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Assignment no.


Assignment on Evaluation of service quality dimensions of Banglalion Communications Ltd.

MKT 502 Services Marketing

Prepared for: Mr. Arafat Rahman Assistant Professor

Prepared by: Md. Rakib Joba er !d" 20#20$020 %M&A Program

!&A' Jahangirnagar (niversit

S)bmission *ate" March +' 20#,

ntroduction!About Banglalion Communications Ltd" &ang-a-ion .omm)nications /td. is a 0rivate -imited com0an incor0orated in &ang-adesh on 5 1ov 200+ )nder the .om0anies Act' #22,. &ang-a-ion .omm)nications /td 3&ang-a-ion4 is the -argest ,5 %ire-ess &roadband o0erator in &ang-adesh 6hich is )sing %iMA7 techno-og at 0resent and obtained nation6ide -icense from &TR. to 0rovide &roadband %ire-ess Access services. &ang-a-ion is c)rrent- the -argest ,5 net6ork of &ang-adesh in terms of coverage' s)bscriber n)mber and reven)e. 3%iki0edia' 20#,4. "#ort #istory of service encounter t#at faced: All types of rec#arge card are not available" /ast March ! 6ent one of the &ang-a-ion .omm)nications /td service center in Shamo- for b) ing a Tk. 800 recharge card. 9o6ever 6hen ! 6ant a Tk.800 0re0aid card the to-d me that cards are not avai-ab-e in m center. Then ! 6ant tk. $00 card b)t the a-so to-d me that this cards are not avai-ab-e. Then ! bo)nd to 0)rchase three cards of Tk. 200. !t ham0ers m va-)ab-e time beca)se ! had to recharge three 0re0aid card. "ervice $aiting time is very #ig#: March o$' 20#,' ! 6ent the &ang-a-ion .omm)nications /td. service center in Shamo- beca)se of ! am not getting m desired s0eed. ! 6ent there in #0"$0 am b)t ! had to 6ait $0 min)tes for getting desired so-)tion in m 0rob-em. There 6as -ess service re0resentative for 0roviding :)ick service. There are three service re0resentative desks b)t sho)-d have at -east 5 re0resentative desk. A-so it;s conf)sing to identif 6ho is the service 0rovider of this center beca)se the do not maintain 0rofessiona- dress code. The don;t have an a)tomated s stem for maintaining c)stomer :)e)e. Banglalion Communications Ltd. service quality based on service quality model: & service :)a-it 6e mean' the c)stomer;s <)dgment of overa-- e=ce--ence of the service

0rovided in re-ation to the :)a-it that 6as e=0ected. An organi>ation <)dgment sho)-d be based on )sing Service :)a-it too- 3Re-iabi-it ' Res0onsiveness' Ass)rance' ?m0ath and Tangib-es4. 9o6ever &ang-a-ion comm)nications /td. is fai-ed to maintain the a-- service :)a-it <)dgmentatoo-s. S)ch as"

%eliability: & re-iabi-it 6e mean abi-it to 0erform the 0romised service de0endab- and acc)rate- . 9o6ever &ang-a-ion .omm)nications /td. is fai-ed to f)-fi-- this :)a-it . ?.g. the fai-ed to 0rovide their 0romised service as ! did not get m re:)ired card. %esponsiveness" & res0onsiveness 6e mean 6i--ingness to he-0 c)stomers and 0rovide 0rom0t service. 9o6ever &ang-a-ion .omm)nications /td. is fai-ed to f)-fi-- this re:)irement. ?.g. their service 6aiting time is ver high as ! had to 6ait $0 min)tes for getting m desired service. &angibles: & tangib-es 6e mean 0h sica- faci-ities' e:)i0ment' and a00earance of 0ersonne-. 9o6ever &ang-a-ion .omm)nications /td. is fai-ed to f)-fi-- this :)a-it . ?.g. the so0histicated e:)i0ment and the don;t maintain the 0rofessiona- dress code. &)t the maintain the other t6o too-s 3Ass)rance' ?m0ath 4" Assurance: & ass)rance 6e mean Kno6-edge and co)rtes of em0-o ees and their abi-it to ins0ire tr)st and confidence. &ang-a-ion .omm)nications /td. is f)-fi--ing this re:)irement. Empat#y: & em0ath 6e mean .aring' individ)a-i>ed attention the firm 0rovides its c)stomers. &ang-a-ion .omm)nications /td. is a-so f)-fi--ing this re:)irement. Conclusion and recommendation: As a -eading %iMA7 com0an &ang-a-ion .omm)nications /td. sho)-d meet the re:)irements of the service :)a-it mode-. !f the foc)s to im0rove their service :)a-it dimension the can easi- meet the c)stomer demand and bring a revo-)tionar change in their 0erformance. %eference: %iki0edia' the free enc c-o0edia. 320#,4. &ang-a-ion .omm)nications /td.. don;t have

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