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Sl. No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Na ame of the PI & Co-PI Dr. . Abdur Rahaman n Dr. . Asima Bhattach harya Dr. . Asima Bhattach harya Dr. . Chandan Goswa ami Dr. . Debasmita P Al lone Dr. . Debasmita P Al lone Dr. . KC Panigrahi Dr. . KVS Badrinath h Dr. . KVS Badrinath h roject Pr C Code BL L1010 BL L1102 BL L1011 BL L1012 BL L1014 BL L1015 BL L1016 BL L1008 BL L1103 BL L1013 BL L1004 BL L1002 BL L1003 BL L1101 BL L1006 BL L1218 Title Regulation of dynamin r related protein 6 (DRP6) by Post translational t mod dification in tetrahym mena. Regulation and role of si iah proteins in he elicobacter pylori imedicated gastri ic pathoge enesis. Factors regulating epithelial mesenchym mal transition and d metastasis of ga astric cancer. Analyzin ng the effect of pain receptors on cellular cytoskele eton and underst tanding the signalin ng events involved d in chronificatio on of pain. Neuropr rotective effects o of natural produc cts with antioxida ant and antiinfla ammatory properti ies in drosophila model of parkins son's disease. oxicity genotoxicity and cognitive decline associate ed with multiple exposures e of Neuroto anesthetics halothane an nd isoflurane usin ng a drosophila model. m Explorin ng the role of spli ice variants of constsns, the key regulator r of photo operiodic flowerin ng time control in n arabidopsis. A kinom mic approach towa ards understandi ing of kinase inh habiters by applyi ing a molecular docking and p pathway profilling g approach its im mplications for rat tional design of nevel kinase inhibitors. Modulat tion of macropha age phenotype act tiviation and plas sticity using sulfo oraphone and its a analogues. A combi inational drug de elivery approach towards developm ment of therepy for f chemo resistan nt leukemia. Controll ling on angiogeni ic switch: Dissect ting out the role and a molecular mechanism m of FRG1. pment of better de elivery and immu une therapeutic strategies s using Develop nanotechnology Underst tanding mechanism of enhanced immunity i using nanotechnology n b based immune e modulators Enhance ement of innate m mucosal immunic cty with probiotic c supplement to protech p against infectious diseas se. Molecular mechanisms o of Eukaryotic translation initiatio on. nscript peptide (C CART) as a comm mon Cocaine and amphetamine regulated tran messeng ger in pathway th hat mediate ener rgy balance & rep production. Funding F Agency DBT DBT SERB DBT DBT SERB DBT DBT DBT SERB DBT DBT DST DST DBT DBT San nctioned Am mount (`) 46,30,000.00 27,96,000.00 13,44,000.00 58,27,800.00 9,2 25,000.00 27,30,000.00 89,53,200.00 18,76,000.00 41,19,000.00 24,40,000.00 35,60,000.00 25,00,000.00 51,98,000.00 63,46,200.00 72,03,200.00 75,30,000.00

10. Dr. . KVS Badrinath h 11. Dr. . Manjusha Dixit t 12. Dr. . Palok Aich 13. Dr. . Palok Aich 14. Dr. . Palok Aich 15. Dr. . Pankaj V Alone e 16. Dr. . Praful S Singru u

Sl. Name of the PI & Co-PI No 17. Dr. Praful S Singru 18. Dr. Rudresh Acharya Dr. Subashis Chattopadhya 19. & Dr. KC Panigrahi 20. Dr. Subhasis Chattopadhyay 21. Dr. Subhasis Chattopadhyay

Project Code BL1007 BL1017 BL1005 BL1001 BL1009

Title Role of dopamine in the regulation of reproduction of the catfish clarias batrachus. Structural characterizaton of viral ion channels Plant derived mammalian immune responsive proteins to induce host protective immunity and ites implication in translational research. Studies on toll like receptro (TLR) response in T Cells. Analysis of cellular immune response of macrophages during experimental chikungunya virus (Chikv) infection.


