8535-01 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED REAL TIME CLOCK ON LCD The clock with real time application. 2800 2000 8535-03 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED SINGLE MOVING MESSAGE DISPLAY WITH LCD Pre programmed message will be displayed on LCD with moving effect. 2400 0

8535-04 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED PWM BASED SINE WAVE GENERATOR A PWM sine wave generator useful for Inverter prototype or any other lab applications. 2300 0 8535-05 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED RESISTANCE VALUE FINDER * ( see details) It will read the unknown value resistor and give its approx. value. * changes in the digital reading will not be calibrated in project demonstration. 2500 0 8535-06 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED NOISE POLLUTION CHECKER. * ( see details) It will check the noise level in the atmosphere or on the road and display at LCD. * changes in the digital reading will not be calibrated in project demonstration. 3800 0 8535-07 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED LIE DETECTOR CUM STATE OF MIND READER. (* see details) It is very close o the devices used by forensic lab to test if a person is lieying or not using the change in body resistance with state of mind. * changes in the digital reading will not be calibrated in project demonstration. 3400 0

8535-08 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED CONDUCTIVITY METER (ACID/BASE). * ( see details) The project will check the conductivity level of a liquid and read it at LCD. * changes in the digital reading will not be calibrated in project demonstration. 3800 0 8535-10 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED SMOKE DETECTOR FOR POLLUTION CHECKING. * ( see details) It will check the smoke particulates in an area or carbon particles deposited on a surface. * changes in the digital reading will not be calibrated in project demonstration. 4000 0 8535-11 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED CARBON DIOXIDE DETECTOR. * (see details) It will read the CO2 level in an atmosphere using lime water as base. * changes in the digital reading will not be calibrated in project demonstration. 4000 0 8535-12 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED PRESSURE GAUGE. *( see details) It will check the atmospheric pressure. * changes in the digital reading will not be calibrated in project demonstration. 5500 0

8535-13 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED ALCOHOL SENSOR -ELECTRONIC NOSE. * (see details) The project is quite unique that check the change in reading from one level to other if senses the presence of Alcohol. Useful for police to check car/truck drivers. * changes in the digital reading will not be calibrated in project demonstration. 6500 0 8535-14 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED LPG/CNG GAS SENSOR ELECTRONIC NOSE. *( see details) Another useful project that sense the LPG or CNG gas if it is detected in its surroundings. * changes in the digital reading will not be calibrated in project demonstration. 6500 0 8535-15 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED LIQUID DENSITY METER. * (see details) This piezo electric sensor based system reads the change in liquid density using ultrasonic piezo crystals for transmission and reception of different frequencies. * changes in the digital reading will not be calibrated in project demonstration. 5800 0

8535-16 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED WAVE LENGTH READER / LUX METER / LIGHT INTENSITY METER It will read the intensity of light in an area like you see in cricket match that is used by umpire in the play ground. 3200 0 8535-18 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED HUMIDITY CHECKER / HYGROMETER. * (see details) It will check the relative humidity in atmosphere using humidity sensor. * changes in the digital reading will not be calibrated in project demonstration. 4500 0 8535-19 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED MAGNETOMETER * (see details) It will read the magnetic field around it. * changes in the digital reading will not be calibrated in project demonstration. 4800 0 8535-20 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED TEMPERATURE INDICATOR CUM CONTROLLER. This will not only check the temperature but also control the selected temperature to switch on/off the unit. 3200 2200

8535-21 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED FOSSILE DETECTOR. * ( see details) It will check the buried metal/ non metal objects under the surface. * changes in the digital reading will not be calibrated in project demonstration. 4400 0 8535-22 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED PRANAYAAM TIMER An important yoga activity can be practiced with this device. The beep sound time and display time can be adjusted with keys given. 2500 0 8535-23 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED OPTICAL FIBRE PRESSURE SENSOR. * ( see details) It sense the pressure given on he bunch of fibers and gives the change in reading at LCD. * changes in the digital reading will not be calibrated in project demonstration. 4500 0 8535-25 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED ULTRASONIC FLOW METER FOR LIQUID. * (see details) It will read the flow of liquid from a pipe in digital form. * changes in the digital reading will not be calibrated in project demonstration. 7500 0

