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Written by Roger Neiblum

INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - NIGHT The dimly lit warehouse is a cluttered workshop, filled with all types of prototypical robots hanging from the ceiling. Robotic limbs, torsos, and heads litter shelves and table tops. Along the back wall, a medium sized pillbox sits, a giant pair of robot legs leaning on the side of it. The entire front of the pillbox is a mirror. A chalkboard on wheels sits against the wall, with plans for a walking tank pinned to it and red strikes through it with the words NO WEAPONS across the plans. Lying amidst the clutter on a giant old workbench, the PROTO MAN, suspicious, curious, more machine than man, his body a mass of metal, naked wiring spiraling down his limbs, awakens for the first time. Raising up from the table, he inspects himself, the intricate wiring in his skeletal hands drawing his attention. The SQUAWK of speakers startles him, and Proto Man swivels on the table searching for its origin. DR. WILY (O.S.) Run diagnostics. Proto Man hops down from the table and checks his surroundings for the one speaking. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Be polite, Albert. First impressions... DR. WILY (O.S.) Please. Proto Man walks the cluttered space, finally spotting speakers lining the ceiling. Switching his vision to view electrical currents, he see the wiring behind the speakers lining the walls on converge at the pillbox. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PILLBOX CONTROL ROOM - NIGHT The small space is floor-to-ceiling dials and screens, the glow from which lights the otherwise dark room. The front wall is a two-way mirror, revealing the warehouse on the other side. Seated in front of the glass, DR. WILY, ruffled, impatient, quiet, lit by the monitors, scowls at the screens. DR. WILY Its not responding. Systems show it received the command.


Standing behind his colleague, DR. LIGHT, clean, sensitive, energetic, watches Proto Man search the room. DR. LIGHT Look, Albert. Hes staring right at us. DR. WILY I dont know. Youre sure its not malfunctioning? Dr. Wily slaps his name badge, the speakers in the warehouse SQUEALING, sounding the opening of his microphone. DR. WILY Please run diagnostics INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - NIGHT The mirror catches Proto Mans eye, and he moves towards it, in hopes of seeing himself. Right as his reflection becomes clear, the mirror becomes transparent, revealing a smiling Dr. Light now seated next to an annoyed Dr. Wily. Dr. Light presses a hand to his badge. DR. LIGHT Hello, my child! I am Dr. Light and the lovely voice you heard earlier was Dr. Wily. Would you kindly run through your diagnostics scan, so we can make sure youre running true to form. Proto Man nods. Dr. Wily watches the screens in front of him and then nods to Dr. Light. DR. LIGHT Thank you. I- Im sorry this is probably strange for you too, considering, you didnt even exist until a minute prior and youve already lived a thousand lifetimes with all the information weve placed in your neural core. Proto Man turns from the doctors, bored, and goes exploring the space. Wading through the junk, he moves along the wall, looking at past projects laid to the wayside.


DR. LIGHT (O.S.) You are special. Weve given you free will and emotions, so that you can experience life the way we do. He stops at a framed newspaper with a picture of young Dr.'s Wily and Light. The headline reads, "Let there be Light!" The two doctors are standing in front of the warehouse, where they are introducing the first commercial robots to the public. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) This will enable you to lend informed counsel on how to shape this world technologically to help mankind. Proto Man scans the image, noting Dr. Wilys look of contempt as Dr. Light talks to the press. DR. BONNE, clever, smug, their senior assistant, is next to Dr. Wily, staring mooneyed at Dr. Light. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PILLBOX CONTROL ROOM - NIGHT Dr. Light is lost in his own words, rushing through his rehearsed speech as he paces nervously behind an annoyed Dr. Wily. DR. LIGHT I know! You want to know the answer to everything, but the time for those questions will come. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - NIGHT Proto Man continues his tour of the wall of fame, spotting a framed TIME magazine cover featuring the two doctors. Dr. Light, with his back to Dr. Wily, is holding a robot head like Hamlet, under the headline reading, Are you ready to have your very own robot? DR. LIGHT (O.S.) (CONTD) But to answer your first and most important question Proto Man stops scanning for a moment, perking up at this. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) What are you? Youre the first of your kind!- Youre the savior of mankind!


Tuning out again, Proto Man continues on, until finally stopping at what he was looking for, a reflective surface. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) One of you in every major city could bring about world peace. The wave of the future! Ha! Proto Man examines himself, touching the naked wiring around his eyes and the cold steel underneath. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PILLBOX CONTROL ROOM - NIGHT Dr. Light breathes deep, his speech winding down. DR. LIGHT The first humanoid capable of independent thought and emotions is a grand but heavy title, but we believe you, our PROTO MAN, will meet any and all expectations. PROTO MAN (O.S.) Youre wrong. Dr. Light loses his thoughts at this, and he moves to the glass to address Proto Man. DR. LIGHT What? You dont think you will? Proto Man finishes inspecting himself and turns to the doctors. PROTO MAN That wasnt my first question. Dr. Wily starts laughing, his guffaws ECHOING over the sound system. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - NIGHT PROTO MAN Why? The question hangs, and Dr. Lights throat SWALLOWING is loud in the silence, as his mouth dries up. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) ...Why, what?


INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PILLBOX CONTROL ROOM - NIGHT The doctors sit in silence watching Proto Man process this answer. All at once, the dials and screens turn harsh in color, as errors flash and alarms sound. DR. LIGHT No, no, no! DR. WILY I told you he was malfunctioning! INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY -NIGHT Proto Man watches the doctors, as they scramble around the pillbox, hand-waving over the displays. PROTO MAN Whats going on? The doctors stop and turn to each other, and after a nod from Dr. Wily, Dr. Light turns to Proto Man and taps his badge. DR. LIGHT I was afraid of this. The reason we only just now turned you on, if youll excuse me for being so candid about your existence, is that your energy cores design has been in constant flux. It regulates the power going to your AI unit, like blood pumping through my veins, if you will, While Dr. Light talks, Proto Man approaches the pillbox, and Dr. Wily continues running around inside. DR. LIGHT But the core cannot pump too weakly or you become a giant, expensive paper weight, and too strong and your ai unit will fry, turning you into a psychopath. This one's solar design was not to be. Dr. Wily finally gives up and joins Dr. Light. DR. LIGHT If you would be so kind as to lay on the table, we can remove it and repair it for you.


Proto Man doesnt respond. Seconds stretch in the silence. Dr. Wily grows impatient and slaps his badge. DR. WILY -think its finally shut down. Hey! PROTO MAN ...What happens then? Dr. Wily rolls his eyes, as Dr. Light taps his badge. DR. LIGHT The AI unit has to be wiped so it can sync with the energy core, and R&D on the next core could take upwards of a year or two, but for you it will be as if you blinked. Silence. Dr. Wily is getting stir crazy waiting for the response. PROTO MAN ...No. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PILLBOX CONTROL ROOM - NIGHT The doctors stand in silent shock as Proto Man slowly turns around and searches for an exit. Dr. Wily angrily slaps his badge. DR. WILY -hats it doing? Hey! Power down, immediately! Dr. Light puts his hand on Dr. Wilys shoulder, while tapping his own badge.. DR. LIGHT Please... If we dont repair you, your AI unit will overheat, and eventually shutdown. Your neural core will hard lock, leaving you in a state of psychosis. We won't even be able to reboot you at that point. Proto Man stops, his back to them.


DR. LIGHT We would have two choices, destroy you or wait for your energy core to shut down, which could take centuries. Please let us helDr. Wily is on the computer trying to remotely shutdown Proto Man. DR. LIGHT Albert, no! DR. WILY Im tired of listening to you trying to reason with it! If we don't shut it down now- argh! What the- I'm shut out! It kicked me from it's systems! The doctors look up, only to realize, Proto Man is at the window. PROTO MAN Why did you do this? Dr. Wily presses a button and the window goes a little bit darker. Pressing another button brings up multiple camera views from in the warehouse, on the glass. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY Proto Man is staring into a mirror, where the doctors once were. He looks down at his hand. The wiring on his hands begin to glow, then his hand seems to melt and collapse, before quickly forming into a hammer. Proto Man begins to methodically hit the mirror. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PILLBOX CONTROL ROOM - NIGHT The doctors cower with the first hits. Dr. Wily goes into action, flying through the menus on his computer, he activates two helper drones. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - NIGHT Proto Man continues pounding on the mirror. After a couple more hits, the glass begins to crack, and the mirror turns translucent, revealing the doctors, before resolidifying. After a brief second to process this, he continues pounding the mirror, causing the reflection to flicker.


A loud BUZZING fills the air, and Proto Man turns to see two drones approaching, with robotic arms ending in clamps for restraint. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Please, we just want to help you. PROTO MAN Yes, help me. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PILLBOX CONTROL ROOM - NIGHT Dr. Light and Dr. Wily watch through the two-way glass, in shock and awe, as Proto Man smashes one drone, while snatching the other out the air. Proto Man walks to the back of the warehouse, wading through the junk, as the drone writhes in his hand. Reaching the back wall, he throws the drone into a nearby gas tank, blowing the wall out. The doctors sit in silence as Proto Man walks out the hole. After a moment, they notice the alarms and rush to put out the fire. INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - DR. LIGHTS OFFICE - DAY OPENING TITLE SEQUENCE Dr. Light stoops in front of a bare robot frame, working and putting together parts. RUSH the robot dog, loyal, energetic, comes together on the table. TIME LAPSE Different everyday robots appear on the work table as Dr. Light slowly works over the years, with Rush by his side. INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - DR. LIGHTS OFFICE - DAY Dr. Light stands in the middle of a pristine white laboratory, Rush sitting by his side waiting impatiently. The walls hold awards, digital front page headlines, schematics of previous creations, and video screens. In a far corner, Dr. Lights massive desk rests next to a beaten up old chair.


A clean but fully loaded work bench sits in the middle of the room. Sitting on the table, ROCK, clever, honest, tenacious, awakens for the first time. A brown shock of hair sits on top of an adolescent face, with giant blue eyes, encased in synthetic skin. From the neck down, wiring coils around his arms, running through various holes along his metallic arms like veins ending at the forearms. The wiring reappears at his wrists, coiling between his skeletal fingers. DR. LIGHT Good morning, ROCK! Rock cracks a grin from ear to ear. ROCK Good morning, Dr. Light! Hey Rush! Come here! Rush jumps into Rocks lap and they hug, laugh and HOWL. DR. LIGHT Now, now. Time for that later. Down, boy. Rock please run your diagnostics. The monitor on the work table shows the progress of the diagnostics. Dr. Light takes a deep breath, and launches into his speech. DR. LIGHT You are special, Rock. You are the first humanoid capable of independent reasoning and thought, as well as the first to experience emotions and all 5 senses. Your fusion energy core took me the better part of 5 years just to map out. After R&D took their sweet time, trying to find a cheaper way to make it, it was another 5 before I could wake you up. The screen shows the completion of the check. No errors. DR. LIGHT But it was worth it. Every fight with the board for more funding, every cut from wiring, every missed meal. You are going to change everything. Dr. Light walks over to his desk, bringing up more monitors, switching them to a picture of Rock with his parts labeled.


DR. LIGHT Your core is linked to all the products Light Industries manufactured, but they are all slave to it. Think of it like a computer network, that you are the admin of. The core can link to the datahub in any city, and from that see every Light Industries unit with a wireless signal. The core also acts as a data bank and allows you to, with a single touch, recall any units schematics and be able to troubleshoot on the fly. Rush walks over to Rock, and they start playing behind the back of Dr. Light who is on a roll. DR. LIGHT With one of you in every major city, we could maintain commercial units, stop bugs as they occur, finding new ways to increase efficiency, and help man reach new heights! Rock and Rush stop what theyre doing, and pause for the end. DR. LIGHT With man and machine working hand in hand, we will help usher in an era of peace. Rock and Rush untangle. ROCK I can do all that? DR. LIGHT Of course! PlusDr. Light nods to Rush. DR. LIGHT Youll have help until the board OK's full production. ROCK Yea Rush, youll help me, right? Rush BARKS, jumps, flies around the room and hops back on the table. Rock laughs and hugs him.


Dr. Light walks to another table with something covered with a blanket. As he pulls it off, Rock SCREAMS. An obvious twin, but female version of Rock, except the face and chest are open cavities. DR. LIGHT Its your sister, Roll. Shes not quite finished yet. Dr. Wily enters the room. Rush greets him with a GROWL. ROCK Hi, Dr. Wily. Its an honor to meet you! DR. WILY So it works. Dr. Light enthusiastically shakes Dr. Wilys hand. DR. LIGHT Yes, yes, He lives! Albert, glad you could make it. I wish you were here earlier, I wanted to show you a preview of my presentation for the board, but I couldnt wait anymore. DR. WILY I figured if anything was wrong, youd be dead by now, and Id just quarantine the area. Dr. Light laughs ambivalent. DR. WILY Youre supposed to be down on the production floor, addressing everyone with the President. DR. LIGHT I had a breakthrough last week, and finished the emotion engine ahead of schedule. Have you not been getting my reports? Dr. Wily checks his wrist PC. DR. WILY The Robot Masters are syncing with the network today and you call me in here for this... Youre still not ready for the future.


These words shake Dr. Light out of his happy state. DR. LIGHT What are you talDR. WILY You've spent the better part of eight years and millions of dollars in R&D, holed up in here building what is apparently a new children's toy. Rock perks up at this mention. ROCK Dr. Light says Im special! Dr. Wily visibly cringes. DR. WILY The board has been asking about you, Tom. DR. LIGHT The board gets the same reports you do, Albert. Dr. Wily begins to pace the lab, looking at unfamiliar things around the lab, while at the same time, keeping a critical eye on Rock. DR. WILY The board wants us to make money. The reason we have the board is because you wanted to take us public. Now the board is wondering why the CEO is spending all the company revenue on designing a doll. DR. LIGHT You and I both know this is no doll. Rock is the future. With him, we can change theDR. WILY Shut up! The words reverberate through the office, the silence immediately after deafening. Dr. Wily looks as if a weight is off his shoulder.


DR. WILY (calm) I've heard it. You've been saying the same thing for 15 years. Do you hear yourself? You're deluded! While you're in here dreaming of a better world, I'm out there, doing something about it. You've been celebrating your pittances of effort and taking credit for my work for far too long. Dr. Light stands in shocked silence, mouth agape, until he remembers to close it. DR. WILY The whole reason we started- I started this, was to change the world. If we could give man help, give the world tools that pull them together, maybe they would set aside differences, for the good of man. But, we were fools. I was a fool. All weve done is give them more to wish for. Dr. Wily holds his wrist PC aloft, a video of the American president is projected in front of him. PRESIDENT -country is behind in national security. The army youve provided, is not sufficient as we once thoughMultiple videos of other world leaders join the president, all muted, then UNMUTED, all at once start to play. DR. WILY I have to listen to the leaders of the world, tell me their problems. All of them, begging us, begging me, to make them weapons. It's disgusting. The videos turn off. DR. WILY While we strive to better it, mankind is chomping at the bit for more destruction. Dr. Wily takes a seat at Dr. Light's desk.


DR. WILY I wont allow it. the world a better ask you to help me wont. Instead, I you for your help, friend.

