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The undersigned: Name Occupation Address : : :




In this case, acting for and on behalf of ..., hereinafter shall be referred to as the Authorizer. The Authorizer hereby chooses a legal domicile at the office of his attorney hereinbelow and hereby under this letter fully authorizes: Ad ocates!"awyers and "egal #onsolers Office YUNADI & ASSOCIATES, in this case represented by independent or together: 1. ). .. 3. DR. F. Yuna i! ""#! #$A (. #an&'ur Dah*an! S(! #(
S(! #.-n

5. A i Fari %an #an&'ur! S( +. Fi,ie Fauziah #an&'ur! 0. A%1ar D2i A&tini!S( 5. Nur6ho*i& #a&n'ur! S(

S'a/aru in #an&'ur! S( (4. Siti Fari ah! S(

$a ing its office at %l. &alibata Tengah No.'( A, %a)arta *elatan +,-(.. $ereinafter shall be referred to as The Authorizee.

To re7re&ent8 a99o%7an' an :i,e *e:a* a&&i&tan9e to the Authorizer a& ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;8
And further to appear all #ourts, Officials!Officers all o er Indonesia, draft, sign, authentice, file and attend the hearings of the cases, recei e all letters and documents, produce statements, memories, conclusions, present pieces of e idence, deny statements, pieces of e idence of the opposing party, draft and as) to draft any summons, letters of warning, present petition for a interlocutory and final ruling, and /udgments, re0uest for and challenge a conser atory attachment 1conser atoir beslag2, re indicatoir beslag and!or pro isionary decision, as) for a copy or 0uote of documents, as) for!present an appeal!rebuttal against all decisions, administer, challenge any decisions, cases, cease and resume any e3ecution of decisions, challenge any cases, re0uest for a decision to be e3ecuted according to the law, necessarily with physical enforcement, for that to authorize the bailiff. As) for an oath ta)ing, if necessary by presenting a counter law suit 1re)onpensi2, surrender to and!or recei e the consideration by the court, hold negotiations, deals, settlements, and specify the terms and conditions thereof, be out of and in

court and sign an out4of court settlement deed with the )nowledge and permit of The Authorizer, appoint and determine terms and conditions of an arbitration, file a plea, cassation, and re0uest for a /udicial re iew, appear or consult with all agencies, officials, pri ate, or indi iduals, orally and in writing for the purpose of obtaining statements, copies or 0uotes of documents and!or photo copies of any documents related to authenticing in the hearings, determine the terms and conditions of an auction, sign minutes or charges, choose a domicile, general and specific, defend any interest of the Authorizer, in and outside of the #ourt, by applying any legal efforts and!or ta)e legal acts, ta)e any other actions according to the law as deemed necessary, proper, important and useful by the Authorizee, 2ithout an' e<9e7tion& 2hat&oe,er, this power is granted with the retention right, and as deemed necessary this power can be delegated to any other person under the same terms and conditions.

This 5ower of Attorney shall be alid as of the signing by the 5arties. Any unilateral cancellation hereto shall not terminate this power of attorney.

%a)arta, The Authorizee, Yuna i & A&&o9iate& The Authorizer,

, ,..