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This survey is carried out to determine the functionality of the library and reading habit amongst IPGKRMs student

Survey 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 TOTAL A TOTAL B TOTAL C TOTAL D

Q1 A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A C A A B A A C A A A A B A 26 2 2

Q2 B A D A C B D C B A B C D D B C B C D B B C B B B B B C D D 3 13 7 7

Q3 B B D A A B D C C D D D D C B D C B B D B B A D D B B C B C 3 11 6 10

Q4 A C A A A C A A A A A B B C B A A C B C A B A B A A B A A A 18 7 5

Q5 A B B A D C B C A B B C B C C C C D C B B A C B A B A A A A 9 10 9 2

Q6 C B B C B C B B B D B B C C C C D D A B C B C B C C C C C C 1 11 15 3

Q7 B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B A B B A B B B B B B B B 2 28

Q8 C B B C C C C A B B C C B B A D B C C B B B B C C B A C B B 3 14 12 1

Q9 C B B C C C B A B B C C B B B A C C C B B B B C B B B B B B 2 18 10

Q10 C B B C B C B A D B C C B B D A B C C B B B B B B B A B B B 3 18 7 2

30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9Q10
Table above shows distribution of opinion survey onuse of library and reading habits among 30 IPGKRMs respondent. This study also carried out to evaluate levels of library consumption and how far students of IPGKRM make good use of library as intellectual centre. TOTAL A TOTAL B TOTAL C TOTAL D

First question is why students use library? This question show generally 26 students use library as a place to look for a reading material to finish the course work given by a lecturer. The remaining four students using the library to read the newspaper and study in group.This case prove that library is one of the place for student to build up their knowledge in order to implement assignment given. Furthermore, the quiet library environment will enable students tocarry out the assignment given nicely. Secondly, ishow frequent students use library in a month? The survey results show that generally student choose B as an answer. Based on the questionnaire given, thats mean they when to the library four times a month.The data showed as many as 13 students merely using library less than four times in one month period. In fact,only two students using library twice a month. The remaining seven students use library six times and seven students more, use library more than six times in one month period. How come this situation happened in the institution that trained student to become a teacher if they are not using a library frequently. This is quiet frustrating because the student used the library in a minimum rate.

The next question is reveals how many number of book read by students in time of a year? A total of 10 students which brought to 33.33% read more than 15 books in a year. Six students, which is 20% read less than 15 books, while 43.33% students read

less than 10 books in one year period. However, 10% students just read less than 10 books in one year period and this case should be considered serious. Data retrieve from SalimMdZain in his blog said, the number of books read among Malaysian students also left very far behind compared with other country. Based on a survey, number of books read by Australian student is 180 books, Indonesia 94 books, India 130 books, Thailand 56 books and Brunei 26 books. The statistic indicates that Malaysian student just read four books a year. This statistic conclude that the government needs to do something such as reading campaign in order to improve reading consciousness among people in Malaysia. The fourth question is about the time that student usually went to the library.Data retrieve show that 60% of students use library when the class are cancel. The remaining students like to go to the library during break time and after the class session. This situation required further attention from the lecturer and administration. Student cannot be blame totally because maybe they are something wrong with the library or the facility.

The next question is about library selection among student. The data show that only 9 students like to use IPGKRMs library. 10 student liked to use public library, 9 student liked to use university library and two student like to use other library.This case explained that the student not just depend on IPGKRMs library only. In fact they like to choose another library to increase amount of their reading material.

The sixth question is about type of reading material that student like to read most. The data indicates that 15 students like to spend their time by reading a newspaper, 10 students like to read linguistic books and only a student like to read science fiction books. When asked about the section in the newspaper almost 93.33 % of the students like to spend on current issue. Only two students like to spent on sport session which indicates 6.67 %.

The eighth question is asked for the views of trainee teachers about reference materials provided by the IPGKRM library. 47% said sufficient and appropriate to the needs and expectations of students. 40% percent of the students suggested IPGKRM to increase the number of reference material for the courses offered. Lack of references material give a problem on trainee teacher coursework writing. Then 13% of the trainee

teachers comment about the lack of reference materials in the library and suggested that the library need to be upgraded to become a good library that providing sufficient reference material to all citizens of IPGKRM. Next, the ninth question looks at how the services provided by library IPGKRM. 60% of trainee teacher said the services provided by the library are pretty good. However, 30% of them say poor service due to a lack of counter to borrowa books. They argue, the library should add another counters to solve the problem. 10% of them express dissatisfaction as a reference book is not in a real place. This makes it difficult for them to find the material and slows the process of completing their course work. The tenth question was to examine the trainee teachers overall facilities provided by the IPGKRMs library. 60% of student categorized good for the facilities provided by the IPGKRMs library. This means that existing facilities give satisfaction to the majority of users. The rest facilities should be improved especially consider the addition of a set of computers and reference materials to facilitate their search for materials to complete their course work. Besides answering 10 questions, trainee teachers were asked to provide recommendations on IPGKRMs library. There are four recommendations expressed by trainee teachers. First, increase the quantity of reference materials such as educational books for all courses offered at IPGKRM. Second, improve and increase internet speed provided by the library. Third, provide more tables for discussion between students. Lastly, student suggested the library open on holidays so they can fill their leisure time on the weekends to complete their course work in the library.