8535-26 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED SECURED ROOM ACCESS SYSTEM It is an access control system that allows only authorized persons to access a restricted area. When someone tries to enter the restricted area by entering invalid passwords continuously, the system locks itself and can be unlocked only by the master 4500 0 8535-27 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATMEGA-8535 BASED WEATHER MONITORING GREEN BEE DEVICE This GREEN BEE will check the Humidity, Temperature, Lux (intensity of light) and wind speed on LCD. One can get an alarm if cross the limit. 5500 0 8515-01 MICROCONTROLLER AVR 90S 8515 BASED STAND ALONE SCROLLING DISPLAY FOR MESSAGE It is used to control and display 7x5 matrix (four nos.) modules to be interfaced with PC serial port. A software in C will allow the user to enter the message to be display and run in moving effect at the output. 5800 0

8515-02 MICROCONTROLLER AVR 90S 8515 BASED GRAPHICS DISPLAY USING NOKIA PHONE LCD It can be used to display symbols, characters and monochrome graphics that cannot be display using ordinary alphanumeric LCDs. It requires only 3V to operate Using Nokia 3315 LCD.. 5200 0 8515-03 MICROCONTROLLER BASED WEIGHING SCALE This controller-based circuit can weigh the object and gives readout at LCD display. The load cell with ADC provides the input to controller. 6500 0 8515-04 MICROCONTROLLER AVR 90S 8515 BASED ELEVATOR LIFT CONTROL It will operate a stepper motor for grond plus three floors to carry persons (demo) as in lift with the help of keys. 3500 0 ATMEGA-01 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATmega 16 BASED REMOTE CONTROLLED REAL TIME CLOCK WITH DEVICE CONTROLLER The LCD based real time clock with IR remote functions to control eight devices (5+3) with alarm and timer operatios. 6800 0

ATMEGA-02 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATmega 16 BASED MOBILE PHONE OPERATED LAND ROVER The DTMF based land rover run with a mobile placed on it and operated with another mobile in hand for its left, right , reverse, forward and stop functions to perform. 5200 3500 ATMEGA-03 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATmega 32 BASED DATA AQUISITION CARD CUM LOGGER This project does the job of acquiring the analogue data and sending to a remote terminal for monitoring. In the factories, power plant and transformers in electricity substation, controlling temperature to safe value is important. Supervisory and co 4000 2500 PC001 PC BASED METRO TRAIN AUTO TICKETING SYSTEM: The project will access the person identity using RFID unit and allow to enter the plateform. It can maintain the database of user account for each entry/exit. (NOTE: PC based projects required parallel port interfacing DB-25 connector port 5500 0

PC002 PC BASED FUNCTION GENERATOR The software will generate sine/square/triangular and saw tooth wave forms and the parallel port will support for its D to A conversion of this to a connected CRO to see the desired wave form.(NOTE: PC based projects required parallel port interfacin 3500 0 PC003 PC BASED DIGITAL CLOCK The software will generate the time running at computer at the PC screen as well as a connected four digit 7-segment display. .(NOTE: PC based projects required parallel port interfacing DB-25 connector port available on Desktop and not in Laptops) 3000 0

PC005 PC BASED MULTIMETER The value of R and C will display at PC as it accepts the change of frequency of an oscillator..(NOTE: PC based projects required parallel port interfacing DB25 connector port available on Desktop and not in Laptops) 4000 0 PC006 PC BASED BIOTELEMETRY FOR MEDICAL AIDED INFORMATION It check and plot the graph for pulse rate of heart on PC screen. The RF (radio frequency signal)transmission of pulse from patient is an added attraction..(NOTE: PC based projects required parallel port interfacing DB25 connector port available on 6500 0

