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This document shows how to configure AXXXEdge(9200) for ip over dcc interface.

There are 2 major steps to be carried out for login tep !."nitial configuration thru #$" login. tep 2.#onfiguration thru #raft terminal session. A fresh node configuration should alwa%s be carried out starting with initial configuration thru #$" login.

STEP 1. CLI Login

!. "nitial configuration through #$" is used to assign communit%&handler' management&node and "( address to the node. 2. #onnect craft craft cable to )T!00 port of the node. *. +oule clic, on the computer icon on the bottom right corner of the craft terminal window.

-. 3. 9. ;. <.

.i/e port name #01! and press 02. (ress E4TE5 to get the 6 78 sign on the window. T%pe 6a::cli8 and password 6a::cli8. The prompt 6a::cli8 will appear. T%pe 6com8 to enter to 6#ommunit%&handler8 command prompt.

9. T%pe 6add manager= communit%=public access=super t=d8 and press enter. !0. (ress dot 6.8 twice and enter to come bac, to a::cli prompt. !!. T%pe 6management8 to enter to management node command prompt. !2. T%pe 6s%s s%s=ipunnumbered8 and 6%es8 to confirm. !*. (ress 6.8 Twice and enter to come bac, to a::cli prompt. !-. t%pe 6ip ip=X.X.X.X subnet=>.>.>.>8 and press enter (X.X.X.X stands for the ip address of the node and >.>.>.> for subnet mas, !3. t%pe e:it and press enter !9. The node is read% to ha/e craft login session through cross cable. !;. The #$".t:t file shows the commands run on the s%stem. 4.?@ The command axxcli>erase will erase the complete configuration database and the node has to be configured again starting from #$" login.

STEP 2: Craft Session

To get into the node thru craft terminal connect the cross cable to the mngt port on the AXX. !. "n the T#(A"( properties of the $A4 port gi/e ip of the node as laptop .atewa% ip ' ubnet mas, same as that of the AXX node and "( of the laptop different from the "( of the node. 2. "n the craft terminal gi/e ip of the node which was assigned thru the #$" login. *. Bser name 6admin8 and password 6public8 and press 6logon8.

-. The main window appears on the screen.

3. #lic, on slot!& uneCuipped and scroll down on the expected module to choose the t%pe of card used in that slot .Save. 5efresh the screen. Enable alarm reporting 9. The install state will change from installed and unexpected to installed and expected and the ser/ice state should be in ser/ice. ;. The s&shot below shows the final state.

;. 5epeat the steps 3 and 9 for slot number 2 and the installed and e:pected card should be 9*DE! tributar% card. Enable the Alarm reporting. <. 0pen the slot&! tree and 5ight&clic, on the +E&!.! and clic, structure. A +E structuring wiFard will appear. 2eep clic,ing ne:t till it as,s for structure t%pe. 9. #hooseT !12 to cross!connect and clic, ne:t and finish. !0. 5epeat the step < and 9 for +E !.2 also and structure it to TB&!2 le/el.

!!. #lic, on the management interfaces in the management tree. !2. #lic, management "cc on the right. !*. #hange the mode on both the "cc!# to 6Ip over "CC8 and sa/e !* 5efer below for the screen shot

!-. #lic, on the managementinterfaces on in the management tree. !3. #lic, the "C$ router' enable IPunnum%ered gate&a' and sa/e.

!9. #lic, on (SP) and set administrati/e status to Ena%le. !;. #lic, area(SP) 'clic, Add on top and gi/e the reCuired area "+ and sa/e.Imp:T*e area I" once set cannot %e c*anged unless &e erase t*e &*ole node completel' and reconfigure.

T*is completes t*e %asic configuration in Ipunnum%ered mode. Cross!connections can %e made onl' after t*e S"+ ports are structured. To ma,e cross!connections. !. .o to ECuipment on top of main window and select cross&connect. 2. (ress searc* no&. *. Bnder the a/ailable Tps will show all the 2$1s from (ort ! and 2 and all the 9* E! ports. -. !A!A!.!.!.!.! means slotAportA#.?.2.$.1 3. Eence !A2A!.!.*.;.* means slot!' +E port 2 the 2$1 is *&;&*.#.? is constant !.! 9. ?ut 2A3!A!.!.!.!.! means slot 2 which is tributar% card and port no 3! on the patch panel or E! number 3!. !.!.!.!.! is constant for tributar% card. ; To pass thru the 2$1 select slot! port ! 2$1' 5ight clic, and select A++.