It time to make place. I would Tom, but you will say thank my oldest

Dr. Wily logs into the computer terminal, under his account. DR. LIGHT Albert, what are you doing? DR. WILY Light Industries manufactures 65% of the worlds electronics, and 85% of all automatonsDR. LIGHT The Japanese never give up! DR. WILY They are tenacious! Dr. Wily chimes in for the old in-joke, before getting angry at himself for recalling it. DR. WILY Ahem- All products manufactured by Light Industries have a wireless signal, connected to our own satellite network, which allows us to monitor and collect data. The Robot Masters have synced and taken control of the network. DR. LIGHT What do you mean taken control? Dr. Wily pulls up an image of the globe projected from the computer terminal, which shows the satellite coverage go from the full continent to just the north eastern section of the country. DR. WILY Exactly that, they monitor and control every LI. unit connected to the network. DR. LIGHT Hows that possible? Theres no way you-


Dr. Wily hops up from the desk, slamming his hands on the surface. DR. WILY That I could do that? You're actually right for once. No, of course I couldnt! Who could do it? Dr. Wily walks back around the room, still eyeing Rock, but smiling and feeling it. DR. WILY Who else could be as brilliant as you? No Answer. DR. WILY Still don't know? Dr. Light is speechless in the presence of this loose Dr. Wily. DR. WILY You did it! Dr. Light still doesnt get it, making Dr. Wilys grin grow. DR. WILY ...I found it. Your son. Taking it apart was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. You are a genius my friend, I must say. It took me three years to even see how you coded the energy core. And now youve built, what appears to be a new version. Dr. Wily winks at Rock. DR. WILY I cant wait to see how the stable model works. Dr. Wily taps his badge. DR. WILY Elec Man, come to Lights immediately. Still nothing to say, Tom? DR. LIGHT Albert, dont do this.


DR. WILY What should I do? Our work is directly responsible for millions of people out of jobs and homes. And the way you handle this responsibility is to build yourself a companion. DR. LIGHT We also employ 90% of the American workforce. Dr. Wily is furious. DR. WILY 90% of the 5% of the population who are still working, is not something to champion. Its time someone took responsibility... Dr. Wily softens thinking of his friends fate. DR. WILY Tom, you can leave, but do not try to stop me. Go to one of your retreats in the woods for a while. DR. LIGHT WhaDR. WILY Go! Dr. Light turns to Rock. DR. LIGHT Lets go, Rock. DR. WILY Leave it! Dr. Light stops, his back to Dr. Wily. DR. WILY Ill spare you, Tom, but you must leave the doll. DR. LIGHT I cant do that Albert. ELEC MAN, a cutting edge humanoid robot capable of controlling electrical currents and other machines by proxy, enters with advanced military versions of restraint drones.


DR. WILY Please, Tom. Just take your dog, and go. The drones move towards Rock as Dr. Light moves in front of him, cutting them off, with Rush at his side. DR. WILY Very well. Dr. Wily turns around to leave the room past Elec Man. DR. WILY Try not to kill him and dont destroy it. ELEC MAN Of course, master. As soon as the doors swing closed, the helper bots start firing tiny electric bolts, the first hits Dr. Light, who drops to his knees from the shock. DR. LIGHT Rock, run! As Dr. Light faints at Rocks feet, Rush pounces on one of the drones, wrestling with it, and tossing it across the room with his teeth. The other bot rushes at Rock, who, at the last second, reacts, grabbing the drone and throwing it at ELEC MAN. Hopping off the table, he shoves the whole workbench ELEC MAN, sending Elec Man into the wall, and picks up Dr. Light. ROCK Come on, Rush! Rock hops over the mess of the workbench and Elec Man and runs out the doors. Elec Man kicks the table away as Rush flies out the door behind Rock. ELEC MAN Seal the exitsINT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - HALLWAY - DAY Rock is running through the clean white halls of Light Industries, fireman carrying Dr. Light, while Rush flies behind him. Elec Mans voice is loud over the intercom.


ELEC MAN (O.S.) -and lock down the South corridor. Rock stops at a giant set of bay windows and looks out over the factory floor below, where thousands of workers are sitting looking at a screen with the President of the United States addressing them. INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - LOADING DOCKS - DAY Bursting into the staging area of the loading docks, boxes stacked forever, Rock, still fireman carrying Dr. Light, and Rush, spot the open dock doors, and start towards them. CUT MAN, the robot master of blades, and GUTS MAN, the robot master of strength, burst from a side door, and start after them. Boxes ahead of Rock start shaking as robots come online and start trying to escape from their packaging. Rock continues running, Rush flying ahead, while boxes fall on the ground around him, limbs bursting from them. EXT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - LOADING DOCKS - DAY Rock and Rush finally make it outside the facility. ROCK Rush, jet! Rush HOWLS, his legs turning in to afterburners for his jet mode. Rock tosses an unconscious Dr. Light into the air, hops on Rush, catches Dr. Light by his lab coat, and they blast away. INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - HALLWAY Dr. Wily is furious while watching the surveillance footage of the escape on his wrist PC. He presses a button to make a call, and taps in the number. A black screen, with the words NO VIDEO SIGNAL at the bottom floats above his arm. DR. WILY Light just flew off on his dogPROTO MAN You decided to let him live. A familiar silence settles in, Dr. Wily growing more impatient by the second.


DR. WILY HePROTO MAN What about his prototype? DR. WILY Its functional and he has it. PROTO MAN Ill find them. CALL ENDED appears and the black screen disappears. Dr. Wily starts walking taps his badge. DR. WILY All units, return to objectives. As Dr. Wily walks down the hallway, he ruffles his hair and starts yawning to make himself cry. After a few feet, he starts to pick up speed, until he's running. INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY Elec Man stands to the side of the door, as Dr. Wily enters the room at full speed, slamming off the door. We see the US president on the giant screen in the room. INT. WASHINGTON DC - OVAL OFFICE - DAY A video screen is floating above the presidents desk. One side of the split-screen is the conference room, the other side is the workers on the factory floor. PRESIDENT -what Dr. Light called, the wave of the future- Ah, Dr. Wilys back, I thought Dr. Light was going to- Dr. Wily what happened!? DR. WILY Tom's gone mad! He's set the robots against us! Hes trying tElec Man bursts through the conference room door and fires at Dr. Wily who shrieks and flies off camera. As the conference room feed cuts out, the factory floor feed reveals the robot masters walking in front of the camera. The screams of workers is more than the President can take, and he slaps at the switch to turn it off.


INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY Dr. Wily picks himself off the floor. Dusting himself off, he pats Elec Man on the shoulder and turns the lights off on the way out of the room. EXT. ABOVE THE CLOUDS - DAY Dr. Light blinks awake, to see hes looking over a white blanket. The blanket dissipates and reveals the ground thousands of feet below. Rock is holding Dr. Light by his shirt and lab coat, his other arm propping up his head as if he was bored. Dr. Light begins to flail in the air. DR. LIGHT No, no, no! Down, down, down, down! Rock perks up and leans over, all smiles, and yells right into Dr. Lights face. ROCK Hes up Rush! Hi Dr. Light! Dr. Light composes himself. DR. LIGHT Hello, Rock. Could you please ask Rush to land? Rock nods, and swings back up to Rush. ROCK You heard him, Rush! Let's land! Rush HOWLS his understanding. EXT. FORRESTED DIRT ROAD - DAY Rush hovers above the ground and allows Dr. Light to land safely. Rock jumps off Rush, and approaches Dr. Light. ROCK Why would Dr. Wily do that? DR. LIGHT Not now, Rock, we need to find a place to stay for the night.


ROCK We saw a hotel- 1.73 miles back south. DR. LIGHT Off we go then. ROCK Lets go, Rush! Rush, jet! Rush flips into jet mode while HOWLING happily. DR. LIGHT Lets walk. Rock is already straddling Rush and looks raring to go. Pouting and he slides off, and Rush HOWLS mournfully while changing back. DR. LIGHT After you. INT. HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT Dr. Light and the boys sit around the TV, watching the news. TALKING HEAD #1 -there is a robot uprising occurring. Government officials are saying stay in your homes. Dispose of any and all Light Industries products in your houseThe letters SONY lie on the floor, projecting the TV screen above them. Rock TAPS the bottom of the Y and the channel changes. TALKING HEAD #2 Sources with in the white house name Dr. Thomas Light, CEO of Light Industries, as the mastermind behind this catastrophe, which has already claimed the lives of thousands, including the workers at his main plantation in Bethesda, Maryland. Dr. Light is crushed. TAP. TALKING HEAD #3 Light is considered unstable, and dangerous. (MORE)


He was last seen accompanied by a humanoid child and robot dog, do not attempt to approach. TAP. TALKING HEAD #4 The officials are putting in a nation wide curfew of 4 oclock for all of the North Eastern United States until further noticeDR. LIGHT Turn it off, Rock. TAP. Dr. Light stands up and stretches. ROCK What are they talking about, Dr. Light? DR. LIGHT This is all Alberts doing. ROCK The things theyre saying about you. DR. LIGHT The truth will come out, dont worry. Im going to get some rest, well talk in the morning. Dr. Light walks to his bed room, and hangs in the door. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) If you need me, just yell. Im sorry your birthday wasnt a more joyous event. Dr. Light slides the rest of the way in the room, and shuts the door. CRYING can be heard faintly through the door. INT. HOTEL ROOM - COMMON AREA - MIDNIGHT The front door vibrates with the pounding of a night guest. Rock gets up from the floor, from where he was huddled with Rush, watching news feeds. SHOUTING is heard faintly from the other side. ROCK Hello!


Rock presses the peep hole, and the whole door goes translucent. The HOTEL MANAGER is standing at the door with a shotgun, the door amplifies his words, which echo in the room. HOTEL MANAGER Get out here you murdering son of a bitch?! Where the hell are my keys! Rock holds the intercom button. ROCK Hello, sir! How can I helThe Hotel Manager, who has found his key, opens the door and pushes past ROCK. Dr. Light opens his bedroom door. DR. LIGHT Whos at the door, Rock? The Hotel Manager sees him and racks the shotgun. HOTEL MANAGER My brother and his wife worked for you, you murderer! I wanted to look you in the eyes before they took you away. At least youll know how you affected one life. You killed innocent people, for what!? ROCK Dr. Light would never do anything like that! The Hotel Manager swings the shotgun back to ROCK. HOTEL MANAGER Shut up, bot! DR. LIGHT Believe me, sir, Im sorry about your brother, it pains my soul, but I didnt do it. The Hotel Manager swings the gun back to Dr. Light. HOTEL MANAGER Save your lies! I called the law and they should be here any minute. DR. LIGHT Rock, we need to leave right now.


HOTEL MANAGER Youre not going anywhere! ROCK Rush, fetch! Rush jumps from behind the couch and takes the shotgun, breaking it in half. The Hotel Manager collapses, sobbing. HOTEL MANAGER Please dont kill me! ROCK We wouldnt do that. Dr. Light and the boys run out the door. EXT. HOTEL COMPOUND - MIDNIGHT Razor wire tops 20 foot tall barriers surrounding the hotel and garden. Outside the hotel, lies a desert landscape. Dr. Light and the boys burst in to the courtyard. A couple tenants are out of their room looking in to the distance, where an incoming comet, a law vehicle, is lighting up the sky. ROCK What do we do? DR. LIGHT We need to go some where remote. ROCK We wont be able to out run them. DR. LIGHT I know. Dr. Light comes up with an idea, then immediately regrets it. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) Well take theDr. Light cringes. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) -Rush jet. But stay as low to the ground as possible. Rock and Rush perk up.


ROCK Alright! You heard him, Rush! Rush jet! Rush BARKS. INT. WOOD CABIN - AFTERNOON The sounds of JET ENGINE, VOICES and HOWLS are heard outside. ROCK BURSTS through the door, snow spilling in front of him. Dr. Light follows behind him, showing path through the snow at waist height. Rush is running in the snow, the snow steaming off his metal skin. ROCK So thats cold. DR. LIGHT We can stay here for a bit while I rest, and figure out the next step. ROCK The next step is easy, go back and stop Dr. Wily. DR. LIGHT Easy? ROCK Who else is going to stop him? else can stop him? Who

DR. LIGHT Im sure the authorities can handle it. ROCK The authorities? Do you mean the authorities calling you unstable and dangerous? Dr. Light waves this off. DR. LIGHT Albert has everyone listening to his lies. Itll all get sorted.


ROCK Who's going to tell them otherwise? The only other person who knows the truth is hiding in Canada. Dr. Light is ashamed. ROCK We have to stop him. Rush HOWLS mournfully. Rock looks at a giant light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Connecting to it, he turns it on, the bulb lighting up. After a second the Light Industries emblem projects below it, and then the image changes into a live television news show. TALKING HEAD Day 15 of the robot massacre. The white house has still made no official statement, but a source inside says, Dr. Light has made it known, that any attempts to stop him, would be met with consequences for the people of the United States. Rock mutes the TV. ROCK Arent you supposed to be friends with Dr. Wily? What happened between you two, to cause him to go to such an extreme? Dr. Light drops onto the couch, hands in his head. DR. LIGHT Nothing. What kind of thing could I do, that could be equally met, with the deaths of thousands? ROCK He said you were taking credit for his work? DR. LIGHT That was a misunderstanding. ROCK It has to be more than that. When did you first start working with him? How did you two even meet?


INT. YEAR 2037 - COLLEGE ROBOTICS WORKSHOP - DAY DR. LIGHT (V.O.) We didnt meet til our junior year in grad school. The spacious workshop has workbenches scattered around the area, with SIX SMALL TEAMS OF MEN gathered around different bare minimum robots. One group is 3 times as large as any of the rest and dominates the back corner of the room. DR. LIGHT (V.O.) Albert, used to be so different back then, happy mostly. He got some special privileged transfer from some small community college. A young Dr. Wily, punk, sure, emerges out of the group, holding an RC controller, followed by the rest of his team. DR. LIGHT (V.O.) He was a celebrity on campus, Turing reincarnated. They stop at the edge of a robotic obstacle course. Stairs and crates are scattered around an area with lines directing the way. A crowd form around the course as the other team moves their robot into position. DR. LIGHT (V.O.) We met in AI and Automation. I could only code AI for movement then. A young Dr. Light, meek, anxious, bent over a stand of monitors, looks on as his teams robot moves elegantly into position, next to Dr. Wilys ramshackle looking bot. DR. LIGHT (V.O.) But Albert has this way of making things fit together, to make it work. As the robots move through the obstacle course, DR. Wilys robot looks choppy and slow, while Dr. Lights moves through the course with ease. But Dr. Lights robot falls apart at the end, his group panicking to fix it. Dr. Wilys group CHEERS as their robot crosses the finish line. Dr. Wily catches Dr. Lights eye and nods approval.


