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The freedom of the bird is a revolutionary idea and the structure of their body ins ired machinery that evolved immensely. The otentiality for fast trans ort !as the vital ambition of an air lane. The fi"ation to touch the s#y s anned throu$h centuries and the contributions of inventors from around the $lobe made an idea to fly ossible. The Wri$ht %rothers develo ed the first sustainable fli$ht in &'() and after another t!o years the fli$hts !ere com letely functional. The functionality of air lane led to another version. Name +eonardo da ,inci Sir 0eor$e Cayley 3ean2Marie +e %ris Sir 6iram Ma"im Otto +ilienthal Wri$ht brothers *ear &-(. &1-) &1-4 &1'7 &148 2&1'8 &'() 9 &'(Contribution Analy/ed the !in$ desi$n and desi$ned a man o!ered aircraft. %uilt a successful assen$er2 carryin$ $lider. 5evelo ed a o!ered fli$ht. Thou$h not successful it consisted of t!o en$ines !ith t!o ro ellers. Was successful in multi le $lidin$ fli$hts. 5evelo ed a fully controllable: stable fli$ht.

The develo ment of the first stable fli$ht by the Wri$ht brothers e" anded throu$h the decades. Althou$h it;s the ace at !hich <Means of Trans ort; matured <Into a Wea on; is =uite alarmin$. It only too# less than a decade before a fli$ht became an inte$ral art in !ar. World War I set the initial landsca e for aerial !arfare and the 0ermans !ere the first successful victor. The use of air lanes in the World War II sur$ed e" onentially. With the caliber to chan$e the outcome of !ars the aerial !arfare became inte$ral. >Mach Number 9 ?atio of S eed of an ob@ect movin$ throu$h fluid and S eed of Sound.A The /eal for s eed: the demand for a$ility and the vo$ue for finesse refined an air lane into a @et. The =uic# ascent into hi$her altitudes and overcomin$ the s eed of sound are remar#able e" loits. The si" cate$ories to classify the s eed of a fli$ht indicate the o!er enca sulated in the fli$hts.

Subsonic Transonic Sonic Su ersonic 6y ersonic 6i$h 9 6y ersonic Su .8 Dlan#er U.S.S.?

B(.1 Mach (.1 9 &.. Mach &.( Mach &.. 9 -.( Mach -.( 9 &( Mach C&( Mach With t!in en$ines it can reach a s eed of Mach ..)- about &:--( m h. Still active in %elarus: U#raine and ?ussia.

D2&&& Aardvar# D2&- Ea$le Mi0 9 Do"hound


)& ?ussia U.S.A U.S.A

F%28( ,al#yrie %ell F2.

Mi09 .- Do"bat ?ussia S?28& %lac#bird F2&U.S.A U.S.A

With a sli$ht hi$her s eed the D2&&& Aardvar# is Mach ..- about &:4-( m h. The @et is no lon$er active. T!in En$ine @et !ith the same s eed of D2&&& @et. It is active in 3a an: U.S: Israel and Saudi Arabia. With T!in2En$ines and a t!o erson lane. The Mi0 )& is ca able of ..1 Mach close to &:14( m h. Still servin$ the ?ussian and Ea/a#hstan air force. With only t!o built the ,al#yrie has the otential to reach Mach ) close to .((( m h. With one destroyed only one remains. ?eachin$ u to Mach ).. about .&(( m h the %ell F2. is =uite fast but lac#s handlin$. Matchin$ the %ell F2. in Mach S eed the Mi02.- is still viable in Al$erian and Syrian Airforce. Acceleratin$ to Mach ).) !hich is more than .:.(( m h served the U.S Airforce for )7 years from &'47 to &''1. The fastest @et reachin$ a Mach 4.. close to 7:-.( m h.

>*ou don;t have time to thin# u there. If you thin#: you;re dead.A 9 To 0un: &'14.

Travelin$ at hi$h s eeds and hi$h altitudes is =uite distinct. The avera$e reaction time in humans is .&- milliseconds and the s eed of sound is )7) metres er second. The distance the slo!est @et on the list travels in a second is 1(4 metres. With the reaction time si$nificantly im aired at an altitude above 7:((( M the time to thin# doesn;t e"ist.

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