PC009 PC BASED MOBILE PHONE ACTIVATION FOR PC FILE One can operate a file handling or electrical appliance control using a landline/mobile phone to activate the connected hardware interfaced with PC parallel port.. (NOTE: PC based projects required parallel port interfacing DB25 connector port avai 9500 0 PC028 PC TO PC COMMUNICATION The serial port communication between two PCs can be done with an independent transmitter / receiver circuits to send the data for a short distance: a)With wired link for chatting and file transfer software. b)With Infrared or Laser link transmit 6000 0

PC046 PC BASED BOILER CUM INDICATOR The PC will display and control the water levels in a tank for empty, half and full indication and control the heating element to heat the water to a specific temperature rating and open the solenoid valve to take the water out. 12000 0 PC047 PC BASED SUN SEEKER The PC will display and control the movement of solar panel as per the sun moves in the sky in twelve different positions. The hardware connected to a geared motor assembly will actually rotate the solar panel to tap the sun position 12000 0 PC048 PC BASED TELEPHONE CALL RECORDER CUM TIME KEEPER The PC will display and control the every outgoing calls made through a telephone and give the result in minutes for total call made and its time. 6800 0

PC060 PC BASED RADAR CONSOLE SIMULATOR It simulates a basic radar console (moving in 360 degree) for IR/Metal/Light detection and find their radial direction (in degree) with date & time. It senses the IR /Ultrasonic waves and display the angle and time on which it is being detected by RA 7800 0 PC141 PC BASED BRAILLE DEMONSTRATOR This project will help the blind people to type at computer keyboard and the hardware assembly will provide braille output from parallel port. 12000 0 OFC-003 OPTICAL FIBRE/LASER BASED VOICE ENCRIPTION AND DECRIPTION The prerecorded voice can be encrypted and sent through optical fibre at the other end. The reciever end will decript the same voice and playback to the original form 4500 0 OFC-026 ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER This will repel the pest like mosquitoes and rats from your house. 1500 0

RF001 WIRELESS VIDEO TRANSMITTER The signals of any video can be transmitted to TV with in 5/20mtr range. 4000 0 RF004 WIRELESS RF HOME SECURITY SYSTEM WITH DIGITAL CODE LOCK It has an intruder sensor cum transmitter and a receiver. The sensor reacts to light, sound and mechanical movements. One can enter only if the four digit code number is rightly entered. 3500 0 RF028 WIRELESS RF DOG UNLEASHED INDICATOR CUM ALARM This project will give you alarm indication if your dog is out without leash for more than 20 meter away from you. 2800 0 RF005 WIRELESS RF HOME SECURITY SYSTEM WITH VOICE MESSANGER It has an intruder sensor cum transmitter and a receiver. The sensor reacts to light, sound and mechanical movements. It will transmit the audio file to FM using digital voice recording and play back circuit. 3000 0

RF006 WIRELESS RF LAND ROVER A robotic vehicle that is controlled remotely by RF transmitter using RF 433 Mhz modules with data encoder and decoder IC s. It can go forward, reverse, left or right. Detecting metal and inform to the operator is an optional attachment in this proje 4000 2800 RF007 WIRELESS RF SPY ROBOT A robotic vehicle that is controlled remotely by RF transmitter using RF 433 Mhz modules with data encoder and decoder IC s. It can go forward, reverse, left or right. An RF camera will capture the image and transmit the same at nearby TV to show liv 8000 0 RF008 WIRELESS RF CODE LOCK FOR CAR/DOOR Digital combination code lock to be opened remotely by RF transmitter and activate the door relay and motor to open the same. 2800 0

RF009 WIRELESS WI-FI (Demo) AMPLIFIER A wireless FM transmitter and receiver unit with suitable amplifier. 2000 0 RF010 WIRELESS RF DATA COMMUNICATION CDMA DE The data modules will transmit data signals using suitable RF modules showing basic CDMA communication technique. 3200 0 RF012 WIRELESS RF PULSE RATE/HEART BEAT COUNTER The simple event counter with dual display and a minute timer can count the RF HEART pulses coming from distance. The pulse rate of heart will be taken from the infrared IR finger sensor. 5500 0 RF013 WIRELESS RF PULSE RATE/HEART BEAT COUNTER CUM GRAPH PLOTTER The simple event counter with dual display and a minute timer can count the RF pulses of HEART coming from distance and plot the graph on paper to read. The pulse rate of heart will be taken from the Infrared IR finger sensor. 8000 0