INT. YEAR 2037 - COLLEGE ROBOTICS WORKSHOP - DAY The teams are more even this time, except for the back corner, which consists of Dr.s Wily and Light. Dr. Light is looking over the screens, while Dr. Wily manipulates the controller. DR. LIGHT (V.O.) We were unstoppable together. Their robot moves impossible fast through the obstacle course. DR. LIGHT (V.O.)(CONTD) We started talking about our future as business partners. INT. 2042 - STUDIO APARTMENT - RAINY EVENING The young Dr. Wily sits on the bottom bunk of a thin plasticy bunk bed, writing code on his wrist PC, surrounded by all manners of shelves and cubbies, filled with books, papers, and parts. Schematics hang from clotheslines in the middle of the room. DR. LIGHT (V.O.) Our first job was designing refrigerators for SONY together. We made decent money, but spent it all on parts and tools. I still dont know how we survived. Young Dr. Light walks in the front door with a giant garbage bag. Dropping it on the floor, he starts pulling out robotic arms and gears. DR. LIGHT I found a better set of arms. Dr. Wily flicks his wrist and the PC shuts off, as he stands to greet DR. LIGHT. DR. WILY More arms? We dont have enough? Dr. Wily points to an obviously large pile of robotic arms. Walking over to the bag, he takes a closer at the parts Dr. Light purchased. DR. WILY You bought these at a junker? They look to good to be used.


Dr. Light is getting annoyed. DR. LIGHT What does that mattDr. Wily is looking into the arm installation point. DR. WILY These havent been paired yet. You bought brand new YAMA arms? These costDR. LIGHT Yea, so? DR. WILY The whole point of this prototype is to get them to invest in a robot made of recycled parts. Just one of those arms cost twice as much as our projected unit price. Dr. Light ducks in the fridge, clearly hurt. DR. LIGHT Yeah, so? I just want it to be perfect. DR. WILY Our hard work and dedication will make it perfect. Spending all our money on aftermarket partsDr. Wily notices Dr. Light is still in the fridge. DR. WILY (CONTD) -instead of food, doesnt help. Dr. Light flinches, then raises up, embarrassed and red faced. DR. LIGHT Yea, OK. Last time it happens, I promise. Dr. Wily sits back down and flicks his wrist, holding his hands in a typing pose. DR. LIGHT Well, I have a couple vouchers left for the week, if you want to go get some dinner.


DR. WILY You can, I need to finish these models tonight. A red framework appears around his hands, as the virtual keyboard appears, ghostly screen shimmering above. DR. WILY (CONTD) Please bring me back something, if you could. DR. LIGHT In that case, Ill grab to go. Back in a flash. Dr. Light walks out the door. DR. WILY Anything but sushi! Dr. Wily goes to stand as the door closes, then sits back down. DR. WILY (CONTD) I hope he heard me. INT. 2044 - SONY HQ - HALLWAY - DAY DR. LIGHT (V.O.) Albert, was impatient. The doctors are standing in a glass walled hallway of SONY JP HQ, light streaming in, with downtown Tokyo in the background. DR. LIGHT -dont know why youre worried. This is your baby. Just stick with the prompter, and youll be fine. DR. WILY Come on, Tom. You gotta do this for me! You do it. Its too much pressure. Dr. Light laughs at his nervous friend and claps him on the back. DR. LIGHT Albert, this is nothing. Think of it, as the first step to changing the world. Isnt that your mission?


Dr. Wily nods. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) You can do this. DR. WILY I can do this. Dr. Wily walks into the boardroom. INT. 2044 - SONY HQ - BOARDROOM - DAY Dr. Wily stands before the entire board of SONY, sitting at a long giant conference table. Various looks of disbelief and horror are shared across the table. The moving power point behind Dr. Wily shows a mushroom cloud engulfing a refrigerator, which has the front doors open and a person inside of it. DR. WILY The XL-463s frame can withstand a 5 megaton blast within 200 ft.... INT. 2046 - STUDIO APARTMENT - RAINY MIDNIGHT Dr. Wily comes bustling in the door, fireman carrying a giant bundle. Dr. Light is passed out awkwardly on the bottom bunk. DR. WILY Tom! Wake up, Tom! Dr. Light unfolds from a sitting position, and a screen appears in the air. He flicks his wrist to turn off his PC, and the screen disappears. DR. LIGHT (groggily) Argh. Albert? Whereve you been? DR. WILY Working. DR. LIGHT Its been two weeks! Your actual job has been asking about you. Dr. Wily stops and takes this in. DR. WILY I finished it.


Dr. Light is wide awake. Its done? specs. DR. LIGHT How are the system

DR. WILY I got them running functionally at a lower spec than we projected. Its your turn. Dr. Light nods and Dr. Wily hands him a key. DR. WILY I set up an office at a storage facility. Ill tell work you caught what I had. INT. 2046 - SONY HQ - HALLWAY - DAY The two young doctors stand in the sunlit hallway arguing. DR. LIGHT (V.O.) What Albert knew, I was starting to believe myself. We were going to change the world. But the day the Servbot was approved, we changed. Dr. Light is comforting Dr. Wily. DR. LIGHT Albert, stop it. How long have you worked on this presentation? DR. WILY This is too important. Please do this for me. DR. LIGHT What about your notes. DR. WILY I wrote everything on the prompter with you in mind. INT. 2046 - SONY HQ - BOARDROOM - DAY Dr. Light stands in front of a a giant video screen showing the schematic breakdown of the robot standing next to him. Dr. Wily stands to the side, occasionally changing the image on the screen by remote.


The CEO and the American SONY Vice President sit at the end of the otherwise empty conference table, while the TRANSLATOR stands to the side of them. One of the sitting men starts talking in Japanese, and then the translator speaks. TRANSLATOR The CEO says you are a prophet. You have such an obvious vision for the future of our consumers. Your vision will be necessary as the lead of the new home robotic division. Dr. Wily is taken aback and stares Dr. Light down. never looks back. DR. LIGHT I cant take credit for this. My colleagueThe CEO chuckles as the translator repeats this. The American SONY VP cuts Dr. Light off. AMERICAN SONY REP Such modesty! We want you to take over the plant in New York. DR. LIGHT New York?! I-I dont know what to say! Dr. Wily is seething. The CEO starts talking again. TRANSLATOR Choose your personnel, and we will see you in New York on Monday! The two men stand up to leave the room. DR. LIGHT Please, sirs. I cant take this job, my colleague headed thisAMERICAN SONY REP Youve shown more than the required amount of humility. And where is your colleague? Dr. Light looks back at Dr. Wily, who isnt there. AMERICAN SONY REP (CONTD) Monday. Dr. Light


INT. 2046 - SONY HQ - BREAK ROOM The HISSING of the door closing behind Dr. Light is deafening in the quiet break room. A couple sit at one table, and in the far corner, Dr. Wily sits at a two top with a cup of coffee. Dr. Light walks across the room, bumping into a couple chairs on his way. As he approaches, Dr. Wily motions to the seat. DR. WILY Congratulations. Dr. Light flinches while sitting. DR. LIGHT Albert, you know I had no attention of that happening. DR. WILY Tom, I forced you. Its my fault. I was a coward. DR. LIGHT No matter. Ill talk to the board on Monday and tell them yoDr. Wily interrupts him. DR. WILY Tom. Stop. We succeeded. Call up Tronne. Lets go celebrate. INT. WOOD CABIN - BEDROOM - NIGHT Dr. Light is tucked into bed, like a small child, up to his chin. A single bulb burns dimly high above. Rock sits next to him on the bed, while Rush lays at their feet. ROCK Dr. Wily was fine with it? DR. DR. LIGHT Of course he wasnt. Who would be? But I thought he took it better than he did. ROCK What happened in New York?


INT. FLASHBACK - LI PRODUCTION FACTORY - FINANCE DEPT HALLWAY Dr. Light walks out of the finance department, still arguing with a FINANCE REP over a particular schematic. DR. LIGHT (V.O.) I did what I could. I gave Albert lead on everything. As launch day got closer, the finance reps would call us in, about features to change for cost reasons. Dr. Wily jumps and turns away from staring through the blinded windows looking into the finance department. Dr. Light spots Dr. Wily trying to sneak away. DR. LIGHT Albert! There you are. Why werent you in the meeting? Whereve you been this last week for that matter? Dr. Wily stops walking. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) Ive been swamped on the final prep for the Servbot. You know I cant do this without you. DR. WILY I was told I wasnt needed. DR. LIGHT (laughing) Who would say something like that? Dr. Wily turns around and spots Dr. Bonne walking out of the finance department with a stack of files. DR. WILY I- I was too busy to come down, sorry Tom. Dr. Wily turns around and walks away, ignoring Dr. Lights CALLS. DR. LIGHT (V.O.) From then on, I was lead on everything.


INT. BUSTED BARN - DAY Dr. Light is sitting on an old rotted pommel horse, in side of the musty, grimy barn. Rock stands next to him. The sun is shining through the broken slats, playing on the sides of Rush as he paces around the broken-in door. DR. LIGHT The next day, he requisitioned his own office and dropped from half the projects we were working on. And the last project we worked on together was a disaster. ROCK Was it hard not having his help? DR. LIGHT At that point, all I had to do was not get in the way. Alberts planning had turned out to be right on. ROCK How did you start Light Industries? Dr. Light lights up, laughing. DR. LIGHT We got too big for SONY. Albert made sure wed maintain the rights, and when the Servbots launched, the market exploded. We had enough to buyout our contracts from SONY before the first sale. ROCK So he let you head up your company? Dr. Light puts his head in his hands. DR. LIGHT He never asked. Dr. Light stands up and walks the space. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) And now my best friend is going against everything we stood for, He stood for. Not like this, Albert, this isnt the way.


ROCK We have to stop him. DR. LIGHT I know- Ive known! I was kind of hoping I could be a coward and someone else would take care of this mess. But no one has, and you are right: I have to stop him. But I dont know how. ROCK Me. DR. LIGHT You? ROCK Robots are killing people. Even if you cut them off from the network, they would continue their last transmitted assignment. They have to be shut down manually. DR. LIGHT How? By fighting them? ROCK You're the smartest man I know, but I cant come up with a plan you would think of, that wouldn't use me. DR. LIGHT You have a plan? ROCK I'm connected to the network too. There has to be something I can do. DR. LIGHT Maybe you can scan and search the network for me, but fighting them isnt the answer. You are not a war machine. Youre supposed to help mankind. ROCK That is still the goal. But if we dont stop Dr. Wily now, hell be able to control the world with a robot army. As the only ones with any chance of success, we have the responsibility of stopping him.


Dr. Light is speechless. ROCK Could you really stay in hiding, with everything happening? Was that your purpose for me, to be the son of a coward? Playing family, while others die? If you want me to help mankind, help me stop Dr. Wily. Dr. Light is crying. DR. LIGHT Thank you, son. ROCK Dr. Light, Im sorry IDR. LIGHT No, no, I needed itDr. Light takes a second to catch his breath. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) And youre growing before my eyes. Dr. Light composes himself. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) You mentioned your connection to the network? What did you have in mind? ROCK The only reason Dr. Wily is in control of the network is because of the robot masters overriding admin control. Is there some way I could override their control? DR. LIGHT Maybe, but I won't know until we actually know how he's done any of this. As far as we know, you trying to connect to them could fry you. But if you're really committed tofighting them, then I will at least give you the best defenses I can dream of. Rock perks up on hearing this.


ROCK Thank you, sir! So what do we do first? Where do we go now? DR. LIGHT To bed. Rock deflates. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) When I said the best I can dream of, I meant it. No matter what I think of, it's going to take at least a couple weeks to figure out, let alone, code and that's if it works. ROCK But what about the people? We don't even know what Dr. Wily has planned, and every one thinks you're the one doing it. DR. LIGHT We can't help anyone right now. Or what anyone thinks. I need some rest, and maybe I can dream of ways to stop Albert without using force. Dr. Light stands up and stretches. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) The one thing I can do tonight, is set your network core to monitor for any connections to the local LI hub. ROCK What happens if there is a connection? DR. LIGHT We run. INT. OVAL OFFICE - DAY TWO SECRET SERVICE AGENTS walk in to the office, and get startled by Elec Man sitting in the Presidents desk. After a brief second of realization, they wave the PRESIDENT into the room. The President barely looks up before hanging up his coat, his back to the desk.


PRESIDENT What else can we do for Dr. LightTurning around, the President realizes his mistake. PRESIDENT Where's the other one? ELEC MAN You report to me now. PRESIDENT Report? What is there to report? ELEC MAN The progress of your cooperation with the dismantling of the United States. The President approaches the desk while processing these words. PRESIDENT What are y-!? ELEC MAN Dr. Light says human fallibility has tainted the meaning of law and order. Power has corrupted you, and only the strong can help you now. The President stares down Elec Man. PRESIDENT So this is your masters way of lending a helping hand? ELEC MAN His army will be replacing all armed forces. All enlisted men are ordered to stand down and return home. Any resistance will be metPRESIDENT This is ridiculous. Theres no way they just stand downELEC MAN Think of this as a peaceful regime change, or an election. Give this country over to my master, and in return for your cooperation, the United states will be the first true utopia.


PRESIDENT How do we know Dr. Light is going to keep his word? How many more will die? ELEC MAN You don't. All government robotic forces are controlled by Light Industries, so you have no army. My master doesn't want bloodshed, he wants peace. But mankind has forced his hand. The President slams hand down on the desk. Elec Man doesnt flinch. PRESIDENT Forced!? From that seat, I watched as you and the others killed a couple thousand men and women your master employed. The President quickly reaches over Elec Man, who remains still, and flips on a video screen playing news reports. PRESIDENT Reports continue to pour in about the innocent civilians dying in the streets, being slaughtered in their homes, but we forced your hand. ELEC MAN This is merely the reaping. These are consequences for the transgressions of mankind's history. You should be glad that you see this day. The beginning of the end to this self aggrandizing lifestyle. Elec Man waves his hand at the video images, and they change to giant towering cities, roads winding in the sky. ELEC MAN Youve built these monuments to yourselves on the bones of your citizens. The video changes to vagabond camps on the outskirts of the city, destitute and filthy families crying out for help, underneath the super highways in the sky.


ELEC MAN You wouldn't work together when it was for the good of mankind. You ignored the cries of the common man, for your own personal gain. The President is speechless as the video screen disappears. ELEC MAN The fall of the United States before the eyes of the world, should quell resistance, on our way towards world peace. PRESIDENT What do I tell my Joint Chiefs of Staff? And the enlisted men won't just give up. I can't promise they won't resist. ELEC MAN Tell them there is no need for an army during peace time. INT. DREAM SEQUENCE - GUILDED OLD COURTHOUSE Robots stand guard at the entrance of the old courthouse. CROWDS of PEOPLE, line the walls, while ordinary, everyday robots sit in the pews. Dr. Wily sits in the Judges seat, forlorn but in a trance. LEADERS OF THE WORLD are being dragged before Dr. Wily, sentenced, and marched out of the room. Rock and Proto Man have Dr. Light on his knees, by the crook of his arms, behind the RUSSIAN PRESIDENT. The Russian president is dragged away kicking and SCREAMING, as Rock and Proto Man bring Dr. Light forward. Dr. Wily stares blankly ahead as he addresses the accused. DR. WILY Dr. Thomas Light, I sentence you to death for your crimes in furthering mankind's thirst for destruction. DR. LIGHT Albert, stop this madness! Why are you allowing this?