< 9 !0 !!

select slot ! port 2 2$1 'right clic, and select et ? and sa/e. The connection will be shown in the right window and the graphical /iew can also be seen. To drop an% particular 2$1 onto tributar% port' select the tributar% port first' right clic, and select A++. Then select the 2$1 for the particular +E port' right clic, and select et ?. a/e the connection. To pro/ide protection to the tributar% port in step 9' complete step 9 and select the 2$1 of left +E port' right clic, and select et (rot and sa/e. ?elow &shot pro/ide %ou with all the * e:amples.

#ross&connect window !. !A!A!.!.!.!.!(A) pass thru to (!A2A!.!.!.!.!) 2. 2$1 !.!.2 from slot ! dh port !( ? ) is dropped onto tributar% port ! of slot 2. *. Tributar% port 2 of slot 2 (A) is attached with 2$1 !.!.* from slot! sdh port !(?) and is protected b% 2$1 !.!.* of slot ! sdh port 2.((rotection).

!2."t is recommended to ma,e all the 2$1s collecti/el% pass thru. Then delete the reCuired 2$1s on the right window which are supposed to dropped locall%. "t ma,es the tas, easier. #lic, save after deleting and the deleted Tps will appear in the column of a/ailable Tps.

To set s'stem time. !. .o to eCuipment and select commissioning wiFard. 2. clic, ne:t till %asic set!up. Gill information for the node in net&or, element information -. clic, next

* "n E:pected ser/ice module chec, for an% left out uneCuipped slots. if none clic, ne:t until %ou find alarm reporting.

- ."n alarm reporting select the power modules which are used #lic, ne:t.

3. "n date and time . select s'nc*roni/e to &or, station.

9. #lic, ne:t and sa/e.

To enable alarm status of the tributar% port and gi/ing the loops. !. "n the management tree open the slot &2 9*XE! card tree. 2. #lic, the particular pdh port being used. #hange administrati/e status to Ena%le.

*. 0pen the (+E port further to find E!. elect the E! and change administrative loop mode from no loop to the reCuired loop and sa/e. Two loops can be gi/en H networ, or ll2 loop and customer or ll* loop

To define s'nc*roni/ation. !. .o to devices in the management tree. #lic, s'nc*roni/ation on the right . 2. #lic, T0s'nc*source.#lic, A++ on top. *. "f cloc, source is E! le/el which is dropped onto an% tributar% port *.! #lic, the E! port of the selected (+E from where we ha/e to gi/e the cloc,. *.2 +efine the E! mode as P12 . +efault mode is T12 *.* 4ow in the T0s'ncsource frame select slot 2 and the port to the corresponding E!' disable 1' administrati/e Cualit% as (5# ' gi/e priorit% and sa/e. -. "f pro/iding +E cloc, select slot! ! port of the particular +E' gi/e priorit% and 1 is b% enabled b% default. 3. a/e the changes. 9. #hec, for the operational Cualit% of the cloc,. ;. +efining s%nchroniFation is necessar% otherwise minor epj (e:cessi/e pointer justification) alarm will be there in the networ,.

This screen shows how to put the selected E! mode to (5A.

This screen shows cloc, is defined at E! and +E le/el with different priorit%. This is onl% for e:planation.

To upgrade soft&are in t*e node.

!. The below screen shows the older running software /ersion 52.0 "# 09.

2..o to E3uipment and select 4E #aintenance. *. Iait for 3 seconds. The window will e:pand automaticall%.

-. clic, on the "evice and highlight the %an, on the right screen. 3.clic, download on the top left of screen.

9. The new window ma% not contain the patch file for up gradation. #lic, on 2dd file to repositor' and fetch the file on the s%stem. The file is attached.

;. Eighlight the fetched patch and press ne:t. <. elect restart 4E time immediatel%. 9 elect auto switch ban,. !0 press ne:t and finish. The screen below the process of downloading the file to the node.

After the download is complete the screen will appear showing the new software /ersion successfull% downloaded.

The /ersion has been upgraded from "# 2.0.9 to the latest /ersion ".#. 2.!.0-. 4.?@ There is a change in the procedure for software up gradation in the node. The abo/e mention procedure is carried out in "evice in 4E maintenance. ?efore doing this step on the device' the same abo/e mentioned steps from step - till step !0 has to be carried for the S'stem controller. ?% the time " ha/e framed the document the up gradation has alread% been done' hence " am unable to pro/ide the screen&shots but will mail %ou soon the procedure when " get to wor, on the fresh node.

P(4E1 C($$ECTI($