RF014 WIRELESS RF WALKIE TALKIE FM transmitter with receiver circuit in combine for both way voice communication. 1800 0 RF015 WIRELESS RF WATER LEVEL INDICATOR CUM CONTROLLER The data transmission from overhead tank will be displayed at ground level for remote viewing. 4800 0 RF016 WIRELESS RF TIME OPERATED ELECTRICAL DEVICE An electrical device will be remotely operated for specific time using simple timer circuit. 2800 0 RF017 WIRELESS RF REMOTE SWITCH BOARD The data transmission using RF 433 Mhz module will enable to operated four electrical device switching or single fan speed control. 4800 0 RF018 WIRELESS RF DC/AC MOTOR SPEED CONTROL The remote operation to control speed of fan or motor using single RF signal circuit with gear motor driver. Can be used as remote lamp dimmer. 4200 0 RF019 WIRELESS RF RADIO CONTROLLED SWITCH Single device operation to on or off the electrical device using Radio communication. 1800 0

RF020 WIRELESS F.M. RECEIVER A complete FM radio set to tune frequency between 80108MHz. 800 0 RF021 WIRELESS/CORDLESS FM MIC It will transmit your voice at FM frequency and it can be received by any FM radio. 800 0 RF022 WIRELESS RF ANTICOLLISION TRAINS WITH AUTOBRAKING SYSTEM The circuit will activate the auto key controlled switch brakes when two trains are coming on the same track and the distance between them is less than specified limit. 6200 0 RF023 WIRELESS RF WEATHER MONITORING DEVICE For Earth quake, Tsunami, or Flood with or without voice processor. The circuit can be modified as Weather monitoring Radio station. 6200 0 RF024 WIRELESS RF INDUSTRIAL FAULT MONITORING DEVICE It detects the faults in any industrial machine lik power failure, overload, overheat, over voltage at the distance using RF link as data communication. 5800 0

RF025 WIRELESS RF VOICE AND DATA TRANSMITTER RECEIVER (FM BASED This circuit will transmit voice using microphone and data using DTMF encoder and decoder. 6200 0 RF026 WIRELESS RF 4 CHANNEL FM JAMMER The project will transmit disturbed radio signals at 88-108 Mhz FM range at 4 different areas to JAM the whole band with in short distance. 4500 0 RF027 WIRELESS RF GAS LEAKAGE ALARM This project will gives an alarm indication at 20 mtrs. away from LPG or CNG gas leakage source. 3500 0 RF029 WIRELESS RF SIGNAL FIELD STRENGTH METER This will read the RF signal strength at a meter. The project is useful to check the power of RF signals coming from an invisible transmitter. The project includes a sample transmitter to show the live demo. 3500 0

TELE001 TELE-REMOTE SWITCHING -HOME AUTOMATION THROUGH MOBILE The set of four electrical devices can be controlled remotely by using mobile/landline phone at the transmitting and receiving end. One can make a call and activate devices of your choice. Good project for home automation system. 3500 0 TELE002 TELE-REMOTE SWITCHING WITH VOICE MESSENGER The set of four electrical devices can be controlled remotely by using mobile/landline phone at the transmitting and receiving end. One can make a call and activate devices of its choice. It will give voice message to the operator to select the devi 5500 0

TELE003 TELEPHONE ANSWERING MACHINE The project is intended to provide a simple recording and answering machine, which in the absence of the owner of the telephone instrument, responds to the incoming calls and also record them automatically. 4800 0 TELE004 TELEPHONE CALL RECORDER This timer circuit gets it activated when it receive any telephone call and any voice signal transfer to tape recorder. 3800 0 TELE005 TELECONVERSATION LIMITER A 10 LED display system will make the conversation "be brief on phone" as time laps indication. 1800 0 TELE006 TELEPHONE MESSAGE CONVEYOR Anyone will get the prerecorded message stored in a digital chip as voice playback system. One can record message of its own. One can put an introductory message on it. A good example of IVRS (Interactive voice response System) to get informations 2500 0