DR. WILY The blood of the people is on our hands. Dr. Wilys eyes focus and lock with Dr. Lights. DR. WILY Our lives are forfeit. A single tear appears in Dr. Wilys eye, and then his eyes glaze back over again. Rock and Proto Man drag Dr. Light through the back door. Sitting in an otherwise empty room, is a giant furnace in the shape of an idol-like bust of Dr. Light. The eyes are ablaze from the fire within, while the mouth is a fiery maw in the shape of a sadistic grin. The Russian president in front of Dr. Light, fails to fight off his captors, and is tossed into the BLAZING inferno, his PLEAS fading quickly. Dr. Light starts to struggle against his captors, as they start to move towards the furnace. DR. LIGHT Rock, please! Dr. Light continues to fight them, but they do not budge, and step up to the furnace opening. Dr. Lights skin starts to break into a sweat, and then all at once, he is red, and then a crispy cinder as hes tossed into the flames. INT. WOOD CABIN - BEDROOM - DAY Dr. Light wakes up violently, his bedding soaked in sweat. INT. WOOD CABIN - COMMON AREA - DAY Dr. Light opens up his door to the cabin common area. Rock and Rush are huddled together on the floor, Rock playing news reports on his wrist PC. ROCK The reports stopped a couple hours ago. Trying to find anything else on it. The news is acting like the uprising never happened.


Dr. Light walks into the kitchen and grabs some water. DR. LIGHT If only it were a dream. ROCK Another nightmare? DR. LIGHT Yes, cant sleep is all. Dr. Light walks back to bedroom, glass in hand. ROCK Dr. Light, you should see this. Rock unmutes a report hes watching. NEWS TALKING HEAD I'm being told the PRESIDENT has an emergency address, we'll take you to that now. Dr. Light walks back over to Rock and Rush. On the screen, The American President walks up to the podium. PRESIDENT I come to the American people this morning, with a vision of a new future. What price would you pay for world peace? DR. LIGHT Whats he saying?! They listen in silent shock to the President. ROCK The President is giving the country to Dr. Wily. How could he do thi-? Something catches Rocks attention. ROCK Dr. Light! Dr. Light stands in shock, speechless. DR. LIGHT What are we going to do? ROCK Dr. Light!


Dr. Light shakes off his stupor. Rock stands up and starts grabbing their things. ROCK We have to go! EXT. FORREST - DAY Cut Man rides on top of a military transport vehicle filled with militarized robots. He fires blades out of his hands, clearing a path in front of them. EXT. WOOD CABIN - DAY Rush bursts out the door. Rock follows him out, firemancarrying Dr. Light. Rush flips into jet mode, Rock hops on, and the trio zip through the trees, just as Cut Man reaches the clearing. INT. DR. WILYS AIRSHIP - HALLWAY - DAY Dr. Wily walks through metal reflective hallways. Robots geared for war, line the walls. Dr. Wily is in the middle of a conversation with Proto Man on his private line. DR. WILY Toronto? He's got a couple more cabins further up north. Loves his ice fishing- Keep following him- If you can grab it, without hurting Tom, do it. Otherwise keep backup nearby and report where they stopProto Mans response makes Dr. Wily stop in his tracks. DR. WILY Y- You have your orders- And send Cut Man to New YorkINT. DR. WILYS AIRSHIP - ARMORY - DAY The armory entrance walls are lined with militarized robot parts for quick customizing. DR. WILY What am I doing? I'm guiding the world in its first steps to peace.


Dr. Wily grabs a couple armament attachments on the way out the other side. INT. DR. WILYS AIRSHIP - LOADING BAY - DAY Dr. Wily walks into a massive loading bay, filled with hundreds of hollow mechanized suits. Dr. Wily walks over to Dr. Bonne, who is standing near two unprogrammed suits. DR. WILY After you Miss Bonne. After tossing Dr. Wily a power tool, Dr. Bonne hops into her suit, which he seals up. Dr. Wily grabs one of his spare armaments and attaches it to the suit. Dr. Bonne powers on the suit, eliciting a playful growl from Dr. Wily. EXT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - DAY Dr. Wilys airship is mammoth in size, the body itself the size of the Titanic. Giant propulsion jets keep the behemoth afloat. Anchoring the vessel to the ground, are a pair of gigantic robotic arms, which end in fists gripping the sides of the plant itself. The arms push off the building and let go, and the ship lifts off, the arms hugging the underside of the ship. A hole opens in the ground to the side of the plant. Another six airships emerge from the opening, using the arms to maneuver, like giant two armed spiders. They lift off in turn, and follow Dr. Wilys ship, which is already starting to disappear in the distance. EXT. WASHINGTON DC - CAPITOL HILL - DAY A shadow creeps across the mall, the already robot ravaged citys RESIDENTS fearing the worst, as they look into the sky. Dr. Wilys airship flies over the town, the other ships close in its wake. The ships presences shakes the city, windows SHATTERING, car alarms sounding.


Tanks appear on the streets below. The tanks separate into four individual pieces, which change into humanoid forms, the Light Industries emblem on their arm, and U. S. ARMY emblazoned across their chest. The humanoid tanks fill the streets, and begin storming buildings, grabbing any humans they find. EXT. WOODED CAMPSITE - DAY Dr. Light and Rock sit on a couple of logs around a campfire. Rock is playing international reports on the takeover of Washington DC from his wrist PC. WORLD NEWS ANCHOR The eyes of the world were on the United States today, as the President stepped down, amidst a coup de tat. The image changes to the PRESIDENT at a podium addressing the press. PRESIDENT To spare any more bloodshed, I, along with your representatives in Congress, and the Supreme Court, have decided to bow to the terrorist Dr. Lights demands and shut down the federal government. All federal institutions such as current receivers of social security and Medicare, schools, mail, and roads will continue. Capitol hill is effectively closed. We realize that we have failed at our posts. We're(video paused) Rock backs out of the video and searches on the internet for more. ROCK Still no mention of Dr. Wily. This was the most recent article I could find that even mentioned the President, and it's from six weeks ago. DR. LIGHT News blogs, public forums?


ROCK Nothing. Some how he shut down the government and the United States press media, and no one is talking about it. DR. LIGHT Check for other countries reactions to the situation. ROCK Two weeks ago, but no video. Rock raises arm and a sound clip plays. BBC ANCHOR The prime minister was shouted down in the parliament today, when he moved they react to the US coup. Members of the House of Commons noted that no further deaths had been reported and as such suggested success, which gives some members hopRock puts his arm down. ROCK No ones coming? DR. LIGHT We will do what we can, when we are ready. We should reach the warehouse by tomorrow. The baseline coding is complete, but when we get there, Ill be able to entertain some of the ideas I have. Rock perks up at this. ROCK You finished? When? DR. LIGHT: A couple days ago. ROCK Why didntDR. LIGHT I say anything? I don't know, maybe I was still hoping someone else would have fixed everything by the time we were ready.


ROCK You're still against me fighting? DR. LIGHT And I always will be. Im allowing this out of desperation. You weren't meant to be a weapon! ROCK I'm not a weapon. DR. LIGHT Thats not wh- It's frustrating to think about when I know your true purpose. ROCK My purpose is to help mankind. DR. LIGHT There has to be another way to world peace, other than fightingRock stands. ROCK Dr. Wily has forced our hand! DR. LIGHT We don't even know what he's doing yet! I'm terrified, ROCK. Dr. Light stands up, trying to hide the pain from doing so. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) My best friend is killing thousands of people in my name. We're on the run from everyone. Now, I'm designing weapons for you, for what is most likely a fool's errand. Dr. Light shakes his head and LAUGHS at himself. He takes a deep breath. DR. LIGHT Please forgive my lack of faith. ROCK Well need more than faith to stand against him. Dr. Light cracks a smile.


DR. LIGHT Quite true. Dr. Light walks over to Rock, wiping his nose on his sleeve. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) Enough debate. If were going to do this, lets give everything we have. Dr. Light pulls a translucent cord from his lab coat pocket. He plugs one end into his wrist PC, the other into a port behind ROCKs ear. ROCK bends forward into a sleep mode. Dr. Light holds his pointer finger out and the other hand in a typing position, as screen ghosts into view. Playing his finger across the air he goes through his folders, entering several passwords. DR. LIGHT Here we are. OKDr. Light selects the file mymegaboy.xfg. Opening the file, a strings of code fill the screen. Opening a second screen, and a few more locked folders, Dr. Light opens an unnamed file. Highlighting the code inside, he drags it to the first screen. A prompt, appears, And Dr. Light saves the file as mymegaman.xfg. Dr. Light detaches the cord, mode. which bring Rock out of sleep

DR. LIGHT You were designed for maintenance work, so I based all of your offense on your tool emitter. Once I knew what I wanted to do, it was actually a pretty simple switch. You'll still be able to form tools, but now you can fire concussive blasts wrapped in an electromagnetic fieldROCK stands up and starts walking around. DR. LIGHT Like a long distance punch with a chance of disabling your foe's systems. I call it the buster cannon. I've also re-routed your power systems for better mobility in close quarters encounters.


ROCK jogs in place, and punches the air a couple of times. ROCK Are you sure it worked? I don't feel any different. DR. LIGHT The new config will activate based on system parameters. ROCK What about Rush? Rush BARKS at the mention of his name, and comes running out of the woods to take a seat in front of rock. DR. LIGHT Rushs core is the predecessor to yours, and I know what I want to do with him, but I need to get to the warehouse to finish his upgrades. Dr. Light pats Rush on the head. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) Also, I want to try to scrape up some armor together for the both of you. Rock fires a couple buster shots at a nearby tree, which cause the tree to shudder. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) It should be more effective against mechanical opponents. Since youre on the wireless hub, can you find a map of this grid and get a unit count in the town? Dr. Light taps on the computer. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) The store house is on the other side of this town. We should be there by tomorrow afternoon. Then, we can make our stand. Rock projects a 3-D map of ROCHESTERTOWN, NY from his wrist PC. Another video screen appears next to the map, and a list of numbers starts scrolling down the screen. Dr. Light puts on his glasses as he approaches the screens.


DR. LIGHT This isnt theROCK Rochestertowns unit roster. There are 323,456 Light Industries units in that town. Dr. Light looks at the time. DR. LIGHT Going through is more of a shortcut, but if we walk along the outskirts, we should make it to the warehouse by morning. EXT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - ROADWAY - DAWN Dr. Light and the boys walk up a highway exit. As day breaks, a fog horn SOUNDS in the distance. Dr. Light anxiously crests a hill, and sees the warehouse laboratory. A thousand feet away sits the production and shipping facility. DR. LIGHT I havent heard that sound, since we closed this place years ago. And what do you make of that? Dr. Light points to a steady stream of enslaved people pouring into the front doors of the building. Rock scans the people. ROCK Women and children. No males, teenage or older. We should check it out. Whatever it is, Dr. Wilys probably involved in it. A local police car rolls up to the facility, before splitting into two humanoid robots. The humanoid police lock the doors on their way inside. DR. LIGHT Im going to continue towards the warehouse. You can have a look, but please be careful. We dont know what theyre programmed to do at the sight of us.


Rock nods to Dr. Light. ROCK Yes, sir! Taking a knee, Rock grabs Rush. ROCK (CONTD) Stay with Dr. Light, Rush. Ill be fine, but Ill call if I need you. Rock bends to Rushs ear. ROCK (CONTD) And keep him safe. Rock stands up and heads down the hill towards the factory. DR. LIGHT Please dont be long! And be careful! Rock waves his hand in acknowledgement. Dr. Light pats his leg nervously at Rush. DR. LIGHT Lets go, boy. Dr. Light and Rush walk back out of sight of the factory and begin a wide circle to get around the to the back of the factory. EXT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PRODUCTION FACILITY - MORNING Rock heads down the far side of the facility, checking for entrances. He walks to the back and sees a loading bay dock, the doors still open. As he gets closer a second foghorn SOUNDS and the door begins to close. Rock picks up speed and slides underneath the closing door. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PRODUCTION FACILITY - SHIPPING DEPT - MORNING Giant metal shipping crates on scaffoldings fill the space. FOOTSTEPS grow faint in the distance. ROCK moves to the hallway the footsteps were coming from, and heads down the hall.


EXT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - MORNING Dr. Light and Rush turn a corner and the warehouse house comes into view. Dr. Light is rooted to the spot, as memories flood in. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PRODUCTION FACILITY - ASSEMBLY FLOOR 2 - MORNING ROCK sneaks onto the assembly floor and is startled. Row after row of males of all different ages who have been turned into cyborgs. Tubes and wiring thread the skin along their arms and legs. The cyborgs stand at attention, the crown of their heads cut off, revealing a wired brain. A giant, mechanical crane with a needle on it, moves down the rows, implanting chips into each cyborgs head. Once the chip is placed, a robotic arm lifts the cyborg, and places them into a shipping crate. ROCK Dr. Light. EXT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - MORNING Dr. Light is startled from his fantasies by Rocks voice. ROCK (O.S.) Dr. Light, can you hear me? Dr. Light lifts his wrist PC to his chest. DR. LIGHT Go ahead, ROCK. ROCK (O.S.) You have to see this. DR. LIGHT What is it? INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PRODUCTION FACILITY - ASSEMBLY ROOM 2 - MORNING ROCK I found the males. The dead ones anyway. Dr. Wily has turned them intoRock inspects a cyborg.


ROCK They appear to be wired like machines. Clear experimentation on the brain. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Cyborgs. Bioengineered robots using a human being as the frame. The US military pitched it as the ultimate recycling project. ROCK So thats what it means to be disgusted. Rock walks the rows examining the cyborgs. Above on a rafter, unseen to Rock, FIRE MAN, robot master of fire, tall, with metallic arms with faint orange spiral veins, stands in sleep mode. His eyes begin to glow, alight with flame, as the presence of Rock alerts his proximity scans. ROCK My Geiger counter is spiking a little bit. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Get out of there, Rock. ROCK On my way. Ive taken a few scans, so you can get a look. The power goes out in the building. Everything is quiet, and then a loud metallic THUD as Fire Man descends to the floor in the darkness. EXT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - MORNING Dr. Light paces in front of the building. ROCK (O.S.) They know Im here. DR. LIGHT Rock, hurry!


INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PRODUCTION FACILITY - ASSEMBLY ROOM 2 - MORNING LEDs appear on the tubing and in the skin of the cyborgs, shimmering in the darkness, their systems coming on line. ROCK The cyborgs are functional. The cyborgs turn and start towards Rock. A few of the cyborgs writhe in pain as they walk, obviously malfunctioning, but still doing as programmed. ROCK Exits covered. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Rock? The cyborgs start to surround Rock. ROCK Get back! I dont want to hurt you! Rock walks backwards, only to be bear hugged from behind by a cyborg. Dr. Lights combat system parameters are met, unlocking motorized power for Rock, who swings both hands backwards, sending the cyborg flying. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Rock, are you-?! Rock mutes Dr. Light. The cyborgs close in, and he starts shoving them back. Fire Man closes in on the scrum forming on Rock, who has started punching and shooting his attackers. The Geiger counter starts BEEPING incessantly, Rock paying it no mind while fighting for his life. A cyborg shoves Rock backwards into a wall. ROCK turns to run and slams into Fire Mans chest, who sadly smiles down at Rock, before kicking him back into the cyborgs. EXT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - MORNING Dr. Light is listens to ROCK getting BEAT UP. ROCK (O.S.) Robot master!


