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Thee, 08, —_—— : (8, {Pia Peee se and Bae cht dh ity eon he pes er hts i ne Rah es tasely, td ve se apy, Ten "Toc pts wi he th te stp soe athe vr Sune been [64 RELATIONS FOR THE FLOW OF A PERFECT GAS | den sl he agin seen nse i pe mano EE Lf Reeba8'S Nonunt soe wave \ ca kt. Heyer my eshered an Tags 57 tat te Kt ey Py ‘floes pene tna ht of te A Teer, te upper rach of he Rah Here Eston fw, ws over ban repens pene ov. Fe) 11 ye eqion prrsing ne cient ow ss anormal sock wave wees tr ploy pose Sw the entropy ms nent nthe ein of ow, Fo He sie $3. 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One sods — | Cotte, A and Jasin, BH, (58) Gas Dyn, Dorr: New York Dunstyay, H.C) OweDiamanal Compre Fo egaon: Ox, Pon, BW, and MeDonai, AT (1909 feden Fla chant, Sd Gdn, Wey New York {oben EB (1980) Gat Di, 2 en, A & azo: Beto, MA, _ Linn, Hs Ref 98D Ba a pat, Now ar rn n get 20° th th tow tection, tated the won Cine ie ve sng beau ard tort nh uror® ‘ow re SO a ard 20K, espe, Slr te presse and “ {ho-serar naire gen condos the presi and longa ie the unl Now ae 40 WP and 253, ospctvy, ester he esta an empath deen ch et ee deeton ae, A, i ha naimar lewabeetcion ae aire abu ak wav Stones tom he casa cre Problem 6.3 184 A unr supine oy aeling a Mach ror of 2.5 passat ‘vara wge win éatlete no by 1% fom te gue bao Ain prvaura snc orpertr tthe or ow ee A042 an 1 repay, solemine Ie sheknve argo, ech nab, ‘resets on tempura downs othe ote sot Ua riot 18.2 A unm sapere row avtlag a Mach ruber of 25 passes ‘rar aedga sachin tant blo. oa chook Was, WED a sotto Protem 2 18.5 Air at ngs scar of 25 we tough a ale shock We Ne ‘rine 2 tothe tw cecton, shown th fret. 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Appendix C Isentropic flow of a perfect gas (k = 1.4) Appendix B Thermodynamic properties of common gases at standard temperature and pressure (15 °C, eae 101.325 kPa) ase ee i ik Ge Sigs Gi Ge a ies EG Ge is iss ee i i is i ee ee So. an meme iw Ee Se ie om wm GE Re 2 = Fe 2 Bo & Ss ze Bi Ge Fat Ey ees He Ge I is ee = 8 a ou 2 ig fo GP Ge i ze RR ER mi giz ee = eee oe Zee 2s ‘Append. Canin! ‘Appendix Condmved Moise im Gi “i Tene ote 338 ase eee aa aRirale aS 1B, Append. Continued ie 7 Hu ig # gig ie ig Bie i i ame ig B23 ie Fd ge ie Bie a fe tm baw Appendix © Came Append Contnoes te Tho fe Gf i Be Ee iS i Ces Sue ey Sete Soe Soe ie ae Zea Gow Sawer, Soest Sn oo. bo Sawa Gams cons Sm So, zon Soe hase Sor ie ise fou Goat am does, So ae ie oan tam tue Sy ee fm Sons tem ase Sie Zoo Et aeust oie Sac ae ioe foe Soe tztm Seat ah ioe Hie soe tiem she aa ia ite Ghost Sam ames Sa ine fos Gots tam sere as fos Goveat Azim Seen is ue Em hows tao Samo an tee iit Gir Gass Games Se oe ae ae ‘Appondts © Contnuns as “tT a ae = ee ee ge igs ae ee a ge ae ge if: igs ee ie igs ie ie Ee ie tee ie igs ie Ge HBS AAppensix € Continued Appendix D Flow of a perfect gas across a normal shock wave (k= 1.4) tore Append D_Contoued ote Soar Som ans ‘ppensxContn rs . “ oa Pe | 2S ee 1 HE Ea | 22 = . EUR us | Bo i | 2 ie es 2 Py 2S = 2 Oss as BE = oS a Appendn.D Cantnued oe & bo Be a comes ie iS Ste Be Se Peels Sis = = eats ie 3s = Ee ise is i eae se ee me ; | i: E i oe ‘Appendix Contuoa Appendix E Flow of a perfect gas on the Fanno line (k= 1.4) ‘appenaix E Contes woe ES tae is stat ti tare Appendix © Canines u a f ae = 2S z = os = Eo 2s = a He Ea iz oS = : Ea Oe = es Be = z a SS is 2S = i Be = i 2 ‘Appenex Contnusd 22g i ein He 2 i a ‘Appendix Contes ‘pence Contnd | i ie | 8 ae 1 iS #3 2S Bie Appendix Cont en “ i i Fa i ia ie ie Sy tit e260 ores us Hig se ie ia See Gas ten Oe (ast Si Sims tae bent ‘a Sete mecmis fs ease mechs ie Appendix F Isothermal flow of a perfect gas (k = 1.4) Ro ohon Gs thre ise tase Gon Samo See tam ‘AppenxFContiuod ‘oes asta prema F Continued ‘Appendix Condes M Bed ornare neers teemncatntnenntntnretemee eam pend F_ Continued Aopen F Contac «foe > a z= = a mg ro “OE i ig & ig i ig = 38 2g = Ba 2 & Z BoE = 3 gE i 2 gE Ea = 8 Fo ome Append F Comins “ nm @ 1 as ao 7 & # ge = ie ge = eI is it S ig = = & I S Append F Contes Appendix G Flow of a perfect gas on the Rayleigh line (k = 1.4) Append: Conus “or oF | He baer i tee ts oom ta oem te oa ze ime ie ine t «oR oF 2 os z= — i awe See Ser ain 3 Si Sar ise Ge Shear aaa Sm aier Sher io Ste time Se ler kam es nppendtx 6 Continued ‘Append Contuod . oF + Rf oR 8 crc Lt i as 2 is ei i ee te ae ‘os uae ase fetes! ; : Appendix H uo eB GF & a q Prandtl—-Meyer flow of a cone one ‘oma wea asm : perfect gas (k = 1.4) fee ge fii £2 2 ee fh Stee Bie tier tran Oat em oom ‘es am th Ge the See st Ose the tia Pome Shoda tie Sette ae is Rk i te 1 fee 222 ges 2 8 ih tee ai for thse asset ‘aman Game Se ta SBMS ANE ae Sete ge te Sr ie 2” cones Som tom "Stem in te ts cr = ema ato Sea ts io maesmaes oman Bm 2 ae fe manmncsl BR 22 5 ven BEER aesnrrnnenstonrnsnenmatnsin - 7 — sna onan spent Conant a 7 «oe omecoeees oie aes | ieee eames eee | Reena Rd bd a | PaO be he sss = | a Ea omnes! EH 4 a ae sm = ' ee Ee wot ss | x ae is ts hae i = es eoies Ee g Ey ae a = Fs eiaas i is Ee ee EA sem Answers to problems ‘HAPTER + 12 tis a6" 3 (9) somes; )unstady 14 Heer 3 Seow (a) 20004 0) 494s 40 (0) 21 cn04: (9 4208 socom 28 nai oomatig 2. 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