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Now a days computer has changed the whole world. It has made its contribution in every field of life by some way or the other, so how can the hospitals be left behind. This software is specially designed to significantly improve the quality of work done in the hospitals. The time spent in getting information about the patients, their room number etc. would reduce. The processes like add patient detail diseases etc. would become easy and records would be maintained easily and safely for a long period of time.

The software deals with almost all the transport activities performed in the transport company. Assistance is provided to the user at each and every step so that no problem is faced during using it. urther the details of every process and the user manuals attached in the report make it very easy to understand. !very possible care has been taken to make the software and the report clear, simple and error free which makes it so special and one of its kind.

"ey eatures Are# Add Transport $odify Transport %elete Transport &iew Tansport Add reight %etails !dit reight %etails

&iew reight %etails Main Objectives are : Any user can easily check the freight record by reight I% or 'ustomer Name. Administrator can easily change the reights %etails. (ser can easily view the all details of Transport ) reight. The main concern of this pro*ect is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole system.


%atabase and database systems have become an essential component of everyday life in modern society. In the course of a day, most of us encounter several activities that involve some interaction with the database. or e+ample, if we go to the bank to deposit or withdraw funds or if we make a ,otel or Airline -eservation, chances are that our activities will involve someone accessing a database.

The above interactions are e+amples of what we may call traditional database applications, where most of the application that is stored and accessed is either te+tual or numeric. In our pro*ect we will concentrate on this aspect of computer application. There are several ways to implement databases. .ome of them are file handling mechanism, relational database, ob*ect/relational database or ob*ect/oriented databases. In our pro*ect we will use file/handling feature provided by visual basic 0anguage. This program shows you an insight into the Information process of Transport 'ompany $anagement .ystem. The whole process of Transport 'ompany $anagement .ystem is shown with the help of this pro*ect. It provides facility to add1$odify reight details with his1her transport details and provide facility to view the list of reight also by reight I% or 'ustomer Name.

The definition of our problem lies in manual system and a fully automated system.

Manual system # The system is very time consuming and la2y. This system is more
prone to errors and sometimes the approach to various problems is unstructured.

Tec nical system # 3ith the advent of latest technology if we do not update our
system then our business result in losses gradually with time. The technical systems contains the tools of latest trend i.e. computers printers, fa+, Internet etc. The systems with this technology are very fast, accurate, user/friendly and reliable.


The proposed system is computer based, user friendly, and easy to maintain. It makes safely storing of records easy and for a very long period of time. It would significantly improve the quality of work in the hospital. The time spent in processing the above mentioned queries would significantly reduce. The proposed system provides free, easy and efficient management of the day-to-day activities of the.


A software pro*ect is initiated by the clients need. In the beginning these needs are in the minds of various people in the client organi2ation. The requirement analyst has to identify the requirement by talking to these people and understanding their needs. ,ence identifying requirements necessarily involves a specifying what some people have in their minds. As the information in their minds by nature is not formally stated or organi2ed, the input to the software requirement specification is inherently informal and imprecise, and it is likely to incomplete when inputs from multiple people are to be gather, as is often the case these inputs are likely to be inconsistent as well. -egardless of how the requirement process precedes it ultimately ends with the software requirement specification.

Software Requirement System (SRS):4enerally the .-. is a document that completely describes what the proposed software should do without describing the software will so it. The basic goal of software requirements phase is to produce the .-. that describe the complete behavior of the proposed software.

3e must say that the system is really easy to maintain. The greatest strengths of the system are its simplicity ) the ease with which it performs the tasks. At every point, efficiency has been kept in mind and this has also been taken into account that if at any point, they wants to automate more of its process, our system should be easily adaptable to it. The point where the maintenance factor of the system is tested is whenever there is an increase in its customer. !ven at this point, system would accommodate itself perfectly. The proper user messages, effective communication between the modules, system ) more importantly customer, makes it all the more robust, scalable, secure and ready to be enhanced.

$%& System Speci'ication

To run this pro*ect successfully it is required that certain software and hardware requirements should be kept in mind. ollowing are the requirements#

$%&%( )a*+,a*e Re-ui*ements.

-am# 567 $.8. or more 9rocessor# 9entium/III or above. ,ard %isk# :;48 or more. %isplay# Any 'olor '-T or flat panel display Any windows compatible mouse/pointing device. 9rinter < Ink*et 1 0aser =et>

$%&%& So't,a*e Re-ui*ements.

$icrosoft 3indows ?9 operating system <with service pack 5 will be better>. &isual basic $icrosoft %ata Access 'omponents 5.7 or later. $icrosoft Internet !+plorer 6.6 or later. $./3ord for %ocumentation

.(-A= .,A-$A &I"-A$ .IN4, &I-!N%-A .IN4, -A$!., "($A$AN@=