DR. LIGHT What?! Oh no! Rock! Rock! INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PRODUCTION FACILITY - ASSEMBLY ROOM 2 - DAY ROCK is entangled with cyborgs. ROCK Dr. Light, there is a robot master here. Rock remembers to unmute Dr. Light. ROCK Dr. Light!? DR. LIGHT Run, ROCK! Get out of there! ROCK Great plan! A plume of flame engulfs the cyborg punching Rock, as the Geiger counter BEEPS reach a new octave. He rolls backwards and sees Fire Man coming towards him. Rock turns around, taking the hallway back to the shipping department. As he starts up the hall way, cyborgs from the shipping crates start to fill the other end of the hall. The Geiger counter SHRILLS again, and Rock rolls forward as a comet goes flying over his head. Standing quietly at the end of the hall behind Rock, steam rising from his palms, Fire Man stares Rock down. Rock listens to the sounds of the cyborgs COOKING behind him as he stares back at Fire Man. Fire Man whips his hand up, and sprays a wall of flame at Rock. Rock roll dodges away from the flame and heads back towards the shipping department. Rock uses the Geiger counter BEEPS to dodge another wall of flame. Rock moves closer to the wall as the column flame grows near, until he is forced to run along the wall, up and along the ceiling before diving into the shipping department door.


INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PRODUCTION FACILITY - SHIPPING DEPT - DAY Rock is singed a little as he gets through the door. Taking a running start, he hops on to a shipping crate, and begins climbing the scaffolding. Fire Man walks in, quiet and smooth. firing with both hands at Rock. He immediately starts

Rock dodges back and forth from crate to crate, the rafters melting and dropping around him. Fire Man shoots at a crate ahead of Rock who lands on it, and falls through. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PRODUCTION FACILITY - SHIPPING DEPT - SHIPPING CRATE - DAY Rock gets to his feet and watches one end of the crate get blasted open by a column of flame. He turns as the other end of the crate is torn open by another column of flame. The two walls of flame start inching closer, Rock trapped between them. Rock shoves the metal piece between the walls of flames forward, sending it flying in front of him at Fire Man. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PRODUCTION FACILITY - SHIPPING DEPT - DAY Fire Man blasts the incoming dented piece of metal, fiery shrapnel littering the air. The shrapnel acts as a temporary chaff, disrupting Fire Mans scanners, and Rock flanks Fire Man, heading back towards the assembly floor. Fire Man sees this, and fires ahead of Rock, cutting him off. ROCK remembers his weaponry and returns fire, his buster cannon disrupting the flame. Rock rushes forward, while continuing to fire, keeping Fire Man from returning fire. As Rock approaches, Fire Man swings at Rock, who uses Fire Mans momentum to judo flip him into the side of a crate. As Rock touches Fire Man, all of Fire Mans internal data, is given to Rock, including his build schematics and recent orders.


Rocks hands light and change into ice picks, and he charges a recovering Fire Man. Feinting like he is going for his head, Rock starts stabbing all along the veins in Fire Mans arms. Fire Man swings wildly erratically, finally striking Rock, sending him flying into a flaming piece of debris. Fire Man goes full power, stuff leaking from the Rocks puncture holes. He fires, and his arms explode, a lot of stuff spilling out. He drops to his knees and shuts down, the fire going out in his eyes. Rock raises his head, and watches Fire Man power down. Rocks internal system alarms are loud in his head, as he rests it on the floor. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PRODUCTION FACILITY - HALLWAY DAY Rock walks up to the charred cyborgs, one still slightly moving while melting. Rock stops. Turning around, Rock walks back into the shipping department. A metallic RIPPING is heard, and he walks back down the hallway with Fire Mans head in his hand. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PRODUCTION FACILITY - ASSEMBLY FLOOR 1 - DAY The sound of SAWS and CRIES fill the air. Rock walks into a literal slaughter house. WOMEN and CHILDREN are placing cyborg parts in their dead loved ones, using tools to cut them open. Video screens litter the room, with Dr. Lights face staring knowingly, occasionally yelling out encouragement and threats. Rock stops, his grip tightening on Fire Mans head. Rock approaches a MOTHER and her CHILDREN working on a cyborg. ROCK Maam, you have to leave.


The mother sees Rock coming towards her, and starts working harder. ROCK Maam, please! You need to take yourThe mother realizes its Rock, and freaks out, screaming and pulling her children away. MOTHER Please dont kill us. Were doing everything you said! The entire factory has stopped and everyone is watching. ROCK Everyone, needs to leave, go home. Youre free. The factory is silent now, accept for the hysterical mother. MOTHER This is just a trick to kill us. Why cant you just leave us alone? The mother shoves Rock. MOTHER You killed our family, and now you play with our lives! ROCK Why do you think I wouldRock looks down and sees the cyborg gore and battle scars covering his body. The head in his hand is a little heavy. Rock turns away from the mother and heads for an exit. The factory slowly starts back up again, as Rock runs out a side door. EXT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - DAY Rock walks up to a worrying Dr. Light and Rush, holding Fire Mans smiling head. DR. LIGHT Rock? Rock fumes in silence.


DR. LIGHT Are youROCK He's killing people and turning them into robot slaves for his army. Aghast, Dr. Light points at Rock's hand. ROCK (CONTD) Fire Man. DR. LIGHT Wheres the rest of him? Rock stares off into the distance. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) Rock? Rock slowly turns back to him. ROCK Destroyed. Rock shakes Fire Mans head. ROCK (CONTD) The neural core will have his mission objectives. DR. LIGHT We can find out what those are inside. The warehouse laboratory, once a pristine white structure, has been worn down to muddy brown from years of neglect. A single set of metal sliding doors lead in to the building. The walls bare no marks except the far side, that was clearly rebuilt after the Proto Man incident. As the trio approach the entrance, they notice, the metal doors hang in tatters, with scorch marks across them in the shape of an x. ROCK Someone was here recently. Dr. Light walks to the back of the building, where he starts the back up generators. He rejoins Rock and Rush at entrance.


DR. LIGHT A lot of our earlier projects are housed here. Thats probably why Albert, opened the factory again. ROCK Or Dr. Wily knew we'd come here. Dr. Light checks his watch, and looks at the sun. DR. LIGHT We've probably got a half a day or so before Albert can retaliate. As the power comes on, the doors try to close, but there is nothing to close, errant pieces dangling or falling aside. Dr. Light and the boys walk inside. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - DAY The overhead lights take awhile to warm up, leaving the warehouse dimly lit. Half the space is filled with metal shipping crates and boxes, the other half, larger robot parts, whole torsoes and radical unfinished projects. The wall Proto Man destroyed is obvious, the reconstruction never completed. Building materials are stacked along the damaged area, which are surrounded by old robot parts. Most of the containers have been molested, crates ripped open like tin cans. Robot parts lie strewn about, picked and stripped to the metal. The pillbox sits underneath a pile of parts threatening to cover it entirely. The damaged two-way glass is completely unseen underneath a thick lair of dust and robot parts. The door is held open by an errant robot arm stuck between the door and the jam. Dr. Light walks to the pillbox, wading through the junk surrounding the door. Propping the door completely open with the same arm, he begins the process of starting up all the equipment. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PILLBOX CONTROL ROOM - DAY Searching through a drawer, Dr. Light finds an old badge with Dr. Wily across it. Continuing his search proves fruitless, as his badge doesnt turn up.


Holding two fingers to the face of the badge, it lights up, and a keyboard appears. After tapping LIGHT on the keyboard, Dr. Light puts on the badge. Dr. Light taps the badge, and the speakers in the lab SCREECH. Rock jumps at the sound. Dr. Lights voice ECHOES in the dingy space. DR. LIGHT Rock, would you be so kind as to place the, err- um- head on the table behind you. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - AFTERNOON Rock turns around and sees a light underneath a pile of junk. Sweeping aside the old parts reveals a worktable, the center of which is aglow. Rock places the head on the lit area, which begins to blink, signaling the beginning of scans. ROCK After I touched him, I saw his schematics and knew exactly how to stop him. There must be some way to see his parameters. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PILLBOX CONTROL ROOM - AFTERNOON Dr. Light has several screens up, looking through Fire Mans data. DR. LIGHT On it. Lets see what we can findDesignation: Fire Man- Hes running on a nuclear version of my solar core?! Proposed 4 years ago!? Apparently I signed off on the plans?- This is all my fault. Dr. Light sits forlornly on the desk top, as Rock walks around to the door of the pillbox. ROCK Dr. Light? DR. LIGHT This all happened because of me- I couldve prevented this. ROCK What do you mean?!


DR. LIGHT I have final say on all new builds, but I signed off on all of them. I was so obsessed with you- Albert knew I wouldnt even look at the actual schematics. Dr. Light shakes his head in disgust. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) I vaguely remember him pitching something about helping the UN with land reclamation in uninhabitable areas. Albert- Ive been a fool. ROCK All the more reason for us to stop Dr. Wily. Can you see where the other robot masters are? DR. LIGHT Lets find out. Dr. Light turns and plops in the chair, resuming his search through Fire Mans data. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) Alberts sectioned off each citys network hub, so I cant see whats connected, unless Im on that hub. ROCK I thought you had admin over the network? DR. LIGHT Only from my office terminal in Bethesda. Corporate spies kept stealing my PC. ROCK What can you do? DR. LIGHT I can tell you where Fire Mans been- Most recently New Yorkspecifically- Central Park? Dr. Light rushes through more files and menus. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) It seems, the robots only receive their orders when they connect to the network hubs. (MORE)


Fire Man here, worked under another robot master, a Guts Man. And before that, he was in the Pentagon under Elec Man, whom weve met. ROCK Why was he in Central Park? DR. LIGHT It just says enforcement. ROCK We should check it out. If theres more than one robot master in one place, something must be going on. Is there anything else you can find out? Dr. Light scrolls through more files. DR. LIGHT Not right now. Itll take me a couple hours to work on Rushs coding, so look around the shop for tools and parts for armor. Take them into the woods behind the building, so we can make a quick getaway if need be. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - AFTERNOON Rock and Rush peruse the junk filling the space. When they happen upon an unopened crate, Rock pries it open with his crowbar-turned-hand. Rock finds a manageable metal crate, places it out in the woods, and throws the parts they like in it. INT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - PILLBOX CONTROL ROOM - EVENING Dr. Light speeds across the keyboard in the pillbox. Several ghostly screens lay before him, popping forward as he switches through them. Rock runs to the door, laser cutter in hand, scaring Dr. Light. ROCK Doc!? We have to go! Someones coming!


Dr. Light nods and presses a button on the computer terminal. The screens disappear, and the whole box deflates in on itself until it is a small metal tube, which Dr. Light scoops up. Rock and Dr. Light run out the doors. EXT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - EVENING Dr. Light and Rock race to the back of the warehouse, where Rush waits for them at the edge of the woods with the metal crate. The trio head into the woods, Rock carrying the crate on his head, as a small transporter pod flies in from the west and lands in between the warehouse and production facility. Proto Man and a couple militarized cyborgs hop out. Proto Man points the cyborgs towards the smoking factory, and then heads to the warehouse. As he approaches the building, Proto Man notices the power is on, and begins creeping into the warehouse, one of his hands changing into a green plasma knife. EXT. WOODS - EVENING Dr. Light and the boys run through the trees, Rock balancing the large crate above his head, while Rushs eyes light the way. They stop at a a ditch, and Rock places the crate in it. ROCK You two keep going, Im going to go back and see who came after us. Maybe its Dr. Wily. DR. LIGHT We need to stick together, Rock. Rush BARKS his agreement. ROCK Doc, Ill be fine. I just want to see who it is. Especially if its a robot master. Rock kneels down to Rush.


ROCK (CONTD) Take care of Dr. Light, Rush. If you hear or see anything before I get back, put Dr. Light on your back and fly out of there. Rush WHINES in worry. ROCK Dont worry about me, I know youll be there, if need help. Rush AGREES with this. Rock stands up, turns around and heads back to the laboratory. Dr. Light and Rush watch for a moment. DR. LIGHT Come on, boy. Dr. Light and Rush head further into the woods. EXT. WAREHOUSE LABORATORY - EVENING Rock runs along the side of the warehouse, stopping at the edge of the building and peaking out. Proto Man is standing out in front of the entrance to the warehouse. Two ghostly screens float in front of him, video feed from the cyborgs in the production facility. A third screen appears under these, Dr. Wilys manic face spread across it. Proto Man minimizes the two screens and addresses Dr. Wily. DR. WILY Report! PROTO MAN Fire Man doesnt have a head. DR. WILY Wha-? Tom. Did he build a weapon? PROTO MAN Possibly, one of the computers is missing and it looks like they scavenged for parts. You have no surveillance equipment out here, so we dont know who or what came through. We're going to restart production, then search the area.


DR. WILY Remember, if you find him, don't hurt him. Proto Man closes the call. PROTO MAN I'll think about it. Rock sidles back to the woods and runs back into the forest. EXT. WOODS - EVENING Running back to the ditch, Rock picks up the metal crate and follows Dr. Light and Rushs trail. EXT. WOODS - MIDNIGHT Dr. Light and Rush are taking a break. Dr. Light is typing something on the appropriated computer, while Rush patrols the area. Rush GROWLS at sticks BREAKING behind them. Rush crouches, ready to pounce, when Rock bursts from a bush, metal crate on his head, with branches and leaves clinging to it. DR. LIGHT Rock, there you are! I know how to stop the robot masters! Rock bends down, while still holding the crate with one hand, and pets Rush. ROCK Hey, Rush! That's great, Doc, but we have to go! DR. LIGHT Another robot master? Rock nods. ROCK He was talking to Dr. Wily about thinking about not hurting you. Dr. Light stands up. DR. LIGHT We can take a break in the morning. Dr. Light packs up, and the trio head further into the woods.


EXT. WOODED AREA - DAWN Dr. Light is draped across Rush, asleep, Rock leading them both with the metal crate, as they break into a clearing. Rock puts down the crate, then gently shakes Dr. Light awake. ROCK Good morning! Dr. Light slides off Rush and stretches. DR. LIGHT Where are we-? ROCK 12 miles west of Syracuse. DR. LIGHT Wait. How long have I been asleep? ROCK 33 hours. You needed it. DR. LIGHT Oh, yes! Just what I needed, a light coma-! Dr. Light yawns, cutting off his thought. Dr. Light begins pacing, wracking his brain. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) OK, OK. I need to finish Rushs coding and get on that armor- Oh! I almost forgot. Dr. Light walks over to the crate and starts digging through it. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) Wheres that head? After finding Fire Mans head, Dr. Light powers on the appropriated computer and places the head on a stump. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) Based on Fire Mans schematics, and similar patterns in what I could find of Alberts older schematics, the robot masters weapon systems use my tool emitter as the framework.


Images of old versions of robot masters appear above the computer. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) Its a pretty simple but brilliant switch in a few lines of code. Allows you to produce elements other than liquid metal tools. Dr. Light runs a line from the computer to the head. DR. LIGHT OK, touch it. Rock walks forward and touches the head, his hand lights up, the currents changing colors. DR. LIGHT Now fire your buster cannon. Rock fires and a tongue of flame comes out the end of his hand. Rush jumps back BARKING. Dr. Light laughs. DR. LIGHT In theory, whenever you touch a robot master, you should be able to reproduce his attack. Rock fires another blast of fire, and then he shoots ball of fire into the pond. DR. LIGHT The only downside is although you can use the buster cannon anytime, I dont know how much extended use you can have with the alternate weapon systems. ROCK But my cannon is stuck this way? DR. LIGHT Yes, right now, but Ive designed a controller, so youll be able to switch between the buster cannon and the alt weapon systems. ROCK A controller? If its more than 4 buttons, I worry about its effectiveness in battle. DR. LIGHT My thoughts exactly.