TELE007 TELEPHONE CALL METER It helps the user by converting the STD and ISD calls to equivalent local calls and storing them. Useful for telephone booths. 1500 0 TELE008 TELE-VOTING MACHINE WITH VOICE MESSAGE The remote voting can be done with voice message conveyor. The mobile/landline phone can be placed at transmitting and receiving end. One can listen the voice message and than cast his vote to the selected candidate out of four. 5500 0 TELE009 TELE-BANKING WITH VOICE MESSAGE The remote MESSAGE can be sent with voice message conveyor. The mobile/landline phone can be placed at transmitting and receiving end. One can listen the voice message and than act accordingly like to open account, information for loans, ATMs etc. Th 4200 0

TELE010 TELE-SECURITY SYSTEM FOR HOME The home or any other area can be made fully secured using this device. The Infrared sensor and microphone will activate the mobile or land line to redial your saved number and intimate you instantly in case of unauthorized entry. 4000 0 TELE011 TELE-HOME SECURITY SYSTEM WITH SWITCH The home or any other area can be made fully secured using this device. The Infrared sensor or microphone will activate the mobile or landline to redial your saved number and intimate you instantly. Apart from this, you may control the DOOR remotely 6000 0 TELE012 TELEPHONE DEMO MODEL This is a sample telephone instrument with all sections seperatly explains as demo kit does. 4200 0

TELE013 TELE-INDUSTRIAL FAULT DETECTION CUM AUTOMATION SYSTEM WITH VOICE RESPONSE FIRE (or over temperature)FUSE Failure - VOLTAGE FAULT- POWER FAILURE 4F S are the common fault indications can be remotely observed in form of voice at mobile or land line. The owner can remotely deactivate the device bearing fault if he feels n 6500 0 TELE014 TELE- CAR SECURITY WITH LOCKING SYSTEM The car theft can be prevented by this circuit. The device will intimate the theft on mobile phone and you will switch off the ignition of car immediately using the same mobile phone. * mobile phone in the car should capable to re-dial the last numb 5500 0

TELE015 TELE-REMOTE ROBOTIC CAR The different robotic applications can be done using this circuit including one can make a car OR boat. A mobile phone has to be placed on robotic car or boat and can be operated by another mobile by making a single call. 4500 3200 TELE017 TELE-REMOTE MOBILE OPERATED BOMB DETECTOR This vehicle will operate on mobile as remote operation and it will check the bomb in the surface area with its metal detector placed in front of it and inform on other mobile phone. 5800 0 TELE018 TELE-MUTING SYSTEM The project will be helpful for those who get annoyed if TV voice disturbs while talking on landline phone. This will automatically mute the TV speaker with wire/wireless connectivity of the sytem. 1800 0

TELE019 TELE TAPPING Any Land line phone can be interfaced with this for audio tapping as FM transmit the audio signals to transmit the at any FM receiver. 2200 0 TELE020 BLUE TOOTH OPERATED MOBILE CAR This car will work with mobile blue tooth connectivity placed on vehicle. Instruction for left, right, back, stop can be send by any mobile (configured with blue tooth circuit). 8500 0 TELE016 TELE-REMOTE MOBILE OPERATED TALKING ROBOT A mobile phone has to be placed on robotic car and can be operated by another mobile after making call. The voice processor gives the audio instructions that how to operate this. This will have an infrared detector to detect obstracle in front of it 6800 0

