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ID Description Fixed status

2503 Automatic Automatic drawdown needs to be set. Percentage needs to be

drawdown added to preferences and equation should be changed
according to spec.

Editing catalog. Problem in choosing category when clicking

on AddItem for multiple items before filling them in and trying
4000 Catalog to fill them in all at once at the end.
When adding a vendor to the builder's preferences, if it is an
AMEX vendor, by default the AMEX checkbox should be
4001 checked and the builder can uncheck it if he wants.
4002 When entering the system the Admin menu is open
4003 Vendor has PMT invoice button and it creates a system error.
Gil implemented issue 7001 and we found the functionality
working as follows: When the builder creates a PMT invoice
WR that exceeds the budget, he can click the Modify Budget
button. Once he modifies the budget he is lead back to the
PMT invoice WR creation screen. Now the PMT and Quick Invoice buttons
button are grayed out but the Send button is clickable. This is better
disapears than the situation we had before because the builder may
and Send (and may not) understand that the Send button is not a PMT
button is invoice. This I believe is still not the ideal user experience.
clickable Now that it is better (although it is not what I intended), do
when you want us to leave it or does it need to be enhanced? We
modifying were also wondering if it is a problem that that you can
budget while modify a budget from a (PMT invoice)WR for this particular
7001 creating WR client.
Hi Kate,

I will call you regarding the following bug to find out if it must
be fixed for this release. Basically, the problem is that if:
1. Builder A creates a non-amex vendor
2. And Builder B adds that non-amex vendor that builder A
created by selecting him in his preferences from the list of
vendors then
3. The non-AMEX vendor will act as an AMEX vendor for
builder b but he can uncheck the AMEX checkbox when
creating each WR
On the biz site:
Replication Procedures:
1. Builder b600 (login b600, password:b) creates non AMEX
vendor NAV100
2. See that NAV100 was added to b600 as a non-AMEX vendor
3. Builder bdemo1 (login: bdemo1, password:TBCM ) logs in
and adds NAV100 to his preferences
4. Bdemo1 sees that NAV100 was added to builder bdemo1
as an AMEX vendor

The work around here is that if both builders create this

vendor as a non-amex vendor it will work for both builders.
Adding Non
vendor to Thanks,
2504 preferences Ronit
Admin on
2505 .com Only on .com when logging in as Admin get system error
found on
.com with
2506 user btest Old deleted project name came up on Lien title
The tab displays the "BuilderCard' as one word instead of 2
separate words "Builder Card". This is inconsistent to the rest
2507 IE7 of the PC and mobile apps.
When rightclicking you get "Welcome to BuilderCard" instead
of "Welcome to Builder Card" displays the "BuilderCard' as
one word instead of 2 separate words "Builder Card". This is
2508 IE7 inconsistent to the rest of the PC
vendor sees The vendor sees on the PC app in the declined folder, Wrs
declined b/c that the CF declined because of budget. Changed on hopto
2509 of budget but not on biz
WR creation When creating a new WR from voided or modify a WR layout
screen - looks funny, also Add Item in creating a WR changes the
109 visual bug layout- LOW priority
screen - When creating a project the start date appears cut off in the
10514 visual bug Create Project form
When creating a WR from voided the screen shows an
warning/error icon next to the error. This happens if the item
void screen - is over budget or no budget item selected . I think you should
is this a see the error when you click send or check not upon entering
10515 bug? the page.
Payment -
10516 slow When vendor requests payment its very slow