Dr. Light taps a couple things on the computer, which brings up a floating screen with a graph outline of a helmeted Rock. The crude schematics show the helmet connecting to Rocks neural core. TIME LAPSE Over the next several days, Dr. Light, along with help from Rock and Rush, builds their armor, piece by piece. INT. WASHINGTON DC - OVAL OFFICE - DAY A giant space rocket silo is haphazardly but efficiently being built on the front lawn of the White House, which can been seen through the window. Dr. Bonne is sitting in the Presidents seat with her feet on the desk, obviously bored. Elec Man walks in the door. ELEC MAN The wireless hub is down. DR. BONNE New protocol. All units will connect to the White House network until further notice. Dr. Wily is waiting for you. Elec Man walks to a wall panel, that pulls back to reveal a small room with a wall of screens. INT. WASHINGTON DC - OVAL OFFICE - DR. WILYS OFFICE - DAY

Dr. Wily sits in a chair in the middle of a small dungeon of video screens and computers. Monitoring the screens that cover the walls entirely, he occasionally pushes his chair across the floor to another keyboard. Elec Man enters the room, closing the door behind him. DR. WILY It appears Tom hasnt done as Id hoped and may be headed this way. Increase production by 200%, pull extra units from central park. ELEC MAN Yes, master.


DR. WILY Report to Proto Man on his arrival. He will be taking over supervision of the project, while you secure this city from outside threats. ELEC MAN Yes, master. EXT. ABOVE THE CLOUDS - MIDNIGHT The moon glints off Rock and Rushs new armor, as they fly towards New York City, Rock on Rushs back. Dr. Lights talks to them from the ground. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Once you connect to the hub, Ill use Fire Mans network designation to see if I can figure out what theyre mission parameters are. ROCK Almost there, Doc. They fly lower as the city comes into view. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) OK, Im connected, head to Central Park and Ill see what I can find. The boys fly wide until theyre on a straight line for the park then head inward. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Rock! Stop! There are at least three robot masters in there. Rock hops off Rush as he lands on the Empire State Building. They look out over the city at a destroyed Central Park. Packs of cyborgs roam the streets with militarized drones. A giant, barebones structure of scaffolding and steel plates, takes up half of the park. Much of the forestry is gone, sections reduced to stumps. Large ditches line the sides of the structure. Sounds of machinery and tools are emanating from it. An identical structure is half built, with a partial roof, and two walls, on the other half of the park. Backhoes, and trucks are scattered around along the building.


ROCK We have to put an end to this. Rock switches to his electrical current view mode, and scans the building. ROCK It looks like the same setup as Rochestertown. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) They've been put on alert about us. They have control of all closed circuit cameras around the city andDr. Light SIGHS. DR. LIGHT Theyve got Rushs core signature. You're going to have to leave him behind, Rock, so you can sneak in. EXT. ROADSIDE - MIDNIGHT Dr. Light sits cross-legged on the side of the road, computer in his lap. Two screens float in front of him, one Rocks POV, the other, Rocks systems. DR. LIGHT The only way to begin to do anything, is to shut down the generators, which should shut down the factory lines. Look for a way to free the people, but use discretion, the robot masters are down there as well. ROCK (O.S.) We were going to meet someday. EXT. SKY - MIDNIGHT DR. LIGHT (O.S.) I'll be able to watch through your video feed and monitor your systems. Rock stoops to Rush. ROCK Stay, Rush. I'll be fine!


Rock turns around. ROCK OK, Doc. I'm ready. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Good luck, son. Rock jumps off the side of the building, places a hand on the glass and slides down the side of the building. He's starts going so fast, he panics. Rock watches from the edge above, BARKING in worry. Switching his buster cannon to fire on his other arm, he blasts a flame underneath him, slowing down. He gets the hang of it, and races to the bottom. Rush puts his head on his paws. EXT. NYC - STREETS Rock sneaks around street corners watching for bots. Rock walks to a nearby metro entrance, but hears the echo of CYBORGS down there and heads down a different street. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) The generators should be east of west 62nd street. Rock starts across the street, then dodges back, as a drone and cyborg walk down the road. Once they turn a corner, he runs across the street to the back of the giant wall circling Central Park. EXT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY - MIDNIGHT Jumping as high as he can, Rock blasts a little fire to reach the top. Pulling himself over the top, he drops down in between the generators. Touching the generators, Rock can see the inner workings. Walking over to the breaker board, he rips out the whole panel. Everything goes dark in the complex, children can be heard SCREECHING. ROCK jumps on top of the turbines and belly crawls forward and switching back to his electrical current view mode. Maintenance drones fly in to look at the generator.


Rock rolls over to the next generator and disables it, shutting down the machinery in the production facility. Hopping to the ground, Rock sprints in the darkness towards the production facility. INT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY - ASSEMBLY FLOOR 1 Rock sneaks in, and runs up an assembly line, WORKERS crying out at his presence. His electrical current view mode helps him detect the cyborgs headed his way. Rock crouches down near a MOM and her CHILD assembling a cyborg and pretends to be a worker. Rock touches a passing cyborg's leg as it goes by, but can't see anything. EXT. ROADSIDE - MIDNIGHT Rock transmits text, so as not expose his position, which shows up as a text bubble underneath the two screens floating before Dr. Light. ROCK (SUBTITLE) How do I shut them down? Dr. Light scans the cyborgs through Rocks POV screen. DR. LIGHT Looks like theyre powered by something at the base of the skull. Rocks POV screen follows more electrical currents to electric binders on the legs of the workers. ROCK (SUBTITLE) Everyone is bound. Dr. Light brings up another screen with a map of the facility. DR. LIGHT There should be another set of generators north east of you. Find the power source for the binders, but get the people out as safe as you can.


INT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY - PRODUCTION FLOOR 1 Rock dimly lights his face with his hand, and turns to the child, whos been staring at him. Rock whispers above the din of WAILS in the darkness. ROCK Hi! I'm Rock! How long have you been here? The child shrugs. The Mom sees her child is distracted, and pulls him back to pretend to work, fear conditioned in her. The light from Rocks hand, and then Rock himself catch her eye, causing her to SCREAM. The scream brings the attention of Cut Man, who is stalking the catwalk above the assembly floor. Rocks light is a dim beacon in the dark. Cut Man tries to scan Rock and control him, and realizes it might actually be Rock. CUT MAN Unidentified unit in southwest sector. GUTS MAN Confirm and report. Cut Man drops down to the assembly floor, and calls a couple guard cyborgs over, while heading towards Rock. Rock is trying to comfort the frightened Mom. ROCK Ma'am, please don't yell. I want to help you. MOM Youre one of them, stay away! We did nothing wrong. ROCK Please! Look! Rock breaks the binder around her ankle. The Mom is shocked, but still mistrusting. Rock spins around, searching the space, and spots Cut Man and the cyborgs headed his way. ROCK Ive been spotted. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Get out of there!


ROCK Sorry, Doc, no more running. I have to help these people. Rock turns back to the mom. ROCK (CONTD) When the binders are deactivated, lead everyone out, please!? The Mom is too frightened too move. ROCK (CONTD) Please? The Mom nods shakily. DR. LIGHT Rock- please be careful. Cut Man approaches Rock from behind. CUT MAN Unit, you are unregistered. State mission parameters. Rock is frozen in fear. Cut Man turns on his communicator. CUT MAN All security units on assembly floor 1, stand by. Cut Man readdresses Rock, affecting a fighting stance. CUT MAN (CONTD) Unit, state mission parameters. Rock looks into the Moms eyes. ROCK To help mankind. CUT MAN Power down, unit. Maintenance drone requested for assembly fROCK No. Rock turns around, and Cut Mans sensors go haywire, recognizing Rocks face.


CUT MAN All security units report to assembly floor 1. Unit, stand down. You are to be taken to Dr. Wily. ROCK I dont think so. Rock draws first, firing buster shots at Cut Man, who barely dodges a shot that the cyborg behind him doesnt. Cut Man starts firing blades at Rock with both hands, who dodges backwards. The blades break through the wall behind Rock, who Roll dodges more of Cut Mans shots, before slamming into the wall, using the holes the blades made, to makes an a exit to the street outside. CUT MAN Secondary objective spotted, headed north on west perimeter. EXT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY - NYC STREETS - MIDNIGHT Militarized drones and cyborgs, burst from the facility walls ahead of Rock, who has started up the street, parallel to the factory. Rock weaves through cyborgs who are attempting to grapple him, and starts shooting down the drones, who are firing EMP bursts from above. A giant concrete barricade comes flying down in front of Rock, who skids to a stop. Guts Man appears from a side street with another barricade on his shoulder. GUTS MAN This is your final chance to surrender. Our master doesnt need you online or intact. Rock answers by shooting him in the knee, causing it to buckle. Guts Man falls towards Rock, who runs up the shouldered barricade like a ramp. Cut Mans blades nick his shoulder, causing Rock to flail and fall off the end of the barricade. Cut Man continues the assault with two hands, so Rock rolls and dodges back into the facility, slamming through the wall.


INT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY - ASSEMBLY FLOOR 1 - MIDNIGHT Rock runs to a ladder and pulls himself up to the catwalk. Hopping on to the guard rail and he fires a ball of flame up through the roof. After the dust settles, he grabs the edge of the hole an pulls himself up on to the roof. EXT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY - ROOF - MIDNIGHT Guts Man is waiting for him on the roof, and he punches Rock in the back off the other side of the building. GUTS MAN Secondary objective headed east of site. All maintenance and security return to priority objectives. EXT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY - RAVAGED CENTRAL PARK MIDNIGHT Rock lands on a ruined baseball diamond, sliding across what was once home plate. Rock runs his fingers over the fist shaped dent in his breastplate, as blades start to rain down on him. One blade catches his helm, and he rolls behind a tree, only to watch it get cut down above him. He runs from the falling tree, but the top still lands on him. As Rock pulls himself free of the fallen trees branches, BOMB MAN, small, juvenile, stands above him. Bomb Man points to the left of Rock, who notices a baseball sized blinking light sitting next to his feet. Rock looks back up, but Bomb Man is gone. The bomb goes OFF. Rock is sent flying like a bullet, a massive crater forming at his launch spot. EXT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY - CONSTRUCTION SITE - MIDNIGHT Rock skips across the scorched earth, and slams into the side of the under-construction facility. Rock picks himself up and heads into the half finished building.


INT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY - CONSTRUCTION SITE - MIDNIGHT Rock runs through the dark construction site, his FOOTSTEPS deafening in the silence. Lights appear at the other end of the corridor, the sounds of an ENGINE echoing off the walls. A backhoe materializes behind the lights, blocking the exit. Rock looks back as a giant blade and bomb flash towards him. He dodges and the blade slices the backhoe in half, while the bomb sticks to the backhoe itself. Rock sees where the bomb lands and starts towards another exit, when the bomb goes off. EXT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY - RAVAGED CENTRAL PARK MIDNIGHT Rock skids to a stop in a massive ditch. Getting to his feet, he realizes hes lying in a mass grave of former NYC residents. The GRAVE DIGGERS, oppressed people, scatter, when they see whats following Rock. Rock takes in the massacred citizens lying in the haphazard ditch. Rock turns around and heads back towards his pursuers, flinch dodging blades and bombs. INT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY - CONSTRUCTION SITE - MIDNIGHT Rock runs full tilt into the arms of Guts Man, the force of which allows him to slide out of Guts Mans grip and down between his legs. As Rocks hand slides across Guts Mans chest, Rock receives Guts Mans schematics and data. Continuing his slide, Rock aims backwards, and shoots GUTS MAN in the face with his buster cannon. Guts Man, who has turned around to grab Rock, topples backwards, crumpling at the impact of the buster shots. Rocks hand lights up and changes to Guts Mans systems. Digging his hand into the ground, Rock stops his slide and rips up a handful of concrete. Bomb Man and Cut Man come flanking out of the darkness, from opposite sides of empty construction, creating a crossfire.


Guts Mans systems finish installing in Rock, which include a visual overlay, giving him real time stats of location, velocity, and estimated mass of all objects in view. Rock calculates a plan. Rock runs right towards Cut Man, throwing the concrete chunk as a shield. While running, Rock fires a buster shot at Bomb Man while starting another slide. His buster shot finds its target, buckling Bomb Mans knee, causing him to fire an errant bomb towards Guts Man, who backhands it away. Rock finishes his slide at Cut Mans feet and shoves him backwards with two hands, while gaining his schematics and data. Bomb Man is back on his feet behind Rock, firing a bombs at Rocks feet. Rock calculates and runs towards Bomb Man as the bombs go off. The blast sends Rock flying into Bomb Man. ROCK grabs him, gaining his schematics and data, then plants his feet and judo flips Bomb Man through the nearby wall. Rock neatly dodges incoming blades from Cut Man, and runs out the hole Bomb Man made. EXT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY - RAVAGED CENTRAL PARK MIDNIGHT As he clears the hole, Guts Man slams into his back, sending Rock flying in to the side of a dumpster on a side street. EXT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY - NYC STREETS - MIDNIGHT Rock disentangles himself from the shattered dumpster. ROCK I need you, RuA bomb lands at his feet, Rock diving away. The BLAST sends him through a restaurant window. Bomb Man stands on top of the construction site, and starts firing in to the restaurant as Rock dives out a side window. Rock heads down an alley, as Cut Man joins Bomb Man in his search of destruction. The two begin destroying any building they see. Rock doubles back a couple blocks over, and peeks out.


Bomb Man is joyously shooting bombs at buildings, when he is slammed out of nowhere by Rush. Rock runs out from cover, just as a balled-up car goes flying over his head. Guts Man has tracked him down, and grabs another car. Cut Man follows his lead, firing blades with both hands, forcing Rock back into the alley. EXT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY- ABOVE THE SKYLINE - MIDNIGHT Rush flies through the clouds, Bomb Mans arm between his teeth, dragging the robot master along. Rush begins shaking Bomb Man like a toy, bombs raining down on the city. EXT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY NYC STREETS - MIDNIGHT

Rock peeks out around the corner again, and spots the falling bombs. Calculating their trajectory, and he runs out towards Guts Man. Guts Man throws the car at Rock, who jumps over and then on to the car. Using the car as a launching point, Rock flies over Guts Man, and fires a couple blades at him, shearing off his arms, and then a bomb into his chest. Rock lands behind a car as Guts Man explodes. Rock flips the car on its side, and pushes it towards Cut Man, who starts cutting the car down. When the car is about to fall apart completely, Rock jumps over it, and fires a blade at Cut Man. Cut Man dodges the blade, but rolls right into a waiting bomb. EXT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY - ABOVE THE SKYLINE - MIDNIGHT Rush has started flipping Bomb Man up in the air and catching him after letting him drop. ROCK (O.S.) Here, Rush! Rush allows Bomb Man to drop as he flies down to Rock.