TELE021 MOBILE JAMMER This mobile jammer will jam GSM900/1800/CDMA/3G MOBILE PHONES at 4-10 meters range. It has 2 watt power output. 8500 0 ROBO004 ROBO AIR PROPELLED MOTOR BOAT A DC motor operated boat operates on propeller blade and the air pressure provides the power to run the boat. An RF remote control unit will be used to provide direction on either side. 6500 0 ROBO005 ROBO WAR MACHINE This RF based heavy ROBOT is capable to fight with any other ROBOT with its weight and built equipped with tools. 8500 0 ROBO006 ROBO AUTO BREAKING VEHICLE A vehicle that makes autobrake when obstracle will arise in front of it, or it will change the path on right side. 3500 0

ROBO007 ROBO DIGITAL LINE TRACER/FOLLOWER A digital circuit with Infra red sensor that sense the path and follow the black line only. The vehicle stops automatically if any obstracle comes in front of it and start when it is removed. You may call it LFR ROBOT. 3200 2200 ROBO008 ROBO MINES FINDER A FERROUS metal finding vehicle will stop and gives warning (wireless or buzzer type) when it find metal on its path. Can be used to detect bombs also. 2500 0 ROBO009 ROBO ANTI-FALLING VEHICLE A vehicle that sense the end of table and change the path automatically. This makes the robot as antifalling robot. It has two or more sensors at base level. 3500 0

ROBO010 ROBO OBJECT DETECTOR ON CONVEYOR BELT It check the metal or high size objects/boxes running on the belt. It stop the belt till it is being removed from it. It counts the no of selected objects and send RF signal to counter on other end. 6800 0 ROBO011 ROBO ULTRASONIC GUN This Robotic Gun based on Ultrasonic transducers that find any object in its and fire from the electromagnetic barrel to shot the target. The gun barrel will move all around 360 degree with the help of gear motor to find its enemy. 4500 0 ROBO012 ROBO STAIRS CLIMBER This ROBOT is able to climb stairs using its belt type roller belt. It is remote controlled ROBOT useful for handicapped person to make stair climbing vehicle. 8500 0

ROBO013 ROBO TALKIES - SPEAKS DIFFERENTLY This ROBOT will speak differently always whenever it sense different situations like, Metal, water, Wall, Heat etc. 6000 0 ROBO014 ROBO ARM WITH GRIPPER A three-geared motor setup of robotic arm is an interesting project under material handling. Six keys operation controls the whole setup of the model. The remote operation can be done with IR or RF link. 4000 0 ROBO015 ROBO CAR WITH SENSORS This is a simple geared motorized vehicle with free wheel at front will always take left or right turn when any of two Infrared sensors sense any obstacle from any side. and also in front. An emergency brake will be applied if third sensor at front d 3500 0 ROBO017 ROBO ROAD ROLLER This straight moving Robot will repair the poth holes on road with its smart sensors. 5500 0

ROBO019 ROBO MOBILE CAR OPERATES ON MOBILE NETWORK The DTMF based robot car operated by any mobile to be placed on it. The vehicle can be remotely operated by another mobile. 4500 0 ROBO020 ROBO JACK - OPERATES ON MOBILE NETWORK The DTMF based robot operated by any mobile to be placed on it. The JACK OR ARM can be remotely operated by another mobile. 5800 0 ROBO022 ROBO RF LAND ROVER A robotic vehicle that is controlled remotely by RF transmitter using RF 433 Mhz modules with data encoder and decoder IC s. It can go forward, reverse, left or right. 5800 0 ROBO023 ROBO COLOUR SENSING CAR This car will stop on Red light and will again run when it see Green Light. 6500 0 ROBO026 ROBO FLEXIBOT This flexible front wheels motor ROBOT will operates on RF mode and runs very differently at very high speed. It consist of three motors. 6800 0

ROBO027 ROBO AIR SHIP This RF remote controlled air ship fly in air with air propellers to control its direction. 7500 0 EP001 SOLID STATE ADVERTISING DISPLAY This circuit will display WELCOME note seven outputs one by one to complete the full word. 1800 0 EP002 FM MODULATOR AND DEMODULATOR This circuit will transmit an audio signals using FM modulation to an demodulator unit as receiver. 1500 0 EP003 DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER This can record voice of few seconds using simple microphone. The stored voice can be playback even if supply is disconnected from mains. The inbuilt EEPROM inside voice recorder chip store the voice in it. 1200 0