Sanctioned Amount (`) 46,15,000.00 14,90,000.00 51,84,000.00 18,51,000.00 22,92,000.00


Sl. No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Name of the PI & Co-PI Dr. C Gunanathan Dr. C Gunanathan Dr. Chandra Shekhar Purohit Dr. Himansu Sekhar Biswal Dr. Jogendra N Behera Dr. Krishnan Venkatasubhaish Dr. Moloy Sarkar Dr. Nagendra Sharma Project Code CH0903 CH1304 CH0911 CH0908 CH1301 CH0905 CH0902 CH0909 CH0904 CH0907 CH1303 CH0913 CH0901 CH1101 CH0912 CH0910 CH0906 Title Development of systainable catalytic processes Pincer complexes for the sustainable and catalytic transformation of carbon dioxide. Peptide Nucleic acid as a tool for sequence specific DNA Cleavage. The role of sulfur center hydrogen bording (SCHB) in tautomerism & excited state proton transfer. Controlled synthesis of hetermetallic oxides from single-source precursors. Co2 fixation an environment and fundamental issue : A bi-functional catalytic system for the conversion of Co2 to Cyclic carbonate. Studies on photophysical and signalling behaviour of some newly designed chemosansur for action, anion and ion pair. Visualization of DNA with chromophore dendrimer kinked di-deoxynucleotides:An economical approach for mutation detection. Systems chemistry guest driven self-assembly of supramolecular hosts. Intramolecular charges transfer (ICT) based flurescent probes for monitoring Zine (II) and anions in gold nano particles N-Heterocyclic carbene (NHC) or donor/acceptor stabiliation of reactive main group compounds. Synthesis & Bioactivity screening of marine indole alkaloids & related analogues. High valent iron-Oxo and manganese-oXo prophyrin complexes ub exygenetion reaction. Study on iron-iii(salen) and iron III (porphyrin) complexe as anti-tumor MetalloDrugs. Repairing Nano-scale morphology of conjugated polymers by room temperature solvent vapor annealing (SVA):A single molecule study. Photochemical and electro chemical covalent surface functionalization of graphene: AFM and in situ raman spectroscopic studies. Effect of confinement on chemical reactions Funding Agency DST SERB SERB DST SERB SERB DST SERB DST DST SERB MES DST DBT SERB SERB SERB Sanctioned Amount (`) 73,00,000.00 54,00,000.00 25,20,000.00 49,80,000.00 43,60,000.00 73,00,000.00 17,28,000.00 53,00,000.00 46,80,000.00 58,67,440.00 47,10,000.00 71,56,800.00 20,00,000.00 18,19,000.00 73,00,000.00 48,10,000.00 27,41,000.00

9. Dr. Prasenjit Mal 10. Dr. Prasenjit Mal 11. Dr. S Nembenna

12. Dr. S Peruncheralathan 13. Dr. Sanjib Kar 14. 15. 16. Dr. Sanjib Kar Dr. Subhadip Ghosh Dr. Sudip Barman

17. Dr. Upakarasamy Lourderaj

Sl. No

Name of the PI & Co-PI

Project Code CH1302

Title Chiral counterious understanding the basic principles and exploitation in metal catalyzed asymmetric catalysis.

Funding Agency SERB

Sanctioned Amount (`) 46,00,000.00

18. Dr. V Krishnan


Sl. No 1. Name of the PI & Co-PI Dr. Binod Kumar Sahoo Project Code MT1001 Title The study of the existence of Representations of Dual Polar Spaces in Non-Abelian Groups Funding Agency DST Sanctioned Amount (`) 11,04,000


Sl. No Name of the PI & Co-PI Dr. Bedangadas Mohanty Dr. Bedangadas Mohanty Dr. Joydeep Bhattacharjee Dr. Ritwick Das Dr. Subhankar Bedanta Dr. Subhankar Bedanta (International Project) Dr. Subhashish Basak Project Code PH1002 PH1003 PH1301 PH1006 PH1005 PH1004 PH1001 Title Study of QCD matter in high energy heavy ion collisions. QCD Phase structure and nuclei production in accelerators and in the cosmos. Theoretical exploration of optical properties and photovoltaic application possibilities of carbon based nanostructures. Generation of high power coherent radiation in the ultra violet using intracavity frequency doubling in a continuous wave singly resonant-optical-parametric-oscillator. Superferromagnetism in magnetic nanoparticle systems. Study of competing intra and inter layer effects in Ferromagnetic non-magnetic multilayers. Lattice QCD study of electromagnetic properties of hadrons. Funding Agency DST DAE DST SERB DST DST/ DAAD SERB Sanctioned Amount (`) 98,05,000.00 23,05,000.00 55,00,000.00 54,50,000.00 30,50,000.00 3,86,000.00 26,00,000.00

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