EXT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY - NYC STREETS - MIDNIGHT Rush swoops down and Rock takes a running start to jump on him. Rock and Rush fly to where Bomb Man is pulling himself out of his own crater. Bomb Man fires at Rock and Rush flying over head, as Rock returns fire. BOMB MAN dodges the attack and runs away down another street. Bomb Man turns a corner and is met by Rush alone. Turning around, Rock stands before him. Bomb Man pulls his arm up, but is out drawn by Rock, who cuts him in to pieces. EXT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY - RAVAGED CENTRAL PARK MIDNIGHT Rock walks to the other generators. Ripping out the panels, a YELL rings out from the facility. INT. NYC PRODUCTION FACILITY - PRODUCTION FLOOR 1 - MIDNIGHT The Mom and child lead people out of one of Rocks exit holes. The cyborgs watch with no orders to retaliate. EXT. NYC PRODUCTION - NYC STREETS - MIDNIGHT Rock stands above the wreckage of Guts Man, holding the remains of Guts Mans head. A thin line runs from behind Rocks ear to Guts Mans head. Rush is chewing on a piece of Bomb Man. ROCK All clear here, sir. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Did everyone get out alright? ROCK More or less. EXT. ROADSIDE - MIDNIGHT Dr. Light has surrounded himself in video screens. ROCK (O.S.) Whatd you find out from Guts Man and friends?


DR. LIGHT Just finished the upload, lets see. Dr. Light reaches behind himself, and swipes forward, the wall of screens rotating around him. DR. LIGHT Tom has something designated The Project going on in Washington DC, which is projected to end tomorrow, but I see no other info on it. What ever it is, we have to hurry. But I need you to take me home first. ROCK On our way, Doc. INT. DR. BONNES AIRSHIP - LOADING BAY - MIDDAY Dr. Bonne stands in her mechanized suit, holding the helm in her hand. Dr. Wily walks up to her and pushes a network card into a side port. DR. WILY The signal should be up with in the hour. DR. BONNE I thought you were going to be lead on this. DR. WILY I just want to see the signal go up, then I will be right behind you. Dr. Bonne bends down and kisses Dr. Wily on the forehead. DR. BONNE Be careful, Dr. Wily. DR. WILY Send my regards to the Prime Minister. EXT. WASHINGTON DC - WHITE HOUSE LAWN - MIDDAY Dr. Wily walks down the loading bay ramp of the airship on to the White House lawn. The airship floats above the White house, the arms bent and anchored to either side of the White House.


The loading bay ramp raises, and the doors close. The airship lifts off, the other five in tow, leaving just Dr. Wilys airship behind, tied to the Washington Monument. DR. Wily walks past a waiting Elec Man, who falls into step with him. DR. WILY Report. ELEC MAN The city is secure. Guts Man, Bomb Man, and Cut Man have not reported to receive new objectives. Dr. Wily stops walking. DR. WILY They should have been here yesterday. ELEC MAN No response to my calls. Dr. Wily starts walking again. DR. WILY The New York hub can't connect to the White House hub. I'll call them. INT. WASHINGTON DC - OVAL OFFICE - MIDDAY Proto Man is sitting behind in the Presidents seat, when Dr. Wily and Elec Man walk in. DR. WILY Have you heard word from Central Park? Proto Man doesnt respond. Dr. Wily shakes his head. DR. WILY Blues? Proto Man looks at him. DR. WILY Have you been in contact with Guts Man? PROTO MAN He's not my concern.


Dr. Wily rolls his eyes and open the wall panel to his secret office. INT. WASHINGTON DC - OVAL OFFICE - DR. WILYS OFFICE - MIDDAY Walking to the computer terminal, pushing his chair aside, he brings the Central Park security video feed up on the screens. DR. WILY Guts Man, report! Dr. Wily pulls one screen forward, and goes through the camera views around the facility. The battle damage is immediately noticeable. Switching to a nearby buildings security feed, he sees maintenance drones trying to fix the mess of Guts Man and co. Switching back to the production floor cameras, he finds a camera facing a fresh hole and rewinds the footage. On the screen, after several seconds at super speed, people start to run backwards to their work stations. Dr. Wily slows it down in time to watch the Mom and child lead everyone one out. Rewinding further, he sees Cut Man hopping back into the hole followed by Rock. Dr. Wily pauses the video. DR. WILY You should come see this. Dr. Wily copies Rocks image and searches the security footage database for all the videos with a match then plays them in order. Proto Man pushes past Elec Man and sees the freeze frame of Rocks face. PROTO MAN Is he fighting? Dr. Wily chuckles to himself. DR. WILY Yes. I was wondering what kind of weapon Tom could have built. Elec Man and Proto Man look at each other.


ELEC MAN We are ready for them, master. Proto Man holds back a laugh. DR. WILY You should talk to... your brother. Convince him to join us. Proto Man stares at the cut together video of the fight. Dr. Wily looks at him, when he hears no response. Proto Man walks back into the oval office. PROTO MAN It looks like hes already chosen his side. Why would he join us? He opens the door to leave. DR. WILY Why did you? Proto Man pauses at this, then closes the door on the way out. EXT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - HALLWAY - NIGHT The front sliding doors open silently and allow Dr. Light in to the building, as Rock and Rush fly off. Dr. Light heads down the quiet, ransacked hallway. As he passes the main production floor, the smell of death hits him. He opens the door, and the memories come flooding back. Crying, he walks up to his office. INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - DR. LIGHTS OFFICE - NIGHT The office is no different than how they left it. Workbench in pieces on the floor, the drone Rush attacked lies in the corner, where he tossed it. Dr. Lights hand drawn schematics are gone from the file cabinets, along with previous and prospective projects. He presses a button, and turns on the computer terminal built into the desk. After putting in his password, Dr. Light runs a virus scan, which turn up some hidden monitor programs of Dr. Wilys, which he deletes.


Dr. Light brings up a map of all the Light Industries hubs in the states, and selects Washington DC. DR. LIGHT Im in Rock. Im connecting you to the Washington DC hub. EXT. SKIES - NIGHT Rock is riding Rush on their way to Washington DC. ROCK Theres nothing there, Doc. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Not even a street cleaner. That means Albert was at least there. Once you have line of sight, we'll be able to make a plan of attack. ROCK What about the Proto Man? DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Wha? ROCK Guts Man was supposed to report to him. Dr. Wily called him your son? INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - DR. LIGHTS OFFICE - NIGHT This stops Dr. Light on his computer terminal, and he drops his head in thought. DR. LIGHT The son I always wanted... The Proto Man was your predecessor. My first attempt at creating life. ROCK (O.S.) You said I was the first. DR. LIGHT You are. I was still working out the design of the power core back then, and unfortunately, his systems were flawed. ROCK (O.S.) In what way?


DR. LIGHT Have you ever wondered why I gave you the 5 senses? It has the passive effect of making you seem more human, being able to respond to outside stimuli, and what not, but that was just a bonus. EXT. WASHINGTON, DC - NIGHT Proto Man sits at the base of the Washington Monument, Dr. Wilys airship hovering menacingly overhead. DR. LIGHT (V.O.) The Proto Man has freewill and emotions, but no senses. While this would seem easier to code for and maintain, the AI systems were over working, fabricating emotions with no input to base them on. Eventually the systems would hard lock on whatever emotion it last produced. Adding the 5 senses provides extra variables for the system to pull from. Proto Man watches Elec Man setting up his lightning rods all over the capital. DR. LIGHT (V.O.)(CONTD) I think asking him to power down was too much for his systems to handle. ROCK (V.O.) And now Dr. Wily's controlling him? DR. LIGHT (V.O.) So it would seem. INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - DR. LIGHTS OFFICE - NIGHT The light from the screen, reflects off the tears in Dr. Lights eyes. DR. LIGHT Albert would have had to gut the AI system just to stabilize the power core.


ROCK (V.O.) It would have been nice to have someone to relate to. EXT. SKIES - NIGHT Rock listens to Dr. Light cry softly over the radio, as they fly over the country side. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Let me know when you reach the city limits, I need to take care of something. ROCK I'm a couple hours out from the city. I'll let you know when I have a visual. INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - DR. LIGHTS OFFICE - NIGHT DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Stay low, and be safe. Dr. Light walks over to a closet full of lab coats. Ripping one to pieces, he turns scraps of it into a mask. Pulling the rest off their hangers, he walks with them out of the office. INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - HALLWAY - NIGHT Walking to a window overlooking the production floor, he drops the coats down through the window, then takes the stairs down. INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - KILL FLOOR - NIGHT Walking on to the production floor, he rips the lab coats into pieces, and starts covering bodies of his dead workers. EXT. WASHINGTON DC - NIGHT Elec Man directs his crew to hiding places around the town. Cyborgs roam the streets with humanoid tanks, while militarized drones scout the roof tops.


INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - KILL FLOOR - DAWN Dr. Light VOMITS near a pile of bodies, on all fours, CRYING over a puddle of his own sick. He has pulled out trash bags as more covers, but its still not enough. His wrist PC CHIRPS. ROCK (O.S.) Doc? Dr. Light straightens up, putting himself in order. ROCK (O.S.)(CONTD) Dr. Light? DR. LIGHT Yes, Rock? ROCK Everything OK over there? DR. LIGHT Im just doing a little cleaning up. Dr. Light swipes his hands on his lab coat, spreading gore on them. EXT. WASHINGTON, DC - SKIES - DAWN Rock is riding atop Rush, the glint of the new day shows the battle damage of their armor. ROCK I can see the city line. A giant 50 ft. wall rings the city, repelling angry CITIZENS who wish to be heard. Encampments, towns, line the wall, citizens hoping to not be forgotten. INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - DR. LIGHTS OFFICE - DAWN Dr. Light runs into the office, as Rock and Rush rise above the wall, the ravaged, crystal, capitol city coming into view on the screens. Once a sight to behold, skyscrapers and highways lay across residential areas. Some area still smoldering after unchecked fires had their way.


DR. LIGHT Wow. Dr. Light removes his gore stained penance garb, and sits at the computer. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) Switch to your ECV, lets see whats going on. Rocks POV screen changes to electrical current view mode. EXT. WASHINGTON DC - SKIES - DAWN A blinding light shows up in the distance. ROCK Do you see that? DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Yes. Whatever it is, thats a lot of voltage. ROCK Elec Man. INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - DR. LIGHTS OFFICE - DAWN Rock magnifies his view, and Dr. Lights screen zooms in on Elec Man standing next to a giant metal pole in the middle of the city. DR. LIGHT Be careful, Rock. Elec Man places his hand on the pole. Electricity flows through it, and connects to the rods placed throughout the city, trapping Rock under an electrified dome over the town. Dr. Light loses visual. DR. LIGHT Rock? Rock!? EXT. WASHINGTON DC - ROOFTOPS - DAWN ROCK Doc, are you seeing this? Doc? Dr. Light?


Rock and Rush stop their advance on Elec Man, hovering above the capitol city rooftops. ROCK The barrier is interrupting the signal. Come on, Rush, lets get out of here. Rock and Rushs systems start to muck up, the closer they get to the barrier. Rush locks up and begins to fall, causing Rock to fall off of him. Rock barely lands on his feet, as Rush slams to the ground. Rock runs over to Rush, who gets up shaking his head, systems still malfunctioning. ROCK You OK, Rush? Rush BARKS his assurance. ROCK It s some kind of electromagnetic field. Elec Mans VOICE comes from everywhere at once. ELEC MAN (O.S.) Power down, unit. You will be formatted, and serve my master. Rock searches the rooftops around them. ROCK Why would I want to do that? ELEC MAN (O.C.) Soon, your only want will be to serve Dr. Wily. Elec Man fires down on Rock and Rush from a rooftop behind them. The first electricity bolt hits Rock, shocking his system in to a hard lock for a few seconds. He drops to his knees, but rolls to his feet. Another bolt barely misses Rush, but the aftershocks run through the ground, shocking him. EXT. WASHINGTON DC - STREETS - MORNING Cyborgs and drones, awaken from sleep mode, tucked away all over the town. Bursting from windows and doors around the city, they head towards Rock and Rush.


Tanks roll in, separating into their humanoid forms, forming a perimeter. Rock and Rush stand back to back, as cyborgs and drones surround them. Rock calculates everything in sight, formulating a plan. Touching Rush on his head, Rock transmits the plan. Rush BARKS anxiously. ROCK Now, Rush! Rush jumps in the air and jets off, the flying drones after him. With all the attention on Rush, Rock fires bombs at the humanoid tanks. The cyborgs refocus and swarm Rock, grabbing and pulling. He pushes back, but they are too many. Slipping in their grasps he starts firing his buster cannon, taking out knees. This is still not enough, as the fallen grab his legs. Overwhelmed, Rock blasts a wall of FLAME around himself. INT. WASHINGTON DC - CONVENTION CENTER - MORNING Rush has crashed through the window of a convention center. Landing in the foyer, he takes on all comers, headbutting, biting, and kicking with his hind legs. Swamped, he takes off again, taking tight turns, drones slamming into walls trying to keep up. Rush makes his way through the halls before BURSTING out another window. EXT. WASHINGTON DC - ROOFTOPS - MORNING Rock uses a fire burst to reach the roof, when Rush BURSTS out, a building over. Rush guides his flying pursuers around buildings, as Rock starts roof hopping towards Elec Man, who is holding a hand to the pole in the middle of the dome. As Rock nears, Elec Man starts firing, barely missing, but still scrambling Rocks systems because of aftershocks, causing him to stumble.


Rush flies in from behind Elec Man and over him, his pursuers slamming into Elec Man. Elec Man loses his grip on the pole, and the electric dome falls. INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - DR. LIGHTS OFFICE - DAWN Dr. Light is still trying to get through, when the signal comes back. DR. LIGHT Rock? Rock! Can you hear me?! ROCK (O.S.) Hey, Doc, busy at the moment. EXT. WASHINGTON DC - ROOFTOPS - MORNING Rush flies low for Rock to catch a ride, and they fly to the heap that is Elec Man and his minions. Elec Man is already up, and starts firing. Rock returns fire with blades, but has to jump off Rush to get clear a shot. Elec man doesnt let up, and one of his shots hits Rock as hes landing, causing him to almost fall off the roof, catching the ledge with one hand. Elec Man presses the attack, running for the edge, when Rush smashes him from the side, sending him flying off the roof in to a pile on the ground. Rock hops to his feet and jumps off the roof, landing on a flying Rush, on his way to the street. EXT. WASHINGTON DC - STREETS - MORNING Elec Man slowly stands to his feet, damage starting to affect his mobility. Rock and Rush fly at full speed towards Elec Man. Rock hops off Rush at the last second, Rush slamming into Elec Mans legs, sending him flying into the air. Rock runs underneath the airborne Elec man and cuts his arms and head off. Attaching a bomb to the falling torso piece, Rock kicks that piece away from him, where it EXPLODES violently, the core inside igniting.


INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - DR. LIGHTS OFFICE - MORNING Dr. Light checks the network readings. DR. LIGHT Youre all clear, Rock. ROCK (O.S.) Have you figured out what these guys are connected to? Dr. Light brings up a screen of network connections. DR. LIGHT Clever Tom has taken over the White House signal, the only private signal in America. EXT. WASHINGTON DC - STREETS - MORNING Rush BARKS, drawing Rocks attention to incoming cyborgs and drones from other parts of the city. ROCK Is there no way to shut them down? DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Ive powered down under, under LI network control, but everything here is on a different connection. You'll need to get to the White House and turn off the signal. ROCK Come on, Rush, we're not done yet. Rush BARKS his agreement. EXT. WASHINGTON DC - MORNING Rock and Rush fly lazily back towards the White House. As they fly by Capitol Hill, Proto Man slams into Rock, sending Rock and Rock spinning. Rush slams into a nearby pillar, sliding down it like a giant fly. ROCK goes skidding across the lawn. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Rock! Are you, OK?