EP004 PARKING RADAR FOR CAR This unique circuit will be fitted at the back side of car and it will send IR (Infrared signals)to be receiver circuit. It has three LEDs shows the distance from obstacle find and intimate the driver. 1600 0 EP005 DIGITAL BANK TOKEN NUMBER DISPLAY The two digit token number display to call a customer as its payment is ready. This is also useful for restaurant as order number display or a doctors clinic to call next patient. 900 0 EP006 HOME SECURITY SYSTEM This system is a security device to be placed inside the house or car for protection against intruder. The connected microphone will detect any harsh sound and infrared detectors will detect intruder entry at the door side area and blow the alarm. 1500 0

EP007 LASER PROTECTED HOUSE This will also protect the house or car using laser light beam with photo sensor. Whenever the laser light is obstructed by any one, alarm will sound. 1200 0 EP008 DIGITAL HEARTBEAT COUNTER This piezo crystal based heartbeat counter takes reading directly from chest using sensitive amplifier. 2800 1800 EP009 RESPIRATORY RATE MONITOR This will count the respiration rate using special designed mask. 2200 1200 EP010 AUTO STAIRCASE LIGHT The Bistable switch will switch on the stairs light for the time till some crossed the other side of stairs. This timer based device is quite useful for dark prone areas with kids. 1600 0 EP011 LED SCOPE- AN LED OSCILLOSCOPE Conventional CRO is replaced by this LED scope. Using 150 LEDs at display module. The all types of waves viz. square, triangular and sine can be easily seen on this. 3800 0

EP014 LIGHT / SMOKE SENSITIVE NO SMOKING WARNER It will give warning in audible form at no smoking zone. It may sense the smoke or even lighter light and give audible indication. Project incorporate voice chip on board(COB) module. 550 0 EP015 E-METER It checks the radiation from visual display unit. The high radiations from computer monitor or TV may harm your eyes. The project check the level on the LED array unit. 3800 0 EP016 PRESSURE MONITOR A 1mA meter is calibrated to measure 100 to 1000 ton mercury pressure using analogue electronics circuit using op-amps. 1800 0 EP017 GRAPHIC EQUALIZER FOR AUDIO AMPLIFIER This circuit is capable to control audio signal frequency using five different controls provided. 2300 0

EP018 CLASSROOM ADDRESSING AMPLIFIER The 7 watt amplifier duly connected with op-amps microphone amplifier to be used as mini class room addressing unit. 1700 0 EP019 MOBILE PHONE CUM WALKMAN AMPLIFIER This simple amplifier using basic op-amps will amplify the low power signals from walkman or mobile phone. 1200 0 EP020 HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER The headphone controls can be further amplified with better sound to enjoy. 800 0 EP021 LISTENING DEVICE WITH HIDDEN MICROPHONE The hidden mic will pick the sound from distance and amplified to a level to listen at distance for surveillance. Can be used as hearing aid using miniature battery. 800 0 EP022 ANALOGUE FREQUENCY METER This circuit will read the unknown frequencies at an analogue meter display. (0100Khz.) 2000 0 EP023 ANALOGUE CAPACITANCE METER This will display the approx. value of unknown capacitance at 0-100 micro amp. meter. 2000 0

EP026 DIGITAL DICE WITH NUMERIC DISPLAY A single touch on micro switch will change the digit display of dice say 1 to 6. Increase fun in playing ludo games. 800 0 EP027 DIGITAL CLOCK USING ORDINARY COMPONENT: Using ordinary components, this is a basic circuit showing how frequency oscillation can be divided to get accurate timing module.(3-34) 2400 0 EP028 ULTRASONIC CAR REVERSE SENSOR/OBJECT DETECTOR The project can be placed on the back or front of car. It will give warning indication if the distance from wall decreases to a certain level. It can be used as motion sensing alarm. 2200 0 EP029 DIGITAL IR VISITOR COUNTER-STOP WATCH This solid-state digital stopwatch display time taken for an event in seconds upto 99. The same can be used to count entry person or industrial counter. 1600 0

