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Introducing Blue by Jack Schimmelman

The Blue Pearl by Endre Balogh Used with permission. n the morning o! January "# "$%& I started to see cobalt blue o'al circles o! light. E'erywhere. (hen this e)perience !irst started I went to a !ew close !riends to tell them about it. I was con!used. ne told me about a spiritual tradition o! the blue pearl. That helped. *y world changed. ut o! nowhere. I wasn+t particularly spiritual# although I ha'e always had a curiosity about the nature o! reality. I grew up a ,unk !ood a!icionadopi..a being my Ph./.- burned the candle !rom all ends and thought sensuality was the be all and end all. I wasn+t li'ing the li!e o! a monk tucked away in the 0imalayas searching !or the secret o! li!e. I was sur'i'ing in Brighton Beach# Brooklyn. 1lthough they ne'er disappeared# the !re2uency o! these blue lights has increased e)ponentially since I mo'ed to my present home# an island o!! the coast o! *assachusetts. I am going through an intense trans!ormation that perhaps is shared by others. It+s di!!icult to describe# but imagine your energy !eeling so power!ul that your biology can hardly tolerate it. 1dd to that# a long3standing# pain!ul chronic illness# then you might begin to understand the enormous contradiction I am presently li'ing. *any o! us !eel bu!!eted by !orces beyond our control# thus we are helpless and angry and constantly reacting. I understand why one could !eel that way gi'en the constant reminders o! how we mutilate each other both spontaneously and in more organi.ed 'entures such as war in its myriad o! calamity- how we are dedicated to destroying the habitat in which we li'e- an elegant# beauti!ul home that can appear !rom a distance to be a blue pearl. Some would call humans primiti'e and ignorant because o! those circumstances. thers would assign to us an heroic status that we choose to incarnate in the midst o! li!e3threatening chaos. *any would say that we ha'e no choice. (e li'e when we li'e and play the hand dealt to us. That also re2uires courage. I suggest rather than be trans!i)ed by brutal images pro,ected by our media# to look into the eyes o! the

nearest in!ant. To remember why you lo'e and are lo'ed. I ha'e grown to intimately know the consciousness that mani!ests as these blue lights. They are bene'olent and only wish to help. 4e'ertheless# they are committed to not inter'ene in our e'olution. They respect our process. I un!url my

I curve before an eternal pool into which I dive. When I feel safe in a blue clear lagoon, I see friends swimming beside me. I never expect them. I dont know them. They are cobalt blue circles of light of all sizes bright as the sun within my heart. t first I am fascinated by the spectacle presented to me. Then I want to know who or what they are. I want to understand more with my brain. I need to catch up to my soul. I rise from my mind no longer asleep in black whirlpools. The cacophony of suffering is calm. !y friends, my blue circles, witness earths essence. I awake through a li2uid mirror. I energetically wash mysel! and think I ha'e it made. I swear that these lights are celebrating# laughing# getting drunk. This is my alpha and omega. This ,ourney would dwar! all paths that I had pre'iously walked. nce "5 years soared as I sat 6 times a week in classes with a medium# a channeler o! spirit. 1 'ery nice woman# in her 65s who was shocked by her ability to be the 'essel through which an astonishing energy would mani!est upon her going into what she described as a light trance. 1t the time I was creating a theatre piece and as an a!terthought an actress in my ensemble recommended I go sit with a medium she knew. (hen I attended my !irst class 7and class is the only way to describe these gatherings8# I was 'ery skeptical. There were "5 other people in a tiny 9reenwich :illage studio# all assembled around this young unassuming woman. 1s she went into her trance# I looked behind her neck to perhaps !ind 'ertical strings emanating !rom her back and someone# somewhere# pulling them. Then I thought that maybe it was a magic trick# but during the "55s o! times I attended these 'ery special classes I ne'er !ound the source o! trickery. The source 7sauce8 was within. Shortly a!ter I began sitting with this young woman who looked like /iane ;eaton# I ga'e into the incredible !eeling that would !ill my body e'ery time spirit would speak. 1 spirit named *ary showered us with in!inite lo'e that ele'ated our breath. The room softens. !ary enters. "he merges with our heart and soul. The atmosphere is charged with unconditional love. "tudents unwrap from their sleep. #er curriculum is daily life. #er lesson is simple. ccept What Is. n the !irst day o! my pro!ound buoyancy# I awoke to !ind an illuminated rainbow <

hanging in !ront o! me. 1t !irst I thought it was light streaming through my bedroom window in my rickety Brighton Beach cottage# but then I reali.ed that my =rench lou'ers were shut tight lea'ing the room in darkness. (hen I le!t the room I e)pected this >optical illusion? to disappear. 0owe'er# when I came back to my bedroom it was still shimmering in the same spot as when I had le!t. This time I had a chance to inspect this small rainbow !rom all angles. It was magical. Then it disappeared. ne hour later cobalt blue light circles appeared to me. Somewhat o'al shaped. They were bright. I went outside and saw them in trees# on the beach- prancing on the ocean# dancing on the backs o! people# e'en circling the moon. 1s time raced through my biology# these lights were my constant companion. Sometimes they were so bright in the darkness o! my home# I had to shut my eyes !or !ear o! being blinded. ne night while sitting with my pure white# green eyed cat on my dilapidated couch in the darkness o! my li'ing room# I was delighted by a blue dancing display celebrating in !ront o! my tele'ision# which was turned o!!. They were neon bright# unbearably charging the air. They hurt my eyes. I shouted out !or them to stop7@8 and they disappeared only to return the ne)t day in the cold# January day. In class I asked *ary who or what these lights were and she told me that they were my resonance- that they were conscious beings# that they were me. 0ard to belie'e. 0arder to understand. So li!e continued. Employed# lo'ed# unlo'ed# lonely# not lonely# unemployed# sad# happy# healthy# sick# e'erything the same as be!ore with one di!!erence. These intense o'al shaped cobalt blue lights were e'erywhere. They were my ocean. *y pool o! re!lection. They are my destination. In a moment of time in a moment of space I walk down a black Island road on the other side of midnight. I pray for guidance. "uddenly upon my hearts command, neon blue ovals stand side by side at the intersection of being and $oy. They light the sandy terrain, beautiful silhouettes appearing from roots of despair. I follow these laughing lights% assured that pleasure awaits my appearance. *y house was down the road# < miles !rom the !inal# midnight !erry and I ne'er would ha'e arri'ed home sa!ely in that hot summer night i! not !or ,ubilant light. 1s I write about this now on the precipice o! sickly# old age# the scent o! island summers returns. *y !riends ne'er depart. TheyA(E endure.

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