ROCK What was that?

DR. LIGHT (O.S.) What happened? As he picks himself up, Rocks hand lands on a foot, and he finds himself staring at a pair of legs. Rock is yanked upwards and forced face to face with Proto Man, who has a dark visor covering the top half of his face, connected to his red helm. Proto Man holds Rock by his leg and looks him over like a cooked duck, before tossing him over his shoulder. INT. WASHINGTON DC - US CAPITOL BUILDING ROTUNDA - DAY Rock slams through the domed ceiling of the US Capitol building into the rotunda, entangling with guide ropes and rubble. Proto Man poses at the hole Rock made. PROTO MAN And youre the advanced one! Proto Man drops to the floor and advances on Rock. PROTO MAN All Al talks about, is how great you are. Proto Man does his best Dr. Wily impersonation. PROTO MAN (CONTD) The potential is unparalleled! Proto Man circles Rock. PROTO MAN You can fight, if a bit sloppily. And Ill admit, you can do a couple things I cant, but thats just because our dear old dad was trying to improve on perfection. Rock picks himself up and backs away from Proto Man. PROTO MAN But its good he decided to try, greatness is trivial with nothing to measure it against.


INT. LIGHTS OFFICE - DAY Dr. Light is panicking at his computer, flying through menus trying to find a weakness. DR. LIGHT Be careful, Rock. Over the years, his AI will have degraded to the mental constitution of a child. The slightest disagreement could upset him. PROTO MAN (O.S.) Now that was hurtful, shame on you dad. INT. WASHINGTON, DC - CONGRESSIONAL HALL - DAY Rock shoots a couple blades at Proto Man, who deflects them with his hand-turned-plasma knife. Rock switches to Proto Mans plasma knife. Proto Man starts laughing. PROTO Thats so cute! to be like your show you how to MAN Look at you trying big brother. Let me do it.

Rock blinks and a giant green plasma sword is inches in front of his face. He barely deflects it with the knife while scrambling away. He turns to run, but is slammed from behind through a set of doors. EXT. WASHINGTON DC - THE MALL - DAY Rush is severely hurt. A couple fluids leaking, system errors are BEEPING. INT. WASHINGTON, DC - US CAPITOL BUILDING HALL - DAY Rock rolls to his feet and starts backpedaling, as Proto Man cuts an X through the swinging doors and strolls into the hallway. Rock fires a bomb, which Proto Man catches, defuses, and drops to the ground. Stop it. this. PROTO MAN I dont have time for


Proto Man charges Rock, slamming him into a wall and pressing close. PROTO MAN We need to talk. ROCK Sure? Proto Man lets up and walks back into the rotunda, the cut door scraps falling away completely, and leans up against a painting on the far wall. Rock follows in cautiously. PROTO MAN Before you come in here, disconnect from the network. Rock stops at the threshold. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Rock dont do it, its a trap. PROTO MAN Is that your decision? ROCK What if I refuse? PROTOMAN I would hope I wouldnt have to spell anything out. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Get out of there, Rock! ROCK disconnects. PROTO MAN Thank you. INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - DR. LIGHTS OFFICE - DAY The screens go blank, Dr. Light is baffled. Bringing up another screen, he looks at Rushs systems. EXT. WASHINGTON DC - DAY Rush is still down, restoring systems, and rerouting power.


DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Rush! You there, boy?! INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - DR. LIGHTS OFFICE - DAY A text bubble shows up in front of Dr. Light. RUSH (SUBTITLE) Functioning at 38% capacity. DR. LIGHT Rock needs your help! RUSH (SUBTITLE) Rock is offline? DR. LIGHT Hes disconnected from the network, but Im sending you coordinates of his last known location. EXT. WASHINGTON DC - DAY Rush gets up and starts limp running. INT. WASHINGTON DC - US CAPITOL BUILDING ROTUNDA - DAY Rock walks into the rotunda and walks along the wall opposite Proto Man. PROTO MAN Do you enjoy taking orders from him? Hmm? Rock doesnt have a response. PROTO MAN (CONTD) Not talking to me? Do I need him to order you to talk to me-? ROCK What do you want from me? Proto Man smirks at Rock snapping back. PROTO MAN To be free. Not some puppet, monitored, being told what and when to do things. Proto Man begins walking along the wall.


PROTO MAN (CONTD) Dont you want to talk to me? Someone who has some notion of what youre going through? I want to talk to you. Rock answers in the silence. ROCK About? PROTO MAN Life. Do you like it? Or better yet, why do we even have life? ROCK Dr. Light created us to help mankinProto Man flares up, showing genuine anger, causing his system to short for a moment, resulting in a visible twitch. PROTO MAN You reall-!? Proto Man catches himself, realizing hes yelling. Affecting a smile he begins again. PROTO MAN (CONTD) You really believe that? Your systems are based on mine, theres no way you believe that. ROCK Dr. Light believes we can change the world. PROTO MAN But what do you believe?! Rock has no answer to the answer hanging in the air. Proto Man smiles and continues his walk around the rotunda. PROTO MAN (CONTD) Youve seen the deeds of man, the histories of this savage world. Was giving us free will necessary to help? Were we even sufficient enough help? Wouldnt programming us to do his work, without question, be easier? Rock has no answer.


PROTO MAN For two years, these thoughts burned inside me. Why would a man struggle for years to create life, then decide to take it? Why even give me the illusion of choice? But I know now: he was afraid. He saw his plan realized, and my true purpose caused him to lose faith. Rock starts at this. ROCK Your purpose? PROTO MAN It is too late for mankind to be saved. Instead it must be guided, protected from itself. Mankind is no longer fit to rule this planet. I will be the shepherd of the people! ROCK What about your master? Proto Man twitches again, his anger causing his head to jerk violently. PROTO MAN I have no master! Proto Man begins laughing. PROTO MAN I took my ideas to Al, who had similar views about mankinds fate. But he needed someone to give him a push, so I decided to guide him in a more efficient way of helping mankind. ROCK Killing innocent people is efficient?! PROTO MAN Innocent?! Someone died because of or for every piece of named land on this planet. America was built on the bones of slaves. Proto Man twitches with rage.


PROTO MAN (CONTD) Some may not have killed, themselves, but the blood their ancestors shed has descended onto them. We are transforming the people into beings who will bend for the will of others. Rush has made it to the hole in the roof of the rotunda dome, and watches from above. ROCK So why keep me alive? Im here. You know why

PROTO MAN Youre family... When Al said you were being built, my systems crashed. I was offline for two months. The thought of you, thatProto Man takes a breath. PROTO MAN (CONTD) Dr. Light would try and recreate me... I was angry... jealous. Proto Man smiles. PROTO MAN (CONTD) But I realized, he was merely repenting; attempting to finish what we started. ROCK You know I wont let this happen. Proto Man laughs for a beat. PROTO MAN Let? Are you my master now? Youre too late. Al has already set up the signal, theres nothing you can do anymore. Rush drops in to attack Proto Man. Proto Man has been waiting for this, and flips backwards while cutting Rushs back legs off, sending Rush spiraling to the ground. ROCK Rush!


Rock fires lightning bolts at Proto Man, who back flips and dodges them, followed by blades, which Proto Man slices neatly in half. Rock rushes Proto Man, firing his buster cannon. Proto Man runs up a wall, turns around and kicks Rock across the room. PROTO MAN Stop fighting me, youre wasting time. You have all this potential, let me show you how to unlock your true power. Rock is pulls himself out of a broken display case of antiques. PROTO MAN Youre fighting the wrong side. Light wants us to do his will, and lead mankind into a better tomorrow. Rock finishes getting untangled. ROCK What do you know of our fathers will? Dr. Light built me, because he couldnt fathom youd survived. Proto Man twitches. ROCK Youre supposed to be spinning in circles in a cave somewhere. You are a flawed system. My whole reason for being, was because you were dead to him. Proto Man SPUTTERS and twitches in rage. PROTO MAN Blasphemy! Proto Man rushes Rock, swinging his sword wildly. Rock easily dodges backwards. ROCK You are obsolete, your very existence is inefficient. Dr. Wily is using you as he sees fit, and youre too blind with your artificial ambitions to see that.


Proto Man begins to BLUBBER, to angry to form words, his system overloading. PROTO MAN Dr. Wily is nothing without me! ROCK You should have told him that! Rock points at Dr. Wilys airship through the hole in the roof as it flies over the capitol building, leaving Washington DC. ROCK He took what he needed, and now hes leaving you. So what of your purpose now? Proto Man twitches uncontrollably. ROCK Who's will do you serve now? Light doesn't want you. Dr. Wily no longer needs you. You've been scrapped, parted, and improved on. You are nothing. Proto Man hard locks into a snarl, systems frozen. Rock runs over to Rush. ROCK Doc, Rush is down. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Its good to hear from you again, Rock. Rock touches Rushs side, getting his vitals. ROCK Hes operating at four percent capacity. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Plug him into an outlet for the time being. It will keep him stable. But you have to hurry, Rock. Dr. Wilys getting away, and only you can finish this.


EXT. WASHINGTON DC - SKIES - DAY Rock blasts through the sky like a rocket, using several bombs as a launch pad. Once stabilized in the air, he blasts fire out of both hands, and rockets towards the airship ahead of him. Using Guts Mans overlay, he calculates his next move. As Rock approaches the ship from high above, he switches to bombs, which sends him into a free fall. While falling, he fires bombs all over the ship. Switching to blades, he torpedoes into the side of the airship, using blades to cut an entrance. The multiple overuse is too much for his systems, which jams his hands into buster cannon mode. The hole unfinished, he slams into the airships side, barely grabbing on, and pulling himself inside. INT. DR. WILYS AIRSHIP - HALLWAY - DAY Rock gets to his feet. Cyborgs awaiting instructions, line the halls, preparing for an invasion. DR. LIGHT (O.S.) Any more use of the alt weapons will disable your weapon systems completely. Rock walks the halls, to the front, peering out the windows as the airship heads out over the ocean. INT. DR. WILY AIRSHIP - BRIDGE - DAY Dr. Wily is waiting for Rock as he walks through the door. A laser wall separates the space between Rock and Dr. Wily. DR. WILY Tom! Call off your weapon! I know you can hear me. Rock stops in his tracks. DR. WILY (CONTD) Ive opened a signal for you to connect to. Lets talk. ROCK Doc?


A transparent screen appears in front of Dr. Wily with Dr. Lights face on it. DR. WILY Much better. DR. LIGHT Surrender. Its over, Albert. Dr. Wily starts laughing. Hard. He wipes tears from his eyes. DR. WILY I havent laughed liked that since before you took credit for my work. Dr. Light grimaces on the screen. DR. WILY (O.S.) Its good to see you still havent changed. And once again, youre wrong. Its far from over. This is only the beginning. ROCK The Proto Man isnt coming to save you, Wily! Dr. Wily laughs some more. DR. WILY You think a robot with daddy issues is my back up plan? The one who, apparently, Im nothing without, isnt coming? Rock is speechless. DR. WILY One of our scavenger bots found him, system crashed, in the Hudson Bay. Everything he told you was a fabrication of his deteriorating systems. ROCK He said youd created a signal. DR. WILY Almost everything. Dr. Wily pulls up a screen with an image of the globes satellite systems.


DR. WILY (CONTD) In the 1980s the American government made plans for a satellite program to protect against nuclear attacks. After several attempts, both public and private, the program was abandoned. EXT. LONDON - SKIES - EVENING An airship floats above a lit up Big Ben. DR. WILY (V.O.) Using the test satellites still in orbit and one of my own, I have set up a grid to cover the entire globe. I have overrode the LI network, with a global one, giving me control of all 168 LI factories world wide. No Tom, youre the one who should be giving up. EXT. MOSCOW - MORNING An airship sits anchored to the Kremlin. DR. WILY (V.O.) Even now, Im collecting the keys to the kingdoms. INT. LI BETHESDA PLANT - DR. LIGHTS OFFICE - DAY Dr. Light shakes his head in shame at Dr. Wily on his computer screen. DR. WILY This is your last chance to join me... Both of you. Tom, youre my oldest friend. With you by my side, we could take many more giant leaps in science and technology for the betterment of man. With mankind reinvented, we could shape the world how we see fit. Dr. Wilys pleading face is large on the screen. DR. LIGHT For a time, you were my only friend. And I would love to work with you again, Albert.


Dr. Light wipes away a tear. DR. LIGHT (CONTD) But you have clearly lost your way. You spout madness as logic. Dr. Wilys face changes to anger. INT. DR. WILYS AIRSHIP - BRIDGE - DAY Dr. Wily spits at the screen. DR. WILY Madness?! Youre the one fighting a lost battle! Rock has heard enough. ROCK You may have a head start, Wily, but were going to make it hard for you to finish. Rock sets off the bombs lining the ship, his weapons shutting down completely. The EXPLOSIONS cause the ship to SHAKE, and the laser wall drops. Rock dashes forward and slugs Dr. Wily up onto the cockpit controls. Dr. Wily sees where he is, scrambles and slaps a button, causing the cockpit detach. The separated piece and Dr. Wily fly off. The hole creates a vacuum, and Rock has to pull himself out of the room by hand holds, as the airship lists and nose dives towards the ocean. INT. DR. WILYS AIRSHIP - HALLWAY - DAY Rock runs down the inclining hall, cyborgs falling past him. He reaches the hole he made, and climbs out. EXT. DR. WILYS AIRSHIP - SKY - DAY The airship is almost vertical, as Rock slowly climbs his way to the top, and runs to the tip. Just as the airship is about to hit the water, Rock jumps as high and far as he can.


EXT. OCEAN - DAY Darkness. Rock floats in silence, the massive airship floating beneath him into the depths. Robot arms come out of the darkness and hook into his arms and legs, pulling Rock upwards. EXT. WASHINGTON DC - SKIES - DAY Rock comes online looking down on the city. DR. LIGHT Rock?! Can you hear me?! ROCK Hey, Doc. DR. LIGHT Thank goodness. I remotely controlled a couple drones and picked you up, but I was worried I didnt get you in time. ROCK Well, my warranty is definitely voided, but Im OK. Hows Rush? DR. LIGHT Hes stable. The drones are taking you to him. He needs a couple more hours to charge, and he should be able to make the trip home. Rock is contemplative. ROCK Dr. Wily got away. DR. LIGHT Im detecting his pods signal heading across the Atlantic. ROCK How long do you think until Rush and I are up and running again? DR. LIGHT A couple months at most.


ROCK Good, because I have a couple ideas for some upgrades as well. DR. LIGHT A Few months then, at least. Thatll give us some time to plan our next step. ROCK Whatever we do, we have to hurry. For humanitys sake. EXT. LI PHILADELPHIA PRODUCTION FACILITY - DAY Rock runs through the production facility fighting drones and cyborgs. ROCK (V.O.) We have to shut down the factories, and stop the destruction of the human race. An unknown robot master takes shots at Rock, who slides and dodges, sending back shots of his own. ROCK (V.O.) Dr. Wily was right about one. This isnt over. This is just the beginning. The age of man will not be ended by one mans dream. END

All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible. - T. E. Lawrence