EP030 DIGITALLY ADJUSTABLE TIMER A visual indication assures the uses in which time mode the circuit is operating out of 10 stages. 2200 0 EP031 DIGITAL SCORE BOARD A unique circuit that can count revolution of motor in forward and reverse system. It can read till 999 in digits. 1800 0 EP032 DIGITAL FREQUENCY COUNTER A unique IC4033 based circuit can read unknown frequency and can be used as stop watch and clock. 2000 0 EP033 TWO WAY INTERCOM Two way communication with calling for both ways facility with this compact circuit. A simple home made telecom circuit. 1500 0

EP034 INTELLIGENT WALKING STICK - FOR BLIND This intelligent walking stick for blind will be all together a helpful device for blind person as it detect the obstacle in front of it using IR sensor and it be give audio signal in form of prerecorded voices of bus number coming to bus stop. It i 4500 0 EP036 FUNCTION GENERATOR USING IC-8038 The basic oscillator using discrete components gives all waves required in an electronic work bench. 2500 0 EP044 SAFE LANDING SYSTEM FOR AIRCRAFT This Infrared based system will assist the pilot to land the aircraft at the right location in case of low visibility in winter or night. 3500 0 EP046 BREATHALYZER FOR ALCOHOL This will check the alcohol level in human body duly checked with respirator through mouth during car driving. 3200 0

EP043 FM POWERLINE INTERCOM This powerline communication system will use mains line 220V as communication source. The PLC circuit technique make the project possible. One can just lift the cradle and bell will automatically rings on the other side and one will talk to other per 2200 0 EP047 ACOUSTIC CUM LIGHT BRAINWAVE This will give audio as well as light based brainwave that relax the mind to tensed person. 2000 0 EP048 TEETH JAWS PRESSURE METER This tensometer for teeth will check human discrimination of different bite force. Useful during tooth replacement and treatment. 4200 0 EP049 USB PORT LAPTOP AMPLIFIER This simple low power amplifier is additional amplifier adds fun with music to laptop or desktop took power from system itself from USB. 1800 0

EP050 SMART TRAFFIC LIGHTS FOR AMBULANCE This traffic light will automatically gives way to ambulance as it send Radio frequency signals to traffic control unit. 2800 0 EP051 SKIN RESPONSE METER This will check the stress level of human being in different levels as skin sensing probes connected to body. 1600 0 EP052 PULSIMETER - HEART RATE MONITOR This will detect pulse from fingers using blood pressure variation during heartbeat change. This can be counted using decade counter of 2 digit. 3200 0 EP053 DIGITAL IC TESTER This simple IC tester can test TTL or CMOS IC's using this simple setup with buit in oscillator, power supply and input out put sources. 2000 0 EP054 AUTOMATIC RAIN OPERATED WIPER This timer based wiper will run only if it detects rain. 3000 0

HK-C TOOL KIT HAVING 10 ITEMS: Soldering Iron, Solder wire 50 Grm.,Flexible wire, Flux, File, Twizzer, Nose plier, Screw driver, Line tester, Wire Cutter. Arranged in decent Hardboard box. 0 250 HK-D SOLDERING KIT SOLDERING KIT: comprises 5 major items required for Soldering like Soldering Iron, Solder wire 50 Grm., Sand Paper, Flexible wire, Flux. 0 150 HKIT015 Intruder Alarm (IC-555) IR sensitive alarm blows whenever someone obstruct the IR or light beam. 0 120

ATMEGA-04 MICROCONTROLLER AVR ATmega 8L BASED Hand Gesture controlled wireless RF robotic car This RF data encoderdecoder based robotic car works on the movement of hand gesture and motion. This will move forward if I bend my hand in forward direction, moves left, right or backward with the same hand movement. This works on the principle of accelerometer. The ATMEGA with built in ADC feature convert the value sent by this to send command to data encoder to activate RF link. 15000 12000