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Home Management Book Activities

The purpose of this Home Management Book is to help you manage your new life of habits. When you dont know what to do next, check your Home Management Book. irst Find a three-ring-binder, paper, and page protectors, sticky notes, and a pencil. If youre a homeschooler, you probably have these items tucked away somewhere. If you want to build this with a planner you are already using or with an unused planner sitting on your shelf, thats great! Do not worry about working on this book e cept on your !ffice Day. "ou will put this together slowly. !f course you can start using it right away but put it together slowly. "ou can print your papers out on the computer or #ust do some writing on the paper at first and then organi$e it better at a later time. "ou need page protectors because you need to protect the pages from your children. %ake & sheets of paper and at the top of each put the name of the days of the week. 'e are going to set up our household management like our grandmothers and their grandmothers did. %here is beauty in order and rhythm. 'hen we know what to do when, and our families know what to do when, it brings security, peace, and comfort. %his is true beauty. For the sake of simplicity this is the order we will set it up in but if it doesnt suit your familys life, then ad#ust accordingly. (onday is )aundry Day %uesday is *itchen Day 'ednesday is !ffice Day %hursday is %own Day Friday is +leaning Day ,aturday is -arden Day ,unday is the )ords Day !econd

'rite at the top of each page your (orning .outine, every little bit of it. If you are using your computer, copy and paste it on the top of each page. "ou will do this routine every morning for the rest of your life, it will become an ingrained habit, much like brushing your teeth. !f course, at some point, you might decide you need to drop one of these habits, or add a new one, but for the most part, you need to focus on the same routine every day no matter what. 'ork on putting your routine in the most efficient order. / portion of mine looks like this0 wash face, put in contacts, put on deodorant, brush teeth, moisturi$e, and put on glamour. /t times, I have woke up late, gone straight to the kitchen in my robe, drank coffee, fed the troops breakfast, started supper and in the process cut up an onion, then go back to my bathroom to do the bathroom routine. 1ave you ever tried to put in contacts after cutting up an onion2 It will ruin your day. (y thought was, 3Ill get back to my bathroom when these hungry kids are fed first.4 Discipline yourself to get up before you are rushed and do your (orning .outine in the most efficient order, contacts before onions. Third /t the bottom of each page put your 5vening .outine, every little thing that you need to do before going to sleep. ,ome important things to include on this list are0 Prep the kitchen for breakfast 'ho wants to wake up to a dirty kitchen2 It is so much more pleasant for you and your family to walk into a clean and pleasant kitchen, coffee brewing, breakfast ready to cook. Check your calendar Do not be surprised in the morning. *now when you go to sleep what the agenda is for tomorrow. Lay out your clothes for the appropriate activity If it is +leaning Day, put on clothes comfortable for cleaning. If it is *itchen Day pick out something with short or 6 sleeves. Personal Care Read Bible and pray -o to sleep with scripture in your mind ourth /dd the 7oon .outine and %he Dinner 1our which include the %able +hores.

"ou need to establish habits that go with meals for your family to learn. (eal routines and %able +hores will probably need to be posted big and bold somewhere in your kitchen to help teach your family. If they dont remember what a chore involves you can direct them to the chart. ifth If you have a (!%1 schedule 8 http099www.titus:.com9 ; this will fill out the rest of your day. %hink of the routines that you are putting in your 1ome (anagement <ook as the details of the little s=uares of your (!%1 schedule. If you do not have a (!%1 schedule for your clan, then you will need to write down the order of activities you want your family to do during the day. / few things you will want to include are0 Table Time %his is best done after the breakfast table chores are done and before everone starts going their own direction. Include <ible ,tudy, reciting memory work, practicing reading, learning manners and other group activities that need done at the table. Work on Phonics with your Non reader )arge families usually have at least one child in the process of learning to read. ,pending >? minutes a day with these children goes a long way towards the goal. It does not need to be drudgery. (ake it fun and break it up with you reading a story or a playing a game. ! hour of "uiet Time "ou need a break to nap, read, write, think and the children need to learn to be =uiet and do something alone for awhile. %he older children will learn self-discipline and respect for others during @uiet %ime. %he little children will get their well-earned nap. Read #loud Time 5veryones favorite part of the day. I find it best to do after @uiet %ime so that I dont fall asleep reading! #fternoon Chore Time "our family may choose to have it at a different time of day or break it into two separate times. !ur family needs to do a serious house pick up time before dh comes home from work. 1e likes to come home to a haven of peace and harmony, the smell of supper in the air, a happy wife and content children. <ecause you are the mother9teacher you might not notice the chaos and clutter that accumulate during the days activities but walking into it is not a pretty picture. +reate a haven of respite from the world for your husband.

We will be adding more to this book later.