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Invitation to National Occupational Safety and Health Course (NOSHC) MODULE TWO

National Occupational Safety and Health Course (NOSHC) have been running every year since 2006. The course has been designed for occupational health and safety personnel who are responsible in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in workplaces at different levels. The course is run for six weeks and it is divided into two modules of three weeks each. The training programme is designed to provide participants with the skills, techniques and capacity to recognize, evaluate and put in place measures to reduce or eliminate occupational hazards and promote OHS at workplaces. In this regard, OSHA is inviting interested persons to join NOSHC (II) which will start on 5th 23rd May, 2014. Deadline for registration is 30th April, 2014. You are encouraged to confirm your participation as early as possible.

TARGET GROUP 1. Safety and Health representatives

2. Safety and Health Managers or Supervisors 3. Company occupational physicians 4. OHS trainers 5. Any other interested persons

LEARNING OUTCOMES By the end of the course, the participants should be able: 1. to interpret and advise on legal requirement of OHS Act 2003 2. to understand the types of hazards facing workers at workplaces and control measures that should be put in place; 3. to understand the health outcomes associated with such hazards; 4. to understand how to assess the risk for such outcomes in these workplaces; 5. to design and implement some OHS Programmes at workplaces 6. to understand causes of workplace accidents and principals of accident investigation.

TEACHING METHODOLOGY This will consist of various methodologies, including: 1. Didactic input from facilitators 2. Group work, discussion and presentations 3. Practical site visits and tasks 4. VDU presentations

REGISTRATION Interested persons should register to Directorate of Training, Research and Statistics at OSHA Headquarters, MAHAKAMA/KAMBANGWA ROAD KINONDONI, Dar es Salaam seven days before the courses start. For those living outside Dar es Salaam can send their registration form through tarime@yahoo.com and mkindi_s@yahoo.com NOSHC Registration forms can be obtained at OSHA headquarters office and OSHA website. (www.osha.go.tz)

VENUE OSHA Training conference at our headquarters Kinondoni Dsm .

COURSE CERTIFICATION An OSHA certificate will be issued for those who will successfully sit and pass the examination at the end of the course.

COURSE MEDIUM OF COMMUNICATION The course will be primarily taught in Kiswahili and English. In the instances that Kiswahili is used, the course materials will be provided in English.

COURSE FEE The course fee will be Tsh. 690,000/= per participant which will cover tuition fee, training materials and refreshment only during the course. Fees should be paid in full amount by 30th April, 2014. Please NOTE that lunch is not provided. MODE OF PAYMENT Payment should be made in favour of OSHA REVENUE ACCOUNT, Ac. No. 01502141100, CRDB Azikiwe Premier whereby you will be required to present the bank slip during course registration.

FOR REGISTRATION AND MORE INFORMATION Please Call: S. Mkindi: Mob: 0713 826 849 : Email: mkindis@gmail.com J. Matiko: Mob: 0754 295 437 : Email: tarime@yahoo.com Or visit our website: www.osha.go.tz